The Real Reason Why Garfield Isn't Funny...

  • Published on Aug 29, 2018
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    In this video:
    There are generally three things everyone knows about Garfield- it’s all about a cat that hates Mondays, loves lasagna, and that it’s not really that funny. While the latter point may seem subjective, according to Garfield creator Jim Davis, the point of Garfield was never for the comic to be hilariously funny, but rather be relatable and, with that accomplished, serve as a vehicle to sell Garfield merchandise.
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  • T Olsen
    T Olsen 13 hours ago

    Very early Garfield was funny. I remember laughing out loud back in the day. Then it just became garbage.

  • mister jib
    mister jib 2 days ago

    Garfield is a twat

  • chauncey hulbert
    chauncey hulbert 2 days ago

    Pure genius.

  • chauncey hulbert
    chauncey hulbert 2 days ago

    I always thought Garfield was a riot. That goofy dumbass look on johns face was always priceless.

  • Angela Hsiao
    Angela Hsiao 2 days ago

    This interview makes Garfield sound less like a work of art and more like a marketing experiment

  • Lesbian Amazon Sister

    I’m a dog person,
    But Garfield is absolutely great!

  • Stampede Jackson
    Stampede Jackson 3 days ago

    Garfield is the ultimate NPC comic?

  • Rex John Lamban
    Rex John Lamban 4 days ago

    I miss my Webster dictionary with Garfield comics.

  • Jace Cavacini
    Jace Cavacini 4 days ago

    So it’s not funny because it’s a product intended entirely to BE a PRODUCT and it never changes. I have Garfield books on my shelf and haven’t found Garfield funny since I was 12 years old, or thereabouts. As a person who likes change in stories... and actual stories themselves... I tired of it very quickly and only kept the books out of nostalgia.
    It’s kind of an uncomfortable feeling having several of them on my shelf when they don’t at all represent me, and haven’t for decades. It’s an institutional feature, and I don’t care for those. After finding out that Scott Adams was a dick, I easily sold off the few books of his that people had given me over the years as gifts (because I was a “computer guy”), yet, the Garfield stuff still sits here, reminding me of how not-funny I find it. Now I know it was entirely a business venture, instead of an artistic expression. Well... It seems Davis isn’t a dick (“Garfield without Garfield”), so, that helps the nostalgia keep the upper hand.

  • Edwin Quinones
    Edwin Quinones 5 days ago

    Heathcliff was popular and that comic strip was created in 1973, five years before Garfield. So, there was a popular comic strip featuring cat already. I think Garfield was a rip off of Heathcliff, not created because there were no popular comic strips featuring cats.

  • Kokuyous3ki
    Kokuyous3ki 5 days ago

    I've always loved Garfield. Not saying every joke is apocalyptically hilarious but I do have several hardbook collections even.

  • Mark Shealy
    Mark Shealy 7 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that Simon Whistler just keeps getting sexier?

  • NOn Playable character

    It’s always been deadpan humor. I love Odie 💙

  • NOn Playable character

    I get you and Vsauce confused 😂

  • SuperMrdumm
    SuperMrdumm 9 days ago

    How come you did'nt mention the two movies?

  • HaydenX
    HaydenX 9 days ago

    Heathcliff was immediately successful and was launched in 1973...5 years before Garfield. There already was a comic for cat-lovers...and his coloration and lines...well, I don't want to outright accuse Davis of ripping off Heathcliff...but it wouldn't surprise me in the least.

  • Top 10 Awesome
    Top 10 Awesome 10 days ago

    Were we just not gonna talk ABOUT THE TV SHOW

  • Cloud
    Cloud 11 days ago

    U look like Vsauce Michael

  • trublgrl
    trublgrl 12 days ago

    I thought the first few years of Garfield were actually pretty funny. I guess Davis just hadn't worked the jokes out of his system yet.

  • Gazirra1
    Gazirra1 13 days ago

    The Three Steps to Writing Garfield Comics:
    -take any joke
    -make the punchline "lasagna"
    -repeat for 40 years

  • Zachary Heiner
    Zachary Heiner 14 days ago

    Bayhamoth... Sorry, had to mention it. :P As an American that lived in the UK for 4 years, I don't think I've ever heard that pronunciation.

  • Bob Farney
    Bob Farney 15 days ago

    I thought Garfield was pretty funny

  • thewaitingape
    thewaitingape 16 days ago

    No cat strips? I'm sure Heathcliff would have something to say about that

  • Anne Reilley
    Anne Reilley 17 days ago

    Of course Mondays are happy when you deposit a check.

  • scot shabalam
    scot shabalam 18 days ago +1

    I hate Garfield, it's a bunch of self indulgent babyboomer crap.
    Mondays are awesome.
    Being fat is not cool.
    Lasagna sucks ass most of the time because nobody makes it right.
    And wasting your time sleeping when there's so much to see and do is repugnant.

  • jformaldehydem
    jformaldehydem 18 days ago

    If you're a depressed person and you want something relateable, try "Garfield minus Garfield".

  • Vicky Kaushik
    Vicky Kaushik 20 days ago

    Vsauce thumbnail !

  • Bacon
    Bacon 20 days ago

    Garfield, or how I learnt to stop caring and celebrate mediocrity

  • Max Aggropop
    Max Aggropop 22 days ago

    i prefer fat freddy's cat

  • RipleySawzen
    RipleySawzen 24 days ago

    Sarcasm isn't exactly intended to be funny. A good sarcastic joke will get barely a chuckle out of me, yet it's far superior to a joke that makes my sides hurt.

  • My name is
    My name is 24 days ago

    As I get older, I relate more and more to Garfield

  • lisamariefan
    lisamariefan 24 days ago

    There's a Garfield cat litter out there...

  • Floyd Palmer
    Floyd Palmer 24 days ago +1

    11:40 - 12:50 ahhhhh, you clever'd you know I use ad blocker?

  • sara lo
    sara lo 25 days ago

    Where is my pipe?

  • TC Safavi
    TC Safavi 26 days ago

    Garfield is like the O.G. Pusheen.

  • Simon Christian
    Simon Christian 29 days ago

    This is very interesting. I always thought that most of the Garfield comics were not very funny. The humor almost seemed lazy and cheap - kind of like Garfield's character. I thought Garfield's appeal was more for the personality rather than any comedic genious. Strange to find out that this was intentional for mass appeal and marketing.

  • Evan Snow
    Evan Snow 29 days ago

    so the cartoon, Garfield, embraced mediocrity. Not unlike this TVclip channel

  • Diet John Jhon Jon Johnson

    garfielf is slightly entertaining.

  • Ashutosh Pandey
    Ashutosh Pandey Month ago

    Splut for the Monday

  • Ashutosh Pandey
    Ashutosh Pandey Month ago

    Soemhow I became fan of Garfield.. possibly for The dark , sarcastic humour.

  • Keyboardje
    Keyboardje Month ago

    My biggest appreciation of Garfield (and thereby for it's creator) lies in the fact that Garfield has a plus sized girlfriend. If he shows a picture of her and someone says things like: "She's really... fat", all Garfield ever says is: "Really?" And he still keeps on having her as his (obviously beloved) girlfriend he proudly shows pictures of.

  • V is for Void
    V is for Void Month ago

    The ultimate product would be Garfield on Audible.

  • Technique
    Technique Month ago

    I bet Garfield hates minorities

  • Phaux Redtail
    Phaux Redtail Month ago

    that bastard XD would love to see more videos on other comics

  • NPC#1911-EGUK
    NPC#1911-EGUK Month ago

    Someone unsubscribed me.
    God. Damnit. TVclip!!!

  • grolsch sipper
    grolsch sipper Month ago

    On vhs at home I have a Garfield Halloween movie I recorded in 1986

  • Jade Michael
    Jade Michael Month ago

    Lol, my mom had an unreasonable amount of Garfield stuff - dozens of plushies, magnets, mugs, t-shirts, that suction car thingy. We even had a Garfield telephone, it was dope. That being said, Garfield is effing hilarious - Jon was the original lonely cat lady.

  • Evil Fluff
    Evil Fluff Month ago

    I love Garfield. And not so much the movies.

  • phillip anderson
    phillip anderson Month ago

    No mention of ‘orsons farm’? The other strip that he created that came to an end

  • phillip anderson
    phillip anderson Month ago

    Some find ‘comedy’ like ‘the office’ etc funny I don’t. Each person has there own funny bone that gets tickled - yes garfield isn’t always funny but some strips I have read of this made me cry with laughter. Always been a fan always will be. Each to there own

  • Necuno
    Necuno Month ago

    just saying, but garfield is definitely male

  • Voice Talkins
    Voice Talkins Month ago

    Of course he loves Mondays, he's a billionaire who doesn't have to work ever again if he chooses to

  • Voice Talkins
    Voice Talkins Month ago

    Garfield also loves to fire handguns

  • The Q
    The Q Month ago

    I always thought Garfield was pretty stupid, and never understood why he was so popular, despite the jokes NEVER making me laugh. Now I know that Garfeild was just made to be the most bland and appealing comic character in the history of anything ever.

  • ben trimble
    ben trimble Month ago

    I always found Garfield funnier than some of the other "comic" strips, like Family Circus or Marmaduke.

  • TheHueisOver™
    TheHueisOver™ Month ago

    Now where my pipe could be?

  • WoTExpat
    WoTExpat Month ago

    Garfield and I share the same birthday - 19th June :)....

  • okrajoe
    okrajoe Month ago +1

    Wait, Garfield had a restaurant. Why was I not informed.

    • James Carter
      James Carter 3 days ago

      In the special where he ends up downtown with his old family, they live in a restaurant

  • SoloArtCrafter Productions

    Wait... i thought this video was about analyze why Garfield isn't funny... at all, like what was the downfall and the golden age...
    Man i feel clickbaited

  • Bob Woodward
    Bob Woodward Month ago +1

    They should show this in business courses.

  • Craig Holmlund
    Craig Holmlund Month ago

    I have always hated Garfield. It is totally boring and without insight. Since Bloom County and Calvin and Hobbes are no longer being created, the only funny and entertaining comics are Dilbert and Pearls Before Swine.

  • Bruce McKay
    Bruce McKay Month ago

    It’s the segways to the advertising that annoy me... not just here but all over youtoobe.....

  • Skeeter Saurus
    Skeeter Saurus Month ago

    Haven't read Garfield in years, but in the 80's, Garfield WAS's a 'dry' humor, a 'cat' humor...that you just don't get, if you're a 'dog (aka Snoopy) person'. That said, he is quixotic, humorous, grumpy, mischievous and lazy...again, a cat-person gets it, and finds it endearing, cute and yes, FUNNY...sure it's for profit - look at Marvel or DC comics...that's not charity work they're doing!

  • annarboriter
    annarboriter Month ago

    It's understand that the Garfield character is used in textbooks for teach English since it appeals so readily to the semiliterate. I've always avoided anything Garfield and now I better understand my repulsion

    • Low Spark of Lyman
      Low Spark of Lyman 5 days ago

      Don't think it's used that much in that area...and that Peanuts can show up just as easily.

  • Kevin S
    Kevin S Month ago

    Did you, like, do this in one take? It feels so refreshing to not see the camera jumping all around!

  • Matthew Giese
    Matthew Giese Month ago

    So what if it isn't "funny"... Family Circus is not funny and yet it is still around. Garfield is MUCH funnier than Family Circus.

  • Mike Lucas
    Mike Lucas Month ago

    What about us acers

  • Milla Saunders
    Milla Saunders Month ago

    This video has just confirmed my belief that Garfield is an awful, empty comic. It is not meant to be funny, or even to say anything. It is just to create, a bland, inoffensive, marketable, repetitive, substanceless piece of media. If you want a real comic, I recommend Calvin and Hobbes. It managed sociopolitical commentary without dating itself, and it's just plain hilarious.

    • Low Spark of Lyman
      Low Spark of Lyman 5 days ago

      This video has just confirmed my belief that there are people who are still pushing this idea that Garfield was made purely for so and so.

  • Jennifer McCoy
    Jennifer McCoy Month ago

    I love Garfield. As a bullied kid my goal was to be as Garfield as possible

  • Petra44YT Nein!
    Petra44YT Nein! Month ago

    Man, at some point, enough just is enough! That goes for Garfield as well as for earning money with that dated comic.

  • Arcturus Azathoth
    Arcturus Azathoth Month ago

    I H A T E A L R A M C L O C K S

  • 7thsealord
    7thsealord Month ago

    Well-played, Mr Davis.

  • Spidergirl79
    Spidergirl79 Month ago

    Not funny? C'mon remember when Jon drank a cup of something at the vets office and Liz said he would have a healthy litter of puppies? Or when he asked if her name was short for Lizard? Lmao... I admit I loved Garfield when I was a kid.

  • Zsa Zsa Umbra
    Zsa Zsa Umbra Month ago

    I use the garfield litter and it's great!

  • Nizar Kalai
    Nizar Kalai Month ago

    Hi Michael 😁

  • Alan Curssow
    Alan Curssow Month ago

    the cuts are a bit sloppy, your audio is popping a few times.. like at 2:50 and several other times. Otherwise great content!

  • Amoroussparkle
    Amoroussparkle Month ago

    Everything is made to be commercialized, especially today.

  • Pd Flem
    Pd Flem Month ago

    It took you 15 minutes to say... you don't get American humor...

  • Chris Boone
    Chris Boone Month ago

    Original Garfield comics are funny, after like year 15 or 16, the humor is a bit dull.

  • Scientific Otto
    Scientific Otto Month ago

    garguiled eats lasgana

  • Professor Oak
    Professor Oak Month ago

    Why does Garfield hate Mondays he's a cat he doesn't have a job or go to school.

  • El Jonez
    El Jonez Month ago

    Hardly any yank comedy is funny.

  • Arnav Metrani
    Arnav Metrani Month ago

    And then you have Bill Watterson...

  • ToughAncientSpark
    ToughAncientSpark Month ago

    Garfield is like being retired, where every day is Sunday and no day is Monday.

  • evoste
    evoste Month ago

    I didn't realise is was still so big, I remember it blowing up in the 80's with the books and soft toys, but I thought it had died down.
    There was a gap as a lot of other characters at the time had been around for decades, Garfield was fresh when it came out with a different humour.

    • Low Spark of Lyman
      Low Spark of Lyman 5 days ago

      Indeed, it's not as big as it was in the late 20th century. And yet some people still say Garfield is ubiquitous (if only he were where I live...).

  • Quentin Bradford
    Quentin Bradford Month ago

    Except that there WAS a popular cat already in comic strips! If you had done your research you would have found out about HEATHCLIFF who had been popular for the FIVE YEARS preceding the introduction of Garfield!

  • dolofonos
    dolofonos Month ago

    So, Garfield isn't funny because he's politically correct.

  • Patrick Wolfe
    Patrick Wolfe Month ago

    I loved that comic

  • Uncle Creepy
    Uncle Creepy Month ago

    Obviously he’s not as successful or well known, but Heathcliff cane out first, so for him to say during the 70’s there were no comics about cats isn’t true.

    • Low Spark of Lyman
      Low Spark of Lyman 5 days ago

      He also said "very few cats", or something to that effect, so there's that.

  • Uncle Creepy
    Uncle Creepy Month ago +1

    “You know how I can tell a candy bar is too small? I can finish it.” -Garfield. Garfield will always be funny.


    I can't but help think Hello Kitty was now yet a rip, off of something else that was a rip, that itself was a rip... Garfield... Heathkit... Peanuts... Felix... Mickey Mouse... Betty Boop... and a million others...

  • Jack Blackthorn
    Jack Blackthorn Month ago

    5:06 the fucking sjws at marvel and other publishing houses could learn a lot from this guy.

  • Jack Blackthorn
    Jack Blackthorn Month ago

    Nobody can relate to bugs, yet in one of my local newspapers there's been a comic strip about a cockroach comming out since before I was born. And yes, it's as shitty as it sounds.

  • Jack Blackthorn
    Jack Blackthorn Month ago

    Is not funny nor fun... Nor relatable for that matter.

  • Planetdune
    Planetdune Month ago

    Since when is Garfield no funny ? I love Garfield since 1985.

  • rate eightx
    rate eightx Month ago

    I Think Garfield's Very Funny.

  • Brooke Elson
    Brooke Elson Month ago

    Garfield not funny???? Have you people read the super editions. They are hilarious

  • MayuriKurotsuchi
    MayuriKurotsuchi Month ago

    It's easy to love Mondays when you're a billionaire

  • bloodcountess81
    bloodcountess81 Month ago

    Garfield may not have been funny, but he was pretty humorous.

  • JustLooking
    JustLooking Month ago

    I always thought Garfield sucked, and that Calvin and Hobbes was great. Now I know why!