The Decline of Kmart...What Happened?


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  • Nothing for Granted
    Nothing for Granted 2 hours ago

    I watched this already??! When!? Lol.

  • Paul Campbell
    Paul Campbell Day ago

    im pretty sure sears is still around 2018

  • William Barnard
    William Barnard Day ago

    Being in the retail industry all my working years (33 years now) I've seen stores go out of business and the reason as it was said in the video is they didn't change with the times. Stores like Wal-Mart & Target grew because they changed with the times and kept things fresh and what the customer was looking for. Where as K-mart just stayed with what they had and would update and that has hurt them.

  • LissaSun
    LissaSun Day ago +1

    Do they even do an online site at k Mart?

  • Joseph Godinez
    Joseph Godinez Day ago

    I went to Kmart when I was still in Arizona

  • Dusty Townsend
    Dusty Townsend 2 days ago

    I'm going to get a job a kmart!!!

  • Peyton Bayne
    Peyton Bayne 2 days ago

    2006-7ish im pretty sure last i went inside a k mart for school supplies and a packback

  • Ethan Rodriguez
    Ethan Rodriguez 2 days ago

    Kmart is still quite popular in New Zealand haha

  • Sabear 26
    Sabear 26 3 days ago

    In Australia Kmart is owned by someone else. It’s still everywhere here

  • Felicity Cook
    Felicity Cook 3 days ago

    The title should be the decline of AMERICAN Kmart...the Australian Kmart is doing fine...different owners...different stores...just have kept the name Kmart...NOT all Kmarts are equal...👍👍

  • Mental
    Mental 3 days ago +4

    My nearest k mart already closed down :(

  • Derek Avery-Patz
    Derek Avery-Patz 3 days ago

    I remember going into Kameapart as kid. The only reason I went in is because it was attached to a Little Ceasers pizza

  • Euan C
    Euan C 4 days ago

    I live like a quarter mile away from the old k mart headquarters it’s been abandoned since 2002

  • Aaron Haupert
    Aaron Haupert 4 days ago

    The "Big Kmart" in Duluth, MN near my house just closed a couple months back. It looks odd there with nothing inside...

  • pmgodfrey
    pmgodfrey 4 days ago

    The digital clock at 11:44. I used to have that or one identical to it. Bought from K mart probably around 1982/1983. I remember the really old logo. A red 'K' with teal 'mart' lettering. It was a really neat place when I was a kid in the 1970's. I loved going there. Before they all closed down in 2018, I visited one about five miles from my home. Dark, depressing, horrible coloring from what lighting was still working. Employees with that thousand yard stare because they knew the end was coming and weren't too interested in helping anyone.
    Sears, gone. Kmart, gone. Borders, gone. Office Max (or Office Depot), mostly gone...I can't remember which store was which.

  • Casey Boggs
    Casey Boggs 5 days ago

    6:43 OOF

  • MrJeep75
    MrJeep75 5 days ago +1

    Our local Kmart and Sears in Beaverton Oregon are closing buy the end of they year

  • Marjorie Dillard
    Marjorie Dillard 5 days ago

    Kmart was great places too shopping

  • DaveyTheDJ
    DaveyTheDJ 6 days ago

    I find Target is the new Kmart the prices are outrageous and I will not shop at Target ever

  • Lil Yanni
    Lil Yanni 7 days ago

    I wonder if Kens IGA will go through the same thing. Everything that describes KMart atmosphere wise matches. The outdated look, slower service, and unhappy employees. I went in there once and they had watermelons on the floor next to a price tag lol. Then again I know nothing of how they’re doing financially.

  • Grandma love.
    Grandma love. 7 days ago +1

    Now walmart is not putting the customer first. They do not care how long you stand in !ine. I miss kmart.

  • kyle pressley
    kyle pressley 7 days ago

    Oh I worked for K-mart for three years plus. I can tell you stories. I had too many job duties bc we didnt have enough employees bc they couldn't afford them. Department managers were forced into mandatory overtime. I personally had to stock for three departments, port for garden, furniture, and electronics while rounding up buggies which during the holiday season was too overwhelming and raises were few and far in between and usually being for about 15 cents. I was in the back store room with my manager one winter and I thought I heard someone outside the back door moan for help. My boss didnt hear it and I told him what I heard. He told me to keep working and ignore it. Once my boss went away I snuck out to check it out anyway and found a recently released older gentleman who got out the hospital behind us and collapsed. I called 911 and they told me if I hadn't called them he would have froze to death in an hour. Oh and did I mention I closed three K-marts altogether. And this is just the tip of what I saw during my time there.

  • 1 year in the Making

    Miss Kmart ours closed last year the last two locations we had in my city

  • TheIAARP
    TheIAARP 8 days ago

    Kmart is thriving in Australia and New Zealand

  • Janet Ge
    Janet Ge 9 days ago +1

    The empty Kmart lot in my hometown turned into a high school....we didn’t see that coming

  • Chris Hand
    Chris Hand 9 days ago

    Can't even finish the video. Definitely not watching another if you don't know how to say the year... 20o6 20o3??? 2006 2003 or 03 06.......

  • Uno Carb
    Uno Carb 9 days ago

    I went there on its death throes to score bargains..even those sucked!

  • Chulabebe Glamarie
    Chulabebe Glamarie 9 days ago

    U nailed it when you said “ they stop caring for the customer “!

    NKWTI 10 days ago +1

    This is an oddly satisfying channel.

  • LaciAlysia
    LaciAlysia 10 days ago

    They have higher prices than Walmart

  • john castro
    john castro 10 days ago

    Not on Guam, k Mart there is 24/7/364 with locals and tourists.

  • Don Won
    Don Won 10 days ago

    Kmart is still around ?!

  • CJB Play's
    CJB Play's 11 days ago

    The Walmart of its time.

  • kaym3ss
    kaym3ss 11 days ago

    Stop saying twenty o six!!!! God!

  • charlie joson
    charlie joson 11 days ago

    What's the difference between Super Kmart and Big Kmart? As a visitor from a country in Southeast Asia, I only got to go to Walmart (this was is year 2000) since my relative lived in Anaheim.

  • Tim Y.
    Tim Y. 11 days ago

    Okay. We have a Kmart a little over a mile away from home in Middleburg Hts Ohio. Seems like it would be a convenient place to pick up needed items. WRONG ! The last 3 times I went in there, I grabbed a few things and went to the front to check out. Only 2 registers were open and there actually were 3 or 4 people in each line. There of course was an issue checking out a customer so I had to wait. The other line was moving slightly better so I went to that line. Still had issues and waited. Then my biggest pet peeve happened. A cashier opened another register and rather saying “I’ll take the next customer “ or perhaps looking at me and saying I can be next, the people that just got in line ran ahead to get in that line and I was still waiting. I put all the stuff down and walked out. That store is closing soon. Good riddance.

  • fullmetalchibifreak
    fullmetalchibifreak 11 days ago

    Kmart is still quite popular in Australia, but then their shops are very modern and their wares are quite different, (no food, electronics, jewellery) focusing on homeware, clothes, cooking utensils, that kind of thing, for cheaper than you can find in any other Australian shop. We don't have Kmart in England though. Different markets, I suppose.

  • MaximusX45-1911
    MaximusX45-1911 12 days ago +1

    Superior customer service my ass, I went to a Kmart the other day and it was depressing, the bathroom was nasty look like they didn't clean it in days, everything was more expensive then Walmart. I bought some candy that was ''on sale'' and when I went to checkout the lady at the checkout counter was so rude, she didn't say hi or anything to me, she just rang me up and took the money out of my hand really fast like she was mad at me for shopping their. she was so rude I felt like telling one of the managers but I just let it go. I will never go back there again.

  • Dialgavspalkia
    Dialgavspalkia 12 days ago

    I feel bad for poor Kmart😢😭

  • Glenn Weeks
    Glenn Weeks 12 days ago

    I must say I used to love Kmart. The shopping experience was always fun and I would spend time just looking. Honestly I don't think I have ever had a fun and memorable shopping experience at WalMart. I hate that we will soon be without a single Kmart. But at least I have my memories.

  • BrokeBot
    BrokeBot 12 days ago

    There's a Kmart in my town but they don't sell electronics anymore...

  • Alan Braswell
    Alan Braswell 12 days ago

    Good video. Didn't put the blame on the internet like everyone does. Customer like you say still shop at the brick and mortar stored

  • Chris Lemaster
    Chris Lemaster 12 days ago

    I till a loyal K mart shopper

  • The D3RP Clan
    The D3RP Clan 13 days ago

    stop saying twenty o’ 6

  • Clint Wolf
    Clint Wolf 13 days ago

    Really interesting video. I haven’t been to K Mart in at least 10 years.

  • Booby Hill
    Booby Hill 13 days ago

    Great job on analysis. Subbed

  • rosely covali
    rosely covali 13 days ago

    Result of our cold war

  • moswarthy1
    moswarthy1 13 days ago

    I went to buy a plunger and they didn’t have one. The workers said to check their certain area for it but I still didn’t find one. I thought for sure that they would have a plunger. I haven’t stepped foot in another Kmart since 6 years ago.

  • agent shields
    agent shields 13 days ago

    To the video guy I did work some really good workers at a kmart that in my opinion shouldve paid a lot more. They had some awesome customer service people that other stores could learn plenty from. I worked some some people that were also knowledgable in electronics like tvs, games. If Kmart had update their look and really took care of employees then the customers would be taken care of.Just like any business I like to see them open for business and not have to close the doors like they are now. Some of the management in my opinion were overworked but they had awesome attitude, work ethics.

  • agent shields
    agent shields 13 days ago

    Well the other reason that didn't help them is this if you give your employees promotions then you don't give them a raise? Then you offer them another promotion total of three then you only offer a 10 cent raise. IF you invested in your employees then your customers would be taken care. Keep that in mind unhappy employees= poorly treated customers also when you hire lp that don't really do an effective job hmm thats more loss.

  • Brianna Franklin
    Brianna Franklin 13 days ago

    Why did kmart decline? Because customers stopped coming. Idk but I feel like there's more to it than that. I just wish he went more in-depth

    • Company Man
      Company Man  13 days ago

      Try watching my video about Sears. It's a good compliment to this one Brianna.

  • Dan Brenner
    Dan Brenner 14 days ago

    twenty Oh 6

  • Stephen Morton
    Stephen Morton 14 days ago

    Eddie "Lamprey" Lampert

  • Michael Heck
    Michael Heck 14 days ago

    I must have drove past the first K-Mart hundreds of times. I had no idea it was the first one until just now. I think I bought a bean bag chair there. RIP.

  • David Smith
    David Smith 15 days ago

    When Walmart and their junk is the only department store, people will realize what they lost.

  • The Chinese Stickman Lool

    We still have a kmart

  • Bobsblues
    Bobsblues 15 days ago

    What happened ?? well , quite a few years ago , Kmart would send out sale flyers in the newspapers. EVERY time I went to the Kmart store they NEVER had the items that were advertised anfd would give me the lame BS that it was all sold out before I got there, but then I started having this same thing happen even when I would be there when the store first opened. After having had this experience time after time after time , I would not only ignore the SALE flyers but I would avoid the store entirely because of it. No doubt that others would have had this same bogus experience and would have reacted the same. How long are you going to pull that and loose customers before it becomes a real problem that effects the survival of your stores. To make it worse , they pulled this stunt just as Walmarts were making a huge appearance everywhere and giving major competition. But there's more , Kmarts in the 70s actualy had nice clothing at
    good prices , that also changed in the 90s . But then what did the brainiacs do that were already responsible for this stupidity ? they went and bought Sears and have now brought them to ruin as well.

  • Eileen Doerson
    Eileen Doerson 15 days ago

    I worked at Kmart for 4/5 yrs Left for Target 20yrs yrs ago still there glad I made that move @NJ girl aka crazy cat Lady @xo Target girl/Target Fam

  • Kyle Nokes
    Kyle Nokes 15 days ago

    When you say "twenty oh two" or "twenty oh four" I have to pause the video and stare at the ceiling for a second.

  • keldah26
    keldah26 15 days ago


  • I don't Want To
    I don't Want To 15 days ago

    my dad still shops at kmart. the last time i was there i shop lifted a pair of headphones because i fogot my card... lol

    • I don't Want To
      I don't Want To 15 days ago

      also it's kinda strange. I used to go to the one right next to my house growing up and it's still around (at least it was last i checked) and going in there is so strange because i used to go into it all the time as a kid and its just the exact same but like, emptier and dustier

  • Super Obvious
    Super Obvious 15 days ago

    You said going into K Mart felt depressing / like you were in a time machine?? I think thats fairly very accurate. I feel the same way. You worded that nicely. Interesting info in your video too. Great work man.

  • JayTee83
    JayTee83 16 days ago

    I remember stealing so much cigarettes... they used to have them on the check out stands right where the candy bars are at.. memories. I like there sandwiches too they had them in little reach-in coolers by the deli or by the check-out stands.

  • Dbky Here
    Dbky Here 16 days ago

    We’ve got one left in Tucson, so sad, looks like it’s on it’s way out.

  • jefeanson
    jefeanson 16 days ago

    Wal-Mart exists because of on reason, government subsidies, "fascism", if you told wall mart tomorrow that they weren't allowed t accept food stamps, they would crap themselves.

    TGSGAMER360 16 days ago

    do the decline of Sports Authority

  • Kerry Wilson
    Kerry Wilson 16 days ago

    I loved Kmart

  • Itchieban1
    Itchieban1 16 days ago +2

    History is repeating itself ... it's so sad ... but so true , that as a people we learn nothing from our past mistakes !

  • ClawdyaTube
    ClawdyaTube 17 days ago

    In the 39 years I have been an infrequent Kmart shopper, never have I experienced anything that would qualify as "Superior Customer Service," I did grow up in Central Florida though and thought it was a bit frustrating to go into the store and find all the boxed products turned to show the Spanish print facing out on the shelves. When I explained this to the store manager, their Superior customer service was to tell me to just take the product off the shelf and turn it if I wanted to read it in English. From that moment in 2002, our store became known as the "Que?-mart" to everyone in town. It was a good thing they took on Little sneezers just so the people living in the dumpy apartment complex across the street would still come in to the store.

  • Patricia Bonitz
    Patricia Bonitz 17 days ago +2

    I loved my K-Mart stores. Sorry they closed.

  • Howard Gofstein
    Howard Gofstein 17 days ago

    Could this guy sound more wimpy and less authoritative?

  • ren1819
    ren1819 17 days ago

    I just visited a Kmart because of their going out of business sale. I haven't been in a Kmart since the early 2000's... The layout of the store still had that late 90's early 2000's feel to it. The electronic section reminded me of a super market, with the majority of the electronics being Chinese made cheap stuff. And it felt almost "ghetto". I've been part of the last days of Woolworth and Toys r us... and their ends felt sad. But seeing the end of KMart I didn't feel anything.

  • jae Slae
    jae Slae 17 days ago

    What about hills toy store

  • Eric Carter
    Eric Carter 17 days ago

    I used to love going there for Christmas and Halloween decorations they had better quality items than Walmart and I would shop there when the holidays cane around because they still had layaway where Walmart did not but over time the stores just looked outdated and old they stopped selling items u could not find other places. And just the overall variety in the store was gone it was the same stuff all the time nothing new

  • RubberMaster
    RubberMaster 17 days ago

    K-Mart Sucks

  • Felicia Moniq
    Felicia Moniq 17 days ago

    There is an importance for companies to invest in departments that provide innovative features.

  • Felicia Moniq
    Felicia Moniq 17 days ago

    Not a fan of office max.

  • Reese Jabs
    Reese Jabs 18 days ago

    Soon to be joined by Wal-Mart, if they keep treating their employees like shyt.

  • pueblodove
    pueblodove 18 days ago

    I miss K-Mart!

  • a27dub
    a27dub 18 days ago

    Honestly I enjoyed Kmart for the last few years. I could usually find a good deal on clothing and electronics. Until they stopped selling a lot of high demand products. So I stopped going. The registers here in KS seemed up to date though.

  • Mathew Snyder
    Mathew Snyder 18 days ago

    I’ll be thrilled if In 10 years from now there’s a new video on the death of wal Mart ....

  • haze541bsn
    haze541bsn 18 days ago

    Wth happened to Bradley's

  • Ricky Valadez
    Ricky Valadez 19 days ago

    My town still has kmart

  • Scott Girard
    Scott Girard 19 days ago

    Michael Moore killed Kmart. After Columbine Moore pressured Walmart and Kmart to stop selling guns and ammo, and Kmart's new CEO rolled over and stopped selling in 2001. Firearms, ammo and hunting accessories were a huge draw for getting men in the store with their wives. Husbands started suggesting Walmart to their wives for everyday shopping and Walmart started taking off at the same time that Kmart started to die. Kmart used to be one if the top ammunition and firearms sellers in the U.S. and they handed all of their customers over to Walmart which now is the largest seller of firearms and ammunition in the U.S.

  • Glorious E
    Glorious E 19 days ago +3

    The reasonable prices of the passed Replaced with HIGH PRICES OF THE FUTURE! 😝👎🏼😳🌺

  • Albert Carbó
    Albert Carbó 19 days ago

    If someone know. Kmart in Autralia is the same as Kmart US?

  • TJW595
    TJW595 20 days ago

    Kmart, Target and Walmart all jumped off in popularity around the same time and while no one questions Walmarts dominance, even Target is far outperforming Kmart. Not that Kmart is any less than the other in terms of selection and quality - except for branding, someone unfamiliar with any big name store would have a hard time telling them apart for the most part.

  • emo_coconut666
    emo_coconut666 20 days ago

    I would go for the
    A S T E T I C S.

  • Fonzo Hernandez
    Fonzo Hernandez 20 days ago

    I loved when my mom would take me and my sissy to k mart in the mid 90s, they had the best slection of micro machines traines! Better toy selections over walmart but Walmart was awesome too

  • Mentorcase
    Mentorcase 20 days ago

    Those last 2 logo's were as ugly as a hat full of assholes, same with microsoft.

  • Duane Frazier
    Duane Frazier 20 days ago

    I stopped going there when they made Rosie O'Donald their spokes person.

  • Bald Robin
    Bald Robin 20 days ago

    Rosie O'donell happened to K-mart. That's when I quite shopping there.

  • Mar Blox
    Mar Blox 20 days ago +2

    I go to the Bloomingdale Illinois Walmart for everything (get a lot of food from Aldi.)
    Never go to the Stratford Square Sears.
    I should patronize the Target more.

  • Jean G
    Jean G 20 days ago

    The only reason I go to my hometown Kmart is to buy underwear, white tee shirts, ink, and shorts. Compared to Walmart, they are around the same price. However, on some weeks, Kmart gives you 100% cashback for spending a certain amount. I can get 6 packs of underwear/white tees for the same price as three at Walmart. Plus, the quality of hanes products at Kmart is 1000x better than Walmart.

  • TechEric112
    TechEric112 20 days ago

    The last time I went to Kmart I though up

  • gibk9206
    gibk9206 20 days ago

    I worked at a Kmart for a year and a half and was a cashwrap supervisor for the last 6 months or so. I can attest to the horrible quality of employees, who by and large were lazy and had no business dealing with people on a daily basis.
    I also never understood their policy of cashing checks. We provided the service, with no fee, and I remember we would get a large contingent from the same company every week. Just for that one group I think we would cash out around $3000 every Wednesday. What was the point of basically giving away all that money? I still don't understand it, especially for a company that was and is hemorrhaging money the way KMART is.

  • Kit snow
    Kit snow 20 days ago

    I miss Ames and kmart now all we have is walmart and their stuff is junk. Can I get a list of any kmarts open in pennsylvania?

  • Curtis Slinkard
    Curtis Slinkard 21 day ago

    Bunch of rambling words in my mind to say what made the decline

  • MrIronJustice
    MrIronJustice 21 day ago

    4:43 Is that Keith Apicary?