The Decline of Kmart...What Happened?

  • Published on May 15, 2017
  • The future of Kmart doesn't look bright. This video tells how Kmart got where they are today, their current situation, and my predictions for the future of the company.
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Comments • 15 892

  • Fred Dupont
    Fred Dupont 4 hours ago

    How many times did they file for bankruptcy and screwed their suppliers?

  • Martin Valentine
    Martin Valentine 2 days ago

    The K-Mart in my city still sits vacant since it closed in spring/summer 2017. They had some weird people working there though.

  • It's Me, Steve
    It's Me, Steve 3 days ago

    Your intro kind of sounds like kid cuddis day and nite song haha

  • Felk
    Felk 5 days ago

    in my country kmart is big

  • megafryingpan bell
    megafryingpan bell 5 days ago

    the K mart in my town is so run down and understaffed its sad and not to mention actually kinda of expensive compared to other options in my town

  • Grant Wheeler
    Grant Wheeler 6 days ago

    Do the decline of Meryns

  • XxRedpandaFortnite
    XxRedpandaFortnite 6 days ago

    The Kmart that’s still in my city turned into a farmer like store ??

  • Jamell Jones
    Jamell Jones 7 days ago

    Equity my hubby!! Just plan greed and true technology is destroying good memories.

  • Nerdy Deku
    Nerdy Deku 8 days ago +1

    If I can be honest I went there alot when I was a kid in 2004, something I always remember when I think of Kmart is run down and old. I always thought maybe it was just mine but after a few trips and vacations it seems like they all shared that same problem. Eventually people stoped going to the one in my hometown and it got even more rundown on the last visit i made before the one I knew as a kid shutdown. It shutdown in 2016 in Jackson TN.

  • Sonic heroes10
    Sonic heroes10 8 days ago +1

    ............. why why I grow up with this store and it was the first store I ever went

  • Sean Dougherty
    Sean Dougherty 8 days ago

    I miss the days of Kmart's reigning supreme over everyone else. Sad they're gone.

  • Twink Jones
    Twink Jones 8 days ago

    Bad management is what happened.

  • Mike Young
    Mike Young 8 days ago

    Is that Ashton kutcher voice??

  • Caramelbeautyxo
    Caramelbeautyxo 9 days ago

    we have a Kmart in Australia and it's everyone's go to store. I don't know why people in the US hate it, because we love it over here. It's more like a Target tho but with cheaper prices and very modern. It's the best, just type kmart australia on youtube, its very popular here. We also have a Target store and we love that too.

  • Apple B
    Apple B 10 days ago

    What is going on? It's K mart toys r us and so much more. What if Walmart is next?

  • rosenovarocks
    rosenovarocks 10 days ago

    My closest Kmart is in Fostoria, Ohio and they’re about to close down:(

  • DJ Fenske
    DJ Fenske 10 days ago

    I actually remember going to Kmart as a kid and even then for me it was the cheaper less fun place to go compared to WalMart. My parents generally went there because they didn't enjoy ALWAYS going to the same place to shop and since we always had to drive 30 min to an hour to go shopping they wanted to switch it up a little. When I was VERY young so maybe around 4-5 I would like Kmart but as I got older I didn't enjoy going there. They didn't have cool stuff like Walmart, nothing too flashy and exciting to look at.

  • Brian Glade
    Brian Glade 11 days ago +2

    Back in the late 70s, my dad worked at Kmart, long story short, he had this "growth" on his back he used to call the poltergeist, he said he was stocking toys and the "growth" reared its ugly face and burped out this orange syrupy juice that smelled like Cheetos, well, dad had enough of his buddy on his back and ripped it right off and tossed it on his stocking cart with all these toys, well, some lady and her son came down the aisle, dad said the little boy says "mom what's this!" and picked up the "growth", he said mom it's squishy, I guess the lady looked at it, smelled it, dry heaved and said put that down I don't know what that is....way to go Dad

  • Jaffa Orange
    Jaffa Orange 11 days ago +1

    Interesting video, but it doesn't need the obnoxious, annoying and redundant background music. A good video doesn't need any. Also, work on your pronunciation. You cut corners at the end of words and lump words together incoherently. Not necessarily something to be worried about in daily life, but in voice-over you need to articulate more clearly. Last, two thousand six, not twenty o'six. This seems a detail, but it becomes a distraction from your story.

  • Mclovin 2018
    Mclovin 2018 11 days ago

    we know what happen Wallmart crushed Kmart and Sears. shits to exspensive at both stores even when they have what your looking for.

  • PuppyChan
    PuppyChan 11 days ago

    kmart is still open lol

  • brenda yates
    brenda yates 12 days ago

    We have one of the few Kmart's left

  • Anthony Ab
    Anthony Ab 13 days ago

    Sears going out of business? Not in my hometown, that shit is booming

  • Dibroc
    Dibroc 13 days ago

    thanks for another good video

  • Jason Fidanza
    Jason Fidanza 14 days ago

    This was the first Company Man video I watched. I basically grew up in KMarts - my mother loved them

  • Nikki Velazquez
    Nikki Velazquez 15 days ago

    Depressing is exactly how I've described it! I don't know how to elaborate, but I just know it's a place I've avoided since the mid 90s.

  • Susan Smith
    Susan Smith 16 days ago

    The last Kmart around here closed last year. I liked shopping there, the prices were decent and nobody was there so I didn't have to deal with long lines and parking a mile away.

  • abcdef53015
    abcdef53015 17 days ago

    “Twenty-oh-two”? Damn I’ve never heard that before haha

  • PeaJayTheGr8
    PeaJayTheGr8 18 days ago

    Very good video. The amount of time it must take to put these together, I could only imagine. Great work! I remember going to K Mart as a kid. I remember at times my mom would let me stay home from school and we'd watch the Price is Right, in which would inspire her to want to shop at K Mart afterwards. 😂 It's where I got all of my clothes (well...the clothes my mom bought for me) throughout my elementary school years. It's sad walking through a K Mart seeing it virtually empty, and now pretty much everyone of them being closed here in Vegas. I remember when the Sears merger happened, a news station labeled the announcement, "Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right!" 😳

  • Elias Montoya
    Elias Montoya 18 days ago

    Stores die everyday

  • -Tcáf-
    -Tcáf- 19 days ago

    I remember buying transformers figures there they always had something better than Walmart

  • Scoot
    Scoot 19 days ago

    There's still a few Kmart stores in Australia where I live. I like the shop, but they did something really stupid with the layout. They moved everything around which was annoying enough, but they moved the checkout places to the middle of the shop. Right in front of the entrance. So whenever I go there, I have to always walk around of the hundreds of people that are literally everywhere. But after getting through all that, the rest of the shop is pretty good, but not as much as it used to be. It's just not as fun to walk around there anymore because again, people literally everywhere. But their stuff is still pretty good so uh-

  • alanna gracie
    alanna gracie 20 days ago

    In Australia, Kmart is still one of the best stores

  • Heiankyo Alien
    Heiankyo Alien 20 days ago

    The main thing I remember about K-Mart is that they always had old video games for sale. I'm talking multiple generations out of date. I distinctly remember seeing sealed, full-price copies of Gyromite and Bayou Billy in the glass case right next to the brand new N64 and PS2 games in 2001.

  • Pete Nielsen
    Pete Nielsen 20 days ago

    I was a Kmart pensioner until they took over Sears. The merger required the dissolving of the pension plan by law of course. The flip over into an IRA is now costing more for the fees every year than it makes on the general stock markets. So I have mixed feelings about the fact that I do not even know where the nearest Kmart or Sears is in New York State. The whole thing is expected to not survive this year.

  • Irene S
    Irene S 21 day ago

    I was never a Kmart shopper so it didn't affect me much.

  • Triumph 1
    Triumph 1 22 days ago

    Lake street Kmart

  • Chun Shun Lau
    Chun Shun Lau 22 days ago

    Whenever WalMart came, KMart gone. It’s that simple: WalMart is a killing machine and KMart a sheep

  • Ireland Gaming
    Ireland Gaming 23 days ago

    Kmart Ireland Is Out Of Businesses

  • Ireland Gaming
    Ireland Gaming 23 days ago

    No More Kmart In Me My Name Is Ireland

    AJU JOHN 23 days ago

    Best playback speed is 1.25x

  • O.G. Shmurda
    O.G. Shmurda 24 days ago +1

    Why the hell do you say Twenty o' Six just say two thousand and six

  • Christopher Evans
    Christopher Evans 24 days ago

    Sears had too many returns because of crap merchandise.

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh 25 days ago

    It’s 2019 and K Mart is pretty much dead. All the stores have closed.

  • Jayden Thrift
    Jayden Thrift 25 days ago

    Can somebody tell me how Australia's KMart is doing?

  • Nick P
    Nick P 26 days ago

    The Blue light special was really a special... & the stores were never up-kept...

    SCALED OUT WHEELS 26 days ago

    Rare hotwheels! It's the only reason why I go to a Kmart

  • Anthony Rojas
    Anthony Rojas 26 days ago

    Yo was up with you blood I work at Kmart

  • Tommy Skaggs
    Tommy Skaggs 28 days ago

    I miss k Mart

  • madfingers72
    madfingers72 29 days ago

    I'm still waiting to hear -what happened-
    All the video does is talk about how Kmart started closing stores and losing money. Was hoping for some insight into why.

  • Wang Shu
    Wang Shu 29 days ago

    I also went to one of the few Kmart's still open. And it was very depressing, disgusting, and aggravating, (it ain't what it used to be). I went there to purchase a vacuum cleaner and there were NONE to be had, NADA! I actually had to go to the neighborhood hardware store to purchase a vacuum cleaner!
    I'd chalk Kmart's demise to lousy executives. The same goes for SEARS! How do you bungle a solid business you might ask? Do what SEARS and Kmart executives did, lose touch with your customer base, and run your business into the ground! Take all the profits out of the company coffers, and never reinvest in the company's image, and product line. Seriously, how do you run a profitable business into the ground? Why just do what SEARS and Kmart executives did! The same holds true for any business endeavor really. But what'd these incredulous executives do? They blamed their own mishandling and mismanagement on the internet!
    Here's am idea, "people still require brick and mortar styled retail shopping because they still want a physical visceral experience in the flesh!" After-all, the internet isn't that much of a VIRTUAL experience as in person shopping is! Look at Walmart and Price Costco as perfect examples you MORONS that ran both solid businesses like SEARS and Kmart brands into the ground because they lacked VISION!

  • Service Dogs
    Service Dogs Month ago

    Interesting note I could remember during the 1988 tornado I remembered it destroyed the store and eight people died who were shopping inside at the time

  • Service Dogs
    Service Dogs Month ago

    In the 90s they weren’t doing the blue light special they also are well known for not removing damage product and sending them back to the manufacturer I was work there and I was actually punished for refusing to put damage product back on the shelf examples will be shampoo and lotion that I was told to fill with water so that they didn’t seem empty when they were poured out cat litter and dog food taped up with clear tape

  • Oden Max
    Oden Max Month ago

    Anyone remember the BlueLight internet for 56k dialup? Got free internet by doing that trial disc over and over..

  • Joey Stalone
    Joey Stalone Month ago +1

    Kmart is still pretty big down here in Australia

  • Max Carter
    Max Carter Month ago +2

    When ever I visit K Mart or Sears I get the feeling they are being intentionally destroyed. Why, I don't know. I suspect someone is selling it down the river to somehow suck out the value and leave a crumbling shell behind. I don't think you got to the real reasons for the K Mart decline. Who did this and who benefitted?

    • M Marilyn
      M Marilyn 28 days ago

      Max Carter yep! Companies are very organized and they would never ever let their stores crumble like this unless they were making money by doing so, which means they would be making the money to compensate in other companies that they have bought or they have future plans for the property & are just sitting on it until they could sell it for the most or break up the company and sell the "parts"
      But considering we are living in the last few years this country will ever see I don't think these companies give a crap about money. Agenda 21 new world order & the 5G kill grid is being set up faster than you can say hi. This country has seen its best times and now it's a race to the bottom in every aspect of life living under these Elites. Sad but they control everything.

  • ZMan1471
    ZMan1471 Month ago

    My mom used to punish me by dropping me off at kmart on a Saturday instead of grounding me

  • omnise
    omnise Month ago

    What about Wally world? Worked there a year and a half. They're losing lots of business to amazon. Now I work at Dollar General. That place is dying. That'd be an interesting one. We arent supposed to double bag anything because the store is so cheap, they don't wanna spend money on bags. DG is really fucking cheap. They can't keep workers. They can't keep managers. They don't give a damn about customer service. Corporate squeezes every penny it can out of each store at the cost of employees and customers alike.

    • omnise
      omnise Month ago

      Oh. And all our customers are regulars who walk and either think walmart is too far away or dont want to shop at big stores. If not for them, The walmart in town would suck us dry.

  • Norma Cartwright
    Norma Cartwright Month ago

    I worked at Kmart, for the first summer. Since I was only sixteen, I was a cashier for four hours, four days a week. At $0.85 an hour!!!
    One afternoon, in August 1962, a Kresge Vice President brought us to the back of the store and announced that Kmart was a "Huge Success". He picked up a blueprint and ripped it in half. He grinned and said,, "This is Plan B. If you look at the store as you leave, you will notice it could have been a large bowling alley with a central concourse and two pairs of sixteen alleys facing the center."
    Did you know Walmart also started that same spring?

  • pc
    pc Month ago

    Kmart is awesome in Australia

  • Rich Yan
    Rich Yan Month ago

    Right in the middle of this video an ad for Walmart came on. I think that says it all.

  • A. Meeks
    A. Meeks Month ago

    The only time I would go to Kmart is after I found out that they were the only store in town that sold guinea pig food I was going there for months until one day they just stopped selling it and their pet section got a lot smaller now I have no reason to go there it's kind of run-down every time I go in it feels empty even though the Isles are full of stuff

  • Johnathan Jordan
    Johnathan Jordan Month ago

    I remember getting slapped in the face in Kmart by mom for cursing loud for not getting what I wanted. Hey i didn't know she was in the other isle lol

  • Dafoodmaster
    Dafoodmaster Month ago

    Remarket to "k m a r t" and market yourself as "t h e a e s t h e t i c a l t e r n a t i v e ." don't update the look, bring back the blue light specials, add like, customer service training that's honed in on honest not-plasticy interest in and care for the customer, close the bigger stores, downsize and wait.

  • TFrills
    TFrills Month ago

    My college professor was an operations manager for a K-mart supplier. Now he has to teach because K-mart is dead!

  • Calvin Hill
    Calvin Hill Month ago

    U forgot about kroger too it was to much competition

  • CerauniusFornicatio

    The nearest to my Area had a small cafeteria near the entrance behind the cash registers where they'd sere burgers, hot dogs, and pizza. You could even get them to take home. It'll be gone in just a few more months.

  • Eugene Street
    Eugene Street Month ago

    In the 80s I went to a local sears to pay my credit bill. I went to the customer service desk and the lady had to look up my account on microfiche. I couldn't believe it.

  • DMadd519
    DMadd519 Month ago

    I live 10 miles from Hoffman Estates, IL. I’ve seen the Sears Holdings Corporate Office many times by the Sears Centre Arena.

  • Stephen Myers-Fulgham

    The last remaining K Mart in Tucson Arizona is currently in the process of closing. This video is right in a few respects. It is like walking back in time in many ways ranging from antiquated visual merchandizing and outdated inventory/point of sale systems all the way down even to the music being played throughout the store. Always 80's and 90's music. The nostalgia angle works in certain respects, but usually a much smaller, niche market. Otherwise, it is just a tired brand which is really a shame because I absolutely hate Walmart and Target can be a bit pricey.

  • Kevin Peel
    Kevin Peel Month ago

    Kmart Australia is thriving and doesn’t look anything like the US Kmart stores

  • my name is not Ford F-150

    Still have my Kmart in Kenosha, but it will close very soon. Sears already left. I heard that the one in Caledonia (Racine) is also closing very soon. They already pulled the plug on the Kmart is Cudahy/South Milwaukee and Oconomowoc
    I'd like to see a list of every Kmart left in each state. Anybody bother to tell me? Because I don't know every Kmart left in each state.

  • my name is not Ford F-150

    Still have my Kmart in Kenosha, but it will close very soon. Sears already left. I heard that the one in Caledonia (Racine) is also closing very soon. They already pulled the plug on the Kmart is Cudahy/South Milwaukee and Oconomowoc
    I'd like to see a list of every Kmart left in each state. Anybody bother to tell me? Because I don't know every Kmart left in each state.

  • Fox Account
    Fox Account Month ago

    There was an old store called the “ The bon Ton “ there was one near me that closed down

  • Red Lily
    Red Lily Month ago +1

    There was a Big Kmart near me that was running until last year. Wildfires burned down tons of homes and businesses, including the Big KMart. It's the only place in the area that hasn't had any repairs done to it so it's pretty much dead.

    • Red Lily
      Red Lily 28 days ago

      +M Marilyn California wildfires

    • M Marilyn
      M Marilyn 28 days ago

      Red Lily you mean the direct energy weapon fires? I'm sure it didn't burn down any Masonic lodges. Lol

  • 72A'sDolphins
    72A'sDolphins Month ago

    maybe do something like this?¿?

  • SDKFZ 251
    SDKFZ 251 Month ago

    I feel bad for them. I would go back if they were still around here. We need to keep some diversity in the market. Walmart has too much control.

  • John Rojas
    John Rojas Month ago

    I miss K-Mart. My favorite part about it was the ice cream shop in the back. It had my favorite ice cream.

  • ilovemesomejess
    ilovemesomejess Month ago

    I think our state has 1 left... I think

  • Mofo Jackson
    Mofo Jackson Month ago

    Very well researched and highly informative. Thanks

  • Mofo Jackson
    Mofo Jackson Month ago

    The movie "Troop Beverly Hills" also referenced Kmart 'blue light special' several times throughout it.
    The main antagonist taunts her much more harmless assistant with the threat that not helping her sabotage the girls from Troop Beverly Hills would cost her her job as assistant troop leader, resulting in a likely job at Kmart. Hence several times in the movie when showing hesitancy at the idea of helping her with her plans, Velda says "Attention Kmart shoppers... Blue light special..." To which she then reluctantly capitulates.
    And then at the end this is what we see the villainous character actually doing: standing at a checkout in Kmart saying over the intercomm "Attention Kmart shoppers... There is a blue light special...

  • Blockie Animations
    Blockie Animations Month ago

    Bu then kmart still remains one of the top 25 largest retail companies in the world.
    Didnt know why? Its the 3rd-largest retail company in australia. It still remains a billionaire company (thanks australia)

  • Tristan Lewis
    Tristan Lewis Month ago +2

    I remember going to there store when I was a little kid and got those little Caesar's pizza and It was the best (i will remember my childhood days) :-)

  • Mike Wright
    Mike Wright Month ago

    My wife worked at the Sears world headquarters in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, at the top end of management. They recruited her, but she stayed only two years. She left because of the incredibly incompetent decision making at the top. It is no surprise as to why they experienced debt to equity issues. After a few months, she told me that K-Mart and Sears were both doomed. She moved on. You can blame this train wreck on a lack of vision at the top, and an unwillingness to consider the input of the other company officers around them.

  • Adrian
    Adrian Month ago

    Do a video on path mark

  • Adrian
    Adrian Month ago

    So that's why sports authority closed because k mart f#$@ed it up I liked that store

  • The Northie
    The Northie Month ago

    There isn’t much to do in Garden City MI anymore. I used to go up there for their card tournaments but that’s it. The last time I was there it looked like a depressing town slowly dying.

  • molinkie
    molinkie Month ago

    So what are those at the top level of management doing now? I'll bet they're doing well. They've followed a Trump style of asset management.

  • Tedd Jasiczek
    Tedd Jasiczek Month ago

    Oddly KMarts big and tall clothing is better than both Walmart. I still go for work clothes.

    • Amenhir
      Amenhir Month ago

      That's because Big and Tall is the first thing to go. If you don't have customers then no one is buying all of the larger sizes.

  • Becca R
    Becca R Month ago

    I worked at Kmart! I made a good amount of money!

  • strænger lēigh
    strænger lēigh Month ago

    How come in so many company man videos i get emotional at the end

  • Becca R
    Becca R Month ago

    Kmart closed in two towns I've lived in, in the past year... yeah, it's going to be gone. They just declared bankruptcy!

  • WeRGayzz 1
    WeRGayzz 1 Month ago

    But kmart might rise again

  • EremikaHaven
    EremikaHaven Month ago

    Damn tbh I thought all the Kmarts were closed by now, the one by me closed 5-6 years ago

  • AtomicPulse 18
    AtomicPulse 18 Month ago +1

    In my area, I had a Big Kmart. In 2016, it closed. My mom got her towels and some of her clothes there. I seen the monitors they used and I thought that I was living in 1998. Them failing to update their stores really withdrew the hype of even going to the store. The last time I went to Kmart, I bought earbuds, an entire television and a 12 disc cartoon set. Kmart really looks as if they are on life support.

  • littlefang1987
    littlefang1987 Month ago

    Am I the only one creeped out by those blue light commercials

  • Felk
    Felk Month ago

    In australia Kmart does great. It's a popular store here...

  • Parella Panther
    Parella Panther Month ago +2

    You should do the decline of shopko! The three around my area have closed in the last year. I want to know what happened!

  • Alaina Schneider
    Alaina Schneider Month ago

    The last Kmart I saw was an abandoned one in Cleveland last year, all though I think I saw an open big k somewhere somewhat recently. The last time I went in a Kmart was a long time ago when I was small but the store was sorta empty and is now a giant Kroger, all I remember from my childhood is Kmart commercials when the lightbulb thing put an s over the k to make smart

  • Carolina Jackpot
    Carolina Jackpot Month ago

    This is sad. The slow decline of another staple from the past. By the way, yes their cash registers are slow and outdated, fueling a pretty substandard checkout experience, but anything is better than going into a damn Wal Mart with 25 registers and 3 open, backed up to the next zip code