• Published on Jun 6, 2017
  • The best gaming controller just got BETTER - Let's check it out! :D
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Comments • 6 736

  • NoWyld WstWrld
    NoWyld WstWrld 5 days ago +1

    Pls I need that controller

  • JavaKix
    JavaKix 6 days ago +1

    This is the price of my xbox lol

  • Jayvin Days
    Jayvin Days 9 days ago +1

    Yah give it to me

  • Mahima Mittal
    Mahima Mittal 9 days ago

    I want the controller

  • Cryptyc
    Cryptyc 15 days ago

    Can i plz Get the Ali a controller u already have

  • CrowdHunter
    CrowdHunter 18 days ago +4

    I would love to rep an Ali - A controller. I still have a basic controller. Haha

  • Lorenzo Ruben
    Lorenzo Ruben 19 days ago +1

    Can you make a conten of ps4 please?? I would like to watch it cause i live that game a alot

  • OS Damaged
    OS Damaged 23 days ago

    It was never the best

    • OS Damaged
      OS Damaged 23 days ago

      Jk I just don’t like scuffs

  • Ogreatgames _com
    Ogreatgames _com 28 days ago

    This is an awesome control., it would be way cool if it comes with freebies.

  • SaucingItUp
    SaucingItUp 28 days ago

    lol why does everyome hate on ali-a

  • Josh Norris
    Josh Norris Month ago +6

    could you get a Nintendo switch controller if that is possible

  • Askerovv
    Askerovv Month ago

    The ps4 controller is trash

  • Cloud -Shmeve
    Cloud -Shmeve Month ago

    Faked gameplay

  • Aleksandar J
    Aleksandar J Month ago

    not even doing the stuff onscreen

  • Dakota Lott
    Dakota Lott Month ago

    Can i have it

  • Breezed
    Breezed Month ago


  • rashdakashif
    rashdakashif Month ago

    Please can I have one Ali a it have subscribed and liked

  • Mikayla Cashen
    Mikayla Cashen Month ago

    No one can I have one

  • Maria Bermejo
    Maria Bermejo Month ago

    I want a Xbox allí a controlar

  • Fajar Hanan
    Fajar Hanan Month ago

    Who is watching in fortnite season 9????

  • Martin Govender
    Martin Govender Month ago

    Your discount did not work😭😭

  • Andrew's Game Channel

    PS4 is da Worst Xbox and Nintendo Rule

  • king snipergamer
    king snipergamer 2 months ago


  • Omicron Force
    Omicron Force 2 months ago

    Excited to open an already opened box

  • PokemonEvan 50
    PokemonEvan 50 2 months ago


  • GreggyGamer11
    GreggyGamer11 2 months ago

    Watch his sticks this is fake there sooo off

  • fue
    fue 2 months ago


  • iphase lucky
    iphase lucky 2 months ago

    Give away

  • Yolo
    Yolo 2 months ago

    Wait I forgot this isn’t fortnite

  • Nathanial C.S
    Nathanial C.S 2 months ago

    You copied elite shot

  • Yoosuf Martin Nazim
    Yoosuf Martin Nazim 2 months ago

    I want it

  • Ethan Hutchison
    Ethan Hutchison 2 months ago +1

    7:26 he moves his look around stick rapidly and his character doesn’t move

  • ninjascottgames
    ninjascottgames 2 months ago

    Do they break tho

  • Lee Lewin
    Lee Lewin 2 months ago +131

    If your reading this is 2019 give this a like

  • Tertius Durham
    Tertius Durham 2 months ago

    Yall make cheaters look like gods smh

  • 10,000 Susbcribers with no videos? ??

    Is there one for Xbox?

  • Josh XJ
    Josh XJ 2 months ago

    Should i buy a scuf some people say they break quickly so i dont know

  • Dex-BillyCandice
    Dex-BillyCandice 3 months ago +3

    Ali a you should react to people killing you on fortnite

  • Dhanyal Fairley
    Dhanyal Fairley 3 months ago

    its already open and its not live if its a video..

  • Gwen Osborne
    Gwen Osborne 3 months ago

    Give me one scuf controller

  • RePeLleD必要日々
    RePeLleD必要日々 3 months ago

    Why is the controller wet....

  • J.Finch Football
    J.Finch Football 3 months ago


  • DINOMAN -Mobile playz!
    DINOMAN -Mobile playz! 3 months ago +3

    Xbox has a better controller lol

  • Srikanth Rider
    Srikanth Rider 3 months ago

    I want a controller plss pls

  • sarah Music
    sarah Music 3 months ago

    He isn't pressing x or a to boost is this prerecorded

  • Courtney Kennedy
    Courtney Kennedy 3 months ago

    Can I get a giveaway

  • Tony Bowman
    Tony Bowman 3 months ago

    I could use a new scuf I can’t afford another one I bought a used one and it was broken and now I’m trying to build my own but they are way too hard to build :(

  • Work Out
    Work Out 3 months ago +1

    Ali A I get that you are sponsored by scufgaming, but honestly I bought the controller and I was severely disappointed. The controller felt cheap, swapping out thumb sticks was impossible because the mechanism was flawed from the beginning and overall was not worth the price.

    • Work Out
      Work Out 3 months ago +2

      The genisis6vrb -fortnite Not really an opinion if I payed extra for features that were flawed and did not work. I have bought two scufs so far and both have been below my expectations, especially considering the price.

    • Anthony Suren
      Anthony Suren 3 months ago

      Work Out that’s ur opinion bro

  • Ayush Iyer
    Ayush Iyer 3 months ago

    Use code alia

  • Zenosion
    Zenosion 3 months ago

    I rly need a new controller mine has no joystick

    • Killerkind
      Killerkind 3 months ago

      Zenosion when did it break?

  • cayden hatfield
    cayden hatfield 3 months ago +24

    its ok ali u r just informing us dont listen to these haters\

  • Armando Martinez
    Armando Martinez 3 months ago

    Yes giveaway

  • benjie shayler
    benjie shayler 3 months ago

    I want a Alia controller

  • James Lee
    James Lee 3 months ago

    How much is it ?l
    What's the website I can order pair

  • Benjamin Doty
    Benjamin Doty 3 months ago

    I’m an Xbox player and when I play ps4 I play so weird because the controller feels not right in my hands where the Xbox controller feels so nice in my hands so if I started playing ps4 this would definitely be the first thing I pick up.

  • Josheth V
    Josheth V 3 months ago

    I would love an AliA controller

  • [YOP] Yobikkel
    [YOP] Yobikkel 3 months ago


  • Isaax Frost
    Isaax Frost 3 months ago

    Looks like a skull candy blue see through xbox 360 controller

    • Bazor
      Bazor 3 months ago

      @Isaax Frost what tf are u talking about?

  • Terryn Clark
    Terryn Clark 3 months ago

    can I have a controller

  • No more mr none turbo
    No more mr none turbo 3 months ago

    So 1v1 me not

  • Omar Ahmed
    Omar Ahmed 3 months ago

    Did Batman invent this controller

  • Tommy Juracich
    Tommy Juracich 3 months ago +1

    This is the same as the Xbox elite controller

  • Jack Taddey
    Jack Taddey 3 months ago

    How to you change what the paddle can do

  • Montana Toilolo
    Montana Toilolo 3 months ago

    cani have one of your ali a controllers

  • Meme McMemster
    Meme McMemster 3 months ago

    I got some guftcards for my birthday and I’ve been trying to find a cheap one of these. But I have had know luck

  • Ideal Gamer
    Ideal Gamer 3 months ago

    Love you Ali-A

  • Adam Racer
    Adam Racer 3 months ago

    Can i have one please because youre my favourite youtuber

  • FlyingL
    FlyingL 3 months ago

    I would love to have a Ali-A controller. please, I have a bad controller that is trash.

  • Veer Daya
    Veer Daya 3 months ago

    Cizzor's death run

  • Jael Trenado
    Jael Trenado 3 months ago

    Can I have the PS4 controller

  • Jacob Pokiak
    Jacob Pokiak 3 months ago

    My friends call me mini Ali-A

  • Jacob Pokiak
    Jacob Pokiak 3 months ago

    My friends call me mini Ali-A

  • Ramelle Briom
    Ramelle Briom 3 months ago +1

    Wait how u wearing a headset with no mic plugged in

  • big man
    big man 3 months ago

    Copied xbiz

  • Liam davidse
    Liam davidse 3 months ago

    Does it come with that right hand stick and can it work with out a charger

  • Liam davidse
    Liam davidse 3 months ago

    I want one so bad

  • Sudais Khan-YT
    Sudais Khan-YT 3 months ago

    I hate ALI-A

  • Amy Schmidt
    Amy Schmidt 3 months ago

    I play on ps4

  • Amy Schmidt
    Amy Schmidt 3 months ago

    Me I'll use it every day and use the heck out of it

  • qlucy
    qlucy 3 months ago


  • jay jay
    jay jay 3 months ago

    How do I get my scuf impact repaired

  • Hayden Strasburg
    Hayden Strasburg 3 months ago

    Can I have one

  • Poptrop
    Poptrop 4 months ago

    Or you can slap on some kontrolfreeks

  • William Jackson
    William Jackson 4 months ago

    I got a scuf cos of dis vidoe


    Can I get a controller

  • Katey Jay
    Katey Jay 4 months ago

    i want it

  • blueRENEGAID
    blueRENEGAID 4 months ago

    Relize these cost like 120£ so. I wont buy one

    • Porkie
      Porkie Month ago

      blueRENEGAID haha sucker they pay you 120 here in Australia

  • Exsy Clapz
    Exsy Clapz 4 months ago

    Can I get a controller please

  • Mr Ghost
    Mr Ghost 4 months ago

    Your sensitivity is so low

  • Artihaka Arti
    Artihaka Arti 4 months ago

    Yes i want one

  • toofast4u24
    toofast4u24 4 months ago

    He didnt use the triangle and square

  • W3S
    W3S 4 months ago


  • W3S
    W3S 4 months ago


  • W3S
    W3S 4 months ago


  • itz_sayden gale
    itz_sayden gale 4 months ago

    Tess plz I'll even take the. Used one

  • Tobias_ YT
    Tobias_ YT 4 months ago +2

    I have a ps4 but i dont have controller so i can't not play 😧😧😔

  • Frozen Click
    Frozen Click 4 months ago

    I want a scuff controller on my controller broke because I rage playing Fortnite

    • JKWON
      JKWON 4 months ago

      1 year later

  • Mario Z
    Mario Z 4 months ago

    I want a stuff controller

  • AcroSkyGaming
    AcroSkyGaming 4 months ago

    Just bought a scuf :D