Gordon Ramsay Gets To Know His Prison Brigade | Gordon Behind bars

  • Published on Aug 22, 2019
  • Gordon Ramsay spends time with a first-time offender and gets the rest of his brigade to start baking.
    #GordonRamsay #Cooking
    Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit - po.st/REpVfP
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  • gothmedli
    gothmedli Month ago


  • Katana Spice
    Katana Spice Month ago


  • Grant Masterson
    Grant Masterson Month ago

    New Orleans - "ya heard me" atlanta - "namsayin" British jail - "itinit

  • Thot Patrol
    Thot Patrol Month ago

    1:30 he sounds like Skepta 😂

  • Holly Murtagh
    Holly Murtagh Month ago

    That's good lamb sauce innit

  • Martyn Phillips
    Martyn Phillips 2 months ago

    No one is born evil. Society and life makes people evil.

  • chris
    chris 2 months ago

    Jerome needs therapy - dearly. And after that he needs a future goal. You wouldn't know but many people get off their path bcs they lost someone and dont know how to deal with it. It can develop into drug abuse, depression, physical abuse and/or anger.

  • Paul Richards
    Paul Richards 2 months ago

    Some people just need hope and a skill, thanks Gordon for your leadership.

  • Thomas Sussams
    Thomas Sussams 2 months ago +1

    what a dick

  • Food and Travel Embo
    Food and Travel Embo 2 months ago

    You are amazing chef Gordon Ramsay,,, here is my food you can follow me tvclip.biz/video/TVdI-EtVYt4/video.html

  • Marie Ramos
    Marie Ramos 2 months ago

    This was the funniest episode.. init

  • James Burton
    James Burton 2 months ago


  • Warren Hertfelder
    Warren Hertfelder 2 months ago +1

    Take a shot every time he says ‘init’

  • TheGriffin200
    TheGriffin200 2 months ago

    So much for freedom of speech. "verbally harassing a female officer" Fuck the U.K.

  • LittleRainGames
    LittleRainGames 2 months ago

    He says innit alot innit he

  • CalFromManc
    CalFromManc 2 months ago +6

    He's been in prison for saying "innit" too much"

  • vuong_lua_nep
    vuong_lua_nep 2 months ago

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  • Gabe Newell
    Gabe Newell 2 months ago +2

    The guy in clickbait is that dark that you cannot see his face

  • Macrofficial TTV
    Macrofficial TTV 2 months ago

    True roadman

  • Justin Caluneo
    Justin Caluneo 2 months ago

    4 min videos.... lame.

  • Betty Spaghetti
    Betty Spaghetti 2 months ago +1

    Noone is wondering what happened to dudes index finger around 3:28?

  • Terminated
    Terminated 2 months ago

    You are fucked up Gordon Ramsay, You break other peoples dreams! You dont deserve to be a *fucking* Judge on *Master Chef* you *fucking bitch!* . You disgust us you know. You know what stop being a *fucking* Judge on *Master Chef* and delete your *TVclip* Channel you *Uncultured Swine!!!!*

  • Trick_poke
    Trick_poke 2 months ago

    Let him out

  • Błüëfäćëbbÿ Ight
    Błüëfäćëbbÿ Ight 2 months ago +2

    I love the init guy 😂

  • Jake Murphy
    Jake Murphy 2 months ago

    Imagine being a victim of one of these reprobates and seeing been on this show with publicity while you're sat there with a catheter bag causes you've been stabbed. Fuck off.

  • John Porter
    John Porter 2 months ago

    Next episode, Gordon goes to law school

  • rocknroller 77
    rocknroller 77 2 months ago

    The officers letting the prisoners walk behind them. That's a good way to get jumped

  • MR Yamaha
    MR Yamaha 2 months ago

    I in prison in it i on the streets in it i gay in it

  • Leah leah
    Leah leah 2 months ago

    Giroud, Andy Cole. What is this? Barclays Premier League?

    • Adnan Moin
      Adnan Moin 2 months ago

      It isn’t Barclays anymore

  • Dina Taylor
    Dina Taylor 2 months ago +3

    I knew I respect you personally for a reason! This is Awesome what u doing to help the lost! I can feel the success in your unselfish giving back! What a Man! Thank you! For being You! Blessing!

  • Beauty Tips And Healthy Lifestyle

    I am your fan from India and lately I am watching your heart touching videos.

  • senjuFT
    senjuFT 2 months ago +1


  • Dale Winston
    Dale Winston 2 months ago

    Lmao cringe af

  • BE HAPPY A51
    BE HAPPY A51 2 months ago

    Next USA president after Trump Gordon Ramsay

  • GoodishGamer
    GoodishGamer 2 months ago


  • Samantha
    Samantha 2 months ago +1

    Garmey cooking in prision

  • BrokeTheGamer
    BrokeTheGamer 2 months ago +3

    I'm scared i'm going to watch every Gordon Ramsay video and have no more to watch

  • Divi Vaa
    Divi Vaa 2 months ago


    "In the Kitchen Init"

  • Đôn Lê
    Đôn Lê 2 months ago

    Vietnammes khoa pug❤❤

  • Exotic
    Exotic 2 months ago +2

    I love chicken and it would be awesome pleasure if Gordon made me a chicken burger or steak 🤤

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  • Sean.
    Sean. 2 months ago

    The comment only Filipinos only understand.
    "Phew it's so init"

  • Sportys Business
    Sportys Business 2 months ago

    Prison Guard; "we're usually the first adults who've ever said 'no' to them".
    Dog pound volunteer; "the dog ends up here because it's bad behaviour has never been corrected"
    School teacher; "Here's my resignation letter".
    The problem in a nutshell.

  • Ryan N
    Ryan N 2 months ago

    I for got the buh-er

  • Anglo Saxon
    Anglo Saxon 2 months ago

    The 'init' king! lol

  • Adobso
    Adobso 2 months ago

    U.s we got freedom of speech no verbal abuse type beat

  • Vani Jay
    Vani Jay 2 months ago +1

    *I guess "i'nt it?!" is Britain's equivalent to America's "na'm sayin?!" or "na'mean?!" lol*

    • KingArthur
      KingArthur 2 months ago

      Kind of, ya get me would be more closer to that though.

  • ZephYeah
    ZephYeah 2 months ago +25

    "I can't change what I've done but I can change what I'm gonna do." Words of wisdom.

  • Bloodhound A&GV
    Bloodhound A&GV 2 months ago

    *E N N I T*

  • peter hagen
    peter hagen 2 months ago


  • moneymaker0886
    moneymaker0886 2 months ago

    1:23 this dude sound like he's constantly trying to rap.

  • tsx86
    tsx86 2 months ago

    Came from a *Hell's Kitchen* video where Gordon bloody screamed at an apprentice lady... I hear no screaming here.. Did I just go deaf from the last video? or are these guys not his type?

  • Io1564
    Io1564 2 months ago

    Criminals are mostly pretty much fucking weapons grade stupid people, innit?! Good luck turning them around to a normal life, Gordon. Appreciate the effort, even if it's just for telly.

  • Chris Zotos
    Chris Zotos 2 months ago

    How did he not get *S H A N K E D* in there?Gordon is famous and there were probably many knives in that kitchen *I N I T*

  • Sam Mangham
    Sam Mangham 2 months ago

    Gordon Ramsay can go super sayain faster then goku

  • #caleblittle
    #caleblittle 2 months ago

    ‘ay, Gordon Ramsey, suck your mum’

  • عرباوي في الغربة

    Chef Gordon The best chef in the world
    My greetings to you from Morocco #Fez_city 🇲🇦🇬🇧❤❤

  • GraphicRun
    GraphicRun 2 months ago

    Sorry but I didn't understand a word they said

  • FortNaz
    FortNaz 2 months ago


  • M Ali
    M Ali 2 months ago

    These people used to spit or wee in the food it was cheaper to keep prisoners than chefs there is one chef from outside the rest are prisoners that's what happened in strange ways in 1989 soon after the riots started