LATE SHOW ME MORE: I Was Not Expecting That!

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
  • After a wild week of Late Show moments with guests like Ansel Elgort, Bill Skarsgârd, Stephen King, Jodi Kantor, Megan Twohey, Condaleezza Rice, BANKS and Vampire Weekend, Stephen Colbert went LIVE with Jake Tapper and Jon Lovett following the third Democratic debate. #LateShowLIVE #LateShowMeMore #AnselElgort
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Comments • 108

  • blerina sheme
    blerina sheme 29 days ago

    ansel elgort should change direction and go in comedy

  • Alexander Campbell
    Alexander Campbell Month ago

    Late Show Me More AND "Same Episode Weekly"

  • Dee Dooley
    Dee Dooley Month ago

    0:06 I see you @JonLampleyMusic. How did you find the time to do the #LSSC and #OSUvsUC and the Athenaeum all in one week?

  • sam999ber
    sam999ber Month ago

    Great guy 👍

  • Ricky
    Ricky Month ago +1

    Bill Skarsgård 😍💙🌈🏳️‍🌈

  • boneair
    boneair Month ago

    Finally a Stephen Colbert video where he doesn’t talk about his best friend trump

  • listen CLOSELY
    listen CLOSELY Month ago

    There's so much to see. I kept rewinding and pausing it. :) Good energy!

  • shedjammer
    shedjammer Month ago

    Stephen is more entertaining by himself than with guests.

  • Joshua Wilkerson
    Joshua Wilkerson Month ago

    Dear Stephen,
    I was always a Letterman fan. There were some decent late night talk show hosts, of course, but none of them possessed his unique quality of apparent spontenaity. For the longest time, I didn't think anyone could top him.
    That is, of course, until I fell asleep one day watching Futurama on Comedy Central. Waking to the tail end of the Daily Show with John Stewart (who's funny, but certainly no Letterman), I had not the mental fortitude to locate the remote and see what else was on. Then began the Colbert Report and my life changed forever.
    How could one TV show change my life? Well, it's not a simple answer. You see, this Colbert fellow presented himself as an obtuse Republican pundit. So obnoxious were his antics that I could no longer take Republican pundits seriously, and therein lies the genius of Stephen Colbert. His overt use of the neuro-linguistic programming techniques deployed by such TV personalities enabled me to develop immunity to their spell casting. It became clear to me that there was a brilliant, thoughtful, and clever man behind this ridiculous character he portrayed.
    So when I heard that Letterman was retiring, and that Stephen Colbert had been selected to replace him, I was overjoyed. Truly, the Late Show with Stephen Colbert would be the greatest phenomenon in late night talk shows the world has ever seen, and Mr. Colbert and company have not disappointed.
    When Sean William Scott asked Stephen if he'd be a Democrat on the the show, his response, staying in character, "I don't know what the f**k you're talking about," was well played. Obviously, I wasn't the only one who spotted the subtle, hidden genius behind that whacky, over-the-top Republican pundit on Comedy Central. Keep letting your little light shine, Mr. Colbert. The world is a better place for it.

  • Digvijay Singh
    Digvijay Singh Month ago

    why did u even upload this video? u have good editing skills, but where is content?

  • Kapil Sethia
    Kapil Sethia Month ago


  • Benzaiten
    Benzaiten Month ago +2

    Dear Late Show, could you please show a pic of how Stephen's desk looks from behind? I always wonder what props and cups of booze he has stored there - thanks!

  • Macho Man
    Macho Man Month ago


  • Ray Lars
    Ray Lars Month ago

    Worst show on Tv

  • Exposing Trash
    Exposing Trash Month ago

    If you sheep haven't noticed. This show isn't funny. It's more orange man bad. Having low I.Q. Democrats on as guests? This show is a joke. How you get people in your studio baffles me

    • David DeLaney
      David DeLaney Month ago +3

      TS, dear, it's not "orange man bad". It's "orange man doing things that are HILARIOUSLY out of context for ANY President, demonstrably ignorant, and not understanding that he's as obvious as the 4-year-old with glue and construction paper in his hair and hiding the glue gun behind his back is to Mom". You've decided that you don't want to listen to fact-based reporting, and want to seriously misinterpret every single video showing orange man seriously messing up; that's on you, and doesn't constrain us. Nor does it stop us from mocking you for yelling loudly that everyone ELSE should be taking YOUR position ... cuz you're nearly as easy to see through as orange man is.

      --Dave, in fact, have some pity; I have extra, and you're gonna eventually emerge from your dream

  • Benjamin Levine
    Benjamin Levine Month ago

    Bashing President Trump every night isn't funny.

    • BobPagani
      BobPagani Month ago +1

      Tell President Dipshit to stop doing horrible things and people will stop ridiculing him.

  • Karen Yung
    Karen Yung Month ago

    *One month, thirty days. One day at a time. Can you please avoid all mention of the former reality television icon known as POTUS MAXIMUS?*

  • zero views
    zero views Month ago +2

    I personally would love more extended interviews here on YT and more behind the scenes.
    Something about the writers for example.

  • Guitarisforgrins
    Guitarisforgrins Month ago +3

    Condaleza Rice deserves zero respect.

  • Gilmore Mccoy
    Gilmore Mccoy Month ago

    I want to join in the fun💋 😍👍🏾

  • Unsatisfied Woman: TAP ON MY PHOTO

    good, bro )))

  • Syrena Milani
    Syrena Milani Month ago

    Top shelf... 😉👏🙅💞

  • keen
    keen Month ago +1

    Reason he is number one. Love this man!

  • Christine Ong
    Christine Ong Month ago +3

    0:01 who else imagined they were at the other end of that finger

  • Kimberly D
    Kimberly D Month ago +29

    I absolutely adore this show. Everything about it, in my humble opinion, is top shelf. I love the timeliness of the guests, the nightly monologue and the band... you don’t see that level of performance without some amazing talent. I think Stephen Colbert is an incredible wit and very quick on his feet; I think his writers are also brilliant and the camera professionals have got to be mind readers in order to keep up with some of Colbert’s free style. If Colbert and his crew take off a week or more periodically, of course I’m sad, but you can’t keep up that level of professionalism without unplugging and recharging your brain. Meanwhile...

    • Kimberly D
      Kimberly D Month ago

      Patty J. Ayers - I’m not current with current musical artists; therefore, I kind of enjoy seeing musical performers that I’ve never heard of before. While some of them (a few) I hope to never hear again, I have been introduced to some talent that was extremely good and has prompted me to seek out additional work by the performers. I guess I always feel like I’m going to learn something on LSSC and so the music is part of that experience. Regardless, it’s still my favorite show!

    • Patty J. Ayers
      Patty J. Ayers Month ago

      Kimberly D - Agree ! The only thing I must admit is that I almost akways turn off the end-of-show musical guest within about a minute. Where do they get those artists?!

  • John Alvarado
    John Alvarado Month ago +2

    I don’t mind Stephen taking time off but as a devout follower it would be good to have advanced notice. We all need to manage our own lives especially the funniest man in the world.

  • Harshvardhan Krishnamoorthy

    I need my daily dose of Colbert. That sounds wrong but I do 😂
    And this helps.

    • Kimberly D
      Kimberly D Month ago

      Some Thing - I’ll accept whatever the show has to offer because it’s just that darn terrific. I love expensive champagne, but if I drank it EVERY day, it wouldn’t be as special as it is when I save it for special occasions. LSSC is, for me, a more than occasional glass of champagne, but just as effervescent! Love LSSC!

  • Ernesto Marcos
    Ernesto Marcos Month ago

    Why didn't they air the part where the Tango Seller took a girl dancing???

    • O. B.
      O. B. Month ago

      Probably happened during a commercial break.

  • phoenix
    phoenix Month ago +1

    0:30 I'm seriously eager to know what he meant to say right there 😂😂

  • Patricia Eroz
    Patricia Eroz Month ago

    Ok, All,
    Working On What We 2️⃣
    Need To Accomplish
    So We Can Meet.
    All We Ask
    Is That U’ALL Cover Us
    From Every Conceivable

  • Zinnia
    Zinnia Month ago

    Sick demonic goofs

  • Miranda F
    Miranda F Month ago

    white boy week

    • Roman Gysse
      Roman Gysse Month ago +4

      Hey, Condoleezza Rice deserves more respect than that, don't forget her.

  • New Message
    New Message Month ago +12

    We totally expected a Show Me More segment.

  • Francis Johnson
    Francis Johnson Month ago +3

    Stephen King for President ; Mayor Pete for vice . Four years later..Mayor Pete becomes president. 👍👍😉😉. I'm actually only half kidding . The USA needs Buttigieg.

  • TheBioExplorer
    TheBioExplorer Month ago +5

    You should broadcast for a week from Charleston!❤

  • True Black Knight
    True Black Knight Month ago


  • Henry Dawkins
    Henry Dawkins Month ago +19

    With all the vacation time Steven has why doesn't he do five shows a week instead of four?

    • socrappyicoulddie
      socrappyicoulddie Month ago +1

      He does, but not during the summer or during Emmys season. This isn’t new...

    • Gauss24
      Gauss24 Month ago +3

      he used too, but they seem to have cut it down to 4. i don't mind, it matches up with the daily show and seth myers which do the same

    • nina schust
      nina schust Month ago +6

      @Henry Dawkins true 😉
      But sanity is important and humor helps to cling to it.
      And to stay creative, you need leasuretime.
      And to deal with injustice and narcisism you need a lot of humor ☺

    • Henry Dawkins
      Henry Dawkins Month ago +6

      @nina schust he is crazy that's why he is so funny 😊 😊 😊.

    • nina schust
      nina schust Month ago +7

      Without the rest he'd go crazy

  • jackofkinrowan
    jackofkinrowan Month ago +18

    Just want to say that I really love watching this segment every week. Please, keep it up!

  • Nayops 18
    Nayops 18 Month ago +10

    Bill - Yeah were all tall.....

  • Josue2018
    Josue2018 Month ago

    I think Stephen loves men! 😍

    • Einomar
      Einomar Month ago +1

      @Josue2018 Sure, those men are in that case bisexual which it is ofc possible that Stephen is. I however see no reason to make that assumption based on this video. Or any other video I'v ever seen of him. Having fun and being silly with other guys dosn't automatically mean you are attracted to men sexually. I behave very much like Stephen with my friends and I feel no sexual attraction towards men what so ever. But hey who knows maybe you are right in Stephens case ;)

    • Josue2018
      Josue2018 Month ago +1

      Einomar many married men are attracted to men. I know. I’ve been with several married men over the years. Just for sex. It’s very common for married men to like men sexually.

    • Einomar
      Einomar Month ago +1

      I'm sure he does, not necessarily in the way you seem to be imlpying though (neither do I understand why you would imply that). He is married to a woman and they seem quite happy.

  • Gary Friesen
    Gary Friesen Month ago +1

    I think he should retire, get somebody in that at least will be there

    • nina schust
      nina schust Month ago +1

      @O. B. 😊

    • nina schust
      nina schust Month ago

      @Sérgio Dinis Lopes Thank you - I guess in this case I will not get an answer from him.

    • Sérgio Dinis Lopes
      Sérgio Dinis Lopes Month ago +1

      @nina schust that account most likely it's for a bot

    • O. B.
      O. B. Month ago +3

      Even if he made only one show a week, it would still be better than him doing no show at all.

    • nina schust
      nina schust Month ago

      Please explain further.

  • The Sun
    The Sun Month ago +27

    Lol for a moment when I saw the thumbnail I thought Ansel was sitting on Stephen's lap 😂 😂 😂.
    Uhhhh daddy Stephen 🤭🤣🤣😋.

  • doingthis forclass
    doingthis forclass Month ago +3

    love this!

  • Mary Smith
    Mary Smith Month ago +92

    When Bill Scarsgard says, "We're all tall," he means his brothers and father, right?

    • TheLovie999
      TheLovie999 Month ago

      @Mary Smith Step on the scales, consider your age and re-phrase what you said about lovely Angely. You little cheap shameress.

    • Royo2013
      Royo2013 Month ago

      @Mary Smith It really isn't thát scary. It 1 is on netflix. Or try some 1990 fragments on youtube to get an impression, although the new it is different

    • BlueBaron3339
      BlueBaron3339 Month ago

      @Mary Smith Touche' Mary! 🤣

    • Arun Krishnamurthy
      Arun Krishnamurthy Month ago

      I thought he meant Swedish people in general.

    • BlueBaron3339
      BlueBaron3339 Month ago

      @Stephanie S Damn, wish I'd run into a few during my years there. Yeah, strange to say, but it would have made me feel better 😉 Seriously, the Germans are health conscious too. They have few if any supermarkets, many of the ingredients in our food are simply illegal there but the big dividing line between Germany and Sweden is alcohol. Germans consume a lot, especially beer, as everyone knows, whereas alcohol is so heavily taxed in Sweden that fewer do.

  • DG
    DG Month ago +20

    That view of the audience from Stephen's perspective blew my mind 🤯

    • look4lec
      look4lec Month ago

      @G A lots

    • G A
      G A Month ago +4

      Yeah DG!
      Imagine how much trouble you’d be in with look4lec if you hadn’t used capitals, punctuation & proper sentence structure. 😟

    • look4lec
      look4lec Month ago

      you didn't even use the right mind blown emoji though

  • Clay Loomis
    Clay Loomis Month ago +142

    They could change the weekly "Show Me More" segment from 1 minute to 3 minutes and it wouldn't piss me off.

    • socrappyicoulddie
      socrappyicoulddie Month ago

      Igor Schmidlapp are people forgetting that when Colbert takes time off, so do his staff? Lol it wouldn’t be fair that the host gets time off while his employees work round the clock just because people want more episodes

    • gamecreatorc
      gamecreatorc Month ago +2

      @Clay Loomis Good theory but Late Show Me More started way before the Saturday uploads stopped. First LSMM I could find was uploaded Dec 1, 2018 ( Last Saturday upload of probably a Friday (taped Thursday) show was just a few months ago, in June ( Not sure when they started doing Friday shows on Thursday but there's an article on Variety talking about it June 2017.

    • Clay Loomis
      Clay Loomis Month ago +1

      @Igor Schmidlapp No reason at all. He could do one show a week, like Oliver.

    • Igor Schmidlapp
      Igor Schmidlapp Month ago +2

      @Clay Loomis Johnny Carson always took Mondays off, and they had a guest host (and when he was on vacation). Jerry Lewis, Don Rickles, Joan Rivers, with Jay Leno becoming the regular guest host before he was given the show after Johnny.

      Jimmy Kimmel tried the same thing during his vacation, with guest hosts. No reason Colbert can't do it...

    • Clay Loomis
      Clay Loomis Month ago +2

      @gamecreatorc A while back, they started working four days a week. They recorded two shows on Thursday so they'd have a Friday show as well. Then that seemed to stop and the "Late Show Me More" segment arrived. I'm not sure if they've totally given up on Friday shows or not, but we didn't get one again yesterday.

  • Anchal Negi
    Anchal Negi Month ago +6


  • Arthur Dent
    Arthur Dent Month ago +8

    Rice lied about Iraq and Weapons of mass destruction. Just sayin'

    • O. B.
      O. B. Month ago +2

      @Arthur Dent "Funny, i don't see "2000" people. All i see is *goat* s like you"
      Here you go:
      Also: thanks for the's not too often, that I get called a "greatest of all times". 😎

    • Arthur Dent
      Arthur Dent Month ago

      @O. B. Funny, i don't see "2000" people. All i see is goats like you

    • O. B.
      O. B. Month ago +2

      @Arthur Dent "Rice lied about Iraq and Weapons of mass destruction. *Just sayin* "
      Get in line behind the other 2000 people who are "just saying" the same. You're not so special.

    • Arthur Dent
      Arthur Dent Month ago +1

      @Einomar "Didn't think so." Immediately trying to turn then "argument" around, Trump style. But seriously, are actually ignoring the facts, aka "the truth" here? Are we in the "But, but... Hillary" camp here? Whatever you're trying to do here, is destined to fail, bro.
      PS: I hope Putin ad his fucking rock-gymnastic daghter gets the taste of their own medicine. If you "catch my drift" ;)

    • Einomar
      Einomar Month ago +1

      Ok... can you without a doubt prove she knew and wasn't aslo being misled? Didn't think so.

  • Andrew Pence
    Andrew Pence Month ago +2

    I was not expecting that

  • Juan Pablo Amorocho D.

    really nice!

  • Jabari
    Jabari Month ago +15

    A video where he's not roasting Trump?? Is this real??😂😂

    • Jaren Valentino
      Jaren Valentino Month ago +1

      Damn you got some quality content

    • maxim menage
      maxim menage Month ago +3

      He didnt? Damn, what a shame. Its low hanging fruit to be fair though.

    • Swampy
      Swampy Month ago +4

      @Jabari Tiny hands...tiny utuber.

    • Jabari
      Jabari Month ago +4

      Small TVclipr btw

  • Светлана Селезнева

    What a week!

  • Paul K
    Paul K Month ago +2

    Lovely :)

  • Cameron Fields
    Cameron Fields Month ago +5

    Fantastic Stephen!