• Published on Jun 6, 2017
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  • the duck's
    the duck's 20 hours ago

    I wish there was a Bluetooth charger so I can play and charge

    OT-MR-RNG-GX Day ago

    Hi ali

  • KS Nate
    KS Nate Day ago +1

    I need an Xbox scuff controllee

  • Yasir Jama
    Yasir Jama 5 days ago +1

    3:40 thats how you spam l2

  • theviraaj123 theviraaj123

    Can I have

  • john money
    john money 8 days ago

    Plz do it on fortnite

  • john money
    john money 8 days ago

    If your reading this Ali use a handcam for a whole video

  • 123X Game on!
    123X Game on! 9 days ago +1

    Pls give me the controller. I am your subscriber since last year

  • skullcrusher 0301
    skullcrusher 0301 18 days ago

    Wow I'm just watching this now

  • Zayan Khan
    Zayan Khan 18 days ago

    Which do you think is better class or scuf

  • Lil balloon
    Lil balloon 18 days ago

    I want a Alia controller for every console hook me up mainly Xbox one and PS4

  • Yasufo
    Yasufo 19 days ago +3

    I feel like the elite series 2 from xbox is little more customized

  • L0lUrBaDkidTTV
    L0lUrBaDkidTTV 21 day ago

    I got a 2:54:26

  • sona wanem
    sona wanem 22 days ago

    Me pls

  • omnav 0508
    omnav 0508 23 days ago

    Do the phumsticks komme whiwe

  • ツJoel
    ツJoel 24 days ago

    come to this game please!

  • Pro Killer
    Pro Killer 27 days ago

    I use ps4

  • YKTV Itz Mandos
    YKTV Itz Mandos Month ago


  • Flix Bros
    Flix Bros Month ago

    Ali a controller pls

  • WavyFN
    WavyFN Month ago +1

    Can I please get the controller my controller is broken and I can’t afford a scuff and I don’t care if it’s Ali a because I watch all of your videos

  • Adam Martinez
    Adam Martinez Month ago +19

    Can I have a controller I can’t afford to buy a scuff
    And my mom won’t let me buy it
    Like so Ali can see

    • Random Gamer
      Random Gamer Month ago

      @Faygo ikr😂

    • Faygo
      Faygo Month ago +1

      Dude your kinda like a year late 😂

  • Moh
    Moh Month ago

    Ali your my gaming idol

  • Fn Itzz1m4n
    Fn Itzz1m4n Month ago +1

    Can I have it

  • Its Evripos
    Its Evripos Month ago +2

    Dude this is fake gameplay

  • Finn Wheeler
    Finn Wheeler Month ago

    I will get one for my birthday

    • ohh yeahh yeahh
      ohh yeahh yeahh Month ago

      Dont scuf is garbage and only lasts 1 month and are way too over priced

  • I'm_deth 247
    I'm_deth 247 Month ago

    Ps4 please I'm fixing to sub

  • Mario Jermain
    Mario Jermain Month ago

    My favourite looking scuff from all the scuffs I have seen on the website bro, wanted a scuff for years they’re just too expensive for me to purchase one

  • Hussain 1020
    Hussain 1020 Month ago


  • John King
    John King Month ago

    I want one

  • Flapjackie is my bae 4real

    He said I got a new package and I can wait to open it but yet the box was open already

  • Grimwarz ZGX
    Grimwarz ZGX Month ago

    I still prefer the razor wolverine ultimate for xbox one

  • isweatforfun513
    isweatforfun513 2 months ago

    Please I play on ps4 j watch you all the time

  • isweatforfun513
    isweatforfun513 2 months ago

    I want a Ali a Controller

  • NoWyld WstWrld
    NoWyld WstWrld 2 months ago +1

    Pls I need that controller

  • JavaKix
    JavaKix 2 months ago +1

    This is the price of my xbox lol

  • Jayvin Days
    Jayvin Days 2 months ago +1

    Yah give it to me

  • Mahima Mittal
    Mahima Mittal 2 months ago

    I want the controller

  • Cryptyc
    Cryptyc 2 months ago

    Can i plz Get the Ali a controller u already have

  • CrowdHunter
    CrowdHunter 2 months ago +6

    I would love to rep an Ali - A controller. I still have a basic controller. Haha

    • Laxzes
      Laxzes 18 days ago

      CrowdHunter I’m getting this one

  • Lorenzo Ruben
    Lorenzo Ruben 2 months ago +1

    Can you make a conten of ps4 please?? I would like to watch it cause i live that game a alot

  • Damaged
    Damaged 2 months ago

    It was never the best

    • Damaged
      Damaged 2 months ago

      Jk I just don’t like scuffs

  • PrizumFN
    PrizumFN 3 months ago

    lol why does everyome hate on ali-a

  • Josh Norris
    Josh Norris 3 months ago +9

    could you get a Nintendo switch controller if that is possible

  • Askerovv
    Askerovv 3 months ago

    The ps4 controller is trash

  • Shmeve
    Shmeve 3 months ago

    Faked gameplay

  • Aleksandar J
    Aleksandar J 3 months ago

    not even doing the stuff onscreen

  • Dakota Lott
    Dakota Lott 3 months ago

    Can i have it

  • Breezed
    Breezed 3 months ago


  • rashdakashif
    rashdakashif 3 months ago

    Please can I have one Ali a it have subscribed and liked

  • Mikayla Cashen
    Mikayla Cashen 3 months ago

    No one can I have one

  • Maria Bermejo
    Maria Bermejo 3 months ago

    I want a Xbox allí a controlar

  • Fajar Hanan
    Fajar Hanan 3 months ago

    Who is watching in fortnite season 9????

  • Martin Govender
    Martin Govender 3 months ago


  • Martin Govender
    Martin Govender 3 months ago

    Your discount did not work😭😭

  • Andrew's Game Channel
    Andrew's Game Channel 4 months ago

    PS4 is da Worst Xbox and Nintendo Rule

  • king snipergamer
    king snipergamer 4 months ago


  • Omicron Force
    Omicron Force 4 months ago

    Excited to open an already opened box

  • PokemonEvan 50
    PokemonEvan 50 4 months ago


  • GreggyGamer11
    GreggyGamer11 4 months ago

    Watch his sticks this is fake there sooo off

  • fue
    fue 4 months ago