Sailor Brinkley-Cook’s Foxtrot - Dancing with the Stars

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
  • Sailor Brinkley-Cook and Val Chmerkovskiy dance the Foxtrot to “Uptown Girl” by Billy Joel on Dancing with the Stars Season 28 premiere!
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  • Carolina Jude
    Carolina Jude Day ago

    Wow..........Christie you were right! There WAS a silver lining in all of this!! Sailor did WONDERFULLY and I know you were prouder than proud. You have always been one of my favorite personalities (and "Uptown Girl" is one of my all time favorite videos!) and I hope that you heal quickly! Way. To. Go. Sailor!!!!!

  • Wanda Alequin
    Wanda Alequin Day ago

    That was soooooooo amazing!!
    You can see how proud Christie is!
    Loved it!!!

  • Kathie McNally
    Kathie McNally 5 days ago

    Love Sailor. What a sweet young lady. So mature. HB could take a few pointers on how to be a lady and become more mature. Sailor you're a natural, just like your Mom. You shine naturally, without throwing yourself in front of the camera every chance you get. A pleasure to watch you every week.

  • Dawn
    Dawn 11 days ago

    Love to Val for getting her here. A great instructor can teach anyone.

  • Gwen Bell
    Gwen Bell 12 days ago

    Sailor is absolutely adorable, danced beautifully and made her Mamma proud.
    Good for you Sailor!

  • Cynthia Day
    Cynthia Day 15 days ago

    Three days to learn this simple number....that’s a lot of time. Should have been a lot more polished with that much time...seriously. And Christie, you might want to talk to your doctor about age related osteoporosis.

  • Gaylene Kester
    Gaylene Kester 15 days ago

    So pleased to hear Sailor is filling in for her mom, both are special woman. Christy is so awesome anyway, she did a stellar job with this beautiful young woman! Seeing Sailor on the dance floor singing and embracing her beauty.....perfection!❤️

  • Lee Cox
    Lee Cox 16 days ago +1

    Not bad for only three days. But honestly, while i get the song choice, she and Lauren should have swapped dances. "Uptown Girl" has the right rhythm for a Cha-Cha, and "Feel Like a Woman" is definitely a Foxtrot. Right songs, just wrong dances, that's all.

  • sky peters
    sky peters 17 days ago +3

    Was this planned? Like her mom to get her more publicity?
    Edit: wth is the camera and why is it in frame

  • Cat Guthrie
    Cat Guthrie 18 days ago +1

    Christie just bless her has never had rhythm. She wasn't a cat walk model, she was a print ad model. And, she has never evolved from that same kinda strained looking smile...kinda sad.

  • Wayne Graham
    Wayne Graham 19 days ago +1

    Can’t believe how someone could be that beautiful it’s crazy 😜

  • Fantastic Carlie
    Fantastic Carlie 19 days ago +1

    I was panicing so much I thought for sure she was going to trip on that skirt like why is it so long! 😂

  • KC Heylin
    KC Heylin 19 days ago

    Look how HAPPY her son is in the picture! See 0:15

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson 19 days ago

    That a nice house billy Joel bought her.

  • Crystal D
    Crystal D 20 days ago

    There's no way she was faking that! If you watch it in slo-mo there's a visible deformity at her wrist for sure! Wendy Williams should be ashamed of herself.

  • Lauren Hall
    Lauren Hall 20 days ago

    Sailor did great and is very pretty. I'm just a little sad & wondering why with that Billy Joel song. Why his own daughter didn't dance to it. Why didn't Christy ask Alexis to dance! Kinda of bummed me out a little.

  • marlene maschke
    marlene maschke 20 days ago

    Sailor you nailed it. What a tribute to your mom. Fuck you Wendy Williams!!!

  • Bri Can
    Bri Can 20 days ago +1

    That was impressive but I would have rather seen Christie. She was the supermodel of the 80s and still looks the best of all models over 40 ever.

  • Judie Stanley
    Judie Stanley 21 day ago

    Val's my fave!

  • Ballroom_Danny
    Ballroom_Danny 21 day ago

    She had only days and the result wasn't tribble at all. Wonderful arms, excellent frame, very nice acting. However, the footwork of the foxtrot was non-existent: no gliding across the floor, no heel leads when moving forward... in addition, her top line was very weak, she didn't have that beautiful curve. In addition, there was no sway and there was gapping. She has created some nice lines, but her actual technique was non-existent. A 4.

  • anna manning
    anna manning 21 day ago

    I'm also accusing Christie Brinkley of stealing a younger woman body lol.....despite the fact that she obviously worked hard to keep fit and I did not, it is my constitutional right to be jealous and spread rumors. Because hey! It's is easier than aerobics

  • Hawra Datoo
    Hawra Datoo 21 day ago +2

    At 60 she looks better than me at 14☹️

  • Hawra Datoo
    Hawra Datoo 21 day ago +1

    Val has always been my favourite 😍

  • Michele Greene
    Michele Greene 21 day ago

    That was so sweet.

  • Sam S
    Sam S 21 day ago

    Very short but extremely well executed for three days. I can understand her fear but the fact she did it is a tribute to her upbringing - to take on a big challenge and actually succeed.

  • Squidbillies1000
    Squidbillies1000 21 day ago

    Both Christie and her daughter are very stunning ladies

  • Dolphin 2121
    Dolphin 2121 21 day ago


  • Mr. Bass
    Mr. Bass 22 days ago


  • Melody Lee
    Melody Lee 22 days ago +1

    Sailor was Amazing. She looks so good on that dance floor.

  • Marie Stones
    Marie Stones 22 days ago

    Sad 😞 but rooting for Hannah !!!

  • Laurie Diorio
    Laurie Diorio 22 days ago +1

    DAA AAAMN Christi ‘s daughter...they’re Twins !

  • No Life Soccer Fan
    No Life Soccer Fan 22 days ago

    to be honest learning this in only 3 days i could never do this in 3 days

  • Bunni Armani
    Bunni Armani 22 days ago +2

    Everybody knows she is going to win, so why watch? It's like when Demi Moore's kid was on, she won, but I thought Riker Lynch danced far better than she did. It's all fixed anyway, and just a form of entertainment. I miss Derek Hough and Edyta Sliwinska.

  • Random Hater
    Random Hater 22 days ago

    A downgrade from her mother

  • mary11976
    mary11976 23 days ago

    Regarding the whole " Christie is faking it" nonsense...with only 3 days left to practice, why would she set her own daughter up for a possible failure? Not buyin' it & I hope CB heals quickly. Sailor did well considering the amount of time she had. And WTF is up with Wendy Williams? Ugh. 👎

  • Ashiya Nelson #RawVeganAthlete

    Awe!😩 3 days?! Good for them!❤️ I would’ve fallen on my butt, as soon as he opened the car door, and I stepped out!😂😂😂

  • Bella Dancerella
    Bella Dancerella 23 days ago

    Well I watch it and they did amazing but accident happened even when dancing 💃

  • Nancy Foroughi
    Nancy Foroughi 23 days ago

    She is still stunningly beautiful @

  • Denise Pelton
    Denise Pelton 23 days ago

    Christie, I hope your arm heals well. Sailor you did awesome ❤😊

  • Michelle South Florida

    Omg as a mom of daughter I am in tears. How proud

  • Gabriela Medrano
    Gabriela Medrano 23 days ago +2

    I have missed Valentín!!!! He is a dream

  • dancefan 05
    dancefan 05 23 days ago

    Wasn't a fan of the choregraphy/dance, but I'll give her props for going out there with just 3 days of practice.

  • Shana Westhoff
    Shana Westhoff 23 days ago

    I wanted to see christie but seeing Sailor is really great! She’s looks just like her!

  • Erika Pearl
    Erika Pearl 23 days ago

    Sailor did an amazing job and I love her energy!

  • Ellen Coshow
    Ellen Coshow 23 days ago

    YOu are a beautiful girl and you did great. YOur mom must be so proud.

  • Del Cee
    Del Cee 24 days ago

    Oh bless these women. Such sweethearts.

  • Lily verduyn
    Lily verduyn 24 days ago

    she is gonna be my favorite

  • Cy Ya
    Cy Ya 24 days ago +2

    Kudos to Sailor for taking her mother's place. Not many daughters or even people in general would do that, so I think it is very admirable. Haters need to stop hating. Wishing Christie a speedy recovery!

  • Anne Kathryn Haggod
    Anne Kathryn Haggod 24 days ago

    Her daughter is really sweet for taking her mom spot

  • Henry VanPattersen Patton

    Fake - isn't she grabbing the arm that she did NOT even fall on?

  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson 24 days ago +3

    I believe Sailor will be in the finals(Really!)although I believe the eventual winner will be James Van Der Beek

  • rochelle thundercloud
    rochelle thundercloud 24 days ago +3

    How badass would it be to have billy joel sing this,live?

  • rochelle thundercloud
    rochelle thundercloud 24 days ago +4

    No denying. This sailor is christy brinkley child.they look identical

  • Avigail G.
    Avigail G. 24 days ago

    Get Well Soon Christy.
    3days looking forward to seeing you guys next week

  • Bleu Skye
    Bleu Skye 24 days ago


  • Hulahoney 70
    Hulahoney 70 24 days ago

    Love her personality. To quick of a song for a newbie, but she did awesome for 3 days of rehearsals!

  • Mike D
    Mike D 24 days ago +1

    What a story! Mom gets seriously hurt, the daughter comes in to save mom and to pay tribute to her! And in three days she shines. Sailor has talent with that sparkle of a smile :)

  • Raoul Miller
    Raoul Miller 24 days ago

    Christe looks great,but 65 is 65!

  • liz sipp
    liz sipp 24 days ago

    Wow beautifully danced !

  • Colleen Carey
    Colleen Carey 25 days ago

    Christie Brinkley is total class!! 🎩