10min Cup Noodle Challenge

  • Published on Aug 31, 2019
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    10 Minutes of Cup Noodle action!!
    Iconic, Chicken-Flavored, Instant Budget, Carrots & Corn included, Noodle action!!
    Not often to I push my limits on this channel in a fixed amount of time. I should probably more often (it's good training for contests)
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  • Ro Craft
    Ro Craft 11 hours ago

    I’m using wireless earbuds i7TWS

  • Adam Ocjdkeisksksksksksk

    I’d like to ask something....... are your craps bigger then the ego and confidence you got? Buddy. You and Erik needs to collaborate. I understand that you always try to go fast and technically so does Erik.......... so does Joeyworldtours. You all should make a video. 1 legend in the video........... oh you thought I was talking about Joey? Nah.......... oh you thought I was referring to Matt! Nah. Erik will always be the legend. The only reason I’m here is because I watch you when I’m hungry- otherwise I find no entertainment or a sign of life. My fan........ you’re a prime example of trying TO HARD.

  • Spy monkey 007
    Spy monkey 007 17 hours ago

    The amount of noodles he ate is equivalent to how much 🍜 noodles I’ve had in my life

  • Preciousgem Stylez
    Preciousgem Stylez 17 hours ago

    Maruchan brand noodles are better than Nissan brand noodles.🤤❤️

  • Cieria moore
    Cieria moore 18 hours ago


  • JustAnna
    JustAnna 20 hours ago

    when there's only 2 minutes of lunch time left

  • Радмир Гаязов

    Как его мама кормит?

  • James Carodan
    James Carodan Day ago +1


    FLUKENTWS Day ago +1

    How asian eat noodles

  • Jyoti Bhardwaj
    Jyoti Bhardwaj Day ago +1

    I think he is a cyco man bcoz isko pta bhi nhi h ki ye noodles sirf undar le rha h poori tarah se kha nhi rha jisse iske yeh noodles digest nhi hogi or isse future m shayad bhut problem ho......ye challenge nhi balki apni health ko kharab karne ka jariya h....😒😒

  • Todoroki but deppresed

    Naruto and his secret stash of ramen be like

  • lieng mai
    lieng mai Day ago

    sweet sweet constipation

  • lieng mai
    lieng mai Day ago


  • Manie Estrada
    Manie Estrada Day ago +1

    Raycon earbuds : we are wireless
    AirPods: allow us to introduce ourselves

  • TheGladiator Spartan

    You need some slasa valentina and lime and a bug cup of cold soda. And extra salsa valentina oh tapatio lol

  • kiwisen
    kiwisen Day ago

    All that chemicals. U have headache?

  • kiwisen
    kiwisen Day ago

    I cant even drink all the liquid of one cup noodles..is too salty i start puking when i ingest to much i never finished one box

  • neymar junior
    neymar junior 2 days ago


  • Jared Perez
    Jared Perez 2 days ago +1


  • Syed Taha Ali
    Syed Taha Ali 2 days ago +1

    Matt: eats 15 cup noodles does not get fat
    Me:eats only 2 fat as hell

  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment 2 days ago

    I take out the vegetables in the cup noodles

  • Memes tube
    Memes tube 2 days ago

    The most ramen I have ate in one sitting is 3 and then there's Matt stonie

  • Maniacs Reacts
    Maniacs Reacts 2 days ago

    Can I just say I cannot eat about 15 cup of noodles without tapatio

  • Mai Got skill
    Mai Got skill 3 days ago

    Matt: eats 15 cups of noodles within 10 min
    Me: cooks noodles for ten minutes

  • Jet24eagle OwO
    Jet24eagle OwO 3 days ago +1

    It’s Opposite Day
    Plz dislike if u hate

  • Dezignz FX
    Dezignz FX 3 days ago

    Exactly how i eat my cup noodles

  • unzoom
    unzoom 3 days ago +1

    Now I want noodles...

  • Salman Khan
    Salman Khan 3 days ago

    Damn no chicken stock

  • Futo
    Futo 4 days ago

    Is that even good for your digestive track

  • Gacha drawings
    Gacha drawings 4 days ago

    I think the fact that im eating the exact brand right now.

  • Leonardo Pereira
    Leonardo Pereira 4 days ago

    Coloca leganda em português Japa kk

  • A1213499 XXX
    A1213499 XXX 4 days ago

    Who heard that fart at 6:07

  • Ashraf Razif
    Ashraf Razif 4 days ago

    You just finish 14 cup noodles bro. Because last noodles in your mouth.

  • Jonathan Mcbride
    Jonathan Mcbride 4 days ago

    Me when my mom tells me not to eat all the food she just bought

  • Gabriel Zaragoza
    Gabriel Zaragoza 4 days ago

    All of that sodium...

  • It’s the Kiyahshow

    Them are. My favorite noodles

  • Li FliDeZ
    Li FliDeZ 4 days ago

    Naruto Is That You?!

  • jo454games
    jo454games 4 days ago

    Matt Stonie: ...

    His stomach: Ah shit, here we go again

  • Camilo Quintal
    Camilo Quintal 4 days ago

    Naruto would like this

    INJUSTICE_YT 4 days ago

    The timer is still going because you haven’t ate the noodles that you left on the counter

  • mrmememan gaming
    mrmememan gaming 5 days ago

    I did this got 9 not that bad for a 15 yr

  • victoria rubinsztein

    No mames que asco esa sopa

  • Marisha Dubey
    Marisha Dubey 5 days ago

    Why don't you grow fat?

  • Clash with Hadi
    Clash with Hadi 5 days ago

    Me 1 cup I'm dead

  • HARU YY大好き
    HARU YY大好き 5 days ago +1


    • HARU YY大好き
      HARU YY大好き 5 days ago


    • 終わってから喋んな
      終わってから喋んな 5 days ago


  • ApUcToKpaT
    ApUcToKpaT 5 days ago

    Omg, idiot

  • Ivan Imbery
    Ivan Imbery 5 days ago

    Sodium poisoning has entered the chat

  • iCaused Your KD
    iCaused Your KD 5 days ago

    Should’ve Captioned this “Naruto Challenge “

  • SavageMickey
    SavageMickey 6 days ago

    Cup noodles are so fucking good

  • Leo Yusuf
    Leo Yusuf 6 days ago

    Türk Yok Mu 🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • Mayhem Playz
    Mayhem Playz 6 days ago

    I actually jelly

  • EzoRodrigo
    EzoRodrigo 6 days ago

    How are you not fat yet?

  • Dark Infintite SG
    Dark Infintite SG 6 days ago

    He is kind of slow

  • Boróka Barcza
    Boróka Barcza 6 days ago


  • Shabu Nadaf
    Shabu Nadaf 6 days ago +1

    Guys just think that when Matt was eating suppose the video not recorded what will be the Matt's situation?😅

  • Jpmz
    Jpmz 6 days ago +1

    Other people: Cup noodles cause cancer

  • Dylan Gorham
    Dylan Gorham 6 days ago

    Who else was feeling hungry for some cup noodles

  • Skyeler Le
    Skyeler Le 6 days ago +5

    When naruto sees his ramen will expire in 2 days

  • JL Swagert
    JL Swagert 6 days ago

    This guy should be in the hospital

  • Yaneth Mendoza
    Yaneth Mendoza 6 days ago

    Tou should of added some tapatio on too the noodles