I Mixed ALL My Foundations With The Same Shade Name Together And GIRLLL...

  • Published on Jan 16, 2019
  • The last time we did a video like this we did side by side comparisons of foundations that all have the same shade name. On today's video we are mixing them all together and seeing what we concoct! Will we end up looking looking like a white walker? STAY TUNED!
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    Phil 4:13
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  • Hortense G.
    Hortense G. 5 hours ago

    Golden and/or Beige. Like a folder lmao and it is almost ALWAYS too damn light or red undertones.

  • ThePoleJiminHugged
    ThePoleJiminHugged 12 hours ago

    You are gorgeous tho 😍😍😍

  • And then the Infires Nation attacked my hearteu

    I love how she really just trimmed her nose hairs on camera 🤣

  • slidster3031
    slidster3031 2 days ago

    You're so beautiful Jackie even w all these crazy foundation shades. Love you! 😘

  • Veronica Bounds
    Veronica Bounds 2 days ago

    "I speak three languages. English, French, and try me." I will use this forever

  • Dark Carousel
    Dark Carousel 2 days ago


  • Kelsey Marie
    Kelsey Marie 2 days ago

    someone drag me for taking until now to finally watch one of Jackie’s videos ....like what actually took me so long? The finesse is next level tho. 💜

  • Bubble Lolli
    Bubble Lolli 2 days ago

    Don't mind me, imma just

  • Tori Collins
    Tori Collins 2 days ago

    The outfit changes!😂🤣I see what U did there. Screaming. Also, I am struggle to find foundation... Nothing from the drugstore ever.

  • janay amber
    janay amber 3 days ago

    the outfit changes... i love itttttt 😂

  • Asia Shakur
    Asia Shakur 3 days ago

    “Fresh beige”, “sand”, “sesame”, “honey”, “cafe”, and the list goes on cause I still haven’t found my correct shade 😂

  • Lea Najiha
    Lea Najiha 3 days ago

    K imagine if it's the other way around, if dark skin people that own the "high standard" and light skin is the one who always left out. I wonder if they will be inclusive or probably just gonna make like 3 shades of light skin ? I mean people are ignorance no matter what skin color they are. We are supposed to see people by their heart not what skin color they have.

  • Ana Lowe
    Ana Lowe 3 days ago

    I have been binge watching your videos for weeks! You’re so funny and I love your personality!!

  • Casey H
    Casey H 3 days ago

    I REALLY wish there were more brands with a foundation shade that works for me. I'm pale, but not paper-white, and have weird mixed undertones. Tarte has a foundation that works for me, but I don't want to support them until they grow up. Even my love Fenty doesn't have a good match for me :(

  • Freya Jagger
    Freya Jagger 3 days ago

    I'm usually "alabaster, or sand or warm honey"

  • niggette
    niggette 4 days ago

    white tears are the best drink~

  • Monica
    Monica 5 days ago

    i’m always the same damn color name: neutral beige 🙃

  • claud uwu
    claud uwu 7 days ago

    You look so beautiful

  • Lumpyness
    Lumpyness 7 days ago +1

    Bothered ??? noooo ! I stand anyone who will sing their own name !! whose going to hype you up more than yourself ?!

  • Anysa Wooten
    Anysa Wooten 7 days ago

    I'm always between hazelnut and mocha

  • MarissaaLove
    MarissaaLove 7 days ago

    My foundation literally says "natural" 🤦

  • Isobel Palk
    Isobel Palk 8 days ago

    In my opinion, the words ‘deep’ and ‘fair’ are gorgeous words for skin tone bc each one possesses beauty in a different way. I love being referred to as fair but I fucking LIVE for deep skin tones ahggg😻

  • Tragic Perfection
    Tragic Perfection 8 days ago

    Like these people be naming all their shades like mocha 54627 or mocha 54628

  • My channel
    My channel 10 days ago +1

    I love your personality 😜

  • Hope Bullard
    Hope Bullard 10 days ago

    I think you look beautiful!! I like mixing foundations. Sometimes it works perfectly.

  • Jaeun Kwon
    Jaeun Kwon 10 days ago

    "Ooh,her face says 'kill me' in thumbnail oof-"

  • Everything Carina
    Everything Carina 10 days ago

    omg i love you in this video i know this is a serious topic but just the way you are had me cracking up the whole time 😂

  • STAN NCT or be a square

    I dislike avocados too. It has no tasteee

  • This is Emily
    This is Emily 10 days ago

    I always come for the entering

  • GuardianofJiminsJams 1

    I agree about the fair shade range, and how it exudes superiority. They can't call it light because light is darker and fair is for the extra pale . In my opinion they should just call it the pale shade range or ghost that works too. I most often fall in the "fair" shade range and must admit looking at something labeled ghost shade range or pale bitch shade range would make me laugh.

  • Makeup Person13
    Makeup Person13 11 days ago

    I really don’t understand how people don’t feel welcome because as someone so if super light I absolutely love watching your videos

  • Ife Oladoja
    Ife Oladoja 11 days ago

    What is that laughing clip she keeps cutting from? It’s so funny! Someone tell me!

  • FreeShaVaCa Do
    FreeShaVaCa Do 12 days ago

    I’m not saying it’s anywhere near as offensive or difficult to find a light shade than dark as I know it’s not, but I have a friend on the very light side of the spectrum and she just doesn’t wear foundation at all because she just can’t find a shade that is not orange or yellow she can be quite self conscious and it’s quite sad that not only can brands completely miss out and disregard darker shades they just can’t get it right with very light shades either... 😒

  • Cristal Ambriz
    Cristal Ambriz 13 days ago

    I speak English, I speak French, and I speak try me 😂😂😂

  • christina lavengood
    christina lavengood 14 days ago

    Sis your makeup looks flawless im surprised how well the foundation looked

  • a shady salesman
    a shady salesman 14 days ago

    bahaha i’m stuck at porcelain lol never realized how lucky i was to have a foundation shade that’s only slightly too orange

  • Keith Koh
    Keith Koh 14 days ago

    Why people be sweating? I'm an Asian guy from thousand of miles away. I'm so intrigued by videos from Jackie's (and Nyma's) channel about inclusive shades. My yellow ass ain't gonna be able to use them mocha and deep foundation, it's just informative. Get a good grip girl.

  • Jeanna Gammelgaard
    Jeanna Gammelgaard 15 days ago

    Why have I never heard of you before?!?! I freaking love your videos now, binge watched 10 already

  • Samantha Taylor
    Samantha Taylor 15 days ago

    I'm super pale and struggle to find foundation, HOWEVER in no way do I feel this is in any way the same issue as people with deep/rich skin tones are facing. What I deal with is an inconvenience, what millions of WOC deal with is LITERAL discrimination. I'm really disheartened by very pale girls like myself using our inconvenience as a way of criticizing Jackie for calling out brands. Representation matters; to my fellow white girls: instead of insisting you struggle too, instead invest that energy into fighting for equality.

  • Madison Farruggia
    Madison Farruggia 15 days ago

    Some of Those deeps look like there for white people

  • Marissa K
    Marissa K 15 days ago

    "I'm fluent. I speak english, french, and try me." 😂😂😂😂

  • ciciad2010
    ciciad2010 15 days ago

    yesss I def agree w u about the "fair" shade range idea.. it seems like nothing but the subconscious connotations with the words are big.. for instance, "dark" = bad, evil, gross. "fair" = princess, light, heavenly, etc. I've never even thought about this woahhh

  • Anonymous A
    Anonymous A 15 days ago


  • Anonymous A
    Anonymous A 15 days ago


  • En Vogue
    En Vogue 15 days ago

    Always golden something

  • FrolicFutile
    FrolicFutile 16 days ago

    Just my opinion, but if "fair is too sweet", rich is too boss?? And deep makes me think of "deep people".. in a positive way... You made a petty statement is what I think... Idgaf, if you don't like the opinions of people, don't share your own publicly..

  • Lydia Stewart
    Lydia Stewart 17 days ago

    People who eat avocados are demonic HAHAHA

  • Amy K
    Amy K 18 days ago

    That concealer pen looks like it could match me, and my strategy for finding a foundation match is to go to the lightest shade and then look for the one with a cool undertone...

  • rmmbrly
    rmmbrly 18 days ago

    What did u do with the rest of the mix :)))
    Imma need companies to follow the html color codes for easier references. Deep, rich, medium is gonna be difficult to decipher if they center whiteness as the norm. Medium white is different for medium brown or medium black.

  • Beautybyem XOXO
    Beautybyem XOXO 20 days ago

    can you just shut the fuck up and get into the video fuck sake

    • Erin MNMS
      Erin MNMS 18 days ago

      Beautybyem XOXO can you just shut up and quit hatin 💁🏻‍♀️

  • Bello It’s Courtney
    Bello It’s Courtney 20 days ago

    always Chai

  • Riren/Ereri Is Love
    Riren/Ereri Is Love 20 days ago

    I think it's idiotic when light people say they don't feel welcome. I mean, I am very much white and I am not complaining about shit like that. I am happy for darker people that they have such a good person like Jackie supporting and helping them. She is not talking badly about light people, she is just talking about her experiences. Sure, sometimes darker people have said stuff about white people that are not nice but so have white people said bad things about black people! But not all dark people talk shit about white people and not all white people talk shit about dark people. So stop attacking Jackie with your idiocy.

  • Madison Gowen
    Madison Gowen 20 days ago

    As a white person, I truly do not understand white people sometimes. I'm only five minutes in and the fact that some of these people are upset they don't feel welcome makes me want to roll my eyes so hard they'll fall out. I came to this video to be entertained and to learn something. I personally like listening to a dark-skinned person talk about their struggles with foundation and the beauty industry so I can better educate myself on important topics like this. Dark-skinned women are constantly left out from foundation lines and many other aspects in the beauty community and yet these people are complaining they feel left out of a 20-minute video?! If they don't like it they can go somewhere else. Talking about these things are important. There was not a second where I didn't feel welcomed. I liked hearing your perspective and I like hearing how you and other peoples experience differentiate from my own. To quote you in the video: "the people on the complete opposite spectrum, the ones that usually got the most say" are the ones complaining right now when they have thousands of white beauty TVcliprs to go feel "welcome" with.

  • danielle meikle
    danielle meikle 20 days ago

    i am always warm sand 😭😭😭

  • Shaw A
    Shaw A 21 day ago

    Beige whyyyyyyyy am I always beige

  • Kerri Simonsen
    Kerri Simonsen 23 days ago +1

    Too dang funny! Had to subscribe! Love her!

  • Aaliyah Austin Joseph
    Aaliyah Austin Joseph 23 days ago

    What mascara did she use???

  • Elizabeth Wright
    Elizabeth Wright 23 days ago +1

    when you where timing your nose hair you looked like the baboon from the lion king

  • Loud Ain't Funny
    Loud Ain't Funny 25 days ago

    This look turned out so good girl!!! ❤️

  • Maria Bastos
    Maria Bastos 25 days ago

    I don't usually wear foundation because my skin is pretty even but I bought one that said light beige and it was the lightest they had and I thought, OK if it's too white for me I'll bronze it up. It's yellow...

  • Maria Bastos
    Maria Bastos 25 days ago +2

    I think it ended up matching perfectly, doesn't look like you even have foundation 👌

  • Maria Thelin
    Maria Thelin 26 days ago

    I know I've written this before, but I don't get why not just use numbers for shades lol. N for neutral, Y for yellow and P for pink or something, then the numbers after the letter.

  • Disabled Peach
    Disabled Peach 26 days ago

    Shade names are total BS. It's like the people who make foundations with names like "caramel" or "mahogany" or even "porcelain" have never looked at a pantone book. Or even, you know, some paint swatches with those names. Or, not a problem with the names but the colors, have they looked at any human face, ever...........

  • Hannah Frymire
    Hannah Frymire 27 days ago +1

    Jackie, you have opened my eyes to so many problems about racism, colorism, and equality. Of course I was aware of them, but not the depth of the problems. As a Caucasian , fifteen year old girl I feel more educated in these areas because of you. I would also like to add, I didn’t know skin bleaching was even a thing anymore but because of your video and documentary recommendation I’m more educated and infuriated by it. I appreciate you telling it how it is and bringing awareness to these problems.
    I don’t feel unwelcome here, I feel very welcome, educated, and entertained. Even though we are obviously not the same skin color I have still learned so many things not only about problems pertaining to skin color in cosmetics and the world in general, but about makeup and how to do it better. You are also hilarious and quite entertaining. I enjoy everything about this channel and I very much appreciate you. Keep doing what you’re doing❤️

  • FoxCreates
    FoxCreates 28 days ago

    For me it's porcelain and fair. I've seen some vanilla, too.

  • Riette Schonfeldt
    Riette Schonfeldt 28 days ago

    I think the strangest one I've had was light Savanna

  • Sammie McCuen
    Sammie McCuen 28 days ago +2

    I am a white women and quite honestly i love her content. I love how in depth she goes. It frustrates me that there is a ton of shades that white women can choose from but for people who are darker have like 5 shades to choose from. If people like her dont speak out about the products and the injustice , the companies will think they are doing just fine and that its fine it be "colorblind" . if you do not feel welcomed then you simply are apart of the problem. If you do no feel welcomed then just leave (:

  • Amy Lewis
    Amy Lewis Month ago

    I understand you Jackie, IT cosmetics doesn't have a shade light enough for me.

  • merksmirs
    merksmirs Month ago

    Girl my shade names are always like “ivory, porcelain, something else we used to use to make pianos or drink out of” I wish they were called what they actually are though “the whitest of whites” or “this nerdy ass person hasn’t been outside in 5 years white”

  • merksmirs
    merksmirs Month ago

    I don’t know how else to describe the way that looked on you before you added highlights other than „slightly melts milk chocolate“ like it didn’t look like a skin color, it looked straight up like chocolate

  • maggie richard
    maggie richard Month ago

    oh my goshhhhhh your skin is so glossy and beautiful. i honestly didn’t think that the mixture would work so well but SHITTTTT JACKIEEEEE yessss

  • Anna Victrix
    Anna Victrix Month ago

    I appreciate your videos because you’re fun, you’re funny, you’re honest about quality, and help me support inclusive brands. And just... even if a viewer’s skin tone isn’t the same as a guru, our skin TYPE may be! It’s worthwhile getting info from a guru with the same type of skin (oily, dry, combo, fine lines, scars, or acne, etc) so we know how these products perform. Your voice is necessary and appreciated.

  • Iriskenia Fernandez

    Jackie, I don’t know you, but you have to be careful with what you say, no one is blind we can see y’all are getting forgotten, yes something needs to be said, but differently. A simple, “brand, you need to step up your game, pur did it, and people complained!!! Wtf!

  • Floree
    Floree Month ago

    I don't understand a thing. So for example i live in Romania, where the vast majority of people fall into the light -medium - tan category. I totally understand if i find these shades in the stores, and not the deep-rich foundations, because from a company s point of view, it just is not worth to bring too many shades that just don't cater to that population there. Just like in the Avon brochures, there are like 10 foundation shades for Romania, because the population here is light - skinned. But my question here is: why in USA, or UK, or any other country where the color spectrum of their population varies fron very light to very rich, why only until recent times the companies have launched shades that truly cater to people with deep-rich skin tones??? Whyy?? Since they represent a big percentage of the population, therefore they would buy something that fits them. Why they considered products for dark - skinned people a niche? Does anyone know how to answer?

  • Paige Marchbanks
    Paige Marchbanks Month ago

    i’m it cosmetics when it comes to school 🥴

  • Courtney Moore
    Courtney Moore Month ago

    "Complete opposite side of the spectrum" I DIED!

  • Autism
    Autism Month ago

    as a white girl, i'll never understand the discrimination you face but most brands don't make things light enough for me so i kinda feel your pain lmao

  • Cameron Jones
    Cameron Jones Month ago

    No flashback test/check-back-in?

  • Victoria Barrios
    Victoria Barrios Month ago


  • Yeliz Goktas
    Yeliz Goktas Month ago +1

    Damn after the concealer and T
    HE powderrrrrr helped sm it looks so good

  • kesira smith
    kesira smith Month ago

    You did great!! I wish I knew how to.

  • Raelyn Cope
    Raelyn Cope Month ago

    ever since 1863, when dolly parton wrote the preamble😂😂😂😭😵💀

  • Sarah villar
    Sarah villar Month ago

    .......i love avocados. kinda offended.

  • Harlie Ray
    Harlie Ray Month ago

    Yo it cosmetics is legit just undercover Oompa Loompas

  • Jillian Champ
    Jillian Champ Month ago

    I'm confused as to why anyone would feel unwelcome. I'm usually ivory or porcelain

  • Cristal Patterson
    Cristal Patterson Month ago +3

    "Ever since 1863, when Dolly Parton wrote the preamble..." 😂💕

  • Zia BreNae
    Zia BreNae Month ago

    “I speak English, I speak French and I speak try me”😭💀💀💀💀

  • Kaila Van Fossan
    Kaila Van Fossan Month ago

    Even with mixing 14 shades you made it look amazing!! Literal magician!

  • Margaret Butterworth
    Margaret Butterworth Month ago +1

    you’re always some type of coffee, and i’m always some creepy victorian doll✊🏻✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

    • Anne Wilkinson
      Anne Wilkinson Month ago

      Lol I'm always Beige...just boring Beige. Guess cosmetic companies think I'm really basic. I always kind of wish they had more interesting names for pale skin with cool undertones.

  • helen miller
    helen miller Month ago

    love the no false lashes

  • Erika Hampton
    Erika Hampton Month ago +2

    You're entertaining to watch! I instantly subscribed. Thank you for representing WOC!!!

  • Drew Brantley
    Drew Brantley Month ago

    Sis said casket ready ☠️😭

  • Katia Martell
    Katia Martell Month ago

    Ugh the way she speaks ruins the whole video good bye

  • Rachael Rojas
    Rachael Rojas 2 months ago +2

    i rly love the way u be dropping knowledge

  • Casper Ann
    Casper Ann 2 months ago

    Man, IM WHITE, and I feel completely welcome. Can’t relate to y’all that feel unwelcome. The only reason you feel not welcome is because you’re part of the problem and the guilt sets in a little💁🏻‍♀️
    Move around, if you can’t be educated THEEENNNN BYE😘

  • Ariel Solomon
    Ariel Solomon 2 months ago +1

    Omg how I've missed Jackie. This video had way too many comical parts to name, but..... The outfit changes, shout our to dolly Parton, and the impersonation of Dennis, TOOK ME OUT! 😂😂😂

    and HEY to all my white sisters here cuz they love Jackie and stand with us, not all heroes wear capes 💪🏾💪🏼💪🏿💪💪🏾

  • Keera Alston
    Keera Alston 2 months ago

    Still making money Jackie👍🏿

  • Elise Davis
    Elise Davis 2 months ago +1

    my shade is "dark" or "almond" (or any other brown nut). 😂😂😂😂

  • Dear FutureMe
    Dear FutureMe 2 months ago

    You’ll thank me later

  • Cheers! 진아 이야.♥

    That is a MATCH