5 Fun Physics Phenomena

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  • Ack Mak
    Ack Mak 2 days ago

    Cereal has iron it it.

  • White Lightning
    White Lightning 3 days ago

    #4 cereal isn't charged. It's the neutrality charged water being attracted to the magnet. As we know with the law of electric charges, neutral objects attract to either positive or negatively charged objects. Since water it neutral and it's in the cereal it's attracted to the magnet

  • Ronstah Monstah
    Ronstah Monstah 5 days ago

    I was kinda expecting you to explain them a little better

  • M. Scott Veach
    M. Scott Veach 8 days ago

    what camera are they using for that slow motion?

  • Kapitein Kwark
    Kapitein Kwark 8 days ago

    just give me the goddamn answer already

  • Vladimir Alexander
    Vladimir Alexander 12 days ago

    1 - is mass friction, it happen because the heavier mass have more friction and also the heavier mass pulls down to its direction causing bigger friction.
    2 - air resistance, the bigger the area the more resistance against the air, causing the phone to rotate to all direction.
    3 - water is diamagnetic object which can weaken magnet power equal to the diamagnetic power, so the stronger the magnet the less the diamagnetic can resist, and the stronger the diamagnetic power the less the magnet can pull.
    4 - an average cereal contain a small amount of iron that enough to react to magnet.
    5 - The ash of the teabag is light and doesn't require much force to lift it. As the warm, less dense air rises, it has enough force to lift the ash of the teabag.

  • Amaan Ahmed
    Amaan Ahmed 19 days ago

    First one is based on conservation of linear momentum

  • Madeline Brigit
    Madeline Brigit 20 days ago

    I think the cereal one is because there are trace amounts of iron and such and it's easier to see in something as small as a cheerio

  • Sukman Shrivas
    Sukman Shrivas 23 days ago

    in case of stick, the both ends of the stick having different weights or weights are not uniformly distributed ,so the centre of gravity will get shift from mid of the length towards the higher weight

  • S.M. Talha
    S.M. Talha 26 days ago

    For science topics derivation

  • Francisco Totti
    Francisco Totti 27 days ago

    Cereals contain Iron ( mineral) which is magnetic

  • Cooper Bonessa
    Cooper Bonessa Month ago

    I found out the phone flip myself and saw it here didnt think someone else would notice it

  • Rajarshi Bandopadhyay

    Cereal: Paramagnetism.
    Cane: At each point as you slide the fingers, since you are keeping the cane balanced, net torque is zero. So, center of mass of the fingers has to be below the CM of the cane.
    Water: Once polarized and turned to the direction of the field, water column develops charges along the sides. This charge is moving due to water falling, so current is produced. This is magnetism.
    Rocket + Phone: OK, these just blew my mind.

  • Dwight Schrute
    Dwight Schrute Month ago

    I'm assuming the cerial is magnetic due to the iron in it. As for the phone flip one, I'm going to guess that it's due to the unbalanced weight of the machinery inside of the phone.

  • Nikhil CSB
    Nikhil CSB Month ago

    Center of Gravity. Not the Center of Mass. 🤔

  • Michael Stephan
    Michael Stephan Month ago

    Cereal has iron in it, magnetic (?)

  • Pererik Morsund
    Pererik Morsund Month ago

    The cerio conteins iron. And there for ITS magnetic

  • GetBubbled
    GetBubbled Month ago

    I can get number 2 60% of the time, either it’s experience or just luck.

  • Noyz Gaming
    Noyz Gaming Month ago

    For Number 1: Humans aren't naturally/normally good at calculating center of mass. What they ARE good at is balancing things. Human fingers want balance and incline towards it if an object is placed on top of them.

  • Noyz Gaming
    Noyz Gaming Month ago

    why do i not get the answers

  • Dipak Ahir
    Dipak Ahir Month ago

    The centre of mass
    If you drag your two finger close then the further finger from senter of mass has less friction and it will move but the nearest finger from senter of mass has more waight and friction

  • Rennoc Jones
    Rennoc Jones Month ago +1

    There is iron in cereal. Look it up

  • bow ties are cool
    bow ties are cool Month ago

    The phone one is because of entropy

  • Ijul Dzulfadli
    Ijul Dzulfadli Month ago

    The reason for the number one is Osilation.

  • Cee V.F
    Cee V.F Month ago

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  • Ali Mohamed
    Ali Mohamed Month ago

    Water will remain the biggest secret of this life, wait a second, it brings life to this planet!

  • amityboy14
    amityboy14 Month ago

    I've made a video of my GCSE revision notes of Physics and other subjects. Hope you guys check it out and put it to good use! :)

  • Aleida march
    Aleida march Month ago

    Is there anyone to explain there phenomenas? I really really am wondered

  • Hippøz Hipos
    Hippøz Hipos Month ago

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  • anmol410 -_-
    anmol410 -_- Month ago

    Nice cgi

  • Ashen Gamage
    Ashen Gamage Month ago

    The first insident the more and more we speed up the hand both hands come at a same speed as it is not possible to move one hand speeder than the other. So they always come to the same place at a same speed. So they are able to come to the center... Is this true

  • Rik Savage
    Rik Savage Month ago

    the cereal has a rough surface producing electrostatic cohesion plus it contains iron.
    You smashed a $1300 iPhone. hahahaha!!!

  • Феникс
    Феникс Month ago

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  • hdckdsadd
    hdckdsadd Month ago

    1 friction adjusting in real time 2 unequal mass distribution 3 air currents /suction? 4 iron in the food 5 warm air rises and takes the residue with it

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  • Muhabbet Adamı
    Muhabbet Adamı Month ago

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  • Rishi Arun
    Rishi Arun Month ago

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  • Rishi Arun
    Rishi Arun Month ago

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  • kartikey satyarthi
    kartikey satyarthi Month ago

    Cereals have iron which is attracted by magnets

  • Adventure Fighter
    Adventure Fighter Month ago

    1.26 blurring the apple logo..?? The iPhone is so popular we already know even if you blur the whole iPhone

  • SapperJohn
    SapperJohn Month ago

    water is a molecule with a more positive side and a more negative side? maybe he mi misspoke?

  • AndreLeonardo
    AndreLeonardo Month ago

    3:10 because the iron inside

  • Ahmed Tarek
    Ahmed Tarek Month ago

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  • Maciej Ma
    Maciej Ma Month ago

    I made this test and I showing this evidence

  • Souprem Kota
    Souprem Kota Month ago

    I like your video nice and interesting

  • Anthony Vanover
    Anthony Vanover Month ago

    The bending of the water is due to trace minerals in the water is my guess. Perhaps it doesn't work with distilled water.

  • rashed mazeen
    rashed mazeen 2 months ago


  • Justin Boye
    Justin Boye 2 months ago

    The cane may work by friction, the end with more mass will have more friction on that finger and allow the other to glide more freely, at the end, you're in the center.

  • Crockett
    Crockett 2 months ago

    I did the tea bag rocket in kindergarten

  • Steven Van Hulle
    Steven Van Hulle 2 months ago

    #5 goes much better if you use cigarette rolling paper

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  • Zee Tube
    Zee Tube 2 months ago +1

    i am not agreed on first one

  • Shreyas Pawar
    Shreyas Pawar 2 months ago

    The last move was anti_vsauce

  • sparsh agarwal
    sparsh agarwal 2 months ago

    Where are the answers

  • matt crazzy
    matt crazzy 2 months ago

    so you aren't going to explain anything :/

  • imloved53
    imloved53 2 months ago

    You didn't move your fingers at the same time

  • usama umer
    usama umer 2 months ago

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  • Lukalot
    Lukalot 2 months ago

    The phone problem is clearly because hardware inside it is not balanced.

  • Pratz Online
    Pratz Online 2 months ago

    Watch this guy's elasticity tvclip.biz/video/sS4poo0nm90/video.html

  • Elijah Hua
    Elijah Hua 2 months ago

    1.friction, 2. Weigh center, 3. Tension, 4.(no idea) , 5. (No idea)

  • Julie Cahoolie
    Julie Cahoolie 2 months ago

    Here’s one: Did you know that time can go sideways?

  • Syed Mudasir
    Syed Mudasir 2 months ago

    Where is reason

  • Shahid Meir
    Shahid Meir 2 months ago

    the reasons are :-
    1. u move ur hands while balencing the rod . untill a point . so at that point it would be cog .
    2. momemt of inertia of the phone is greater along longer side .
    3. water contains impurities like minerals.
    4. serial is attracted by magnet bcoz it contains iron .
    5. the ash moves up due to low air pressure above it caused by upward motion of smoke .

  • Josh Vlogs
    Josh Vlogs 2 months ago


  • Rishabh Kumar
    Rishabh Kumar 2 months ago

    It's centre of gravity and not centre of mass.

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    vsleboss cacakaka 2 months ago

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  • Iqrar Awan
    Iqrar Awan 2 months ago

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  • Tonghai Oeng
    Tonghai Oeng 2 months ago

    Ceream is magnetic becuase it have iron in it lol so simple

  • Shawn Coverdale
    Shawn Coverdale 3 months ago

    Mom xooks and i figure out to over come fear... ..

  • Jonathan Falco
    Jonathan Falco 3 months ago

    1 Static friction becomes greater when one of your supports comes closer to the center of mass. So one finger moves until it's sliding friction is > the static friction of the other finger and the roles reverse.
    2 The insides of the phone are not symmetrical in weight. The battery on the left side of the phone has more mass than the circuitry on the right side. It's only apparent on the axis he's talking about because the phone is more symmetrically spread out about them. It has a lot to do with rotational momentum and moments, which is more than I want to go into at the moment...ha.
    3 Tap water is quite conductive and it is electrically connected to ground. The charge on the cup is creating a capacitive effect on the charges in the water (not necessarily the water itself) and pulling the water stream, which stays cohesive due to surface tension, towards the cup.
    4 Many cereals are fortified with iron for health reasons, iron is magnetically conductive, so viola.
    5 The fire creates a plume of heated air going upward, sucking air from below. The tea bag is turned into ash, ash is very light and so the leftover airflow from the fire propels the light ash upward.

  • LMT Channel
    LMT Channel 3 months ago


  • LMT Channel
    LMT Channel 3 months ago

    1:31 agreed

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 3 months ago +1

    There are small traces iron in cereal that’s why it’s magnetic

  • Republic of Aquarion
    Republic of Aquarion 3 months ago

    Well i do have an explanation for the tee bag rocket, its to do with my model of gravity, and thanks, i will use water charges as one more of my proofs. In the teebag experiment, the amount of mass was burned away, leaving a structure light enough to be lifted by the energy created in combustion, this ten following the air dynamic, and heating surrounding air assisting in the rise.

  • lumps_END
    lumps_END 3 months ago

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  • MrDanMan
    MrDanMan 3 months ago

    The trick with the can is easy..

  • MrDanMan
    MrDanMan 3 months ago

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  • Kreativvx
    Kreativvx 3 months ago

    I know the answers but I cba typing. It's 1:37AM. Goodnight.

  • Yousef .H
    Yousef .H 3 months ago

    When he said teabag rocket i pictured multiple cod players teabagging a rocket

  • ur mum
    ur mum 3 months ago

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  • Don Pablo
    Don Pablo 3 months ago

    Anybody know the brand of the phone???

  • RabixYT
    RabixYT 3 months ago

    The cereal have a lot of iron

  • Erik Olexiewicz
    Erik Olexiewicz 3 months ago

    That phone one made me nervous just watching

  • Jeikdoe [GD]
    Jeikdoe [GD] 3 months ago

    The first one works because the finger that’s closeset to the center of mass dosent move because there is more weight on it. When the other finger gets closer than the other one the weight goes to that finger and this alternates until their both in the center.

  • Thorne
    Thorne 3 months ago

    For the phone the weight isn't distributed evenly as you think. If you place a pin in the center of height and width you'll find that it starts falling to one side, now that you give it acceleration it will will turn the the heavier side.
    As for the teabag, when you lite it the heat fills the inside making the air denser.
    Once it has gotten to a certain size and weight the pressure will have to decrease, as the faster moving molecules will rise lifting the tea bag.
    (To better understand this, lite a fire and a release a small paper directly above and not touching the flame, it will rise until the air is in a normal density)

  • MsSilverdemon
    MsSilverdemon 3 months ago

    loooooooool!!! Dump the tea. (in the Boston harbour 1773)

  • Jacob Arnell
    Jacob Arnell 3 months ago

    Cereals contain Iron.

  • luca Brunner
    luca Brunner 3 months ago

    the first is easy the finger closer to the point of mass has more weight on it ->more friction and the ather finger moves and the tee bag flys becaus of the heated air reising taking the bag with it the rest i dont know

  • Ansh girdhar
    Ansh girdhar 3 months ago

    Cereals move toward magnet because cereals have some amount of iron in it

  • Jagger Draws!
    Jagger Draws! 3 months ago

    The Tea-Bag Rocket works due to the ash being so light, that the rising heat pulls it along.

  • noor mn
    noor mn 3 months ago

    I like yours vedio...

  • John Paul
    John Paul 3 months ago +1

    The distribution of mass due to the inner components of mobile might be uneven.

    • lovreli
      lovreli 3 months ago

      John Paul yeah..i thought the same thing

  • ImHeadshotSniper
    ImHeadshotSniper 3 months ago

    literally i had biology last year and couldn't get what polar even meant until THIS VIDEO.....

  • Rachael Platt
    Rachael Platt 4 months ago

    1. Cane: From the ends the pressure will be greater on the finger closer to the center. This increases friction on that finger allowing the other finger to move. This is why the fingers do not move at the same rate.
    2. Phone Flip: ? best guess: the long axis is unstable - like placing an egg upright on its small end. A tiny momentum in left-right axis will increase the instability until the phone also flips left-right. However the instability quickly reaches equilibrium otherwise the phone would start in 1 direction and end in another.
    3. Magnetic Cup: ? best guess: the water if following the magnetic lines of force emanating from the charges on the cup.
    4. Magnetic Cereal: cereal has sufficient iron in the ingredients to be attracted to magnetic force.
    5. Teabag Rocket: Heated material becomes lighter as a result of expansion - thus hot-air balloons. The teabag is also heating air. When the teabag burns enough weigh off, the lift provided by the rising air is sufficient to lift the teabag remains. The flame continues to heat the air and provide lift. Once the teabag burns out it will cool off and start to fall.

  • Oscar - Blob
    Oscar - Blob 4 months ago

    Woooow. With the phone one they tried to blurre the apple logo xD

  • bindu khadka
    bindu khadka 4 months ago


  • theyetirulrs
    theyetirulrs 4 months ago

    Cane changes its level of friction with your hand based on how far off of the center of gravity you are. So as long as both hands are moving you always reach its balancing point.
    Cell phone is not balanced thus centrifugal force applied to it will always seek out its true mass axis instead of your forced axis.
    Water moves closer to the cup because of the air currents it creates. Side closest to the cup is in a vacuum.
    Not sure on cereal could just be lack of surface tension resisting the cereal and minuscule amounts of iron in the water allowing the cereal to move with the magnet. Just a nerdy dads guess.
    Teabag lifts off when its mass is less than the lift generated by the flame.
    Hope I got them right! Now off to see in the comments.

  • datrandomazn
    datrandomazn 4 months ago

    Cereal move to a magnet cuz it has actual iron particles inside
    The flying teabag paper flies because it fire it lighter than the air which is why the flame go up so the fire is strong enough to carry the burnt teabag up
    Yea thats all i know

  • Jerry Gundecker
    Jerry Gundecker 4 months ago

    How far apart do atoms have to get to transmit light, become transparent, become invisible?

  • Sumit Verma
    Sumit Verma 4 months ago

    why it doesn't charged positively?