Ask a Russian Teacher - How Hard Is It to Learn Russian?

  • Published on Oct 3, 2018
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Comments • 21

  • sobreaver
    sobreaver 7 months ago

    well sowwy to say my dear but I personally learn much faster with Katya :P But thanks so much with the videos !

  • Ulfberth War-Bear
    Ulfberth War-Bear 9 months ago +1

    It all Depends on the person and their foreign language. Im memorizing the russian alphabet and i can read russian. Its BEST to start off with the alphabet and keep practicing till you can master the whole alphabet and can read russian and please i beg of you please when your practicing your russian alphabet write it down. It helped me tremendously.

  • Darcie Bickel
    Darcie Bickel 9 months ago

    Happy Teacher’s day!! Hope you have a good day, and you do amazing, I love your videos!

  • Nibba Ninja
    Nibba Ninja 9 months ago +3

    Question! When do we use the ending -ах (машинах) instead of ы/и. Аlso, when would we use ов as well.

    • Nibba Ninja
      Nibba Ninja 9 months ago +1

      Максим Максимов Thank you Mr. Maksimov! Vey well explained

    • Максим Максимов
      Максим Максимов 9 months ago +1

      На машинах. By cars.
      О машинах. About cars.
      Машины. Cars.
      У меня нет машины. I don't have a car.
      Машины на дороге. Cars on the road.

  • uri black
    uri black 9 months ago +2

    Heres another one. Где Катюша?😭👀

  • Jin Jian Chia
    Jin Jian Chia 9 months ago +1

    very well explained. thanks)

  • Shay Poyi
    Shay Poyi 9 months ago +3

    Which source is appropriate for learning grammar?

    • Максим Максимов
      Максим Максимов 9 months ago; Викисловарь;; (Яндекс переводчик application)

  • datauser1529
    datauser1529 9 months ago +2

    Thank you so much for your efforts, or should I say SPASSIBO [A] спасибо! please, would you like to make a special video about the letter "O"? It's hard to know whenever it pronounces as "Oh" or "Ah", пожалуйста!

    DR KAMLESH VARSHNEY 9 months ago

    Are there different kinds or forms of Russian language? Like in English we have American English, British English, Canadian English and Indian English.

  • T.J. Donatello
    T.J. Donatello 9 months ago +1

    No views? Looks like I'm first. Alright, a question... how does Russian vary between the different regions, oblasts, etc?

    • T.J. Donatello
      T.J. Donatello 9 months ago


    • Dima Rogozhkin
      Dima Rogozhkin 9 months ago +1

      not bad. they have strange word stress and it sounds more .... refreshing? But i dont think that a person who recently started russian language will hear the diffirences.

    • T.J. Donatello
      T.J. Donatello 9 months ago

      Do Belarusians sound nice?

    • Dima Rogozhkin
      Dima Rogozhkin 9 months ago

      We dont have many accents in the diffirerent regions in russia. mostly people from the other former ussr contry have very distinguished accents.