Reacting To Scary Animations Of TRUE Stories Of The Smiling Man (You Can't Unsee This)

  • Published on Oct 17, 2019
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  • TheBadGamer28
    TheBadGamer28 3 hours ago +1

    The scariest thing ive experience is a guy not subscribing to kubzscout

  • Arianna Molina
    Arianna Molina 5 hours ago

    My school has a thing to cover the little window in the door

  • lollipop daisy gacha kitty


  • Kaelan Gush
    Kaelan Gush Day ago

    with the smiling man one am i the only one that thought that guys was dam Michel jackson

  • Kev1nPl4yz
    Kev1nPl4yz Day ago

    at my school we dont dove the desks nor the chairs to the door. We only hide under tables or in a corner

  • Foxy Gacha Gaming

    Why are they all guys???

  • ᴀʟᴍᴏɴᴅ

    "that fAuk?"

  • gacha green Bunnies

    That's Michael Jackson's spirit you know

    DAT UNICORN Pro Day ago

    I’m from Minnesota!

  • pups_roblox :3
    pups_roblox :3 Day ago

    All this creepy stuff but ain’t nobody talking about when your Halloween candy runs out. *gOrL fOrReAl?!*

  • Lunar Satomi
    Lunar Satomi Day ago

    Only some schools barricade the doors (which I think is utter bullshitt). My last school in Texas didn't barricade the doors, but they locked them and covered all the windows. The school I'm at now in Illinois locks and barricades the doors

  • s u n f l o w e r

    11:59 she wanted to *_nail_* him if you know what I mean

  • Styrofoam Life
    Styrofoam Life 2 days ago

    Now during lockdowns we have to keep our lights on

  • Mika Chan
    Mika Chan 2 days ago

    These stories be so awesome

  • StaceyC
    StaceyC 2 days ago

    They never leave a link in the description.

  • J_Kpop_ BLINK_ BTS Army

    In my time I’m watching this at 3 am

  • bagofbagels 45
    bagofbagels 45 3 days ago

    Right after I saw Micheal Jackson I got paranoid af cuz I was watching in darkness and outside was dark

  • katinker1234
    katinker1234 3 days ago

    In a school lockdown, the teacher say that they would get a bat and block the door and have all the students get ready to throw things at the attacker. Usually, however, they just have us get on the ground (some of them keep teaching and wont let us get out of our seats)

  • Marie Pose
    Marie Pose 3 days ago +1

    Who else tried to close the tabs or is it just me?

    btw love the vid

  • Meredith Lawrence
    Meredith Lawrence 3 days ago


    THE EYEBALL 4 days ago

    the smiling man ayuwoky or ayuwoki

  • The meme King
    The meme King 4 days ago

    Creepasta the dancing man lol

  • Spring_ INFINITE
    Spring_ INFINITE 4 days ago


  • Spirit Wolf
    Spirit Wolf 5 days ago

    Jay:tell me that ain’t Micheal jackson
    Me:that ain’t Micheal jackson

  • Charen Gesoro
    Charen Gesoro 5 days ago

    Is dat Jeff the killer??

  • Burnout Bonfire
    Burnout Bonfire 5 days ago

    The smiling man was probably just pissed that the guy didn't want to dance with him

  • Bacon Lord
    Bacon Lord 5 days ago

    Holy smokes is that Micheal Jackson ??

  • Lucidd明快
    Lucidd明快 5 days ago

    yo jay could you make your facecam bigger it lowers my anxiety when watching these. :)

  • em w
    em w 5 days ago +1

    I swear the dancing man was joaquin phoenix

  • MarkergeYT
    MarkergeYT 5 days ago

    I can watch this for the rest of my life

  • •sushii•
    •sushii• 5 days ago +1

    *hee hee*

  • Mechi-Chan me
    Mechi-Chan me 5 days ago

    We were in a room and walking in some place

  • Depressed Soda
    Depressed Soda 6 days ago


  • Jared Lising
    Jared Lising 6 days ago

    the hee hee guy was naruto running lol

  • Christiana Taylor
    Christiana Taylor 6 days ago

    you lucky. and I don’t mean it

  • The Ninja Master
    The Ninja Master 6 days ago

    9:49 you said a girl's name from 5th grade i was classmates with it was Jennifer Lopez

  • Addyrose Jenkins
    Addyrose Jenkins 6 days ago

    that add at 2;55, since I'm watching on my computer I really went to click it smh

  • Mr. Tiktok
    Mr. Tiktok 6 days ago

    3:01 MinneSOTA

  • TNT_YO123
    TNT_YO123 6 days ago

    I’ve got two stories that I could share with one of these animators but I’m not sure which story so can anyone give me advice in which to choose?
    One about a factory
    One about the woods

  • Rita Tsaqadze
    Rita Tsaqadze 6 days ago


  • larry
    larry 6 days ago

    This story with the HeeHee guy (idk whats the name of the video was" this is a creepypasta (the dancing man or smth) :0

  • christel ann
    christel ann 7 days ago

    Man I love llama arts animation, specially when the smiling man was sprinting towards the guy its so intense, combined with mr. nightmare's voice

  • Rebekah Wolkiewicz
    Rebekah Wolkiewicz 7 days ago

    Aw, the Smiling Man was my first scary animation! 😊

  • F.B.I
    F.B.I 7 days ago +1

    16:00 Its the joker

  • Caitlin The Insomniac

    Not sure about other schools but my old high school told teachers not to barricade the door incase EMT's needed to get in. But the school also had more than one lock on each door and always had more than one on site police.

  • Jaime Portillo
    Jaime Portillo 7 days ago


  • //Cwispy Cweam\\
    //Cwispy Cweam\\ 7 days ago

    When jay was watching the smiling man, not gonna lie. I thought that’s Micheal Jackson’s and Jeff the killer’s child.

  • Wendy Radford
    Wendy Radford 7 days ago

    The lockdown school guy looks like a old chucky doll ;-;

  • Aladrian Walker
    Aladrian Walker 7 days ago


  • Gale Barry
    Gale Barry 8 days ago

    In my school all of the teachers have like some kind of paper blocking the window of the door soooooooo

  • Crystal_plays ss
    Crystal_plays ss 8 days ago

    I though you said creppy neighbor hore story

  • Shadow Pup
    Shadow Pup 8 days ago


  • S.G Wolfhard
    S.G Wolfhard 8 days ago

    His laugh>>>

  • Millie Gardiner
    Millie Gardiner 8 days ago

    i love ur vids

  • savagedieandgotohell1022 nd

    This dude at 13:25 looking like Jackie chan lol

  • Cerulean Pavilion
    Cerulean Pavilion 8 days ago

    S T A Y A W A Y F R O M M E E H E E P L E A H E A S E

  • Cerulean Pavilion
    Cerulean Pavilion 8 days ago

    That woman, if I were the neighbor..

  • Anime Fanart
    Anime Fanart 9 days ago

    The smiling man is me getting some snacks from the fridge at 3 am trying to be quiet in order to not wake anybody up XD

  • funlover163
    funlover163 9 days ago

    Wat... they can't go inside her apartment because she owns it? But they can just cop pile her outside of 7/11?