Lower your heating bill... with GAMING

  • Published on May 9, 2018
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    Does it make ANY sense to harness the heat energy that your PC disperses to replace a purpose-built space heater?
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Comments • 6 056

  • Joe PNG
    Joe PNG Hour ago

    "But we also detected a minor leak." Right after - "It is a pretty substantial leak."

  • Lassigamer
    Lassigamer 4 hours ago

    My computer with an ancient i5-2500k (stock cooler) and a GTX 670 2GB heats my room up to 40 degrees celsius. I have 16gb of ddr3 too.

  • jeshua leblanc
    jeshua leblanc 8 hours ago

    the way my FX 6300 and nvidia 1060 does it is i take the side case off , and let the Corsair h100i do it's thing . 45 to 50 C temps in a 9 hour raid on GTAV my room easily reaching 80 F in winter time .

  • Theo Lubbe
    Theo Lubbe 8 hours ago

    I was in a sense literally heating my poorly-insulated 'attic' room using my computer. Overclocked Xeon X3460 sans variable voltage and speedstep/turboboost at the time, and a GTX460 1GB.
    Now, I'm running a GTX750Ti 1GB and the processor's only overclocked as much as it can still support variable voltage and speedstep/turboboost... consequently the computer's running tens of degrees celcius cooler in general and has virtually no impact on the room's temperature anymore.
    Isn't even enough heat radiating off the case for me to let a bread dough raise with anymore :(

  • Thomas Jeffords
    Thomas Jeffords 9 hours ago

    Are Jamaican's dirty??? Could have just said found behind a house...

  • Miti The Cat
    Miti The Cat 10 hours ago

    Hiss 😾

  • BT1
    BT1 14 hours ago

    Try a car rad

  • Malka Lee
    Malka Lee 22 hours ago

    I already knew this, my *bedroom* has in/out fans at the door and window specifically because of how much heat the PC generates.

  • soundspark
    soundspark Day ago

    Sign up for a service that can get your Steam account banned for IP hiding!

  • -BwGuns- Hyperus


  • augus li
    augus li Day ago

    lol ive already got a heater, I use a pentium 4

  • Philip Hanhurst
    Philip Hanhurst Day ago

    Joke’s on you, I can’t afford a space-heater/high-end GPU.

  • Adnan A
    Adnan A Day ago

    He shouldve said *it depends*

  • xys007
    xys007 Day ago

    Water cooling only allow you to overclock GPU or CPU so it can consume more energy and produce waste in form of heat but it will not disperse any more heat then stock cooling if you are not overclocking. You also don't need big external radiator, it won't radiate out any more heat then the internal radiator. If the internal radiator keeps Gpu or CPU at stable temperature (and they are not melting ;p) it means that it is already able to radiate out all the heat GPU or CPU is producing. Additionally with smaller radiator you will have less lag in temperature rising. All the power you computer is drawing from the wall will end up as a heat eventually ( assuming you don't have radiator hanging out of the window ;p).

  • Percise Parrot
    Percise Parrot 2 days ago

    Thats why should never mix copper and aluminium

  • Wass Benezz
    Wass Benezz 2 days ago

    2:47 that is racist !! linus saying it like it is .

  • Sim Reaper
    Sim Reaper 2 days ago

    \/ My heating
    / Our Heating
    Soiuz nerushimyj respublik svobodnykh splotila naveki Velikaia Rus...

  • Rory Christel
    Rory Christel 2 days ago

    Teflon isn't a thread sealant. Teflon isn't a thread sealant. Teflon isn't a god damn thread sealant FFS.
    Teflon tape is a thread lubricant. It's designed to make pipes easier to thread together, not to make the threads water tight.
    Go get some pipe dope (pipe thread sealant paste) and stop being dumb about plumbing. Teflon tape is used in gasket-sealed applications like shower heads and toilet hoses, not for joining threaded pipes together.

  • NoesisAndNoema
    NoesisAndNoema 2 days ago

    500 watts is 500 watts, no matter what you use for cooling, it is always creating 500 watts/per hour of "waste heat". That is also the hidden cost... Running your Air Conditioner to compensate for the power you use, in addition to the electric bill for using the power itself.
    It is better to have a system that runs with only 100-watts, for daily use, than it is to use a 1600-watt gaming PC for doing normal stuff. Perhaps one day, they will make dual-op devices. CPU's that run at 1/10th power, until needed. Screens that have an ultra-low power mode at 1/2 resolution and frame-rate. Power-supplies that divert to a 99% efficient ultra-low power mode, because at low power they are more than 50% inefficient. Etc...
    Or people wisen-up and use net-books or windows tablets for normal computing, and gaming computers only for gaming. (Apple and android OS's are horrible at power management.)
    When you produce the same results with less heat, that is being more efficient. That is the difference between having two old video cards to get 60 FPS, or one new card, is about 50% less power. (Most notable in rendering, where the price of the cards is almost irrelevant, if it saves you 90% in lower electric bills to run 24/7/365.)

  • Tezlashock
    Tezlashock 2 days ago

    R9 290 is a space heater on it's own lol

  • TrollFaceTheMan
    TrollFaceTheMan 3 days ago

    4:29, man I hate minor substantial leaks...

  • TrollFaceTheMan
    TrollFaceTheMan 3 days ago

    4:42, weird looking Crowbar...

  • TrollFaceTheMan
    TrollFaceTheMan 3 days ago

    Wattage used should be equal to watts of heat produced, more or less. Therby 500 watt computer should funtion like a 500 watt heater.
    The kinetic and light energy will eventually be absorbed by surfaces and turned into heat too.

  • Hiddenus1
    Hiddenus1 3 days ago

    To be fair I was thinking about this for loooong time. As my room has disconnected waterheater similar to one in this video (just... longer) that is attached to wall and in winter time with my awful windows (uh I mean. The solid soviet quality windows). I rarely have more than 5*c higher temperature than ambient outside.
    Now I know it would require way too much of my budget to even clean up that heater xD
    But if I could get that to work... I'd probably have to sell that heat, because it would quickly turn into closed cycle of 70*C in the room and under the heatsink.

  • reanimated6
    reanimated6 3 days ago

    TRY AGAIN. Buy a new radiator!

  • nick klaus
    nick klaus 3 days ago

    Hook it to a new immersion tank, ommit the heater and have that as a pre heater feeding your boiler for HW

  • Con_Fuzed
    Con_Fuzed 3 days ago

    you know you could use a new one just saying

  • Mr Twister
    Mr Twister 4 days ago

    Cool radiator idea, too bad it was difficult to clean out.

  • Nitrous XP
    Nitrous XP 4 days ago

    lower your heating bill...raise your electricity bill

  • [MD] Boss209
    [MD] Boss209 5 days ago

    Intel печка

  • Geoffrey Martin
    Geoffrey Martin 5 days ago

    I have those same pair of work gloves

  • MrAlen61
    MrAlen61 5 days ago +2

    That radiator is probably older than Linus' grandpa.

  • [ ]
    [ ] 5 days ago

    and why cut wholes in the case if you didn't even put the sidepanel back on haha?

  • HVNS HIll
    HVNS HIll 6 days ago

    more crap like this :D

  • SleevedBiker VR
    SleevedBiker VR 6 days ago

    You know what else causes corrosion in a radiator? ... Tap Water. Which is why most automotive stores sell Distilled Water.

  • Hellsong89
    Hellsong89 6 days ago

    From personal experience few years ago i had just been in smoke in the window, decided to add some heat as my room/home cooled quite a bit from that and moment i touched the old thermostat, whole adjustment system blow all over the place(effect of UV, heat and long years made it brittle). By the design valve was to be pulled out and when thing exploded it shut down the water flow completely.
    Of course it was weekend, maintenance company sure did answer the call, but could not source a new thermostat before monday. Temp was going down so, next two days i did wear my winter clothes and tress tested my PC via game and other programs running all a time. I could have used cooking oven to heat things up, but that would not been safe method, where as PC saved my ass as a heater, so yeah it works!

  • Santa Cruz Films
    Santa Cruz Films 7 days ago

    get a car radiator and a box fan

  • George Tsiros
    George Tsiros 8 days ago

    how much power does the pc consume? THAT'S HOW MUCH IT HEATS THE ROOM. However, it's cheaper to have a lower power consumption pc and a heat pump (aircon). The difference is small, but, that's physics for you :|

  • Christian Dib
    Christian Dib 9 days ago

    2:18 radiator is a horse

  • Trayton Crocker Nichols

    Steps for acquiring a room warming computer
    1: Acquire a PowerMac G5
    2:Have CPU under full load
    3:Enjoy your foot warming computer

  • Suar 99x2
    Suar 99x2 10 days ago

    Why linus not working on reporters. Or tv program.

  • alisher rakhimov
    alisher rakhimov 10 days ago

    what a crap.......almost all power in computer goes into heating air anyway

  • Blazeflame Elite
    Blazeflame Elite 10 days ago

    very good idea but it would be nice to post this vid in the winter

  • Bob Gratinera
    Bob Gratinera 10 days ago


  • Edoardo Battaglia
    Edoardo Battaglia 10 days ago

    try the radiator of a truck

  • Bibbedflower822
    Bibbedflower822 11 days ago

    I won one of those chairs from a fortnite tournament and won one of those

  • VC Guerrilla
    VC Guerrilla 11 days ago +1

    After a night gaming session, I cook bacon and eggs for breakfast on my CPU.

  • Link Kakariko
    Link Kakariko 11 days ago

    FX9590+Vega64=Real room heater

  • plsmuteyou
    plsmuteyou 12 days ago

    why not using a intel housefire?

  • George Karathanasopoulos


  • TiagoTiago
    TiagoTiago 12 days ago

    How much money can you save using mining rigs to heat your room?

  • 52262
    52262 13 days ago

    my pc heats my room quite well. in the winter i will leave my window open with a fan blowing in until it reaches 44 Fh. then shut my window and start playing a intense game. mostly skyrim with all the mods and stuff. but it will heat my room within an hour & a half and be up to 80 fh.
    if only my room was cold in the summer.

  • Random - Tomek
    Random - Tomek 13 days ago

    Racist linus

  • Syeed Ali
    Syeed Ali 13 days ago

    Why even use a radiator?

  • Atanas Tripzter
    Atanas Tripzter 14 days ago

    exactly the same with mining. My buddy spent 5k on a new house heater.. my miner also costs that much, also heats my house rather well... and makes money to pay for the electricity and extra. That said while he would turn the heat down to 68c during the day, my house stays at 75c all around.

  • Anlushac11
    Anlushac11 15 days ago

    You laugh now...I have a AMD FX-8320 OC to 4.2GHz, 2 x 8GB DDR3-2400 RAM, Corsair water cooling, two GTX 680's running in SLI, 3 x SSD's and in winter I have to block off my heater vent to keep room from being too warm. If for some reason A/C goes out my room will overheat from the PC.

  • xHarux3
    xHarux3 15 days ago

    You should have done it with a giant ass radiator instead of a room heating radiator.

  • xHarux3
    xHarux3 15 days ago

    I can only say: The icon is freaking comfortable, although the seat polster is a bit hard.

  • Vietfreedom Gaming
    Vietfreedom Gaming 15 days ago

    should have named it Martha

  • RemedyStorm
    RemedyStorm 15 days ago

    In winter I had a FX8350 OC @ 4.5GHz, kept my feet nice and warm haha

  • Monique Rennie
    Monique Rennie 16 days ago

    I have always wished that there was an attachment for laptops to divert the airflow and heat your hands whilst typing in the winter. Would be perfect with my Predator!

  • Burner Fire
    Burner Fire 16 days ago

    This was not what I excepted.

  • T h a t c h e r
    T h a t c h e r 16 days ago

    I have an excuse to be late for work now

  • Maulerw
    Maulerw 16 days ago

    You need to buy some actual radiator cleaner to clean that sucker. Go to an auto store, and use hot water.

  • David J. Martin
    David J. Martin 16 days ago

    In instead of using a house hot water radiator, have you considered using an automotive radiator with a built in fan like the one in your Honda.

  • john doe
    john doe 16 days ago

    9:00 Bill Nye The Science Guy

  • Chris! W
    Chris! W 16 days ago

    lmg is running out of out content yeehaw.

  • Nanowatt
    Nanowatt 16 days ago


    LIL POTATO 17 days ago

    about 5 years ago I had a tv that heated the hole livingroom in then winter

  • Donovan Gould
    Donovan Gould 17 days ago

    For this project and the Home Pc water cooling one. They should of used a "Liquid to Liquid Plate heat exchanger" so that the more delicate components on the pc won't get clogged up by the cooling device like this tvclip.biz/video/xrsbujk4u6k/video.html that way the different types of fluid don't mix.

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin 17 days ago

    I want to see this with a new radiator

  • D3NPA
    D3NPA 17 days ago


  • MegaMad11
    MegaMad11 17 days ago

    You need to do this again

  • Nick Robert
    Nick Robert 17 days ago

    should've ran some CLR in there

  • baton baton
    baton baton 17 days ago

    i play fortnite on my veriton m4 series and four 3-4 ours it does heat my room for mr to sweat LOL

  • Enrico The Gamer
    Enrico The Gamer 17 days ago

    Put pc in distilated water

  • Ben Wu
    Ben Wu 18 days ago +3

    a whole new meaning to budget gaming

  • James Barnes
    James Barnes 19 days ago

    ATI Radeon R9290!!! This is for you!!! 95c and severe thermal throttling after 5 mins of gaming, fans running at 1500-2000rpm. Never buy this card

  • alpan
    alpan 19 days ago

    My computer warms my room lol my first build xD

  • paxx
    paxx 20 days ago

    At my old house, my computer legit kept my room 10-15 degrees hotter than the rest of the house. After I moved out, I was actually surprised by how cool it was lol.

  • Sebastian Shaw
    Sebastian Shaw 20 days ago

    Why didn't you buy new radiator come on

  • Megakoresh
    Megakoresh 21 day ago

    I can verify that this 100% works. I have been running an air-cooled rig with a mid-high specs (Nvidia x70(Ti) CPUs and ~€300-400 Intel CPUs) in a HAF X with 3 200mm intake, one 150 and one 200mm exhaust fan for 6 years, and even though I live in Finland, I don't need to turn the heater on even when it's -18 degrees outside. It is no joke - a real gaming PC, even without SLI and AMD FX does double as a heater. Problem is, whatever you save in winter, you will compensate for in air conditioning during the summer.

  • cskillers1
    cskillers1 21 day ago

    bunch of case fans, 1 or 2 extremely hot gpus which is always over 80C no matter what and with 100% fan speed, everything must be air cooled, prepare for hell in your room, you will beg for an open window // that's kinda way too much compared to radiator though.. remember that gpu fan speed must be 100% so more heat will come out, as well as case fans better to be at 2000RPM or at least 1200 if you want it cheap way, 120~140mm, gpu(s) must be dual fan, better to be these old gtx series or amd 290/390 series, on top of all that, if it will be solid series like 290/390 - you can do mining, so you will spend nothing and only earn, while will heat up your room like a madman, obviously thermal paste on gpus must not be replaced to make it more hot, would be such a shame and waste if you will make your gpus way too cold by accident, lol, and yes you must have a case, otherwise heat spreading will be much lower

  • Ammar Ibrahim
    Ammar Ibrahim 21 day ago

    I want one of those computers I only have a HP G60 laptop from 2011

  • Booming
    Booming 22 days ago

    Actally all consumed energy turns into heat. The power you need to keep the fans on one level is also what turns into heat.

  • Dissonantia Cognitiva
    Dissonantia Cognitiva 22 days ago

    Can the threadripper be dunked in mineral oil and how big would the fishtank have to be?

  • AdmiralTassleShoulders

    That's not a crowbar Linus.

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 23 days ago

    Damn. Not only socks with sandals, but with jeans as well. shame. big shame

  • Santiago Vento
    Santiago Vento 23 days ago

    Better results using a old Pentium 4 or a FX8350

  • RetroX
    RetroX 23 days ago

    If I remember correctly the gtx 580 supported 4 way sli. That would have been intresting

  • magic_ aapo
    magic_ aapo 23 days ago

    6:01 sauna omg suomi

  • Mi we
    Mi we 24 days ago

    everyone who was on a single room lanparty as a teen know that this works xD,
    8 Ppl and PC's in one room in the middle of winter, snow on the roof all windows open, room still hot and we all sat there in shorts and without shirts :D still sweating xD

  • Nerf Guy on the Bench
    Nerf Guy on the Bench 24 days ago

    Or just get a PowerMac G5

  • Juan Pretorius
    Juan Pretorius 24 days ago

    This is seriously so dumb you'd get the same result from a stock intel heatsink... But fun to watch regardless

  • Orbit141
    Orbit141 24 days ago

    Whats wrong with Jamaicans?

  • Ken J
    Ken J 24 days ago

    Wait couldnt you make the worlds best water cooled setup with this and say a box fan or something?

  • Julian Diaz
    Julian Diaz 24 days ago

    I actually used my old PC build as room heater in my old room as I didn't have Central heater.

  • Samuy Wardell
    Samuy Wardell 25 days ago

    I want the ability to build a pc just for heating a room

    UNSTOPABLE40 25 days ago +1

    My space heater pc is a FX-9590 and a R9 295x2