The Decline of Kmart...What Happened?


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  • Rodney Johnston
    Rodney Johnston 9 hours ago

    I couldn't be so happy that K mart one out of building or I can tell you about the certain K mart in Blythe California The employees were so Rude And you couldn't get any help at K mart I was so happy when they went out of business I hope that Sears followed them

  • Epic Gaming Moments
    Epic Gaming Moments 23 hours ago

    Still going good in au

  • T D
    T D 2 days ago

    Kmart planned to update but it was all bull shit like ipad mobile registers that scare old people and by that point it was a mostly old clientele because they waited too long to update.

  • - AmbieticA -
    - AmbieticA - 2 days ago

    As a teenager, one of my first jobs was as a cook in the now extinct K Mart Cafeteria/Deli. K Mart was the best back in the 80's ...Remember the Slurpee! But now days I can see why it's almost out of business.

  • Tracey Trotter
    Tracey Trotter 2 days ago

    What happened to K mart is Walmart. UGH.

  • Grim Torino
    Grim Torino 2 days ago

    Now in 2019 its happening they're closing down.

  • Julian Bell
    Julian Bell 2 days ago

    I’ve been going to K Marts my entire life. I’ve always had good experiences. They are usually pretty clean and the shit is well priced. I’m sad to see them go.

  • Queen Of Nintendo Commercials

    I've been going to Kmart before I could even walk. I never thought I would be so emotional over a store closing, at least we still have Walgreens and Wal-Mart

  • Jeffrey Eick
    Jeffrey Eick 4 days ago

    The CEO's and Board members changed just before the rapid decline. If you check their published financial reports you find that the Top management have been giving themselves fat bonuses which has thrown the company into a negative spiral. When they can no longer bleed the company of money they will call for total bankruptcy.
    In the past this was called Embezzlement. But just before this mess started corporations got the law changed so the leaders could legally take money from a company they didn't own with no means of punishment.
    PS: Dividends are paid out to stock holders based on Net profits. Bonuses occur before the NET is achieved. Handy that. Basically they are taking the dividends from the stock holders.
    P PS: as of 2019 SEARS in Mass are going into bankruptcies. They dumped a large amount of the debts into the SEARS part of their holdings so when SEARS is gone they will have less debt , and more Bonus monies available.

  • Zach Maheu
    Zach Maheu 4 days ago

    The Sears and Kmart in my area are both closed now. The Kmart clased near 2 years ago and Sears closed about 5 months ago

  • nobackhands
    nobackhands 4 days ago

    I lived in a small town and going to Kmart was "THE" place. In the 90s the service got so bad I only when I had to

  • Monir Oshana
    Monir Oshana 4 days ago

    Kmart is still huge in Australia

  • silas deeds
    silas deeds 4 days ago

    It looks ghetto in Kmart

  • Eventide Reverie
    Eventide Reverie 4 days ago

    When I think of K Mart I think of a dingy, depressing place. I don't have a lot of fond memories of it--something always felt sad and depressing whenever I stepped in one.

  • Shadow Lord
    Shadow Lord 5 days ago +1

    I use to work at Kmart in Pennsylvania in 2017-2018 and the computers were from they first opened so I could still give people bluelight specials. Even though we removed our electronic section I could give people sales on televisions and Xbox games ect. Also when the computers would freeze I would have to restart the computer which would take ten minutes. I would be the only person on register so customers would be pissed and the computer would freeze a lot and the managers just do nothing.

  • Bill Keck
    Bill Keck 6 days ago

    My ex-wife worked for Sears from 1970's to about 1989 or so when she switched to Allstate just before they separated from Sears. There was a big Sears store at the Staten Island Mall. There was a K-Mart about 2 miles down the road, but we almost never bothered to drive the extra 2 miles. My ex & I divorced in 1998.
    In the 2000's a new Costco opened next to K-Mart. I sometimes looked in K-Mart because it was next to Costco. I started a pet sitting & dog walking business in 2002. Sometime, maybe 2004, I looked around K-Mart and found a orange, quilted, nylon, hunting jacket. It was light weight. It could be machine washed. It was bright orange and saved my life several times while walking dogs at night. And it was $39.95! I wore it for about 10 years before finally donating it to charity. One of my all time greatest bargains!
    But the K-Mart closed and was replaced by a Target. Sears never had a marvelous hunting jacket like that. At least not in their Staten Island store. As a Staten Islander, I just never drive to New Jersey or Brooklyn. (I've never been to a Wallmart - not allowed in NYC.) I replaced that hunting jacket with something from an online store, and while serviceable, it was never as wonderful. And it cost twice as much!
    I am old enough to remember when Kresgies & Woolworth were competitors! (At least in Pittsburgh!)

  • i grand
    i grand 6 days ago

    They doing fine in New Zealand.

  • Debra Cunningham
    Debra Cunningham 7 days ago

    What happened to KMart? Fast Eddie. That;s what happened to KMart. Buy up real estate that gives no real return. Don't take of your employees, don't take care of your customers, and don't keep up with the times. Bring in people like Martha Stewart, who brought in products made in countries I can't even pronounce. I could go on, but you get the picture.

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    Dam that’s deep

  • chrism3784
    chrism3784 7 days ago

    So can be summed into one word, Wal-Mart

  • duke url
    duke url 7 days ago

    in it's heyday, any merchants who wanted to sell their products to KMart had to bribe the merchandisers from it's buying office in Hong Kong

  • Dru Blood
    Dru Blood 8 days ago

    I’m from the northwest, I’ve lived in Alaska, Washington and Oregon my whole life (I’m 37) and I do the majority of my shopping at Fred Meyers. It’s better then all of the other retailers for the most part and cheaper too. But Fred Meyers has changed a lot too. I mostly get groceries at Freddy’s but purchase other things like clothes, shoes, electronics, and home apparel. Freddy’s is like the better Walmart, but in the last 20 years they have been focusing more on food and less on everything else. Freddy’s by my house didn’t even have food till 1993 and had a huge hardware section, you could buy lumber and building supply’s but most of that has now contracted into a few isles per departments. Freddy’s is still my go to store as food is better and cheaper then everywhere else, I refuse to buy food at a Walmart and targets food section is a joke. I think Fred Meyers is a northwest thing though and is owned by QFC which is owned by Kroger, but Fred Meyers is always the busiest store with the best selection in any town in the northwest I’d say.

  • Anthony Trevino
    Anthony Trevino 9 days ago

    Love the Kmart.

  • Quizical Gin
    Quizical Gin 9 days ago

    I worked in one of the last two kmarts in my area, and it was the better of the two. I hated the registers for how slow they were and the only way i could mitigate the frustration of customers would be to play up my exasperation with the register. If I was entertaining about it or looked that I was just as frustrated as they were, customers would more often than not be sympathetic since I was the one that was going to be dealing with said register for several hours more.
    Now when I say we had the nicer store, I'm not joking. The other one wasn't cart friendly at all because they had displays so tightly packed in the store it was blocking customers paths in the aisles. On top of that it always looked like a storm had blown the place over because customers never put anything back, and just left the store a terrible mess and there simply weren't enough employees on close to clean it all up. "problem" employees at my kmart would get transferred to the shitty one, where they would either quit to save what little sanity they had left or were fired because they couldn't keep up with the impossible workload the place had.
    I quit from mine for three reasons.
    1: 7.25 is not a good wage to earn a living on, nor could I get a second job close enough to it to make it work.
    2: I got sick a lot at the time to the point where I had to come into work hacking out a lung with a face mask on just to keep from spreading my sick. Why did I do this? I already had two strikes against me and they operated on a three strikes you're out rule. because clearly if you get sick and you can't help it you're unreliable and a liability. It also took 6 months for one strike to be taken off. (incidentally the same year I quit i had to have emergency surgery that laid me up for a week in the hospital. I would have been fired had I still been working there.)
    3: Now by this point in summer I had already put in my two weeks. I couldn't stick it out however because one of the hardline manager had a fucking hard on for swinging his weight around. The last night on the job, Me and my only co worker in the clothing section had to clean up a huge ass mess customers left of bikinis and summer clothes as that was the hot sale that week. It was already going to be a massive undertaking (three fucking cart fulls with more in the fitting rooms) but we could at least make the pile smaller for the morning crew. LOL, FUCKIN NOPE.
    He kept coming over and demanding I clean up hardlines (anything not clothes basically) because he needed the extra hand. I'd go over and guess what? Hardlines was already IMMACULATE. I ask my coworkers over on that side of the store, of which there were five, if they really needed the help and all of them said "No, we don't know why he keeps dragging you over here. We have this covered". SO, I keep trying to go back and help the coworker in MY ASSIGNED SECTION of the store, only for him o keep coming back and yelling at me to help in hardlines.
    My co worker alone could not clean up the massive mess, meaning the morning crew would have to put it away on top of their duties and then, come time for me n my coworker to come back WE would be blamed for it.Fuck that shit.
    I walked in the next morning, cleaned out my locker, and laid it out for the store manager why I was quitting.
    "You wanna know why softlines is still such a mess? Because asshole (not managers name obvs) kept pulling me from my job to work in his section, when he already had five people over there and it was spotless"
    Store manager looks concerned a moment "But asshole says he never does that, and he never has (total utter bullshit because he has done this many times)"
    "Well he did, why else would the place be a mess? You know how me and my coworker work, you know we don't slack."
    Store manager is quiet, leaning with his hand on his mouth.
    "He was already part of why I was leaving, but I'm not staying to take further abuse in my last few days" and just walked out the door.
    The unfortunate thing is that all of my coworkers had complained about asshole hardlines manager, bossing people around and taking them from their assigned departments. However nothing was done about it because he was one of the only three people there (all the managers basically) that were full time, and kmart now only hires part timers to avoid paying for insurance. So if they fired him it would mean training two part time managers, and they didnt want to spend the time and money on that so his sorry ass stayed.
    While I was sad for those that lost their jobs due to the kmarts here closing, I was delighted because it meant that fucking asshole was out of a job. I can only hope he never got another managerial job so that he can't fuckin bully people with their workloads ever again.

  • Matthew Stafford
    Matthew Stafford 9 days ago

    Kmart has old products that are overpriced that's why it's doing bad

  • BioVirulent
    BioVirulent 9 days ago

    Holy shit that's depressing. I was gonna say "that's fucked up to say it's depressing to even walk in" and looking at how old everything looks.. I'd have to agree.

  • Alex the Railfanning Redneck™

    You need to do a follow up video on this.

  • Afton\comit👾
    Afton\comit👾 10 days ago

    I used to work at a Kmart from 98-2001. As an employee, I would say that they couldn't hold on to good people due to bad management. Honestly, the only people I worked with and liked were the loss prevention people. It honestly felt like they were the only humans there. And when they did get a good manager, they'd never last. I managed to suck it up working there for almost 4 years, until one of their pig managers pushed me over the edge. I walked away from that store with no regrets. Other then adding them as a reference on other applications. But even then, that store opened new doors for me with the experience I gained, and I was able to get better jobs with better pay their after.
    So, thank you Kmart.

  • robin williams
    robin williams 10 days ago

    ps...remember Kresge's five and dime store??

  • robin williams
    robin williams 10 days ago


  • Eduardo Bravo
    Eduardo Bravo 10 days ago

    20 oh 2 never heard that before

  • VictoryfortheFreeman
    VictoryfortheFreeman 10 days ago

    In the Florida keys Kmart is doing fine, they beat Wal-Mart and Target to these islands so they are our only option for a store like this.

  • Emily Aspen
    Emily Aspen 11 days ago

    I went to Kmart today..

  • MyEyesBled
    MyEyesBled 11 days ago

    This vid REALLY needs an update... in about 6 months when it will ALL finally come to an end...

  • Wayne &
    Wayne & 11 days ago

    There's one in Burbank ca

  • PKfire
    PKfire 11 days ago

    My k Mart is still opened for some odd reason

  • Jonbeak
    Jonbeak 11 days ago

    The internet happened.

  • peter papadimitriou
    peter papadimitriou 11 days ago

    I remember Kmart too but that was back in the 80's

  • Song
    Song 12 days ago

    They bought all the worst store and failure big time. If they would have focus more into online rather acquire they probably still in a better shape.

  • Tony Crossley
    Tony Crossley 12 days ago

    Easy to see the problem...there are far too many Stores and too many retail outlets. We've shitted ourselves.

  • Derek Detjen
    Derek Detjen 12 days ago

    Interesting that there were NO comments about K Mart's reaction to Fuzzy Zoeller's joking remark re Tiger Wood's dinner selection(s) for the next year's Master's Champions dinner. K Mark played the race card without investigating the real problem(s) behind the incident, dropped all of their Fuzzy Zoeller merchandising offerings, and lost a whole lot of shoppers in the process. The real problem was Fuzzy's ex-marketing rep, who after being fired, was hired by Woods and interfered in the entire incident (read "fake news" on this fiasco!).

  • Lizzy Brue
    Lizzy Brue 12 days ago

    I went to a closing sale in August.

  • Ethan Gilbreath
    Ethan Gilbreath 12 days ago

    Our Kmart partnered with Nathan's hot dogs, meaning the store was baked in a horrible stench that stuck into your clothes when you left.

  • Ulysses Marquez
    Ulysses Marquez 12 days ago

    One day I went to my local k mart just before they closed and just the everything must go and everything 60% off sings made it depressing. And my 4-5 year old memories of hiding in the clothes rack and all that. Just the empty shelves. But one day I went to CA and we had to get a few things and we saw a k mart and it was the opposite of my local k mart long lines full shelves.

  • Theristai
    Theristai 12 days ago

    My Kmart closed years ago. The nearest one is 1.5 hours away, sometimes I think about driving up there just for the nostalgia.

  • Mike Burns
    Mike Burns 13 days ago

    Kmart bunch of blood suckers

  • Brendan Ford
    Brendan Ford 13 days ago

    There's still a Kmart just a couple miles from me. It's been there since I was a kid. It's got a "closing soon" sign on it now. I always wondered why its been around for as long as it has but I had no idea it was such a sinking ship.

  • Laurie Rose
    Laurie Rose 13 days ago

    No Kmart or sears anywhere close to me in Kentucky. Kmart was my go to place even after Walmart opened and Walmart was closer. Kmart has better merchandise than Walmart did at the time. Sad that Kmart and sears failed.

  • Angela B
    Angela B 13 days ago +1

    Our KMart was in the same location since the mid-70s, and it closed up summer of 2017. :(

  • James Kreider
    James Kreider 13 days ago

    Miserable management. Managers were always in panic mode.

  • Cdog inth'house
    Cdog inth'house 14 days ago

    Kmart corp. later developed the "Bluelight internet service".

  • The Nerd
    The Nerd 14 days ago

    I dont live in the us therefore have no idea what kmart is

  • Ed Reynolds
    Ed Reynolds 14 days ago

    I thought they would be gone by 2018. They continue to close more stores however. Contrary to the video their prices are no longer the best. They do have some great on-line sales promotions such as FREE CASH points but what good is that if you want to go to your local K-mart when there are none left? I wonder why they continue to
    hang on?

  • beesteboy711
    beesteboy711 14 days ago

    Last time I was in a Kmart was 5 years grown son said "Dad, this place smells like defeat" Nailed it....

  • Kenny Gladin
    Kenny Gladin 14 days ago

    Kmart is nothing like it use to be dated old not enough employees . My town 2 store and now 1 of them was 3rd best Kmart west of Mississippi. Today it's haning on by thered.

  • mrkenneth13
    mrkenneth13 15 days ago

    There's another answer to the question. . .

    The Retail Apocalypse happened.

  • Ful-O-Gold
    Ful-O-Gold 15 days ago

    K mart is trash. You can’t even get Nintendo games there

  • Arthur Dewith
    Arthur Dewith 15 days ago

    They have to match the quality with walmart

  • Summer Hill
    Summer Hill 15 days ago

    I shopped at Salisbury. Maryland Kmart. I shopped there until they closed in April 2018. When I was a kid my family bought me Barbies there. I liked their clothes. They had alot of fitting rooms. The fitting rooms and bathrooms were always clean. The problem with Kmart was they could not provide low everday prices like Walmart. I miss the Salisbury store.

  • Farren Clark
    Farren Clark 15 days ago

    i've watched their fall. it was bad management. stores became dirty. they are worse off than a dime store

  • Shawn S
    Shawn S 15 days ago

    I can tell you what happend to Kmarts before watching this. Sears! Sears put themselves out of business and then joined up with Kmarts so Sears could put them out of business!

  • David Mills
    David Mills 16 days ago

    We used to drop acid and go in late at night. Only to shop for things to make bongs out of.
    It was a lot of fun.

  • Phil Hjemboe
    Phil Hjemboe 16 days ago

    I feel the same way about shopping at Walmart as you describe the Kmart experience. I don’t want to be there any longer than necessary. I find what I came for, and I leave. It’s looks and feels “low rent” - not pleasant at all. Yet, it’s the biggest retailer in the world. I think there more going on than this video states. One thing could be simply outlasting the competition. Walmart has done that, but now the competition is online, read, “Amazon”. It’s an open question which will win this latest bout. I’m not betting it’ll be Walmart.

  • Bud Brown
    Bud Brown 16 days ago

    It would have been nice if they’d have installed hoses near the exits so that you could have cleaned up when you came out.

  • Mike G
    Mike G 16 days ago

    Why has Kmart and Sears had such a slow death while other big stores such as Circuit City or Sports Authority had a very sudden and quick death? What's the difference?

  • Jay Gill
    Jay Gill 16 days ago

    In the South they have KKK-mart.

  • Chaos Afterlife
    Chaos Afterlife 16 days ago

    Sears got into Bankruptcy around Christmas time so yeah K-Mart is doomed.

  • rhiannan caraway
    rhiannan caraway 16 days ago

    Oh and not to's impossible to order from their website. Hard to navigate and most items say "item can't ship to your area" This was before all the stores closed down too.

  • rhiannan caraway
    rhiannan caraway 16 days ago

    Kmart prices were easily double Wal-Mart. I had a Kmart in my town and Wal-Mart is 6 miles away. I would drive the 6 miles rather than down the road due to the high prices.

  • NextLevel
    NextLevel 16 days ago


  • Beengonetoolong Nevercominback

    I've not seen an updated K Mart in many many years. Your right.... They forgot about the customer just as Walmart is doing now and I refuse to shop there as well.

  • Tronador de Cerezas Y Estrellas Negras

    They were the best because they had little caesar's in their stores

  • dave m
    dave m 17 days ago

    Just a bunch of idiots run that company. Some pencil pushing exec over at there corporate HQ got the "bright" idea to remove half the florescent lights in the store thinking that they would save on the utility bill. The morons must never have consulted with an electrician because it is the ballasts in the fixture that continue running whether you have a light there or not. That was 25 years ago and they still haven't changed back. I guess now they want to save on the cost of florescent tubes.

  • Z Phish
    Z Phish 17 days ago

    its funny. I live on guam, and we have the only profitable kmart store in the world. most every day, its so busy that its hard to find parking. partly due to our japanese tourist base. im curious to see what happens to the guam kmart store after next week. they cant operate past jan 3rd without an infusion of cash. my guess is the guam kmart will be carved out as a district corporation.

  • David Doyle
    David Doyle 17 days ago

    K Mart is way more expensive than other stores like them. Someone just needs to declare K Mart dead and get it over with.

  • Luis Medina
    Luis Medina 17 days ago +1

    The K mart of my hometown ( Juana Diaz , Puerto Rico) is always busy and full of people.

  • Richard Johnson
    Richard Johnson 17 days ago

    I've never seen a bigger store that didn't have what you need. Gave up on Kmart in the 90's.

  • Roblox Aviation 178
    Roblox Aviation 178 17 days ago

    Before watching this I forgot that Kmart ever existed sorry Kmart

  • mydogneo
    mydogneo 17 days ago

    Guam Kmart still open...LOL!

  • Taelor Watson
    Taelor Watson 17 days ago

    So many bad venture capitalist the used at The Vinings companies they have no ideas of Their Own and they destroy the company

  • Larry Kraut
    Larry Kraut 17 days ago +1

    The one near me has been on its' last leg for years. The place really went down with their hiring of tax credit employees who were useless. There's a home depot near me that has the same problem.

  • Josel Hernandez
    Josel Hernandez 18 days ago

    I remember the sandwiches that kmart sold. Kmart needs to start over and rebuild. Kmart still a good store to shop.

  • Jim Coulter
    Jim Coulter 18 days ago

    Last time I went to Kmart, they had dirty merchandise, they were in the bad part of town, and human trash was hanging around inside to steal womens purses, and gangs were outside causing problems! The Floors were dirty, someone spilled a drink and mud got all over, and no one bothered to clean it up even. They did not have enough workers to watch the non white youths, and they were stealing stuff like crazy. The Major problem, they were in the wrong part of town! We do not shop where youth gangs are allowed to hang around. How to get rid of them, on your back ground music, play Opera music. The kids hate it and will not hang around!

  • Christine Mickelson
    Christine Mickelson 18 days ago

    That KMart Sears merger should have never happened. Sears killed KMart and took themselves out in the process.

  • Debra Thrall
    Debra Thrall 18 days ago

    The reason they check your receipt when you go in and out of Costco and Walmart and the rest of them. It's so make sure you actually have the groceries you have on the list. I was told some people going by certain groceries. Bring the receipt back within a few hours and get the same groceries again. People at the door supposed to check these things but they don't they allow the stuff to walk in and out as long as you wave a receipt at them. And Walmart and then we're wondering why they lose so much product custard or Checkers don't care

  • EndlessFunctionality
    EndlessFunctionality 18 days ago

    Here in Canada it was 'Walmart Happened'. Walmart came here in '94, and quickly ran Kmart out. Same with Target, they tried to come here years after Walmart had complete control, (save for Costco.) Target didn't even last 2 years.

  • Ronnie 948
    Ronnie 948 18 days ago

    I went into our last open K-Mart about 5 years ago and it amazed me that there was not one single check out lane open. A manager told the customers that the cashier would be a little late coming in.
    Myself and about 20 other people just left the things in the carts and left
    I never went back.
    I can't because they are all closed around my area now.
    RIP - K-Mart

  • Robert Scott
    Robert Scott 18 days ago

    Kmart, Sears, JC Penny's among other stores did not keep up with the times. One of Kmarts problems is you might be second in line and you would still be in line a half hour or more for check out. Kmart bought other companies instead of improving what they have. Sears screwed up by letting Kmart purchase them. Sears also sold the Diacover card, Coldwell Bankers, craftsman among some of the other quality product lines

  • Dodge Ram 01
    Dodge Ram 01 18 days ago +1

    The problem with sears, radio shack, K-mart etc. and most auto parts stores is this! when you need something the answer you get is "We don't have it but, We can order it" Well let me tell you I can order it my self. And none of them really thought that the internet would take off.

  • mark buller
    mark buller 19 days ago

    Both Kmart and Sears need to first of all down size the stores they still have. Sear's needs to close all stores located in shopping malls period. Lease space expenses for both companies when at one time both were empires. Should have owned the land and the buildings on it in case of these problems they have now. To me it isn't the look of the store, it's what are they doing inside that matters. When I go to buy clothing, and it does not matter what store and year it is all the clothing sizes from small to xxl are to small to fit an average size american 3rd grade boy. Used to buy Texas Steer work boots regularly at Kmart but they rarely have any size over 10.5 in any shoe. Seems obvious to me that men from age 20-50 are wearing about a 36" to 42" waste size in pants and length 34-36. Obvious because you can't find those sizes on the shelves anywhere. Over 40 waste is online only in most stores. Well when all the clothing is imported from China and noone is notifying the Chinese we're bigger and taller over here they ship the wrong sizes barge after barge and no one stops it. Look at your inventory and learn what is not selling and don't buy more of it just to fill over sized buildings. Lose half the building and stock it correctly. And signage and specials even blue light get me and every one I know in the store trust me on that. Sears improved greatly on Super Saturday and black Friday this year. Actually looked like they knew what they were doing again... Kmart also has ability they just need new leaders reteaching them old ideas. For Pete's sakes on both though. Put your sign out on the street where visible to public. I dont even know there is a Sears in a mall these days if there is. No visible sign anywhere and at night forget it. No lighting. I'm not even in retail but I could save Kmart if in charge of it a year. Sears I'm not so sure about because they're locked in to those mall leases. Really simple. Quit closing stores. Down size. Have sales. Advertise. Compete. And provide employees hope there may still be a future and maybe they'll show more incentive. No one wants either of these stores gone but no one can help. Truly sad.

  • Michael Bergman
    Michael Bergman 19 days ago

    Oh yes kmart. You could buy a shirt take it home and instead of smelling new it smelt like fries and onion hamburgers. Or mixed together like dirty feet. Or updated to little Cesar pizza. No one wants new items that smell.

  • Prim's Randomness
    Prim's Randomness 19 days ago +1

    The sears and Kmart are still here in Long Beach

  • Nathan Merrill
    Nathan Merrill 19 days ago

    Why do you say twenty oh six and not two thousand six

  • christopher stimpson
    christopher stimpson 19 days ago

    Kmart was our only store in 82 miles. (Tucumcari,NM) It closed last year. The checkout system was horrible. The cashier would ask each person for their phone number to look up their account, then ask if they want to donate to some charity, then ask if they want to use some "rewards points" and put in a pin number, then the customer would have a complaint of some price because there was no display for the customer to see how much things were being rung up for. So with a multitude of problems with each customer and no fast lane for 10 items or less, and no belt system to move products to the cashier faster it would take 20 to 35 minutes to go through the checkout every time. I can only guess the management was shopping at Walmart and oblivious to these problems. But having to drive 82 miles to Walmart is crazy. Why no other store has moved to town is anyone's guess. Maybe Tucumcari is a dead town now.

  • XxRadioMemexX XxLolzyxX

    Walmart took away our k mart I’m still a kid and I hate Walmart for doing that K mart was my favorite place in the whole wide world

  • Rick Timmons
    Rick Timmons 19 days ago

    Kmart - sucks! low green lighting where possible. cave sales. nothing this years! they drug SEARS down.

  • Chris Gay
    Chris Gay 19 days ago

    Still have Kmarts in Australia, went to one last week.

  • Michael O'Brien
    Michael O'Brien 19 days ago

    * "What happened to K-Mart ?" * Simple..., Sears bought K-Mart ! ! Top management at Sears and lousy K-Mart stores' and way behind in (internet website) sales'. Wal-Mart and Amazon (internet website sales) ate K-Mart and Sears for lunch and dinner.., including JC Penneys'. They were simply to slow and way behind the curve with (internet website sales).. Wal-Mart and Target coming on strong in (internet website sales), and 'FREE' two (2) day delivery to your front door.. Sears top management should be 'Fired' ! ! Top products', lower prices' and 'Free' two (2) day delivery to your front door.., is the way to go ! ! * Amazon, Wal-Mart and Target will battle it out for loyal and new customers'.. Really like the excellent name products' and lower cost, and two (2) day delivery to your front door. And.., ALL this in your pajamas at home ! Mike in Montana :)

  • William Constantino
    William Constantino 20 days ago

    When you have something that works you don't try to suck up other companies it never ever works k Mart and Sears are doomed.

  • Andrew MacGregor
    Andrew MacGregor 20 days ago

    Old Kame a part