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PRANKING MY MOM (She Freaked Out)


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  • Sebsoccer
    Sebsoccer Hour ago

    I made fourty different accounts so Alissa could get more subs, she is worth it!!!

  • My name is JEFF
    My name is JEFF 2 hours ago +1

    Can you please upload more 🖤💜💙💚💛🧡❤️

  • eva vazquez
    eva vazquez 3 hours ago

    We need a new vlog

  • Parys Nathan
    Parys Nathan 5 hours ago


  • hi hi
    hi hi 9 hours ago

    Post !!!

  • Emma Franklin
    Emma Franklin 17 hours ago

    post more

  • Emmy Sanchez
    Emmy Sanchez 21 hour ago +2

    I’m still wondering who that famous person was?🤔😂

  • Slay_playz ROBLOX
    Slay_playz ROBLOX 2 days ago +1

    Pls post

  • Incredible Edits
    Incredible Edits 2 days ago

    Can u post
    I'm really bored

  • Emily Smith
    Emily Smith 3 days ago +1

    Why do you insist on putting us through this torture of you not posting anymore 😩

  • Chace L
    Chace L 3 days ago

    Jake Paul

  • yuuuki xxx
    yuuuki xxx 3 days ago

    alissa did u forget to vlog? 😭😭😭

  • rockcandyfrost !
    rockcandyfrost ! 4 days ago

    Sis post again

  • mood mahn
    mood mahn 4 days ago

    Alissa is loosing clout

  • Yoizy Gaming
    Yoizy Gaming 4 days ago +1

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  • A. Med
    A. Med 4 days ago

    Alissa once u and banks are done hmu...I seen how u looked when he fake proposed, u ain't with it. He'll be bald in 5 years. Get what u can and get out of there and build your own empire. Ill help u. U can honestly do it. Idk if he believes in u or is just still insecure but u can honestly be the most famous girl in Cali. I can put u up against the kardashians...with confidence lol but nah fr we can move in together and start like an ace family type thing. (Girls always had guys all over them in the dms so they are used to it. Guys get money and fame and they have girls all over them they are not used to it. Hence him. Remember that) I just think ur the most beautifull girl iv ever came across.... Gmail me sweetheart I'm all the way in Chicago tho.. -_- ill move for u tho..n u can have all my passwords babe

  • alaya Martinez
    alaya Martinez 4 days ago

    Why you always hating on jake Paul

  • YTAesthetic Skyler
    YTAesthetic Skyler 5 days ago

    Why aren’t u uploading :(

  • Game Tyler564
    Game Tyler564 6 days ago

    I made the district track about you

  • Aluks P ' world
    Aluks P ' world 7 days ago

    who else paused when the breast examination popped ip

  • Pranav Moghe
    Pranav Moghe 7 days ago +1

    This is her only video under 1M

  • Rene Horvath
    Rene Horvath 8 days ago

    sorry alissa but you boyfriend is ugly jake paul was nicer sorry

  • Daniel L
    Daniel L 10 days ago +1

    I wanna be rich

  • Health Adviser
    Health Adviser 10 days ago +2

    Hello world its Alissa violet ....I mean in this vlog ...
    N she won't stop vlogging.......

  • Tracy
    Tracy 10 days ago

    Yo this girl got fat! Wtf happened she used to be skinny

  • Sam Leenerts
    Sam Leenerts 10 days ago +2

    You look so much like Kendall Jenner!!!

  • logic
    logic 12 days ago +1

    how is this not @1MIL already .
    Ya'll are slacking

  • holly martinez
    holly martinez 12 days ago

    Make more videos

  • Aruro Vasquez
    Aruro Vasquez 13 days ago

    Were is ricegum baby? The one from 2017?

  • Nevaeh Strehle
    Nevaeh Strehle 13 days ago +2

    how can you not love this girl

  • Karynna Hill
    Karynna Hill 13 days ago +2

    10:07 *clear, bright and tight, perfect skin* “Ew! I look so gross” 😑🤦‍♀️

  • aroush ashar
    aroush ashar 13 days ago +1

    Alissa Jake was talking about you one his story on youtube!

  • Sara Malfoy
    Sara Malfoy 13 days ago

    remember Jalissa ..😂

  • Cassiee Rios
    Cassiee Rios 13 days ago

    Alissa come baccck 😭

  • LACHY2809
    LACHY2809 13 days ago

    Hey just watched Shane's video and all I can say is thanks 4 being honest 4 everybody and to Shane's video and it clears up so much controversy that's been happening I hope it all smooves out in the end

  • AOC Mz3-0
    AOC Mz3-0 13 days ago

    Waj yoi are not making videos

  • AOC Mz3-0
    AOC Mz3-0 13 days ago

    Alissa were are you

  • KianDamaster 146
    KianDamaster 146 13 days ago +1

    I love you you mack my day and will you be doing a vlog with tessa brooks😍😍😍

  • afikh laolao14
    afikh laolao14 14 days ago

    Im form indonesia..
    I like this... Kayanya bole aku jadiin bahan prank

  • Eirinn Reel
    Eirinn Reel 14 days ago

    Pls hurry up with a new vid , dying over here xxx

  • Javeria
    Javeria 14 days ago

    Lmao you changed it back haha

  • Antony rocks
    Antony rocks 14 days ago

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  • Antony rocks
    Antony rocks 14 days ago

    Friends shall we start a fan watsapp group for alissia violet is any body intrested

  • Sham Abdat
    Sham Abdat 15 days ago this is a really good prank for Banks

  • MotoR Media
    MotoR Media 16 days ago +1

    Ur pale

    • logic
      logic 13 days ago

      ur>>u are.
      u’re welcome .

  • Bilgee YT
    Bilgee YT 16 days ago +1

    whore ypu bitch die you dont have any reason tonlove bitch poor shit

    • logic
      logic 13 days ago

      cute. here’s a tip :

  • Anastacia Jones
    Anastacia Jones 16 days ago

    Why do you call ur mom Susan

  • Tiffany Shiwdat
    Tiffany Shiwdat 16 days ago

    Alissa is a good actress

  • Sham Abdat
    Sham Abdat 17 days ago

    Oh i have an idea.. prank your child , act like you’re dying and dead in front of London and Paris. Is it possible ?

  • Sham Abdat
    Sham Abdat 17 days ago

    And do more prank, or make up??or whatever you want💖💖💖

  • Sham Abdat
    Sham Abdat 17 days ago +1

    Watched it like 500 times now..Can’t wait for your christmas vlog Alissa

  • Someone For sure
    Someone For sure 18 days ago +1

    Alissa!!!!!! 😠 Post more often plzz💓

  • Kenie Jurout
    Kenie Jurout 18 days ago +1

    👎 bad bad bad but

  • Kenie Jurout
    Kenie Jurout 18 days ago +1

    Bar tok

  • Boxed yuh
    Boxed yuh 18 days ago +2

    Get banks to post again

  • Wan Ted
    Wan Ted 18 days ago +1

    You there is jowl 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 jowwllllllll /////layerrr

  • Twitch Snake
    Twitch Snake 18 days ago +4

    When you trynna start uploading again

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    Hafid Vlogs 19 days ago +1

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  • Führer Bär
    Führer Bär 19 days ago +1

    Alissa violet actually flashed her vag for TVclip

    • logic
      logic 13 days ago

      wrong blonde bbe. i luv burstin ur soft porn bubble ya little perv

  • Savannah Forever06
    Savannah Forever06 20 days ago +1

    Ahhh vanderPUMP rules😂

  • Jack mincrafter1
    Jack mincrafter1 20 days ago

    Oof I hate Alissa becuse Im in the JAKE PAULERS

  • Rasse99
    Rasse99 20 days ago +1

    2:14 What is That blankets name?

  • Boban Kotevski
    Boban Kotevski 20 days ago +1

    That a poop on my chest Alissa, pretty please

    • logic
      logic 13 days ago shud?...nah....

  • Nfks Dhjdid
    Nfks Dhjdid 21 day ago +1

    We want anther video!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vince Valiant
    Vince Valiant 21 day ago +1

    U gold digger hooker

    • logic
      logic 13 days ago

      wrong blonde

  • Ajo Ikhsan
    Ajo Ikhsan 21 day ago

    Suubs channel saya, saya subbsback

  • Aya Kaissi
    Aya Kaissi 21 day ago

    Whos josh

  • London Is my village
    London Is my village 21 day ago +1

    I love you liss but you have gotten so fat.

    • London Is my village
      London Is my village 13 days ago

      Brianna Gonzalez haha yeah, I didn’t mean it like that I was high when I wrote that lol...

    • Brianna Gonzalez
      Brianna Gonzalez 14 days ago

      you are fucking stupid if you think she’s fat lmfao

  • Deysi Gonzalez
    Deysi Gonzalez 21 day ago +1

    Please give one like if you want allisa violet to join back team 10

  • Pink Bunny4560
    Pink Bunny4560 22 days ago


  • Trippy Gamer
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  • Dexmenator
    Dexmenator 22 days ago +2

    Do you’re ugly aas boyfriend ever takes his hat of?
    Lol that’s one ugly bald aas fucker 🤣

  • Kroptic
    Kroptic 22 days ago +1

    Watching Alissa's previous vids until she uploads a new one

    Believe me when I say that Alissa is the most beautiful gem in the world😊💎💎👑

  • ballad2212
    ballad2212 22 days ago +2

    Other than Alissa, these are some extremely homely people.

  • Kori White
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  • Dea Berdyna
    Dea Berdyna 24 days ago +1

    post another video Violeeeet !!!💜

  • Little Crystal D
    Little Crystal D 24 days ago

    Get the fuck out of my house . Then moves in with Jake Paul 😂

  • Mandy Loren
    Mandy Loren 24 days ago

    isn't that LeLe Pons apt??

  • Julia kennder
    Julia kennder 24 days ago

    I love your past vlogs the most, im talkikng about the way you were vlog now you are only in that house

  • Julia kennder
    Julia kennder 24 days ago

    I dislike ricky so much, not only bc that vlog but he is just so like idk dont like him, i think alissa is the best alone but also i dont know her personally so idk ok i will stop

  • Katty Gonzalez
    Katty Gonzalez 24 days ago +1

    what the fuck is corinna doing at your house 🤨

  • Jason Bietz
    Jason Bietz 24 days ago

    you and banks break up?

  • Kill cam gaming
    Kill cam gaming 24 days ago

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    Kill cam gaming 24 days ago

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  • AJ Payne
    AJ Payne 24 days ago

    Hey you and jake should talk and hang out sometime

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    Banana Pills 24 days ago

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    Nur Indah Permatasari 24 days ago

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  • The Gacha puppy
    The Gacha puppy 24 days ago

    I came from jake paul idk why

  • Madi Garces
    Madi Garces 25 days ago +1

    Banks=dumb fuck=to scared to fight jake=🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼=Bit*h

  • Yazi Carter
    Yazi Carter 26 days ago +1

    love the intro Alissa so pretty 😍💜

  • Dj Knight
    Dj Knight 26 days ago

    you are a bully so stop making fun of jake

  • Nehir Güler
    Nehir Güler 26 days ago +1

    Can I get a hoyeah

  • Bea Bautista
    Bea Bautista 26 days ago

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  • Bass Illusion
    Bass Illusion 27 days ago +1

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