Save the World Dev Update #16 - v3.5, Weapon Reroll Update and Player Reporting!

  • Published on Apr 6, 2018
  • We sit down to talk about our upcoming v3.5 update with a new Biome, some more info on Weapon perk rerolls and how we are starting to address player behavior.
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  • Josephi Krakowski
    Josephi Krakowski 4 months ago

    Why am i watching this in 2019?

  • DeePlays Games
    DeePlays Games 9 months ago

    Its almost the end of 2018 why is save the world not free yet!!!!????

  • omar 7024
    omar 7024 Year ago +1

    Fix your game

  • Causalbeast Gaming

    Let us get back THE NOCTURNO!!!!!!

  • peoo
    peoo Year ago

    WTF 666 k

  • Plow MaiAyeNuss
    Plow MaiAyeNuss Year ago

    When will save the world be free for PC?

  • Rosa Medrano
    Rosa Medrano Year ago +1

    Save the world is really good

  • xGrifDog96x
    xGrifDog96x Year ago +1

    now we just need a better afk system

  • ArbiosLM10 ___
    ArbiosLM10 ___ Year ago


  • Dam Tanker
    Dam Tanker Year ago

    Weapon stat rerolls will be awesome as long as its limted to 1 or 2 stats MAX, anymore and it would be silly..

  • LostBeans24
    LostBeans24 Year ago

    Yes! rerolls!

  • xX-Dholmes-Xx Memes

    When s save the world coming out

  • Slushy Cup
    Slushy Cup Year ago

    Make a new royal map

  • Lim Sruntek
    Lim Sruntek Year ago +1

    i littererly waste 2000 vbucks on llamas you need to rework on llama at least make it worth something the gun that we get from tons of llama have useless perk why? even the golden upgrade llama

  • Tekamoo
    Tekamoo Year ago +1

    Player Reporting isn't out...

    • much winters
      much winters Year ago

      WolfwolfOp oh then I agree

    • Tekamoo
      Tekamoo Year ago

      Talking about STW

    • much winters
      much winters Year ago

      WolfwolfOp but it is unless you're on the phone I'm not sure

  • MrSonny6155
    MrSonny6155 Year ago

    I remember when the impact grenades first came into PvE. I asked some of my friends to help out with an experiment and told them to unequip their weapons before I sent them off the map. And then the no dura loss update happened so its secret KotH game now when we get near the edge.
    On the other hand, I am looking forward to being able to do stuff to smashers now with it.

  • ImD4vide
    ImD4vide Year ago

    When save the word will be online?

  • hacker /:
    hacker /: Year ago

    where is a free save the world??!!

  • mobile fighter
    mobile fighter Year ago

    How day fortnite in android release

  • BlackBloodedAce
    BlackBloodedAce Year ago

    I got scammed alot.. then when i report. No one does anything

  • Super Macho Man
    Super Macho Man Year ago

    Bring back all the packs

  • Minecraft Tiger
    Minecraft Tiger Year ago

    When will save the world be free?

  • hhvhhh 013
    hhvhhh 013 Year ago

    When Save the World become 50% off ??

  • Gaming boiboi
    Gaming boiboi Year ago

    When will it be free?

  • #heygurlhey Pizza

    I’m skews me do you guys know there was a really save the world you just really updated it in Porten I royale was a really dumb how did you not know actually you didn’t could you creators of the game you know what you should’ve kept it to see the world because in the world was

  • The
    The Year ago

    Add a trading system

  • ÉIRE Clan
    ÉIRE Clan Year ago

    Can u pls add a trading system so I don’t get scammed again

  • ll ItzPinky ll
    ll ItzPinky ll Year ago

    Bring the nocturnal

  • Lower North
    Lower North Year ago

    How about reworking how we gather herbs? If we could pickaxe bushes to gather that would be great. It takes hours to farm herbs to build spike traps, healing pads, duct tape itself seems overly expensive considering the time it takes to harvest herbs. Herbs should be a part of outlander llama loot in my opinion. I want to complete my missions without spending 30 minutes clicking on shrubs just to build traps for my next ride the lightning.

  • JustJared
    JustJared Year ago

    Is the people that play battle royal is watching this

  • sushislammer 84
    sushislammer 84 Year ago +1

    When is save the world free

  • Ghosthunter1236 Games

    So no one gets scammed

  • Ghosthunter1236 Games

    Make a trade menu

  • Lighten
    Lighten Year ago

    Who cares about save the world mate

  • Diamond Nuke
    Diamond Nuke Year ago

    Were the hell is mic sopport for mobile

  • Tyla Dagamer
    Tyla Dagamer Year ago

    when will save the world be free

  • CedR NedR
    CedR NedR Year ago

    Is this coming out in 2018 if not could you remove that from the game

  • Im Rose
    Im Rose Year ago

    Uhh what are you gonna do with the ultimate edition pack for save the world???

  • RYRY1002
    RYRY1002 Year ago

    Question: When will Save The World be free?

  • ҎɨꭓꬴƖツ
    ҎɨꭓꬴƖツ Year ago

    @Fortnitegames Will you for halloween 2018 do the same uodate of halloween 2017

  • kan
    kan Year ago

    i want to buy it but i am scared that it gonna be free soon :(

  • Not Pichu
    Not Pichu Year ago +1

    Will all event items come back?

  • GD fame
    GD fame Year ago

    Epic when is save the wrold codes and can you make it in April 30

  • Void Cow
    Void Cow Year ago

    Your the best but I can’t wait for save the world to come out without this game I would be playing Minecraft building a mansion

  • Cristian Marin
    Cristian Marin Year ago

    Can you please put fortnite on mobile

  • destructor11099
    destructor11099 Year ago

    Plz add trading system

  • John
    John Year ago


  • Kuro Koro
    Kuro Koro Year ago

    When Is gonna be free?

  • Infinitesnipe 714


  • Beu Soccer
    Beu Soccer Year ago

    When the campaign comes free?

  • Spidey Stop motion

    Can you bring the black knight back please

  • 양파띠앙
    양파띠앙 Year ago

    Is it going to come out in ios?

  • PlvtoFN
    PlvtoFN Year ago

    When will it be free.

  • Nathaniel Dominguez

    Fortnite will become free when it’s done with canny valley and twine peaks story mode, but those people who have PVE know what I’m talking about if you look at the game only the story mode it’s is not done. Yet

  • Bulut oyunda
    Bulut oyunda Year ago

    Abi türkçe bilmedini biliyomda ama yazma iste düşundum zobi modunu bedava nezaman olcak ve v vercekemi

  • Luciano Batista
    Luciano Batista Year ago

    Reroll perk update gonna be awesome change, this gonna make bad lucky people like me happy. lol

  • Meet Your demise
    Meet Your demise Year ago

    Can you reroll perks yet?

  • TarmacTomato 677
    TarmacTomato 677 Year ago

    Ok ok I just got FUCKING scammed in save the world and you guys just don't give a shit which pisses me off. You guys need to implement a trading window so dubasses like me don't get scammed. YOu guys just don't get the feeling.

      JCE PRODUCTIONS Year ago

      TarmacTomato 677 stop fucking trading like seriously unless your friends with the person it's not worth losing your shit also having high weapons isn't as important as you think

  • Johan
    Johan Year ago

    If impulse's don't effect teammates why did my friend knock me off a roof and kill me with one?

  • Retro
    Retro Year ago

    Save the world mobile ?

  • The smolik cipod
    The smolik cipod Year ago

    If i finish the story i can doing a rest?

  • Lã Miñt
    Lã Miñt Year ago

    Do can play free on PC Save The World?

  • FerociousRain7 xbox

    Could u make a video on y u took out the gidded missle

  • Konradkh
    Konradkh Year ago

    Can you make modding for Fortnite, maybe Save the World or Battle Royale or both...

  • Simovic
    Simovic Year ago

    i want to play it i cant it is to much i'll wait

  • Triggered Luke
    Triggered Luke Year ago

    Keep it up dev team

  • Brian Gola
    Brian Gola Year ago

    Tiled towers

    STEEL MODZ Year ago

    What does it mean for the redeem code im trying to buy save the world but do you have to buy the redeem code

  • game tron
    game tron Year ago

    Is tilted towers really get destroyed?

  • ItzKowitz
    ItzKowitz Year ago

    The only things that I don't like about StW is not having 60 fps on console and not having a trading menu. :)

  • el Papu pro :v
    el Papu pro :v Year ago

    cuando sale fortuito para Android

  • Keegan Clayton
    Keegan Clayton Year ago

    When is save the world coming out full and free

  • Acklin 12
    Acklin 12 Year ago

    When is save the world going to be free

  • Super Man
    Super Man Year ago +1

    Fortnite is going to die lol

  • OMG Milo
    OMG Milo Year ago

    I was just about to get the limited edition pack and got excited until i realised it was gone. Wasn't very happy. Im sure a lot of people aren't but ill speak for myself. I want to know if it will ever be in the store again, maybe for a week or something. Maybe before the game go's free? I dont know but i would love to see it back. Thank you for your time

  • Jonaxg7
    Jonaxg7 Year ago

    There will be save the world gamemodes that are harder but can have more than 4 players?

  • Elie Disso
    Elie Disso Year ago

    Pay marlon webb

  • Tom Lajeunesse
    Tom Lajeunesse Year ago

    When is Save the world gonna become free

  • Ant The Great
    Ant The Great Year ago

    Please make save that word free

  • The Slotter King
    The Slotter King Year ago

    I can’t wait to play save the world in fortnite. What would be an estimated month it would be free to play?

  • Leonardo Piscil
    Leonardo Piscil Year ago

    When is save the world going to be free epic games is it still in development

  • laylando 2
    laylando 2 Year ago

    WHEN IS IT FREE????!!!!!

  • Lloyd the gamer
    Lloyd the gamer Year ago

    You are you going to bring a machanic which lets you fix your weapon durability

  • ReD RafaSz
    ReD RafaSz Year ago

    Pls add a scream mode my bro and i cant play together!! Pls create this.Thanks!

  • 123456789
    123456789 Year ago

    When is the new save the world sale?

  • Campbell Blogg
    Campbell Blogg Year ago

    When will we be able to change our epic games email???

  • zodozian
    zodozian Year ago

    Old music would be lit lets be hinest the new one is kinda trash and the old one brings like a cool vibe i wish i can go back to the cristmas update its was so great

  • Aneeq Playz
    Aneeq Playz Year ago

    We want The NOCTURNO back. Like if u agree so epic can see this...

  • Chase
    Chase Year ago

    Please add builder pro

  • Mr Forehead
    Mr Forehead Year ago

    Fix the lag or pubg's better

  • trogstad12
    trogstad12 Year ago

    Give back the noc

  • Lucas Castro
    Lucas Castro Year ago

    Make it free

  • Riel_Jan gaming
    Riel_Jan gaming Year ago

    when is save the world be free??

  • H.O. U
    H.O. U Year ago +1

    *New Save the World content*
    600k views. nice?
    *New BR content*
    Fortnite is killing itself, honestly.

  • TraMa REX
    TraMa REX Year ago

    When is fortnite coming to android?

  • Cletus the Nipple
    Cletus the Nipple Year ago +10

    Can you add more Enemies and a different feel it’s way too repetitive and dosent really have a story i wish it was more like the tutorial mission or like a Destiny vibe cause that would make the game absolutely amazing and i would always play it
    (Edit) Can you had a mission where we attack or something because we always defend something and i think it would be cool to attack one of the Husk areas or Husk bases or something :) Thanks

    • Unconventional Deskfan
      Unconventional Deskfan Year ago

      Yeah the only thing we can attack is encampments I want some more but after the story is finished

    • Hackability
      Hackability Year ago +1

      KAZI very good ideas you got there

  • Kitoro
    Kitoro Year ago

    for a sec i thought fortnite wasnt being worked on anymore coz of battle royale but good thing i found this

  • Aizekiel Lustado
    Aizekiel Lustado Year ago

    @fortnitegame can you stop trading somehow? its really annnoying.