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  • Itz Sketchy
    Itz Sketchy Day ago

    Wait so should I buy a scuf with normal analog sticks or get the custom ones??? Someone please help

  • BACKYARD_ Snipezz
    BACKYARD_ Snipezz 2 days ago

    You have that and are still trash

  • Easton Is the Dude
    Easton Is the Dude 3 days ago

    I what a Scuff controller really bad

  • DOda 258
    DOda 258 3 days ago

    I want an Ali-A controller

  • Bxpope
    Bxpope 4 days ago

    It is fake look at the controller

  • Plonkain
    Plonkain 4 days ago

    Who is watching this video after the scuf vantage is out. That is the best controller.

  • FireDragon8577 Gaming
    FireDragon8577 Gaming 5 days ago +1

    I want one please

  • John 1969
    John 1969 5 days ago

    F A P

  • Xd scarZ
    Xd scarZ 6 days ago

    Pls give the controller I don’t have one

  • AlphaGaming _
    AlphaGaming _ 6 days ago

    Incase you rage at fortnite and break your controller because you suck at fortnite

  • justin carter
    justin carter 6 days ago

    Scuff is trash. Go with battle beaver

  • Salah Ahmed
    Salah Ahmed 6 days ago

    Me I want that controller

  • Jakobi Phillips
    Jakobi Phillips 7 days ago

    can i have a scuff gaming controller

  • SM Animations
    SM Animations 8 days ago

    Is the controller any good?

  • Raymond Chantrell
    Raymond Chantrell 11 days ago

    Please give away

  • Frostbite -
    Frostbite - 14 days ago

    10:12 war are his headphones connected to

  • Super Turtle
    Super Turtle 15 days ago

    Scuff isn’t the best controller it’s the most expensive controller

  • Fortpro
    Fortpro 15 days ago +1

    I whant a Alia controler please

  • Joeann Year
    Joeann Year 16 days ago

    STOP IT!!!... get some help

  • o 7
    o 7 16 days ago

    I mad need one would be seriously dope bro u got 4 pads link me an old second hand one mad link me bro

  • Hasnat YT
    Hasnat YT 16 days ago

    Alia buy alia PS4 controller

  • dari tembong
    dari tembong 17 days ago

    Me to bro

  • Jesus Donovan
    Jesus Donovan 17 days ago

    I really want one

    SALLY OKUDO 17 days ago

    Zero minute

    SALLY OKUDO 17 days ago

    I want one Ali-a

  • Josephine Daly
    Josephine Daly 19 days ago

    Please can I have a controller

  • The Voice Ex
    The Voice Ex 19 days ago

    boiiiii ps4 for thw win for once imma xbox kinda guy

  • Fortive R
    Fortive R 19 days ago +3

    Do you have a controller for the Nentendo switch?

  • Random Furby
    Random Furby 19 days ago

    I want it

  • Twiisted Poiint
    Twiisted Poiint 20 days ago

    Got my self a pink one

  • Suzanna Fuller
    Suzanna Fuller 20 days ago

    You're my favorite TVclip

  • Truman Hillard
    Truman Hillard 20 days ago +1

    Since when are ali a's hands ever tan🤔

  • Insta: Joey_Lngo
    Insta: Joey_Lngo 20 days ago

    In bo3 I didn’t play any other game mode except the speed runs... on the first level I did it in 1:47 and I had 61 hours on bo3 and only 1 was multiplayer

  • M1N 3R
    M1N 3R 22 days ago

    This is literally a Xbox elite controller

  • Legendary Gamer
    Legendary Gamer 23 days ago +8

    0:06 it's already open

  • FuzionTiger
    FuzionTiger 23 days ago +1


  • Savage Boyy
    Savage Boyy 24 days ago

    Yeah let’s get it

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah 24 days ago



  • eetthhaann110011
    eetthhaann110011 25 days ago

    They break in 1 month scuf is terrible quality

  • Triangle Trilluminati
    Triangle Trilluminati 25 days ago

    Elite "hold my beer"

  • Thumpy Rages
    Thumpy Rages 25 days ago

    hi, gimme da controller

  • xMyth1calx
    xMyth1calx 29 days ago

    I think he should give it away

    MOHAMMEDVIP Month ago

    Ali were are you from?

  • Merky7 Savage
    Merky7 Savage Month ago

    Don’t buy scuff the quality is terrible they break so quick

  • Colligy
    Colligy Month ago

    He’s excited to open it and it’s already open

  • BFR_ TV
    BFR_ TV Month ago

    I loves the old contrôler 🤙

  • Robert paul
    Robert paul Month ago

    You can definitely tell scuf pays him cause all the real reviews say the opposite. Cheap made dont work correctly. Pos

  • Kalabakos 123
    Kalabakos 123 Month ago

    Ali a uses scuff controles and still sucks

  • x Ywto
    x Ywto Month ago

    Who just saw this in there recommendations

  • Lindsay Gilbert-Smith

    I need one also

  • Mukesh Pabari
    Mukesh Pabari Month ago

    giveaway of course

  • Flip MasTer
    Flip MasTer Month ago

    I needed it buddy sub to Ali a and support his creator

  • Ethan R
    Ethan R Month ago

    can i have the Xbox controller

  • EllaJamesHD Reyes Family

    Though not to say not a scuffed controller

  • EllaJamesHD Reyes Family

    I want a alia controller


    Yes so much YES

  • Super TNT
    Super TNT Month ago

    1 like = one controller

  • Knau
    Knau Month ago


  • Ic3y Buckets
    Ic3y Buckets Month ago

    My friend gets made fun of because this controller ha ha

    PAMELA WALTERS Month ago

    Yes I want it

  • Xxadrian994xX
    Xxadrian994xX Month ago

    Alia I really want a controller likes those but for Xbox one 😣

  • Askyorma Gaming
    Askyorma Gaming Month ago

    Ali-a sucks a**

  • fortnite secrets Hidden

    Ali do u do these controlers in xbox version

  • Mathi 18
    Mathi 18 Month ago

    I love it

  • Daljeet Kaur
    Daljeet Kaur Month ago

    yestareday for christmas I went to go get some ali a control freaks but the didnt have it

  • Hydro Shift
    Hydro Shift Month ago

    I want a Ali a controller but I play on Xbox one

  • Torres Victor
    Torres Victor Month ago +1

    Wow ali your the man i wish i had a ali ps4 scuff controller but its probably too late

  • FRoz Eclalite
    FRoz Eclalite Month ago +1

    And u got 5 wins

  • Lil Möth
    Lil Möth Month ago

    Controller for $200 yeah nah

  • iboxxxeduuu eliya Dakota

    Ali-A controler

  • kermisfreak On fire!
    kermisfreak On fire! 2 months ago

    Can i connect it to my ps4?

  • GmobPlayzYT
    GmobPlayzYT 2 months ago

    so free run is b tech surf in cs:go

  • Enguuneeg Eng
    Enguuneeg Eng 2 months ago

    nice !!!

  • Can i get 10k subs without. a vid?

    If you dont know impact comes from a german youtuber team. Team impact

  • Christopher Johnson
    Christopher Johnson 2 months ago

    I want a Ali a controller I never get anything from a TVclipr

  • xd Cutie
    xd Cutie 2 months ago

    Only $200

  • Johnpaul Woods
    Johnpaul Woods 2 months ago

    Use code Ali a in the item store

  • needler267
    needler267 2 months ago

    I think your wearing a girls shirt.

  • Buddha_Brain Gaming
    Buddha_Brain Gaming 2 months ago

    time is 1:15.. not recorded...

  • magic
    magic 2 months ago

    the music is way to loud

  • Zama Drake Mniki
    Zama Drake Mniki 2 months ago

    Xbox Elite Controller is still better

  • Sj Bowie
    Sj Bowie 2 months ago

    Xbox elite controller >scuff controller

    • Sak _
      Sak _ 2 months ago

      Sj Bowie ur high

  • p2isthename brow
    p2isthename brow 2 months ago

    Yes I do

  • Michael Garcia
    Michael Garcia 2 months ago

    Yes you should do a controller giveaway because I need one cause my Is broken.

  • TuxedoDelta
    TuxedoDelta 2 months ago

    Hey nice video by nice I mean about as good as a butt chugging video so you must be doing pretty good. Hey is it still cool to hate on Ali a? I don’t care if gonna go drink bleach, cool have a good one jk lmfao

  • 3hree6ixty
    3hree6ixty 2 months ago

    What’s better vantage or impact?

  • Alexandra Delgado
    Alexandra Delgado 2 months ago

    What’s the game he’s playing in this video ?

  • Trixtrrr
    Trixtrrr 2 months ago

    For his intro

  • Rohan Jones
    Rohan Jones 2 months ago

    I never got a giveaway before I really want one plz

  • Pro Gaming 24
    Pro Gaming 24 2 months ago

    Proof this is fake 7:05 he was supposed to press X to jump he never did😂 and his stick movement is wrong

    • RedFury
      RedFury 2 months ago

      +Pro Gaming 24 just was here to see scuf controller

    • Pro Gaming 24
      Pro Gaming 24 2 months ago

      +RedFury and also when u play free run on bo ur controller led light changes

    • Pro Gaming 24
      Pro Gaming 24 2 months ago

      +RedFury i flipped my phone to the way the controller was facing it was the same thing

    • RedFury
      RedFury 2 months ago

      You can flip it or it was the camera

  • Pro Gaming 24
    Pro Gaming 24 2 months ago

    Ali why would u fake this gameplay the buttons u press dont match with what u do in the game for example when u pressed x your charecter should have jumped but he didnt when u move the left stick your charecter doesnt follow


  • Cheese-O-Mac12
    Cheese-O-Mac12 2 months ago

    It’s actually the vantage

  • Ghost Gamer2007
    Ghost Gamer2007 2 months ago


  • Totally NoT Ghostty YT
    Totally NoT Ghostty YT 2 months ago


  • Isaiah B. Fornoles
    Isaiah B. Fornoles 2 months ago

    His gameplay is fake

  • Subscribe to pewdiepie 1

    Give me the controller

  • ill get 1000 likes no vids

    Is that a ps 4 pro or just ps 4

  • James Bishop
    James Bishop 2 months ago

    I bought a Impact and day 3 the left thumb sticks forward. What a waste of $230
    Don’t buy... trash!

  • April Armento
    April Armento 2 months ago +1

    Do a video where are you give us a tour around your office

  • Blood Overlord99
    Blood Overlord99 2 months ago

    You should try playing fortnite on Xbox with the Xbox controller