• Published on Jun 6, 2017
  • The best gaming controller just got BETTER - Let's check it out! :D
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Comments • 6 659

  • connor tucker
    connor tucker 4 hours ago

    I see play station is going with the Xbox controller because it’s better.👌

  • Daphneee
    Daphneee 18 hours ago

    I am looking for a ps4 pro controller and headphone but all I find is 249 dollars or more lol

  • Mhamad Kamal
    Mhamad Kamal Day ago

    I want one

  • Akhdan Ziyad
    Akhdan Ziyad Day ago


  • Reverse Turtle
    Reverse Turtle Day ago

    Does this work on regular ps4 not ps4 pro

  • BE J
    BE J Day ago

    Is this for Xbox or Playstation

  • Sad Power
    Sad Power 2 days ago

    Since when was this the World's best gaming controller

  • Wout Sassen
    Wout Sassen 2 days ago +1

    I have that controller

  • YurBoyRakZzz
    YurBoyRakZzz 3 days ago


  • gemma brown
    gemma brown 3 days ago

    Please can I have a controller

  • Neko Abitohn
    Neko Abitohn 3 days ago +1


  • Rohann Potgieter
    Rohann Potgieter 4 days ago

    Please giveaway a scuf

  • Jared Owen Baasden
    Jared Owen Baasden 5 days ago

    Xbox or ps

  • Saif Loya
    Saif Loya 6 days ago

    the scuff infinity pro is better than the one with the four paddles, there are too many paddles in that one, scuff infinity pro is perfect and i do really well with it. since i have one.

  • Bob Sponge
    Bob Sponge 6 days ago

    Th worlds most cancerous controller

  • Ttv Rii
    Ttv Rii 6 days ago

    Your a meme

  • spertix c
    spertix c 7 days ago


    COLINATER114 7 days ago

    Um 150$? IM POOR 😂😵

  • Harl Z
    Harl Z 7 days ago

    DUN dun dun dun dud dun DUNNNNN

  • Anonim Anonimys
    Anonim Anonimys 8 days ago

    Tun tun tun tun

  • ImNot2 Goood
    ImNot2 Goood 8 days ago

    I'll take an Ali a controller I don't have a working controller

  • OutrunCast Loser
    OutrunCast Loser 8 days ago

    But yet when he touches his precious Fortnite he builds like a potato.

  • FinickLyric 22
    FinickLyric 22 10 days ago

    Why are your videos clicked baet

  • elli6410 elli6410
    elli6410 elli6410 11 days ago

    37 seconds

  • Rebecca Leon
    Rebecca Leon 12 days ago

    Can y make one for Xbox pls like if u want him to make one

  • Parker Hero
    Parker Hero 12 days ago

    what a cuck boy

  • Seth Barber
    Seth Barber 12 days ago

    1:30 no cheat

  • Erika Osuna
    Erika Osuna 12 days ago


  • TiLeTil1
    TiLeTil1 13 days ago

    Guys don't buy a scuff because you have to take mad care for it. Claw is better or you can switch r3 to x so I won't have to take your thumb off joystick

  • LittleBear's_ Fortnite

    Hwy i reeeally need one

  • chrisropher hendricks
    chrisropher hendricks 13 days ago +1

    Can you please follow me on ps4 my name is (chrisocool10027)

  • scilenced ninja
    scilenced ninja 13 days ago

    do a ps4 controller give away i want to see how good it is and i will be a god at building

    KØD REDGD 13 days ago


  • alfie nicholls
    alfie nicholls 14 days ago

    a package that has loads of goodies😂😂

  • Juan Sotolofajarse ngo

    Pl please help I subscribe please give me the controller please have a PS4

  • nootle
    nootle 15 days ago

    Why is this in my recommend

  • Antony Khoury
    Antony Khoury 15 days ago

    I do not do pesant station

  • Liv & Ethan's Adventures

    Razer riaju is better

  • MysTic_MortalYT
    MysTic_MortalYT 16 days ago

    Guys don’t buy scuf it breaks easily

  • Ryan Dasalla
    Ryan Dasalla 17 days ago

    Can I have one pls

  • Meryem Ocak
    Meryem Ocak 18 days ago

    He has a necklace who has the other part??

  • RiverFox 9939288
    RiverFox 9939288 19 days ago

    Have you seen the price? My Xbox was only a little more. Jesus

  • Music 1850
    Music 1850 20 days ago

    Ali a meme is the never dead meme

  • Taine Quinn
    Taine Quinn 20 days ago

    Seems like a copy of the xbox elite controller

  • Deborah Westby
    Deborah Westby 20 days ago

    Thats expensive i aint gonna buy that

  • Jess Ava
    Jess Ava 20 days ago

    I don't see it there

  • Jess Ava
    Jess Ava 20 days ago

    I have been looking for it

  • Jess Ava
    Jess Ava 20 days ago

    Ali-a I used the description but I can't find the controller

  • Lit Bro567
    Lit Bro567 21 day ago

    I'll have one

  • Richard Fitting
    Richard Fitting 23 days ago

    Can I have the controller

  • Ahmed Omar
    Ahmed Omar 23 days ago

    I love it you are my best TVclip ever l sub l liked your video

  • SamsaS
    SamsaS 23 days ago

    Ur still worst player in the world

  • sanjidah gamez
    sanjidah gamez 23 days ago

    Scuff impact *xbox controller for ps4*

  • HUSSAIN Lamak
    HUSSAIN Lamak 23 days ago


  • Stuart Ringrose
    Stuart Ringrose 23 days ago

    I build fast like myth like not joking I play on ps4 too

  • DeBoy65
    DeBoy65 24 days ago

    Who likes ali a? Not me

  • Fortnite Kid
    Fortnite Kid 24 days ago

    Please Ali

  • Fortnite Kid
    Fortnite Kid 24 days ago

    Yes please me

  • cp vlogs
    cp vlogs 25 days ago

    My score is 1.38.11 and I dust checked

  • Cowboy Zy
    Cowboy Zy 26 days ago +1

    how u play the black one btw can I have those 2 controller pls I sub and I learned a lot of stuff from u but my stick messes me up in a fight like I end up hitting the wrong button and then my stick messes up

    • KillerBoyZ
      KillerBoyZ 20 days ago

      I would recommend buying it

  • Cole 7 7 9
    Cole 7 7 9 27 days ago

    What’s the background music?

  • Complete Gamer
    Complete Gamer 28 days ago

    Which Game

    FAZE 2FAZE 28 days ago


  • GamingWithMateo
    GamingWithMateo 29 days ago

    I really want one! Please

  • Tommyfin !
    Tommyfin ! 29 days ago +1

    Why is the controller wet?

  • Vernell Miller
    Vernell Miller 29 days ago

    Can I get a Ally a controller

  • Will Lavey
    Will Lavey Month ago

    pls i have raygun

  • AKLN33 Fortnite
    AKLN33 Fortnite Month ago

    I got yesterday

  • SantaSquirtle
    SantaSquirtle Month ago


  • Alex Day 509
    Alex Day 509 Month ago

    It’s shaped like an Xbox controller coz they are way more comfy

  • Stevie-Lee Sullivan


  • Blitz
    Blitz Month ago


  • Brayden Arber
    Brayden Arber Month ago

    love your vids

  • Rudy Rios
    Rudy Rios Month ago +1

    Do you use a Turtle Beach Headset?

  • Aido 2765
    Aido 2765 Month ago

    Pls give a way I need controller for PS4 pls😀

  • skellyboi 17
    skellyboi 17 Month ago +2

    Lol he always says oh my COD wow ali

  • redshot
    redshot Month ago

    ali can i have an xbox one scuff controller plz my mom wont allow to buy me pleez😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  • Fares Ali
    Fares Ali Month ago


  • Nihad Ferhatovic
    Nihad Ferhatovic Month ago

    If I play like 2 hours max a day, how long would a scuf controller last me? I know it’s only meant for hardcore gamers but I really want those pads on the back. If not a scuf controller, what would you guys recommend. Again, durability and paddles are what I’m looking for.

  • Axl Gum
    Axl Gum Month ago

    Ali don’t listen to the haters and keep on doing what you are doing and what you like. Btw your videos are great and hope you have an excellent day

  • tyler slade
    tyler slade Month ago

    I want an awesome TVcliprs controller

  • MadMaxwell Gamer
    MadMaxwell Gamer Month ago

    *i need it*

  • Zaar Husain
    Zaar Husain Month ago

    Yes I want it

  • SniperProPlayz
    SniperProPlayz Month ago

    stop lying

  • Ethan Urena
    Ethan Urena Month ago

    That's one thing he didn't lie about

  • West Boy
    West Boy Month ago

    Can i have one mr.cringe

  • Tanya Parent
    Tanya Parent Month ago

    And I want you to a ps4 console giveaway

  • Tanya Parent
    Tanya Parent Month ago

    I'm your biggest fan

  • Sethei
    Sethei Month ago

    It says world's best gaming controller on the title but I don't see the gamecube controller...?

  • Super Saiyan Seadragons

    How did they cost

  • world of enjoyingment world of enjoyingment

    hi Ali a i am from Pakistan where are you from

  • fortnite gamer
    fortnite gamer Month ago


  • GGB _Fazdawg
    GGB _Fazdawg Month ago

    I’ll take one dawg

  • Philippe Green
    Philippe Green Month ago


  • Keith Reitler
    Keith Reitler Month ago

    Instant that controller for Xbox so I could be better at fortnite

  • the only Manny23savage

    I love you videos bro

  • DrSprayz
    DrSprayz Month ago

    trash controllers

  • Fodeh Doumbia
    Fodeh Doumbia Month ago

    You should Give away Ali-A customizations for ps4

  • RJ Balloue
    RJ Balloue Month ago

    Yes can I have one please I need a new one because its thumbsticks are broken