Lower your heating bill... with GAMING

  • Published on May 9, 2018
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Comments • 6 804

  • Rhinosaurus
    Rhinosaurus 3 days ago +1

    I'd like Linus to star as the new Joker, he's got the laugh for it.

  • Richard Robertson
    Richard Robertson 5 days ago

    Well buying a new radiator solves this?

  • Biotic Whisper
    Biotic Whisper 6 days ago +1

    Oh god.

  • Playingwith3D
    Playingwith3D 8 days ago

    my 8350 use to warm my bedroom in the winter time all the time. No fancy attachments, just venting.

  • Vault-Tec Rep
    Vault-Tec Rep 9 days ago +1

    >be me
    >live in australia
    >i5 6500 and 1060 3gb
    >play rust at medium settings
    >room heats to temps above 30 celcius after few hours of gameplay

  • Lit Nex
    Lit Nex 9 days ago

    1 Year later, still usefull.

  • Ian Cartwright
    Ian Cartwright 11 days ago

    could you not get hold of a GTX295?

  • Lunchos El Maximus
    Lunchos El Maximus 12 days ago

    I'm confused. How is a stupidly large and old radiator any more efficient at heating a room over the exact same thermal radiation from a fan cooled PC case? You're taking heat from the case that's already in the room and just moving it to the radiator next to it. Basically net change = zero.

  • Henry Blake
    Henry Blake 13 days ago

    You could use a deionization filter to prevent corrosion and keep your loop super clean. They run about 350 US and are pretty easy to work with. This is the equipment I would use.
    Thermal Products Solutions DI Filter Kit Product ID: M000499 (store.thermalproductsolutions.com/search.asp?pg=1&stext=DI%20filter%20kit&sprice=&stype=&scat=)
    and this partial filter (www.filtersfast.com/P-Culligan-RVF-10-RV-Filter-System.asp)

    Just put the particle filter and then the DI filter on the end of the radiator and you should have crystal clear DI water that won't gunk up your loop.

  • Steve V
    Steve V 13 days ago +1

    When will we see the video of Bertha brought back to new condition (sandblasting, powdercoating &c)?

  • Chase Powers
    Chase Powers 14 days ago

    If you're crazy enough to do this you shouldn't use any black iron or teflon tape. You can use brass fittings and teflon based liquid sealant. There are additives out there to help prevent the cast iron radiators from bleeding so much rust. De-ox. The outlet of the radiator, ie, return should go to a sediment trap. Then it can go back to the PC. Magnetic sediment traps exist that are made of brass. If you make the system a closed loop you need a way to relief overpressure, so look into basic plumbing systems for air elimination and safety relief valves. This would be an awesome way to heat a nearby garage

  • Lillebrorsan Vincent
    Lillebrorsan Vincent 16 days ago

    My chassy cools very good i touch it and my hand start freezing

  • iKingRPG
    iKingRPG 16 days ago +1

    Couldn't you just turn off the a/c in the server room?

  • Crusader5 5
    Crusader5 5 18 days ago +1

    AMD FX 8350 anyone 😂😂😂

  • Crusader5 5
    Crusader5 5 18 days ago +1

    One of my old PCs had the FX 8350. That bad boy you could cook a egg on hot damn

  • SpeedKoyot
    SpeedKoyot 20 days ago

    Иван - профессиональный русский
    Say it to him.

  • Magnus Nilsen
    Magnus Nilsen 20 days ago

    8 Hours later... 6:37

  • Mac J
    Mac J 20 days ago

    ? just ran a phenom II 9950 all day.

  • Bill Bird
    Bill Bird 20 days ago

    Glad you used the anodes. Im guessing zinc

  • Azarilh
    Azarilh 20 days ago

    I already use my gaming PC mid-tier to heat my li'l room. And i put my feet near the back fan during winter to warm up 'em.

  • Chris aka Schulbus
    Chris aka Schulbus 20 days ago

    i really don't know what the radiator is going to do? the heat will still be put into the room no matter how you get it from the chips, so there shouldn't be any difference between air cooling, regular water cooling or watercooling with big af radiator. still, love the crazyness :D

  • N L
    N L 21 day ago

    at 8:33 one of your connectors is clearly leaking and drips water right next to linus as he's talking to the camera

  • Marcus Nordenström
    Marcus Nordenström 22 days ago

    All this work for nothing, you only changed the way you transfer the heat in to the air in to a less effective way.

  • Team Black
    Team Black 23 days ago

    Always been curious about this. Interesting!

  • Mortal Sauce
    Mortal Sauce 23 days ago

    Dude and these sponsors

  • Aristopaido Aristo
    Aristopaido Aristo 27 days ago +1

    Me: I need a bigger rad!
    Linus: Hold my beer!

  • DriesGaming 27
    DriesGaming 27 27 days ago

    That intro tho

  • ashley booth
    ashley booth 28 days ago +1

    linus: welcome to linus tech tips plumbing school
    also linus: first of types of leaks
    me: ok
    linus: a minor leak is the same as a quite substantial leak

  • Nate T
    Nate T 28 days ago

    My friends and I had 5 computers gaming in a pretty small run for 10 hours.... the room temp got up to 100 F. We actually had to stop gaming and do something else to let the room cool down.

  • Lanchester Naanyane
    Lanchester Naanyane 28 days ago

    That Jamaican comment though 😐

  • Zephr
    Zephr 29 days ago

    Shoulda put an R9 fury in this haha, one of those with stock fan curves can bake cookies from the exaust. Still rocking mine hahah

  • Rial Mondal
    Rial Mondal 29 days ago

    Just use a Note 9 instead. Works great, I still have the burn marks.

  • Gürhan Pekuz
    Gürhan Pekuz 29 days ago

    One winter I have heated my dormitory room with an endless maxwell render and %100 cpu usage for months and hell yea it heats the room even with air cooling :)

  • Brad Pataky
    Brad Pataky Month ago

    Use concrete will double you heat output

  • antonio yanez
    antonio yanez Month ago

    R.I.P. Those ADIDDAS, in the name of science.

  • antonio yanez
    antonio yanez Month ago

    Como chinga TVclip con sus pinches comerciales de league of cagada legends..

  • Rob Rogers
    Rob Rogers Month ago

    Hey Linus, If you try this again. Let that old radiator sit in a container of diesel fuel for a few weeks it will dissolve all the rust.

  • 1998goodboy
    1998goodboy Month ago

    I was getting the same results with fx6300 and r9 290 (both OCed) on aircooling, in uk, middle of winter, small room windows wide open, in shorts and tshirt, and still sweating lmao (also u forgot that monitors produce heat too, i had a couple)

  • JnouBy
    JnouBy Month ago

    You should repeat this experiment with a new clean heater

  • Legoman775
    Legoman775 Month ago +1

    Why did you use a shitty heater instead of a new one? That hurts the results immensely...

  • Walker Nelson
    Walker Nelson Month ago

    Get something like a car radiator with thinner fins that will dissipate heat better. And likely not be full of gunk because it's probably only had automotive coolant run through it that has corrosion inhibitors in it

  • Andrie
    Andrie Month ago

    Anyone know what pc case that is?

  • 0Tidus0989
    0Tidus0989 Month ago

    So if the gpu reached 85° is because of the crap inside the radiator?

  • Mo Fengze
    Mo Fengze Month ago

    Nope for malaysia a a/c would be better

  • Lasky Labs
    Lasky Labs Month ago

    Remember the Power PC? Those were space heaters.

  • Werberjerbins
    Werberjerbins Month ago

    can you do a part 2 and explore this concept further plssss?

  • Ivar Visser
    Ivar Visser Month ago

    who hasnt been using their "performance"as a heater?

  • AM / Spideyu
    AM / Spideyu Month ago

    oh trust me my pc keeps my room warm without my radiator switched on

  • Jose Eduardo Dias Jr.

    If your goal is to heat up the room quickly then nothing will be better than an air cooled system

  • Slow Epiphany
    Slow Epiphany Month ago

    I purposefully place my pc by the window during winter to help reduce the cost of heating. lolz
    -30℃ winters where I am... still not the coldest it can get here either.

  • Monetization Police

    Should've just bought a brand new heat thing....

  • Monetization Police

    What a meme

  • Jason Hayes
    Jason Hayes Month ago

    My r9 290 keeps the chill away in my basement.

  • redstoner200
    redstoner200 Month ago

    i know this is a older video, but how the heck did you guys not think of adding a simple water filter on that plumbing?

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    well I don't turned on my heater for 10 years by now ... it works

  • Giovanni's Weird life

    And increase your electric bill

  • David CWS
    David CWS Month ago

    Can you do it opposite? How to lower cooling bill with gaming? I'm living at the Equator line...

  • Maples01
    Maples01 Month ago

    So, you didn't take into account that breaking up the scale with vinegar wouldn't come back to bite you in the ass later, using a 100+ year old radiator, yeah, no way that'd be a bad idea. You should have used a car radiator.

  • Fanis S13
    Fanis S13 Month ago

    I really think you should repeat the test with a new radiator

  • TheRealBandito
    TheRealBandito Month ago

    LTT Adidas?

  • Neck Break
    Neck Break Month ago

    Using a steam radiator is a failed on you're part next time use a 5ft baseboard you will get heat because the baseboard is design that way copper pipe with aluminum fins like a heatsink but using a cast iron steam radiator is not the same and you touching it claiming it's really hot thats a lie did you use a temputure tool to check the temp nope and why would you use a thread ripper next time call a plumber or HVAC oh on a other not using a small confine space doesn't help you're cause you just run any pc in a small space to raise the temp in there lol overall was funny to watch 😂🍺

  • SuperTNT2005
    SuperTNT2005 Month ago

    is it normal for my cpu be at 170 degrees F no for real is it because i need to know

  • Logan Gleason
    Logan Gleason 2 months ago

    linus has dick

  • The Great Tick
    The Great Tick 2 months ago

    LTT X Adidas Release date?

  • Damian Lewandowski
    Damian Lewandowski 2 months ago

    i done cpu colling but i use aluminium 2l heater and it`s working

  • scalz420
    scalz420 2 months ago

    i thought the gtx1080 uses less power and produces less heat than the 980

  • spontanp
    spontanp 2 months ago

    For me 25'C is more than enough for ambient temp.

  • N C
    N C 2 months ago

    Is there any chance you could redo this experiment with a hotter AMD video card and a new radiator that isn't full of rust, thanks :)

  • ZitSpit
    ZitSpit 2 months ago

    Powered by pentium 4

  • metro20339801
    metro20339801 2 months ago

    Nice one, let's stop heating to buy a 1080 TI... wait...

  • Shawn Pierce
    Shawn Pierce 2 months ago

    First off, it was a good experiment just not the right radiant rig to use. Cast iron being much thicker than say copper pipe would slew your results had you built a copper radiator with a fan (much like a many fold times larger version of a CPU cooler). Having refurbished cast iron radiators before, the pressure test is the first thing to do so the viability of the radiator (fix or replace) can be determined. The second thing is if you want clear water in the use of a cast iron radiator you won't get it, to get said clear you would need another radiant medium as the changes in pressure between seasonal usage of cast iron will constantly drop particulate into the water as oxygen is released inside the closed loop system causing rust to form. This is why each of that type of cast iron radiator is equipped with a hand released pressure valve as trapped air in the line can cause air locks, thus slowing or stopping the flow of the water. Simplest issue I saw was the actual room comparison aka to say a bedroom and how close the actual computer was to the radiator as ambient transfer of heat to the system could skew the results. Otherwise good job.

  • Supremax67
    Supremax67 2 months ago

    That's why I crypto mine only when it is cold!

  • TechnoTiger
    TechnoTiger 2 months ago

    I have a 32 core threadripper and 2 2080ti FTW3 overclocked... I live in Arizona and my AC currently does not work, it sucks

  • Xtreme Performance
    Xtreme Performance 2 months ago

    Get a mini heater and make sure its copper or brass

  • Tenferenzu
    Tenferenzu 2 months ago +1

    After Linus telling us that this video isn't getting as many views as it used to get... I'm here to show my support!

  • Zeas.-
    Zeas.- 2 months ago

    Are you wearing socks and sandals?

  • Spice
    Spice 2 months ago

    If you cooled it normally then it would have warmed up the room the same amount

  • CowCommander
    CowCommander 2 months ago

    How bout
    Ta mere est tres facile.

  • geeklahfye
    geeklahfye 2 months ago +1

    Ok but because of the laws of thermodynamics, you could just have cooled it with literally anything and it would have been the same result...

  • Echo Wilson
    Echo Wilson 2 months ago

    I would have used the largest Computer radiators you can get your hands on. and made a radiator about half the size of that Cast iron Radiator. Then connected all the radiators together, with one inlet and one outlet. And used thermal sync fans to start at a set temp. Making the system heat the coolant, before the fans kick on to cool the liquid, and create the ambient desired room temp... It would work removing taking the chill out of the room. But not heat a bedroom to the temp that it would be to hot to be in the room.

  • ItsSennaTaYa
    ItsSennaTaYa 2 months ago

    Why would you use a radiator wouldnt it be creating the same amount of heat if you used a normal cooler

  • Petrox
    Petrox 2 months ago

    that's it, i'm going to unsubscribe you.You piss me off man, you cannot work clean?My OCD is killed right now

  • Martinezzz
    Martinezzz 2 months ago +1

    Why clean with Water and or vinneger ??? you dont clean OLD metal this way...

  • DM davey
    DM davey 2 months ago

    H a N d Y H e A t E r

  • iT'z_VoRT3x™
    iT'z_VoRT3x™ 2 months ago


  • Damir S
    Damir S 2 months ago

    I literally used to warm up my dorm room in the winter (Sweden) by running GPU and CPU heavy tasks on my computer, because if you were caught with a heater you got a fine. And the rooms were 16 degrees C at best.

  • basspig
    basspig 2 months ago

    My old computer would heat a 1000 square foot Studio. Titan X graphics card which generated a lot of heat even if it wasn't doing any work. I also had a bunch of machines that were overclocked Court to quads with banks and banks of mechanical hard drives and those machines gave off many BTUs. In December but this year I switched over to new machines what year was a lot less power down from 400 watts to just 62 Watts now my studio is 3 degrees cooler and I have to turn the heat up.

  • Tanzil Zubair Bin Zaman

    Boi, once I was playing Crysis ( Yes, I’m not kidding) and it got so hot that the soldering melted off the motherboard and my computer, needless to say, died

  • jack lytle
    jack lytle 2 months ago +1

    Когда славянин наносит ущерб Adidas бик ебут

  • jackson clark
    jackson clark 2 months ago

    I have a computer with 3 percent gpu’s and a ps4 so my room is so much warmer than the rest of my house

  • John Owen
    John Owen 2 months ago

    I dont this mean to seem negative but you spend thousands on PCs and tech but you couldn't afford to buy a brand new never used radiator and the GPU would never have gotten gunked up....also more modern radiators are made to heat up quicker and more efficiently

  • JoshHayes
    JoshHayes 2 months ago

    Even though my gtx 480 only lasted about a month I loved it.
    Was pretty young when i bought it so i didn't really know much about cooling...

  • Ethan Koehler
    Ethan Koehler 2 months ago

    Amazing face in that picture

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. 2 months ago

    9:05 English?

    AUXILIARIES AUX 2 months ago

    if the room temp is 5 degrees celsius you will freeze

  • Mohamed Abdinur
    Mohamed Abdinur 2 months ago

    You don't need a heater block just any small PC radiator and leave that computer in the room. That large radiator was quite redundant. Remember it's energy conversion after all and even a air based heatsink will do the task.
    Also this cloudy dirty water will occur since the radiator it's leaching metals from the use of corrosive vinegar and treated tap water.

  • Silverblade Dagger
    Silverblade Dagger 2 months ago

    Hell, I could have told you what your conclusion would end up being, although I am glad to see a video about it.
    My room that I have a computer, 44" TV/monitor, a 21" monitor, a netbook, and a laptop in is 7' by 6' and about 9' tall. So it's not very spacious. I started with an air cooled FX 6300 and GTX 760 for a couple years, graduated to a liquid cooled (solo rad and fan)i7-4770k with an air cooled GTX 1080, and starting this year out with a new i7-8700k liquid cooled with a 3 fan radiator, and with the 1080, but also added my 4770k computer with a GTX 1060. So now you know the conditions I deal with.
    It has been BRUTALLY cold this year and last year, with temps dropping to around -20F some nights. All I do is block the gaps at the bottom and the top of the only door into this room, and either game, or mine Bitcoin, and my room is nice and toasty after a little bit. Now if I open up the bottom and top of the door to let outside air in (there is fairly large gaps), it does start to get chilly in here, which I do when I go to bed and leave the two main computers to mine Bitcoin, so that when I come back after waking up, it is still decently warm. Then I just have to block outside air from coming in to raise the temps, but sometimes I have to open them up because it will get too warm in here. I also have a space heater that puts out 1500w, but I haven't used it except for when it got brutally cold and the computers weren't fully going. So that is for maybe 2 to 4 days out of 2 years. I would say the computers are better for heating the room, since they don't draw as much power as the heater, and since I game with this computer, mine with it when away, and have another mining all the time, it sorta earns me money or at least breaks even.
    I haven't had this i7-8700k in summer heat yet, but the 4770k during the summer means leaving the door open and having box fans circulate it out. The GTX 1080, which is a blower style Dell card, cranks out the heat, and I have it temp max locked at 84C, which it pretty much sits at when mining, and will hit that for brief moments when gaming.
    The trick is how to turn a computer into a room cooler! LOL

  • Glassy
    Glassy 2 months ago

    Modern Problems require Modern Solutions

  • DesostaR :
    DesostaR : 2 months ago


  • newt182
    newt182 2 months ago

    Saw the title and thought this was an AMD advertisement