Ask a Russian Teacher - How Hard Is It to Learn Russian?

  • Published on Oct 3, 2018
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Comments • 22

  • sobreaver
    sobreaver 10 months ago

    well sowwy to say my dear but I personally learn much faster with Katya :P But thanks so much with the videos !

  • Ulfberth War-Bear
    Ulfberth War-Bear Year ago +1

    It all Depends on the person and their foreign language. Im memorizing the russian alphabet and i can read russian. Its BEST to start off with the alphabet and keep practicing till you can master the whole alphabet and can read russian and please i beg of you please when your practicing your russian alphabet write it down. It helped me tremendously.

  • Darcie Bickel
    Darcie Bickel Year ago

    Happy Teacher’s day!! Hope you have a good day, and you do amazing, I love your videos!

  • Nibba Ninja
    Nibba Ninja Year ago +3

    Question! When do we use the ending -ах (машинах) instead of ы/и. Аlso, when would we use ов as well.

    • Nibba Ninja
      Nibba Ninja Year ago +1

      Максим Максимов Thank you Mr. Maksimov! Vey well explained

    • Сидоров Мордасов
      Сидоров Мордасов Year ago +1

      На машинах. By cars.
      О машинах. About cars.
      Машины. Cars.
      У меня нет машины. I don't have a car.
      Машины на дороге. Cars on the road.

  • uri black
    uri black Year ago +2

    Heres another one. Где Катюша?😭👀

  • Jin Jian Chia
    Jin Jian Chia Year ago +1

    very well explained. thanks)

  • Shay Poyi
    Shay Poyi Year ago +3

    Which source is appropriate for learning grammar?

  • datauser1529
    datauser1529 Year ago +2

    Thank you so much for your efforts, or should I say SPASSIBO [A] спасибо! please, would you like to make a special video about the letter "O"? It's hard to know whenever it pronounces as "Oh" or "Ah", пожалуйста!


    Are there different kinds or forms of Russian language? Like in English we have American English, British English, Canadian English and Indian English.

    • Dave Canden
      Dave Canden 3 months ago

      @Сидоров Мордасов Canadians, Brits and Americans understand each other perfectly well. There is definitely a Moscow accent that differs from the villages.

    • Сидоров Мордасов
      Сидоров Мордасов Year ago

      There is only Russian Russian. All Russian speakers can easily understand each other.

  • T.J. Donatello
    T.J. Donatello Year ago +1

    No views? Looks like I'm first. Alright, a question... how does Russian vary between the different regions, oblasts, etc?

    • T.J. Donatello
      T.J. Donatello Year ago


    • Dima Rogozhkin
      Dima Rogozhkin Year ago +1

      not bad. they have strange word stress and it sounds more .... refreshing? But i dont think that a person who recently started russian language will hear the diffirences.

    • T.J. Donatello
      T.J. Donatello Year ago

      Do Belarusians sound nice?

    • Dima Rogozhkin
      Dima Rogozhkin Year ago

      We dont have many accents in the diffirerent regions in russia. mostly people from the other former ussr contry have very distinguished accents.