#VeteransDay: Thank You for Everything

  • Published on Nov 10, 2017
  • This #VeteransDay, we want to say thank you to those who’ve served their country and shared their stories with the world.
    Today and every day, we at TVclip salute everything you have done and continue to do -- for your families, for communities, and for our nation.
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  • G- Vlogs
    G- Vlogs 4 days ago

    God bless the US-ARMY 🇳🇱🇺🇸🇳🇱🇺🇸🇳🇱🇺🇸🇳🇱🇺🇸

  • Conner Li
    Conner Li 16 days ago


  • A H
    A H 16 days ago

    Thank you for your service (even though i'm a month late) and i'm glad TVclip left out its politicization for us to remember.

  • Landon Roop
    Landon Roop 20 days ago

    Probably the only good thing that TVclip did in 2017 was this video
    Thank You Veterans for keeping everyone Safe!

  • Gabriel Tejada
    Gabriel Tejada 20 days ago

    God bless all veterans and soldiers that are fighting now they have/are risking their lives for our benefit. We mjst learn to respect and show our gratitude towards them in a better way.

  • Thao
    Thao 23 days ago

    Thank you " TVclip Spotlight " for sharing this post. God Bless.

  • Mad Hatter
    Mad Hatter 23 days ago

    TVclip did 1 good video out of 100's of horrible ones... Someone is getting fired at TVclip :P

    KHADIJAH ALI 23 days ago


  • dejavu dreamlucid
    dejavu dreamlucid 25 days ago +1

    they spit on me in my homeland,im used to it.but it's worth it.

  • Misa Pootis
    Misa Pootis 27 days ago

    TVclip,' supporting' veterans but not there content creators. TANK TVclip

  • TheTopazNight Roblox And More!

    This was uploaded on my birthday :D

  • Light Gaming show
    Light Gaming show Month ago


  • Chirpy Birb
    Chirpy Birb Month ago

    I was sick on Veterans Day so I couldn't do anything. ;-;

  • Qrisqornellfan
    Qrisqornellfan Month ago

    Always much respect to all who serve and who have served.God Bless you and your families.

  • stu olson
    stu olson Month ago

    Good job.

  • kL Complex
    kL Complex Month ago


  • michael Anthony
    michael Anthony Month ago

    Sadly, tragically, the REAL enemy is your WIFE back at home. When she divorces you and takes your precious children, your money, your possessions and your human dignity, you will wish you had fallen into the hands a foreign enemy.

    • CodeKillerz
      CodeKillerz 16 days ago

      michael Anthony
      You’re generalizing women

  • David Smith
    David Smith Month ago

    Salute, Thank you for you're services & protecting are nation everyday, we love you the brave and the falling will never be forgotten, God bless, Army Navy

  • Hanny Bunny
    Hanny Bunny Month ago +1

    *-Thank you-*

  • Litlle Elf
    Litlle Elf Month ago


  • Populist Nationalist

    Came off as putting gay and women soldiers higher than the vast majority who are men

  • Hans Solo
    Hans Solo Month ago

    It needs a a lot of courage to loose a leg for your country because your boss wanted some new resources......and we all know how the US treats their Vets.....so 1.Good job on making the world an unsafer place. and 2. Good job for spitting on the people that secure your full gas tank -_-

  • David Basile
    David Basile Month ago

    1:23 saluting without a cover...smdh

  • TopRealm
    TopRealm Month ago


  • Богдан Москалёв


  • no name !
    no name ! Month ago

    This is how USA respects! ...idk when India will learn this!

  • Renzo Kollauzz
    Renzo Kollauzz Month ago

    Alluh akbar

  • matteo zilioli
    matteo zilioli Month ago

    Thank you for honoring and protect our countryes

  • Vein Nebula
    Vein Nebula Month ago

    when youtube actuslly makes a video that actually means something positive

  • Pennywise
    Pennywise Month ago

    Thank you for your service. This video, and all the great people, remind me of my grandfather, a veteran who is still alive. Although I am currently to young, I am, and will serve my nation in the future.

  • Waffles Ok
    Waffles Ok Month ago

    Thanks to all of you 💯

  • Jamjw 56
    Jamjw 56 Month ago

    Stop banning gun channels

  • caroline nottage
    caroline nottage Month ago

    Your service and your sacrifice not only for your nation but for the world will pave the way for a better future for all. Your service and the valour you display in the face of death shall never be forgotten. Men, Women, Brothers and sisters from all walks of life shall always be remember until the end of days.

  • [TNG] The Nordic Gamers

    Great and humble video :D! my questions is though , why can this channel get ads for this kind of video with weapons and military content but normal youtubers get domonotized ? :)

  • gjaddajg
    gjaddajg Month ago

    Thumbnail: black woman
    Preview: black woman, black man and two white women
    Very representative of the US military, lol. TVclip really hates white men, don't they.

  • Zensoran
    Zensoran Month ago

    Who ever disliked this is a scum

  • Black Reaper
    Black Reaper Month ago

    All the people who disliked this video are most likely communists

  • Musica Tube
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  • Long Trinhxuan
    Long Trinhxuan Month ago

    cảm ơn tất cả. Tôi yêu các bạn

  • мистер матвей

    TVclip я хачутебесказать шо ты уничтожаешь каналы а они нормал

  • TNT. K
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  • Ridawi Aboudi
    Ridawi Aboudi Month ago

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    Back Ali Almerjany
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  • Meowzer The Box
    Meowzer The Box Month ago +2

    Oh what's that?
    The gays get an entire month while the people who fought and died to protect democracy and American freedom, who risked their lives to win against the fascist tyranny over Europe in the 1940's?
    *_They get an entire 24 hours?_*

  • zFastTap
    zFastTap Month ago

    #TVclipIsBroken #HelpToddyn ❤

  • Austin Dean
    Austin Dean Month ago

    This is the most recent video on this channel so I tapped it. FU** you TVclip for restricting Jeffy. Sorry people who watch this but that's what happened

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  • Saha1 Ohmarin
    Saha1 Ohmarin Month ago

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  • Zakoo fox gamer
    Zakoo fox gamer Month ago

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  • TheGamingOreoJr 360

    You need to stop age restricting people stop TVclip stop











  • Matheus Felipe
    Matheus Felipe Month ago

    TVclip Bug! :( Please Help Me

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  • Thomas1980
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    Great Video!

  • Islam Yusupov
    Islam Yusupov Month ago

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  • AQ206 [Ateequest206]

    go away from youtube

  • Love Roscoe
    Love Roscoe Month ago

    WHERE THE FREAK IS #CROW777, TVclip???? What the heck!!???

  • Juice Stin
    Juice Stin Month ago

    TVclip diss: Im the best better than the rest i put you to bed but when you see me you be dead why are you red stop taking down it makes people frown like funnel vision you can’t even watch it on television

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  • Sam Que
    Sam Que Month ago

    Why are you deleting funle vitions videos TVclip

  • Patti Ellsworth
    Patti Ellsworth Month ago

    To the thumbs down people, please think real hard tonight when you and your loved ones lay your heads down on your pillows and sleep peacefully

  • Thekhid123
    Thekhid123 Month ago

    TVclip pls stop deleting kid videos my sister is crying to watch the kid vid if you see this pls stop deleting videos thank you

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