Dubai Food - RARE Camel Platter - WHOLE Camel w/ Rice + Eggs - Traditional Emirati Cuisine in UAE!

  • Published on Oct 13, 2018
  • Dubai Food is incredibly delicious! We visited Dubai in the UAE to try some traditional Emirati Cuisine, and joined up with our friend Peyman to eat a whole camel platter with rice and eggs!
    ►Check out Peyman's Channel Here:
    This is a traditional Emirati meal that is usually reserved for special occasions or very exclusive guests. It's not a normal Dubai Street Food, but that's why it's so good. It is an extremely rare Arab food nowadays! You have to be incredibly lucky to experience this whole camel platter! This is definitely one of the must try foods in Dubai! It is a traditional Emirati food and is one of the best things to do in Dubai. Camel meat is something that may be sensitive to some viewers, so make sure you're comfortable with watching the camel cooking! The chefs who prepared the camel recipe were originally from the South of India in Kerala, but have been living in Dubai for over 20 years.
    If you're thinking of traveling to Dubai for a food trip, you can't go wrong, there is so much delicious Emirati cuisine and amazing street food to try! I must admit, most of the food is in Dubai restaurants that are clean and quiet, but that is part of the charm of Dubai.
    First, Peyman and I checked out the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, and then made our way to the one and only Camel Restaurant, address below:
    Entire Camel Platter in Dubai: Zaman Awal Restaurant
    Address: Al Boom Village, Dubai, UAE, United Arab Emirates
    If you're wondering if you should eat street food in Dubai or go for regular restaurants in Dubai, I recommend mixing it up and going for both. In this food video, we are solely visiting one of the best restaurants in dubai for the whole camel plate.
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    In the next video, we're going for even more street food around the world!
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  • The Food Ranger
    The Food Ranger  3 months ago +471

    Check out Peyman's Channel Here:
    My blog post about the whole camel experience:
    This was an incredibly rare and once in a lifetime experience in Dubai, the whole camel! This ancient tradition is rarely seen anymore, and we are so thankful to have witnessed it with Peyman who brought us into the kitchen at Zaman Awal restaurant in Dubai! I would love to know your thoughts on the video in the comments below! Thank you so much for watching! And make sure to follow along behind the scenes here

  • Bongki Suherman
    Bongki Suherman Hour ago

    Masa Allah..

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    Tariq Razzaq Hour ago

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    Tariq Razzaq Hour ago

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  • فهد البريكي
    فهد البريكي 7 hours ago

    I’m from Kuwait we cook camels as traditional dish but we don’t cook it like that way I think this dish is Indian not from our region

  • Chaise LaBrie
    Chaise LaBrie 9 hours ago

    So what's in the stuffing again?

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    Melek Hanim 10 hours ago

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    choo snau 12 hours ago

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    PRESENT PERFECT 16 hours ago

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    PRESENT PERFECT 16 hours ago

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    hanum syabika 18 hours ago

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    safiya mohammed 18 hours ago

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    Md. Fazlur Rahman 21 hour ago

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  • sher Jan sidhu
    sher Jan sidhu Day ago

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    javed ashraf Razvi 2 days ago

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  • Clorox Gaming
    Clorox Gaming 2 days ago

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    Clorox Gaming 2 days ago

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  • سعد الحارثي

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  • Taj Muhammad of London

    As a open minded person I strongly believe this wonderful camel dish only for Rich people very Excessive and so Unhealthy indeed.
    I would call it camel biryanis mix Arab and Indian Fusion Styles.

  • الملكه نوزان

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  • Janith Chandimal
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    its looks like an supersize garbage meal. disgusting..

  • Zuchamo kikon
    Zuchamo kikon 4 days ago +1

    Arabic people should save camels for desert travel. Islam will destroy itself.

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  • BIG G
    BIG G 5 days ago

    Use a spoon instead. I know it's a tradition to eat with your hands but come on, days people carry all kinds of diseases. Unsanitary.

  • King King
    King King 5 days ago +1

    I wish Dubai peoples become delicious and sweet like Dubai dishes

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    Matt Connors 5 days ago

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    Lauriesbest2 5 days ago

    To be honest I was put off by the way he was touching the food at the end. I understand people use their hands to eat but there is no need to go put your fingers in someone else's food and share whatever bacteria you have incrusted in your nails. It is simply a lack of respect no matter what traditions are.

  • tahir yousaf
    tahir yousaf 5 days ago

    very nice


    Actually! It's an Indian food viz... Mostly made by South Indians... Sounds good...


    Biryani rice imported from india

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    Marzouq Zyoud 5 days ago

    Zamanawal means the old days!

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    ZDevelopers 6 days ago

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  • Abdul Aziz Syed
    Abdul Aziz Syed 6 days ago

    i have been 9 years out there hate these animals who waste tons of food a day will come they will never find food.

  • abid khan Mandokhel
    abid khan Mandokhel 6 days ago

    Stop, damn Arab! that way acting like "You are from UAE". We know they will not get nationality card if they live in your country for three generations. Further, they will have only that meat to eat which you are to throw in garbage.

  • Mono music
    Mono music 6 days ago

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  • DEV Media
    DEV Media 6 days ago

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  • ahmed amin
    ahmed amin 6 days ago

    When you see other people on Somalia and other Muslim countries who have nothing to eat and see that mens eating all that food even they will not finish it you feel bad the throth is you will not be happy if you don't makes others who need help happy

  • James Ayya
    James Ayya 7 days ago

    lots of fats.


    New subscriber here..

  • Tips&Tricks
    Tips&Tricks 7 days ago

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    Mohammed Almuslem 7 days ago

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    Mohammed Almuslem 7 days ago

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    Afghan Istan 7 days ago

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