22 Years of Life Milestone


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  • Keanu's Gaming
    Keanu's Gaming 2 minutes ago +1

    i was a grain of rice

    *that fell on the floor*

  • Summer dog Collins
    Summer dog Collins 3 minutes ago

    I loved that ASMR of Adam eating cake.

  • Cady Wong
    Cady Wong 4 minutes ago

    James = howtobasic with rice

  • Lit Boi
    Lit Boi 4 minutes ago

    Happy one week belated birthday πŸŽ‚ 🎁 🍰

  • Madeeha Mirza
    Madeeha Mirza 5 minutes ago

    plz tell me no food was wasted

  • pineapples
    pineapples 8 minutes ago

    there was a 3ds on the counter in James' house.
    hey James, Can I have your 3ds friend code?

  • Fruit NerdZ
    Fruit NerdZ 11 minutes ago


  • Kymni_
    Kymni_ 13 minutes ago

    *constantly stabs rice*

  • Adrian Srsa
    Adrian Srsa 15 minutes ago

    i have that vaccuum

  • DcGamer Forever
    DcGamer Forever 16 minutes ago

    It's time for poo day

    Alex has been waiting for this moment for years

  • gferrufino1
    gferrufino1 16 minutes ago

    Where your seat but don’t be careful with lighters or knifes

  • Red Dino Jack
    Red Dino Jack 17 minutes ago


  • hashtag_slayer #
    hashtag_slayer # 19 minutes ago

    ARE YOU ALLERGIC TO HAPPINESS i diedπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Juliet Goto
    Juliet Goto 21 minute ago

    am i crazy or does james kinda look like shaggy from scooby doo

  • Golden freddy 2222
    Golden freddy 2222 23 minutes ago

    Happy late b day

  • Nyanimations
    Nyanimations 24 minutes ago

    hey i have that alarm clock

  • HaydentheDummy Burns
    HaydentheDummy Burns 30 minutes ago

    I feel like this is a how to basic video

  • minho
    minho 33 minutes ago

    Happy belated birthday James.
    I apologize for I am late, and I have failed you.
    But, at least I’m here now.

  • Paige Koroscik
    Paige Koroscik 33 minutes ago

    Happy late poopaca day!!

  • Thebluejello
    Thebluejello 33 minutes ago

    Is that a Nintendo 64 in the background with Mario kart 64 I have that too I love that game

  • MCfluffy
    MCfluffy 35 minutes ago

    Sorry, a week late for your birthday, but happy birthday :D

    They grow up so fast *sniffs* 😒

  • Alien
    Alien 56 minutes ago

    Why no sprinkles

  • Skully
    Skully Hour ago

    5:19 Oh no, you got rice on your computer. I think you need to leave it in water for awhile

  • Tre Jamison
    Tre Jamison Hour ago


  • Squiggles Squid
    Squiggles Squid Hour ago

    Happy Birthday James! You PLAY that trumpet and drive! PLAY ITTTTTT

  • Karen Darby
    Karen Darby Hour ago

    Your birthday is three days after mine

  • Solstice
    Solstice Hour ago

    Eyyy I share a birthday with Adam

  • Andrew Gick
    Andrew Gick Hour ago

    Adam says β€œI’m hungry, I’m tired, I’m angry, I’m sad”

    Sounds like puberty to me

  • Caylah Burch
    Caylah Burch Hour ago

    Happy Birthday James πŸ˜„πŸŽπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸ˜‚

  • totally not jeff
    totally not jeff Hour ago

    Freekinh hilarious intro.

  • Nova Kat
    Nova Kat 2 hours ago

    My brith day is in 2 weeks

  • Cloudy.Katelyn Sama
    Cloudy.Katelyn Sama 2 hours ago


  • Gracie Shiver
    Gracie Shiver 2 hours ago +1

    *Blows out eardrums with horn*
    Meeee Tooooo

  • Marya A
    Marya A 2 hours ago +1

    Happy birthday.

  • LKplayz25
    LKplayz25 2 hours ago +1

    Merry Halloween

  • ollie the yellow duck :3

    "Are you allergic to happiness?"

  • Cookie Monster
    Cookie Monster 2 hours ago


  • Little Miss Horror
    Little Miss Horror 2 hours ago

    when adam said "okay google" my phone turned on

  • Pancakes 1
    Pancakes 1 2 hours ago +1

    Happy one year closer to death!

  • Ian Molina
    Ian Molina 2 hours ago

    You all do know that James has his own book up on Amazon, right?

  • Kozmic Kathryn
    Kozmic Kathryn 2 hours ago

    It’s almost my birthday too

  • The Wolf Lover
    The Wolf Lover 2 hours ago

    Happy birthday

  • beautifuldabb MSP
    beautifuldabb MSP 2 hours ago

    How come the Odd2sout looks like the Odd1sout

  • Riya
    Riya 2 hours ago

    its actually about 44 pounds

  • Ruhi K
    Ruhi K 3 hours ago


  • Elanor Wilson
    Elanor Wilson 3 hours ago

    Im a may 31 my moms a may 27

  • cool creeper gaming
    cool creeper gaming 3 hours ago

    Lol I love when somethingelseyt pops out of the car in the end

  • Elanor Wilson
    Elanor Wilson 3 hours ago

    Happy birthday faith

  • cool creeper gaming
    cool creeper gaming 3 hours ago

    Lol happy birthday james

  • cool creeper gaming
    cool creeper gaming 3 hours ago

    Hey James u have the same laptop as me lol

  • Double A
    Double A 3 hours ago

    As I ate a green m&m

  • Katie
    Katie 3 hours ago

    4:34 wow i love how to basic

  • Blanka L
    Blanka L 3 hours ago

    Happy birthday


  • Stephanie Mayr
    Stephanie Mayr 3 hours ago

    Hold up... This is not a HowToBasic video...

  • MJ Unlimited
    MJ Unlimited 3 hours ago

    Happy b dayyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Yourmom Is the pickle to my muffin

    Happy birthday amazing and funny af James!

  • Liv
    Liv 3 hours ago

    I missed this hiw

  • fortnite gamer112
    fortnite gamer112 3 hours ago

    Adam i see your rubiks cub

  • Neon_man909
    Neon_man909 3 hours ago

    5:15 reeeeeee he has 1 grey joycon and one red one

  • sayor frisk
    sayor frisk 3 hours ago

    I fell bad for Adem. one like saves Adem😒

  • Apple_Ally
    Apple_Ally 3 hours ago

    I saw a post of Miranda Cosgrove’s birthday and I was like β€œJames is her birthday twin.”
    Also James you are a smol bean on your birthday

  • Roots to the Apple
    Roots to the Apple 3 hours ago


  • Calista Styles
    Calista Styles 4 hours ago +3

    3:12 Mama James instincts kick in

  • thebeserkgamer 29
    thebeserkgamer 29 4 hours ago

    So now he can do the poo your self video

  • kimirony pizza
    kimirony pizza 4 hours ago

    Happy birthday faith and James!!

  • Xx Jaden Mai xX
    Xx Jaden Mai xX 4 hours ago

    Your birthday was 3 days fromm mine.... waw! WAWWWW!!!

  • ChickenOfGold
    ChickenOfGold 4 hours ago

    nearly time for poo

  • Bip Bop
    Bip Bop 4 hours ago +2

    It is supposed to be time for your poop video

  • Greg Junior
    Greg Junior 4 hours ago

    Happy Late Birthday James and Faith :3

  • Megan
    Megan 4 hours ago

    "Did you know psychopaths aren't affected by other peoples yawns?"
    "You didn't yawn after I yawned."
    "...It's my birthday."

  • LikeSTokio
    LikeSTokio 4 hours ago

    The way he screams :D

  • Candy Cutie
    Candy Cutie 4 hours ago


  • Jolt The Neko Jolteon
    Jolt The Neko Jolteon 4 hours ago +1

    I guess you could say James Has… Rice Cake for his birthday

  • TheLegend27
    TheLegend27 4 hours ago

    Happy birthday

  • yousyTALGT
    yousyTALGT 4 hours ago

    Tf is this

  • Shi Bii
    Shi Bii 4 hours ago

    Happy late birthdayyyy

  • Nicola Henderson
    Nicola Henderson 4 hours ago

    Congratulated day of being born strange singulars out

  • Beata Kopcic
    Beata Kopcic 4 hours ago

    your friend’s clothes are very aesthetic

  • IanimateStuff
    IanimateStuff 5 hours ago

    you share a birthday with my dog....

  • CaramelFlan OfSecrets
    CaramelFlan OfSecrets 5 hours ago

    14 years since you wet the bed :3 yay, happy belated birthday!

  • Delaia Hernandez
    Delaia Hernandez 5 hours ago

    My fav part is 4:48 because I was laughing so hard and kept replaying it

  • Emerald Valkrum
    Emerald Valkrum 5 hours ago

    Happy birthday!!!
    My birthdays tommorrow 😊

  • Jmation M
    Jmation M 5 hours ago

    Are you allergic to happiness!?

  • F0rk McDoggo
    F0rk McDoggo 5 hours ago

    Happy Birthday Faith,hope u had an amazing day!

  • amzomolhic
    amzomolhic 5 hours ago

    well then James you know what you need to do but if you don't then
    hear you go.......

  • Noelle Klassen
    Noelle Klassen 5 hours ago

    You are 11

  • Tia Noble
    Tia Noble 5 hours ago +2

    Happy birthday James one step closer to the grave...
    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚I'm cruel

  • Kylian Wieringa
    Kylian Wieringa 6 hours ago

    1:26 does adam know how to solve a rubik"s cube? If not, does he know how to solve the 2x2. And what kind is it? What's your average and pb?

    • Kylian Wieringa
      Kylian Wieringa 6 hours ago

      If he/you is/are a cuber do a collab with cubeorithms

  • MoonRabbit
    MoonRabbit 6 hours ago

    How did this end up turning into a HowToBasic video

  • John Lewis
    John Lewis 6 hours ago

    Have you ever heard of Painted Plummet? Jaiden and SomthingElse should know too...

  • Kittenz Catz
    Kittenz Catz 6 hours ago

    Are you ok?

    Also happ birth faith

  • Holly Neilon
    Holly Neilon 6 hours ago

    Happy birthday James

  • shadow star of dying suns

    I see james has an 64 with mario in it..... James is my spirit animal

  • Deadly Doll Studios
    Deadly Doll Studios 6 hours ago

    Where's Jadian?

  • Silly dino ON YOUTUBE
    Silly dino ON YOUTUBE 6 hours ago


  • Siobhanc2008
    Siobhanc2008 6 hours ago

    Happy birthday!πŸ˜„

  • The Minion
    The Minion 6 hours ago

    MERRY CHRISTMAS, oh wrong celebration. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMES.

  • AesthicCow
    AesthicCow 7 hours ago


  • Max The Best
    Max The Best 7 hours ago

    Happy birthdayyyyy

  • Memeology
    Memeology 7 hours ago

    Adam betrayed James,