Black Moms Try Other Black Moms' Soul Food

  • Published on Jun 20, 2019
  • Four black moms battle it out for the title of Soul Food Queen!
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Comments • 17 234

  • Og_litty.bri_ Gang

    I love Gina she was so positive and she wasn’t really competitive either & j was just so judge mental and hers was the worst ,, oh lawd

  • Chefn4ThaTube
    Chefn4ThaTube Day ago

    fried chicken n mac is the best option they could have chosen for "soul food"?🙄🙄🙄

  • Gloria Mwangi
    Gloria Mwangi Day ago

    That’s a shame that’s FiSh ChiCkEn

  • Lex
    Lex Day ago

    Ain’t nobody like J

  • Oziel Osorio
    Oziel Osorio Day ago

    Not gonna lie I wanted them all to win they look so sweet and caring :)

  • Andres Bravo
    Andres Bravo Day ago

    Warning: this video is gonna make you greasy and make you highly satisfied.

  • Dr Dr
    Dr Dr Day ago

    Why am I hungry?

  • Sarah Quinn
    Sarah Quinn Day ago

    J is giving me hella strong "I wanna speak to your manager" vibes 😂

  • M V
    M V Day ago

    Looks like Maya Rudolph in the thumbnail.

  • Selu My Boi
    Selu My Boi Day ago

    Is buzzfeec deaf? ITS 20 THATS HER SCore 3:04

  • 1315
    1315 Day ago

    Gina Brown... Such a pornstar name! I'd go raw.

  • The Ballad Of The Queen

    That woman (Gina) is mixed not just black.

  • Zy'Yianna West
    Zy'Yianna West Day ago +1

    J deserved a 0 that look nasty 🤢

  • Dezz
    Dezz Day ago

    Bruh Karma hit J so hard she keep being Gordon Ramsay with the food and boom they rated her 0 and shi🤦‍♂️

  • justin kongolo
    justin kongolo Day ago

    J was so judgmental just to lose bad

  • Alivia Alivia
    Alivia Alivia Day ago

    J vanburen pissed me off so much omfg

  • Delia David
    Delia David Day ago

    with all that smack j was talking I thought her food was coated in gold or something

  • Delia David
    Delia David Day ago

    Are we gonna talk about how she made fried chicken in the o v e n?

  • nobody known
    nobody known Day ago

    the fact that j was dissin everyone's food a d no one wanted to try hers...i had to laugh

  • Nigel Cummings
    Nigel Cummings Day ago

    The one lady who had the most to say had the worst chicken.. 😂

  • staticbb
    staticbb Day ago

    whoever wife'd Gina is a lucky man/woman.

  • JusBecuzzz
    JusBecuzzz Day ago

    “Oh no, she cooked it in the fish grease...Poor thang”

  • 4eyes 5brains
    4eyes 5brains Day ago

    J is a bad

  • What am I doing
    What am I doing Day ago

    j was really out here bragging for what. FOR WHAT

  • Hannah Gabrielle

    Sis said “that’s fish chicken”😂💀💀

  • TWINKI 2004
    TWINKI 2004 Day ago

    What kinda person is gonna whine over grease

  • Jazzmin Sharp
    Jazzmin Sharp Day ago

    Gina and Denise made the best food.

  • Leslie Churchwell

    I have no problem what so ever with the title or the video or idea of any a this...the only thing that's aggravating, is that... WHAT'S IT CALLED "SOUL FOOD" FOR(as in, akin to "Black people")?
    >>A little news for ya Yankees.

  • Evan Maxwell
    Evan Maxwell Day ago

    J reminds me of Hottie from Flavor of Love

  • Jazzmin Sharp
    Jazzmin Sharp Day ago

    J did not have to spit it out like that.

  • Siana Tonga
    Siana Tonga Day ago

    J. Doesn't like any of them except her's food is the worst.😶😶

  • Petter Nilsson
    Petter Nilsson Day ago

    Why dont they do white moms try other white moms soul food? White moms are much better at cooking

  • SyKo Riley
    SyKo Riley Day ago

    that one mom gotta deep ass voice

  • KelDaKid
    KelDaKid Day ago

    I want to know where they find these black people none of this chicken looked that good

  • Anna J
    Anna J Day ago

    J made that up. No one wants your food!

  • phoebe juli
    phoebe juli Day ago

    Gordon shouldn’t feel qualified to Gordon anymore

  • J0nDstr0y3r
    J0nDstr0y3r Day ago

    5:41 shots fired, homegirls was action like her chicken was all blessed and sanctified discrediting everyone else’s chicken. GIRL.

  • J0nDstr0y3r
    J0nDstr0y3r Day ago

    5:41, that sis is the turd from my cat’s litter box.

  • Jay Springs
    Jay Springs Day ago

    Peanut oil lol

  • kee kee
    kee kee Day ago

    honestly how did they choose these women?

  • IAmSlime
    IAmSlime Day ago

    “Don’t do this again, YOU’VE BEEN WARNED” So glad she won lmao

  • Xelenoz
    Xelenoz Day ago

    gina was so nice i loved it i would love to try her mac and cheese and her chicken :)

  • l W
    l W Day ago +1

    The woman who won reminds me of lizza koshy 😂

  • Lilith Huth
    Lilith Huth Day ago

    0:20 wait...shes literally white

  • Lucette Pax
    Lucette Pax Day ago

    I wish they were my mommas

  • Lyon Davis
    Lyon Davis Day ago

    Crazy how the most picky one was rated the worst. "It's greasy tho" like chicken isn't supposed to be greasy 😭

  • Maily Rose
    Maily Rose Day ago

    J really thinks her food is bomb 😂😭

  • Oscar Kendell
    Oscar Kendell Day ago

    Why is this page about stereotypes

  • Leonardo Negrete
    Leonardo Negrete Day ago +1

    Of course the most cocky mom. Comes last this what she says what else makes mine better mine is just better

  • alexanderthegreat1999

    I did know 🐒’s can cook

  • Kaitlin’s Life

    “That’s fish chicken “

  • Nadirah Zakhir
    Nadirah Zakhir Day ago

    "the mac and cheese ain't sticking together"

    *mac and cheese literally clumped onto the fork*

  • Jenni Yep a KPOP Fan

    The highest score mom deserved it she didn’t have a toxic attitude so she deserved it.

  • Mackmiller974
    Mackmiller974 Day ago

    Lol it's the lady who complained the most that had the worst chicken

  • Destiny Smith
    Destiny Smith Day ago

    😂😂😂 that last one

  • Jr Sy
    Jr Sy Day ago

    Lol what’s their social media handle. And the background music sounds like Spider-Man Spider-Man does what ever Spider-Man can

  • Crystal Eira
    Crystal Eira Day ago

    I wanna meet Gina, be her friend and eat that chicken & mac'n cheese

  • PeaceLoveBabies
    PeaceLoveBabies Day ago

    The light skin has good vibes I swear 💙and she’s beautiful too!!

  • hi bye
    hi bye Day ago +2

    The way Donna was so traumatised after eating J’s food killed me💀

    SLUM XJOKER Day ago

    Maaaaaaan stop sleeping put my mother on there 💯

  • GeeZEvil
    GeeZEvil Day ago

    Please show the winning recipes in a follow up!!!

  • MelanieJK
    MelanieJK Day ago

    gina was the best mom honestly. she was nice and didn't judge everyone harshly

  • im retroz
    im retroz Day ago

    2:07 that's what she said

  • cdiesel6990
    cdiesel6990 Day ago

    Funny the winner is the whitest... she not really even black lmao yall blacks can't even win at cooking fried chicken 😂😂

  • Ebony Fields
    Ebony Fields Day ago

    that one lady was annoying thinking everything was nasty. She was so prideful it was annoying!! And GIRL THIS IS THE 21ST CENTURY AND YOUR ASS STILL DRESSING LIKE YOU IN THE 80'S BYE LMAO

  • Crazed
    Crazed Day ago

    Donna a whole dude

  • EastSideOfTheWorld

    Jesus Christ J's food oh god

  • Kamulatto
    Kamulatto Day ago

    I loved Gina 😭😭😭😭 she was so nice

  • Ditto Bagaskoro
    Ditto Bagaskoro Day ago

    Watching J makes me want to throw away my phone

  • Erin Goodman
    Erin Goodman Day ago

    “That’s fish chicken” got me dyin up in here 😂😂

  • My Journey
    My Journey Day ago +1

    Is it just me or is Donna the girl that looks like franklins aunty in gta! 😂😂

  • SpaghettiBalls
    SpaghettiBalls Day ago

    HAHAHAHA when they started roasting the other lady’s food haha xD

  • _therealtonyb_
    _therealtonyb_ Day ago

    Fried Chicken is supposed to be greasy that is why it's called FRIED chicken

  • Miracle Monroe
    Miracle Monroe Day ago

    That lady was talking so highly about her food and everyone said it was nasty😂😂

  • Fish Finn
    Fish Finn Day ago

    Gina was black?

  • Tabatha's Tarot
    Tabatha's Tarot Day ago

    I loved Gina! I thought she was the MOST fun and honest. Her personality on top of killin it in the challenge was satisfying to watch 😊💕

  • Ian Mccracken
    Ian Mccracken Day ago +1

    Gina is like that cool stoner mom

  • Keenan Page
    Keenan Page Day ago +1

    7:11 Gina sounds so much like Gina from Brooklyn 99

  • ItsYanaa
    ItsYanaa Day ago +1

    Who else was getting irritated by J....smh

  • ItsYanaa
    ItsYanaa Day ago +1

    She over here spiting out food....smh disrespectful

  • SplashDYT
    SplashDYT Day ago

    Gina was so nice 😂😂

  • Humble
    Humble Day ago +1

    Gina - Excited to eat other peoples food
    Donna and Denise - Kinda Sceptical about trying others
    J - All about competition

    my thoughts about J's personality
    *are you trying to be Gordon Ramsay*

  • ᴋɪɴɢ кαуlєн

    Define *"Fried in the oven"*

  • Born Hungry
    Born Hungry Day ago

    everyone in these comments are cappin you would be smackin on every single dish. you guys just see their opinions and go with it XD.

  • emily eurus
    emily eurus Day ago

    Let’s do an Italian one next that would be hilarious

  • Chicken Pickle
    Chicken Pickle Day ago

    J seemed like she's an expert at chicken. Throught the entire video
    Other moms eating her food: im not even gonna touch the chicken

  • ladiesbane
    ladiesbane Day ago

    "Paramedics want to enjoy Mothers' Day too"

  • Unknown Person On Earth

    J’s fried chicken.. it looks like a cat turd covered in a light dusting of cat litter... yikes

  • Be Mo
    Be Mo Day ago

    the way to a mans heart is through his stomach and at this rate, j is having some trouble😳

  • Sadfuly
    Sadfuly Day ago

    The person with the worst attitude got the worst score 😭😭

  • Detachconex
    Detachconex Day ago

    Anyone else get the feeling Gina was high

  • Jitter Boi
    Jitter Boi Day ago

    Donnas voice deeper than mine XDD

  • Insidious Black14


  • Diego s
    Diego s Day ago

    The NICEIST got mad at the rudeist NICEIST

  • Sinnerilyn Google
    Sinnerilyn Google Day ago +1

    "🎶One of these is not like the other🎶"

  • Meatball_pie_85
    Meatball_pie_85 Day ago

    What’s soul food-

  • edaughtry93
    edaughtry93 Day ago

    Funny Gina was the most generous..the lowest scorer was the harshest. Lesson there. Probably insecure. Knowing her cooking was garbage

  • EdgyStreet Strings

    Is it me or is Gina faded

  • lukesucksballs
    lukesucksballs Day ago

    5:56 FISH CHICKEN 💀😭

  • Dani the Dinosaur

    I’m so glad that one really picky girl got the worst score