Stephen Curry isn't too worried after Warriors lose Game 1 vs the Raptors

  • Published on May 31, 2019
  • Stephen Curry isn't too worried after Warriors lose Game 1 vs the Raptors
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  • Family loyalty
    Family loyalty 6 months ago

    What now??!! Lol

  • Deanna Drummer
    Deanna Drummer 6 months ago +1

    Curry has a task and he is definitely determined to use his brilliance and show his worth!

  • Jerry Esque
    Jerry Esque 6 months ago

    There is no way the Raptors are gonna play that good again. Some of the shots made were so ridiculous, there was nothing you could do. Tbh, I was already worried about the warriors when cousins came back. Him coming back means the whole team has to readjust itself subconsciously. The warriors also didnt play that well either. Raptors are good tho I'll admit. But it might be a good series

  • Jack Mehoff
    Jack Mehoff 6 months ago

    Game two is a must win for The Dubs. Raptors are a very good team. Otoh, The Dubs' are without KD. Kerr is not a good coach in these situations.

  • Isaac Belluomini
    Isaac Belluomini 6 months ago +2

    Tbh the raptors were making shots they had no business making i.e VanVleet deep 2 at end if shot clock. I doubt those same shots will go in as much in game 2

  • H T
    H T 6 months ago

    How about stoppping that stupid ass double team everyone keeps running on Leonard and man tf up. Y'all getting beat by 3s like the bucks

  • Gods Child
    Gods Child 6 months ago

    I’m not counting GSW out yet I figured they loose this first game but I know raptors were going to go beast mode they are hungry but GSW need to be hungrier.

  • L1ghTN1nG
    L1ghTN1nG 6 months ago

    Chef Curry: I'm not too worried
    Raptors Fans: *dead*

  • Rafael Quinones
    Rafael Quinones 6 months ago +11

    Good hard defensive game on both sides, but holly shit were the Refs horrible last night, every call went the Raptors way. I really like both Teams, I'm super happy for Toronto and Canada in general, that said, still got GS in 7.

  • Thatboy Johnny
    Thatboy Johnny 6 months ago +13

    Bucks went up 2-0 over the raptors and yall said the series was over foh

  • Bob Lettermen
    Bob Lettermen 6 months ago +3

    Remember..giannis said that it wasnt the end of the world hes at home

    • JET LYFER420
      JET LYFER420 6 months ago +4

      @Gibster lmao😂😂😂😂drop the mic Gib

    • Gibster
      Gibster 6 months ago +4

      Yeah and how many finals appearances does Giannis have?

    • JET LYFER420
      JET LYFER420 6 months ago +2

      He aint steph or G,S FACTS JACK AXX

  • BAD
    BAD 6 months ago +1

    I know its just one game but it don't look good, it don't look good. IF the raptors play LIKE THAT!! The warriors have NO CHANCE. The raptors couldn't miss!!

    • BAD
      BAD 6 months ago

      @Gibster he only has to do it 3 more times....I think he can do it again AT HOME, on the road we'll see....but for game 2 and when raptors are at home I would just let Kawhi go off and lock up everyone else....if Kawhi gets 60-70 points so be it...but you can't let them other guys like Siakam go off like that

    • Gibster
      Gibster 6 months ago +3

      If any team is shooting like that they shouldn't lose. I was surprised siakem had it in him to put up 32. What's the likely hood he could do that multiple times

    • Je Cool
      Je Cool 6 months ago

      The bucks also did that to raptors before the eliminated them!!

  • Desmond Hackney Jr
    Desmond Hackney Jr 6 months ago +12

    It shouldn’t lmao 5 straight finals 3/4 wins he been there done that this will be a lil different with no KD but they’ll find away to get it done

    • Desmond Hackney Jr
      Desmond Hackney Jr 6 months ago +1

      rohan sabharwal ik that but they still got more firepower than Toronto if kawhi shoots poorly again probably won’t but u never know the warriors will win the series especially if KD comes back

    • rohan sabharwal
      rohan sabharwal 6 months ago

      They only won 1 ring without kd

  • Reagan Aga
    Reagan Aga 6 months ago +1

    I think he should be. They need KD to make the mismatch. No KD they don’t have edge. its like 50/50 without Kd.

    • Anonymous Speedster
      Anonymous Speedster 6 months ago

      @BAD they are alright the warriors are doing a good job actually. they dont need KD the game is gonna get boring. 3 players from the raptors scored 20+ points and 2 players scored 10+ points and they still won by 9. if you add 30 points from kd we all know what will happen. its better this way a 50/50 chance for both teams.

    • BAD
      BAD 6 months ago

      @Anonymous Speedster warriors need bogut or boogie, cause they need bodies to bang with the raptors

    • BAD
      BAD 6 months ago

      @Anonymous Speedster i play too lol. We gone see. They need KD badly to stop the bleeding when toronto gets on runs. Boogie needs to play more minutes but he probably needs a few games because he was gassed and understandably so. You got the warriors winning game 2?

    • Anonymous Speedster
      Anonymous Speedster 6 months ago

      @BAD bruh i play basketball it happens to all players all the time to be in the zone. That kind of performance from siakam is not repeatable. Only superstars or all stars could do that. Home court advantage dont have magic to let you play like a superstar everytime.

    • BAD
      BAD 6 months ago

      @Anonymous Speedster if Siakam plays like that in game 2 they will have no choice, cause he will be the bdamn finals mvp..i think he can get 25-30 easily AT HOME, cause he feeds off the crowd. Can he do that on the road maybe not, but at home the role players feel untouchable at home, them fans were cheering on everything

  • Jonatan JAXV
    Jonatan JAXV 6 months ago +6

    GS suck asss

    • L1ghTN1nG
      L1ghTN1nG 6 months ago

      suck your mom's ass boi, oh wait you're adopted


    • Christopher Motta
      Christopher Motta 6 months ago

      Jonatan you suck

    • Erik Dela Cruz
      Erik Dela Cruz 6 months ago +2

      Is GS suck ass you must be the type to get ass fukt

    • Sosaaxo
      Sosaaxo 6 months ago

      Jonatan JAXV i bet u the same nigga who be dick riding them tho lmaooo stfu mad ass😂😂

    • ツ
       6 months ago

      Raptors suck ass without kawhi. They never made a finals appearance before kawhi. Smh