Brooklyn Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Saoirse Ronan, Domhnall Gleeson Movie HD

  • Published on Jul 10, 2015
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    Brooklyn Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Saoirse Ronan, Domhnall Gleeson Movie HD
    BROOKLYN tells the profoundly moving story of Eilis Lacey (Saoirse Ronan), a young Irish immigrant navigating her way through 1950s Brooklyn. Lured by the promise of America, Eilis departs Ireland and the comfort of her mother’s home for the shores of New York City. The initial shackles of homesickness quickly diminish as a fresh romance sweeps Eilis into the intoxicating charm of love. But soon, her new vivacity is disrupted by her past, and she must choose between two countries and the lives that exist within.
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Comments • 669

  • HD Pictures
    HD Pictures Month ago

    Saoirse looks so different in this film compared to how she usually looks that I didn’t even recognise her

  • Shaira Valdez
    Shaira Valdez Month ago

    the music at 1:40?

  • eddy alvarez
    eddy alvarez 2 months ago

    Wonderful actress I even wished she had taken the favourite role off Emma stone bc she deserves any nod and ditch the mary scott movie. but I can't see anyone else playing Abigail but Emma so ugh so undecided.

  • 1993 All I HAVE TO DO IS DREAM

    Saoirse ronan deserves all the awards such a great actress

  • Aurielle
    Aurielle 2 months ago

    So her name is spelled Eilis and then there's Billie eilish so is Billie eilish pronouncing her name wrong or wah

  • Pathfinder Hazel
    Pathfinder Hazel 3 months ago

    This was such a wonderful film! And I love Saoirse Ronan!!

  • Rachelle Zastre
    Rachelle Zastre 3 months ago

    What is the song at the end playing in the background??

  • somia badis
    somia badis 3 months ago

    Oooooh the song 😍❤ the name of the song please

    • Jux Yoh
      Jux Yoh 3 months ago

      somia badis ‘Casadh an tSugáin’

  • Gergana Kardashimova
    Gergana Kardashimova 3 months ago


  • Shelbee Pollino
    Shelbee Pollino 3 months ago

    I’m reading the book right now, I can’t wait to watch the movie when I’m done!

  • Lila Lopez
    Lila Lopez 3 months ago

    Do you know the name of the irish song? (0:40)

    • Jux Yoh
      Jux Yoh 3 months ago

      Lila Lopez Casadh an tSugáin

  • jeffy john
    jeffy john 4 months ago

    The guy in the movie is not hairy enough to be Italien. LOL.

  • user 123
    user 123 4 months ago

    1:47 is beautiful

  • Malin Hessedahl
    Malin Hessedahl 4 months ago

    Love this movie📷🎬🎥💥🌟❤❤❤

  • Lais Mohana
    Lais Mohana 4 months ago +1

    I love the soundtrack !!

  • Elizabeth Brennan
    Elizabeth Brennan 5 months ago +1

    This was such a good flim.
    I loved it.

  • a l m i l a
    a l m i l a 5 months ago

    Is that the girl from Ed Sheeran's Galway Girl song??

  • Yus Torea
    Yus Torea 5 months ago

    Homer is home.

  • Neon Helix
    Neon Helix 6 months ago

    The first thing that popped into my head when I watched this, was how beautiful she is.

  • Adam Adams
    Adam Adams 6 months ago


  • 西施小狗Ming Ming
    西施小狗Ming Ming 6 months ago

    So romantic ✨💫🌷🌈🌼🌻🦋

  • zdp gum
    zdp gum 7 months ago

    My favourite movie❤️

  • Real Cosmic Builds
    Real Cosmic Builds 7 months ago

    this is why i liked the international trailer better.
    this one gives the whole films plot away.
    watch the other trailer, guys

  • Nuri Sakina Suharto
    Nuri Sakina Suharto 7 months ago

    My favorite part is when the old man sings and the ending when they hug. Always makes me cry 😢

  • Tha Real Mccoy
    Tha Real Mccoy 8 months ago

    reminds me of boardwalk empire

  • Baby Bunny
    Baby Bunny 9 months ago

    My immigration status brought me here.

  • Haley Rewick
    Haley Rewick 9 months ago

    This is so cute because my nana is Irish & my papa is Italian. I have to have them watch this movie together ❤

  • Grace Nern
    Grace Nern 9 months ago

    Tony could step on me and I would thank him

  • Sukhee Doodamba
    Sukhee Doodamba 9 months ago

    Good one. Miss Ireland

  • Ezrom Tafiti
    Ezrom Tafiti 9 months ago


  • Mahlet Berhanu
    Mahlet Berhanu 10 months ago

    "You just splashed his mother, his father, and the walls." That line killed me 😭😭😭

  • Bee Bright
    Bee Bright 11 months ago

    What's he singing?

    • Bee Bright
      Bee Bright 9 months ago

      christoir246 thank you

    • christoir246
      christoir246 9 months ago +1

      OG Romeo hes singing in the Irish language. His name is Iarla O Lionaird.

  • Joshua Wright
    Joshua Wright 11 months ago

    i wanna give her the succ

  • koushiki saha
    koushiki saha 11 months ago

    Someone just tell me which song or music or whatever they have used in the last, its amazing and I can't find it anywhere!!!!! PLEASE🙀

    • christoir246
      christoir246 9 months ago

      koushiki saha his name is Iarla O Lionaird

  • AminiS R
    AminiS R 11 months ago

    Dude I just watched this movie and It made me cry so much, it made me think about my family back home 😭

  • Chanchal Mohonto
    Chanchal Mohonto 11 months ago

    Nice romantic movei

  • Centennial
    Centennial Year ago

    the costumes and make up! beautiful

  • jooe's fangirl
    jooe's fangirl Year ago

    Even though I'm late to the party, just finished watching it and I honestly loved it! Her character was such a nice sensible person who puts life into perspective.. Terrific movie.

    LETICIA MARQUES Year ago +1


  • Monica87
    Monica87 Year ago

    This trailer gives the whole movie away.

  • Britney Campbell
    Britney Campbell Year ago

    Ohmygosh I have to watch this now it sounds so good

  • Shameeta M.
    Shameeta M. Year ago

    some harry potter reunion going on here

  • bastard maxfield
    bastard maxfield Year ago

    I love love love this movie!!!! Believe it or not it actually makes me want to visit Ireland more

  • Lily Sa
    Lily Sa Year ago

    I loved the movie

  • Gymmy Kimbler
    Gymmy Kimbler Year ago

    Of course the Italian guy's name is Tony smh

  • Rose James
    Rose James Year ago

    I love love stories this movie was amazing I cried watching it I really think her Italian boyfriend was the better person for her he seems way more genuine the other guy just seems like he used his money for power and he didn't seem genuine behind it I'm glad she didn't stay back

  • Tinky Winky
    Tinky Winky Year ago


  • Youssef Hamzeh
    Youssef Hamzeh Year ago

    Amazing movie love it 💙😢

  • abby getachew
    abby getachew Year ago

    Actually see Harry styles playing in this movie idk why lol

  • Batchimeg Damdindorj

    Brooklyn was delightful !

  • Mai
    Mai Year ago

    irish accents are so hot

  • Armageddon X
    Armageddon X Year ago

    Yeah home is home ....if ye start bangin' people around!You can make the whole world home like that.

  • Michael Bourquin
    Michael Bourquin Year ago

    really don't like when trailers just end up being the cliffhanger version of the movie.

  • Lapin Coquin
    Lapin Coquin Year ago

    I want the song that played at the beginning of this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hà Anh Trương
    Hà Anh Trương Year ago

    the song at 1:58 Can anybody tell me the name? thanks

    ARDNAS JEAN Year ago

    Love this movie!

  • Angelica Febrina
    Angelica Febrina Year ago

    She has beautiful eyes

  • HideawaysWindow 19

    She picks the Italian guy

  • Jake Rutigliano
    Jake Rutigliano Year ago

    This definitely doesn’t use any dialogue from the book. I know because, I even got the book from the library.

  • Julia Verrier
    Julia Verrier Year ago

    ... nine nine

  • ciarra autumn
    ciarra autumn Year ago +1

    i cry every time i watch this movie, i love it so so much. 10/10 suggest.

  • ty_sophie
    ty_sophie Year ago

    Oh my God. I fell in love with this movie..

  • oktarina oktarina

    My god.. Saoirse. Congratulations on being so beautiful 😊

  • Pheak Sophea
    Pheak Sophea Year ago

    I screamed my dear god when I found out she is Joe Wright from Atonement

  • jessicajnsm
    jessicajnsm Year ago +1

    This movie is so beautiful and so much more than the love triangle they portray in the trailer. At its core, its about a girl just trying to find her home. It will resonate with anyone who has ever had to move or deal with a foreign place.

  • Nate
    Nate Year ago +1

    I'd watch this for that Italian rascal 1:31

  • Brian Eduardo
    Brian Eduardo Year ago

    Saoirse Ronan was luminescent in this movie... super

  • aly
    aly Year ago

    Love this movie. Watched this two times

  • abigail harrison
    abigail harrison Year ago

    oh my freaking gosh!!!!!!! i love this!!

  • emma victoria
    emma victoria Year ago

    This movie is beautiful and makes me cry every time I watch it

  • Claude C
    Claude C Year ago

    This can't be the official trailer, was it? It much too revealing of the plot. Great Movie.

  • John K. Lindgren
    John K. Lindgren Year ago

    who wrote the script?

  • Furiosa
    Furiosa Year ago

    she is not cute anymore

    • aly
      aly Year ago

      Furiosa - All About Valve she is very much

  • Lori Wise
    Lori Wise Year ago +1

    Home is Home

  • Rebecca Sikes
    Rebecca Sikes Year ago

    Made me proud to be Irish

  • Cringey Girl
    Cringey Girl Year ago

    Saorises eyes are so pretty! The lovely bones is one of her really good movies.

  • Cairo M
    Cairo M Year ago

    She's an amazing actress.

  • Michael Tan
    Michael Tan Year ago

    I had my first kiss watching this movie.

  • Shandria Henderson
    Shandria Henderson 2 years ago

    home is home!🏠

  • jamless jimin
    jamless jimin 2 years ago

    What's the song on the background I love it

  • Kpop messed ma life up

    Here's a tip :
    Don't watch a movie trailer if it has been out for a year or more because it is likely that there will be spoiled.

  • Leticia Marques
    Leticia Marques 2 years ago +1


  • Leticia Marques
    Leticia Marques 2 years ago +1


  • Luciano Moore
    Luciano Moore 2 years ago

    someone who can tell me the name of the song in the minute 2:14 please?

  • Leticia Marques
    Leticia Marques 2 years ago +1


  • Rafu Orozco
    Rafu Orozco 2 years ago

    Love it! I saw part of my life in 117 min

  • Aldrin Perpiñan
    Aldrin Perpiñan 2 years ago

    This seems to be a decent movie to watch.

  • Arisha Fatima
    Arisha Fatima 2 years ago +2

    I just stumbled upon this movie while switching channels... Read the synopsis and decided to watch it for a few minutes. I was so captivated by her acting, and the overall feel of the movie that in myself want to go live in the fifties. Started feeling nostalgic for no reason. It also gave a valuable lesson, that as we grow up we have to find a life that's our own, not related to our past, something that we love. A treasure.

  • Natalie Roy
    Natalie Roy 2 years ago

    Yay three Harry Potter characters 🤗😍

  • Chika Onyeka
    Chika Onyeka 2 years ago

    it was a good movie I liked it

  • The Wonder
    The Wonder 2 years ago

    this trailer shows the entire movie. like damn (but would 10/10 reccomend its on Netfulx and I cried a good five times its heart warming and sad and wonderful) watch it lads

  • voi.tek
    voi.tek 2 years ago

    am I the only person who thought this movie was utter crap?

  • Jana J.
    Jana J. 2 years ago

    wonderful movie

  • Don't call me stupid
    Don't call me stupid 2 years ago +2

    Where can I get myself a Tony?

  • jack esau
    jack esau 2 years ago


  • Rochelle Joy Mangligot

    I love Saoirse Ronan!

  • Michelle McNamara
    Michelle McNamara 2 years ago

    I didnt finish watching it after the scenes of them all being mean to the new girl and singling her out it was so annoying and not needed.

  • Cruise Lover
    Cruise Lover 2 years ago +1

    Great movie. But I shall say that the ending part is kind of abrupt. It seems that Eilis doesn't want to go back to the States and she is even reluctant to write back to her husband, and then how suddenly she changes her mind and realizes that she deeply loves her husband and decides to go back to New York right away. It's a bit strange. To me, it's a flaw in terms of plots.

  • computerjantje
    computerjantje 2 years ago

    Another film with the camera shaking at all time for no other reason
    then it being hip to have the shaking camera effect in the film.
    Totally unwatchable film for people, like me, who can't shake the
    irritation about the shaking camera. Too bad as I am a huge fan of

  • S.
    S. 2 years ago +156

    She's an incredible actress. And very underrated

    • Rahul Chaudhary
      Rahul Chaudhary 3 months ago

      +Cliff Wheeler Well that comment is 2 years old, so she might not have the critical acclaim yet that she has now.

    • Cliff Wheeler
      Cliff Wheeler 3 months ago

      Stephanie What do you mean underrated? She has been nominated three times for an Oscar and several BAFTA awards. She is justifiably highly rated, not as you say underrated.