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  • Published on May 14, 2019
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    From writer/director Ari Aster (Hereditary) and starring Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, William Jackson Harper, and Will Poulter. MIDSOMMAR - Now Playing.
    RELEASE DATE: July 3, 2019
    DIRECTOR: Ari Aster
    CAST: Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, William Jackson Harper, Vilhelm Blomgran, Archie Madekwe, Ellora Torchia, and Will Poulter
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Comments • 11 502

  • JackieJormp Jomp007
    JackieJormp Jomp007 39 minutes ago

    QUIT RIPPING MOVIES OFF, PLEASE.🖕🏼🖕🏼 Especially bad ones.

  • smile
    smile 2 hours ago

    The epitome of the acute form of mental illness

  • smile
    smile 2 hours ago

    So weird 😕

  • ytシøkumuraツ
    ytシøkumuraツ 2 hours ago


  • Ancelefi
    Ancelefi 2 hours ago

    This trailer looks scary but the movie probably isn’t.

  • Pete Peterson
    Pete Peterson 2 hours ago

    The best movie ever

  • Zaimar Zakaria
    Zaimar Zakaria 3 hours ago

    Not really scary...

  • Roni Makatita
    Roni Makatita 5 hours ago

    Gak usah ditonton..
    Atau setelah 2 jam lebih menyesal terbuang percuma..

  • CadeCrash BrowieOreo
    CadeCrash BrowieOreo 6 hours ago

    Just wasted 4.99 on this rental. And never follow a beautiful women so she can show you, go fig...

  • braveheartbob
    braveheartbob 6 hours ago

    catch see the (1/2 face) poster without thinking its Leo DiCaprio

  • Sup Bru
    Sup Bru 12 hours ago +2

    what's so scary about this? it's standard midsommar festivities in sweden.

  • Kentang ajaib
    Kentang ajaib 13 hours ago

    This director is obsessed with cult

  • Re-Shit
    Re-Shit 17 hours ago

    Y'all confused as of to what happened to your brain while watching this -
    In other words: you lost control.
    The movie made us feel the situation was out of control for the whole duration, by positioning us in the character's shoes. The movie literally drugged us (long live the liquify tool). It seemed as to everything just happened, and we had no power to react the way we wanted to. It was a rollercoaster ride, impossible to get off, destined to arrive at the destination it was meant to.
    Despite it not being nearly as scary as Hereditary, this movie mastered techniques to make the viewer feel the way they wanted to.
    I adore Ari Aster, seriously.

  • Rishujeet Rai
    Rishujeet Rai 17 hours ago

    *And A24 does it again.*

  • Jraddd
    Jraddd 18 hours ago

    Most realistic shroom trip in a movie "Oh god a new person!"

  • Morten Buhl
    Morten Buhl 18 hours ago


  • Joe Thadon
    Joe Thadon 18 hours ago +1

    Let me save two hrs of your life don’t watch it

    • Joe Thadon
      Joe Thadon 10 hours ago

      Jraddd I did it’s just weird none scary or interesting about it

    • Jraddd
      Jraddd 18 hours ago

      watch it its good

  • Jason Lewis
    Jason Lewis 22 hours ago

    Värsta Skit jag sett!!! 😂
    How can anyone make a worse Movie!!

  • Fascist Barbie
    Fascist Barbie Day ago

    that single diversity hire black dude must feel out of place af

  • JokerScars69
    JokerScars69 Day ago

    Coachella Sucks This Year

  • Diana Blocker
    Diana Blocker Day ago +1

    2 hours I can't get back of my life.

  • The RICE
    The RICE Day ago +1

    This movie was a nightmare on shrooms! 😂

    • Jraddd
      Jraddd 18 hours ago


  • Scott La Rock
    Scott La Rock Day ago

    Evil people, now I don’t feel bad to see their nation being destroyed by ISIS-refugees.

    • Jraddd
      Jraddd 18 hours ago

      lol it was just a movie, these Pagan rituals died with the vikings

  • Tamás Simon
    Tamás Simon Day ago

    This movie....,"traveling"

  • tasiawful1
    tasiawful1 Day ago

    One of the most weirdest films I’ve ever watched just awful!

  • Mantas Stackevicius

    from Britain 2 peoples: 1 indian, other african :DD

    • Scott La Rock
      Scott La Rock 15 hours ago +1

      Mantas Stackevicius definitely some Brits

  • Ilija Matejic
    Ilija Matejic Day ago

    Dummest movie I ever saw.

    • Jraddd
      Jraddd 18 hours ago

      Yeah you have to have a certain I.Q. to understand it lol

  • Naeema J
    Naeema J Day ago +8

    A really weird movie,
    With a haunting storyline,
    With no real meaning..
    I feel like my brain needs to be washed.

  • Joseph Biver
    Joseph Biver Day ago

    This movie was ass. Not gonna lie

  • rice
    rice Day ago

    this movie is so fucked up.

  • Bee Roni
    Bee Roni Day ago +1

    My friend says this is better than el camino and joker is that true?

    • Electrick Eel
      Electrick Eel 4 hours ago

      No, Joker is alot more fun and less boring than Midsommar

  • nguyen kien
    nguyen kien Day ago

    The Wicker Man (1973) better

  • Micaela Sosa
    Micaela Sosa Day ago

    I dont know if I liked it or hated it. It was frustrating, but I was expecting a different type of horror movie

    • Jraddd
      Jraddd 18 hours ago +1

      Ari makes horror movies that are scary in a real life sense because the emotions he uses are real aswell as the evil human traits such as trauma, manipulating, dividing etc. that people exhibit, that alone makes these psychological horrors way more frightening that someone stabbing you in the shower lol. This one is about the Pagan rituals (that the vikings performed) and how a cult turned friends against each other/divided, recruited and manipulated someone who was battling mental illness

  • Marion Knight
    Marion Knight Day ago

    All leads to satanic worship. it’s happening all over the world.

  • Sean o'cLaiN
    Sean o'cLaiN Day ago

    I just watsted 2hr and 26 mins
    I wish i cud bring back my time.. This movie is bullshit

  • Chi Chan
    Chi Chan Day ago

    This film make me feel sooo shock and I love it. Omg, it's so weird in a good way. ~~~

  • Nathan Martinez
    Nathan Martinez Day ago

    This movie was stupid, predictable, and not scary at all.


    hes grown up now wow

  • StayCool
    StayCool Day ago +41

    This movie wasn’t scary, just uncomfortably weird.

  • Hadiya H.
    Hadiya H. Day ago +2

    The levitating feet part wasn’t in the movie or am I tripping ?

    • Jraddd
      Jraddd 16 hours ago

      @Hadiya H. Abunch of clips from it are on youtube

    • Hadiya H.
      Hadiya H. 17 hours ago

      Jraddd thanks bro I keep hearing about this directors cut so I might as well go for it

    • Jraddd
      Jraddd 18 hours ago +1

      maybe directors cut?? That second guy that broke his leg from the fall, that angle wasn't in the movie either that it showed in the trailer

  • Geeky Nerdy
    Geeky Nerdy Day ago +6

    Just saw this movie, very weird. Gave me “The Wicker Man” vibe, too.

  • Jesper Storm Mahler

    Great, more satanic BS
    I'll move on

  • David LeRoy
    David LeRoy 2 days ago

    It was good until the end. 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Jraddd
      Jraddd 18 hours ago

      It wasnt as bad as the ending in hereditary lol

  • sydmll similikiti
    sydmll similikiti 2 days ago

    So weird. Make me sick

  • Jody Joe 340
    Jody Joe 340 2 days ago

    Just watched it. Crazy shit.

  • osamyang zheyenk
    osamyang zheyenk 2 days ago +2

    I thought I was high when I watched this movie lol

  • Mlle Clochette
    Mlle Clochette 2 days ago +1

    Wtf did i just watch, this is beyond crazy

    • Mlle Clochette
      Mlle Clochette 2 days ago

      Huachen Bu try to watch videos that explains the end. I m working in 5 hours and i couldn’t sleep yet, i guess my mind is overstimulated

    • Huachen Bu
      Huachen Bu 2 days ago

      same, couldn't get it

  • Cleo's mum puddy tat
    Cleo's mum puddy tat 2 days ago +1

    What a load of shit and don't get me started on the end of hereditary .SHITE

  • Adele D
    Adele D 2 days ago

    We live is Society

  • tevin stvalle
    tevin stvalle 2 days ago

    Illuminati sun worship rituals are all over this shit

  • Marko Gavrilovic
    Marko Gavrilovic 2 days ago +1

    can i get 2 hours of my life back? one of the worst movies i ever watched

  • Bulkiest Pyth0n
    Bulkiest Pyth0n 2 days ago

    DO NOT watch this film, I've just saved you 2 hrs 20 mins of your life, you're welcome 👍

  • Mell Username
    Mell Username 2 days ago

    The Witch and Hereditary were hands down the best horror movies I ever watched. Having said that, I just saw Midsommar and I feel as if I had lost two hours of my life. It's not scary, just gore, and the characters are pretty stupid. It's also previsible in a way and it's incredible boring, not gonna lie.

  • 70Slinger
    70Slinger 2 days ago

    Just finished watching it, trailer is IMO very misleading no one "floated" above the floor. Was ..meh OK, liked Hereditary better,🤔

  • Lisa DeMike
    Lisa DeMike 2 days ago

    what scene is that where it looks as if Jack Reynor's feet (or someone's) are levitating off the ground? is that some deleted scene where he is being pulled toward that girl by force of magic? or at least in his trip?

    • Jraddd
      Jraddd 18 hours ago

      maybe directors cut? That angle of the dudes leg wasn't in the film either

  • maximum411
    maximum411 2 days ago +1

    Best and most disturbing movie I have ever seen

  • XIV
    XIV 2 days ago

    Once in a 100 years... Eh

  • وردهً وردهً

    شنو نهابه الفلم ما فهمت

  • Brian Roush
    Brian Roush 2 days ago +1

    These are some sick twisted sons of bitches.

  • Hh Oo
    Hh Oo 2 days ago

    عرب ؟😂💛