The Trump Presidency: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Published on Nov 13, 2017
  • One year after the presidential election, John Oliver discusses what we've learned so far and enlists our catheter cowboy to teach Donald Trump what he hasn't.
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  • Runtime: 23:51
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Comments: 18 977

  • Bigboy123
    Bigboy123 6 hours ago +1

    Thank You Mr. President! Trump 2020

  • Julia Clark
    Julia Clark 6 hours ago

    that fact you do not acknowledge the issues of the media is a big reason why Trump won.

  • Henrik Carlsen
    Henrik Carlsen 6 hours ago

    Clean the coal? He never fails to amaze me - in a bad way.

  • funny tube
    funny tube 6 hours ago

  • Donell Donell
    Donell Donell 7 hours ago

    This is one of the best episodes of Last Week Tonight. The problem lies it that people like to live in their own bubble whether it's based on race, politics, beliefs, genders among other things. I imagine the thumbs down is either Oliver pointing out the pivoting of two wrongs or that he is a foreigner who is talking about us.

  • Biedermeir bob
    Biedermeir bob 7 hours ago

    Still a better president then Obama.

    • Kris Enger
      Kris Enger 6 hours ago

      Biedermeir Bob
      Forgive me if I take the word of a top presidential historian over those of a youtube commenter.
      "The shamelessness of this administration, the dishonesty, the total indifference to facts, is something I haven’t seen before... Often you see a lot of corruption result from a lack of oversight, but I think this administration is quite different in that Trump really sets the tone for all this. He encourages it, really. The fish rots from the head, and the stench of this administration starts at the very top."
      Robert Dallek

  • Jason JA
    Jason JA 7 hours ago

    11:00 Dafuq superman is a fox news anchor

  • NakedAvanger
    NakedAvanger 7 hours ago

    Trump is like that one stupid kid at school who's really stubborn and would never admit how fucking dumb he is

  • storytellerjack22
    storytellerjack22 7 hours ago

    I typed out the section about "Whataboutism" for my father in law. 7:15 . Figured I'd post it here too if anyone wants to cut, pase, and save it for later. "Now this technique of saying 'What about' is actually an old Soviet propaganda tool, and the reason it is dangerous is that it implies that all actions, regardless of context, share a moral equivolency. -And since nobody is perfect, all criticism is hypocritical, and everybody should do whatever they want. It is a depressingly effective tool... *montage of Fox using whataboutism* Okay. Stop, stop, stop. Because, here is the thing; none of the errors those people may have made in the past excuse the Trump administrations actions. A defense attorney couldn't stand up in court and say, 'Maybe my client did murder those people, but I ask you this: What about Jeffery Dahmer? What about Al Capone? What about the guy from 'The Silence of the Lambs?' I rest my case!..."

  • jersey cab
    jersey cab 7 hours ago

    Correction: "Kicking Hitler in the ball"

  • Gunnar
    Gunnar 8 hours ago

    lmao libs are driving themselves insane talking about trump 24/7 like its unrequited love

  • Shadowww
    Shadowww 8 hours ago

    Look, like him or not. But just because the biased media doesn't report some of the stuff he has done doesn't mean that he has done nothing. And eitherway, we're probably going to have him for another 7years so live with it :)
    (I'm not the biggest Trump fan either, but at least I'm facing reality)

  • TheChiefEng
    TheChiefEng 8 hours ago

    The biggest problem is that so many Americans are too stupid to understand how big a moron Donald Trump is. 30-35% of Americans are basically too stupid to understand life and reality.
    These retarded Americans is the reason USA is the laughing stock in the world today, the reason nobody trusts Americans today and the reason USA has become utterly irrelevant.
    USA is not the leader of the free world anymore. USA is the leader of stupidity and ignorance.
    USA is basically a country of village idiots where they should outlaw marrying within their own families.

  • Sharksmyth
    Sharksmyth 9 hours ago

    I heard literally nothing coonvincinh

  • The Great Indian Defence

    Earlier I used to think that Trump is not that stupid and he is treated unfairly by the American media.
    I was wrong.

  • Seth Pemberton
    Seth Pemberton 9 hours ago

    Fake news

  • Henrik Panosyan
    Henrik Panosyan 10 hours ago

    Dear John oliver, you're the best... but your voice gives me irritable bowel syndrome

  • Hurricane Handy
    Hurricane Handy 10 hours ago

    Ohh the poor corporate media. Not like they had anything to do with the jack ass getting elected. Fuck the swamp-thing in a cesspool for ratings you might catch a toe in your ass.

  • Lazaruz95
    Lazaruz95 10 hours ago

    Yup, it's official, Trump is mentally ill (What was it people were theorising he had, early onset Dementia?), and no one called him out on it.
    I fear for our future if this man remains in charge

  • Joe900x
    Joe900x 10 hours ago

    Can we all just agree that the word cringe needs to go away? If you’re above the age of 14 it’s called awkward.

  • chi
    chi 10 hours ago

    Love the shirt John, anything to distract from your face.

  • Bitmarck
    Bitmarck 10 hours ago

    I love how John outlines Whataboutism, a technique he used countless times before himself.

  • Kindred Spirit
    Kindred Spirit 11 hours ago

    9:26 John Tyler was the butt of a few jokes when I took APUSH back in high school, with us referring to him as 'his accidency' in much the same way as people did back when Harrison died. I sometimes wonder how much of John Oliver's humor relies on ignorance and falls flat when it isn't present.

  • Salvator seeno
    Salvator seeno 11 hours ago

    I think John Oliver is a douche but I like the joke on trumps whataboutism.

  • Plushypony 94
    Plushypony 94 11 hours ago

    *their children who are also very sad*

  • Pikachulova7
    Pikachulova7 11 hours ago

    4 prisoners, 4 horsemen of the apocalypse ?

  • Flocks of Foxes
    Flocks of Foxes 12 hours ago

    Whataboutism is how my Dad argues everything political these days. It's pretty sad. He doesn't care about anyone being held accountable anymore.

  • Macca Pacca
    Macca Pacca 12 hours ago


  • Skeptical Skeksis
    Skeptical Skeksis 12 hours ago

    lol this show sucks... I can’t believe you people like this show. But the part where Trump sat down at his desk trying to look busy was funny. That’s all I will concede!

  • Yours Truly
    Yours Truly 12 hours ago

    Oliver : Another barking dog

  • AM D
    AM D 12 hours ago

    Honestly, I had to pause this video and take a break for an hour because hearing about this Trump guy for 20 minutes is exhausting.

  • IndirektnaPodrska
    IndirektnaPodrska 13 hours ago

    Ok. Am from montenegro country of a little bit over half million and honestly who give a fuck

  • SEBAS323
    SEBAS323 13 hours ago

    I want to see these commercials lmao

  • Unstoppable LokZ
    Unstoppable LokZ 13 hours ago

    hahahaha trumps a dumb ass I cant believe he is our president , I want to rip my eyes and ears out to forget he exists

  • Nico T
    Nico T 13 hours ago

    "If yer not enjoyin' this, there's no shame in quitin'."

  • Michelle Roberts
    Michelle Roberts 13 hours ago

    Love you John!!!

  • shubham matta
    shubham matta 13 hours ago

    He does look like a pickle with glasses .

  • lihwa wong
    lihwa wong 13 hours ago

    Except transform largely lunch contest very assemble presentation last

  • Chris Cahill
    Chris Cahill 14 hours ago

    Anyone gotten bored with this stuff yet?

  • IGotThisGeorgeLopez1
    IGotThisGeorgeLopez1 14 hours ago

    2017 is worse than 2016

  • Captain Smoke
    Captain Smoke 14 hours ago

    The USA is so fucked!

  • nelsonta00
    nelsonta00 14 hours ago

    Well.. two major things happened while Trump was away: 1) House tax passed 2) FCC did away the rule that prevented individuals/companies from owning multiple medias such as tv station, radio, newspapers. People are too wrapped up with the sexual harassment to notice Trump's people are changing the rules from behind all those noises. #1 is well versed from all the media tirade, but #2 is also very devastating as it allows partisan companies ie Sinclair Broadcast to dominate your local media. With the rule in place, we get multiple sources of news feeds, but without it a partisan company owning your local media gets to feed you 1 source of information whether its true or false. It is Trump's subtle way controlling the media with the help of his affiliates. This is very important as it allows one news room to mind control your entire city. This also leads to media consolidation and the elimination of journalists.

  • Gringo Green
    Gringo Green 15 hours ago

    Praise be to the Catheter Cowboy!!!
    Keep herding those cats we call the Resident's political leanings!

  • Kevil Gregory
    Kevil Gregory 15 hours ago

    That was funny.

  • Caterpillow-pants
    Caterpillow-pants 15 hours ago

    16:54-17:00 I knew Sean Hannity has no standards. Respect to friggin Danica Roem, having standards, and not deciding to rag on Bob after she won the North Virginia election. 21:12-21:23 That is just sad.

  • Zachary Gaither
    Zachary Gaither 15 hours ago

    Read sections slant and charge by the Birks, it explains the "whataboutism" of this video.

  • Major Om
    Major Om 15 hours ago

    Well, damn. I love John Oliver but right now I'm loving even more to all the people in the comments. Genius words. Just lovely. Faith in humanity deeply restored.

  • Mike Portera
    Mike Portera 15 hours ago

    lol if you have to google who the 10th president was. Smh

    • Gnome Ann
      Gnome Ann 13 hours ago

      Mike Portera, “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too!” Lol, his presidency was too weird/kinda funny not to remember.

  • Mr. WICKED
    Mr. WICKED 15 hours ago +1

    Shadow under Jhon Oliver's nose looks like Hitler's mustache

  • DeadliestBeef
    DeadliestBeef 15 hours ago

    probably the funniest episode in a while

  • Colin Gregoire
    Colin Gregoire 15 hours ago

    Danica Roam is an amazing human being. Much classier than I would be if I was in her shoes.

  • zorohibiki
    zorohibiki 15 hours ago

    we are fine =D

  • Nurlinda F Sihotang
    Nurlinda F Sihotang 15 hours ago

    ...currently reading that time magazine piece. boy, the level of intelegence in fox and friends, to unable to see the snark and not subtle at all backhanded compliment

  • Bruno Walther
    Bruno Walther 16 hours ago

    A plea to learn from the past - How Trump compares to Hitler (and not)
    See also John le Carré’s warning about a possible new rise of fascism in the United States and elsewhere:
    Furthermore, Donald Trump’s behaviour begs the question whether Trump has neurosyphilis because (1) he displays several of the symptoms and (2) he will not release his medical records.
    A medical doctor recently told me that that is a distinc possibility to explain Trump's erratic and selfish behaviour.
    See also:
    A medical theory for Donald Trump’s bizarre behavior

  • Scott Hargraves
    Scott Hargraves 16 hours ago

    So how many lobsters are there?

  • Alondra Ramirez
    Alondra Ramirez 16 hours ago

    It’s John Tyler. . . And no I didn’t google that!! It’s called knowledge!!

  • Maya McCullough
    Maya McCullough 16 hours ago

    donald trump talks like he has the ratatouille rat’s weird racist nazi cousin sitting in his hair telling him what to say

  • Elizabeth Brothers
    Elizabeth Brothers 16 hours ago

    Our guess was James K Polk. 11th president, almost got it!

  • Joshua McKeague
    Joshua McKeague 16 hours ago

    I have never seen a John Oliver episode past 2016 not about trump

    • Gnome Ann
      Gnome Ann 13 hours ago

      Joshua McKeague, is that supposed to be an insult, or do you only watch LWT’s videos about Trump? There are plenty to chose from: corporate consolidation, BHCA, Econ development, Alex Jones, NoKo, floods, Equifax, Dialysis, etc. etc.


    Trump is the person you love to hate. This is some surreal shxx. Teflon Don is full of shxx but he is so entertaining. I am addicted to his White House reality show.

  • James T
    James T 16 hours ago

    As a descendent of President John Tyler, I have the right, and maybe the responsibility to outright call him a filthy troll. He was the first president to assume the office of the presidency when President Harrison died. He was VP. He was a massive racist, and his nose bears disturbing resemblance to that of my father.
    Look up James Chase Tyler III on (in reality, I don’t know if you can look up anyone besides yourself to be fair). One can also look up James Chase Tyler II ( My Grandad). His father was a man called Louis Tyler. Louis was a marine who fathered my grandfather in China. If my math is right. Louis is only two or three generations post president Tyler (Operating under the assumption that a generation represents theory or so years)
    I used to say that John Tyler was that worst president ever to hold the title. But now we have the trump regime.
    -James Chase Tyler III

  • Chig Bungus
    Chig Bungus 17 hours ago

    John Oliver’s head looks like the rounded rectangle I drew in Adobe for my computer science class

  • Sailtier soup.
    Sailtier soup. 17 hours ago

    I bet he's got CNN bedsheets. "Nighty night, Anderson❤ "

  • Changing Lanes
    Changing Lanes 17 hours ago

    Our President....ugh
    On Lindsay Lohan: "I've seen her chest. The deeply deeply troubled girls are always the best in bed. Unbelievable Not for the long term though."

  • Sailtier soup.
    Sailtier soup. 17 hours ago

    Watch the actual speech the chopped up footage was from. It was taken from one of trumps better rebutals. Why lie for material on such an easy target?
    ... I miss the Colbert Report.

  • hector armando carranza flores

    Trumps a dumbass

  • jeff kobain
    jeff kobain 18 hours ago +1

    John, why don't you replay the clip of you begging Trump to run for president you stupid liberal snowflake bitch. hahahahaha!!!

    • Foxtron Alpha
      Foxtron Alpha 8 hours ago +1

      jeff kobain republicans paid for George Bush victory for eight years. For Trump they are gonna pay for next 5 decades. Just wait and watch!

    • gustavo lopez
      gustavo lopez 11 hours ago +1

      jeff kobain Hillary is crooked, but yet the Russians helped trump win. Hillary is crooked, but yet dump doesn’t want to release his tax returns . Get mad pussy you redneck piece of shit because you can’t do shit pussy bitch.

    • jeff kobain
      jeff kobain 12 hours ago +1

      It is so easy to trigger you fucking pussy liberal snowflakes.  Let me bring you back to election night you fucking cunt.....PRESIDENT TRUMP.  The end, there is no comeback for that bitch boy, your fucking crooked bitch lost!

    • Foxtron Alpha
      Foxtron Alpha 14 hours ago +2

      jeff kobain and also please stop liking your own comments. It make you look dumb

    • Foxtron Alpha
      Foxtron Alpha 14 hours ago +2

      jeff kobain why don't you get this thing called 'life' and stop being jobless

  • Huey R. Ruckus
    Huey R. Ruckus 18 hours ago +2

    Trump is basically Chucky from Shameless.

  • At Me
    At Me 18 hours ago

    John Oliver is a hoe ass bitch ass marked ass nigga lmfaoo he like the rest of the media is obsessed with the man. Trump is president get over it. #TRUMP2020 #MAGA TRUMP>OBAMA ALL FACTS

    • At Me
      At Me 9 hours ago

      I do have a life and a job moron.

    • Foxtron Alpha
      Foxtron Alpha 14 hours ago

      At Me hello Russian bot. Have you ever heard of this thing called 'getting a life's and 'getting a job'.

  • josephsamazingcoat
    josephsamazingcoat 18 hours ago

    GO VIRGINIA! #ohvirginia #theolddominion #notembarrassingourselvesthistime #thankyoujohnoliver

  • Joshua Weiss
    Joshua Weiss 18 hours ago

    you know, most of this stuff fall under tu quoque

  • Ashmore [RCXII]
    Ashmore [RCXII] 18 hours ago

    While I generally agree, the use and effectiveness of Whataboutism stems from precedence, an exceptionally important part of our Judicial system. (Assuming the claim isn't asinine)

  • twitchie27
    twitchie27 18 hours ago

    Has anyone ever pointed out that John Oliver looks like a John Darnielle who had a slightly less awful life?

    • Foxtron Alpha
      Foxtron Alpha 14 hours ago

      twitchie27 hello Russian bot. Have you ever heard of this thing called 'getting a life's and 'getting a job'.

  • Sean Seaphan
    Sean Seaphan 19 hours ago

    that faggot in the monkey suit *IS* the status quo

    • Foxtron Alpha
      Foxtron Alpha 14 hours ago

      Sean Seaphan hello Russian bot. Have you ever heard of this thing called 'getting a life's and 'getting a job'.

  • 23bluey2
    23bluey2 19 hours ago

    Could we get a video containing *all* of the ads? I don't live in DC, and I'm not going to let my little brother watch, believe, and share the crap on that show.

  • Jason Donaldson
    Jason Donaldson 19 hours ago

    Catheter Cowboy commercials are pure gold. Hoping to see one during the Super Bowl.

  • Jonny Cat
    Jonny Cat 19 hours ago

    From now on the US Presidency will be forever different and never ever the same!

  • Jonny Cat
    Jonny Cat 19 hours ago

    45th US President Donald J. Trump, he won only because he is rich and was not like the political establishment which is actually very true! He is the most unique American President ever!

    • Foxtron Alpha
      Foxtron Alpha 14 hours ago

      Jonny Cat hello Russian bot. Have you ever heard of this thing called 'getting a life's and 'getting a job'.

  • Joy Bradford
    Joy Bradford 19 hours ago

    John Oliver..You rock!

  • Prometheus Trueski
    Prometheus Trueski 19 hours ago +1


    • Foxtron Alpha
      Foxtron Alpha 14 hours ago

      Prometheus Trueski hello Russian bot. Have you ever heard of this thing called 'getting a life's and 'getting a job'.

  • Pengochan
    Pengochan 19 hours ago

    The coal will be cleaned of all that dirty carbon.

  • occam
    occam 20 hours ago

    Whataboutism? You mean calling out the rich hypocrisy and faggotry of the left?

    • Foxtron Alpha
      Foxtron Alpha 14 hours ago

      occam hello Russian bot. Have you ever heard of this thing called 'getting a life' and 'getting a job'.

  • Analu GP
    Analu GP 20 hours ago

    The Catheter Cowboy is my favorite.

  • NarutoGaiden
    NarutoGaiden 20 hours ago

    Donald's completely right about the Iranian deal though. You can make it sound funny all you want, but when Obama let the Iranians roll all over us with that "deal," it's not funny in the end when the Iranians start to threaten us and Israel with the nuclear technology we simply gave them.

    • Foxtron Alpha
      Foxtron Alpha 14 hours ago

      NarutoGaiden hello Russian bot. Have you ever heard of this thing called 'getting a life' and 'getting a job'.

  • Ginger in a Jacket
    Ginger in a Jacket 20 hours ago

    John Oliver, we need you to do a 3rd net neutrality video, the FCC are back, and they are serious! we need you Oli-Ver (Obi-Wan), you are our only hope. They vote December 14th and that is only about a month since I posted this comment. We need boots on the ground over this and fast! It is time to call the Expenda-trolls (Expendables) back into action to kill this bill.

  • The White Wolfe
    The White Wolfe 20 hours ago +1

    Bunch of COMMUNIST fags in the comment section.

  • Prometheus Trueski
    Prometheus Trueski 20 hours ago +1


    • Foxtron Alpha
      Foxtron Alpha 14 hours ago +1

      Prometheus Trueski hello Russian bot. Have you ever heard of this thing called 'getting a life' and 'getting a job'.

  • CockatooDude
    CockatooDude 20 hours ago

    I know this isn't what people want to hear, but could we stop calling Trump supporters "Trumptards" and left leaning people "libtards"? You aren't going to convince anyone that your argument is better than theirs is by insulting them.

  • Jersey Shawn
    Jersey Shawn 21 hour ago

    Not knowing basic history and geography seems to be a common theme among John Oliver's fans based off off people not knowing American Presidents or where South American countries. His whole method relies on his audience being uninformed

  • Elijah Dale
    Elijah Dale 21 hour ago

    with A fourteen, year-old, Jesus Christ this has been a long week...

  • multisphere1
    multisphere1 21 hour ago

    Trump, just fucking go!

  • Jersey Shawn
    Jersey Shawn 21 hour ago

    The Alt-Lefts actions have to wait there turn for main stream media coverage? .....still waiting

  • Itala Aguilera
    Itala Aguilera 21 hour ago

    ironically this is how politics work in mexico

  • Ethan Carson
    Ethan Carson 21 hour ago

    10th president was John Tyler.

  • Jacob Stiefel
    Jacob Stiefel 21 hour ago +1

    Holy shit comment section. We all are on the same fucking boat. If you voted Trump or Hillary it does not matter. What matters now is the president we have gotten. If we continue to argue "bwahhhaha I hate Trump/Hillary Boo hoo" type of deal then United States is a sinking ship. IF we continue the arguments then we will be even more divided in the States. Just wait 3 more years. Trump will be gone.. but I gotta say we are living in the major events in history that will be taught in our children and or grandchildren's history books.

  • Ethan Carson
    Ethan Carson 21 hour ago

    And there it is folks. MSM condoning the alt-left and antifa. Again.

    • Gnome Ann
      Gnome Ann 21 hour ago

      Ethan Carson, the Alt-Left isn’t a thing. I would recommend not using the term, it destroys any credibility.

  • Jameson Pak
    Jameson Pak 21 hour ago

    I like John's shirt.

  • Georg Simon Ohm 2
    Georg Simon Ohm 2 21 hour ago

    Trump is a billionaire; and you're just a not so funny poor comedian.

    • Kristian Sandsmark
      Kristian Sandsmark 21 hour ago

      Trump is merely the poor man's ideal of a rich person. So the logic here is that if you are rich you automatically a good leader and a great intellectual?

  • Alexis Brooks
    Alexis Brooks 21 hour ago +5

    I still dont understand why people still support trump

    • Joe900x
      Joe900x 10 hours ago

      And that is why you lose sir! Godday!
      *slams fist on desk with crazy Gene Wilder hair*

    • Nice
      Nice 19 hours ago +2

      Those people are not brainwashed washed sheep

  • Matt Ragusa
    Matt Ragusa 21 hour ago

    I've never hated a person more than Donald Trump. He is easily the most vile human being alive today.