Lower your heating bill... with GAMING

  • Published on May 9, 2018
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    Does it make ANY sense to harness the heat energy that your PC disperses to replace a purpose-built space heater?
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Comments • 6 699

  • TexMex
    TexMex Day ago

    I don't understand this at all. The PC was making heat before you added the radiator. The only thing that is making more heat here is the water pump. The kinetic Energy of fans (and the air that they push) just become heat btw.

  • Remco Hitman
    Remco Hitman 2 days ago

    When I watercooled I quickly found out 140mm radiators were not enough to cool the CPU/GPU/NB/HD loop.
    I omitted the radiator and dropped the pump into a tub of water INSIDE A FREEZER in the hall, running tubing through the wall. It settled at 10C 🙂

  • laernulieNlaernulieNlaernulieNNeil Hart

    The only problem is Heating radiators are sized according to the room and based on something like Delta t50 (room temperature 22c/ flow temperature 72c) so it would either take days to heat up on cold days or you would need a massive radiator. Or you could try a more modern low water content radiator. What am I talking about! As if you would even do this!!!

  • Eddie Lira
    Eddie Lira 3 days ago

    As a Radiator, I find this Jamaican

  • Jeff Otto
    Jeff Otto 3 days ago

    You should have used a car radiator, it would be way more efficient than that stupid thing, which im pretty sure is meant for steam...

  • Royce H
    Royce H 3 days ago

    I had a GTX 970 and a FX 8350, which I overclocked to 4.7ghz. It headed my room

  • A-Tech
    A-Tech 3 days ago +1

    do it again but with a brand new small radiator

  • Steven Garcia
    Steven Garcia 4 days ago

    You didn't have to do all that... just leave computer case open while playing games.

  • David Goulet
    David Goulet 4 days ago

    Hilarious that theres some people who think U save on heating with gaming PC heat

  • Jay & Violent Mob
    Jay & Violent Mob 4 days ago

    At 2:18 and I'm like: "This is a terrible idea, right?"
    3:11 : "Right?!"
    4:20: "Right?!?!?!?!"
    7:35: "Right."

  • globetrotter
    globetrotter 4 days ago

    This would maybe be a good idea with “whole room water cooling“

  • Shayne Carter-Murray

    Try it again with a couple large pc radiators, like the ones jayz2cents rigged to a box fan. That would probably make a legit useable setup and still heat the room

  • William Winder
    William Winder 5 days ago

    watching armatures as a professional is hard.

  • William Winder
    William Winder 5 days ago

    3:15 The Hot Water that comes out your faucet isn't much cleaner.

  • j73stuart
    j73stuart 5 days ago

    I'm sure a russian bit coin miner has done this.

  • Master Programmer
    Master Programmer 5 days ago

    At 23.7 degrees I would be wearing pants. Why keep your office temperature like a sauna? :)

  • RadicalEdward37
    RadicalEdward37 5 days ago

    Surely there's a better way to clean the inside of that radiator.

  • Ur mom xD
    Ur mom xD 6 days ago

    I just start just cause 4 on my msi stealth and put it on my lap. Enough heat.

  • THEw5000
    THEw5000 6 days ago

    My pc has a exhaust fan going out the back and it pushes all the hot air out and literally heats up my room in no time

  • Stephan Bitterwolf
    Stephan Bitterwolf 6 days ago

    Do it again!

  • Stephan Bitterwolf
    Stephan Bitterwolf 6 days ago

    Do it again!

  • Craig Conway
    Craig Conway 6 days ago

    Add an "under counter sedement filter" to capture particulate exiting the radiator. The particulate seems to be the only problem. I bet you could use PEX pipe for flexibility.

  • Kermit the Frog
    Kermit the Frog 6 days ago

    Dont need a radiator. My LC system heats my living room just fine on its own. We rarely turn the heaters on at all.

  • Naenlor
    Naenlor 6 days ago

    I wish he would of actually gotten a new space heater to do this with. Using a rando garbage one they found off the street is what killed this idea.

  • Zara Masters
    Zara Masters 6 days ago

    Voiceover Linus: "We found a minor leak"
    Real Linus: "That's a real substantial leak"

  • blidrob
    blidrob 6 days ago +1

    You can buy new iron radiators for $80.

    • Craig Conway
      Craig Conway 6 days ago

      afsupply.com in NJ, shipping is very expensive if you aren't in NJ.

    • Craig Conway
      Craig Conway 6 days ago

      Where ?

  • Nathan Dompe
    Nathan Dompe 7 days ago

    "comradeengineering"... you love to see it

  • MrChrist741
    MrChrist741 7 days ago

    I prefer pewdiepie 399 chair

  • Necra
    Necra 7 days ago +1

    You should have bought a new radiator, not a piece of junk full of shit. Ofcourse it won't work

  • Danny Mom
    Danny Mom 7 days ago

    Why are you laughing, i cant even put my feet up on my pc cause my feet will freeze stuck on my case

  • William Coury
    William Coury 7 days ago

    Way too much advertising, not to mention LTT Adidas? Product placement? Wtf

  • Neelay Choudhary
    Neelay Choudhary 7 days ago

    time for part 2 of this video

  • Todd Cutting
    Todd Cutting 7 days ago

    if you wanted to do real space heating, FX-9000 series.

  • Benjamin Chausse
    Benjamin Chausse 7 days ago

    At 2:36, Please tell me it's Ivan that wrote Comrade Engineering!

  • Wesley F
    Wesley F 8 days ago

    That's looks like a cool idea... Or... dare I say a Hot new trend (lol) If I may make a suggestion, Why don't you use something like a Transmission Oil Cooler from a car or truck, you can get a new them and can be as low as CDN$ 47.66 On Amazon.ca
    One more thing set it up In a case at a distance, maybe ten or so feet away to keep the computer from overheating.Tell me if you think that's a Hot idea... (lol) :-)

  • remy5405
    remy5405 9 days ago

    This video is kinda funny. At one point in time I used my Pentium 4 extreme edition clocked to 5.2ghz and gtx 7900s is slightly also water cooled and clocked to heat my mobile. One side on house was nice and toasty at 80ish deg while the other side was a brisk -15 deg f. Gets cold in Laramie wy.
    Should note the 5.2speed was achieved using liquid nitrogen at -280deg and almost 5v to cpu

  • Alok Krishna
    Alok Krishna 9 days ago

    not anymore. nowadays the pc motherboards are now designed to be heat efficient. you know my brand new pc's fan hardly turns on....

  • the modfather
    the modfather 9 days ago

    doesnt save money

  • Old Random Computing

    I have a Pentium D. That is enough of a space heater already.

  • Sunny
    Sunny 9 days ago

    It's actually a benefit if you are living in Vancouver!

  • Alishan Vakhtazimov
    Alishan Vakhtazimov 9 days ago

    Omg dislike, no rgb on radiator >:(

  • Stephen Rybecky
    Stephen Rybecky 10 days ago

    should of used baseboard

  • Artūrs Taube
    Artūrs Taube 10 days ago

    you had to use flex seal on that leaky pipe

  • Fucked Gplus
    Fucked Gplus 11 days ago

    Thats not ironiquly my set up

  • Jim's videos
    Jim's videos 11 days ago

    I had a row of PCs heating my basement and doing a little Folding in the process. Power in is close enough to power out to do the math.

  • Ramon Pagan
    Ramon Pagan 12 days ago

    should I use a new radiator

    • Craig Conway
      Craig Conway 6 days ago

      Inline sedement filter would likely resolve issue with particulate in a used radiator. Don't forget "sacrifical annode" mentioned :)

  • SlyFox211
    SlyFox211 12 days ago

    LINUS!!!!! why dont you put a box fan in front of the radiator and see if it cools the pc!!!!!!!!!!!
    @Linus Tech Tips

  • PalfraDK
    PalfraDK 12 days ago

    And in addition.. The light from whatever LEDs will eventually also hit something in the room, and be turned into heat, same thing with the moving air made by the fans, the air movement will dissipate and turn into heat aswell. The only amount of energy from your PC that does not heat your room, is the light from LEDs that go out your window. Not much! Radiator completely unnecessary, except for aesthetics.


    My PS4 is my space heater

  • St0rm Ranger
    St0rm Ranger 13 days ago

    You don't need all this for a space heater. All you need is an older rig running 2x GTX 480's in SLI.
    No joke, I built this rig years ago without knowing that the 480 would be the hottest running gpu Nvidia ever made. (the "optimal" average running temp was 90c).
    It was so bad I had to buy a window ac unit for that room.

  • Hmm Doh
    Hmm Doh 13 days ago +1

    I can see ppl be like ooo I’m so cold gonna play some hardcore pc game keep warm lol

  • PsykoHesse gaming
    PsykoHesse gaming 13 days ago

    Had a power outage this day. Warmed up our upstairs with a computer, 3 screens, an xbox one and a 360 as well as a TV.

  • Goobermint
    Goobermint 13 days ago +1

    you thought one flush with vinegar, a 5% acid and water would clear it out >

  • DemPugz
    DemPugz 14 days ago

    "buy a VPN!"
    what about orbot?

  • Seybu Marek
    Seybu Marek 15 days ago

    3:34 i just want to point out that one guy is wearing like 300$ shoes while the other guy is wearing sandals with socks

  • Richárd Bóc
    Richárd Bóc 15 days ago

    Well, it is exactly what i've done with my custom watercooling system. The whole PC lie in the bottom of my cupboard with no case at all and i got a big ass radiator with 3 ventilators on the side of my desk which can keep the cooling liquid at room temp. Long story short it heats up a 18m2 room from 19C tp 24C.

  • Azim Alif
    Azim Alif 15 days ago

    You could've simply used a few radiators side by side with fans behind them.

  • KrAyZiE JD3
    KrAyZiE JD3 15 days ago

    anyone else skip the first 3 minutes of every linus video?

  • Bgamer Video
    Bgamer Video 16 days ago

    speaking of problems, if you dont already have a problem, get a vpn!

  • Camaro HVAC
    Camaro HVAC 16 days ago

    and this is why you must flush your systems with hot water people, or a radiator.....7:24

    • Craig Conway
      Craig Conway 6 days ago

      Inline sedement filter would likely resolve issue with particulate.

  • MarchOf TheLorex
    MarchOf TheLorex 17 days ago

    The PC is already blowing hot air out from the inside no need for the radiator.

  • Modest Mewtwo
    Modest Mewtwo 17 days ago

    hey bro I heard you were chilly.
    I built you this gaming pc to heat your room

    RICHARD CHAI 17 days ago +4

    *Tephlon tape BAH who needs that? I choose F L E X tape.*

  • Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi

    Million Dollar idea! but in London its so freakin cold that it won't work

  • mikaeo
    mikaeo 18 days ago

    Thing is, I knew a guy in high school who legit kept his room warmer with his pc. it was a small room, but still, pretty cool

    FILIP HEDMAN 18 days ago

    Or just get an FX 8350.

  • Bennett Shakoske
    Bennett Shakoske 18 days ago

    this coud totally work with a buderus rads and some dielectric union

  • Samuel
    Samuel 19 days ago

    My first gaming rig made my room hot af: FX 6300, R9 380x, Raidmax blade, stock cpu cooler, one case fan, awful cable management. Under a full gaming load for a couple hours, it would hurt you hand to touch the metal case. I made it when I was still in highschool and didn't know what the hell I was doing really. Surprisingly, it ran with no issues and no performance drops for a few years until I built a new PC this year. I then redid all the cable management and added another fan and gave it to a friend. It doesn't really get that hot anymore.

  • Charles Gourin
    Charles Gourin 20 days ago

    Any descent gamer will tell you a gaming PC in the sens of a PC doing gaming will heat the room, but mostly in summer. You stated the physics at the begging, no energy created or lost, so any cooler would have done the job maybe better because of the throttling.

  • bloodaxe
    bloodaxe 20 days ago

    Why didn't got a new radiator ?

  • SansYT15
    SansYT15 20 days ago

    ? My cpu is overloaded so much that I do t use my computer to game anymore, I use it to cook my food

  • D Velasco
    D Velasco 21 day ago

    Next video: "Lower your AC bill... with GAMING", here in Brazil would be useful (basically 35ºC the entire year) :/

  • Jason Wydra
    Jason Wydra 22 days ago

    someone has probably already pointed this out, but there are modern, higher efficiency water radiators for house heating available. a common brand for example is slantfin. i bet this test would have worked a hundred times better, and way less work, if a modern radiator system was used. however, using the old cast iron rad was definitely great for dramatic visual effect lol.

  • GamerTechXL
    GamerTechXL 22 days ago +1

    PewDiePie has a better chair for $399

  • Jan On
    Jan On 23 days ago

    W skrócie, działa to czy nie ?

  • mogolfiero
    mogolfiero 23 days ago

    Cost of a simple new radiator : 50$. Trying to clean an old rusty one : Stupid

  • Christopher Sieradzki
    Christopher Sieradzki 23 days ago

    I want to see this with a clean rad.

  • Kocur von Kittay
    Kocur von Kittay 23 days ago

    Time for ver 2.0. Where you'd use a big CPU radiator to cool the water and make it fit on your desk. That would heat up much faster and wouldn't such a big pump. Try it!

  • Kiraro The Kitsune
    Kiraro The Kitsune 23 days ago

    Cause buying a radiator flush is so hard

  • Atlquotl
    Atlquotl 23 days ago

    So, in my mid 20's my dad and I wound up as roomates, and one winter the damned heater in the apartment died. This was unfortunate as it was winter in Pennsylvania...So, average temperatures are in the low 20s with lows hitting like -10. Now mind you I had a pretty small room, but with a FX8350, and a gtx 780, and the door closed, I was able to keep my room warm enough that I wasn't completely frozen out. Sure I still had to wear a hoodie, but it was tolerable. Also led to me gaming a lot more during that period for some reason...

  • Adlyn Mas1293
    Adlyn Mas1293 23 days ago


  • Fancybeats BBX
    Fancybeats BBX 24 days ago

    I actually turn my pc on when my dorm is cold

  • Anselmi Nurminen
    Anselmi Nurminen 24 days ago

    Sauna mainittu, Suomi Finland PERKELE!

  • SpicyRice Noodles
    SpicyRice Noodles 24 days ago

    I keep wanting to hate you because you're mainstream.... But I just can't help but be a fan boy to your quality

  • Haozheng Yuan
    Haozheng Yuan 25 days ago

    Actually When I playing Monster Hunter World on my laptop, it just start blowing 90 celcius hot air and it kept my room ..... HOT

  • jonathon wall
    jonathon wall 26 days ago

    Linus. Youre moving your water a such a high velocity you are not removing the heat at a high enough rate. but if you used a flat plate heat exchanger and ran your pc water loop normally and the water loop for the radiator you will keep your pc components clean and you can have the radiator look just nasty as hell. that would work

  • Mark Alden
    Mark Alden 26 days ago

    My electric is free for the next 5 years. What is the best use of this benefit?

  • slosh11111420
    slosh11111420 27 days ago

    Save money on gas, spend more on electricity...

  • Andrew
    Andrew 28 days ago

    1:30 The kinetic energy and all other forms of energy created by the computer ultimately end up in thermal energy. Even the energy from the sound created by the fans eventually gets dissipated as heat energy when it hits whatever it hits. The energy from the RGB lights gets converted into heat energy when the light hits whatever it hits and dissipates as heat.

  • TheJesterOAO
    TheJesterOAO 28 days ago

    36,7 celsius?! I wouldn't go above 25 and that's pretty hot.

  • Galaxyik LP
    Galaxyik LP 28 days ago

    Here we got a 2000$+ gaming PC... AAAAND here´s the radiator we found behind a randome house

  • hunbenny
    hunbenny 28 days ago

    Back in University, me and my room mate had mid-end rigs, played a lot multi together... All the other dorm-mates was complaining about having a cold room at wintertime. We had our windows opened 24/7/365. I know the feel. :D

  • Quastix x
    Quastix x 28 days ago

    Dude.. tape by itself isnt sufficient for anything more than 1/4 inch pipe. ALWAYS use dope + tape. You can dope and then tape or tape and then dope. The difference is only how clean it is. Dope first will make it cleaner. Tape first will look messy. But thats the way to do it. I am a commercial plumber ;)

    • Quastix x
      Quastix x 28 days ago

      For increased assurance.. you can use monster tape. Which is blue lol

  • Jorge Luiz
    Jorge Luiz 29 days ago

    Why using a rock age radiator? A new (and modern) one would cost a few bucks....

  • Jorge Luiz
    Jorge Luiz 29 days ago

    Why not using a refrigerator system to cool a pc?

  • Toool
    Toool 29 days ago

    Honestly, if you think about it...
    I've got so much gear running underneath my desk, it keeps half my apartment warm at summer.
    It's only during the peaks of winter I have to turn on my electric radiators.
    My electric radiators don't host anything, or accepts any internet cables. ;)) #savethatmoney

  • Paul Morgan
    Paul Morgan Month ago

    Should have ran some CLR through that radiator.

  • Josh Hayes
    Josh Hayes Month ago

    This isn't what people are wondering at all. They're wondering if their normal mid range gaming PC can heat a room as effectively as a small space heater and that's not at all what was tested here. Answer is yes, either way.

  • David James
    David James Month ago

    Heat from electricity is equally efficient from any source. (Energy in = Heat out)

  • dpear3
    dpear3 Month ago

    A high end air cooling setup would have been easier and likely a better heater, granted it'd be less entertaining.