The Trump Presidency: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Published on Nov 13, 2017
  • One year after the presidential election, John Oliver discusses what we've learned so far and enlists our catheter cowboy to teach Donald Trump what he hasn't.
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Comments • 23 327

  • Jill Allmendinger
    Jill Allmendinger 14 hours ago

    ‘Frederick Douglas is dead’ 😂

  • Sarah Cawley
    Sarah Cawley 19 hours ago

    I feel like trump is to John Oliver as FNAF is to MatPat

  • EclipZe Muzik
    EclipZe Muzik 21 hour ago

    great video

  • Harry Richman
    Harry Richman Day ago

    Dan Gurewitch!!

  • Ash Ram
    Ash Ram Day ago

    this dude just had a piss over all the alt right trolls on the interwebs

  • GhostHost Toast
    GhostHost Toast Day ago

    I want to see their text with the same speech that they used ran through one of those writing analysis programs that rate what level your writing is at. I am genuinely curious as to whether he or the text would be rated higher than the other.

  • Ben
    Ben 2 days ago

    I don't comment too often, but I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed this type of video, it was a surprisingly pleasant change. You did a wonderful job taking a very complicated issue and being able to discuss it in a manner that's very approachable without feeling like there is an underlying political stance you are taking. Very enjoyable, and also I wanted to congratulate you on a hundred thousand subscribers. Haven't been able to personally do that yet. Take care, and I look forward to the next video.

  • Emma Johnson
    Emma Johnson 3 days ago

    Also pause it at 14:17, you don't think that he can get more cheerful, and then he does!

  • Emma Johnson
    Emma Johnson 3 days ago

    Everyone please pause the video at 14:12 and just take in the joy on John Oliver's face, you can just tell he's thinking we may not have gotten him on the coal thing but WE GOT HIM, WE DID GET HIM!!!! He just fakes doing work while he's in the White House.

  • Charles Frey
    Charles Frey 3 days ago

    Cats, Love You. Something you Must See: Noam Chomsky, Manufacturing Consent.. Open Your Mind

  • Francis Lai
    Francis Lai 3 days ago

    The last time I remember when whataboutism happened was in Caesar's time. That culminated in the destruction of the republic.

  • Francis Lai
    Francis Lai 3 days ago

    10th US President: John Tyler. Yeah, I don't know him either.

  • Arttu Hypén
    Arttu Hypén 4 days ago

    I just noticed that the Trump transcripts are read by DAN GUREWITCH

  • J-man72 b
    J-man72 b 4 days ago

    3:23 till 4:10 ????

  • LazerMax2000
    LazerMax2000 4 days ago

    I think that the 10th president was Zachary Taylor.

  • Kazuichi Souda
    Kazuichi Souda 6 days ago

    It was John Tyler.

  • Alaric _
    Alaric _ 6 days ago

    fun isn't it to troll other in a brink of war just because you live in the most powerful country

  • Mouse Potato
    Mouse Potato 6 days ago

    Don't ever remember seeing John Oliver here in the UK where he's from. He's an unknown here.

  • Rupretio
    Rupretio 6 days ago

    I'd listen to Bicklemack....

  • ImperatorZor
    ImperatorZor 6 days ago +1

    Roam is a classy lady

  • AlexD992
    AlexD992 7 days ago

    "Nazis bad" *Donald takes notes but puts nazis sad*

  • Comrade Commissar Filip The Czech Gopnik

    If Whataboutism IS an old Soviet term.... I wonder where Trump learned it from..... *All eyes are on the potato-headed scumfuck who's currently leading the Russian Federation AKA Vladimir Putin*

    • Stephen2462
      Stephen2462 4 days ago

      To be fair, it's been a fairly common trolling tactic for a long time. It just wasn't as prevalent until the right normalized it.

  • Luksuman LuXuS
    Luksuman LuXuS 8 days ago

    The nuclear armed and the first of all time to the power and power to say it is not the only way I could get it it was just a lot more to do with it and I have a good time and then a half hours later I just want you and you can be a great game for you to do something like it and you have a great game for me.

  • Brandon San
    Brandon San 8 days ago

    a pickle in an apple rotting in a dumpster with glasses?

  • mooninggeek101
    mooninggeek101 8 days ago

    How can they be right wing extremists if they are nazis? Hoping people stop associating nazis with the right consider nazi means national SOCIALIST! nationalism can be from either the left or right but socialism a specifically leftist ideology. Annoys me so much when people call nazis right wing.

    • Stephen2462
      Stephen2462 4 days ago

      Not particularly. Hitler may have preached some socialist leaning stuff early on, but it by-and-large went out the window once he came into power. He was very much at odds with communists in general, and fought against/invaded communist countries just as fervently as he did everyone else. The Nazis were far more geared towards nationalism then anything else.

  • Kyle A
    Kyle A 9 days ago

    go Catheter Cowboy!

  • Jikook Harling
    Jikook Harling 10 days ago

    My brother used to whatabout me all the time. Now he's picked up my mother's trait to say " You're always right. Whatever" in the middle of a conversation and leave. So I'd say the evolution to whataboutism is whateverism

  • Philip Winn
    Philip Winn 11 days ago

    This feels like the first time I've seen someone in the media call Trump a troll while actually using the term correctly.

  • Matthew Kuchinski
    Matthew Kuchinski 11 days ago

    Well, watching Trump on that interview about his comments on Obama's surveillance shows that he is one of the worst liars in history. Not only does he keep trying to divert the subject matter of the reporter's questions, but at the end moves behind his desk like a child caught stealing cookies from the jar.

  • nerdkeyboard
    nerdkeyboard 11 days ago

    John Tyler was the 10th President! The more you know

  • Mr OutLaw
    Mr OutLaw 11 days ago +1

    You look like a pickle with glasses 👓

  • Marton Baksa
    Marton Baksa 11 days ago

    John Tyler

  • TheAmthystAbyss
    TheAmthystAbyss 11 days ago

    Haha! This is brilliant! 👍🏻

  • Patrick McCaffrey
    Patrick McCaffrey 12 days ago

    Lmfao when he complains about trump being smug about being called the worlds biggest troll or whatever xD
    Him calling it a compliment is literally just him trolling in response to someone trying to insult him lol, and you getting pissed and saying “no, you’re just a dick!” Is you not getting it lol

  • Patrick McCaffrey
    Patrick McCaffrey 12 days ago

    His whataboitism joke about a court case instantly crumbles when you realize that that’s literally what happens in court.
    You refer to precedents in the past of rulings on similar cases to inform your treatment of the current case.
    It’s not a defense of the issue, it’s a criticism of the accuser. It protects against double standards and bias.

    • Patrick McCaffrey
      Patrick McCaffrey 11 days ago

      "It’s not a defense of the issue, it’s a criticism of the accuser."
      It's almost as if I specifically pointed out that it's not a defense of Trump's shitty actions.
      But hey, "Ignorance to facts is why he became president in the first place." And the fact is that he's not the only one doing shitty things, he just isn't afraid to dare you all to either enforce your principles across the board or to but your own foot in your mouth and keep partisan agenda politics.

    • Paul William
      Paul William 11 days ago

      WTF are you talking about? After all the ignorantly abysmal nonsensical things the "president" has done, you still find time to support him? You're a cancer to the world and people who think like you. John pointed out the hypocrisy and uselessness of his presidency with facts, when Trump gets called out on some stupid s**t he said, he backs out and changes the subject. That's trolling
      101 and shows the kind of person he is. Idk who would think that Donald Trump, the same man who went bankrupt 4 times, sells tacky clothing, his university was fake and the degrees were of no value, could rule a whole nation? He's a failure as it is but his supporters are the most stupid of all. Ignorance to facts is why he became president in the first place. Either you're too stupid to realize that his presidency is a failure or you're just as shallow minded as he is.😒😑🖕

  • Mr. Nickolas John Krznarich

    John...This is THE UNIVERSAL DIRECTOR...You will love this. Before Mr. Donald John Trump has to facilitate the ending of The Presidency (Yes, you heard me right) (I have explained why in other TVclip comments, please look them up by asking Google for a list of my comments) I want him to perform a cameo role as The President to do a punch jump routine with Moe. Please look up my movie idea in the TVclip comment section regarding The Three Stooges The Movie. I think you will agree this is a great movie idea that would make at-least $300 to $400 Million dollars.

  • E Am
    E Am 12 days ago

    Trump may be one of the stupidest people on earth.

  • Elliott Smith
    Elliott Smith 13 days ago

    Historian part credibility roll themselves influence

  • Kuroda Cursus
    Kuroda Cursus 13 days ago

    *Rolls around like an angry burrito.*

  • Christine Still
    Christine Still 14 days ago

    Oh, wish we in Mid West could see those great commercials aimed at Trump & the idiots who watch FOX (I tried to watch once, for fifteen min. but started laughing at all the B S. almost right away!

  • lorna nunez
    lorna nunez 14 days ago

    Someone please tell me what is wrong with his nose. Is he sniffing dope, or he has a nasal problem. It is a disgusting sound and he does it in public over microphone. I know he love the sound of his own voice, does he love the sound of his nose too

  • lorna nunez
    lorna nunez 14 days ago

    Are they learning from trump?. Or Trump learning from them.?

  • Player_1
    Player_1 14 days ago

    The Lying New York Times said they were the most powerful show in the country. They accept it as true, because "fake news" is only fake if it's not praise.

  • Kellan Borgstrom
    Kellan Borgstrom 15 days ago

    John Oliver is the best thing ever and the way he is the best man ever to get the most beautiful things that ever happened to the world of context.
    My own "trump speech."

  • rickyboy1947
    rickyboy1947 15 days ago

    really dumb

  • Vann
    Vann 16 days ago +1

    CNN threatened to dox the person who made that CNN vs Trump gif. That is discustingly low

  • Cosmic Charlie
    Cosmic Charlie 17 days ago

    It kills me how the left won't admit why Trump is president ..People from rural America see places like San Fransisco where progressive/liberal polices ruined a city,,there is a mass exodus from California because of the politics ..EVERY democrat run city has such major problems because they give more away then they take in..I think both sides of the isle are equally fucked up,,

  • Dean Goddard
    Dean Goddard 17 days ago

  • C Diatkine
    C Diatkine 18 days ago

    John Oliver is the Edwin Aley of night shows.

  • Bobby Dickenbags
    Bobby Dickenbags 19 days ago

    Pickle Rick meets Pickle John Oliver.

  • Michael Sanches
    Michael Sanches 19 days ago

    It was the lefts moral relativism that got Trump elected. People got tired of the left because the left kept saying that the USA was no better than Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia. The left trained the American people to find moral relativism acceptable.
    Right: "Look, Mao just killed 50-60 million Chinese."
    Left: "What about the 2 million native Americans that your great-great-great-great grandfathers killed? You have no right to criticize those 50-60 million murders by the Communist Party."
    The left taught these values to our kids in school with Value Clarification and Lifeboat. They taught us that we our lifeboat only had room for 2 people and we had to choose these 2 people from the 5 survivors. In other words, things like life and truth are not important. It is all relative.
    "Whataboutism" is the main argument of the proabortion people.
    "A new human with a new, unique genetic code is created at conception."
    "But, what about when the mom already has 3 kids?"
    "But, what about if the family has low income?"
    "But, what about if the woman needs 3 more years to get her career going?"
    "But, what about (insert 30 more excuses here)?"

  • Michael Farrell
    Michael Farrell 19 days ago

    Did this show get cancelled or something? Why is this channel dead?

  • Ali Shahzad
    Ali Shahzad 20 days ago

    John Oliver looks like a rat face with fingers bigger than his Dick or spider Fingers

  • Belugatoons
    Belugatoons 20 days ago

    The nuclear test is expected of the next few years and the government will and other members are willing and able voters are likely to meet the requirements for a long term job for them and the federal election.

  • David Butler
    David Butler 21 day ago

    Trump I want an honest answer to a serious question... what colour is your tooth brush?

  • Rachel W
    Rachel W 21 day ago

    “Whataboutism” wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the press. People can see with their own eyes the biased and unfair treatment of candidates they don’t approve of.
    Trump isn’t the first person it’s happened to. You might remember the unfair treatment they gave to Ron Paul back in 2012, which Jon Stewart did a piece on when he was still on the daily show.
    Whataboutism is basically peoples reactions to being fed up with a biased press who wants to only attack the people and subjects they CHOOSE to attack, while ignoring things/ people they have an interest in

  • Rachel W
    Rachel W 21 day ago

    Was John Oliver implying that his viewers are dumb with the “oh really, who IS America’s 10th president” comment?

  • Vindico
    Vindico 22 days ago +1

    Little known fact: It's Jon Stewart inside the tiger costume.

  • TheHERBAL39
    TheHERBAL39 22 days ago +1

    Ugh. This presidency is disgusting. We actually elected this incoherent orange.

  • Yuval Gino
    Yuval Gino 22 days ago

    John Oliver looks like a fucking pickle with glasses.

  • Yuval Gino
    Yuval Gino 22 days ago

    John Oliver has aged like an apple core in a dumpster

  • Husk
    Husk 23 days ago +1

    Today I learned I react to dogs the same way Ellen's fans react when she enters

  • Sanjay Venugopal
    Sanjay Venugopal 24 days ago

    yo dum dums time warner owns both HBO & CNN. Ever think its weird how they all continuously bash Trump. The soviet propaganda tool is the video above, not the so called "fake news". Hegelian dialect elections with two retards running, i can find better candidates at a shopping mall, but no one seems to care they just want to beat the retard (trump) with a stick. Have fun guys

  • Brian Cheung
    Brian Cheung 24 days ago

    Typical USA

  • FollowTrain ORG
    FollowTrain ORG 25 days ago

    hes funny, but not correct.
    i suppose its for the views?

  • ausomecat man
    ausomecat man 25 days ago

    The 10 precedent was John Tyler

  • mrjodimiller
    mrjodimiller 25 days ago

    btw, 10th President = John Tyler. (thanks Google!)

  • Rajeev Naik
    Rajeev Naik 25 days ago

    Delegitimizing Media, whataboutism and trolling, it is the exact thing happening in India now.

  • Marissa B
    Marissa B 26 days ago

    Hey when terrorist attack ppl always what about ..........

  • R R
    R R 26 days ago

    I love the smile on the reporters face at 14:02
    He just loves how knowing Trump is so full of shit and
    doesn't have the mental stability to justify his own words and actions xD

  • Skeleton-Rampage
    Skeleton-Rampage 26 days ago

    John tyler...

  • A Charming Life
    A Charming Life 26 days ago

    love the black dude in the background at 1:16 when he hears trump say "they're going to take out clean coal, meaning they're taking out coal they're going to clean it." he's just like *you serious?* lmfaoo

  • Daniela Galvez
    Daniela Galvez 27 days ago

    I don't know why nobody mentions that trump sends out a newsletter to his followers every few days and at the bottom of every newsletter is a "Donate Now" button. I subscribed just to see what he's sending out and for weeks I got emails saying that my subscription would be cancelled if I didn't renew it for $1. I didn't but yet I am still subscribed. Just another hustle to squeeze every penny that he can get from us. Btw I'm in Canada.

  • Jasmine Dudley
    Jasmine Dudley 27 days ago

    Catheter cowboy 2020

  • cheezit god
    cheezit god 28 days ago

    *hears about clean coal*
    Trump: Hol up.

  • Child
    Child 28 days ago

    To be fair: The Prime Minister of Montenegro would even deserve a punch in his face. That man is a criminal.

  • Lauren Damaso
    Lauren Damaso 28 days ago

    Can anyone confirm if those adverts aired on TV?

  • Noelia Chapa
    Noelia Chapa 28 days ago


  • Johnny Rebel
    Johnny Rebel 28 days ago

    If you accuse people of whataboutism, you shouldn't, in any form, do the thing you're criticizing the people for.

  • mel saint
    mel saint 29 days ago

    This host is a gay. I'll vote for the Chief Homophobe

    • Mich Marks
      Mich Marks 4 days ago +1

      This well get more likes than what u said 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bob Hunter
    Bob Hunter 29 days ago

    I’m fairly confident both sides have used this “whataboutism” every single presidency. I recall a lot of “what about bush” during Obama’s presidency. Basically, we elect an idiot, whether red or blue, then blame everything they screw up on the previous opposite color. Amazing that anyone thinks there’s actually a difference between the political parties. It’s all a ruse folks 👍🏻

  • Thrill House
    Thrill House 29 days ago +1

    President Apple.

  • ShockMonkey
    ShockMonkey 29 days ago

    Demagogue president

  • Jaya Bhadra
    Jaya Bhadra 29 days ago

    guy's brilliant and hilariously funny

  • Ming HUANG
    Ming HUANG Month ago

    Holy fuck the American government right now is a bunch of mentally retarded kids who think they're smart

  • StrohhutBuddha
    StrohhutBuddha Month ago

    I can´t find anything with google .. and it drives me crazy .. please. . someone tell me .. *How many lobsters are there?*

  • Arnold Davis
    Arnold Davis Month ago

    America stop Trump from ruining our great country got to vote his people out

  • Dookus Maximus
    Dookus Maximus Month ago

    John Oliver has aged like an apple core in a dumpster.

    • Dookus Maximus
      Dookus Maximus Month ago

      And he looks like a fucking pickle with glasses.

  • William Hutchins
    William Hutchins Month ago

    This video is fake news

  • Timothy Crouch
    Timothy Crouch Month ago

    This country has gone to COMPLETE SHIT. Can't wait for next election while I have to sit and watch the continual destruction with no vote or voice but get taxed heavily and forced to help finance this circus show. When Bernie dipfucktard gets voted in next by the collective ignorant americunt voting population we'll go from dumb as fuck to broke as fuck - sweet!!!! Can't wait!!!!!

  • Trash Boat
    Trash Boat Month ago


  • Gobsnachaz
    Gobsnachaz Month ago

    That speech transcript... that’s an F grade and an urgent meeting with Trump’s parents!

  • Mossmyr
    Mossmyr Month ago

    Is this filmed in front of an audience or are the laughs faked?

  • Kevin Challacombe
    Kevin Challacombe Month ago

    I used to watch John's bits 3-4 yeas ago but it's quite clear he has lost the plot. His partisan angle doesn't do anybody justice. It's unfortunate, he was a Brit who had a shot... go back to the UK my friend.

  • Inigo Wadsley
    Inigo Wadsley Month ago

    11:06 Is that Dean Cain in the Fox News clip? Or am I going insane?

  • Jamie Wells
    Jamie Wells Month ago

    John Tyler. (Yes I had to google it)

  • Ming HUANG
    Ming HUANG Month ago

    Trump and all those that support him are a disgrace to American politics and it's people

  • Noah Lamberty
    Noah Lamberty Month ago

    Jokes on you John, I did a project on John Tyler

  • Phill With an F
    Phill With an F Month ago

    4:31 I did the same and here is what I got:

    the nuclear power plant project manager at the moment I am not sure if you have to pay for the mentally ill and the gang bang in America a few days ago in the UK and the fact that the Spino in the UK and the fact that the two of the story of the time into the weed room for the mentally ill and the clunkyness of the video formats available the following URL Adobe creative suite of a robot be gay.