Dream Chasing: Expectations vs. Reality - Broke Ep 1


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  • Jacque Angry
    Jacque Angry 57 minutes ago

    I see furniture on the street I am thinking bedbugs...

  • brit nic
    brit nic 21 hour ago


  • SheBad Woman
    SheBad Woman 2 days ago

    Why would I pay for this? So it can get better? No thank you.

  • Elisa Schneider
    Elisa Schneider 5 days ago

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  • DerMax
    DerMax 8 days ago


  • Tony007corp
    Tony007corp 11 days ago

    This was terrible...

  • Marcus Bakken
    Marcus Bakken 12 days ago

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  • H
    H 14 days ago

    what happen to quinta? does she work for buzzfeed anymore

  • Booshe
    Booshe 16 days ago

    You're making us pay for a series about people with no money

  • Cat Xx
    Cat Xx 16 days ago

    “I’m joking... it’s phillip” 😂😂

  • Jtbora
    Jtbora 16 days ago

    black people and a show called broke

  • Sun Nbass
    Sun Nbass 16 days ago


  • BubblegumPink00
    BubblegumPink00 18 days ago

    Terrible! This was painful to watch. I had to force myself to watch the entire thing.

  • Mr. nTm
    Mr. nTm 18 days ago


    RE LIFE 18 days ago

    PLZ go bankrupt

  • апель синка
    апель синка 19 days ago


  • Zoey Parr
    Zoey Parr 19 days ago

    i love quinta sm so idec that they aren't broke whatsoever

  • MrFogbert
    MrFogbert 20 days ago

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  • Настя Костина

    о боже мой это так великолепно!

  • Romeo Reyes
    Romeo Reyes 22 days ago

    except the for the girl with braids... The acting needs work

  • Mac DaDon
    Mac DaDon 22 days ago

    Alot of playa haters in the comments below👇👇👇

  • Julli Et
    Julli Et 23 days ago

    For some reason I didn't have to pay?

  • Bass Player
    Bass Player 23 days ago

    They look like a bunch of privilege white people too me

  • Gisele LPS Lover
    Gisele LPS Lover 23 days ago

    0:42 is that the camera man behind i see a person

  • Lauren Anderson
    Lauren Anderson 23 days ago

    This show is funny. XD I forgot about it.

  • Faraz Eslami
    Faraz Eslami 23 days ago

    did they hire horrible actors because they are broke and cant afford any one with talent?

  • 지나
    지나 24 days ago


  • Built_Fastlife
    Built_Fastlife 24 days ago

    Great show, nice acting and great film work between scenes. Nvm what critics say

  • Leo Jakobsen
    Leo Jakobsen 25 days ago

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  • CaptainBooman
    CaptainBooman 25 days ago


  • 프할
    프할 25 days ago

    1000만구독자 ..ㄷ

  • Light Yagami Did Nothing Wrong

    Why tf are they making us pay now?
    I need to stretch this $20, I can’t spend it on a website that’s supposed to be free

  • Euthyphro
    Euthyphro 26 days ago

    People actually pay for this crap? That's sad...

  • FLK
    FLK 26 days ago +1

    Я видел порно и оно начинается так же

  • arek warren
    arek warren 28 days ago +2

    8 minutes later, iMac on a desk

  • ILAH
    ILAH 28 days ago

    Just go broke

  • Justin Chang
    Justin Chang 28 days ago +2

    I'm broke, literally can't afford it

  • Rafael Dizzy
    Rafael Dizzy Month ago

    I truly believee dat

  • An Experience
    An Experience Month ago

    I actually cried at the end

  • Siberius Wolf
    Siberius Wolf Month ago

    Far out this is not for people who don't like seeng spiders.

  • Knowledge Is Key
    Knowledge Is Key Month ago

    I just realized something... Mo... is Schmidt from new girl. And this is the part where Jess brings that hutch thing into the loft.

  • Ignacio Hdz
    Ignacio Hdz Month ago


  • Keysha Ross
    Keysha Ross Month ago


  • ExquisiteMiND
    ExquisiteMiND Month ago

    lit asf

  • Hshhs Gshs
    Hshhs Gshs Month ago

    Lady hairstyle👌

  • Kelly Mireider
    Kelly Mireider Month ago


  • dʒeɪms
    dʒeɪms Month ago

    disgusting jewish funded degeneracy. I'll get youtube red when million dollar extreme gets a show.

  • Christina Lee
    Christina Lee Month ago +1


  • 270_TO_WIN
    270_TO_WIN Month ago

    I’m just here to down vote

  • CorbinX10
    CorbinX10 Month ago

    these are garbage

  • Im Maxing RS
    Im Maxing RS Month ago

    only BuzzFeed thing worth watching

  • Najwa Watson
    Najwa Watson 2 months ago

    I actually really liked the video... Idk anything about the politics and details of TVclip Red and selling out and buying in, or whatever. I just watched this episode for free, related to the struggles of trying to make it, and enjoyed the relationship between all of the characters. Yeah, they are all black and all “broke”, and from the outside looking in, mostly everybody commenting are all negative. Dang, let BuzzFeed get their shine✨! Idk the name of the girl roommate, but I’ve always liked her. I’m just glad to see something different.

  • og Diss
    og Diss 2 months ago

    this ain't how broke people live. Broke is wearing cloth and rags living in a closet using library computers to comment on youtube videos all of them got fresh cuts and full bellies

  • Samuel Mui
    Samuel Mui 2 months ago

    This show sucks. Everything falls flat.

  • Brace Faces
    Brace Faces 2 months ago

    to be very honest, i don’t understand this at all

  • Noor Wouters
    Noor Wouters 2 months ago

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  • KimTriesComedy
    KimTriesComedy 2 months ago

    the irony of them being “broke” but their house still better than yours

  • Princess lit savage girl 21 23

    This should be on Netflix do I don’t have to get TVclip red

  • look xxx
    look xxx 2 months ago


  • Clinton Myers
    Clinton Myers 2 months ago

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  • Gay Woman
    Gay Woman 2 months ago

    I ain’t broke but I’m still going to watch it

  • VerifyVeracity
    VerifyVeracity 2 months ago

    So far so good, nice show, keep it up & have fun doing it.

  • Motin Khan
    Motin Khan 2 months ago


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    Mina Moona 2 months ago

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  • Ronald H. Corker Sr.
    Ronald H. Corker Sr. 2 months ago

    Hi Quinta! I love, love, love your show. But, why are the credits longer than the episodes? Is that a new Hollywood thing? Keep up the good work! #HustleHarder #RonExP

  • OctavioOrtiz:v
    OctavioOrtiz:v 2 months ago

    Si lees esto no tienes nextflix :v

  • Vincent van Buskirk
    Vincent van Buskirk 2 months ago

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  • Juliette Picard
    Juliette Picard 2 months ago

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  • Ella Roe
    Ella Roe 2 months ago

    I love this youtube red video

  • Tamsin
    Tamsin 2 months ago

    dont they need to go to work

  • Dib Dub
    Dib Dub 3 months ago

    Trying too hard to be funny, poorly written and over acted.

  • Adrien Rolland
    Adrien Rolland 3 months ago

    Are subtitles available ?

  • Amelie Jacquet
    Amelie Jacquet 3 months ago

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  • Stephen Thomas
    Stephen Thomas 3 months ago

    God dam TVclip red sucks

  • Derek McGowan
    Derek McGowan 3 months ago

    NO spiders were harmed in the making of this production...

  • Ian Enrique Cervantes Serrato


  • sihc2278
    sihc2278 3 months ago

    is this a high school project?

  • Juice
    Juice 3 months ago

    "Let's all complain about the name"

  • Mariam Kane
    Mariam Kane 3 months ago

    I’ll just stick to watching the 2-3 min buzzfeed episodes for free “even though I watched all of them 😫

  • Mariam Kane
    Mariam Kane 3 months ago

    I want to watch this but I’m way to “ broke “ yes I know everyone is using this joke

  • Sally Marks
    Sally Marks 3 months ago

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  • Aaron Cain
    Aaron Cain 3 months ago

    This is like really bad. Just terrible.

  • nick Ignjatovic
    nick Ignjatovic 3 months ago

    Its about the journey and not the destination. We all had nothing in our pockets when we were in out teens and 20s, but we still tried to enjoy life. As you get older and more time passes by, opportunities will present themselves and you will build the life that you have envisioned. I don't know if we are meant to achieve all of our goals or not. There should always be something there to strive for I suppose.

  • Christian
    Christian 3 months ago

    who pays for this dogshit?

  • Etham Lushhie
    Etham Lushhie 3 months ago

    6066? really?

  • Jhan Lourd
    Jhan Lourd 3 months ago

    Anyone else's face itched when seeing the "spider bites"? (I know they were fake, but still)

  • Supr Spac music
    Supr Spac music 3 months ago

    People actually pay to watch this drivel?

  • Zyair McNight
    Zyair McNight 3 months ago

    It should be called Bored. But I'm broke watching this on TVclip Red & I have the same hair as the main character chick. Yeah, I'm friggin broke but my life is NOTHING like this. Why don't they have jobs?!?!
    I'm out after a few minutes. Love the Short Chick though.

  • Bond Girl
    Bond Girl 3 months ago

    sts callo... ied brou haoke and yve to pah ittcay to w...

  • randy johnson
    randy johnson 4 months ago

    White cultured black sheeples

  • linkwolf2000
    linkwolf2000 4 months ago

    when you find a show you can relate but then you find out you have to pay

  • John Henry
    John Henry 4 months ago

    buzzfeed is a failing pile of garbage

  • nhconfederate2
    nhconfederate2 4 months ago

    Reality shows are so mind numbingly fake.

  • Ash Cinis
    Ash Cinis 4 months ago

    Can y'all shut up about them having phones and "nice" clothes? Its called 'broke' not 'homeless'

  • Scared of toasters
    Scared of toasters 4 months ago

    I'm oddly hella attracted to her.

  • Green Christine
    Green Christine 4 months ago

    Actors are good but wtf is this script no thanks

  • anarchisttomato
    anarchisttomato 4 months ago

    She's pretty.

  • Darrell Collins
    Darrell Collins 4 months ago


  • Speedin Speedy
    Speedin Speedy 4 months ago

    One of the dumbest videos on TVclip