Welcome to Hell - SNL

  • Published on Dec 3, 2017
  • Women (Saoirse Ronan, Cecily Strong, Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Leslie Jones, Melissa Villaseñor) address the ongoing sexual harassment allegations.
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  • Ema Grapkic
    Ema Grapkic 10 hours ago

    Two accters from ghost basters

  • debo
    debo 14 hours ago

    I remember the creepy women from when I was a young teen. Discuss?

  • bryanna graham
    bryanna graham Day ago

    this is actually a banger

  • lazy vampire gf
    lazy vampire gf Day ago

    all these "big, powerful" men harass and abuse men too.. women aren't the only people that get abused

  • Ross
    Ross Day ago +1

    “Nothing good happens in a van” you wouldn’t know as like no woman has ever owned a van and is literally a method of transportation for working class men to run a service business on the go... nothing amazing happens in them but certainly nothing bad

  • Jpay
    Jpay 2 days ago

    i was clicking on this too jack off then i saw EWWW aidy bryant.... then about a minute and a half in i was like fuck it... then boom Leslie ruins the mood. fuck man can someone edit this and cut them out.... also guys start respecting women wtf is wrong with you all.

  • Taylor564's channel
    Taylor564's channel 2 days ago

    *Aw MaN*

  • faggot
    faggot 2 days ago


  • bandotaku
    bandotaku 2 days ago


  • Kelsey Elizabeth
    Kelsey Elizabeth 2 days ago

    Actually it’s not 1 million times worse, statistically speaking Native Americans and white people get raped and sexually assaulted way more than black girls.

  • Sarah Garner
    Sarah Garner 2 days ago

    This is lame-o. My life in America is NOT hell. Women are perfectly able and capable of achieving everything a man does --it's the law. Let's ask Saudi women how they are treated under their religious regigmes; let's ask gays or trans people in war-torn Africa if they feel autonomous and free. I really could go on and on. Have some perspective, people. The mere fact that this sketch is able to exist is proof of our freedom. I bet the North Korean's are jealous too.

    • Nancy Dee
      Nancy Dee 2 days ago

      Odd the person with a shitty perspective is telling people to get some perspective. Good for you your life feels cushy. Its a very privileged white feeling you are enjoying.

  • Gabriel Clark
    Gabriel Clark 3 days ago

    Welcome to Guy Hell, where everything is pink and sparkly and everyone talks in a voice that makes you consider if ripping out your ears is a better alternative... Not that gender equality is bad. It's good, so please don't burn me on a stake.

  • The Man With No Name

    I agree with the message that men shouldn't do this kind of stuff in a public place without consent, but the delivery is honestly terrible. The way it patronizingly assumes that every man in the world didn't realize that this sort of stuff happens and that women are so "woke" pretty much looks over the 90% of the male population that thinks it's not ok. You're not going to make someone agree with you if you tell that they're wrong and use ad hominems instead of fact or reason to back up your claim. (And on an ​offtopic note, the song isn't that great either so it probably isn't going to help either.)

  • Fitzgerald
    Fitzgerald 4 days ago

    This is excellent and important and heartbreaking.

  • lacey b
    lacey b 4 days ago

    honestly a bop

  • The Frozen Knight
    The Frozen Knight 4 days ago

    There is so many things wrong with this. The message of the video is respectable but men have it bad to.

  • green milk
    green milk 4 days ago


  • Unicorn 9205
    Unicorn 9205 5 days ago

    Okay but why is this actually a good song

  • Avery Brown
    Avery Brown 5 days ago

    None of the male cast members wanted to be involved in this shamefest. I wonder why.

  • Evan Minton
    Evan Minton 6 days ago

    Aww this is so sad but the truth hopefully this shithole of a word can change

  • Tony Marshall
    Tony Marshall 6 days ago

    I actually love the chorus of this song

  • Marisa Newland
    Marisa Newland 6 days ago +1

    Love Saoirse. I need “Well dang double daddy we definitely did” on a T-shirt or something. 😂

  • Janelle tae_wife
    Janelle tae_wife 6 days ago

    Not even going to to lie 2:54 the back round singing was really good

  • Hope Fritton
    Hope Fritton 7 days ago

    This isn't even a feminist issue. I would hope most people would agree that rape is bad.

    • Matt Smith
      Matt Smith 6 days ago

      Hope Fritton I think rapists should be put to death as well as women who make false rape allegations.

  • Ghost Panther
    Ghost Panther 7 days ago

    I like hell 😍

  • carti
    carti 7 days ago +1

    As soon as they talked that was hell

  • Anthony Ditizio
    Anthony Ditizio 7 days ago


  • saprissa9
    saprissa9 7 days ago

    I dont understand this skit at all. Wow I'm dumb.

  • Danny Smith
    Danny Smith 7 days ago


  • 333 333
    333 333 7 days ago

    But, like, damn, this is accurate

  • Mg85 G
    Mg85 G 7 days ago

    God Leslie jones sucks

  • Instrumentality1000
    Instrumentality1000 8 days ago +5

    This is so accurate about a woman's situation with dealing with this sort of bullshit. If there are men who complain about the subject then they really aren't getting what sort of shit we deal with.
    And sadly that's a lot. These guys hate being called out for their actions so they try and deflect any sense of personal responsibility for their crappy behavior.... It's a damn shame.

  • SpaceCookie85
    SpaceCookie85 8 days ago

    I’m looking at you, Jon Kricfalusi.

  • Eliza Jiataz
    Eliza Jiataz 8 days ago +1

    I actually like this

  • meredyth with a y
    meredyth with a y 8 days ago

    I got pink mace for Christmas 2 years ago. I was 14.

  • Cynical Space
    Cynical Space 8 days ago

    We can’t even eat bananas in public

  • Not Caz’s Mom
    Not Caz’s Mom 8 days ago +1

    What about a band of choir singers that go to hospitals to sheer up patients and they play candy crush a lot in their free time and they had to get a van to fit them all.

  • RickGrimes izMyDad
    RickGrimes izMyDad 9 days ago

    And parking is ruined for you ladies because 90% of you drive like fucking morons

    • Daisy no
      Daisy no 8 days ago

      RickGrimes izMyDad someone hurt you?

  • RickGrimes izMyDad
    RickGrimes izMyDad 9 days ago

    Rich white female actors are singing a song about how horrible things are for them. I love this country.

    SELAHPAUSE 9 days ago

    Aidy bryant my favorite women cast member

  • Rey_Bread T
    Rey_Bread T 9 days ago

    *nothings good ever happens is a van*

  • J C
    J C 9 days ago

    Melissa at the end has such an amazing voice. She’s a great singer

  • Corative XD
    Corative XD 10 days ago +3

    There should be a song called humanity sucks.
    I could relate to it more than Beyonce

  • Summer Raine
    Summer Raine 10 days ago

    I got kpop vibes honest

  • europeanresale
    europeanresale 10 days ago +1

    "Dang, is this the world now???" Omg I'm dying!!!

  • The Camo Bush Baby
    The Camo Bush Baby 10 days ago


  • Stephen Mason
    Stephen Mason 10 days ago +1

    To men: " I know that we never care about your problems and pretend that most of them don't even exist, but you should totally care about every single problem we may ever have, even if we don't have them " - women

    • Stephen Mason
      Stephen Mason Day ago

      Dee Ari, you saying you are 'hoping that women get sexually assaulted' in the comments on a video that is trying to bring awareness to, and fight against, sexually assaulting women... is an EVEN worse level of ineptitude than before. You are like an Olympic level idiot of wokeness aren't you? You do realize that you just wished for MORE sexual assaults against women, don't you? You are like the first Pro-Rape woman I've ever heard of. Um, congrats I guess?

    • Stephen Mason
      Stephen Mason Day ago

      I stopped reading after you said statistics show that sexual assaults against women were higher. This is not true. Sexual assaults against men are higher, but this just goes back to my original point. The fact that you don't even know this, or are willing to deny it, is very telling in itself. And I would further add that I am virtually certain that you don't even care WHY sexual assaults against men are higher: the prison system. The same prison system where VASTLY more men are incarcerated, where men are more likely to be charged, more likely to be convicted, more likely to be sentenced to longer prison terms, and more likely to have their sentences extended and less likely to receive probation than women. But once again, these are going to be very inconvenient facts that I am sure you won't care about. P.s. - I only mentioned that men were more logical than women because YOU WERE THE ONE THAT BROUGHT IT UP in your response comment to me alleging that men can't be logical because of their egos, which is laughably absurd. The ability to use logic has nothing to do with the ego, in fact the ego IS the driver of the rational part of our brain...once again displaying another subject you have absolutely NO understanding of yet still, for some unknown reason, insist upon lecturing about with total false certainty. So I didn't deviate from any topic or display cognitive dissonance (which you also clearly don't understand the meaning of that term as you entirely misused it), you did. You can go back and read the comments yourself, as can anyone else, although your grammar is terrible, and your spelling is almost as bad. Seriously, who was your English teacher? That school system deserves a full refund. You have sentences that aren't sentences, capricious punctuation errors, comma splices for days, and others that are notably absent. If I were you, I would stick to what you know... which may be severely limited judging from what you've shown so far. But, by all means, keep on believing in and blaming that patriarchy for all your shortcomings. It sure is a handy excuse for not making it successful yourself. Also, one last p.s. (just because you really do seem like such an asshole) my mother died 13 years ago from a brain tumor so it's going to be pretty difficult to get a response from her.

    • Dee Ari
      Dee Ari Day ago

      Here is an example of a 10 on the scale:

      Russell Williams 13 hours ago
      Failure is often seen from the male perspective as perfection's only alternative. Many of us are defensive to the point of being insensitive when it comes to this topic. We were told growing up that it was our job to protect you, that if anything happened to you, it was our fault and our shame, as if we had committed those crimes ourselves, so even if we're not responsible, we feel responsible. We were not taught how to handle feeling like a failure.
      When I replied and said finally someone admits to it, and we're making progress in this discussion he replied with 'age does that'. a.k.a wisdom. If you lack it, it's not our job to waste time to explain it. heck, even a stupid song like this dedicated to make it easy to comprehend for someone with your IQ competency doesn't work. Ain't nobody can save that brain of yours, Stephen.

    • Dee Ari
      Dee Ari Day ago

      Guys, on a scale of 1 to 10 on the how-enlightened-is-this-male metre, Stephen is the typical level 1. I would suggest women who still have the energy to explain simple concepts to these kind to engage and shine some light to his ignorant brain that has long suffered in the dark. After all, it's our job to waste time explaining something that is as obvious as the sky is blue and grass is green. However, to other females who have engaged with too many stupid males, still at the early level of enlightenment, or lack of it rather, I think you can save your time from engaging with Stephen Mason. Ain't nobody got time to waste on someone who can't see obvious things, or make any attempts to understand it. Lets just hope the women in his life gets sexually assaulted, so we can see if his first response is "I'm not bothered, i'm more bothered about the problems men have. this woman I love who was sexually assaulted should not cry out against it, because doing so means they are saying men have no problems (what the fuck? your logic though)" or if he start singing a different tune and say "now I finally understand it. it was right in front of me but I did not want to believe it because it means I am wrong".

    • Dee Ari
      Dee Ari Day ago

      Dear Smart-ass Stephen, it takes a special level of ineptitude to respond to a video highlighting sexual assault against women (you can use STATISTICS to see that it is higher than males but hell no, lets take scientific studies about 'emotional' women instead. like dude, try to stay on topic despite your level of cognitive dissonance) by making your most important take about it is that, women don't care about men's problems. Here's a concept I always use for the special kind of disabled like you, Stephen. To make it easy for you and your disability in comprehending simple concepts, we can label something as X and Y, okay? Does that help? good. Now this video is X.
      X is : women have suffered from direct and indirect patriarchy, and the amount of suffering is massive but men take this lightly unless it happens to their mother or other women they love, AND most importantly only when it's OTHER guys doing it to the women they love. women voice it out everytime but you don't want to listen. and the only time it ever get through your thick skull is when you start making sentences that start with "as a father of two beautiful girls, I finally realized *inserts overdued bullshit*". So smart women like these girls in SNL who are capable of using sarcasm to prove a point like every other SNL episode you agree with (except this one, because apparently their logic doesnt work here because it contradicts your ingrained male ego and boo hoo, I'm a victim too. Please, I want the spotlight too. I never fought for my kind, but I want to hijack the women's resistance because fuck me I'm useless in every sense of the word) have to resort to making a dumb song to make it as easy as possible for idiots like you to grasp the concept. This, is kindergarten level. In hopes of making people like you understand since you are so stupid. This is your level, Stephen. but you still fail to understand. How stupid does that make you?
      What is NOT in X is this:
      - men have no problems
      Which by the way, is the only thing you take from this video, Stephen. Now do you see why they have to resort to being dumb to make you understand? I'm surprised you need them to go dumber to get to your level. Really were you dropped onto the floor after you were born?
      On the other hand, women fighting for women rights ALSO fight for men's rights. The right to express their weakness, and not suffer from toxic masculinity that not only victimises women, but also their ownselves, as a result of needing to always be masculine even amongst men. Crying is seen as weak. And suicide rates are high because of suppression of emotions in order not to appear weak. Who fights for this? not men. Who instilled this concept? men, not women. you bully amongst yourself, the weak ones are bullied, the gay ones are bullied. YOU impose standards on women, and on your own kind. yet cries like a baby at the injustice. Us, women on the other hand has to fix the shit you put us through simply because we were born with a vagina, WHILE AT THE SAME TIME fixing YOUR stupid problem. What does this remind me of? ah right, being a mother. Why are males so useless? But of course, you don't listen to people like Emma Watson speaking about the rights of women and men alike, what you listen to is news and seeing girls not shaving armpits and marching naked and form your opinions about it. Fun fact: Read books, not watch news. Then maybe you'll meet real women who fought for rights taken from them in a world dominated by men. don't worry, keep this up long enough, women will dominate too and you can have a taste of your own medicine. Oh dang double daddy, is that what makes you so afraid?
      "even though we don't have them" - it takes a special kind of stupid to be this ignorant.
      Stephen Mason, you have a lot to read. and I pity your mother for carrying you for 9 months and raising you only to give rise to another useless piece of shit. What did your mother forget to teach you, Stephen? Please show her this comment of yours, and ask her. I am curious to know. Because this has been her damn world too.

  • Joseph Roberts
    Joseph Roberts 10 days ago

    Damn, Leslie ruined the sketch with her manly ass

  • TopKing63
    TopKing63 10 days ago

    Who is Saoirse?

  • Braden Switzer
    Braden Switzer 11 days ago


  • TwoGun Gunnar
    TwoGun Gunnar 11 days ago

    Yes because there's certainly nothing hellish about being a man.

    • TwoGun Gunnar
      TwoGun Gunnar 6 days ago

      +Matt Smith
      You're absolutely right, and to even suggest that men might have their own set of genders-specific problems that, although different than women's, are no less deserving of consideration, is to be an awful Misogynistic Patriarchal Ignorant Fascist Nazi Deception.

    • Matt Smith
      Matt Smith 6 days ago +1

      TwoGun Gunnar No, men have it perfect and only women are victims so they deserve special privileges.

  • David Wyatt
    David Wyatt 11 days ago

    “Fricken Insane” 💀

  • Teresa Hunnicutt
    Teresa Hunnicutt 11 days ago

    Welcome to HELL i killed my ex to get here

  • Justin N. Curington
    Justin N. Curington 11 days ago

    Just push the fucking liberal agenda

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith 11 days ago

    People who work at SNL are a bunch of spiritcooking pedophiles who have put videos out making light of child sex trafficking yet you idiots are stupid enough to think that they care about women's rights..Lol. Have you seen the videos showing Will Ferrell at these spirit cooking dinners? Probably not since you are all too brainwashed by the Zionist run mainstream media and entertainment industry into thinking that a sexual predator is hiding behind every blade of grass and that women are being oppressed to pay attention to the fact that countless kids are being ritually abused by these satanists.

  • savai toler
    savai toler 11 days ago

    cool lets put guys and girls on opisite sides of the world sence men are so bad

  • Bethany Tarbutton
    Bethany Tarbutton 11 days ago

    Its sad but women are conditioned to look for guys in trench coats but most sexual predators aren't strangers. Theyre people you know and trust. So yes all those things are true...but the real issue is a culture that continues to not only continue to reinforce rape culture, but notmalize stranger danger instead of teaching girls and boys to tell someone whenever someone when someone makes them uncomfortable by making comments or touching them

    • Matt Smith
      Matt Smith 11 days ago

      Bethany Tarbutton We don't have a rape culture. That is the type of paranoia that videos like this are designed to spread and it couldn't be further than the truth. Yes, rape is an ssue and it is a horrible thing though creating fear, mistrust, and hatred towards men is only going to create an opposite and equal effect in terms of strengthening the MGTOW movement which is just the male version of feminism. The new world order agenda involves driving a wedge between the sexes, breaking up the nuclear family, and depopulation therefor the Zionist elites behind it will naturally support both opposing sides the same way they support both sides of every war they start. It's called divide and conquer. False rape accusations are made however and the types of women who are most likely to make these claims are the manhating feminists who are always playing the victim card while insisting we have a rape culture.

    • Bethany Tarbutton
      Bethany Tarbutton 11 days ago

      Matt Smith Wow how insightful. Was calling me a feminist cunt supposed to persuade me or was it the strawman argument? Yes there are places that its actually dangerous for women. But that doesnt mean that America gets off scott free for having trolls such as yourself who assume that all women, especial feminists just go around accusing men of rape bc they can. My company was only to highlight that a high percentage of rapes and sexual assaults are perpetrated by someone the victim knows. (8/10 according to the national sexual violence resource center). So while i appriciate your passion, i wonder what actual issue you had with my statement. Because accusing me of false reporting rape bc im a woman is exactly the kinda thing that generates a term like rape culture

    • Matt Smith
      Matt Smith 11 days ago

      We dont have a rape culture you stupid feminist cunt. You need to be sent to Saudi Arabia where they cut women's genitals off and rape and stone women to death and then come back here and tell us how we have a rape culture. I am sure you are not aware of this but the more you feminist cunts demonize men and accuse them of being something they aren't the more likely they will be to turn into the very thing you are accusing them of being you worthless sack of shit. SNL is not about standing up for women's rights. They are about perpetuating this myth that we have a rape culture and that every man is a potential sexual predator. Keep pushing it cunt for you will only make life much more dangerous for yourself as well as other women with your cultural Marxist feminist propaganda for the reasons I have already given you. Actual rapists deserve to be put to death as well as women who falsely accuse men of rape and they are out there too. Are you one of them?

  • Joe Shmoe
    Joe Shmoe 11 days ago

    Buzzfeed Unsolved outro music lmao

  • Sean
    Sean 11 days ago

    What condescending shit

  • lizzard girl
    lizzard girl 11 days ago

    "Nothing good happens in a van"

  • Misfit 636
    Misfit 636 12 days ago

    This is so stupid An makes nonsense

  • Shelly Miscavige
    Shelly Miscavige 12 days ago

    Not funny

  • Reis lily
    Reis lily 12 days ago

    I am so happy they finally did something like this. They even included how it was so much worse for black woman.

    • Matt Smith
      Matt Smith 11 days ago

      Reis lily You don't have an issue with SNL making light of child sex trafficking however in regards to the videos they have put out concerning pizzagate. You stupid dumbfuck.

  • Ryan Merino
    Ryan Merino 12 days ago

    Saoirse Ronan is hot as balls...or is that sexist? Should I say..."she is hot as labia", is that politically correct?

  • Joshtrip1™ Gaming
    Joshtrip1™ Gaming 12 days ago

    I don't think this was funny and I don't know why. I guess it's because it addresses a problem but kind of glorifies it instead of making it lose its power. Why would you want people to think being a woman is hell and how is that healthy even as a joke to think these things? Imagine black people making a skit like this. Not to mention that some of these issues that are included apply to everyone because it happens to everyone. Anyone can be harassed. Not trying to downplay but seriously.

  • The Wall Street Journal

    The emotional thinking is to strong.

  • john doe
    john doe 12 days ago

    OMG so true! women have it so tough!!! XD girl power!

    • john doe
      john doe 11 days ago

      LMAO out of all comments made by the stupid whores here, you chose to reply to only GUY making an obvious parody of their comments. Quit taking yourself so serious dumbass.
      Also, women can drive in Saudi Arabia now.

    • Matt Smith
      Matt Smith 11 days ago

      john doe Fuck you and your victim card. Women can divorce a man, take his house, kids, and half of his savings yet you are all crying about your victim status. Get your fucking ass out of this country and go live under Sharia law in Saudi Arabia where women are not allowed to drive, leave the house without a man, and can be raped and stoned to death.

  • Brenlee Jenkins
    Brenlee Jenkins 13 days ago

    "well dang double daddy"

  • Eliza Sayers
    Eliza Sayers 13 days ago

    Saiorse looks SO good in this😍

  • Shlad with a shlid
    Shlad with a shlid 13 days ago

    Why do they have to be so fucking snarky and fucking exaggerative

  • Emma Rainbow
    Emma Rainbow 13 days ago

    The parts of the video with the other woman (the one who gets burnt), really makes this song.

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith 13 days ago

    Every feminist should be rounded up, forced into death camps, and shoved into fucking ovens as far as I am concerned. The institution of marriage has been destroyed by feminism and relations between men and women will never be the same thanks to the Zionists pushing the divide and conquer agenda to implement the jew world order.

    • Matt Smith
      Matt Smith 13 days ago

      Shlad with a shlid You don't get it. SNL is run by a bunchh of Zionist pedophiles who are doing everything they possibly can to drive a wedge between men and women to break up the nuclear family so they push their new world order depopulation agenda. People watching this video are not aware of the divide and conquer tactics they are using to destroy this country and bring in their satanic one world order run by a bunch of psychopathic bankers. SNL could care less about the rights of women.

    • Shlad with a shlid
      Shlad with a shlid 13 days ago

      Matt Smith There are many worse things than a few snarky ass holes singing a song about getting looked at funny

    • Matt Smith
      Matt Smith 13 days ago

      Shlad with a shlid Sometimes the extremes should be fought with the extremes and these feminists are the most disgusting pieces of shit I could conceive of for they are literally destroying our society.

    • Shlad with a shlid
      Shlad with a shlid 13 days ago

      bit extreme isn't hit?

  • b. Nicole
    b. Nicole 13 days ago +2

    This video and the comments below is exactly what’s wrong with feminism and why I’ll never become one.

    • Terrence Dayton
      Terrence Dayton 9 days ago

      b. Nicole wow, a refreshingly rational comment from a young woman. I see you doing great things in life👍

    • b. Nicole
      b. Nicole 13 days ago


    • Shlad with a shlid
      Shlad with a shlid 13 days ago +1

      you could say 'feminists' instead of 'feminism'

  • Paolos Equestrian
    Paolos Equestrian 13 days ago

    This is like so true 😂

  • Sophie Blanc
    Sophie Blanc 13 days ago

    Haha thanks for making laugh

  • Mary Anne
    Mary Anne 13 days ago

    This is the bad place y guys

  • Molly _
    Molly _ 13 days ago

    Honestly though. I just started at college this year, and my mom decided to send me surprise cookies. So I got a call from some guy I didn't know who knew MY name and said he had cookies for me. What did I do? Call the police, naturally.
    It's so fun being a girl ... right?

  • Anneka Vander Velde
    Anneka Vander Velde 14 days ago

    Nothing good happens in a van 😂🤣😂

  • RandomAlejandro
    RandomAlejandro 14 days ago

    Umm how am I just now seeing this 😱 this is so good in many ways 🤗

  • Hamiltrash
    Hamiltrash 14 days ago

    where's the lie tho

  • Sapri Dozier
    Sapri Dozier 14 days ago

    Can't laugh at the truth! Audience was uncomfortable...that's what it's like being a woman sometimes

  • Annie BornAgain
    Annie BornAgain 14 days ago

    Song catchy don't get me wrong, but for me if you think with a victim mindset your already starting off on a wrong foot because your not looking your strongest self you can be.
    Also I know guys get hell sometimes too especially when working in a all female work environment my mother was a forman on a computer workshop floor and she said the amount of women was warned for how they spoke and "rubbed up " on this young lad was terrible..
    Be it a woman or man being harassed /victimized or assaulted it's not right in any shape form or way.
    And even when I have been knocked down in my life i've got back up and kept going because for every one who's ever done me wrong i'm blessed to be surrounded by so many more who have my back.

  • Marian MNIM
    Marian MNIM 14 days ago

    yes i love saoirse

  • William Jordan
    William Jordan 14 days ago

    Wow, I thought North Koreans and Haitians had it bad, but I guess not so much.

  • Gio visone
    Gio visone 14 days ago +1

    Nobody wants to sexually harass that fat bitch

  • WMCR2001
    WMCR2001 14 days ago

    What's so hysterical is that this tune is actually very catchy!!!! LOL!!!

  • zeke225
    zeke225 15 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks they missed an opportunity to say "Welcome to S. N. Hell"?

  • Brian Carroll
    Brian Carroll 15 days ago +1

    Man i hate feminists

  • Mojo Kitty
    Mojo Kitty 15 days ago

    Stick to comedy

  • HuntMine234
    HuntMine234 15 days ago

    This was hot

  • owenp3
    owenp3 15 days ago

    Liberal Propaganda

  • Croaklikeatoad
    Croaklikeatoad 15 days ago

    My ass got grabbed at a fair a few years ago (I was like 14 at the time). I was so shocked, I didn’t even do anything. All I saw of the guy was his back as he walked away, I turned to the friend I was with at the time and said “I think someone just touched my butt.”

  • gillian
    gillian 16 days ago

    No matter who you are i think we should agree that all harassment is bad. Sure, it may be statistically worse for some more than others but ANYONE who claims they have been sexually assaulted she be treated with the same amount of respect. Im a girl, but i grew up with three older bros and a dad in addition to my mom. Ive been taught how to defend myself my whole life practically, because of the fact that women tend to be sexually harassed more than men. At the same time however, i dont want to live in a world where people think its okay to grope or harass any of my brothers, male friends or relatives, etc. just because "they're men" and "they can take it"

    • intellijente
      intellijente 14 days ago

      gillian You sexually harassed me and now you are doubting my claim? Wtf

    • gillian
      gillian 14 days ago

      let me guess ur messing around with me for making a serious comment on some stupid snl skit?

    • intellijente
      intellijente 14 days ago

      gillian Are you calling me a liar?!

    • gillian
      gillian 14 days ago

      what even

    • intellijente
      intellijente 14 days ago

      You just sexually harassed me! And you better believe it based on your comment.

  • screenwriterjohn
    screenwriterjohn 16 days ago

    Red pill forever! jrichardsingleton.blogspot.com

    ЛОЛ РЕАКЦИЯ 16 days ago +3

    Wow Saoirse looks like Chanel #3 here😅😂😍💄👠

  • Kawaii Rhino
    Kawaii Rhino 16 days ago

    This reminded me of California gurls by Katy perry

  • Nicole Skye
    Nicole Skye 16 days ago

    i need this BOP to drop on spotify pls and thx

  • Elle Saint
    Elle Saint 17 days ago

    Saoirse Ronan looks amazing

  • Grace Jouhal
    Grace Jouhal 17 days ago

    40% of all domestic abuse victims of male but when they go to get help all they hear is "man up". Men are much more likely to get the shit beaten out of them. Male victims of rape get little to no help. If a women forces herself on a man it's somehow seen as acceptable and so many women get away with that every year. A women can physically HARASS and SMACK her husband/boyfriend in PUBLIC and get no shit for it, but if a guy even comes off as even slightly creepy men and women alike will jump to her aid. And you're trying to tell me the world only sucks for women? Fuck off.

    • TriComStorm
      TriComStorm 16 days ago +1

      Grace Jouhal If only you understood what this skit is about...