Man accused of plotting ISIS-inspired truck attack at National Harbor

  • Published on Apr 9, 2019
  • Prosecutors are detailing an alleged plot by a Maryland man to ram a stolen U-Haul truck into people at a popular tourist area near the nation's capital. Rondell Henry, 28, was allegedly inspired by ISIS. Kris Van Cleave reports.
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Comments • 27

  • Matt Renfro
    Matt Renfro 4 months ago

    What they aren’t telling you is that they are charging him with transportation of a stolen vehicle. A maximum of 10 years, so he’ll be able to get out and do it again

  • jimbojim
    jimbojim 5 months ago +5

    o.49 he had an Hatred for non muslims for two yrs .heres a news flash muslims have had a Hatred for non muslims
    for 1,400 yrs tell us something we dont know

  • Hgg Fhh
    Hgg Fhh 5 months ago +5

    Inspired by Islam. Not isis.

  • kiDkiDkiD12
    kiDkiDkiD12 5 months ago +3

    Good job FBI!

  • Michael Ray
    Michael Ray 5 months ago

    More literacy lessons

  • Hector Stull
    Hector Stull 5 months ago +10

    This guy was inspired by Islam.

  • Satan 666
    Satan 666 5 months ago

    That man just follows the prophet.
    Remember islam is a peacefull religion, but only if you are muslim.

  • serious snipe
    serious snipe 5 months ago +3

    Ilhan omar loves him.

    HOLLOW HILL 5 months ago +1

    0:59 Because His BMW was not big enough to carry out an attack... He would attack in style with a beemer....

  • Marie Just Marie
    Marie Just Marie 5 months ago

    It is wonderful how CBS, shows everyone where the weaknesses are. Thank you, CBS!,

    OLDSKOOL978 5 months ago +2

    if you break this down, they found a muslim man in a uhaul.. they don't have enough to charge him and we don't have access to a manifesto or anything like that.. its speculation. What's crazy is that white dude that murdered that white girl at chalottesville was never called a terrorist and he did the thing.. this guy was caught in a uhaul and they calling him a terrorist with no evidence of him doing anything. Murikkka.

    • jimbojim
      jimbojim 5 months ago +2

      you are the definition of an muslim apologist deflect to anyone else but Muslims its never the Muslims
      they are the oppressed never anyone else lol@Tony Davis

    • John D
      John D 5 months ago +2

      If we removed Confederate monuments thinking it would prevent future attacks on blacks, why not close mosques to prevent future attacks on Americans?

    • Joey Harper
      Joey Harper 5 months ago +4

      All you lefts do is deflect to white people when a Muslim commits a terrorist act. Look up the definition of a "Terrorist" before acting ignorant.

    • Tony Davis
      Tony Davis 5 months ago +3

      The ISIS perp told the Police everything he did, how he stole the truck, how he scoped out the airport, how he planning to plow through the crowd.
      He is guilty and will get 20 years in a federal pound in the a** prison.

  • Michael Ray
    Michael Ray 5 months ago +13

    Another muslin wantabe send him to a muslin country get these people out of our country

    • Proud Apostate
      Proud Apostate 5 months ago +1

      your country is Europe

    • Darth M.
      Darth M. 5 months ago +3

      @Shamia - You might want to watch an objective reporter on this infamous ANTIFA leader:
      The tactics & methods of ANTIFA are exactly the same as those used by Hitler's Brown Shirts. In addition to that, there are numerous videos of them screaming racial slurs (to both whites & minorities), making threats of violence against individuals & journalists, destruction of property, and are generally against the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, specifically the freedom of press, speech, and expression.
      Look up Eric Clanton, the "Bike Lock Professor" (California). I have a folder with several videos of ANTIFA you should watch if you think they are truly the ones "against Fascism."

    • Shamia
      Shamia 5 months ago

      Muslin is a lightweight cotton blend. You want a cotton ban in the country?

    • Shamia
      Shamia 5 months ago

      @Darth M. Are you calling anti-fascists nationalists? Lmao!!!! That's the best oxymoron I've seen in a while.

  • Tony Davis
    Tony Davis 5 months ago +1

    Sounds fake, like ISIS