Foreign Language Challenge


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  • Liam Kilbane
    Liam Kilbane 4 hours ago

    Irish was my language

  • lwurd
    lwurd 5 hours ago

    Я хочу пиццу

  • Samapriya D
    Samapriya D 6 hours ago

    A little disappointed that all the languages are European... would've been even more funny watching them try to pronounce more 'foreign' languages.

  • elissa nakad
    elissa nakad 8 hours ago

    8:07 me in school

  • Yarav 153
    Yarav 153 15 hours ago

    I guess pizza on russian is too hard for you guys, is sounds exactly the same

  • nikki bhati
    nikki bhati 17 hours ago

    Part 2 please!!!

  • Hala Bukhamsin
    Hala Bukhamsin 20 hours ago +1

    Ethan seriously I can’t speak Turkish and I knew that was it and u say Arabic I speak Arabic fluently that is definitely not it btw not hating love u guys from the moon and back❤️😍

  • Zoe Lee
    Zoe Lee 23 hours ago

    Ooooof they look hot😍😍

  • Lorali Bequette
    Lorali Bequette Day ago

    can ethan go back to being emo kinda loved it honestly

  • Ms. Cotton Candy Plays

    I speak English😊

  • Hiranur Uysal
    Hiranur Uysal Day ago

    im turkish and grayson read “teknik zorluklar” very wellSKSMSNHSKSJ

  • Shandre Arries
    Shandre Arries Day ago

    I bet u can't speak Afrikaans😂

  • Hayleigh Macarthur

    Um I guess my language was technically in this video. You always speak English so yeah I guess it sorta was

  • Ruby Gwynne
    Ruby Gwynne Day ago

    I love how ether was comforting Grayson even the he didn’t kniw what happened 7:53

  • Bhavika Malhotra
    Bhavika Malhotra Day ago +1

    4:32 gray's facceee!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂🔪🔪🔪

  • Ocean Girl
    Ocean Girl Day ago


  • Aember Catlin
    Aember Catlin Day ago

    They say foreign in an interesting way.

  • MJ Perry
    MJ Perry 2 days ago

    I speak americanesse

  • Evelin Corona
    Evelin Corona 2 days ago


  • Evelin Corona
    Evelin Corona 2 days ago

    I can eat haberos there not that spicy as takis

  • Lainey Kimbrell
    Lainey Kimbrell 2 days ago

    This is by far my favorite video of urs😂😂😂

  • Madison Lively
    Madison Lively 2 days ago

    I spoke English.

  • Charmaine Clarke
    Charmaine Clarke 2 days ago

    You should try to speak Afrikaans

  • Suga_ Slice
    Suga_ Slice 2 days ago

    I knew every singe one but someof them I didn’t even know someof them

  • Guinea Pig Oinking
    Guinea Pig Oinking 3 days ago

    What was their intro in their first vid if they always say we’re back?

  • Nakayla Garrison
    Nakayla Garrison 3 days ago +1

    Do a try not to laugh challenge pleeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzz
    Like if you think the should to

  • methri _ diae
    methri _ diae 3 days ago

    are there any languages other than european ones

  • Alena Perediriy
    Alena Perediriy 3 days ago +3

    it's pronounced "ja khachu pizzu"😂😂😂😂 I didn't even know it was Russian until u said what it was... and I'm Russian😂😂😂😂

    • Mars S
      Mars S 2 days ago

      Same!! 😂

  • Bitchass_666
    Bitchass_666 3 days ago

    im from sweden and that sentence was NOT correct. its more like "vi älskar våra fans" But you did a pretty good job acctually ahah. I know im late but fuck it

  • Charlie Ankers
    Charlie Ankers 3 days ago +1

    Ethan actually said daddy right in Irish just it’s actually spelt dadaí but ye he pretty much said it right

  • Leo Arvidsson
    Leo Arvidsson 3 days ago

    vara = våra fanatiker = geek. Not fans

  • Jessica Harwood
    Jessica Harwood 3 days ago

    I speak fluent in Italian aswell as English

  • Aymen Boy
    Aymen Boy 3 days ago

    And German and English and french

  • Aymen Boy
    Aymen Boy 3 days ago


  • kaylen and Jeremy Herrera araniva

    I am half Spanish and half latina and it's really funny when English people try to speak Spanish but when you guys did it I will rate it a 8/10

  • Ebba Johansson
    Ebba Johansson 4 days ago

    The swedish frase is not correct. What you have there says, directly translated; "We love to freak/fanatic" hahaha. If you want "We love our fans in swedish, the correct sentence is; "Vi älskar våra fans/beundrare"

  • Maja Larsson
    Maja Larsson 4 days ago

    Can u visit sweden sometime, or like try swedish candy? ❤️❤️

  • Linnea O
    Linnea O 4 days ago

    As a swede, that was so grammatically incorrect that I assume you used google translate or something like that 😂😂 the correct way to say we love our fans is “Vi älskar våra fans” lol, but I really liked the video

  • Mélissa Carrier
    Mélissa Carrier 5 days ago

    5:55 I mean, I’ll gladly teach you French 😂 I love tutoring people

  • Macy Tollefson
    Macy Tollefson 5 days ago

    I speak French but not fluently, ilysm more than you could ever imagine

  • Infinite dolan reaction Time

    9:32 Grayson had me dying

  • Gabriela Arias
    Gabriela Arias 5 days ago

    7:53 i felt soo bad aww

  • Gabriela Arias
    Gabriela Arias 5 days ago

    4:36 gray was so concerned omg

  • Molly Campbell
    Molly Campbell 5 days ago

    I speak French and I think you did “fantastique” that’s French for amazing 😉❤️😂

  • gaming with jessie
    gaming with jessie 5 days ago

    I'm turkish and german and grayson said the turkish word almost right and the german word was ok!😂💗💗💗

  • Heloisa Carmo
    Heloisa Carmo 6 days ago

    Portuguese is my lenguage and i dint recognized hahahahah

  • Nefise Akkaya
    Nefise Akkaya 6 days ago

    Teknik zorluklar ❤❤ and actually you did pretty good too

  • H
    H 6 days ago

    i'm learning norwegian so i was THRILLED that i got the swedish straight away

  • Shishtar Shook
    Shishtar Shook 6 days ago

    Daidí is Irish lmao I already know is pronounced daddy lol
    (I’m irish)

  • slime town
    slime town 6 days ago

    Y'all did awful no a fence!!😎😎

  • slime town
    slime town 6 days ago

    I speak French I'm half
    French half American I have 2 passports!!

  • rhys oneill
    rhys oneill 6 days ago

    Im irish daidi

  • Alissa Edwards
    Alissa Edwards 6 days ago

    If you want to learn language download the app Innovative

  • Dîämøñd Çrêèpš

    yes it was goog it was in most of the vid -english

  • Anonymous Human
    Anonymous Human 6 days ago

    4:29 aww look at the change in Grayson’s face. It’s nice that he’s worried about Ethan

  • Maria Michalsky
    Maria Michalsky 7 days ago

    I love how they think every word is German 😂

  • Migle Dreamer
    Migle Dreamer 7 days ago +1

    I watched this video hoping they would try speak my language Lithuanian I think it would have been funny

  • SammLetsPlay87x
    SammLetsPlay87x 7 days ago

    The way he says Eisverkaüfer is so funny 😂 IK what it means this is how u say it: 'Eyes fir koy fa' XD

  • Tamiko Guloul
    Tamiko Guloul 7 days ago

    Omg im from sweeeee

  • Greciano Rigters
    Greciano Rigters 7 days ago

    haahha im dutch you said it wrong haha

  • Sharu K
    Sharu K 7 days ago

    yourgerman was horrible but kinda cute

  • Tara Flynn
    Tara Flynn 7 days ago

    It should be Irish/Gaeilge because Gaelic is an Irish sport ❤️

    ROLEX CADET 8 days ago

    I'm french is so funny how you say monter un mardi

  • Bakil Almaklani
    Bakil Almaklani 8 days ago

    My laugh is Arabic

  • Anna Suttle
    Anna Suttle 8 days ago

    Emm has he first one wasn’t Irish

  • Macie Rolf
    Macie Rolf 8 days ago

    I love habenaro peppers

  • Skully May
    Skully May 8 days ago

    I speak English and still offended;P

  • Eliaaa \m/
    Eliaaa \m/ 8 days ago

    from italy right here .. i confirm .. capelli viola means purple hairs ..
    COOL :D

  • Kavita Gangadeen
    Kavita Gangadeen 8 days ago

    I speak fluent French

  • Verena Mi
    Verena Mi 8 days ago

    The second try was the closest 😂 always funny hearing americans talk german

  • Bernadette Tonge
    Bernadette Tonge 8 days ago

    I speak Irish coz I'm from Ireland

  • Carolyn Regina Green

    stop do that rael mad me carolyn regina green my first love s dolan bother s😎🔥😍🔥😎

  • Cole Kershaw
    Cole Kershaw 8 days ago

    Graysons face when he thought he genuinley broke ethans nose

  • robloxlife
    robloxlife 8 days ago

    It's SWEETISH pie...;) (swedish)

  • Robin ette
    Robin ette 8 days ago

    Swedish pie gone wrong 😂😂

  • Alari Aho
    Alari Aho 9 days ago

    my second language is in this video

  • Officialloutom
    Officialloutom 9 days ago

    I'm German and well.. the first attempt of trying to pronounce Eisverkäufer right was probably the closest and then it just got worse Grayson xD
    And it's sooo funny, how many words sound German to you xD
    I do speak some languages besides German. As you can see English is one of them ^^(learning it for 10 years now). Besides that I had Latin and Ancient-Greek for 4 or 5 years and French for 2 years. I'm learning Japanese for a year by myself right now and some Greek for a month or something like that. In addition I know A LITTLE Russian, Danish, Spanish, Korean and Italian. And I guess that's it :D

  • Nikqueeta Pokotai-Rapana

    This is my favorite part 7:48 because he goes to his brother for help or because it was just painful

  • Nikqueeta Pokotai-Rapana

    I speak English and maori

  • Nikqueeta Pokotai-Rapana

    I their both so funny
    #funny twins

  • Evin Peri
    Evin Peri 9 days ago

    I speak turkish

  • Cookie Cool
    Cookie Cool 9 days ago

    Omg the one in Russian, lol 😂. I’m russian and he said it sooooo wwwrrrooonnnggg 😂 I just want to go through the screen and help him. It sounded so mad no offense :/

  • Melisa Solis
    Melisa Solis 10 days ago

    My main language is Spanish and I DID NOT know what bombo was... Lol

  • Stella Reymers
    Stella Reymers 10 days ago +2

    I’m fluent in English and sarcasm

  • Elke Martens
    Elke Martens 10 days ago

    I Am Dutch and when I heared How Ethan said it i lost it... I can’t explain How to Say it But For Sure You don’t Say it lik That X)

  • Lilli Thomas
    Lilli Thomas 10 days ago

    Guess what other language I can speak English and. And. By the way there are two languages

  • Elijah Stumbaugh
    Elijah Stumbaugh 10 days ago

    I knew that was Swedish lol

  • Lara.25 croft.25
    Lara.25 croft.25 10 days ago

    Im italian, sicilian

  • BannyH
    BannyH 10 days ago

    I’m Swedish and I thought it was Norwegian bc we only say “vi älskar våra fans” wtf is ”fanatiker” hahahah

  • Ashley Zhagui
    Ashley Zhagui 10 days ago

    At school I feel so left out but I come home and watch your videos and think by day just got 100% better

  • Ashley Zhagui
    Ashley Zhagui 10 days ago

    I speak English and Spanish and your Spanish was good for Americans

  • Melanie Tsapanos
    Melanie Tsapanos 11 days ago

    Knew almost every language because I'm Belgian but it was so bad

  • lili dallman
    lili dallman 11 days ago

    3:00 tumblr girls

  • UnicornFaart
    UnicornFaart 11 days ago

    I think most people don't even know my language exists... thats kindahh... sad

  • Demi Leigh
    Demi Leigh 11 days ago

    A spaghetti like from me 🥰😂

  • Agnes Alfredsson
    Agnes Alfredsson 11 days ago

    i love the grammar in the Swedish sentence hahah,
    it didn't make sense at all lol

  • skaiva memyte
    skaiva memyte 11 days ago +1

    Can u see my feet in the shot I really hope not I don’t want to do that to them aww e

  • Alex Benefield
    Alex Benefield 11 days ago

    German| LOL 😆 no

  • Ella G.
    Ella G. 11 days ago


  • Sasha Leonard
    Sasha Leonard 11 days ago

    Graysons face after he laughs 4:26
    I love how he feels bad for Eathan