Kristen Bell Hits The Paparrazi

  • Published on Nov 7, 2013
  • Wednesday, November 6, 2013 - Kristen Bell arrives at LAX in Los Angeles, CA. She becomes frustrated with the paparazzi and hits one. The Veronica Mars star attempted to shield her face with a pillow while draping a giant scarf around her neck.
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  • Steven D
    Steven D 2 hours ago

    what a bunch of loser vultures that airport police guy shoulda stopped them thats harassment.

  • Briana Redsicker
    Briana Redsicker 2 days ago

    Why they being so damn rude. “Great place to hide” . “Do you still love your dogs more than your daughter lincoln?”

  • Adam Frank
    Adam Frank 6 days ago

    At what point do the airlines get sued for selling their manifests to paparazzi? It'll happen soon enough. Should happen soon enough.
    The crazy thing about this video is there's nothing to report... except when you "push" someone to break and your cameras are already rolling.

  • Melbel
    Melbel 6 days ago

    You guys are assholes Kristen is the kindest person I can't believe this is even legal

  • The Jesepa
    The Jesepa 10 days ago

    Piece of shit paparazzi I hope some of them would get run over more often.

  • ranibowunicorn
    ranibowunicorn 13 days ago +2

    She needs her VM stun gun!

  • Sydney A
    Sydney A 14 days ago +1

    kristen is so nice,, i wouldve cursed at the paps already haha

  • Tom Offer
    Tom Offer 15 days ago

    It made me so angry and mad! Let her be!!

  • Ari _R12
    Ari _R12 15 days ago +2

    Omg I want to be a actor when get older but Paparazzi are so annoying like is it here job to get up in someone’s face and follow them and be annoying

  • Jerome Sarmiento
    Jerome Sarmiento 16 days ago

    Why are those paparazzi so rude?

  • liv Msp xx
    liv Msp xx 17 days ago

    I hate the fact she gets followed literally everywhere even though she tells them to stop !!

  • liv Msp xx
    liv Msp xx 17 days ago +1

    this honestly breaks my heart Kristen is the most sweetest girl in the world and I hate paparazzi so so much they are so rude, I feel so bad for her they were literally just making fun of her and wouldn’t go away even though she wanted them to stop !!

  • Holly Caudillo
    Holly Caudillo 18 days ago +1

    This is sad😞poor Kristen

  • Sandy DiRienzi
    Sandy DiRienzi 18 days ago

    She asked nicely she should be left alone. Paparazzi have no right to stalk celebrities.

  • Eduarda Menezes
    Eduarda Menezes 18 days ago


  • Minty Blue c:
    Minty Blue c: 18 days ago

    This is horrible all these guys want is money

  • Mihaela Marino
    Mihaela Marino 21 day ago

    Oh ffs, this made mi so mad! How is this harassment not illegal?!?!

  • Michael H
    Michael H 22 days ago +3

    Thats BS she seems like such a nice person who doesnt deserve that

  • Yhell Bee
    Yhell Bee 22 days ago +1

    Have some respect people they need some space too.

  • Jason Wu
    Jason Wu 24 days ago +2

    That is freakin messed up

  • Frin Csy
    Frin Csy 28 days ago

    Stupid paparazzi, doesn’t understand English, being disrespectful

  • John Le
    John Le Month ago

    These guys need to be charged for harrassment... How is this legal??

  • BlazingFiregamer 9
    BlazingFiregamer 9 Month ago +3

    These are some really lowlife paparazzi. The question they ask are way too personal.

  • john dunlavey
    john dunlavey Month ago

    This shows the paparazzi for exactly what they are: predatory scum bags. I do have a solution though. 1. As person gets off plane have mask and some kind of sign ready. Make it the most obvious pandering advertisement for something like Burger King, Kfc, or Taco Bell. Completely destroys paparazzi image they are trying to sell. And for the TMZ video shitburgs: repeat some advertising slogan like a mantra. "Did you know about the new 4 for 4 pick four at McDonald's. . .now for a limited time . . .I'm lovin it!" That is how you fight fire with fire and fuck with them. "Give them Nothing. But Take from them Everything!!"--The 300

  • IMmathiew 123
    IMmathiew 123 Month ago

    Those f*cking dicks

  • ThisIsJozo 02
    ThisIsJozo 02 Month ago +1

    What’s wrong with them I just came across this my goodness don’t they know how to respect people’s privacy ? I really don’t like these kind of people who don’t actually think of people’s feelings 😡 I hope they realise their mistakes by now and stop it !!!😡

  • 지윤
    지윤 Month ago

    이딴 직업 가질바엔 그냥 평생 실직해라 입에 풀칠도 못해라 그냥 아주 정신 차리게

  • Jack Blackberry
    Jack Blackberry Month ago

    Wow this should never happen to anyone

  • Foo Kelevra
    Foo Kelevra Month ago

    Horrible little cunts.

  • DiscoDancerEdits
    DiscoDancerEdits Month ago

    Can i rip the teeth out of the paparazzi’s mouth?

  • Meh 362
    Meh 362 Month ago

    This is harassment

  • Funneh Potato Pleb
    Funneh Potato Pleb Month ago

    Yall paparazzi’s are shit heads

  • Uri Levi
    Uri Levi Month ago

    You guys are disgusting.

  • Polly maguire
    Polly maguire Month ago +1

    'Womens restmoom, great place to hide' What the fuck is wrong with this guy, can't he tell shes hiding from him because he's HARASSING her!? And filming her in the car while she breaks down because of them, God this bother me so much. 'Hey Kristen how's the baby making doing' I understand that these paparazzi are probably not making a lot of money and have to do this but it quite frankly shouldn't be aloud. She was just trying to walk around the airport!? I can't even imagine what it must be like to go through this constantly. I actually teared up when she started to cry and the guy laughed at her (3:58). UGH, this makes me sick.

  • The J-VIATOR
    The J-VIATOR Month ago

    So wrong! Leave her alone and let her live like a normal human being!

  • Adela De Rodriguez
    Adela De Rodriguez Month ago

    The paparazzi is so mean😠😩, why can't you leave her alone, celebrities get tierd you know😡

  • Clare Yan
    Clare Yan Month ago

    Poor Kristen all she wanted was space and this jerk is freaking annoying the heck out of her

  • Apolo
    Apolo Month ago +4

    Idk why they just don’t leave after they get their picture like she’s literally one of the nicest people in the world and they’re treating her like trash 🙄

  • Reese Grindstaff
    Reese Grindstaff 2 months ago

    @X17onlineVideo this is harassment and you are an absolute dick. you deserve to be actually slapped and punched in the face.

  • Micaela Royo
    Micaela Royo 2 months ago

    She literally didnt even hit him, just hit the camera. This is honestly pathetic because she's a human being like the rest of us. She was disoriented, panicking, was tired, and probably had jet lag and this kind of harassment was disgusting. The title of the video was to say the least over exaggerated and honestly incredibly saddening

  • Big CHUNGUS The great
    Big CHUNGUS The great 2 months ago

    All the photographers look like darrens losers with one gold earring and long

  • Cinematic Penguin
    Cinematic Penguin 2 months ago

    this is one douche thing to do

    SIX PACK ABS 2 months ago +1

    Other side of being famous

  • Emily_ Joe
    Emily_ Joe 2 months ago

    It’s completely reasonable that she hit them like I’m pretty sure you would do it if you were trying to do something and like 20 people are shoving cameras in your face

  • Leeo Michael
    Leeo Michael 2 months ago

    Why are there no bodyguards

  • wookie one
    wookie one 2 months ago

    sick how they follow her.

  • Annelise Leszek
    Annelise Leszek 2 months ago

    Poor girl!

  • Ant
    Ant 2 months ago


  • Jim Mikulsky
    Jim Mikulsky 3 months ago +1

    Fuck the paparazzi.

  • Tashana 656
    Tashana 656 3 months ago

    Are the people or person running this channel really siding with the paparazzi and acting like she was the bad person there (in description). Theres freedom of the press and then theres stalking harassing, rude and abuse of the system. They followed her through 4 diffrent airlines and made fun of her discomfort and need to run away. Just because she wants to be a star doesnt mean she wanted to stop being human. Edit: plus they acted like they owed them a picture and used it as a bargaining chip for some peace and freedom.

  • Madeline Santos
    Madeline Santos 3 months ago

    This creepy ass really waited outside the WOMEN’S BATHROOM

  • quaking
    quaking 3 months ago

    How disgusting. The reporters followed her all the way to the girls restroom and then waited there until she came out.

  • Ariakay아리아 247
    Ariakay아리아 247 3 months ago +1

    She already asked to stop at the beginning, Like I know it’s a job but people needs privacy too.

  • Content Content
    Content Content 3 months ago

    You are acting as if she was a dog she is a human being just like me and you how the fuck would You Feel if we kept stalking you constantly you are a straight up fucking dick just let her be.

  • Jake Salvatore
    Jake Salvatore 3 months ago +7

    She is such a kind hearted woman who didn’t deserve any of this and the title is bad enough but I can’t believe you would publish this

  • Unicorn mallysetty
    Unicorn mallysetty 3 months ago

    I feel bad for her. She should get some privacy and space to be a human being. She doesn’t want cameras in her face every minute. I’m pretty sure there harassing her.

  • Ron Pillar
    Ron Pillar 3 months ago

    The US is the worst country in the world when it comes to these bottom feeders. Shows like TMZ and E fuel the fire for these assholes by buying their photos and films

  • Patricia Molinar
    Patricia Molinar 3 months ago

    Paparazzi are the most despicable vultures on the planet. Anything to get their shot and are gleeful at the distress they cause. I despise them.

  • Victor Apachito
    Victor Apachito 3 months ago +2

    She makes more then all them put together and there equipment lmao..

  • rock roll
    rock roll 3 months ago

    what the actual fuck.