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Welcome to Hell - SNL

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  • anajay avidovicday

    It is sad that this is accurate.

  • dexon555
    dexon555 Hour ago


  • Toxic Terror
    Toxic Terror Hour ago


  • Nestor conner
    Nestor conner 2 hours ago

    Good song i like it

  • Julia Cupcakes
    Julia Cupcakes 2 hours ago +1

    The blood looks like poppy

  • Eliza Bellamy
    Eliza Bellamy 2 hours ago

    Does anybody happen to know what's dangerous about bathrobes? I can't figure it out!

  • Rhiro Yonve
    Rhiro Yonve 3 hours ago

    Deleting comments that disagree with you? nice

  • charlie
    charlie 4 hours ago

    How to be paranoid 101

  • Aegon Targaryen
    Aegon Targaryen 5 hours ago

    I walk with my keys between my fingers lol

  • Beep Naw
    Beep Naw 7 hours ago

    Why not Helen instead

  • Automatic
    Automatic 8 hours ago

    I love K-pop.

  • its Billy bitch
    its Billy bitch 8 hours ago

    I live for this so true

  • chibuzo anojulu
    chibuzo anojulu 8 hours ago

    so guys know how uncomfortable we are around them

  • Gabriel Ian
    Gabriel Ian 9 hours ago

    Really like the music tho

  • Cwin Williamson
    Cwin Williamson 9 hours ago

    Found this entertaining as someone with ties to a lot of creative industries in particularly having a brunt of this -- people playing the "oh no who is it" and its a name everyone's warned about for years. It'd be great if you included some trans voices here -- trans men, trans women and non-binary people also deal with a lot of this and are part of the little lifeboat of people who try to warn new people in industries before it's too late.
    nice beat.

  • • kayla •
    • kayla • 10 hours ago

    i thought that blonde girl was poppy for a minute lmfao

  • Knit Together
    Knit Together 11 hours ago

    I don't hate all men I used to but I hope them men that rape get there dick slowly sliced while shoveing a knife up his ass

  • Knit Together
    Knit Together 11 hours ago

    It true thou the world is getting to
    Harsh for women

  • 1Lt Uncle Jack
    1Lt Uncle Jack 11 hours ago

    1 have u ever got free candy in a van everything is good when it comes from a van drugs guns liquor u name it 2 yes I'm a complete ass hole 3 hell dosent exist it's just a concept created by early governments to put fear into the population and incite control over the mass to increase military propaganda trade and efficiency 4 i would get it if everyman is a godamn pig but half of the people complaining are either poor self riichease and hypocritical ass hats begging. For attention or upper class whores that feel their better than half the population so complain when u have evidence that more than half of the female population is oppressed then I'll stfu

  • Kirstenships Thingsinsteadifsleeping

    THINGS ALL MEN SAY : not all men!

  • Kirstenships Thingsinsteadifsleeping

    I love this

  • Aryanna Lily Releford
    Aryanna Lily Releford 12 hours ago

    Who is the guest

  • CookiesTriedToEatMe
    CookiesTriedToEatMe 12 hours ago

    Some of you seem like you'd be REALLY fun at parties. "well woman aren't the ONLY ones getting abused!" Well is mean they're not the only sex in the world too. When someone makes a video addressing racism of one group do you go on the video JUST to comment "Hey! Its not only black/Spanish/Asian people who face racism!"

  • Halley DeVestern
    Halley DeVestern 13 hours ago

    One good thing I’ve found as I became older, heavier and less attractive is escaping this Hell. Oh, it’s real. Thank God for men who understand.

  • LiaEnglish328
    LiaEnglish328 13 hours ago

    I know that I could just download the audio, but I would BUY it if I could. SNL should sell it on iTunes and Google Play, and donate the proceeds to a worthy charity

  • Liana H
    Liana H 13 hours ago

    This is a perfect example of life with paranoia... Basically me

  • Liana H
    Liana H 13 hours ago

    I mean it's a weird phenomenon... I saw a south Park episode from like 2009 about it. South park predicts the future

  • anna neumann
    anna neumann 13 hours ago

    yup. ..

  • SanbaiSan
    SanbaiSan 14 hours ago +1

    *long long withering sigh of understanding*

  • Talyn Birchfield
    Talyn Birchfield 14 hours ago

    Well dang double daddy

  • cyphersyoongi
    cyphersyoongi 14 hours ago

    i clicked on this cuz i thought i saw poppy lmao

  • Alex Larson
    Alex Larson 14 hours ago

    Dude, I’m just going to be grateful I don’t normally deal with that. It almost never happens at my college campus. I literally had a freak out when someone looked at my butt weirdly once at Disneyland when I was sixteen! (My friend said my out of proportion reaction was hilarious!)

  • Amy Temple
    Amy Temple 15 hours ago

    To the troll Owen 090 saying that I'm not beautiful because I am a big woman doesn't hurt me little boy. It just shows that you are a bully, you are exactly what women have to deal with on a daily basis and shouldn't have to and obviously you are over compensating. Did you get your feelings hurt by a girl? Is that why you are trolling and name calling and behaving like a 6 year old boy? SMH Don't bother to respond little boy. I have blocked your childish ass so will not see any childish responses.

  • Joseph MGass
    Joseph MGass 15 hours ago +1

    Why that blond girlmgot famous for being a feminist and girls getting everyone in the government fired and most of them have fake evidence.

  • Holy heck
    Holy heck 15 hours ago +1

    I'm really confused by the way this was presented. Is it supposed to be funny
    It just seems to minimize the problem by making it a cutesy video they can make money off of

    • Emily Marcum
      Emily Marcum 8 hours ago

      It's satire. Layering of an uncomfortable, sad, or upsetting topic over a happy situation, visual, or song.

  • Petsinwinter
    Petsinwinter 15 hours ago

    Honestly, my biggest complaint is them spelling "cuckoo," "coo coo"

  • heather ennis
    heather ennis 15 hours ago


  • Shawn Hudson
    Shawn Hudson 16 hours ago

    These girls play these cards everywhere they go fam.

  • Maya Morgan
    Maya Morgan 16 hours ago

    As a woman of color, we really do have it worse! Glad they mentioned that. We are the the bottom of the spectrum...

  • Lounge Mane
    Lounge Mane 17 hours ago

    This is incredibly unfunny. I mean it tried. Let's give it that.

  • Mabel Rosé
    Mabel Rosé 17 hours ago

    The girl on the swing is rly cute
    Edit: Plz don't be homophobic to me

  • E Cartman
    E Cartman 17 hours ago

    Never been sexually harassed, but I pity those who had, must be pretty civilized humans to not punch him/her in the nuts/tits.

  • Ojisan Kukki
    Ojisan Kukki 17 hours ago

    Attention: *Dumb Bitches*
    Acting like _every_ man is attacking / harassing you is probably why it took "hundred of years" for anyone to pay attention to you.
    And in the spirit of many comments below from "women," _if you are not a _*_dumb bitch,_*_ then my comment doesn't apply to you and you should not feel upset by it._

  • Laura Spitalniak
    Laura Spitalniak 17 hours ago


  • Becca Robertson-Ryans
    Becca Robertson-Ryans 18 hours ago +1

    I don't get a single thing they are talkon about. can some one explain it to me please?

    • Emily Marcum
      Emily Marcum 8 hours ago

      They are talking about the culture where women are taught to be wary of potential predators, by taking such precautions as carrying their keys between their fingers, avoiding the things listed, etc.

  • Esther Gaming
    Esther Gaming 18 hours ago

    its good but crapy at the same time

  • sunshine child
    sunshine child 18 hours ago

    Tag yourself, I'm the ringpop that's on her finger.

  • Michelle
    Michelle 18 hours ago +1

    damn.. the truth

  • Morten Birnbaum
    Morten Birnbaum 18 hours ago

    One word, one "man..". That's all Melissa need to make me laugh!

  • Michelle
    Michelle 18 hours ago +1

    their costumes are low-key kinda beautiful

  • julie hackathorn
    julie hackathorn 19 hours ago +1

    Aaaaaand, snl can no longer have a skit without some foolish anti white bullshit, forced, awkward racial bullshit, and some ignorant apologist bullshit. Some stuff is cute (black jeopardy was cool) but is gotten worse and worse, stupider and stupider, more and more eye-rollingly offensive.

    Enough. We get it.

    • Emily Marcum
      Emily Marcum 18 hours ago

      If you're sick of hearing about it, get up and do something about it. The people who have experienced the things in this song will not stop fighting to make sure it stops happening to us and others. We could use your help, too.

  • Patient Ache
    Patient Ache 19 hours ago

    What celebrities were found out as 'habitual predators'

  • Manda Bell
    Manda Bell 19 hours ago

    This may be the best thing ever created.

  • L. B.
    L. B. 19 hours ago

    I've watched this everyday for the past three days and I don't think I can stop.

  • Kimberly show
    Kimberly show 19 hours ago

    Funny and has a good message I love SNL

  • grace w
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  • Oliver Sims
    Oliver Sims 19 hours ago

    You mean women and Men get harassed all the time.

    • Oliver Sims
      Oliver Sims 18 hours ago

      Yeah that's ture sorry I just been thinking becuse who know 2017 is like the year of Famouss Peoople being exsosed for being a rapist/Sexual assalters + Melanie Martienz but everyone can get get raped and It needs to stop are like are those people really Horrny or something becuse that's just wroung....

    • Emily Marcum
      Emily Marcum 18 hours ago

      This song is about how the culture has taught women to be wary of any potential predators, such as walking in a group, carrying your keys between your fingers, never leaving your drink alone, etc.

  • Jerry Dirasato
    Jerry Dirasato 19 hours ago

    So glad I don't have cable..

  • Jessa Schlienz
    Jessa Schlienz 19 hours ago

    I love kate McKinnons hair

  • Erin Ihrig
    Erin Ihrig 19 hours ago +1

    I would love for all the men in this comment section to just shut the fuck up please. I am a woman that has in fact been sexually harassed multiple times and I know there are plenty of men that have been sexually harassed and they just don’t come out as often as women do but we are still living in a world where women are still afraid to come out and say there were sexually harassed and this particular song is focusing on women being sexually harassed. All the men in this comment section are being ridiculous and are becoming so offensive and also defensive and butt hurt and frankly so disrespectful and appalling.

  • Beth McGuire
    Beth McGuire 19 hours ago +1

    This was actually really well put together!

  • MrAmmanas
    MrAmmanas 20 hours ago


    • Emily Marcum
      Emily Marcum 18 hours ago

      Men in 2017 - We don't want to do anything about the sexual assault issues in our culture, so we'll just complain about everyone wanting it to be changed

  • autumn crap
    autumn crap 20 hours ago

    I know this is supposed to be feminist propaganda (with a hint of intersectional propaganda) but seriously, do you ever get tired of pulling the victim card?
    The way they speak so “everyone woman knows” about it undermines the experiences of real survivors of sexual harassment, because it’s like “your personal experience should not teach that sexual violence is a problem, it’s about how only women get sexually violated!” This video makes it seem like every time a woman walks down a street alone, guys are constantly wagging their dicks at her.

    • autumn crap
      autumn crap 18 hours ago

      Emily Marcum
      1. It’s not about sexual harassment, that’s the thing. It’s about how women are constantly being screwed over and it’s so hard to be a female.
      2. I really doubt one of them has been raped, cuz, yeah, rape is uncommon. And many women probably would know about sexual harassment, but to say that nearly every woman has been raped or groped is just not true. They also act as if rapists and sexual harassers are not found and called out.
      3. Lmao...what kind of parents did you have

    • Emily Marcum
      Emily Marcum 18 hours ago

      1. How is this supposed to be feminist propaganda?
      2. Why do you doubt that they are speaking from experience? Most women have experience with sexual assault and/or sexual harassment.
      3. It's not that guys are "wagging their dicks" at us, it's that we've been brought up to live in fear and be wary of potential predators at every possible moment. This song highlights the way most women have been taught to think.

  • Ginny Cullen Greenleaf
    Ginny Cullen Greenleaf 20 hours ago

    I hate wearing purses but anytime I do, I have peperspray in it. I'm 13.

  • Flix The Usagi
    Flix The Usagi 20 hours ago

    So all men are rapists and sex offenders? oh cool, I didn't know that about myself, thanks buzzfe-I mean SNL
    I'm all for equality and women shouldn't get treated wrong just for their gender, but please stop trying to be Buzzfeed ._. Are you all going to throw used pads to the audience next?? stahp plz
    PS: I'm sorry if this comment triggered your pussy, I did not mean to sexually abuse you and rape you. I hope I can be forgiven

    • Emily Marcum
      Emily Marcum 18 hours ago

      It's not saying all men do this, it's saying most women experience this.

  • Brittny Burkett
    Brittny Burkett 20 hours ago

    No but in all seriousness I walk home every night with my keys and mace in my hand

  • Brittny Burkett
    Brittny Burkett 20 hours ago

    Is it wrong that all of this is fucking true lol nothing good ever happens ina van tho that was spot on lol

  • Cry Ox
    Cry Ox 20 hours ago

    Wait why are ponytails ruined?

    • Emily Marcum
      Emily Marcum 20 hours ago

      People can grab them and use them to drag the person

  • Joshua Price
    Joshua Price 20 hours ago

    funny thing is well not really funny 80% of citizens in the US have been raped or molested at some point in there life many repress or just ignore it and hope for the best many still take vigilantism as the solution and others still try to trust the justice system but its not just women in trouble it is literally everyone fucking scary right there are men raping men women raping women men raping women women raping men and adults raping children although ive never heard of a child raping an adult so maybe theres still hope but i fucking doubt it

  • Project Twinz
    Project Twinz 20 hours ago

    " thats why yo moma always so tierd

  • Joshua Price
    Joshua Price 20 hours ago


  • dog guy
    dog guy 20 hours ago

    Just your reminder that feminism is cancer

  • Nick P.
    Nick P. 21 hour ago

    Can someone explain me why its worse for a woman of colour cuz i don't understand 🤔

  • ShesNever TheOne
    ShesNever TheOne 21 hour ago

    Saoirse Ronan looks like POPPY

  • maddy booth
    maddy booth 21 hour ago

    This is such a bop

  • Mitchell Drake
    Mitchell Drake 21 hour ago

    I was really into SNL with all their skits about the election, but damn. They really, really are going leftward. It's almost getting annoying. Where's the doubled edged satire? Where's the simple dirty jokes that get a hilarious overcomplicated explanation in a skit? This was practically just a PSA, an important one, albeit, but not really even that funny. Maybe it's just me.

  • TheBeatlesLover813
    TheBeatlesLover813 21 hour ago

    Kate Mckinnon is so pretty!

  • NekoNeko ANIME
    NekoNeko ANIME 22 hours ago

    I thought for a few minutr that the blonde with straight pony tail was Poppy. Only reason I really clicked.

  • Randomness Vlogs
    Randomness Vlogs 22 hours ago

    Saoirse’s hair gives me liiiiife

  • Adam Robinson
    Adam Robinson 22 hours ago

    While women are saying that "life is so hard for them", it's much harder for men in life.

    • Adam Robinson
      Adam Robinson 19 hours ago

      Emily Marcum I agree life is harder for women once it comes to sexual harrassment. I hate sexual harrassment and it needs to end now. But on average, life is harder for men than women.

    • Emily Marcum
      Emily Marcum 20 hours ago

      They are pointing out one aspect in which life is harder for women.

  • Rachie And The Waves
    Rachie And The Waves 22 hours ago +15

    This song has the opening beat of Work from Home by Fifth Harmony and the chorus of Closer by The Chainsmokers

  • multi lit
    multi lit 23 hours ago

    ronan should try to be a pop star, lol..i cant stop looking at her.

  • Viktor
    Viktor 23 hours ago

  • Blair Egan
    Blair Egan 23 hours ago +4

    This song hits the nail on the head. Recently I was simply walking around the corner to my friend's apartment, a literal 20 second walk, and while I was turning the corner these two guys drove past me and started catcalling me. I ignored them and kept walking but then they stopped their car and my stomach dropped. Luckily there were other people outside of her apartment smoking and the two guys drove off but it was terrifying. I wasn't sure what was going to happen or why they stopped their car. All I wanted to do was have a fun night with friends but I was on edge the rest of the night.

  • Mike G
    Mike G 23 hours ago

    Dees girls are asking for it

  • Nat Katherine
    Nat Katherine 23 hours ago +2

    "Oh, and this ain't a girl group - we just travel in a pack for safety" LMAO

  • Taylor Knox
    Taylor Knox Day ago +1

    this is the best song ever.

  • Caitlin Martinez
    Caitlin Martinez Day ago +1

    My aesthetic

  • The King's crescendo

    When people say they are discriminated against on the basis of their gender they are victimizing themselves.

  • Abby Friedline
    Abby Friedline Day ago +1

    My favorite video on the internet 💕💕

  • PoshHyena
    PoshHyena Day ago

    This just. . . isn't funny. There's so much potential for funny, politically relevant material with all these sexual harassment cases that have come out in hollywood, and this is the best they've come up with??

  • Nekomata Shinigami

    I friggin love this song. It’s so catchy and I keep hearing it everywhere. And it is a real problem, but SNL has a way of taking a serious and threatening problem and making it into an awesome and funny thing. (Ever seen SNL fry song with Gal Gadot? Friggin hilarious. She RULES btw.)

  • Andrew Lastname
    Andrew Lastname Day ago +1

    In real Hell, this song is on constant repeat. Please stop labeling all men as rapists. Also that van thing is bullshit, good things can happen in a van if someone’s living in it down by the river!

    • Viktor
      Viktor 23 hours ago +1

      Thank you!

  • SaturatedBliss
    SaturatedBliss Day ago

    Just want to say, the Salem Witch Trials were not because of men, there were a whole bunch of girls who started accusing other people of being witches. Men had nothing to do with it.

    • SaturatedBliss
      SaturatedBliss 20 hours ago

      Oh that's actually kind of depressing. Thanks for the clarification. XD

    • Emily Marcum
      Emily Marcum 20 hours ago

      People were burned at the stake in the 1700s for reporting rape. A woman could be sentenced to death for reporting abuse from a man.

  • CH T
    CH T Day ago

    Kate’s face! Lol

  • rrcp1us
    rrcp1us Day ago

    Nothing good ever happens in a van. Yeah.

  • eleananatoliti musicmixer

    Melissa's parts are the funniest . I lost at "oh man"

  • krashmans
    krashmans Day ago

    The message has the right reason, but if the presentation of this message is giving the wrong vibes.

  • Dawn Morris
    Dawn Morris Day ago +21

    Elevators and stairwells, movie theatre parking lot, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY BTW!, hair pulled by strange men, asked by a male co-worker if I had had sex that weekend, being followed by men as you grocery shop, etc. I have learned, through experience, not to be polite to these people. Once they see you are "crazy" they leave you alone. Then they label you a bitch...Thank you. I embrace and utilize her :) Be safe!

  • Gracie
    Gracie Day ago +2

    sometimes the conservatives on the internet scare me into being more secretive abt being a feminist, but every time i see an snl skit like this i literally want to knock on all of my neighbors doors just to tell them i am a fucking feminist and they can go fuck themselves if they dont like it. also fuck you to all the sensitive men in this comment section. sorry your fragile little ego got hurt, even tho idk why a song that brings awareness to sexual assult would hurt you unless you have something to hide :-)