Japanese Street Food - OKONOMIYAKI Seafood Pancake Osaka Japan

  • Published on Dec 20, 2017

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  • Smoke Chennel
    Smoke Chennel Hour ago

    Антисанитария сплошная, как это можно есть вообще после увиденного?!

  • Rachel Gibson
    Rachel Gibson 2 hours ago

    Can someone please tell me what the tan paper like shavings are they put on top at 9:59. I have seen them used in several videos. They always move like they are alive.

    • Rachel Gibson
      Rachel Gibson 2 hours ago

      I was wondering if maybe it's shaved dehydrated mushrooms.

  • Chaitu. Petluri
    Chaitu. Petluri 7 hours ago

    lol these look like dosas with raw stuff put on top

  • Chaitu. Petluri
    Chaitu. Petluri 7 hours ago

    lol these look like dosas with raw stuff put on top

  • Mariellen Cruz
    Mariellen Cruz 11 hours ago

    the first okonomiyaki, how much do you think it is? where is the stall located in osaka.. thank you in advance

  • ぼうふら
    ぼうふら 16 hours ago


  • Работа Враг Задрота

    8:41Coca-cola plus, sold only in Japan. Lolwut?

  • Alejandra Arenas


  • Keith Bridges
    Keith Bridges 2 days ago +1

    First and foremost wear gloves. Second, this is overkill, eggs on top of bacon on top of patties on top of cabbage, and whoknowsit........

  • Jayesh S
    Jayesh S 2 days ago

    Serving hot food in plastic container 😵😵😵😱😱

  • Guilherme M
    Guilherme M 2 days ago +1

    japanese and korean food is really based on egg. Almost all the street food i see from them have at least one egg!

  • Hin Suh
    Hin Suh 2 days ago

    No one complaining abt unwearing gloves and messy place ? So unfair ...

    • Saia Sailo
      Saia Sailo 16 hours ago

      Becuz its not india😂😂🤣

  • ねむねむ
    ねむねむ 3 days ago +1


  • Kirillblack2
    Kirillblack2 3 days ago

    Завораживает и все делается утебя на глазах а у нас непонятно что кладут в твоё блюдо

    • Данил Баталов
      Данил Баталов 2 days ago

      ну незнаю я кргда на улице заказываю так же готовят перед тобой незнаю как там у вас но у меня три любимых шашлычки есть и во всех перед мной готовят еще и спрашивают что ложить а что не ложить

  • Козлова Надежда Владимировна

    Ну конечно не очень. Так готовят, шлёп, шлёп. На один маленький блинчик сыпят кучу начинки, все вываливается.

  • Renato M.
    Renato M. 5 days ago

    dont get me wrong, it looks delicious but im seriously concerned about the quality of the materials, everything looks nasty, unclean, and also i fear the lettuce is not washed

      CALM KITTY 3 days ago

      I say that every time I see people lick their fingers when they just handled their money and when they get their
      food, they don't sanitize their hands first. North Americans are the worst with that. Just saying. If you knew the
      things they do, you would never eat food again.

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  • Alma Macías
    Alma Macías 5 days ago

    Ay Dios mio!!! Yo diabética y viendo tanta comida tan rica hasta se me hace agua la boca riquísimo todo!!! 😋😋😋

  • tackyman2011
    tackyman2011 5 days ago

    Me: American pizza is the best. Japan: hold my sake.

  • Bulmachan224
    Bulmachan224 6 days ago

    The place doesn't look sanitary lol

  • Hadi Mahad
    Hadi Mahad 6 days ago

    The meet is it pork or beef?

  • moonlight
    moonlight 7 days ago


  • ØdimorvanJRZZ
    ØdimorvanJRZZ 7 days ago +1

    Very Good !! Hummm ,Good AfterNoon Guys !

  • Cocinamagica
    Cocinamagica 7 days ago

    Que rica es la cocina! Se ve delicioso! Saludos desde Costa Rica 🇨🇷🇨🇷

  • Cocinamagica
    Cocinamagica 7 days ago

    Que rica es la cocina! Se ve delicioso! Saludos desde Costa Rica 🇨🇷🇨🇷

  • xlncy kitchen
    xlncy kitchen 7 days ago


  • MrSVi
    MrSVi 8 days ago

    What is this darkbrown sauce their all using ???

  • Toan Tran
    Toan Tran 8 days ago +1

    The floor must be covered with food! Looks lovely! I'm starving!

      CALM KITTY 3 days ago

      drink some water, it helps. ^^

  • Дмитрий Никитин

    Фу блять, антисанитария и ещё креветки не чищенными жрут. Бич еда.

  • Sky Dreams
    Sky Dreams 9 days ago +4

    That egg-breaking is smoother than my life.

    • starkness65
      starkness65 6 days ago

      Dude, a dog taking a shit come out smoother than your life!

  • wcclark
    wcclark 9 days ago

    I must've watched this video twenty times this week. I'm gonna have to make my own soon.

  • Baharuddin Anwar
    Baharuddin Anwar 9 days ago

    2,9 dislike is chinese

  • cesarhenrxr
    cesarhenrxr 11 days ago +1

    É por isso que eu acho que as vezes a vigilância sanitária mais atrapalha do que ajuda no Brasil... Isso parece delicioso!

  • Alexandre S.
    Alexandre S. 11 days ago

    what's the brown sauce ?

  • harosamae lascuna
    harosamae lascuna 11 days ago


  • Quantium
    Quantium 11 days ago

    Gotta love it. How REAL street food should be made. Guy wants to press stuff down with his bare arms? So what? Miles ahead of suburban housewife cunts complaining about sanitation and stupid bullshit, instead of just enjoying good food. If only they were so quick to accept awesome food into their mouths as their submissive, jock, dickless husbands are.

  • Jessica Because
    Jessica Because 12 days ago

    The bottom right one is skimpy as fuck.


    thats my 3rd fav food in china

  • Eddie Franco
    Eddie Franco 12 days ago

    Esa webada esta mas crudo

  • Cook Food
    Cook Food 12 days ago

    wow so nice

  • ichaRischa13
    ichaRischa13 12 days ago

    Harganya pasti mahal 😅

  • Shawn R
    Shawn R 13 days ago

    If this was in Canada people would ask them why don’t you wear gloves?

  • Inspection Officer
    Inspection Officer 13 days ago

    Yes it’s looks amazing but I wouldn’t eat from this place because of luck of hygiene.

  • Daniil Nikolaenko
    Daniil Nikolaenko 13 days ago

    Пока смотрел, чуть не захлебнулся слюной, лайк.

  • AmyirtanTolgakrky
    AmyirtanTolgakrky 13 days ago

    Wie ist mann das Zeug :D Messer u. Gabel ?

  • Warwick Tetlow
    Warwick Tetlow 13 days ago

    Can someone slap that guy drumming?

  • Gamergosu
    Gamergosu 14 days ago

    + years of dirty oil, makes this dish a wonderful delight

  • Akinavka Gudzuru
    Akinavka Gudzuru 14 days ago


  • jamie bennett
    jamie bennett 14 days ago

    they use alot because the price is high...its not cheap in Japan...not everyone can afford these types of food.....however you get what you pay for.

    • jamie bennett
      jamie bennett 12 days ago

      @CaptianVyne it is in certain places...im comparing it to other places iv eaten street food...like i said you get what you pay for...i wouldnt bring or comment unless id been there....i cant comment on canada as iv not been there.

    • CaptianVyne
      CaptianVyne 13 days ago

      You make it sound like Japan is expensive to eat out. Street food like this is same or in my experience even a little cheaper than eating out anywhere in Canada and you get bigger portion sizes as can been seen with fresh ingredients which you would not get in Canada.

    PDIDDYSWORLD 15 days ago

    I just came....?

  • Jhonatan salvador agustin

    mucha calorias

  • David Boucher
    David Boucher 15 days ago

    Oh YUM!!!

  • Roberto Perez
    Roberto Perez 15 days ago

    Que rico la p... madre!!!!!!!!!!

  • hayley marie
    hayley marie 15 days ago +1

    what is that sauce used in the first one?? might have to try and make that for myself 👀

  • Excommunicado
    Excommunicado 15 days ago

    Animal cruelty.

  • D4IK0N
    D4IK0N 15 days ago


  • Christopher B.
    Christopher B. 15 days ago

    Watching this at 2am is torture

  • jkjk diaz imperial
    jkjk diaz imperial 15 days ago +2

    They're never limit their condiments & ingredients..

  • Adrián Sanabria Sanabria

    The packaging is so messy

  • TheVnom
    TheVnom 16 days ago

    What a mess presentation wise.

  • Дмитрий Позитивный


  • Kino San
    Kino San 16 days ago

    Lotta cabbage

  • Josh DeYoung
    Josh DeYoung 16 days ago


  • Needs Moar TunaS
    Needs Moar TunaS 16 days ago +2

    Don't watch this if you're so hungry. It'll just triple your craving that you might find your self drooling so badly.

  • Jatin Mahajan
    Jatin Mahajan 16 days ago

    Japanese waste so much to make a single item..

  • Ân Nguyễn Thiên Hồng

    what the fuor

  • Agent J
    Agent J 17 days ago

    Look 🥴

  • P V
    P V 17 days ago +3

    jeeezaz that close shot of chopstix made me lurk with hunger

  • Marp :P _
    Marp :P _ 17 days ago

    It needs more cabbage

  • Indra Eka Maula
    Indra Eka Maula 17 days ago

    Itu daging babi ya?

  • Julio J Perez Rodriguez
    Julio J Perez Rodriguez 17 days ago +1

    5:29 yessssss satisfy me and fix it

  • Ven
    Ven 17 days ago

    Oki, this is the first Japanese food video I'm turned off by, ..... Like ever ...

  • Ven
    Ven 17 days ago

    Is this really in Japan? Or am I just used to seeing Japanese food prepped in a lot cleaner ways.

  • Белый Белый
    Белый Белый 17 days ago

    "разорви ебало" - по-азиатски) еще и капусты дофига, очень пер*дёжное блюдо получилось, обои не выдержатXD

  • C R
    C R 18 days ago

    Looks Horrible, let’s be real.

  • Benedetto Maccarone
    Benedetto Maccarone 18 days ago

    W l'igiene proprio...

  • jason perez
    jason perez 18 days ago

    Not enough meat .....not for me.

  • MinmatarDE
    MinmatarDE 18 days ago +2

    I´m so hungry now.. yum yum :-D

  • patrick kelly
    patrick kelly 18 days ago

    Look at the brilliant orange red color of the egg yolks they use. What is different about their eggs?

  • VirtualLegendTerx
    VirtualLegendTerx 19 days ago

    That looks fucking disgusting

  • Chris P
    Chris P 19 days ago +1

    now i know in Japan musicians practise in public

  • Gaming Seriez
    Gaming Seriez 19 days ago +1

    Greetings from Romania ! Thanks for this wonderful recipe :) i have all the necessary ingredients available to cook alot of variations. Never thought of combining these ingredients like this.

    • Gaming Seriez
      Gaming Seriez 17 days ago

      @ODSTAce the sauce in this video looks to be soy sauce

    • ODSTAce
      ODSTAce 18 days ago

      Gaming Seriez but what is the sauce to wonder

  • NissBooks
    NissBooks 19 days ago


  • Azazeth Serrot
    Azazeth Serrot 19 days ago

    Lechuguero del carajo!

  • Juan Carlos Lozano Carrillo

    Gracias, por compartir tu cultura !!!

  • Erik Erik
    Erik Erik 19 days ago

    No glove . No cry

  • Samson VL Hmangaiha
    Samson VL Hmangaiha 19 days ago +8

    if it were from India,people would complain about the hygene.

    • Gaming Seriez
      Gaming Seriez 13 days ago

      @newgoblin49 I am from Bucharest, Romania. I have most of those food chains you mentioned available to go and eat from them. I sampled some, i never understood what's so fancy about them and so they didn't hook me as a permanent customer.
      I would rather go to a slow cooked food traditional restaurant if i want to eat in town.

    • newgoblin49
      newgoblin49 13 days ago

      Gaming Seriez haha I see, where are you from if you don’t mind me asking

    • Gaming Seriez
      Gaming Seriez 13 days ago

      @newgoblin49 :) np, thanks for sharing your experiences. I don't eat at restaurants or fast foods too often anyway. Almost all the time i cook my own meals just the way i like it.
      LE: People should cook more by themselves and forget about fast food chains. Home cooked meals are always the best in my opinion.

    • newgoblin49
      newgoblin49 13 days ago

      @Gaming Seriez i realised I didn't tag you

    • newgoblin49
      newgoblin49 13 days ago

      Gaming Seriez maybe I should’ve phrased it better then, I’m in India so I’m speaking out of experience, take cabbage for example over here they don’t have proper mechanism to store it well so what happens there’s a chance that it gets infested with bugs insects and nature in general, the meat isn’t stored well so it could be a little spoilt the same goes with the sauces where some sauces could have some ingredients which are spoilt.
      I’ve spent some part of life in Dubai and one of the things I’ve noticed too was that in Dubai if I go to a KFC they’ve got this very popular item which is coleslaw on their menu, over here in India KFC doesn’t serve that at all because of quality concerns. There are very few American casual dining brands that take the trouble to store things well so I’ll always wait like a hawk for more of those two open but they’re pretty pricey compared for our wages , then again theres no harm in indulging every now and then
      Brands like TGIF, Chilies, UNOs grill, Nando’s etc

  • tehran21tir
    tehran21tir 19 days ago

    good looking garbage

  • TheJericho1123
    TheJericho1123 20 days ago

    we had better drumists at my aunt Sylvia`s funeral.

  • Fridae
    Fridae 20 days ago

    Needed more cabbage!

  • Don Pablo
    Don Pablo 20 days ago

    (x_x) No thank you.

  • MrLink129
    MrLink129 20 days ago

    i am so fucking hungry for this.....

  • Sfax Dan
    Sfax Dan 20 days ago +1

    Dude, either make smaller portions or get bigger containers

    • Juan Rivas
      Juan Rivas 18 days ago

      Shut up...go and eat some macdonalds

  • Thalles Valle
    Thalles Valle 21 day ago +3

    and then you go to a shopping mall, and they serve you bread with shit, and charge you 35 usd....suckers...
    this is why i adore the street market, always a very nice portion
    i could have 3 of that easily

    • Thalles Valle
      Thalles Valle 18 days ago


    • ODSTAce
      ODSTAce 18 days ago +2

      Thalles Valle ::me looking at the portions:: yeah... you must be a body builder that can consume 3 of those easily....... that or a stoner.

  • Митя Гайкин

    Да и главное перед тем как клиенту отдать кучу говна с капустой надо обязательно коробочку резиночкой перетянуть.

  • Skyblock Veteran
    Skyblock Veteran 21 day ago


  • itan iepitas
    itan iepitas 21 day ago

    all cool but i think the eggs went bad (when the yellow of the egg breaks apart, it is not a circle it means it went bad so throw it away or it will be bad for your stomach, then again maybe the cook did not cracked them with care so the yellow broke apart not shure there. sry for my english.) good video all the same

  • Ric Turner
    Ric Turner 21 day ago

    Leur crêpes sont blindé de nourriture et coûte pas cher du tt les notre y a que la pâte et du Nutella et ça coûte une blinde 😂😂😂

  • Gouki
    Gouki 21 day ago

    Is anyone else sick of their country's food?

  • Typon
    Typon 21 day ago

    tfw you get one with a broken egg yolk...k den