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  • Akx Gaming
    Akx Gaming 7 hours ago

    Get that man a wireless earbud

  • juliettepetlover2 juju
    juliettepetlover2 juju 12 hours ago


  • clanktitan 2000
    clanktitan 2000 Day ago

    Beautiful heroine?

  • Shawn Skelton
    Shawn Skelton 3 days ago

    All of the new movies suck the CGI is very poor. Stop making movies

  • Justin Roberts
    Justin Roberts 6 days ago

    I'm a little upset I didn't get to see black panther but other than that the video was great

  • Ariel Friend
    Ariel Friend 9 days ago

    Wow 😲

  • John Lacrovik
    John Lacrovik 10 days ago

    what a shitty movie lmao

  • Lindsey Urena
    Lindsey Urena 11 days ago

    Most of this video was about guardians of the galaxy , the title says black panther make up???!!!!!

  • Gina Ku
    Gina Ku 12 days ago

    I thought this was just Black Panther or just Marvel, but then I saw DC and Pirates of the Carribean

    Maybe you should just, like, change the title of this video, just a little bit.

  • Seokjin Kim
    Seokjin Kim 12 days ago

    Salazar scared the shit out of me

  • Sharay's Corner
    Sharay's Corner 13 days ago +1

    Why did he have to wear the scars everyday? If that's true, then that was a waste of time

  • Phoenix Penza
    Phoenix Penza 13 days ago +4

    Why is called ‘Black Panther Makeup ’ it’s only one black panther character and the rest are just other MCU characters

  • roel lasugas
    roel lasugas 13 days ago

    Cool make up ever

  • Catgirl Meme
    Catgirl Meme 13 days ago

    I always thought the Villan was Kendrick Lamar

  • savage gamer
    savage gamer 15 days ago

    The blue starwars dude looks a bit like thanos.....yes i know it's 2019 not 2017.

  • Doofy Vlogs And Gaming

    Gamora likes her phone

  • Henry Salazar
    Henry Salazar 16 days ago

    His name is not blue it is yondu

  • Jagtesh Sidhu
    Jagtesh Sidhu 18 days ago

    People like Thor and captain America are lucky because they don't need makeup they just need a suit

  • BassMusic
    BassMusic 18 days ago

    According to Hunger and World Poverty, about 21,000 people die globally every day from hunger or malnutrition. There are some different interpretations though: see Does a child die of hunger every 10 seconds? - BBC NewsUnfortunately, there are simply no clear-cut solutions to the problem of global poverty (with which the problem of hunger is closely intertwined). Part of the reason we have so many political perspectives competing against each other is because the road

  • jeny lanuza
    jeny lanuza 19 days ago

    But that's not black panther.

  • Linghtning Trooper
    Linghtning Trooper 19 days ago forgot Hulk on Avengers

  • BK28 Gaming
    BK28 Gaming 19 days ago

    What’s the song in the background?

  • Nicknbonnie Waterman
    Nicknbonnie Waterman 20 days ago

    You suck

  • Cringe Fest
    Cringe Fest 21 day ago

    Thumbnail gave me try phobia.

  • Liam Bidaisee
    Liam Bidaisee 21 day ago

    how did they go for black panther to pan's labyrinth??

  • Elijah Buot
    Elijah Buot 22 days ago


  • bsjsk kskdn
    bsjsk kskdn 22 days ago +1

    What about I AM LEGEND

  • Mason Albertini
    Mason Albertini 23 days ago

    The last part with the guy with eyes in his hands is the music video of 46 and 2 by Tool

  • Maddie M
    Maddie M 24 days ago

    Wot about avatar?

  • Hannan Hasef
    Hannan Hasef 25 days ago

    roses are red
    violet are blue
    i got clickbaited
    so do you

  • Ricky Lopez
    Ricky Lopez 27 days ago

    He was too much in his feelings for the movie. I loooved the black panther movie I hated his character. He was the wrong choice really though.

  • Archna Gupta
    Archna Gupta 28 days ago

    What about ebony maw

  • Owen Hoggarth
    Owen Hoggarth 29 days ago

    OMG whàaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt😲 Im standing on my head right now

  • Quest Infinity
    Quest Infinity 29 days ago


  • Quest Infinity
    Quest Infinity 29 days ago


  • Life Of Collin
    Life Of Collin Month ago

    His name is yondu

  • Bhatt Hole
    Bhatt Hole Month ago

    Black Panther....SUUUUUUUUUCKED!

  • Gordon Zhou
    Gordon Zhou Month ago

    Tripophobia warning

  • desislava921
    desislava921 Month ago

    Who is using make up in 2019... was thinking it is all videoshop and video effects..

  • F. J. Blakemore
    F. J. Blakemore Month ago

    I get up earlier than zoe

  • Gamingwithpixel
    Gamingwithpixel Month ago

    I understand that nebula shaved her hair its problamly her biggest job in her career i would do it to
    Would anyone else shave your hair off to play in an marvel or bc movie

  • XxleoisagodxX Watson

    Best part 10:26

  • yoongin aier
    yoongin aier Month ago

    I love joker 😵

  • CrackHead Fun
    CrackHead Fun Month ago

    The Title is How The Black Panther Makeup Was Done
    It says Black Panther but it mentioned Guardians Of The Galaxy
    Black Panther or Guardians

  • hanzen pogi
    hanzen pogi Month ago

    This is not black panther

  • Om yadav
    Om yadav Month ago

    Yanbu 😅😅

    SANTOSH SURESH 2 months ago +1

    I thought this was about the black panther

  • Derision
    Derision 2 months ago


  • brave killer
    brave killer 2 months ago

    Wishing coloso from deadpool makeup was described

  • nijaad88
    nijaad88 2 months ago

    Is it me or the music and the guy's way of talkin kinda sound like eminem rappin 😬
    Like the voice, the flow and the music match so well that i'm noddin 😬

  • Suraj Avasare
    Suraj Avasare 3 months ago

    wow !!! Great art

  • Hacker 2348 -DanTDM fan

    For Halloween I’m going to wear a black panther light up costume

  • Jasper Culannay
    Jasper Culannay 3 months ago

    *Seeds start sprouting off of Kill Monger's chest*

  • Jerry Thot’s
    Jerry Thot’s 3 months ago

    Half of my life I will never get back.

  • BlackCat Tyler
    BlackCat Tyler 3 months ago


  • UnAimed CriticalOps
    UnAimed CriticalOps 3 months ago +1


  • VALENTINEproductions
    VALENTINEproductions 3 months ago

    Rebecca Rom-Gin...

  • Rick Lopez
    Rick Lopez 3 months ago

    Shut up I will report you

  • Evan Waganheim
    Evan Waganheim 3 months ago do they get get them

  • Evan Waganheim
    Evan Waganheim 3 months ago


  • Evan Waganheim
    Evan Waganheim 3 months ago

    HOW DO YOU EVEN GET THESE CLIPS?!?! Like if you think their stalker!

  • LEHMANN tinotenda
    LEHMANN tinotenda 3 months ago

    Haaaa bt wasn't it all abt the black panther

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  • (Yuji) Tin Sinthawanarong


  • lucky dog fortnite
    lucky dog fortnite 3 months ago


  • adonis apolo
    adonis apolo 3 months ago

    Rebeca ROMAIN, that's how it's pronounced!!

  • StarAllu
    StarAllu 4 months ago

    That is killmonger you dumbass

  • Erick Carcamo
    Erick Carcamo 4 months ago

    This is cool

  • Vicky _4529
    Vicky _4529 4 months ago

    4:42 haha he’s wearing a top

  • Rad Ar
    Rad Ar 4 months ago

    the passion... of the artists, the filmmakers, the actors & actresses, everyone. that's what makes a good movie. the passion that lies within it. the only thing missing from the movies of my country.

  • Armandoty hacker1 King
    Armandoty hacker1 King 4 months ago

    I love 510

  • Renaldo Belugino
    Renaldo Belugino 4 months ago

    what about Avatar

  • kqndall wilsen
    kqndall wilsen 4 months ago

    came for black panther not cool bro

  • Kempy Bass
    Kempy Bass 4 months ago

    Gotta hit that ten minute mark

  • F Mohammed Ibrahim
    F Mohammed Ibrahim 4 months ago

    Amazing makeup artist👍

  • brandon kush
    brandon kush 4 months ago

    Wow jared leto had it so easy. What a bitch.

  • Gerald Albert
    Gerald Albert 4 months ago

    my Aunt worked on this movie

  • FoxGaming
    FoxGaming 4 months ago +1

    Been wonderin bout this since he took his shirt off😂

  • Dallas Clevenger
    Dallas Clevenger 4 months ago

    Zoe Saldana or whoever was neyteri from avatar!! Omg I love her to death!!

  • Crista Patterson
    Crista Patterson 4 months ago

    Being a makeup artist has to be fun

  • Ror Rabert
    Ror Rabert 4 months ago

    Is pirate of the Caribbean from marvel too

  • TrippleStrykor75 Longworth

    Why was it called black Panther when you talk about other people getting makeup

  • Blue 913
    Blue 913 4 months ago

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  • Steve Marshall
    Steve Marshall 4 months ago

    Man I was expecting black panther characters. Why the hell are those characters here?

  • Fat verot
    Fat verot 4 months ago

    Мастерская настроения? Ты ли это?

  • Tesfahiwet Tekle
    Tesfahiwet Tekle 4 months ago

    JESUS IS LORD AND SAVIOUR.guys COME BACK TO LORD JESUS.otherwise YOU ganna be hell

  • Thefruitshowstheroot
    Thefruitshowstheroot 4 months ago

    ...he should have got all that shit for real if he was really bout it!

  • Shruti Patel
    Shruti Patel 4 months ago

    They did not mention fantastic 4's rocky creature

  • Jambit Martin
    Jambit Martin 4 months ago

    I can’t believe that killer croc wasn’t cgi

  • Inocencia Osnaya
    Inocencia Osnaya 4 months ago

    And they to to school with each

  • Inocencia Osnaya
    Inocencia Osnaya 4 months ago

    The guy that dies at the of Black panther i Know Him Because my sister knows his niece

  • Jenn Sheridan
    Jenn Sheridan 4 months ago

    Rebecca Rom-Gen?? It's pronounced 'Romayne'.

  • Eric Rwanda
    Eric Rwanda 4 months ago

    It's gorgeous

  • KaiTheGamer Ivanov-Wright
    KaiTheGamer Ivanov-Wright 4 months ago +6

    I saw Thor: Thunderock and Black panther and infinity war

    • Hundred Creeper
      Hundred Creeper 4 months ago +1

      Ehh... Haven't heard of Thor: Thunderock but I've seen Thor: Ragnarok

  • VaNtEd more
    VaNtEd more 4 months ago +5

    How didi you make a 10 min video of this

  • Kat TH
    Kat TH 4 months ago +3

    I love how #Mind Warehouse added in a variety but the title says "HOW THE BLACK PANTHER MAKEUP WAS DONE"

    Haha. Lmao.

    EDGAR BAZAN 4 months ago


  • Best Experiments
    Best Experiments 4 months ago


  • Herry Gohil
    Herry Gohil 4 months ago


  • angeltheprofortnite gamer 1234

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