In Norway, Everyone Can Know How Much You Earn

  • Published on Apr 14, 2016
  • Wage transparency is a strange concept for most of us: not so in some of the Nordic countries. And while Norway, Sweden and Finland differ in exactly the amount of access they give the public, fundamentally your tax return would be public knowledge there. So how does it affect the world? And is it a good idea?
    Let's look at the science and find out.
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  • Anonymous faggot
    Anonymous faggot 16 days ago

    I make 20 bucks a week, which is 80 a month, from my mom, I don't pay any tax on that, your turn.

  • Halil Şen
    Halil Şen 20 days ago +1

    Instead of sharing your earnings and supporting wage transparency, you took the easy "politically correct" British way. Bravo!

  • random observer
    random observer 23 days ago

    The Scandinavian Model- Inclusion and Equality through Intrusion and Iniquity

  • Redalpha 333
    Redalpha 333 25 days ago

    0, I'm a kid and my parents don't pay me for chores just make me do them however free food, No taxes, and free living is nice for an 8-6 hour "job",School of constant paperwork and lots of work to do after the "job" sure a slightly easier "job" but still annoying like any other "job" and O.K. 3 hours 30 minutes is me waiting to be picked up when I could be doing my home work (oh and I do get to spend that time in a classroom waiting just so you don't think i'm just on a bench or something).

  • Killer Whale
    Killer Whale Month ago

    anecdotal evidence....nop

  • Paul Mountford
    Paul Mountford 2 months ago

    £33.5k/year at the moment, what's the big deal with disclosing wages

  • Arrowinaknee 277
    Arrowinaknee 277 3 months ago

    Only working part time while going to college so about $5,000. Your turn

  • Fishum
    Fishum 3 months ago

    Skatt Øfficial Sound Track.

  • Miller Forester
    Miller Forester 3 months ago

    Don't people have any concept of privacy? My personal life is no one's business. If I want to know something about you, I can ask you.

  • Chris R
    Chris R 4 months ago

    i hate when people ask me how much I earn

  • Aleksandar
    Aleksandar 5 months ago

    I bet you pull at least 10k-15k pounds net per month, that's not fair!! :D

  • Daniel Høifødt
    Daniel Høifødt 5 months ago

    We have a list of the richest people. But also, everybody is in skattelisten. The tax list. As they mentioned here. Im ok with it. Although it is a bit strange to look people up on the list. It feels like rwading peoples mail.

  • The Atomic Cherry
    The Atomic Cherry 7 months ago

    Alright, Tom, I make no money.
    How much do you make?

  • Manual do Survival
    Manual do Survival 7 months ago

    In my state in Brazil you can check the wages from any public servant, including politicians. So I gladly report how much I earn since anyone can search for it. As long as they know my full name ;)

  • piyush dhore
    piyush dhore 7 months ago

    he's a billionaire

  • ROGER2095
    ROGER2095 7 months ago

    Good news for husband hunters. . . .

  • AlphaJNitro007
    AlphaJNitro007 7 months ago

    Why are the Windows staggered?

  • MarKus Knight
    MarKus Knight 7 months ago

    I'm an intern at a major defense contractor and I make $16.50 an hour, roughly equating to $25,000 USD a year. People should not be afraid to discuss money; it empowers the working class and opens a discussion that can expose wage gaps for minorities and non-male genders. No, you shouldn't riot for being paid a buck less than your peers, but you do have the right to ask why they are being paid more. Yes, privacy is important, but this privacy can be harmful not just to you, but to your peers. Time to break the taboo.
    inb4 I get called a communist.

  • Dragongaga
    Dragongaga 8 months ago

    Yeah, officially I'm not even allowed to tell you how much I earn, because it's in my contract. Management doesn't want any arguments about salary between the employees

  • Michael Gainey
    Michael Gainey 8 months ago

    In the United States military (and probably every military in the world), service members wear a uniform with rank insignia. In the U.S., if you know a service member's rank and his time in service (in years), you can look up his base salary in a public military pay chart easily found online. So basically, you show your salary with a patch or pin prominently displayed on your clothing. And it's ok. I never heard of anyone who thought that was an invasion of privacy. It makes it harder for employers to engage in wage discrimination, so it should be the law for everyone. I'm baffled as to why anyone would have a problem with it unless they were doing something illegal.

  • David Medina
    David Medina 8 months ago

    Here in Mexico, salaries and tax returns of everyone who works at the government or at public institutions are open to the public. For some politicians, you can even look up the properties or companies they own.

  • Maryan Mahammed Abdullahi
    Maryan Mahammed Abdullahi 8 months ago +1

    IM norwegian

  • Voice Muted
    Voice Muted 8 months ago

    How is Tom that tall?!

  • Ophelia Bawles
    Ophelia Bawles 8 months ago

    Right after this video was made a right-wing populist government scrapped this practice to protect the vulnerable. And by that l mean the wealthy bastards who might otherwise be vulnerable to financial transparency.

  • kev3d
    kev3d 9 months ago

    A whole lot of people in the comments who hate privacy. Disgusting, really. Why is the private success or failure of others any business of yours?

  • Johnny Johnston
    Johnny Johnston 9 months ago

    What I make is nobody's business but my own!!

  • Keegan Carney
    Keegan Carney 10 months ago

    The Nordic countries won't be around much longer. They're going to be outbred.

  • tac0
    tac0 11 months ago

    I got 1 overpaid and one underpaid job, I land around 21,600£ anually., Your turn.

  • smegskull
    smegskull 11 months ago

    Never had a problem admitting what I earn, but then I've never much cared about money. I earn £36k a year so about £2.6k a month after tax for anyone interested.

  • EebstertheGreat
    EebstertheGreat 11 months ago

    Wage transparency is important in some jobs, where salaries may be based on negotiating ability more than work performance. In that case, people applying for the job know what they can ask for and don't effectively get ripped off for their entire career simply because they lowballed it.

  • Blitz Of The Reich
    Blitz Of The Reich 11 months ago

    S T A T U S A N X I E T Y

  • Douglas Fulmer
    Douglas Fulmer Year ago

    Public officials here have publicly accessible wages, but the names are not out there unless you know. We need to make all wages open to make it harder to discriminate and expose people who do.

  • I'm Still Team Daenarys

    If we had this then we wouldn't have trump! 😡

  • Mitsubishi F-2
    Mitsubishi F-2 Year ago

    I make nothing a year.

  • Marcelo Zanuski
    Marcelo Zanuski Year ago

    Socialist shithole.

  • Jeremy Oliver
    Jeremy Oliver Year ago

    Never understood why people care if others know their income

  • betabug64
    betabug64 Year ago

    Parappa: I'm a tax payer!

  • panda4247
    panda4247 Year ago

    na dnow comes the stupid GDPR and screws everything

  • Jhawk2tall
    Jhawk2tall Year ago

    It could also be used to target people that make a lot of money. Some people are very humble and they want to keep their image that way. As for public office, I would love to see who is paying them. It might explain some of the dumb laws we have

  • SniperNinja-115
    SniperNinja-115 Year ago

    good stuff, much love, take care:))black_heartx2*..

  • avatara82
    avatara82 Year ago

    Well Norway is not the only country that works this way... Finland also and propably some others also...

  • saarkaar Gurung
    saarkaar Gurung Year ago

    I wan’t to study in Norway and work their... can I get part time job if I get their and is it hard to get job or easy to get job. And jobs like cleaning, waiter etc casual work

  • Aedar18
    Aedar18 Year ago

    Student here. Last year I made about 53000czk plus I should get around 10000czk back as a tax refund.

  • Islarf
    Islarf Year ago

    My income is 0€. Go

  • Sylvia Else
    Sylvia Else Year ago

    Employees are at a negotiating disadvantage most of the time because they have less information about salaries than the employer does. Making incomes public would go someway towards redressing that.

  • Głos z Ameryki
    Głos z Ameryki Year ago

    heavy taxation - what is it good for

  • Sam202
    Sam202 Year ago

    Terrible idea

  • AA A
    AA A Year ago

    I don’t want anyone to know how much I earn, that’s my business.

  • Ramo Omar
    Ramo Omar Year ago

    I'm a tax AVIODER!

  • DankDungeon
    DankDungeon Year ago

    500£ per year

  • Allen Kennedy
    Allen Kennedy Year ago

    Welp, I make £200-£240 a month, hooray for part time apprenticeship wages!

  • codyskoff
    codyskoff Year ago

    Less than 10,000 US dollars for 2017 for me

  • Quixy Lados
    Quixy Lados Year ago

    That's my country! Long live the vikings!

  • Vedraj r.m
    Vedraj r.m Year ago

    Really liked the info tab at the top

  • retro
    retro Year ago


  • Lisa Spikes
    Lisa Spikes Year ago

    I never understood why your pay should be a secret. You should be paid fairly. The only reason to keep it a secret would be that you’re doing something wrong.

  • Aatu Karjalainen
    Aatu Karjalainen Year ago

    Suomi mainittu!

  • tr7zg.v
    tr7zg.v Year ago

    I live 1200euros a year.

  • Joe King
    Joe King Year ago

    I make nothing, I’m still in high school, but if I can remember I’ll come back and edit this to tell what I make when I get a job

  • Michael Pomorski
    Michael Pomorski Year ago

    My salary is public information... because I work for a public university. The school paper has a link to a spreadsheet where everyone’s income is listed. It’s weird knowing that anyone could look it up but I only know one person who has admitted to doing it (a coworker). Few people seem to care. I don’t. I make more than some, less than (many) others. You’d think the university would know what they pay me and would stop hitting me up for donations (I’m an alum) but... they still ask.

  • TacticalLumberjack

    Tax evasion is freedom :-)

  • bradley morgan
    bradley morgan Year ago

    I don't work for a salary. I make $12.50 / hour and i work part time. I'm also still in school.

  • Skilliard
    Skilliard Year ago

    This is a huge violation of privacy rights. I wouldn't want my peers to know what my income was. Income is one of those things that people judge people heavily by- too low, and you're a failure, too high, and you're a greedy capitalist that owes the world something, and people will start asking you for money, for help, to pay for things, etc.

    • k D
      k D Year ago

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  • M0vir
    M0vir Year ago

    Except in Norway, it's less taboo to talk about how much you earn.

  • Airplane Plus Train Guy

    Even though I'm not from Scandinavia,
    I will detail my family income (I'm a kid, not a working adult)
    Php 50,000 or $2,000
    It's your turn Tom

  • Kyle Netherwood
    Kyle Netherwood Year ago

    The snooper's bill applies to everyone in the UK but MP's. If that's not corruption, I don't know what is.

  • Mike O'.
    Mike O'. Year ago +1

    I'm not even sure how much I make and I eke by. I have a shiny helmet though, as you can see by my profile picture. Okay... it's not so shiny.

  • Mutated Geek
    Mutated Geek Year ago

    Hehe, i live in Norway and in Oslo!

    • k D
      k D Year ago

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  • Oliver Robinson
    Oliver Robinson Year ago

    Norway, Sweden and who? boi you buy into the Finland myth?

  • Dr1nc
    Dr1nc Year ago

    Oh god i love my country.

  • ezher salah ازهر صلاح

    salary is good in norway

  • Lassigamer
    Lassigamer Year ago

    Yay, now you know that I have 200€ in my bank account.

  • Nathan Zaremskiy
    Nathan Zaremskiy Year ago

    I only made $12,800 in the last 7 months working 40 hour weeks with tough physical labor... gotta love the wages in the U.S...

  • MrDjsy69
    MrDjsy69 Year ago

    With overtime a little over £60k per year as a freight train driver in the U.K, basic salary (about £45k) one of the lowest paid train companies. Other companies pay £60k per year as a basic salary for a 35hr week.

  • Esemes 16
    Esemes 16 Year ago

    Is that an Origin office on the left?

    • TheThomas
      TheThomas Year ago

      A bit late, but that looks like the old logo of Statoil, a mainly state-owned Norwegian oil company. Although it does resemble the Origin logo...

  • Puro
    Puro Year ago

    Hurt someone's feelings over money?
    Come on..

  • Eshan Kumar
    Eshan Kumar Year ago

    I make $50 (Rs. 3000) a Month.

  • Alex Baughman
    Alex Baughman Year ago

    This video ties in very well with what Scandinavia is doing.
    Adam Ruins Everything - Why You Should Tell Coworkers Your Salary

  • Karl-Erlend Mikalsen

    Norwegian signing in.
    As a public servant I think it's just right that everyone can look up my salary. Taxpayers should be able to see where the money goes. Having that information is the only way to have an actual democracy, where you make choices based on information.
    Public tax returns is a sort of addendum to this: You should know if the tax system actually works as intended, and forces the richest to pay more. It also means that if someone wants to be prime minister and lie about their financial status we know. We aaaall know.
    And since the prime minister is a civil servant I think we have a right to know who pays him, and how much. That's the only way to be sure that he's working for us.

  • Roberto Fontiglia

    About CAD 25,000 per year.


    tom i make about $26k a year doing construction. what do you put on your forms?

  • Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Un Year ago

    I usually just check celebrities haha

  • Septem
    Septem Year ago

    I make -$10,000 a year. Or close to it. Yay American colleges! Alright Tom, now you.

  • Molly Clark
    Molly Clark Year ago

    spent the whole video laughing bc i am pretty sure øst means cheese

  • Damian Joniec
    Damian Joniec Year ago

    In England or US criminals would target these houses with higher income for sure.And in Norway they used to cut hand off if you steal 100 years ago so they have a quite fair society.

  • Najimubu
    Najimubu Year ago

    I believe ceo's, politicians, and charity/event organizers should have to(and any stocks they own) for purposes of transparency and to solve potential conflict of interest, but I do not believe the general public should not have to. Frankly it is not my neighbors business what I make as it is not mine to what they make.

    TELEVISIBLE Year ago

    He is hiding something!

  • justandy333
    justandy333 Year ago

    I got made redundant. So bugger all minus living expenses. YAY! Who's next?

  • hkistreet
    hkistreet Year ago

    One of our biggest annual news events here in Finland is when newspapers publish the tax information of notable people (the rich, celebrities etc).

  • Tyee Cambrón
    Tyee Cambrón Year ago

    I almost wanted to move to Norway from USA when my budgets were down to none. But I stayed in USA and things still slow with these big corps making the big money. And the big corps complain at me that I am working to slow even though I am fast.
    'In USA. Pay them minimum wage! It is why they wanted the minimum wage to be raised.'.... 'I wouldn't want my 16 year old kid making enough money to get their own apartment so keep minimum low'... 'pay everyone minimum with a $0.10 raise every 6 months'.
    An actual spoken sentence from a Burger King employee in year 2006: "We raised the prices of our menu items to keep up with the minimum wage raise."

  • Patrick Maguire
    Patrick Maguire Year ago

    I'm personally in favour of more transparent tax, though, one stipulation for me (as a British tax payer) would be to have those recieving financial help to be kept on the same public record. may help the social unrest regarding the gap between the rich and poor.

  • Douglas Jackson
    Douglas Jackson Year ago +1

    i made 0 moneys

  • M Szeto
    M Szeto Year ago

    Makes robber's life easier by 200%

  • Patrick Carroll
    Patrick Carroll Year ago

    all of your videos are coming up in my feed, you get negative for each one

  • Grzegorz Kapica
    Grzegorz Kapica Year ago

    It makes sense when everyone does it.

  • Stijn Weijters
    Stijn Weijters Year ago

    And thats a big problem.

  • RoScFan
    RoScFan Year ago

    i greatly admire Germans and Nordics but increasingly im finding out stuff about them that i hate. this is one of them. wage should be a private matters unless youre of public interest like a politician.

  • Agilemind
    Agilemind Year ago

    The very reasons people don't want to disclose their income is the very reason they should. If you think you would feel guilty knowing you earn more than someone else maybe that means society should change so you aren't paid more than the other person, or maybe you should change and give more to charity etc....

  • Anthony Bane
    Anthony Bane Year ago

    0... your turn

  • monster2slayer
    monster2slayer Year ago

    71k CHF yearly. now you

    • monster2slayer
      monster2slayer Year ago

      interestingly, i find that the youth in switzerland really doesnt care if you know how much they earn. if one of your friends or aqcuaintances gets a new job, asking how much they earn isnt really a taboo anymore. which is different for the older generation.