The biggest problem with "13 Reasons Why"

  • Published on May 19, 2017
  • 13 reasons why
    thirteen reasons why
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    My girlfriend and I watched the entire show a while back. It was interesting, but didn't go where I thought it was going to go.
    The whole time I was watching, though, I couldn't help but be bothered by the "message" it was trying to convey.
    Obviously the show presents a real issue that should be talked about, but they way it goes it about it is. in my opinion, terrible.
    The line that really made me go "are you serious" was near the end when Clay says "It's my fault. I killed Hannah because I was afraid to love her"
    The show focuses so heavily on how we all need to be careful what we do and say, and I agree up to a point.
    Its true that what happens to you isn't your fault, but how you react to what happens to you is 100% your responsibility.
    Hannah never sought help until the end, she purposefully never talked to anyone or really tried to solve her problems.
    She just blamed everyone else, and then plots revenge against them by recording the tapes.
    In my opinion, the message of the show is a bad one for young people. It basically says "its everyone else's duty to make you happy".
    At least that's the message I got out of it.
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Comments • 4 588

  • Just Nobody
    Just Nobody 13 hours ago

    well, she really doesn't do anything

  • mathias hausted mortensen

    wait lol, i really like the show, not because i feel particular sorry for hannah, i think i agree with more or less all your points on hannah.
    I dunno about others, but i just really sympathize, with Clay, and around season 2 i started caring for Justin aswell, and i think tony is great.

  • Over Toasted
    Over Toasted Day ago +1

    It's a show that reinforces a stigma around suicide. As a survivor myself, I hate this show. That being said, I don't necessarily agree with Alex on how Hannah didn't solve her problems. Mental disorders are a tricky thing - people may do things they don't necessarily want to do. If Hannah had borderline personality disorder, for instance, she may impulsively push people away to protect herself during a splitting episode. So, for that reason she should still have sympathy.

  • Totally Nameless
    Totally Nameless Day ago +1

    As a society, we really underestimate the influence environment has on people. Specifically, the influence of media. Of course the things you see and hear will have an effect on you! A show making suicide look like the best/only option is going to look tempting to someone in a vulnerable state of mind and minimal support elsewhere. If no one is providing _evidence_ that "it gets better", then shows like this will be the closest thing to a demonstrative rebuttal.

  • Crystal Production
    Crystal Production 2 days ago

    I hate how she expects everyone to be there for her and fight for her when she won’t even fight for herself. This is not realism and her reaction and her environment seems totally off to everything fixated with her.

  • Shivani Lamba
    Shivani Lamba 2 days ago

    Iron man 3 portrays mental illness more realistically than 13rw 🐸🍵

  • Natalia Choung
    Natalia Choung 3 days ago

    I didn’t see the show and I’m not planning to. I know it’s depressive etc. The Only thing i would say is that. She can saw it diffrent when somebody try to help her she could saw that as an attack, after Some people might dissapointed her she could had trust issue like „this person Only act like wanna help me but she will fail on purpose” etc take admire at her mental state. She could also had this inside problem of Trying to handle the situation of acting like She’s fine and cry the shit out of her. Also her outspoken, sarcastic self might be Only a pose she was like that so everyone would think it’s her true self. While it wasn’t, she was just playing that role. Or she was like that but after photo drama she can not be herself again.

  • Ciela Vee
    Ciela Vee 3 days ago

    I've never cried harder than when i watched Amanda Todd. I wanted to be her friend

  • Canie 2003
    Canie 2003 4 days ago +3

    If netflix was to make a response comment they would use the "she is a teenager" card

  • Aryan Hegde
    Aryan Hegde 4 days ago +5

    Alex: imma use big adjectives with simple nouns

  • Selisia Muslia
    Selisia Muslia 6 days ago +3

    When your favorite you tuber talks about your favorite show AND book saying everything that’s wrong and you can’t do something about it because you know it’s all true. 😶

  • Hippo Hippo
    Hippo Hippo 7 days ago

    Wow this is mostly all false yes she told clay to leave but Hannah tried multiple times to tell people her parents that consler stright out bascially impilied that she asked for it by not saying no. He did the same thing to Tyler about montgermory bullying him asked him what he did to make them want to treat him that way it's like hell if someone told me that I wouldnt want there help after either he failed both Hannah and Tyler. Yes she didn't say it was byrce that raped her but damn now that I think About it he told Jessica the same thing when she came in to talk about it after clay started to talk to her about it. But that teacher couldve if help at least get them some kind of help for being raped even if they refused to say who it was. They could of gotten them Psy help or someone who could talk to them about it like Jessica gets in season 2.

  • Tessykinz
    Tessykinz 7 days ago +2

    I can agree with most of this with the exception of the scene involving hannah and the counselor. Yes he tried to push her to disclose but coming from a social work background, I would NEVER approach a survivor in that way. Once she said she beleived he forced himself on her, the thing she needed most to hear was validation and empathy. Then more in depth questioning if she wishes to pursue things futher. Instead the counselor she saw went right into an interrogation that feels like he is placing the responsibility at her feet for what happened.

  • Courtney Saucier
    Courtney Saucier 9 days ago

    Amanda Todd is Hannah

  • iiforeverx brokenii
    iiforeverx brokenii 9 days ago

    Dude just stop talking sh* about tv shows and movies i mean like bruh haven’t seen *You* make one eh?

  • Leah Simpson
    Leah Simpson 10 days ago

    This is supposed to help people not commit suicide

  • Jukebox Owens
    Jukebox Owens 13 days ago +1

    Thank you! I knew something felt deeply wrong in every episode I watched but I couldn't figure why I just wasn't really sympathizing with Hannah, and I wasn't sure if it was poor characterization or if I was just callous. This show was a bit of a hot topic at my school for a bit and all of what I heard was people praising it for its gritty realism and I just couldn't understand and articulate my thoughts as to why I didn't agree. Btw, this editing is really good!

  • Florangela Duque
    Florangela Duque 14 days ago

    I thought i was the only one that thought like this😮

  • Aishu SK
    Aishu SK 15 days ago +1

    I hate this show...don't get the hype at someone who has tried to off herself(multiple times) and nearly succeeded once....suicide is painful and recovery even more are not in a headspace to sit down and plot revenge...not to mention go to parties and be a normal teenager...that's kinda the point of depression. I could barely even wash my face before going out(at my worst) and Hollywood decides depressed girls have trendy haircuts, impeccable hygiene and brows on fleek. This show works as a suicide revenge fantasy...THAT'S ALL!!

  • Brandon Daniels
    Brandon Daniels 16 days ago

    The show could have been actually decent if they didn't have Hannah constantly put herself into horrible situations and blame people for her suicde when they did nothing wrong, so far Zach and Clay and the guidance counselor didn't do anything that i think would be worthy of having a tape made for them. The stuff she had no control over was her friend dating the guy she liked, the rape, and the dude taking the photograph of her kissing another girl is understandable. But the vast majority are mainly her either overreacting, being over dramatic, being rude, and sending mixed signals. I am in no way saying Hannah deserved to die or be violated

  • Kyra
    Kyra 18 days ago

    I'm still so salty about this goddamn show. Suicide isn't about revenge. Suicide is about a person having nowhere else to turn, and being in so much pain that they can't take it anymore. This show shits all over that and makes it look like those who kill themselves are just screaming for attention about their deaths.

  • Betül
    Betül 20 days ago

    She knew that Bryce and Jessica thing. And she didn't help her. And why did she get in to the hot tub in Bryce's house? (Sorry for my English)

  • Burrito Cat
    Burrito Cat 21 day ago

    I agree with everything he said in this video 100%. Like she had opportunities to get help but didn't and used suicide as revenge. I didn't like that about this show

  • Candies1Creations
    Candies1Creations 22 days ago

    I am so glad someone did a video like this. I couldn't stand this show. Made me not like her at all.

  • V Talk Teen
    V Talk Teen 23 days ago +1

    To be fair Hannah did clarify that clay didn’t belong on the tapes

    • Fabio Moreira
      Fabio Moreira 10 days ago

      If he didn't belong she shouldn't put his name on them.

  • Rakel Johanne Glosli
    Rakel Johanne Glosli 25 days ago

    Y are soooo funne!!!

  • Tiffany Zhu
    Tiffany Zhu 25 days ago

    I honestly think unless the person that committed suicide blames a bad bully or someone abusive in their life or something along the lines of that, suicide can’t be blamed on anyone but a lot of underlying issues. It’s also not a good idea to portray it as a weapon or a threat

  • Amish Verma
    Amish Verma 26 days ago

    I disagree with you.

  • Maliah H.
    Maliah H. 26 days ago

    I feel like a 55 year old man who was home schooled wrote this show because more then half of that shit that happened in the show wouldn’t have happened in a real school

  • Annelise Melo
    Annelise Melo 27 days ago

    Finally a comment section that understand me

  • Shriya Simran Pradhan
    Shriya Simran Pradhan 28 days ago

    Idk why everybody is upset with Hannah wanting revenge. These people (particularly Justin, Alex) practically destroyed her high school life. She had no friends and was forever called a slut. What I think is she couldn't just think about life after high school (going to NYC). Suddenly, after the incident at Bryce's, she had lost hope. Nothing mattered. And not to forget, she had the anger boiling against those people since a long time. She would WANT to be remembered, want those people to be haunted by her memories. She wanted them to regret what they did.
    However, I must add Clay in the tapes was absolutely ridiculous. Though she said in the book that he was there because he too was a part of the story (not particularly a reason) and she wanted him to know a story.
    Whatever be the cons, one can't deny Katherine & Dylan's AMAZING acting.

    • Tiffany Zhu
      Tiffany Zhu 25 days ago

      Shriya Simran Pradhan
      I don’t think they’re upset with Hannah as much as just the fact that the writers chose for the suicide to be portrayed as revenge instead of being from depression. I get there was underlying depression but I hate how the show suggests that using suicide to get revenge is even an option, especially to a whole audience of emotional teenagers.

  • Gabrielle Funk
    Gabrielle Funk Month ago

    The counsellor didn’t believe her

  • Fred Gomez
    Fred Gomez Month ago

    Hannah tells clay to leave = no means yes
    Bryce claims girls saying no doesnt always mean no = he is a sicko rapist white male and no means no ALWAYS.

  • jsquared5eva alsocas
    jsquared5eva alsocas Month ago +6

    she killed herself because she expected everyone around her to be able to read her mind, and obviously they could not..

  • Rosemary Lovebird
    Rosemary Lovebird Month ago

    This dude don’t get girls at all😂

    • Fred Gomez
      Fred Gomez Month ago

      Rosemary Lovebird aren't woman equal to men?

  • Alysia Scott
    Alysia Scott Month ago

    The book was so good

  • Jannah Baer
    Jannah Baer Month ago

    Hanna should have talked more yes, but in depression, which I’m currently conquering, you shut up a lot more than you should. The key tool that depression uses is isolation, you want to isolate yourself even though that makes everything so much worse. Hanna’s story wasn’t very realistic but one thing that was slightly realistic was her never talking or not talking as much as should have. In order for me to start getting better, people had to drag the words out of me, repeatedly and sometimes still do.

  • Phoebe Guerrero
    Phoebe Guerrero Month ago

    fight me if you want to but 13rw is actually a good book, the problem with the netflix adaptation is that it added too much drama than the actual story, and it made the protagonist look like an attention seeking bitch who made suicide a revenge, but people get it wrong. the book and the show (the story) is set on a point of view of a teenage girl with a depression. y'all people don't know what depression really is. the way it affects your way of speaking and how you treat people.
    in the part where hannah tells clay to leave, we all know that she felt guilty because she knew she shouldn't have said it. and your point where you said how can she have the time to record in each tape when she's really depressed? dude, that was her desire before she wanted to die. it was supposed to be her back up plan if ever she really committed suicide.
    she actually wanted to live, she searched for a reason, a purpose.
    how some people get mad at hannah or at this series only shows how good the book was because it really affected people. good or bad.
    but anyways, this show is meant to open your eyes but y'all get mad. hahaha like why? don't u get the point of this? hahaha i've got a lot to say more than what i've just said but i'll end it here.
    ps. i really like the book (jay asher is amazing), not the series cuz they added too much. plus the season 2 of this show isn't necessary. hehe

  • Kristien Whitneyjohns
    Kristien Whitneyjohns Month ago +3

    Problem was that Hannah was a disgusting person who used her death as a torture device.

  • aban ir
    aban ir Month ago

    To me she was just selfish and stupid who wanted to get attention :/

  • Deni B.
    Deni B. Month ago +1

    I have a bestfriend who's suicidal and when she finished watching 13 reasons why she started to overdose herself with medicine and she also gave me and our friends Farewell letters before doing so.

    Don't worry she's alive...😊😊

  • chun nu
    chun nu Month ago

    This show is dumb but i loved it..

  • vuyokazi sodinga
    vuyokazi sodinga Month ago +1

    I sympathized with her alot though. I feel like its easier to problemitise her situation than to actually put ourselves in those shoes. A lot of things look so easy to solve when you're looking in as an outsider but when things like that happen to you, its not easy to spot how you could solve the situation. Also I dont think 13 reasons why was necessarily about how she could've saved herself and chose not to, I thought it was more about illustrating how teenagers fall into the trap of suicide, it gives us sociological viewpoint on suicide and it raises awareness. I think it also makes one wonder about the concept of "humanity" too. I especially like that it didn't just focus on her but other characters too. We were able to form our own opinions about some characters, even though her point of view took over most of the time. I agree with Alex that she could have stepped up for herself in certain points. But i can understand why she didn't, and why she felt like she had to push people away. It's hard to see the frame when youre in the picture. I think the series was beautifully executed and although i am biased as i prefer the book. It was still really good and had somewhat realistic concepts although they were piled together.
    (Sorry for the long ass comment)

  • JC111414
    JC111414 Month ago +1

    The Book perfectly captures what the show could not...

  • squarepotatoes
    squarepotatoes Month ago

    this is a well edited video
    as someone who struggles with this issue of suicidal ideation since they were a teen, when the door is wide open and in a safe space over and over again Ill break down
    Hannah in the show is literally just Hollywood trying once again to understand what a teen thinks. AND ESPECIALLY the AUDACITY of thinking that they (who barely understand teens in general) could tackle a story with suicide for a teen
    I am flabbergasted at their hubris
    Especially when in my recollection when I was a teen reading the story it made more sense than in the show, which is just drama trying to disguise itself as a thought piece.

  • squarepotatoes
    squarepotatoes Month ago +1

    the book was more interesting and less

  • Danielle
    Danielle Month ago

    Could not have been said better. well done. 👏

  • Super Sisters
    Super Sisters Month ago +1

    The biggest problem is that it "teaches" and shows teens suicide!!!! It is the worst show! Why would anyone make a show about depresstion and suicide. NO JOKE WE ACTUALLY GOT A EMIAL FROM OUR COUNTY DIRECTOR (thats runs our county) ABOUT THAT SHOW THAT NO TEEN OR KID SHOULD WATCH IT. That is how bad it is.

  • Gillian
    Gillian Month ago +1

    Sometimes when a person is depressed it's really hard for that person to go ask for help because he/she doesn't want to be a burden.

  • STH
    STH Month ago

    Thanks for this, Alex. Thru the first two whole seasons of the show I felt like something was kinda off but just couldn't reeeaaaallyyy call it out. You absolutely nailed it.

  • Peej
    Peej Month ago

    I'm depressed and I find getting out of my bed the most tedious task of the day. How did she came up with that whole scheme, record 13 fucking tapes, decorated them, make copies of them and ughhh where did she even find tapes and tape recorder?
    That just so dumb and unreal. Wtf?
    I just hate how this show was hyped. It's a disgusting attempt romanticizing suicides.
    I hate how my friends say this is such a good show and bs like that.
    I want to slap the living hell out of everyone involved in the making of this show and everyone who likes this show.

  • Adam Fenton
    Adam Fenton Month ago

    I remember when the show came out and EVERYONE was flipping out about it and once I heard what it was actually about, it immediately turned me off to the show. I watched like, two episodes and had to stop because something felt off about it. The scene where she does it was triggering for me as well at the time and I know it had to trigger more people too.
    I never understood the hype over this show. From what I’ve seen, it glorifies WAY too much and there’s so much toxicity and I have no interest in putting myself through that.

  • Alyssa Bennett
    Alyssa Bennett Month ago +1

    What threw me off of the Hannah sympathy bus was when she made a tape for Clay at the end of her revenge list and then said “you did nothing wrong”. THEN DON’T STRING HIM ALONG 11 TAPES OF REVENGE BEFORE TELLING HIM THAT!! She gave no thought to the impact her tapes would have on someone she cared about.

  • Zafiro2jol
    Zafiro2jol Month ago

    Just an attention whore bitch using suicide as a weapon .
    Next plz.

  • ‘Scuse Me
    ‘Scuse Me Month ago

    I mean I liked 13RW I just didn’t like certain characters like Hannah or Clay, honestly they both were really annoying. For example when Hannah told clay to leave like 6 times, he left and then she got mad at him? And clay kept thinking that Hannah “was his” in the show and kept acting shocked whenever he found out someone had slept with her or kissed her.. He literally went around fighting people about it like okayyy? It’s his own fault he didn’t tell her how he felt

    I’m sorry I had to vent

  • K PT
    K PT Month ago


  • Swanika
    Swanika Month ago +1

    Season 2 sucks...

  • Sophie Maier
    Sophie Maier Month ago

    i liked the book so much better

  • Sophia Xoxo
    Sophia Xoxo Month ago +1

    Tbh this show is so triggering for some people. I mean I know this girl she used to go to my school and she loved 13rw so much that she started realising the things wrong with her life and she started self harming herself and told everyone she was going to kill herself.

  • Abby Maddox
    Abby Maddox Month ago

    Watch #WynonnaEarp

  • Halo Jay
    Halo Jay Month ago

    Suicide Feminist: DON'T FOLLOW
    Inside: I SAID DON'T FOLLOW ME!!!!

  • Just Some Guy
    Just Some Guy Month ago +1

    This show is effing annoying I couldn't get past season 1 😐

  • Raejene H
    Raejene H Month ago

    As a girl who has been through similar situations as Hannah and battles depression, a lot in the show was dramatized and didnt make sense. I personally found her to be overdramatic about many things. But at the end of the day, it's a TV show so......... 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • prost tak
    prost tak Month ago

    At the end I really wanted her to die

  • halllyssa 2001
    halllyssa 2001 Month ago

    What if she had multiple personality disorder ? I mean yes she didn’t go get help but sometimes people don’t feel like they can get help and being so depressed feel like no body will care anyway so they just don’t bother. I have sat on my bedroom floor crying legit thinking I was a burden and that people who clearly cared for me didn’t, depression can really change your whole thought process. I feel as though they represented her as bubbly in the beginning to show how introverted she got in the end. Yes she makes silly mistakes but it doesn’t show the parents sitting her down speaking to her much at all about how she was feeling and the school had many chances to contact Hannah and Hannah’s parents about the stuff going on at schools. Altogether it is a glamorised version of suicide for sure like she didn’t get help not from herself the school and because of that her parents. She should of spoken up about stuff going on but I can understand why she may not of wanted to, I think they needed to display why she didn’t trust her parents enough to tell them what was happening which they completely left out. I can talk to my mum about so much about stuff so it is weird why Hannah thinks she can’t

  • Isabelle Pohle
    Isabelle Pohle Month ago +1

    Alex... Do you have ANY IDEA about triggers?!!?
    Any idea about trauma?!?!
    Any idea about depression or mental illness?!?!
    Because what you say sounds downright ignorant and clueless. I am disappointed in you.
    I know, you are not a psychologist or have anything to do with it, but if you are going to analyze a movie or series about mental health and suicide, at least you could have made SOME EFFORT.
    Just for you to explain. Hannah told Clay to leave because she got triggered. She was dead afraid in that moment. Her telling him to leave was an affect caused by the trigger.
    The show is pretty accurate and realistic in these terms.
    And about the texting. I am usually not a shy person either but I often tried to solve things in my own way. Not always a smart decision, but people do that, especially teenager. And even though being a smart and quirky girl, I got REALLY shy and embarressed after mustering up the courage to give my crush a handwritten love note in school. And guess what? Dude showed it TO EVERYONE.
    And guess WHAT WHAT?! I got bullied for over 2 years for that shit. And there was no underwear involved and no kinkyness whatever, and still people never seemed to get tired of bullying me. Literally people I never talked to even. And did I ever say anything? Nope. Not a single fucking word. Why? Well...Let's say you fucking don't think it would make things better. Oh, and you are in a state of shock. Annnndddd then helplessness. Aaaaannndd pain because after all, you liked that guy and betrayal and rejection kinda hurts. Just a sidenote.

  • Isabelle Pohle
    Isabelle Pohle Month ago

    Alex. No! That is WRONG!
    Just so you know, being a victim of assault is not a thing that CAN be easily talked about.
    Lady Gaga for instance has until this day NOT revealed who raped her. If you are a trained councelor, you should know that when a girl comes to you and tells you she has been raped, THIS, my dear friends IS GODDAMN HARD. It's not a walk in the park. Telling the name of that person is hard as fuck. So don't you DARE victim blaming, Alex!!! Sorry, but that is just a dickmove!
    Secondly, he blames her and tells her literally to just get over it while she was obviously DESPERATE, SUICIDAL and looking for help. But he was just like, yeah, you know, sorry that happened to you but you know, I don't give a damn, I just ask half hearted questions and yeah, actually you can leave now, I don't care if you said you don't qantbto live anymore. Like, yeah. What a help. ;)

  • Punkie747jhg
    Punkie747jhg Month ago +1

    Dude please do one about Degrassi

  • Maliah H.
    Maliah H. Month ago +1

    Yeah no one would care about her going down a slide

  • J
    J Month ago +1

    Hannah: "Am i as pretty as Jessica?"
    Clay: "Jessica is pretty but youre...special"
    Hannah: "Special as in retarded!" *leaves*
    Clay: "How did this conversation go wrong so fast"
    Hannah: "Its how you talk. Sometimes i think youre some different type of male"
    Stuff like this makes me dislike hannah

  • Crystal Production
    Crystal Production Month ago

    Ben though Hannah has been abused she hasn’t stood up for herself and I’m really surprised by how she remembers how everyone has wronged her and she has made a revenge plot for all those people.
    She has been abused repeatedly and the people who did this do feel sorry, yes. But if she had started fighting back first or at least two times later she would have stopped this life. And even after being raped she could have gone to another school is she would have to,d what was going on at first.
    She uses death as a revenge plot as well which really says something about her as well as the characters

  • Logan
    Logan Month ago

    13 reasons to die

  • YouTube is my therapy

    13 reasons why is a suicide story built of someone who was too frightened of judgement to say something however i do agree she could have gotten help multiple times but that was part of the story they were trying to tell

    • That One
      That One Month ago

      They just did a terrible job at this and made her illogical actions seem as though she did them without the influence of mental disorders

  • snowbird
    snowbird 2 months ago +1

    It actually would've made more sense if Hannah had faked her death instead. That at least would've made the series and her character a little more interesting.

  • Skinny Legend
    Skinny Legend 2 months ago

    Why is the thumbnail different??

  • wlw cats
    wlw cats 2 months ago +1

    I appreciate this so much as somebody who struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts, love you Alex😭💘

  • radbutsad
    radbutsad 2 months ago

    i sent this to my friend because i know that she loves both the book and the tv show and i felt like if she saw this she might realize how the show is doing more harm than good so she might stop recommending it to people going through a rough time themselves. however within the first two minutes she got so butthurt that you dare attack her favorite show and stopped watching it. that really annoys me on how she can’t take polite criticism for things she didn’t even create. (im scared for the day when she makes something that’s heavily criticized and how she’ll react) and the fact that she’s now aware of how awfully this show is treating the topic of mental illness and doesn’t care

  • Brigid Nelson
    Brigid Nelson 2 months ago

    As a person who lost a teenage sibling to suicide it can be hard to ask for help. In a perfect world people would be able to ask for help and receive it. But it’s not only up to them it’s up to others around them (such as a parent) to be be aware of what is going on in their child’s lives.

  • Elliott Rae
    Elliott Rae 2 months ago

    It's also about s. Assault ya'll. Stuff that need to be talked about. Also a lotta murder true crime etc shows all around us. Don't want your kids watching it, then wat h your kids. My opinion.

  • Lisa Joanna
    Lisa Joanna 2 months ago

    I have an unpopular opinion about this show.

    Hannah not taking responsibility for her own decision and blaming others for not 'saving her' is wrong. She should have taken that responsibility. Not doing so, was wrong.

    But I feel like the audience isn't taking any responsibility for themselves either. The show has a polished was of presenting the plot and the characters unlike the real world, but we don't have to accept that as real. We don't have to blame a show for not being a suicide-prevention documentary. We can look at it and take responsibility for our own interpretations and be mature enough to know that yeah, we are not watching real life.

    I've skipped through both seasons in one evening, only really enjoying the storyline of one particular character, so I'm not biased in favor of the show. The creators arguably bit off more than they could chew, it's a serious topic after all, but it's just a show. Let's not blame it for not being able to save lives.

  • Gabby Who?
    Gabby Who? 2 months ago

    So basically she tells people she doesn’t need help and expects them to give her help...

  • VIS_YT
    VIS_YT 2 months ago +1

    I don’t get it why does Alex survives a gunshot to the head but Hannah doesn’t survive slitting her wrist in a bathtub tf

  • Angela Renee
    Angela Renee 2 months ago

    but it's also a bit realistic though how some people cry for help but when offered help, they don't accept any of it then act as if no one is there for them.

  • Blue Mole
    Blue Mole 2 months ago

    Hannah said she didn't mean it as a revenge she just wanted to show people how they affect others life so they start treating each other better

  • Blue Mole
    Blue Mole 2 months ago +1

    I hate her for planning it half a week and doing all the tapes but she couldn't write something as a goodbye for her parents?

  • Carolina Murtha
    Carolina Murtha 2 months ago

    There’s so much wrong with this show, it shouldn’t even exist. I watched it out of curiosity and by the end was furious. It romanticizes the whole “you’ll be sorry for making me do this.” Nothing Hannah went through (except the rape at the end) honestly wasn’t that bad or any worse or more embarrassing then most teenagers went through. We all have had those moments where we’re so mortified that we just want to crawl in a hole and “die”, but it’s a just a moment. It will pass, life will go on, if you’re really struggling get help if you need to, etc. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. The second season is a worse when Clay starts seeing Hannah and is able to talk to her and is haunted by her. No, they don’t come back. The way the counselor was portrayed pist me off because even though she was wanted everyone to come run to her after she pushed him away, a real profession counselor would’ve had to report the claim of sexual assault even though she didn’t give a name (he’s a counselor, not the police) to her parents, school and notify authorities. She taking the time out to construct these tapes and blame everyone for her actions in her “desperate” state of mind is a horrible portrayal of mental health.

  • Kinglink Reviews
    Kinglink Reviews 2 months ago

    Actually the school counselor COULD NOT chase her. He's not supposed. She didn't say "I'm going to kill myself." She didn't say "Someone's in immediate danger" he really can't do much. You're so right that Hannah manipulates all of this, but this show is terrible for so many reasons. Like literally everything.
    Feel free to blame the victim, or blame the writers who set that up. Don't forget, this is a TV SHOW! it's not based on a real girl and it's all fiction. It's all set up to tug at your heart strings. Sorry, but Hannah is a horribly written character, blame her for what she sets in motion (again the writer does this)
    Hell if Hannah said anything to Clay, Clay would be by her side every day, you can see Clay loves Hannah in a platonic way until they escalate it to romantic and she pushes him away.

  • idek lmao
    idek lmao 2 months ago


  • Andrea Alvarado
    Andrea Alvarado 2 months ago

    I liked the book better, i am actually writing a book that deals with suicide, depression, the loss of loved ones, divorce, and a lot of other things, I'm at the moment just tweaking my rough draft, bc i finished it in 4 months last year, now I'm fixing things and making sure everything makes sense and is handled how it should be, considering these topics are close to me, and also very sensitive topics, i don't want to mess anything up and have a whole thing blow up in my face because i have dealt with a lot of these problems myself, and this book is a bit like a way to feel better for me, and i want it to do the same for other people. So fingers crossed i can do it right😁, also the characters in my story actually try to get help, it takes a bit for some of them but eventually they do ho to a professional or even an adult to talk about their issues.

  • ihavesomanysubscribersbecauseofmylongchannelname

    i don't think you (other people too) realize hannah's state of mind. she is really depressed and people keep comparing themselves to her saying "i would never act like that". hannah is DEPRESSED. and also she told mr porter she was raped and he did nothing. she asked for help and the school counselor told her to "move on".

  • ihavesomanysubscribersbecauseofmylongchannelname

    hannah blaming her mistakes on others is a normal thing depressed girls often do. during the time i was depressed i was the most selfish i've ever been. i judged people, i blamed people for the messes i got into. but it's also not her fault if guys call her "easy" or sexually assault her. her wanting revenge is very normal. when i was depressed i thought about writing a note and blaming my family and people who've hurt me for my suicide to make SURE they knew they would've been responsible for my death. when you're that depressed you basically go crazy. her behaviour is not unrealistic.sure the way she talked on the tapes was a bit random, but her putting the plan together and recording them altogether was actually hannah wanting to make sure people HURT after she killed herself, which is exactly what i planned on doing and i know other people are like that too.

  • ihavesomanysubscribersbecauseofmylongchannelname

    but that photo part is totally realistic tho... i constantly hear people calling other people sluts because of photos they've seen or if they kiss a guy they're sluts. no offense, but that's something that a guy would never understand.

  • Agent_L
    Agent_L 2 months ago

    2:48 bruh whats the music???

  • Katriiina
    Katriiina 2 months ago

    I've read the book ages ago, I think I could've been like 14 or 15 and OH MY GOD. I still get chills whenever I read it. It was so touching, so scary, so terrible.
    Then I saw the show and I almost cried about HOW MUCH THEY FCKING RUINED IT.
    Please, read the book.

  • Linda Yue Jin
    Linda Yue Jin 2 months ago

    I agree. I was a kinda confused after I watched the show. Everyone should be responsible for their own lives. And always be honest and clarify what you actually mean. Not blame people for not knowing the things you didn’t tell.

  • Kimberly Martin
    Kimberly Martin 2 months ago

    Read the book

  • Kimberly Martin
    Kimberly Martin 2 months ago

    In the book she did. No one believed here

  • Kimberly Martin
    Kimberly Martin 2 months ago

    The tv series sucked and didn't present the ideas as well as the author did

  • Kimberly Martin
    Kimberly Martin 2 months ago

    Man the book was so much better

  • Keitu Rosey
    Keitu Rosey 2 months ago

    I love your work I ask you can you do cheetah girls