Foreign Language Challenge


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  • Lauren
    Lauren 34 minutes ago

    It's so cute when they got hurt and put there hands on each other's backs

  • Elizabeth Ann Anderson

    Grays hair looks o nice in to this video

  • Hanna Bengtsson
    Hanna Bengtsson 2 hours ago

    Omg fantatiker is not fans on Swedish haha...

  • Emma_ WolfxPlay
    Emma_ WolfxPlay 5 hours ago

    Its so weird to hear people that not knows to speak a different language // {I'm Dutch}

  • Karin Andersson
    Karin Andersson 7 hours ago

    Emm... the swedish was wrong!!! It should have been "vi älskar våra fans" if it was translated into we love our fans

  • kings of prince
    kings of prince 22 hours ago

    German was so good

  • It's me Jessica O Keeffe

    I'm irish...

  • Lauren
    Lauren Day ago

    "There I am and I can't even spoke English"😂

  • Caitlin Hemmers
    Caitlin Hemmers Day ago

    HAHAH Ethan the dutch word i cried laughing you pronounce it like goode sfer i think :)

  • Madiha Fatimah Khan

    Ethan : "I think you broke my nose AGAIN" 10:05
    and I died laughing again😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Konrad Zeuthen
    Konrad Zeuthen Day ago

    The best thing to do in the entire world is (in my opinion) to visit Sweden. I’m from Denmark and the highest point here is about 170 meters😂. Sweden is sooo “hyggeligt” (can’t explain that word).

    Go to Sweden. In the forest with all the lakes.

  • Kesley Louise
    Kesley Louise Day ago

    7:01 okay Grayson 😂

  • Origami for Kids

    You did ok in Spanish

  • Erika Garcia
    Erika Garcia Day ago

    I speak Spanish hicieron un buen trabajo translation (You guys did a very good job).

  • Allison L
    Allison L Day ago +1

    Lmao bombo means plate and hype means emocionado or eperativo I’m freaking dead 💀

  • shea malloy
    shea malloy 2 days ago +2

    00:1 Me when my crush says "Hi, whats your name.?" 😂😂😂

  • Thao
    Thao 2 days ago

    I speak german :)

  • I love Youtube
    I love Youtube 2 days ago

    Wait they put arabic also cuz ethan said arabic yayyyyy

  • Skaistės vlogai
    Skaistės vlogai 2 days ago

    Guys can you go or speak in lithuanian plz❤️❤️😍😍😍😏

  • Agnes Kjellander
    Agnes Kjellander 2 days ago +2

    I’m from Sweden and trust me when I say that we never ever say “fanatiker”. We always use the word fan/fans. I don’t even think 90% of the population in Sweden has heard the word fanatiker.

  • Hams Saeed
    Hams Saeed 2 days ago

    There’s huuuuuuge difference between arabic and Turkish , Ethan just said Arabic so my language is in the video 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Andrea Oker-Blom
    Andrea Oker-Blom 2 days ago

    I can speak Swedish and you never say vi älskar våra fanatiker

  • Vanessa Garcia
    Vanessa Garcia 2 days ago

    I speak Espanol ( Spanish)

  • Raquel Urbina
    Raquel Urbina 2 days ago

    I have and fandom name but it's probably bad but it is "Dolan army"

  • Zahra shirinia
    Zahra shirinia 2 days ago +2

    7:53 aw my baby 😪😭

  • Brianna Eastman
    Brianna Eastman 2 days ago

    At 7:58 Gray sounded like a baby crying

  • Eva
    Eva 2 days ago

    I know Turkish and English, and just hearing him pronounce it sooo wrong was so funny XD (TEK-NEEK ZOR-LUHK-LAR Grayson, not TEK-NEEK ZOR-LUG-KLAR)

  • Ultra
    Ultra 3 days ago +2

    I speak French but I only knew he was speaking in French when I read the sub title lmao

  • Erin Evans
    Erin Evans 3 days ago

    Omg you guys are the most funniest people ever
    Ethan:I think u broke my nose again

  • Cherry MSP
    Cherry MSP 3 days ago

    I speak polish (born in the language) fluent English ( moved to the country) Spanish (taught) not fluent tho and like 8 words from Chinese and French 😂😂😂

  • Ophélie Lavallée
    Ophélie Lavallée 3 days ago +1

    I speak french canadian so: je vous aime beaucoup beaucoup (means I love you a lot)

  • Vasilia Polizois
    Vasilia Polizois 3 days ago

    The last one sounds like the language they speak in sims

  • tazzzbu50
    tazzzbu50 4 days ago

    I speak Airabic 🇸🇦

  • Johanna Grandin
    Johanna Grandin 4 days ago

    The thing that you actually pronounced the Swedish sentence correct surprise me!!

  • Grace H
    Grace H 4 days ago

    I got Turkish, French, Dutch, German and Swedish

  • me
    me 5 days ago

    Eisverkäufer ahhh I can't 😂😂 I speak German fluently... um yeah... just wanted to say that

  • Amber Kate Foley
    Amber Kate Foley 5 days ago

    Ya I a. Irish ☘️ it still can’t speak it got a great laugh 😂

  • Amber Visser
    Amber Visser 5 days ago

    I speak dutch 😂😂

  • Agathe Olsen
    Agathe Olsen 5 days ago +2

    I speak French... that was so bad HAHAHAHHA

  • Ines Ferreira
    Ines Ferreira 5 days ago

    yasss portuguese

  • c r y i n g e v e r y d a y. d e p r e s s e d


  • Addison Whitecotten
    Addison Whitecotten 5 days ago

    *I can barely spoke English*

  • Ryan Thomas
    Ryan Thomas 5 days ago

    7:22 "I need a tissue, NO!" *whips out banana*

  • FaZz BO3
    FaZz BO3 5 days ago


  • Mila Torchetti
    Mila Torchetti 6 days ago


  • Emma Jara
    Emma Jara 6 days ago +2

    The way Ethan said daddy 😂😂😂

  • Florine Govaert
    Florine Govaert 6 days ago

    Good job

  • Chris Harris
    Chris Harris 6 days ago


  • Vxnessa Merrxll
    Vxnessa Merrxll 6 days ago


  • Vxnessa Merrxll
    Vxnessa Merrxll 6 days ago

    *Pististu~Ethan Dolan 2019* 😂

  • Vxnessa Merrxll
    Vxnessa Merrxll 6 days ago

    That whole part made me peeeeee my panntss yo!!😂😂😂 ily guyyzz💕💕💕

  • Monique Smith
    Monique Smith 6 days ago

    Well the English was a little off but the rest were superb

  • Selda Oktar
    Selda Oktar 6 days ago

    grayson actually sounded turkish and im turkish so i was like is he secretly turkish? lol

  • Venom Carnage
    Venom Carnage 6 days ago

    Yes it is turkish🇹🇷
    It is in the vid

  • Atiyanna Rosales
    Atiyanna Rosales 6 days ago

    Spanish and Si you did good

  • Sylvie Wilcox
    Sylvie Wilcox 6 days ago

    "I can hardly spoke English."

  • Jibby Joe
    Jibby Joe 7 days ago


  • Tomi
    Tomi 7 days ago

    Try to speak CROATIAN

  • Rishana Toewar
    Rishana Toewar 7 days ago


  • Jean Wade
    Jean Wade 8 days ago

    I speak fluent English,Arabic,Spanish,and Urdo😂 right know I’m studying Korean. I wanna learn a lot of languages. But I had to learn Arabic religiously

  • Madeline Lacombe
    Madeline Lacombe 8 days ago

    I can speak a lot of languages, but my main one other than English is French..........oof

  • Natasha Hejhej
    Natasha Hejhej 8 days ago

    In Swedish we love our fans is vi älskar våra fans not the thing Grayson said

  • Eve Owens | LLN
    Eve Owens | LLN 8 days ago

    9:07 Goede sfeer Hahaha

  • Laylk h
    Laylk h 8 days ago

    I speak Spanish And English

  • Palmy LAW
    Palmy LAW 8 days ago

    Hi I need 2 subs to 60 could u please sub I would be so happy!

  • Next of Kympulse
    Next of Kympulse 8 days ago

    Good thing the phrase was also shown in the video otherwise i would not have gotten "Goede Sfeer" out of that pronouniation 😂 But you already had a false start getting a word that starts with "G" because the pronounciation of that is NOT the same as in English 😂

  • Jocelyn Kolb
    Jocelyn Kolb 8 days ago

    7:56 Ethan’s concern for Grayson. Aw they are the literal best and sweetest bond ever existed

  • Jocelyn Kolb
    Jocelyn Kolb 8 days ago

    4:37 Grayson’s
    concern for Ethan was adorable ♥️

  • Saniaya Fusilier
    Saniaya Fusilier 8 days ago

    I have 8:24 on replay

  • Oscar Roguez
    Oscar Roguez 9 days ago +1

    February, 2019????

  • Superstar Potter
    Superstar Potter 9 days ago


  • Emelie Windahl
    Emelie Windahl 9 days ago

    Lika om du kommer från Sverige🇸🇪🇸🇪

  • Marisa Mihele
    Marisa Mihele 9 days ago


  • Julie Hoefsloot
    Julie Hoefsloot 9 days ago

    I speak English and Eathan I suck at it

  • Ava Davis
    Ava Davis 9 days ago

    Who here in 2019

  • Catarina Pastore
    Catarina Pastore 9 days ago

    8:38 imgg hahah thats so cuteee im brasilian so i speak portoguese lol he said it wrong tho

  • Sofia Tareco
    Sofia Tareco 9 days ago

    Im Portuguese

  • Sophie Devlin
    Sophie Devlin 10 days ago

    I’m from Ireland and we don’t speak irish and Ireland is not a foreign country 😂❤️x

  • Sophie ,Katie & Saoirse

    Im irish

  • Erzsébet Hibály
    Erzsébet Hibály 10 days ago

    try this with Hungarian.

  • imactuallydefne
    imactuallydefne 10 days ago +1

    9:14 9:20 GRAYSON you literally said that perfectly i can teach you Turkish if you want tho its a bit hard but not that hard

  • imactuallydefne
    imactuallydefne 10 days ago +1

    9:14 fell in love lxlsldşsşxşsüxşsşz that's my language everyone and he said it peRFECTLY aüağğağağağ grayyyyyyy

    • Lorin Sekersöz
      Lorin Sekersöz 8 days ago +1

      imactuallydefne i’m not Turkish but it sounded perfect omg (my dad can talk Turkish)

  • Ibrahim Hussein
    Ibrahim Hussein 10 days ago

    8:02 Grays hair looks like a peacock 😂😂

  • pizza lifeee
    pizza lifeee 10 days ago


  • madison harris
    madison harris 10 days ago

    "Swedish pie gone wrong" haha IM DED

  • Why don't we BESSON
    Why don't we BESSON 10 days ago

    *rip headphone users* 💥😵😨🤕💃

  • Olivia Burgess
    Olivia Burgess 10 days ago

    5:35 that laugh tho 😂😂

  • Lkay Editz
    Lkay Editz 10 days ago

    They torture themselves everyday and Grayson is like ow when he banged his head

  • Paris Lover
    Paris Lover 10 days ago

    Je suis parle francais!(I speak french!) :P

  • Trine Weber
    Trine Weber 11 days ago

    Why wasnt danish there??😭

  • Gabriela T
    Gabriela T 11 days ago

    Im half turkish and he sounds Soo good talking in Turkish 😂❤️

  • Isobel O Sullivan
    Isobel O Sullivan 11 days ago

    you did not done good job on the Irish it's just pronounced the same lol (is brea liom an dolan twins ~ i love the dolan twins)

  • Unicorn sis Tea
    Unicorn sis Tea 11 days ago

    I’m from Ireland! And Irish is *very* herd to get

  • COBI :v
    COBI :v 11 days ago

    I'm spanish :3

  • sinem berber
    sinem berber 11 days ago


  • Sophi Pozos
    Sophi Pozos 11 days ago

    me a native spanish speaker: hmmm i guess bombo is french or something.... que verga hahahaha

  • Cookies 123
    Cookies 123 11 days ago

    7:21 UHH E WHATS S TISSUE!??!!!!!?????? ITS A TISH

  • Canan Su Algan
    Canan Su Algan 12 days ago

    Yoo im Turkish 😂teknik zorlukar 🤣

  • Grigoriy Bokhantsev
    Grigoriy Bokhantsev 12 days ago

    На русском прочел понятно. Так что ОК

  • lindsey
    lindsey 12 days ago

    my language is english