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  • Tahmid the gamer 3
    Tahmid the gamer 3 11 hours ago

    How do you change the paddles?

  • echo_glitch
    echo_glitch 18 hours ago

    Hey Ali a I'm a big fan send me a friend request on ps4 echoglitch2001

  • Abdullah Rahahleh
    Abdullah Rahahleh 21 hour ago

    So much

  • Abdullah Rahahleh
    Abdullah Rahahleh 21 hour ago

    I neeeeed this

  • Elaine Neville
    Elaine Neville Day ago

    Looks nice

  • Zucco27 PLAYZ
    Zucco27 PLAYZ 2 days ago

    The XBOX Elite controller is better but is the same

  • Ninja123 _fortniteprince

    Ali a can you add me as your friend my name in pa4 fortnite is khalidnur322126 if you want to add me at psn khalid nur raven skin is my profile picture and if you want to giveaway those ali a controller please giveaway to me one im your biggest fan sometimes my friends are saying that you suck i said no i mean you are better than myth and ninja and tfue and daequan

  • Amit Maharaj
    Amit Maharaj 4 days ago

    i need one because i can get better at fortnite

  • IsoE
    IsoE 5 days ago

    Your controller is so f*cking crazy!!

  • Amir Ouammi
    Amir Ouammi 7 days ago

    It’s not the best

  • mii bruce
    mii bruce 7 days ago

    I do.I subscribe and liked

  • Jessenia Velez
    Jessenia Velez 8 days ago

    I love you I mean not that much

  • Dexter Magee
    Dexter Magee 8 days ago

    Alia is not even playing if you see he's looking around with his controller but he isn't on the game!!!

  • Stellan Chetty
    Stellan Chetty 9 days ago

    wat hold on he just said pikachus lightsaber i swear pikachu and lightsaber are two different things

  • RagingLion 1216
    RagingLion 1216 9 days ago

    What do the paddles do?

  • Breana Faircloth
    Breana Faircloth 9 days ago

    Good luck playing call of duty

  • Chris Cocker
    Chris Cocker 11 days ago

    Can you play halo.

  • Life hacks with Sander and Julian

    No i dont want no controller.
    ps fortnite is a joke. sorry to say

  • ShadowWolfffYT
    ShadowWolfffYT 12 days ago

    Wrong! It's the wii remote

  • K Bee
    K Bee 13 days ago

    Ali a ninja keeps making fun of u. It’s about time u made fun of him in video

  • K Bee
    K Bee 13 days ago +1

    Omg plz plz plz gimmi a Ali’s controller
    I need a new controller but I can’t afford one

  • legend of all #2
    legend of all #2 13 days ago

    I got in 1m 39 sec

  • Lewis Elgar
    Lewis Elgar 15 days ago

    why are his hands ten times darker than the rest of his body

  • VermillionZephyr
    VermillionZephyr 17 days ago

    Ali could you send me a scuf impact? I’ve been subbed since 1M subs

  • Cole Nelson
    Cole Nelson 19 days ago

    Can i please have a controller please

  • Ahmed Hassan
    Ahmed Hassan 19 days ago

    I need

  • HaVoKFOX
    HaVoKFOX 20 days ago

    i cal ali Meme-A

  • Brandon Gasparillo
    Brandon Gasparillo 20 days ago


  • Its Jack
    Its Jack 21 day ago

    It’s a very very very good controller when I played on the normal ones I would like never get wins when I got your I got 100+ wins

  • Its Jack
    Its Jack 21 day ago

    I have your controller Ali but I got to say there pretty expensive but it’s worth it

  • Gaming Frenzy
    Gaming Frenzy 21 day ago

    Can you make Xbox Alia controllers plz

  • Kings Kaneki
    Kings Kaneki 22 days ago

    Just an ps4 version of Xbox elite controller

  • Jake Pavlik
    Jake Pavlik 22 days ago

    I watched his video twice

  • Fletcher Birks
    Fletcher Birks 22 days ago

    Can I have a Allie I controller

  • Spongebob Fortnite and blogs

    i want it

  • Daniel Griffiths
    Daniel Griffiths 23 days ago

    Can i have the controller

  • Alexander Ott-Durkin
    Alexander Ott-Durkin 24 days ago +1

    You suck

  • Nigel Archer
    Nigel Archer 25 days ago


  • Magda Gasiorowska
    Magda Gasiorowska 25 days ago

    Could I plz have the controler

  • Ernar Egali
    Ernar Egali 26 days ago

    Great add

  • Shreyansh Gupta
    Shreyansh Gupta 26 days ago

    Clickbaits have ruined him

  • Joseluis Montoya
    Joseluis Montoya 27 days ago


  • Ryan Hughes
    Ryan Hughes 27 days ago

    pikachus giant lightsaber?

  • Udit gamer
    Udit gamer 28 days ago


  • Mini Ninja
    Mini Ninja Month ago +1

    That's tite

  • Skull Gaming [Skull Gamer]

    box was open

  • Noshin Butt
    Noshin Butt Month ago

    I want the controller please I have to pay the hospital for my mother I will sell it please I love my mom

  • Christine Saunders
    Christine Saunders Month ago

    I did the free run in 1min and 5 sec

  • PlayLikeNeo
    PlayLikeNeo Month ago

    Is black ops 3 only ps4 or PC

  • AJ Singh
    AJ Singh Month ago

    Can i please have your controller?

  • Double Gang
    Double Gang Month ago

    Pls sub I’ll sub back

  • Husana Khanom
    Husana Khanom Month ago +1


  • Falah Mansour Alhammadi

    10 sic

  • Snownation
    Snownation Month ago

    why does everyone still keep talking about the ali a meme, its old.

  • Mamoor Shah
    Mamoor Shah Month ago

    Can have this controller Ali

  • Trish Hanson
    Trish Hanson Month ago +5

    Them sleeves tho

    No hate

  • light phaser
    light phaser Month ago

    I would love an Ali-a controller

  • JerTheBoss
    JerTheBoss Month ago

    I have a Xbox one s

  • Rev playz YT
    Rev playz YT Month ago

    He is bad with a scuff

  • Rev playz YT
    Rev playz YT Month ago

    I will buy it but i still hate you ali

  • Pants Dudney
    Pants Dudney Month ago +1

    More like Scuf’s shittiest design

  • Gifts For You
    Gifts For You Month ago

    Yes please I would really like one I live in Maun Botswana

  • taemons gaming channel

    I want the controllr cuz i like alia plz ali i luvvvvvvv u plzzzzzzzz i know im late plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Super Gaming House
    Super Gaming House Month ago

    Fake gameplay not pressing jump

  • Jefferson johnson
    Jefferson johnson Month ago

    i did this in 2mins

  • Joshua Mitry
    Joshua Mitry Month ago

    i wish i have a stupid skin and console i play on dumb dodo i went to my friends house to play fortnite on xbox

  • David Mckay
    David Mckay Month ago

    50 seconds

  • mr. cat
    mr. cat Month ago

    Can i play with scuf impact on xbox one s?

  • Julius Maabong
    Julius Maabong Month ago

    Can I have a controller

  • Amo 2006
    Amo 2006 Month ago

    Give away please your my fav TVclipr

  • GamerKing 365
    GamerKing 365 Month ago

    It would be cool if a scuff controller for switch

  • Anton Craddock
    Anton Craddock Month ago

    That sucks! The Xbox one elite controller is way better than that cheap made in China rubbish. How dare you say that they are the best gaming controller

    • Anton Craddock
      Anton Craddock Month ago

      Then he should play on Xbox; he has a Xbox one X

    • iStackVietnam
      iStackVietnam Month ago

      Also idiot, he is playing on PS4 not Xbox

    • iStackVietnam
      iStackVietnam Month ago

      Anton Craddock Every controller made in China, isn’t it?

  • Colton Glenn
    Colton Glenn Month ago

    Surprise they both suck get a brooks super converter and use your Xbox elite controller

  • Derfy cat gaming Hut butt

    i love fortnite i love everything you post do you have any xbox one ALI-A remotes cuz i want it you are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Valtz
    Valtz Month ago

    my best time was 1:23 seconds

  • BandanaBandit 07
    BandanaBandit 07 Month ago

    Pikachus lightsaber?

  • Mohammed Yusuf Adam

    I would love the Ali a controller my controller broke so I have to play on phone

  • Pecky_boy_12
    Pecky_boy_12 Month ago

    I really want a Ali-a controller coz then I can bribe my mum to let me get a PlayStation 4

  • Jesus F.
    Jesus F. Month ago

    I want the
    alia controlet

  • Khalmil21 Gaming
    Khalmil21 Gaming Month ago

    elite is better

  • Rebecca Sutherland
    Rebecca Sutherland Month ago


  • John Wick
    John Wick Month ago

    I would love an Ali-a controller cause your the best

  • Samurai X
    Samurai X Month ago +1

    I want a scuff but it is too expensive 😢

  • Aidan kinahan
    Aidan kinahan Month ago

    Yes please a suck a fortnite

  • Platinum
    Platinum Month ago


  • Najma Hersi
    Najma Hersi Month ago

    I’m getting a play station 4 on my bday!

  • staar Frost
    staar Frost Month ago

    give it to me

  • Flying Ninja jay
    Flying Ninja jay Month ago

    Ali-A clickbate

  • cambo fm
    cambo fm Month ago +141

    Why people hate Ali-A
    Like if you love ali !
    Like people are making memes and fun of him but he is still happy and friendly guy he deserve more likes !

    • LOL _ HJT
      LOL _ HJT 22 days ago

      He’s a meme

    • Zesty_Zeke
      Zesty_Zeke Month ago

      Ali a = goat😂

    • pullamaisteri
      pullamaisteri Month ago

      +Zesty_Zeke I mean that drawing video I made is a joke
      I don't want to start any battle so yeah I mean I personally just don't like Ali-A's videos

    • Zesty_Zeke
      Zesty_Zeke Month ago

      U have more subs so I respect

    • Zesty_Zeke
      Zesty_Zeke Month ago

      Mine aren’t drawings like urs so ur prolly like 5

  • Tentimez5
    Tentimez5 Month ago

    That controller cam is 100% fake

  • Piotr Kupniewski
    Piotr Kupniewski Month ago

    well dont even consider buying scuf controllers, the quality is so bad, sometimes they break already after 1 month most of the time the paddles stop working

  • Marcus Shephard
    Marcus Shephard Month ago

    I would love to have an ali a controller like if u agree

  • Christian Cooper
    Christian Cooper Month ago +2

    7:11 what is arot??

  • rachel warner
    rachel warner Month ago


  • rachel warner
    rachel warner Month ago


  • rachel warner
    rachel warner Month ago

    I wan't one

  • R Rob
    R Rob Month ago

    Nice Blouse

  • Noory Mohammadi
    Noory Mohammadi Month ago

    Can I have a Xbox one controller I died and liked

  • Blanca Revueltas
    Blanca Revueltas Month ago

    But i have a x box

  • creative destruction god pudg

    Ps4 just in case Ali-A