The biggest problem with "13 Reasons Why"


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  • Enon
    Enon 17 hours ago +1

    Although all u said was true, i think that the show tries to make us think that even though someone says they're okay, they may not actually be okay. Even thoogh someone says something or acts a certain way, they may feel differently on the inside, and that it can be hard to know how someone actually feels.
    I totally agree with you that she could have fixed many of the problems, that the plot seems a bit.. Weird, because the show makes her look like the victim when she actually could have fixed the problems. But then again, not everyone has the balls to stand up for themselves, and the show kind of shows that.
    The good thing is, after watching the show we're reminded that everyone has their own problems and that we should think twice before treating someone badly.

  • musical Girl
    musical Girl Day ago

    The book was way better the show focused more on views and drama than Hannah's depression and feelings.

  • Andrew Parikh
    Andrew Parikh Day ago

    NO ONE is responsible for the death of anyone. If you kill yourself, YOU killed yourself. Yes people influence behavior, but they don't CAUSE behaviors. I went through depression, I went through the struggle of suicide. I know what it is like, but I never said this person is the reason I want to die. I blamed events and situations, never a person. It isn't revenge, it is the blame game. She didn't win against them, she lost the battle and the war.

  • Seanish Grey
    Seanish Grey Day ago

    the real reason it's bad:

  • Francisca Abarca

    Honestly if this was just a show I wouldn't give a damn, like honestly, in my own personal opinion I'll be like " Well whatever, I don't like it, move on from it" but the thing is that it became so popular I couldn't just move on. Shows like this end up teaching young people, mostly young teens (15 under) that instead of fighting back, instead of trying to solve your own problems (which actually helps you grow up) and try to find a smart exit for the bad things that happen to you all you have to do is stand there, cry and try to get people to feel bad for you... I hate the victim attitude and personality, it doesn't help anybody, not you, not the people who surround you, nobody.

  • Dara Adesina
    Dara Adesina Day ago

    ...........she *glamorized* her *suicide* tapes ............. okay dam ,she wants to go out in style alrighty then

  • Dara Adesina
    Dara Adesina Day ago

    1:01 okay I just fell in love with the background song that had started playing for some reason

  • shashank kanthraju

    See bro usually we teens are way more confused even if we try to simplify the things we can't but end up complicating it even more so 13 reasons why makes a lot of sense to teens like me than to a grown-up so even if you think it doesn't make sense it's okay well stuff we teens do doesn't make sense either so no blame here but some movies or series need a lot of perspective to make sense

    • shashank kanthraju
      shashank kanthraju Day ago

      Look this is a prime example reading this many of you think I am one who would speak his mind no matter the crowd but I am not the one I am a shy guy who won't speak in a classroom of 30 people even if I got the right answer to a math or physics problem

  • shashank kanthraju

    Dude I disagree the show has an impact

  • αииιкα 549
    αииιкα 549 Day ago +1

    You really need to understand depression before you say something.

    There is no mistake in 13 reasons why...

  • Nalita Rose
    Nalita Rose Day ago

    Just quickly gonna address a small little detail. She went to Antonio's house and after she knocked a few times he ignored cause he didn't think it was important (I think), then she put the tapes down and after that committed suicide.

  • Laura-Elena Dumitrescu

    Have anyone thought about the fact that the entire show is about Hannah having mental problems? That's why she does things that are without any logic. It's not that the authors were stupid...

  • UniQuE SoUL
    UniQuE SoUL Day ago

    If you're reading this please check out Bojack Horseman. It's an adult cartoon also on Netflix. People sometimes compare it to 13 reasons why and how it better portrays mental health. I'd love to see a video from you about it.

  • binie. b
    binie. b 2 days ago

    Hey i really like like your videos and i agree with you BUT : when you have depression or suicide thoughts it is so unbelivable hard to speak up. Because you cant describe how you feel. And you probably dont wamt to hurt you parents or pull anyone down so you stay calm and try to figure things out alone. You are not able to talk to someone because maybe you feel like youre a failure or something. I know talking helps now but in my darkest times i couldent talk to anyone and made everyone belief i am okay.
    But i agree with the rest of it that was just my experience:)

  • Ra Kou
    Ra Kou 2 days ago

    I was honestly underwhelmed by her reasons to commit suicide. The rape was the only one where I thought omg its serious but even then she like, did nothing and then again blamed everyone else? And in the end I just couldn't sympathise with her. :/

  • wary zero
    wary zero 2 days ago

    i feel sick knowing people actually think 13rw is an inspiring show. its fucking not. blaming someone for YOUR death is fucking wrong, despite what happens. yes, murder is a different case. but blaming suicide on someone for revenge is disgusting. what the hell do you gain from it? you are DEAD. and making someone feel that it is ALL their fault even when you made the final decision, is wrong. yiu escaped your problems, whole making the guilt lay on someone's shoulders. its like a last laugh scenario, and its fucked up. this show romanticizes suicide, blames people who realized their mistakes but cannot go back, shows graphic depictions of self harm which makes it easier for depressed people to take after. it breaks so MANY rules and shouldnt be popular

  • The Emerald Warriors
    The Emerald Warriors 2 days ago +1

    I love the series from an entertainment standpoint

  • Ruby Tenebris
    Ruby Tenebris 2 days ago

    I really like 13 reasons why but its true that sometimes the things Hannah said didnt make sense, but if you have depression its sometimes that you dont even know what you want anymore or that you think help should come by itself because your not able to get some by yourself...its really confusing and I agree Hannah could have easily got help instead of just waiting for someone to come and help her like Clay or the counselor, since she even seemed to have a strong personality.

  • Laura Lexi
    Laura Lexi 3 days ago

    The biggest problem with "13RY", and "The night we met" ain't that.

    ZOMBEE 3 days ago

    The atmosphere of this video remembers me so much to "Persona" and/or "Catherine."

  • Evija3000
    Evija3000 3 days ago

    How does a depressed girl constantly have perfect hair and make-up?

  • Ramona Schön
    Ramona Schön 3 days ago

    Sadly I dont agree.. I totally understand why these kind of questions are coming up in your head, and I think it's hard to understand for a person who never knew what these kind of things feel like (maybe). Why she didn't try to fight for herself? Because she knew it wasn't gonna help anyway, which is totally right.. She didn't tell Porter about what happened because 1st of all, ITS FUCKING HARD TALK ABOUT SOMETHING YOU DON'T WANNA BELIEVE YOURSELF, SOMETHING YOU'LL HAVE ON YOUR MIND THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Also, it's embarrassing.. 2nd, The show isn't about how she reacts, its about how cruel people can actually be and how they're able to mess up your life step by step without doing (or doing) anything obviously big. It's pretty hard to open up about things tearing you apart from the inside, the point is that she tried at all.. She tried to let people know that something was wrong with her. If you feel like nobody cares or you aren't strong enough to help yourself, it's kinda hard to actually tell how you feel (besides depression makes you sure nobody gives a shit anyway), cause your own mind shuts you out. You kind of lose the ability to intensely think about things or make steps to change them.. So it's not as easy as it looks.. (Just my thoughts) ♡ love your videos, have a good day (((:

  • Animeislife
    Animeislife 3 days ago

    i just think that many people that kill themselves go thru something like hannah more than this other suicide girl
    and exactly the fact that they push people away make them feel shitty themselves i guess
    so the show is still stupid bc they send mixed messages if hannah killed herself because she hated herself or because others did her wrong


    I know I'm late, but I'm curious. What's the general opinion on "a girl like her"? Because to me, that movie dealt with these issues way better, and really hit home. So yeah. Just wanted to know what others think of it

  • MaskedWolfDragoness
    MaskedWolfDragoness 4 days ago

    I didn't watch the Netflix series. I read the book in high school, though. I had to do a few assignments on it, but I found it too depressing, so after reading it, I chose another book(I loved reading). Unfortunately, it was equally depressing, so I... I really don't know.... But I was running out of time, so I stuck with the second one.
    Imagine converting 13 Reasons Why into a children's book. That was something I could have done.

  • Vixx Celacea
    Vixx Celacea 4 days ago

    Depressed people would NEVER be as particular about their appearance. A hallmark of depression is lack of hygeine, their brain geenrally just stops giving a crap and finds no point in looks or health anymore.
    I read about Amanda Todd. Man people can be super fucked up. Don't judge someone by age. A ten year old can be a nasty piece of work. However teens take the cake in the asshole department.
    It should be a new law about driving someone to suicide near par with murder or manslaughter. Your words, your actions affect others. While intent matters, hurting someone is still hurting them, intent or not

  • Moge
    Moge 4 days ago

    If it weren't for Hannah the bullying with Tyler might not have escalated that far..

  • Maher Bhavsar
    Maher Bhavsar 5 days ago

    So we have to remember the show and the book are completely different. The book was written 2007, thats why everything doesn't fit. Back then social media was different.

  • Christoper Putt
    Christoper Putt 5 days ago

    a girl saying something when they mean the opposite? That's high school man. Every girl I ever met from 13-20 did that. Not sure what suprises you here.

  • Kristen Duhaime
    Kristen Duhaime 5 days ago

    I have AD and DD I do relate to Hannah to a certain extent. Hannah said "leave" but she did in fact mean stay. I do that sometimes. I'm not exactlt sure why. So it's not her fault. I agree tho, it was terrible to blame others for her problems and it was horrible to make a tape

  • princess priya
    princess priya 5 days ago

    Not blaming her, but she knew what kind of a man he is and still stayed in the hot tub instead of leaving when everyone else did? Seriously?

  • Eashwary V
    Eashwary V 6 days ago

    Love your videos and how you explain all the elements of it .

  • nootsuspicious s
    nootsuspicious s 6 days ago

    I really didn't like how they showed her suicide on the show. It made me very uncomfortable and scared

    • Chara
      Chara 2 days ago

      Anti actually increases suicide rates by showing people exactly how to do it.

  • Pink Wings
    Pink Wings 7 days ago

    What strikes me is that the comments aren't just people who did struggle with mental illness versus not, but people currently sick and trying to justify latching onto this show versus the people who have healed and deeply resent how wrong this all is.
    There is more to being than being a victim. Healthy and respected is far greater than being sick and pitied. Get yourself some actual healing so you don't have to waste your years being miserable all the time.

    And another thing, this story would have been OVER with the underwear pic. All it would take is one teacher or one goody-goody student to say "this is child pornography" for the law to get involved. There have been several cases in the last decade of similar circumstances, where one teen has nude photos of their gf on their phone and gets put on the sex offender list, or takes a picture as a prank and sends it around, putting multiple people on the list for possessing and/or distributing child pornography. Now if that had been the path, and Hannah received heightened bullying in retaliation for "ruining people's lives", it would have been her depression trying to make it all stop. But no, she killed herself so other people would feel worse. That's not self-loathing, that's manipulation.

  • imasupastar11
    imasupastar11 7 days ago

    I think the show had good intentions but executed them extremely poorly

  • Leah Love Baby
    Leah Love Baby 7 days ago +1

    I also struggle with depression. Who else? 🙋🙋🙋

  • Eliani Lopez
    Eliani Lopez 7 days ago

    The way she blames everyone is quite the opposite of what a person with depression would do. Shit I blame myself for mistakes that made 3 years ago I blame myself for the tiniest thing so her blaming everyone but herself is something that I can not relate to at all specifically from a allegedly suicidal person

  • Blue Light
    Blue Light 7 days ago

    I get that the show sucked. I saw and knew that beforehand. Can we just take a minute to discuss how well Alex did this video?? Like, damn.

  • beautbrunettebabe
    beautbrunettebabe 7 days ago

    can we also talk about how awful that wig is

  • Ring My Belles Natural Hair Journey

    This series was beyond stupid. Hannah took all this time to do these tapes for revenge but didn't make one saying goodbye tto her parents? Or even explaining anything to them? Just allowed her mom to find her dead body. No I have zero sympathy for Hannah. It irks me that this series got a second season and Sense8 got cancelled.

  • Erin Morgan
    Erin Morgan 9 days ago

    👏👏👏👏👏👏I've been waiting for this sort of video👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Matt Michel
    Matt Michel 9 days ago +1

    i just realised hannah is bitxh spelled backwards AND forwards

  • akhs denlew
    akhs denlew 9 days ago

    The show lost me when hannah, WALKED HERSELF into a rapist's house ( which she had 100% knowledge that he is a rapist since she saw him rape someone else with her OWN eyes).
    Not only she walked by her own fucking will into a rapist house, but she also took of her clothes.. again with her own free will, then everyone went missing in order to start fucking each other and hannah stayed alone... half a hot bath..... in the rapist house. AGHHHHHHHHHRHFGDS
    There's literally 0 females in the whole world that would do that... 0!!!!
    We're supposed to feel sympathy and depressed by her death.. disturbed, cus that's supposed to be "real life" and not fiction show.
    In fiction shows we don't feel sympathy ,sadness, and we are not getting depressed becouse we know we are watching a 100% fictional show.
    So that moment was the moment that made this show 100% unrealistic for me, and turned it into a fictional show... so when that happened i had no reason to keep going.
    Maybe you should try to make the show more realistic? Make teenagers to do things that teenagers would actually do.
    These are no students... these are criminals.. seriously, u can find less hatred and evil in a fucking prison.. how am i supposed to relate with these people?
    A lesbian that is willing to let a rapist get away with it just so the world doesn't learn that she is a lesbian? how the fuck am i supposed to... you know what nevermind.
    it's so stupid that it's not even worth talking, i am just gonna dislike it on imdb and move on.
    So for the guys who didn't watch the series and thinking about watching it, don't.

  • jimi1n
    jimi1n 9 days ago

    her character seems to be exhibiting symptoms of borderline personality disorder or bipolar disorder honestly, that's a reason i sympathised with her towards the end. The way she expects people to know what she's thinking and what she wants, the way she asks people to leave and yet expects the opposite. Idk, alot of the unlikable traits about her that you mentioned seems like symptoms to me.
    Ofc its a tv show so i don't know if that's intentional or if that's just how her characters attitude is, but i don't think its unrealistic for anyone to be that way. Maybe if the show stressed more on mental illnesses, then it would have made more sense rather than some random teenage girl who was depressed and killed herself because of her peers

  • popi2971
    popi2971 9 days ago +1

    I felt nothing for none of the characters in this show especially Hannah after she watched her friend get raped. This show was complete garbage and made all the adults seem completely clueless. Clay comes home looking like he's in fight club and his parents do nothing? GTFOH! such a garbage show.

  • CAcartoon
    CAcartoon 9 days ago

    I have to agree. The first time i watched it i immediately didnt buy what i was being showed with Hannah because nothing she did at the beginning even showed that she would br so vulnerable. I know sometimes it can be built over time, but the points you made here were exactly what i was thinking. My family even questioned why i didnt like the show because assumed I would like it because I was once bullied and depressed and I was really shocked and disappointed with them. I cant related to any of the characters because they seen too unrealistic to get an actual reaction out of me. Hannah does go through alot of bad things, but her character keeps switching beiltween a helpless sad introverted victim who cant do anything to some snarky outgoing direct girl who has a good head on her shoulders. If they showed how she progressively became less and less snarky and outgoing, maybe i wouldve seen more of something relatedable because it w po uld show the actual process and if she did try to reach out and people DENIED her, then her death would be more tragic, but it didnt. And i really wanted to like the show and its message but it just didnt do it for me.

  • Laura Taye
    Laura Taye 9 days ago +1

    Just wanna say that being sarcastic doesn’t mean that people have to be self confident. I knew a few shy people that would get sweaty hands when they were supposed to do things on their own but were full on sarcastic and humorous with other people.

  • Cherie Aria
    Cherie Aria 10 days ago

    It's actually a very realistic portrayal. Pushing people away is part of depression. If she hadn't pushed help away she would probably not have killed herself. I don't think the show wanted us to feel sorry for Hannah, or at least it's not the main purpose. She is portrayed as a real person with likable and unlikable qualities. The very obviously different demonstration of her personality also makes it realistic because it is who she wants people to think she is (who she is trying to be or who she was before depression) and who she really is (or what she's really feeling.) And it all may seem very ridiculous for people who have not suffered from depression.
    As for the revenge tapes and suicide being portrayed as a weapon is also close to reality. There are two types of suicide by motive: one is to end their own misery and the second is to inflict misery on those around them. This video wanted the show to portray Hannah as the first type because the first type are the people that we have more sympathy for but the truth is she was the second.
    Also slut-shaming still very VERY much exists despite how open the society seems to be with sexuality.

  • Arika Karin
    Arika Karin 10 days ago

    Simply because someone like Hannah is exist.. Yes she somehow like a fool who dont seek for help or whatever. If we can blame her of what her flaws.. Then we should blame ourselves either bc we dont make it easier for them..

  • Nerdee79
    Nerdee79 11 days ago

    You ARE blaming the victim for not reacting how you would, you are failing to understand the mind of a teenage girl with mental illness. YOu had a few good points but screw this video and your lack of empathy.

    • Pink Wings
      Pink Wings 6 days ago

      As one of many once-teenage girls who has since healed, not even at the lowest would I want to be anywhere close to my friend's rapist, at the minimum. Who on Earth would willingly spend time with someone they watched commit a violent crime, let alone a crime against someone they cared about?
      Not once does she blame herself for any of her problems (a notably common symptom of depression), she blames everyone else and kills herself to make them feel guilty. That's not depression driving you to override your survival instincts as you desperately try to find a solution to make the pain stop, that's the need to manipulate and harm others that you overrule your basic desire to be alive with the thrill of knowing how sad they'll all be when your dead. Now maybe her rapist will go to jail, but everyone who cared about her will have their own psychological issues to sort through from the guilt.

  • Karly May
    Karly May 11 days ago

    this show sucks ‘cause it’s one of the only widely publicized shows / movies focusing on suicide, and yet it paints all suicide victims to be manipulative and revenge-driven, which is crazy unhealthy.

  • That Girl
    That Girl 11 days ago

    I never took the time to watch it

  • Vincisomething
    Vincisomething 11 days ago

    There is a guy in my school that looks like Clay and I was trying to figure out why he looked familiar.

  • Gabriela
    Gabriela 11 days ago +1

    Nice video, but you think _this_ is unrealistic? Boy, you really should see season two, where absolutely nothing ever makes sense.

  • lauren loudon
    lauren loudon 11 days ago

    oh my god the artwork for this was beautiful and i agree with everything he says when i watched the show it actually felt like they were in a way glamorizing suicide.... and this show is not for people who struggle with suicidal tenancies in my opinion

  • That Guy
    That Guy 12 days ago

    🅱Аиа накег

  • Teresa Dragschitz
    Teresa Dragschitz 12 days ago

    Like did nobody know there’s a book? It’s something like „before instagram was a thing“ old! Also it’s about slut-shaming when the picture is shown around, however she acts, whatever she does people make it about her body

  • Nilanjan Paul
    Nilanjan Paul 12 days ago

    Hey great video dude. 💙
    Btw I too made a video essay on 13 Reasons Why:
    I think you'll like it. 😇

    Edit: I commented at first without watching the entire video. Now I would like to add a few points.
    Hannah's character depicted in the show shows almost exactly how a depressed person feels at times. And it'll be very hard to understand and may seem illogical to understand if you're not a victim of regular depression, if you're not depressed every day.
    For example, Hannah asked Clay to leave because she was in such a turnmoil that she didn't wanted Clay to be dragged into her problems. But inside, she wanted him to stay, to understand her, to help her.
    The second thing is, Hannah couldn't talk about all these things to anyone because of her family's problems. They weren't doing so good back than, and she didn't wanted to make her parents worry and also these are not the things you talk to parents about, no matter how worse you feel. How could she have told her parents that she was being slut-shamed, being extremely lonely, and raped.
    You just couldn't.
    _Because sometimes death feels easy than living. And the hopelessness Hannah felt, was enough to make her want to do it. _*_Kill herself_*

    • Chara
      Chara 2 days ago

      That is not how depression works. Hannah is just manipulative and cruel to an extreme. She blames everyone else for her own problems, makes decisions that not even someone as stupid and gullible as me would make! And then kills herself for the sole purpose of making everyone else sad and guilty. That is most certainly mental illness, but it isn't depression, it's something like psychosis, her manipulative tendencies overriding her basic will to live.

  • Isabella Ashby
    Isabella Ashby 12 days ago

    Oh my gauwd this editing tho♥️I love it so much!!!!

  • ijeoma anozie
    ijeoma anozie 12 days ago

    Sounds like an SJW run show.....🤔

  • Caitlin Mackenzie-Jones

    Did you read the book?

  • Efrain ._.
    Efrain ._. 12 days ago

    "Oh my god, you showed my poem to people, now I'm going to slit my wrists and watch the blood drain into my bath after recording a tape to shame you for trying to build self confidence in me." I hated this show. It's really stupid.Most of the reasons on her 13 reasons list just didn't equate to what she did. They weren't that bad. The only bad one I'd say is her getting raped. Besides that, she shouldn't have blamed everone for their mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, and we grow from them. Here Hannah Baker is, the "relatable" character, not really, to show you how crappy you are for every mistake you made in your life.

  • priya dubey
    priya dubey 12 days ago

    Can we say that Hannah is a BPD? The show (and the book, it's annoyingly unbearable to read) is shitty. They've glorified suicide, that's all.

  • TheHouseOffice
    TheHouseOffice 13 days ago

    I think it's easy to forget how isolating it can feel to be a teenager. Not all teens feel they can talk to adults.

  • DarkDragon
    DarkDragon 13 days ago +1

    i know this was stated a lot in the comments, but i hate how they use suicide as a weapon.

  • Mihaila
    Mihaila 14 days ago

    I thought that too! Hannah was stupid, spoiled and a drama queen. But the actors work was outstanding!! I loved the acting, soundtrack choices, cinematography and that's what kept me till the end.

  • sydney anne
    sydney anne 14 days ago

    “cry for attention” alex i love your videos but NEVER categorize a suicide/suicide attempt as a cry for attention, it’s just wrong

    • sydney anne
      sydney anne Day ago

      hannah was depressed, it was clear that she was depressed. she made those tapes so people know why she did what she did, some people with depression don't show emotion as she did. her suicide was not a revenge plot, she was depressed and didn't feel like there was hope for the future

    • Chara
      Chara Day ago

      Mood: anxiety, apathy, general discontent, guilt, hopelessness, loss of interest, loss of interest or pleasure in activities, mood swings, or sadness
      Sleep: early awakening, excess sleepiness, insomnia, or restless sleep
      Whole body: excessive hunger, fatigue, loss of appetite, or restlessness
      Behavioral: agitation, excessive crying, irritability, or social isolation
      Cognitive: lack of concentration, slowness in activity, or thoughts of suicide
      Weight: weight gain or weight loss
      Also common: poor appetite or repeatedly going over thoughts
      These are possible symptoms of depression. Dunno, I'm not seeing it. Anxiety, maybe, apathy, clearly not given she cared enough to make 13 tapes hell bent on making everyone in her life feel guilty for her own problems, and she maintained her appearance showing she cares about that, general discontent is normal for humans so of course she'd show that, guilt, not once. Not ever. She blamed everyone else for her own issues, blamed others for not doing enough despite being offered every chance to get help, hopelessness, maybe? Loss of interest? Apparently not given she cared enough to screw over everyone in her life. Mood swings? Not really... she's just kind of bland all the time, never shows much emotion even before her problems started. Sadness, more like anger, there wasn't a sense of desperation present, her suicide was basically an elaborate revenge plot, not an action borne of hopelessness or despair.
      As for the physical and behavioral symptoms, a few are present, for example social isolation and of course thoughts of suicide. But there aren't enough present to solidify your claim.

    • sydney anne
      sydney anne Day ago

      did we even watch the same show?? hannah was depressed, she showed all the signs of depression and those tapes were her telling her story, her suicide was NOT a cry for attention and to say that is just disrespectful

    • Chara
      Chara 2 days ago

      Well with Hannah it was. She blamed others for every flaw and mistake she made, and then killed herself and made a bunch of tapes to make everyone feel sad and guilty. Hannah was certainly mentally ill but she wasn't desprended. She was arguably egotistical and psychotic, to the point where it overwrote her basic survival instinct.

  • Anne-Sophie Gelinas
    Anne-Sophie Gelinas 14 days ago

    As someone who has several mental illnesses and psychological disorders, I’m a bit insulted by how terribly and unrealistically mental illness was presented in 13 Reasons Why.

    ASPEN 14 days ago

    Very nicely edited!
    I usually don't comment, But this time I just had to!

  • Ella Mae227
    Ella Mae227 16 days ago

    Not sure if I agree with you about Hannah being unrealistic...I love your videos and everything but coming from personal experience it’s pretty common for people dealing with this kind of stuff to just hope someone is going to figure out that they want help even though they’re too afraid to take it. I also saw her making the tapes as much less of a revenge thing and more of an ‘I want to make sure this stuff never happens again’ kind of thing. I do see what you mean though about how it lowers the emotional impact of this stuff though and ultimately weakens the whole ‘be nice to others’ message

  • fagol sagol
    fagol sagol 17 days ago

    I can't believe hannah watched a girl get raped and did nothing. Yet when it happened to her the school counselor was to read her mind...

  • Basiil
    Basiil 17 days ago

    Season two is out now we need an update lol

  • Carys Hummel
    Carys Hummel 18 days ago

    Because of this video, reality hits me. I kinda did the same, I'm talking about not asking anybody for help. Until now, I just told my mom like an hour ago that I Think I have depression.

  • Just That Ugly
    Just That Ugly 21 day ago

    This show is absolutely disgusting and holding the idea that people don't actually have to make an effort to get better. It teaches the audience that not only do people with mental disorders want people to be pitied, coddled and victimized, but they're helpless and fragile. It's disgusting and insulting how Jay Asher (the author) and the director of the show reveal to the audience how mental illness and depression works. The book pissed me off, but the show aggravated me even more. Hanna's character is a vile human being that deserves NO sympathy, no trust, nothing. No one like this deserves anything from anyone. Thank you for making this video. This show not only gives a 100% misconception about depression, but it's glamorized as some kind of annoying experience where only attention whores suffer from depression. I appreciate this video a lot because not many people talk about it other than myself and my friends.

  • Samara
    Samara 22 days ago

    Suicide is what people do when they can't deal with problems and feel too alone to go get help but don't actually want to do it.

  • Nola Tinker
    Nola Tinker 23 days ago

    I showed this to a friend and they said every bit is wrong. They don’t even know I have depression.

  • silveremeralddragon1
    silveremeralddragon1 24 days ago

    I haven't watched this show but if your interptation is correct Im ashamed to be female.

  • beatrice difolco
    beatrice difolco 24 days ago

    The show probably would've been more effective if:
    1. Hannah showed signs of mental illness that made the bullying much harder to deal with
    2. The tapes were a diary type of thing she had made over time and sent to her friend last minute because she didn't want her parents to know
    3. The friend had been the one to send around the tapes in revenge because of anger over Hannah's death

  • Charlotte Fernau
    Charlotte Fernau 25 days ago

    If I were in that world I would slap the shit out of that girl... I did not suffer for so long, depression undiagnosed, suicide on the cusp of my mind, to let a manic pixie dream girl use it in her own orgasmic revenge fantasy

  • Look At My Adorable Profile Pic

    It's for entertainment. Your wrong. You idiot. I LOVE the show! GO CLAY!

  • Deborah Mesfin
    Deborah Mesfin 25 days ago

    Remember when Alex had no animations?

  • The Conpheranseer
    The Conpheranseer 26 days ago

    Hannah is bipolar, obviously.

  • Nothing is Wrong Today

    I hate this show man

  • Pearson Productions
    Pearson Productions 27 days ago

    Hannah acted like she was legitimately depressed throughout the whole thing when after the fact of the picture... I know this because my two sisters have had to deal with it... THERE ARE FUCKING SIGNALS IF YOU KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR. She didn't display any of these before the picture, which makes the writers idiots. She was unrealistic. The way she acted at the very beginning made no sense with the way she act after the picture, and the revenge plot with the tapes, if she really wanted it, she probably would've been a school shooter getting payback and ending with a suicide after the fact, but it's made even more unrealistic when she uses the tapes... Or she might've just ended her life with a note probably or none without the tapes realistically, but with the past events prior to her suicide, this show made absolutely no sense. To wrap it up, I'm agreeing with you Alex 100%

  • ncc_ itz_brylie
    ncc_ itz_brylie 27 days ago

    No one actually understands this show😳

    • Chara
      Chara 2 days ago

      If no one understands it, maybe it isn't a good show.

  • Milica Jelača
    Milica Jelača 27 days ago

    She is a victim but she is playing a victim card to people who actually tried to help her

  • kara max
    kara max Month ago

    The show is just romanticising the idea of suicide ! It shouldn't be portrayed in that way, it can affect people as suicide is actually contiguous. Suicide is not a revenge on other people! It's your own loss, how could they glorify it and turn it into some revenge plot ?! Grow some balls and deal with your shit, at least talk to someone, get help .Killing yourself and then blaming others for it... It's a very cruel thing to do to your loved ones and to yourself !
    She could have transferred to another school, if conditions were so hard, why kill yourself over highschool bullshit, highschool isn't your whole life! You're gonna get outta there and you're never gonna see those people again! Why throw away your precious life over something that would be so irrelevant after five or six years?!!
    There's always a way out no matter how difficult the situation is, you can always find a way out!!
    BE BRAVE!!

  • Hayeon Cha
    Hayeon Cha Month ago

    I'm not victim blaming here, but her rape was actually her fault imo. It's because she knew that the dickhead who raped her raped jessica prior to her rape. So, for me it was an idiotic move to go to his house, remove all of her clothes and bathe with him in that bath tub. Like, seriously, girl...If I knew and witness the rape of my bestfriend I would definitely tell her and try to avoid that sick motherfucker at all cost.

  • Asmaa Ai
    Asmaa Ai Month ago

    this is soo true. we even felt like it was acc her fault for her problems. she blamed him everyone and didn't do anything to defence against herself. she is also so naive

  • Roquel idgaf
    Roquel idgaf Month ago

    I can’t feel bad for those who suicide over *bullying* That shits just stupid, selfish, and makes them *weak* Rather do something about it than not being able to see another day.

  • Tony K
    Tony K Month ago

    The book was really good! Read it in high school

  • Kiran J.
    Kiran J. Month ago

    I haven't watched the show but I did read the book. Did NOT like it.

  • Paristhecatt
    Paristhecatt Month ago

    My friend was in thirteen reasons why. Her name is Anna zavelson. She is so talented and sweet.

  • PinkysaurusRawr
    PinkysaurusRawr Month ago

    wow okay i agree with a lot of this but you spout some misogynistic BULL in this video and you desperately need to get a female perspective in your life god damn

    • Chara
      Chara 2 days ago

      Yeah, what are you on?

    • F A D Z
      F A D Z 22 days ago

      What are you on about??

  • mariah boatwright
    mariah boatwright Month ago

    Yeah! This show wasn’t very good. I would like to think the book was better but honestly I don’t know. If you want to read a book that deals with rape and serious topics. Read “Speak” both the movie and the book in my opinion are pretty good. Also I think the portrayal’s in the tv show was terrible mostly because none of the characters are appealing.

  • ShadowGamesHD
    ShadowGamesHD Month ago

    This is one of the biggest reasons I hate this dumbass show I'm so glad someone saw what I saw

  • TemporaryButterfly
    TemporaryButterfly Month ago

    I completely agree with this. They finally gave a voice to something that needed less stigma and the people on the show really meant well with its intentions. However, my biggest issuew ith this was that although they showed the problem they didn't really offer a lot of solutions. While I am glad that this show is out there and has that purpose, I'm frustrated at what it missed.

  • 1mezion
    1mezion Month ago

    I got to admit when I saw the premise of the show 13 reasons why I had no interest in looking at it at all, in addition I've got to say it I rather enjoy the way you presented and articulated this video congrats on a job well done

  • Danielle Johnston
    Danielle Johnston Month ago

    It’s not that easy when you have depression. You can only see the bad in every situation. That’s why a lot of people never ask for help. They think they aren’t worth it. And you can be very calm and sarcastic when writing a suicide note. I know. I’ve written one. So having depression isn’t just go talk to someone and get help. It’s so much harder than that.

  • Supertendo
    Supertendo Month ago

    Its the point of the TV series.
    It is spreading awareness that if you are experiencing something troubling you should act instead of keeping it to yourself. Hannah did not act upon what was done to her or asked for help. The series encourages you to GET HELP or act upon the issues and not let them pile on. Also another thing is that when the picture of her upskirt was shared she saw everyone's reaction and could not think of a way of getting out of it because later she says it that nothing I would have done could make it right because of the thousands of rumours that were spread after the picture was posted. Tho I do agree tht Hannah was a puzzling character as whenever she said something she meant the other way round. But it could be that she was hiding it so as she was scared to talk about it. If you see Clay's alternate scene of staying back you could see tht she says tht he didn't deserve her and tht everyone doesn't like her, she tells him to leave because she doesn't want the burden of her depression to Clay. With Mr Porter, she does not say about it to him because she is not able to tell straight about it I mean COME ON DUDE she was raped how can she tell straight tht she got raped because its hard.. She wanted Mr Porter to stop her anyhow and tell her to tell the problem because it was difficult for her to talk about it and like we see Jessica herself finds it difficult to talk about it. This is my opinion about the show.