30 Avengers: Endgame Mysteries And Plot Holes

  • Published on May 14, 2019
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    Avengers: Endgame is the spectacular culmination of eleven years of movie-making in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
    It saw the Avengers come together to defeat Thanos - the powerful intergalactic despot whose life mission was to bring balance to the universe, at the cost of trillions of lives.
    It provided us with closure to a number of character's stories and gave us answers to lots of long-standing questions - but it also created just as many questions, mysteries and plot holes.
    In this video, we'll run you through thirty of the niggling issues Avengers: Endgame left us wondering about. Please note, there WILL be spoilers for the movie (both in the following text AND the video itself)...
    The isses include; How did Carol Danvers find Tony Stark in space? How exactly does time work in the Quantum Realm? Are Namor and Captain Britain in the MCU? What does Loki's escape in 2012 mean for his MCU future? Will Black Widow's movie be a prequel now that she's dead? Are we getting A-Force and Young Avengers movies? How did Valkyrie get her flying horse back? Why didn't the heroes just use the Time Stone to bring Tony Stark back to life? Where is Gamora now? How is Peter Parker still the same age as all of his classmates? And is this the end for the Avengers?
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Comments • 2 330

  • Bruce Goodchild
    Bruce Goodchild 44 minutes ago

    Haha sabastian stan
    " America " hahaha hot tub time machine was pretty funny

  • J Z
    J Z 2 days ago

    I thought Infinity wars final fight was on Saturns moon Titan. But if that’s the case then why did Tony claim to be 1000 light years away from a 7-Eleven? Wasn’t he already in our solar system?

  • A k
    A k 3 days ago

    uuuh..why did ironman kill himself by activating the glove? couldn't he just wipe their asses with the power of the stones by turning them into icecream or whatever? You know..without self destruction

  • santanu kumar naik
    santanu kumar naik 5 days ago

    Dont you remember what happened at the end of captain marvel

  • Coc Jamie
    Coc Jamie 12 days ago

    They had to follow quill to find the stone as they didn’t know where it was 4:01

  • A A
    A A 14 days ago

    In Infinity War, if Gamora was able to kill herself, does Thanos still get the soul stone? If no, then why is black widow able to kill herself?

  • John Smith 2.0
    John Smith 2.0 15 days ago

    the people who make the movies much watch these and laugh like how tf did this nigga get that idea in his head lmao

  • jabir burhan
    jabir burhan 17 days ago

    My Question is if Gamora can come back from the soul stone exchange why couldn't black widow and how exactly did Captain America returned the soul stone

  • Anne Green
    Anne Green 19 days ago

    Plot hole 11 is not a plot hole because when captain America was 1970 he grabbed 4 pym particles 1 for iron man 1 for him and the other 2 for thanos' ship with his army inside it

  • LauraSofia071
    LauraSofia071 19 days ago

    I think it’s pretty obvious that only the people who turned into dust are the ones who would come back. Gamora and many others died for other reasons (during battle, natural causes, sacrifice, etc) that were not due to the snap, even if the snap didn’t happen they would still remain dead

  • Joshua Barcelos
    Joshua Barcelos 20 days ago

    Also rewinding Tony back to life would undo Iron Mans snap. Duh

  • Joshua Barcelos
    Joshua Barcelos 20 days ago

    I was wondering about her horse too

  • Kyle Hall
    Kyle Hall 20 days ago +1

    Can someone please explain why captain America can control lightning with thors hammer i thought the hammer was the help thor control it not harness it?

  • Griffin Martin
    Griffin Martin 20 days ago

    For some of these questions he should have already known the answers

  • Rari Saget
    Rari Saget 24 days ago

    10:27 why wouldn’t he get along with Ross? Tony was ready to capture the hulk for him in the end credit scene of Incredible Hulk, and Tony was all for the Accords in civil war. Ross doesn’t like the hero’s like Captain America and Bucky but there is no reason to believe he wouldn’t be ok with Tony

  • Rari Saget
    Rari Saget 24 days ago

    7:32 yes it was. The creators said he could lift it the whole time and didn’t want to show Thor up. Did you not do research again or did you know that but act like you didn’t to sound clever

  • Rari Saget
    Rari Saget 24 days ago

    5:52 the creators said that black widow was going to be a prequel and that giving the soul stone back doesn’t bring the person back. They said both of these things. Maybe do some research? Also why wouldn’t she be de aged for a movie set in the past? Samuel L Jackson was in captain marvel.

  • Prerna Agrawal
    Prerna Agrawal 27 days ago

    Helen cho died

  • By • Audio HL
    By • Audio HL 28 days ago

    Damn wtf did I watch it's a movie not real life dude lol stop putting logic into what the writer and actor created. Lmao is not real l.

  • Phoenix Stone
    Phoenix Stone 28 days ago

    The reason they had to go to morag basically with peter quill was because it was covered by water, there. Was only a short period every decade or so that made aquiring the power stone impossible otherwise

  • severe79
    severe79 28 days ago

    And why didnt The Ancient One help the Avengers to ensure victory and get the Time stone back?

  • Edgar Pegueros
    Edgar Pegueros 28 days ago

    If they killed 2013 thanos then everything he did after 2013 should have never happened since he died

  • Brendan Manning
    Brendan Manning 29 days ago +1

    Do you no how time works in the quantum realm ( is that how you spell quantum )

    It does'nt

  • Show4224
    Show4224 29 days ago

    For Famous actors vs their part in the movie, see Last Action Hero for the poster of Sylvester Stallone as The Terminator.
    Come Screen Rant, I thought you liked movies.

  • Rizwan Tariq
    Rizwan Tariq Month ago

    How does Thor get storm breaker to return to his hand

  • justin stevenson
    justin stevenson Month ago

    Its called a movie!

  • Imperial Plays
    Imperial Plays Month ago

    I like how now we know the answers to like half of these. I find it fun to go back and look at speculation to see how accurate it was, anyone else watching this for the same?

  • Saed
    Saed Month ago

    Well peter isn’t the same age, a major plot point in far from home is that a kid who used to be childish and annoying is now muscular and all the girls like him. But those set of people were snapped

  • Almer Jethro
    Almer Jethro Month ago

    In iron man’s snap thanos and his army dissapired but why wont half of the universe dissapire ?

  • Mike L
    Mike L Month ago

    If I tell you the answers, you would know too.

  • Mega Hydra
    Mega Hydra Month ago

    Guys leave a like for Loki or comment for Deadpool if you think one of them are Noobmaster69

  • David Cline
    David Cline Month ago

    Why couldn't Shuri have used the Mind Stone to help repair Vision before Steve Rogers took it back to the past. Then actually finished removing the stone by rewiring his "brain" like she was trying in Infinity War. Fixed and alive Vision w/o the Mind Stone and ready for the Disney show. Plot hole solved-ish.

  • Leighton Hardy
    Leighton Hardy Month ago

    Why is gamora???

    PETER SWEET Month ago

    chow's dead ya twat

  • Karbin Gamer
    Karbin Gamer Month ago

    Brother u should do you'r research better atlantis belongs to the greek mythology the mcu is based around the norse mythology

    • Karbin Gamer
      Karbin Gamer Month ago

      @Ruby Rose but with all respect that dose not make any sense

    • Ruby Rose
      Ruby Rose Month ago

      Atlantis exists in the MCU as well.

  • SchriSchaegs Xbox
    SchriSchaegs Xbox Month ago

    They went to the power stone while peter was there because he had the tracking device to find it.

  • fredericklazarus
    fredericklazarus Month ago

    I thought Cap's shield was torn to pieces...

  • StormingCobra55
    StormingCobra55 Month ago

    Langford was gonna be an older version of Morgan Stark in a clip that was never filmed. After Tony snaps, the same thing happens to him as what happened to Thanos and he was sent to the Soul World. The older Morgan asks, “Did you do it?” like Gamora did. Tony tells her yes, and she asks, “Why did you do it?” Tony replies, “For everything.” This was a concept scene, but they never filmed it.

  • Samuel Rivera
    Samuel Rivera Month ago +1

    1. Ant man went through a time portal referenced in Ant man and the wasp
    2. They needed Starlords key which opened the door to the power stone.

  • Lisa Addy
    Lisa Addy Month ago

    The reason why vison didn’t show up cause they the soul
    Stone and he has it in his head

  • Joey Taylor
    Joey Taylor Month ago +3

    Next video= 30 reasons why the last bit of food from the Benatar that Tony ate helped the rat free ant man

  • Andrew Barber
    Andrew Barber Month ago

    im convinced this guy has no idea what he’s talking about

  • Jennifer Champaneria

    In wanda vision shuri can give a reborn to vision

  • Jennifer Champaneria

    If time would had been reversed for Tony than the snap also didn't happen as in infinity war on time reversing mind stone which was destroyed came back

  • lukesfist
    lukesfist Month ago

    How is thanos still alive in infinity war if his past self was killed in the future?

  • kedab123
    kedab123 Month ago

    the directors did say cap didnt carry the hammer in consideration to thors ego

  • TheWildWolfBG
    TheWildWolfBG Month ago

    i think vision will be ressurected with scarlet witch's powers

  • Anthony Hanrahan
    Anthony Hanrahan Month ago

    disney didn’t have the x-men while writing and filming endgame

  • Anthony Hanrahan
    Anthony Hanrahan Month ago

    bucky knew steve wasnt coming back

  • Anthony Hanrahan
    Anthony Hanrahan Month ago

    it was confirmed a while ago that black widows movie will be a prequel

  • Anthony Hanrahan
    Anthony Hanrahan Month ago

    captain marvel was told by the avengers that tony and nebula were in space and what planet they had been on so it didn’t take too long for her to find them.

  • Fad3_ Wolvez
    Fad3_ Wolvez Month ago

    9:14 SPAM IT

  • Rhalton Hendricks
    Rhalton Hendricks Month ago

    quill the only one that knew where the the power stone was on morag

  • sharif sadjail
    sharif sadjail Month ago

    i think when cap return the space stone and mind stone he uses time stone to return to its original form or cap meet ancient one and ask to return the stone to its original form;)

  • Bastian Contreras
    Bastian Contreras Month ago

    Langford was gonna be the older version of Tony’s daughter. When he snapped

  • Timtetumtetodd
    Timtetumtetodd Month ago

    Why should Cap return the stones without changing Time? That makes no sense, time is changed there!

  • Timtetumtetodd
    Timtetumtetodd Month ago

    Ebony Maw made the Pym-Particels!

  • Kishp69
    Kishp69 Month ago

    Thanos has the technology to duplicate pym particles, she took one vile from nebula when she was captured.

  • Waiivzy
    Waiivzy Month ago

    Isn't the Guardian's ship called the Milano?

  • This Channel Name Good

    cuz vision didnt get snaped :/