Mahershala Ali - Backstage Interview 2019 Golden Globes

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
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    00 00 12 days ago

    You got so much better in the 2010s. Cool, calm, and charismatic. Been keeping an eye on your work. Dammmnnnn smoooth and elegant. Once you got that experience, just relaxed and were like Neo in The Matrix... things slowed down and saw everything in slower speed

  • Linjong Kongtangman
    Linjong Kongtangman 12 days ago

    Very talented man! I love his acting and this movie

  • Troy Talks
    Troy Talks 13 days ago +3

    The way he handled the question about the family was befitting of a movie star. A class act. I bet his publicist was proud.

  • Lenka Junová
    Lenka Junová 13 days ago

    Such a delightful human being.

  • Phillip Siddiq
    Phillip Siddiq 13 days ago +2


  • M
    M 13 days ago +4

    So looking forward to True Detective season 3!!!!!!!

  • Chuck Cissel
    Chuck Cissel 13 days ago +12

    Outstanding actor. Brilliant in The Green Book. Hope he wins the Oscar too.

  • Cheryl Morris
    Cheryl Morris 13 days ago +12

    Class act on and off the screen! So many great performances from this man.

  • Charlesbeefytrey Wilson
    Charlesbeefytrey Wilson 13 days ago +5

    Love this actor and this movie

  • Timeless Teasers
    Timeless Teasers 13 days ago +13

    Green Book was a great movie, I hope this win will bring more eyes go see it 👀

  • geby dasia
    geby dasia 13 days ago +5

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  • dj williams
    dj williams 13 days ago +22

    “If I’m not black enough and I’m not white enough. Then what the hell am I” Phenomenal movie and phenomenal acting. So happy for him.