Maryland vs #1 Ohio State Highlights | NCAAF Week 11 | College Football Highlights

  • Published on Nov 9, 2019
  • Ohio State, who is now ranked number 1 in the nation, hosted Maryland in week 11 of the 2019 college football season. They looked to pick up another easy win.
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Comments • 577

  • Martin Kelley
    Martin Kelley 18 days ago +1

    Maryland was talkin big shyyyyt last year and got shyyyyted on this year for it. take your loss and walk!

  • LongDongDaddyFromCincinnati

    Leave it to the pussies at Ohio St to kick an onside kick up 14 on a cupcake 😂

  • Rylan Baker
    Rylan Baker 20 days ago

    Blake Haubeil is going to be the next Adam Vinatieri

  • Peter Velasquez
    Peter Velasquez 20 days ago

    who lied and said ohio state was number one?

  • I. Her
    I. Her 20 days ago

    idk what’s worse, ohio state at number 1 or Oregon at number 6 💀

  • SiLLy U ChiLLy
    SiLLy U ChiLLy 20 days ago

    Cause Maryland is so good

  • Rease Haley
    Rease Haley 21 day ago

    crazy how after scoring this many points osu still moved down to 2...

  • Tushar Lanka
    Tushar Lanka 21 day ago

    As an lsu fan, don't wanna face Ohio state in the playoffs if we make it. But I have a feeling that we will. Not sure if we can beat them. Ohio state and Clemson are the most complete teams in the country

  • Henry Skedel
    Henry Skedel 21 day ago

    This was payback for MD talking trash

  • chadeley
    chadeley 21 day ago

    Did Gus Johnson go to Maryland? I've never heard him so emotionless. I understand it was a blowout but he seemed out of it from the first TD.

  • Jordan Diehl
    Jordan Diehl 21 day ago

    Ohio State is not #1. LSU is

  • Dynasty Holmes
    Dynasty Holmes 21 day ago

    justin fields is amazing and the bucks have majorly improved from last year....GO BUCKS!!!!

  • MarloSoBalJr
    MarloSoBalJr 22 days ago

    Thank goodness the Ravens exist. The Terps ain't worth shit. Pretty much DC's school which explains the shitiness

  • Lil Coco
    Lil Coco 22 days ago

    Who set up Maryland

  • First Last
    First Last 22 days ago

    Every player on maryland's football team dislikes this video.

  • The Funk
    The Funk 22 days ago

    Why are Gus and Joel always commentating for Ohio State games now. Gus is the best announcer because he gets excited all the time but now he cant get excited because hes been having to watch the Buckeyes blow out other teams teams all year long

  • Phillip Bergeron
    Phillip Bergeron 23 days ago


  • Sir Ron Jeremy
    Sir Ron Jeremy 23 days ago

    Yo Wheels be the best highlight channel, give Wheels props for doing this. subbed. Also the beat at the beginning goes hard, whats the name of the beat?

  • Phillip Lockhart
    Phillip Lockhart 23 days ago

    Neither is Fresno State, which the committee used as an excuse to put Bama in the year before last. 'Get outta here!' *New York accent*

  • Leroy Xiong
    Leroy Xiong 23 days ago

    If chase young was played then Maryland probably not even score no point

    • Chaosgamer
      Chaosgamer 22 days ago

      Maryland scored against the 2nd and 3rd string aka after all other starters got pulled so score would have been the same with or without him.

  • scott franklin
    scott franklin 23 days ago

    Ohio State wouldn't win like that walking the streets of Baltimore.

  • thexalon
    thexalon 23 days ago

    I like how Ohio State is playing its second-stringers in garbage time ... by which I mean the second half.

  • FootballBeastHighlights

    what happen to maryland

    • MarloSoBalJr
      MarloSoBalJr 22 days ago

      Moving to Big10 is what happened. I'm happy they're getting their ass handed to. Poser ass program

    RIOT HDX 23 days ago


  • jole' Mays
    jole' Mays 23 days ago

    Shit somebody stop the damn game

  • Joshua Reaper
    Joshua Reaper 24 days ago

    I hope Ohio States B-ball team is gonna be just as good as there Football team.

  • LSUDV124
    LSUDV124 24 days ago +1

    See you in New Orleans on January 7 Ohio State.

    • rweb82
      rweb82 22 days ago

      A replay of 2011 is highly likely.

  • tornadolover
    tornadolover 24 days ago

    lmao Maryland got beat like a non conference FCS team and they're supposed to be big 10.

    • MarloSoBalJr
      MarloSoBalJr 22 days ago

      They're in the Big10 because of the regional market. They thought 5-star recruits would commit there but nobody wants to go PG County Community College. Ass of a program.

  • Jeff Loudenslager
    Jeff Loudenslager 24 days ago

    Same shit every year until they play a real team

  • Bobby DeNezza
    Bobby DeNezza 24 days ago

    Honestly I think Ohio State should just bench the first-team offense and first-team defense against Rutgers, rest those guys so they can be fresh for Penn State and Michigan. There's no reason to play Fields, Dobbins and all those guys on offense against Rutgers.

  • MG Rio
    MG Rio 24 days ago

    If I was Maryland I would of been mad ash after dat on side kick 😂😂 they already bussing dey ass

  • Ed Sev
    Ed Sev 24 days ago

    This is like Alabama playing New Mexico State or LSU playing Utah lol we don’t make an issue of it

  • Ed Sev
    Ed Sev 24 days ago

    Maryland is a nobody team and Ohio state brags???? What’s joke

  • Jamison Canty
    Jamison Canty 24 days ago +1

    that was a great game, GO BUCKS!!!

  • DC Torres
    DC Torres 24 days ago +4

    Ohio State Vs. LSU National Championship that's gonna be it

    Plus 1 like for every person who thinks Ohio State will win the title
    And 1 like for every person who thinks LSU will win the title

  • Dima Mixon
    Dima Mixon 24 days ago +1

    Even with LSU beating Alabama, Ohio State to me is still better and should hold the #1 spot. They probably won't because of SEC bias. But I would not be surprised at all if Ohio State holds the #1 spot

  • 1.3B • Views
    1.3B • Views 24 days ago +1

    OSU went undefeated in Urbans 1st year and Tressel's 2nd year. Lets hope we get a championship from Ryan Day too!!

  • 1.3B • Views
    1.3B • Views 24 days ago

    JK Dobbins reminds me of Maurice Clarett less the ego

  • Eric White
    Eric White 24 days ago

    Remember when Maryland was ranked at the start of the year. That didn’t age well

  • Giants/Mets/Blazers
    Giants/Mets/Blazers 24 days ago +1

    Can we give Maryland back to the ACC? Rutgers would also do good in the Big 12 since defense doesn’t exist in that conference 😄.

    • JL King
      JL King 22 days ago

      Nah at this point put Maryland in the MAC

  • Kylan Hasselbring
    Kylan Hasselbring 24 days ago +1

    Best onside kick I’ve seen from college this year

  • WizManBallin
    WizManBallin 24 days ago +1

    Bruh, we got dealt! My poor

    • MarloSoBalJr
      MarloSoBalJr 22 days ago

      That DC influence is the issue. Need some Baltimore guys but no one heading down there

    ORONA ARCE 24 days ago

    OHIO STATE is 1!

  • David Fanstica
    David Fanstica 25 days ago +1

    it is like a basketball game

  • Mitchell Gallagher
    Mitchell Gallagher 25 days ago

    That announcer is so awful lol

  • JennLee2020
    JennLee2020 25 days ago

    Hey Buckeyes, were you paying attention last night? LSU-Bama...that was the National Championship. Not trying to troll, but you are running roughshod over teams in a weak league. Watch and see. As usual, the SEC will mop the floor with Big Ten teams, and if you make it to the Championship game, remember what happened the last time you played against LSU for a championship. SEC teams get tested every week, and they have to fight for every win. Remember how you had that fast start against LSU, but they were battle hardened, and never panicked. They fought back, and when a series of things didn't go your way, everyone saw you crumble, and cave in.

    Just remember, that while you are making snowballs, and worrying about what you are getting for Christmas, the SEC teams will be preparing for the games of their lives, and will show up to the bowl games ready. You all should really do yourselves a favor, and stop playing so many bowl games vs SEC teams. The play is at a different level in the SEC. And Joe Burrow is going to be ready. Don't be surprised if he hangs 500 yards and a record number of TDs on you...if you even make it that far. By the time it's 28-7, everyone will see the defeat in your eyes. You haven't been tested. You don't know how to fight, and overcome.
    But good luck in your little Conference Championship game...if you don't choke against Michigan.

    • Sam Piehl
      Sam Piehl 25 days ago

      JennLee2020 Cool 😎

    • JennLee2020
      JennLee2020 25 days ago

      @Sam Piehl I laugh out loud every time I see where they have OSU in the polls.

    • Sam Piehl
      Sam Piehl 25 days ago

      JennLee2020 Laugh out loud.

  • Lonnie Fitzgerald
    Lonnie Fitzgerald 25 days ago

    I turn down the volume the first 20 seconds of every video. Can't stand that OBNOXIOUS music

  • Bryce Woodford
    Bryce Woodford 25 days ago +20

    You know you’re the best team in the nation when Gus Johnson is bored calling your game

  • Cooper Kauf
    Cooper Kauf 25 days ago

    Now LSU is in first 🙄

  • Stacey Shelton
    Stacey Shelton 25 days ago

    Nobody stopping us buckeye nation

  • Christian Charles
    Christian Charles 25 days ago


  • Christian Charles
    Christian Charles 25 days ago

    The state of Ohio has had a good weekend. Ohio State wins 73-14, Browns beat Bills 19-16(still cant score from the 2 yard line. Got shut down 9 times from there), Cavs beat Washington 113-100. Go Cleveland!!!

    • Christian Charles
      Christian Charles 24 days ago

      @J GMoney1 Yes and the knicks were booed out of the building. Sexton killed new york.

    • J GMoney1
      J GMoney1 24 days ago

      The Cavs destroyed the Knicks by 21 last night too you forgot that

  • Blank X
    Blank X 25 days ago

    We'll see y'all in the playoffs🐯🐯🐯

    • Frosty
      Frosty 25 days ago

      You too. Looking forward to a legendary game!

  • DgsTube46
    DgsTube46 25 days ago

    Ohio State destroys and Junior college team WOW impressive....NOT.... Ohio St. is in a weak conference period

  • Still Chill
    Still Chill 25 days ago +1

    We hope to see Chase Young before penn state game!

  • derf king
    derf king 25 days ago

    Not one offensive or defensive starter for Ohio State played 1 play in the 2nd half.. That's pretty impressive even if it is against Maryland. So basically Ohio States 2nd and 3rd stringers put up 33 points against marylands starters... This team is scary!!

  • GoKaioken
    GoKaioken 25 days ago

    Can you capture in something higher than 15 frames per second?

  • marquezse marshall
    marquezse marshall 25 days ago

    ohio state babyyyyyy we want bama too

  • Mason Mcguire
    Mason Mcguire 25 days ago

    Awesome onside kick

  • Just for Fun
    Just for Fun 25 days ago +2

    Maryland is a freakin clown show !. Lmmfao!