Video Evidence of Cloaked Cloud Ship Cloaking itself in the Clouds Caught on Video - Invisible TR3Bs

  • Published on May 18, 2018
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    It's very important that you first watch this video before watching the video I have presented or you may not understand fully what I was attempting to show everyone. Also a post video breakdown of this video - please also watch Jeff P's video of this:
    This video is by Demon Hunter and APlaneTruth.Info
    Demon Ships in the Sky:
    NOTE: In this vide and Demon Hunters picks apart thoroughly and graciously how the cloaked cloud ships work, operate and mask themselves in plane sight. This is an amazing documentary and one of my all time favorites here on TVclip. This is some of the newest technology to come out of the government and currently seen above our heads. These cloud ships are something strange and new to me but it's come to my attention that this is an older technology that they are still trying to perfect. This must be why we keep seeing them in the skies constantly. Currently my team (Becky and Rex) and I along with our subscribers are really trying to figure out what the ultimate agenda for these cloud ships ultimately is.
    Lately this has been the focus of our research and the reason we've been questioning our sanity. This is a very exciting a strange few weeks for us due to these ships and this new information. Please keep up with our videos and the unfolding research that we are uncovering. Be sure to visit and Demon Hunters TVclip channels for more information about this amazing find and be sure to subscribe to their channels as they both do such amazing research on the topic. Along with many other interesting topics. My wife and I feel very lucky to have found their channels, their research has enlightened us greatly.
    In this video it is apparently an invisible TR3B military cloud ship which has docked and is hovering in the sky adding extra cloaking to his camouflage. I was very lucky to get this footage, rarely do the operators of these ships give up their location so easily like how they did here. It's much easier to watch this video in fast forward to see the end result of what truly happens with the cloaking cloud fields of the ship which are spilling out of all three corners of the ship. I truly hope you all enjoy watching this clip as much as we enjoyed filming it.
    For those of you that care: We filmed this cloaked cloud ship in Albuquerque NM on May 17, 2018 at around 4pm. We shot the footage just outside of our hotel room at the Day's Inn. The more and more I watch the clouds now I always seem to catch these ships in action and I learn more and more about the technology. These are very cool ships but at the same time the idea of invisible cloud ships being over your head anytime of the day or night is a bit discerning as you constantly feel like you're being spied on. That is NOT a good feeling.
    I plan to ultimately learn why these ships are constantly in our skies and what their purpose is. Why are they constantly patrolling our skies and airways? I truly hope this video evidence assists others in shining a light on the subject and ultimately bringing this conspiracy to light. It's been generations now that the Military Industrial Complex has secretly run the country from behind a veil and acted free of law and punishment. They continue to commit crimes against our fellow Americans as well as slaughter innocent women and children around the world. Although this is an amazing set of vehicles soon they will be used to murder more innocent people from around the world and possible on other worlds. We must bring this secret society to justice for their atrocities. We thank you so much for watching and remind you if you haven't already to please like, share and subscribe.
    Please be good to one another and of course always be good to yourself.
    Please use this opportunity to prepare for the worst and of course always hope for the best.
    Please visit and subscribe to these two amazing channels if you haven't already.
    Demon Hunters:
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  • Boogie Man
    Boogie Man  Year ago +18

    Just so EVERYONE knows - this video is all about the cloaking technology which is being used by this ship to cloak itself. You will NOT see a ship in this video as it is invisible. So Please don't comment about how you can't see the damn ship...I know....there is no ship to see. It's fucking invisible. Don't be a twit. Please! :-)
    At 1:49-1:52 you will actually see some lights on the fuscelog of this ship blink and give away it's location and appearance. It's very cool and gives you confirmation of it's existence.
    This is a collection of standard TR3B ships which use cloud cloaking technology to hide their existence.

    • krokobil12
      krokobil12 3 months ago


    • anti government
      anti government 3 months ago

      Boogie Man but the shit already invincibility why the reason to cloak? They are advancing in holographic projection, they can look like planes helicopters even a tiny orange light like a satellite, then disappear then show up eye level about 50 meters away hovering there I’ve had 6 magic planes fly over my head within 15 minutes but I’ll pull out of gas station and it will be sitting there then start flying over like a plane we’ll projection of 1.. look at twin tower planes the pentagon again. That was back then. If anyone can point me in there direction would be appreciated, the people flying them or if anyone knows them tell them let’s a fist fight I’m not tough but I’ll give it a go

  • Bob Cephala
    Bob Cephala 3 days ago

    This world sucks today man, I miss the 80s and 90s but life stops for me there

  • McArthur Seek and Speak Truth

    if you pray against these they lose their ability to make clouds I'm serious

  • Чел Помолодел

    Yes! The second person I found who also sees it! They're fucking everywhere. Everywhere! Different triangular and other pyramids, Merkaba, etc. The world has changed forever. That's how I started to see them:
    I am glad that found you)

  • Brandon Kostinsky
    Brandon Kostinsky 2 months ago

    Fucking crazy

  • Brandon Kostinsky
    Brandon Kostinsky 2 months ago

    Fucking crazy

    YMMOT[][]TOMMY 2 months ago


  • MontanaxTyler
    MontanaxTyler 2 months ago

    Just last summer I seen an invisible flying ship in the night sky and it was hovering with no noise there is a lot of sky activity In Saskatchewan Canada

  • Redd Williams
    Redd Williams 2 months ago

    I apologize in advance for this Dino love referenced screenshot, but here it ‘tis...

    • Redd Williams
      Redd Williams 2 months ago

      Dammit I got the best screenshot but I guess you can’t to post a pic on TVclip comments...

  • Redd Williams
    Redd Williams 2 months ago

    Have you been introduced to Donnie of Daytona? If you haven’t, think ya shud!

  • Redd Williams
    Redd Williams 2 months ago

    Hey Bro, lovin’ your vids!!! You funny as shit stained undies... (sry). Bad illustration... but I am also as wonderer of what’s really going on and I see on this vid to what you’re referring... I also see manifested mythical creatures as the clouds are being made/generated. Wonder if there are made thru scientific cantations or generated spells of chem poison? To go along with your halarity, around the 1st generated poofs i saw Dino’s doing the big nasty getdown like doggies do. The I spotted grim gremelin faces... I know there’s more to this than imagination... all will be revealed! And every knee shall bow. Thx for stepping out and being weird when most stay in the wallflowers. All the freaky people make the beauty world! Stay grateful bro and sis!! Prayers of protection and clarity. Greater is HE!!!!

  • Pastel109
    Pastel109 2 months ago

    One night me and my wife were sitting out on my deck and around 11pm I happened to look up. We both saw a long triangle shaped more like a v shape but wider. It was very close over our heads I jumped when I saw it cause it was so quiet. I wouldn’t have seen but it had 8 red lights very dim when it went over us.
    There up there in cloaking technology because there studying the firmament trying to get to heaven! Like the Tower of Babel and god made man speak different languages to stop

  • Rhett Michel
    Rhett Michel 2 months ago

    Dude did you see the helicopter at that raid in Hollywood.Or sa not see it they were definitely using some device that night, pretty much see or getting in some thing

  • Cynthia Billiar
    Cynthia Billiar 2 months ago

    I seen blinking lights!!!!!

  • Natural Born Rebel
    Natural Born Rebel 3 months ago

    awesome... i caught a few of these flying by my house. was lucky to catch it on video.

  • Autumn Ferguson
    Autumn Ferguson 3 months ago

    So on my search for cloaking projection ships since they are in all my photos and I found you..

  • Charlie waffles
    Charlie waffles 3 months ago

    Yo boogie got a email ??

  • LostCommunication1
    LostCommunication1 3 months ago

    Interesting video and I see what you mean with the shielding tech, but please use discernment from now on from verbally danming God in unconvering luciferian shenanigans. It kinda defeats the purpose. Have a blessed day and keep up the good video work. He is watching.

    KMARISHKA 3 months ago

    I had cloaked cloud not so far from my house.

  • Migdivided
    Migdivided 3 months ago

    Omg at 1:51 or 1:52 you can see two dots flash on the ship.. That's nuts

  • Eddie Bacon
    Eddie Bacon 4 months ago

    Those are clouds. Stop smoking meth

  • Rain
    Rain 4 months ago

    I see different ones all the time. They "Mask" themselves by somehow bending light around them. Picture like TV screens as the skin of outside then perhaps a camera recording sky above them to display on skin? It's practically the 91 fwy out in Southwestern Riverside County. So many Large moon spheres trying to mask in clouds. The "fish" tales and the "Zeppelins". Also those spheres alight looking like tinsel or spheres with rpund mirrors /lights around center.... I'm seeing Everything.

  • Yuki Light
    Yuki Light 4 months ago

    They declared the silent weapons war against humanity in the 1900s. Theyve been killing us since.

  • Joe Hanson
    Joe Hanson 5 months ago

    Boogie dude, you're check-in out cloaked,i have some pic's of 1,and video of another cloaked ships,,I'll e mail you them

  • Annie
    Annie 5 months ago

    Lollollol!!! You are seeing NOTHING, but your own IMAGINATION. Get off the GLUE.

  • Hair Razor Detox
    Hair Razor Detox 5 months ago

    Slow it down at 1:50 what’s that

  • jammin Bucy
    jammin Bucy 6 months ago

    marines at 16? that explains a lot. this is amazing . I almost wish I hadn't seen it. I see things floating over head at night while I'm at my farm. they're not planes .

  • Micki Moritz
    Micki Moritz 6 months ago

    Cloaking..... In 1989 in san diego california. on "Mira Mesa Blvd" right across from the NAS MIRAMAR ( now a marine base) there was a large black cloud. Racing across the sky. it was the only cloud in the sky that evening. it had lights blinking inside it. my friend and I pulled over to see it. many other people got out of their cars to see as well. i believe i even seen a lady taking pictures. at that point. a squadron of jets, approached and circled the "CLOUD" in formation. they flew out towards the ocean. we followed as long as we could. but it all vanished far out to sea. I called many news, military, and even the airport. i got no info. But my friend did get a reprimand at work. (he was stationed at miramar). i have only my memory to collaborate this story. i have retold this story often. Hoping to find one of the other people who seen this.
    I believed then as i do now, that this was an early form of cloaking, and cloud tech. i do not believe the craft that was hidden was terrestrial. It was too big, too fast, and the lights were strange colors. if they were doing this, in public then..... imagine what is going on now.

  • Erick Campbell
    Erick Campbell 7 months ago

    They are Alien's 👽

  • Jessica Andrews
    Jessica Andrews 7 months ago

    I can see the lights blinking the craft is massive whatever it is.

  • ZULU69
    ZULU69 7 months ago

    They,who or ever "they" are, wanna convince that all of us are small and not VIP. But we ARE!!! All of us. Single person is! And you do something that "they" do not like! What? That IDK...but keep on doing soldier.. Coz...we are at way of another...SEMPER FI BROTHER

  • Cindy Crockett
    Cindy Crockett 7 months ago

    Beautiful footage! Watch this Hopi Prophecies video and pay attention to what its saying about everything thats going to happen. Some of these things prophecied are happening now!!! These are over 10,000 years old! I believe that this activity has absolutely nothing to do with the governments, our people, secret projects, haarp, cern, or anything else from this world. This activity is God sent just as its written, and thats why they are showing you how they are showing you and right over your heads. We can all have our opinions about whats going on but honestly if people cannot see the gods and God in the heavens right now and the UFO and Beings that are not anything like what we've seen anywhere before, then keep watching and you will be shown without a doubt. God Bless you for your inquiring mind and taking footage of this activity. Heres a recent video of the "cloud" activity that I get here in central I have quite a few of these. About 400 videos since 2013 documenting what I've been seeing, and learning, and capturing in video and photos. Beautiful Light beings that are flying within the clouds that look like angels, and other beings and orbs flying around all kinds of magnificent things to see.

  • Lamonique Harris
    Lamonique Harris 7 months ago

    Show cloKs

  • Jahara Li
    Jahara Li 8 months ago +1

    Okay so you said you and your wife have been filming the clouds for 2 weeks like crazy people LOL I've been doing it for about a year. And i film the stars and the night sky and I see the same exact stuff. And I filn everything right outside my house, , up above my court I have a bunch of crazy and great footage because, every time I go to film something, something happens,... because something is always happening lol. It's just that nobody looks up anymore, because people are looking down at their cell phones, and tablets etc. So they're probably testing technology or cloaking their ships or maybe it's extraterrestrials but, I would think extraterrestrials had way better technology than a ship that is clearly already invisible, that kind of makes it self visible by hitting the cloud button. And you see all those little black ball looking things, the kind of look like eyeballs?.. I heard somebody on another Channel while ago called them Cloud bullets. I think he made that name up, but he has been doing his own research on those cloaking ships and blah blah blah but, yeah, Cloud bullets. Honestly I think the government or the aliens whoever that is there pretty sloppy about hiding what they're doing, cuz they know, nobody's paying attention. It's like they're drunk when they're doing the chem trails too, it's super obvious they're not regular clouds.. but I'll be damned if nobody is paying attention, and if they glance up, they do think they are real clouds. This is like a daily and nightly thing, and all of this is above my court, I could just imagine what it looks like everywhere else. I'm sure the same... Lol...

  • Barbara Brooks
    Barbara Brooks 8 months ago

    Wow! I am always observing the sky and have seen some interesting things and have concluded that the sky is a dome LED panoramic like T. V. lol

  • Ashley Rowlands
    Ashley Rowlands 8 months ago

    I've actually seen them last night trying to cover the moon the waves and plowing moving the ☁️ to hide it I live in UK I was quite shocked to see this as soon as I got in I searched for proof and found your video wow thought I was losing my mind I'm not the only one to see this they can't hide it

  • mark shirey
    mark shirey 8 months ago


  • lori hively
    lori hively 8 months ago

    So why do they need to cloak when we can't see it anyway?

  • Jack Reaper
    Jack Reaper 8 months ago

    Can you please help me. Are those just cloaking planes driven by man. Or are there entities on the ship arriving from else where

  • dark window
    dark window 8 months ago +2

    UFO's are being made right here on Earth !!! 🤑😂😀👽👱

  • Paul C
    Paul C 8 months ago

    So like how high up are all these things? If commercial jets cruise at 35000ft? I'm guessing nearer the firmament right?

  • Richard Hamilton
    Richard Hamilton 8 months ago

    He knows what he talking about. Stay blessed and keep that good info coming brother.

  • frances smith
    frances smith 8 months ago

    @5:00 there is a light flash on the right hand side

  • josh s
    josh s 9 months ago

    You can almost see the darkness behind the clouds. Real crazy

  • Kelly Gammon
    Kelly Gammon 9 months ago

    That was definitely wicked

  • Conjak x
    Conjak x 9 months ago

    When moist air get high up where it's cold, ice particels (clouds we call them) are created - nothing strange with that...

    • Conjak x
      Conjak x 9 months ago

      Cloaked ship pffff... u are funny.

  • It’s Coming But it ain’t God

    Keep attacking keep the TRUTH

  • jimprjayp
    jimprjayp 9 months ago

    I think one of the agendas is to stop organic outdoor gardening. I have grape vines that produced for 3 years but not at all this year. Also my wild berries have gone away and planted raspberries only produced about a third of the crop produced in previous years.
    The GE producers have plants “built” to resist whatever is causing this reduction in crops meant to eventually own all food supplies. They can starve us to death if we don’t do their will just like every socialist (communist) ever.
    Sad but true that so many buy into the idea the Gov can provide for ALL our needs.

  • O K
    O K 10 months ago

    Where I'm at I've seen the triangles puffing out five or six small round puffs of clouds that eventually formed an up and down cloud line. Spectacular yet frightening.

    • Boogie Man
      Boogie Man  10 months ago

      The Seeker Of Honesty yes yes yes its crazy but its the exhaust out of the back of the ship. They puff out the clouds then dissapate then come back with another one and another one. Its wild!!!!!!

  • Sally in CT
    Sally in CT 10 months ago

    They’re hiding the incoming planetary system that the Bible, Hopi Prophesy, Nostradamus & Mother Shiptons Prophecy’s ALL spoke of. They DO NOT want people to know Our Lord God and the signs in the sky he warned us of! This system WILL cause the Pole Shift... All the Governments are prepared for it, but they’re keeping us in the dark!!!

    CARLOS SKYWATCHER 10 months ago

    Cool video. Check this already a repost of the original video.

  • Wide Awake!
    Wide Awake! 10 months ago

    I have a good capture of these cloaking.. check out my vid on my channel.. once you see them in the sky you can't unsee them.. they are everywhere!

  • Robert Spurlock
    Robert Spurlock 10 months ago

    I have the devil I disguise in the clouds red clouds it's a female devil

  • Christine Henson
    Christine Henson 10 months ago


  • Nibiru Sky's B.C
    Nibiru Sky's B.C 11 months ago

    And Cloaked!

  • Nibiru Sky's B.C
    Nibiru Sky's B.C 11 months ago

    Not Sold...But I Have Seen Some Shit. Triangle Craft On Two Different Occasions.

  • John Jordan
    John Jordan 11 months ago +2

    I'm still working on figuring this one out. This is very complicated. I've found that the clouds this thing makes often falls down to the ground. People in several countries including the U.S., have uploaded videos showing clouds that has fallen from the sky. Drifting right above street level.
    There was some guys in the middle east showed a cloud being stopped by a tall fence. This strip of cloud was as tall as the fence,, which was about 15 feet tall. Based on the height of the guys that walked up to it. One guy puts his hand in and left a whole.
    This slice of cloud appeared to be about a foot thick. This really captured my attention because as thin as it was, could not see the chain link fence behind it.
    This substance was design to hide objects in the air . Problem is, the moisture in our atmosphere brings these fake clouds down before they can break down and disappear
    Last year, I watched other videos of this same nature. One guy had equipment with impeccable zoom capabilities. You could see a faint impression of a mega size craft,..from it came these little crafts that did nothing but make clouds.
    The purpose for the cloud making allows the craft to materialize. It's already cloaked, as to why we can't see it.
    People always wondering who's running this place ! It's not who, instead,'s WHAT !

  • maria ekman
    maria ekman 11 months ago

    Demon hunters channel's been terminated..So watch out. Stay safe.

    • Boogie Man
      Boogie Man  11 months ago

      OMFG - that sucks. I love that guy. That really really sucks. Do you know how I can get ahold of him? I will put him up on my site and try my best to get him going again ASAP. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

  • Demigog
    Demigog 11 months ago +1

    Just from my experience , I believe these beings are emotion vampires , the more miserable you , the more they feed. They feed upon our soul energy while we are in any anguish or fear , I am not sure if they feed on positive energy.. Been yracking/Documenting them for 2 years , got around 7000 plus photos.

  • Cece Wilson
    Cece Wilson 11 months ago

    Great video! I noticed these type of clouds a couple years ago- They start with the little snaps and then spin up a cloud. I didn’t realize it was an object being cloaked, but I called these cloud spinners. I’m glad other ppl see it, too. My husband thought I was crazy. Great catch.

  • Christopher Hale
    Christopher Hale 11 months ago

    Theyre getting all their ships is position. Soon, they will launch a large scale invasion.

  • Deb King
    Deb King Year ago

    My friends think Im crazy but POOF (proof) THERE IT ISSSS..... They hide in their own "clouds"!!! You r my new boogieman & favorite channel. ✌💜

  • Samuel J
    Samuel J Year ago +1

    anyone noticing the clouds look lower than usual,cloaking technology is Alien technology the govt. is using now.

  • Krelboyne Kipp
    Krelboyne Kipp Year ago

    Sorry this is the right one

  • Krelboyne Kipp
    Krelboyne Kipp Year ago

    Actually....I DO see the ship. Try contrast filtering.

  • Krelboyne Kipp
    Krelboyne Kipp Year ago

    Yep....poorly cloaked ships to those with vision

  • Noomi Shawlee
    Noomi Shawlee Year ago

    Excellent catch. Thanks to share it !!

  • cattleNhay
    cattleNhay Year ago

    you sure say ahh alot..ahh, haha..ahhh..ahh.

    • Boogie Man
      Boogie Man  11 months ago

      It usually depends on how stoned or not stoned I am at the time. :-)

  • John Vaglica
    John Vaglica Year ago

    What exactly do you people see? I see clouds.

  • Mitchell McNeely
    Mitchell McNeely Year ago

    Then again maybe they are changing light bulbs in the sun simulators.

  • Mitchell McNeely
    Mitchell McNeely Year ago

    They're watching you fap. Keep it real.

  • Sunder Aldridge
    Sunder Aldridge Year ago

    U wanna see a real good pic of em. Gimme ur email. I Got a good one.

  • Sunder Aldridge
    Sunder Aldridge Year ago

    You’re style makes the valid info in ur videos seem like it’s a big joke. I have some great pics of the same stuff but nobody is gonna take us seriously w the way u present. Oh u knew thAt and that’s why u do it? Good job controlled opp

  • Nekomesha
    Nekomesha Year ago

    Great job !

  • Saved or Slaved
    Saved or Slaved Year ago +1

    They r probably watching what u r doin, seeing that u r getting excellent footage of them.... And I am fairly certain they r not too happy w/ u!!!

  • Saved or Slaved
    Saved or Slaved Year ago

    Was on the fence about all this cloaking technologies but if you noticed a little b4 1:50 there are a few little lights first and then right at 1:50 there are two lights on either side of the clouds that definitely tells you there is something cloaking around that cloud. Watch carefully and you will see it! Thx 4 this awesome video!

  • Browarus Pierogus
    Browarus Pierogus Year ago +1

    If it's a ship it is just monstrous size. Something is wrong up there...

    • Boogie Man
      Boogie Man  Year ago

      Oh yes, you can't tell from the's VERY VERY big.

  • DARK 6
    DARK 6 Year ago

    Wow awesome catch bro I see what you see man amazing

  • Main Ou
    Main Ou Year ago +3

    if its already invisible then why must it cloak itself??

    • Boogie Man
      Boogie Man  11 months ago

      haah - good question - I've been thinking a lot about this question and I finally have an answer. These ships must have the clouds in order to make themselves invisible. If you're familiar with low density infrared lasers then this is a no brainer. So they diffuse the light from the infrared laser with the clouds cloaking their ships. Once their ship is covered in infrared light from the clouds they are then within the infrared spectrum light band and invisible to our eyes.

  • wide awake
    wide awake Year ago

    That has always been my big question........THEY ARE WORKING...BUT WHAT ARE THEY DOING..?.......BIG QUESTION!

  • Julian Anguiano
    Julian Anguiano Year ago +2

    garbagge bro!!

  • SD OP
    SD OP Year ago

    hey man, i hope you are well. if you have taken personal or regular pics with that camera or your phone camera....check out the pics and scrutinize them. zoom in and really look. you wont believe your eyes....

    • SD OP
      SD OP Year ago

      Boogie Man ive been taking pics of these things for a few weeks - pics and video of some really amazing things - two days ago i was taking, embarrassingly enough, a few selfies....when I looked closer there were images blended into my hair, skin, the walls everywhere and in random places that all looked like the clouds with faces and the ships underneath the clouds, and supposedly what the niribu system looks like. i know how it sounds - but ive got the proof.

    • Boogie Man
      Boogie Man  Year ago

      SD OP - What am I looking for? Did you notice something we all missed? I hope to hear from you soon.

  • paisleychic
    paisleychic Year ago

    Saw the flash of lights. Weird.

    • paisleychic
      paisleychic Year ago


    • Boogie Man
      Boogie Man  Year ago +1

      It's so funny you bring this up because we just noticed that shit too. Isn't it awesome?

    • paisleychic
      paisleychic Year ago

      Boogie Man ...This is so new to me. It's insane, clouds created right before your eyes. But around 1:52 (or between 1:50-1:53 give or take), it looks like flashes one on the right and left. Or one where the big clouds are coming & one on the small. I need to pay more attention during the day. We're starting to get chemtrails (Central FL) and it just makes me mad, so I haven't been looking.

    • Boogie Man
      Boogie Man  Year ago +1

      paisleychic - Just so you know - there is NO ship to see so that's why you may not be seeing it. What we are showing here is ONLY the cloaking technology being used to stealth these guys....aka clouds. Nothing more, nothing less. :-)

  • Catakaharmon Willtenot

    Do you think this project blue beam

  • Stacey Johnson
    Stacey Johnson Year ago

    What's crazy is that just a few months ago, I was at the park with my kids and nephew and we all saw and talked about this weird perfect triangle cloud in the sky. I wish I'd had my phone with me to take a picture, but we all thought it was kinda weird. It had full, straight lines of clouds connected making a triangle...hollow in the middle, it was like a solid triangle. Hmmmmm

  • David Porter
    David Porter Year ago

    My friend, do you have an email? I'm trying to share a link with you and I guess you don't allow them in your comments

    • David Porter
      David Porter Year ago

      Boogie Man just sent the email. Let me know what you think please sir, or if you have seen this. I've seen cloud punches before but NOTHING like THIS

    • David Porter
      David Porter Year ago

      Boogie Man thank you my friend. I'm going to send you the email right now

    • Boogie Man
      Boogie Man  Year ago +1

  • David Porter
    David Porter Year ago

    Hey bud!
    Have you seen this?!?
    Any ideas?

  • the Herminator Roxy

    Dude I have never seen anything like this before my life the clouds actually forming there has to be something cloaking up there.! It's pretty cool actually but what the f*** are they up there doing. Are they spying on people when they're taking showers or looking at little kids.! WTF good catch bro

  • Donna Ray
    Donna Ray Year ago

    this is total horse shit

  • Karl Storey
    Karl Storey Year ago +3

    How can you be a Christian and use the Lord's name in vain? Simple question that you simply will not answer...

    • Boogie Man
      Boogie Man  11 months ago

      You are aware that his name isn't "Lord" or "God?" right? That is a title.

  • Young Earth Organics Kombucha

    Andrew - high altitude small very fast moving reflective craft. Is this tr3b or...?

  • Jeffrey Schmokdt
    Jeffrey Schmokdt Year ago

    glad I not alone in knowing and watching what is unfolding. peace and light

  • MeT L Head
    MeT L Head Year ago +6

    My question is how is the craft cloaked before the cloaking? Shouldn't there be a solid object? Hoping you reply

    • Solo Male
      Solo Male 3 months ago

      Light bending technology

  • end darkness shine the light s

    Bro did you see the quick flashes of white life at different times around that cloud at around 3 min to 5 min. this is what I have been seeing with my naked eyes around my home in the UK . I thought I was seeing things but now I know I may well be seeing something.


    Did you see those white flashes?!? And the dark things that popped up? Great footage!! ♥️🌎

  • Adam Michael
    Adam Michael Year ago

    Holy fucking shit I see both of them...fucking WOW

  • imonlysayin
    imonlysayin Year ago

    My 9yr old daughter sees the "clouds" doing things they shouldnt all the time and videos them. Im always finding her vid's on her phone and mine and never really thought anything much of them until this year. most times i cant download them Now its just so uncanny how she knows they aint really clouds and just starts filming.....and then they bloody morph into something frustrating and mind blowing at the same time. Pretty much like what you are sharing. Thanks. Peace.

  • Karen Boothe *
    Karen Boothe * Year ago

    Incredible! What are you using, camera, video, phone, to capture this? I've caught them in photos! Awesome, keep on rocking it!

  • Jerry Switzer
    Jerry Switzer Year ago

    Try shooting a laser beam at it ... the laser should at least stop at the cloud...right ?

  • Jess Trudeau
    Jess Trudeau Year ago

    Thanks for helping to clear up the weirdness I have been seeing here in Central Alberta.