The biggest problem with "13 Reasons Why"


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  • Devin W
    Devin W 2 hours ago

    What's the name of the song when what's his face puts that tape in at the beginning of the video?

  • Michele Portatadino
    Michele Portatadino 17 hours ago

    This shit pile of a series just sucks, admit it! And Hanna is an awful person.

  • seafoamSpirit
    seafoamSpirit 22 hours ago

    the part of the show i hated the most is that they advertised it as realistic and helpful. if theyd admitted it was unrealistic, and put a warning for the triggers they showed, i wouldnt have cared. but if you tell your audience it will help them understand depression, and it only gives them a backwards view of the subject, you are responsible for the lies youve spread. not to mention, this show GLORIFIES suicide. instead of showing us the people she loved and wouldnt have wanted to hurt, it shows us her plans going great. she wants them to feel shame, and of course they do. it weaponizes suicide, and makes it seem like a good answer. it almost convinced me, when i was doing far worse, that it would be a good answer. i will not forgive the horrid errors of this show.

  • Bottom Text
    Bottom Text Day ago

    The while hot tub thing is so stupid. I never want to say someone “had it coming” but she quite literately jumped into a pit with a hungry lion. She goes to the house of a known rapist, takes her clothes off and gets in the damn hot tub. That’s like parking your new BMW in the Bronx unlocked and being surprised that it’s been broken into and had things stolen. The whole scene was just stupid

  • Tova Skogström
    Tova Skogström 2 days ago

    I really liked it when I watched it, but I agree with you in this video!

  • Serenity Scratch
    Serenity Scratch 2 days ago

    thirteen reasons why does this show have to exist.

  • dragonrabbit30
    dragonrabbit30 2 days ago

    The only reason why I watched 13RW is because I just wanted to know about Hannah’s story, and now that I watched this, I can totally relate to how I don’t relate to the show at all. Thanks for the realization.

  • mumtaaz hussain
    mumtaaz hussain 3 days ago

    she was a teenager not an mature adult woman..if she was an adult then she would have had ask for help

  • Mattania
    Mattania 3 days ago

    Anna Baker was probably the most unlikable character...I couldn't sympathize at all

  • Pajama Sam
    Pajama Sam 4 days ago

    I get what you're saying here. And Hannah is flawed, but isn't that part of mental illness? Many people with mental illness do not seek help. Yeah, they should, but they are obviously not in the right mind and neither was Hannah. I thought it was a decent series, though obviously not perfect.

  • Mari Martini
    Mari Martini 5 days ago

    I think the biggest problem is this: when you want to commit suicide, you DON’T plan it so well (yes, some people do. There are famous cases about this, but most of the times they don’t) you do it on impulse, at the very moment your brain thinks things are so so so bad that you should end your own live. Psychologists say that if you have depression, you should keep harmful itens (like knifes and guns) away. Hidden. Because your brain will tell you to end your life in a very short period of time. If you think it through, you don’t do it (if you have some more seconds to find the gun or knife, you have less chances of doing it).
    I never watched 13 reasons why, because I always knew it wouldn’t reflect the reality... and making a show on such a theme when it’s not even going to reflect what really happens and why real people (real teens) commit suicide.. well.. it’s just not wrong...
    it’s like was said on the video: Hannah is not realistic, what happened to her is not realistic. Recording 13 (13!!!!!!!!) tapes on the subject is not realistic. It was NOT her last option. And it sets a really dangerous example for real depressed teens. This show is wrong

  • Cleveland Maker
    Cleveland Maker 5 days ago

    really Alex......I have to disagree with you

  • Trym The Viking
    Trym The Viking 5 days ago

    she was overwhelmed, humiliated and bullied...

  • Serpentine M
    Serpentine M 5 days ago

    I have A LOT of mental issues, I get help for it, this girl doesn’t do shit but complain and makes things worse! This girl just expects to have people come for her. “Go away, I don’t want to see you!” “Wow, he really just left or didn’t come back.” Really bitch. Really. Also, the rape scenes and cutting, really pissed me the fuck off. Yes, it’s good to bring awareness, but why actually show it?? It’s triggering as fuck. It made me want to relapse. Fuck this show, it’s awful.

  • Johanna Leonhard
    Johanna Leonhard 5 days ago

    The worst thing is that she says the other kids killed her. They did bad things to her, okay, but the person who killed her in the end was no one but herself. Nobody forced her to commit suicide. She did it OUT OF CHOICE.

  • Erika Hayes
    Erika Hayes 6 days ago

    Awesome editing

  • Taylor Rodriguez
    Taylor Rodriguez 6 days ago

    Well done!

  • Parker Dolan
    Parker Dolan 7 days ago

    Game of thrones review?

  • Parker Dolan
    Parker Dolan 7 days ago

    Tells the dude 5 TIMES; "PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE!!! "
    *The dude eventually leaves*
    Hannah later exclaims; "why did you have to LEAVE me? "
    This show...

  • Rishi Pal
    Rishi Pal 7 days ago

    Booooooooooohhhhhhhh feminisms

  • drewski west
    drewski west 8 days ago

    best part of the show was the hyper realistic razor usage. the rest was shit.

  • Haidee Findlay
    Haidee Findlay 8 days ago

    You are so on point!! Blaming the councilor and clay! What you did was way worse Clay! all you heard throughout...and when you get to it....he did nothing wrong!.

  • Wolfie Annie
    Wolfie Annie 8 days ago

    Why yes I agree with what everyone is saying you guys are missing something. The show is not intentionally trying to sugar coat it it’s trying to raise awareness for suicide. That’s the point and also yes the show probably shouldn’t have happened because people are cutting themselves and are committing suicide because of this but people don’t have to do it. It’s not the shows fault for people cutting themselves it was people’s decision to do it. BUT the show should have said a warning like they aren’t trying to make it seem cool or ok but raise awareness. Also I know you guys say the girl in the show did it for revenge but that’s not it. First she told the tapes from her point of view so everything she said may not have been the whole truth. I mean when you tell somebody something it’s not going to be exactly the whole truth because there are different points of views. Also she said later on in the show repeatedly that this was not done for revenge but raise awareness and to get the last guy to stop raping and to tell people why she did it and many other reasons, but never for revenge. Well ok yes partly but when have you not done something for revenge. She’s a human not a fricking angel. Also she could have stopped it yes but it’s hard, at first it happened she felt hurt and embarrassed really not a lot of people go and tell everyone no that didn’t happen, because the were/are scared to. Also she didn’t bother that much at first because she may have thought it was little One time thing that’s it but kept happening. Understand people commit suicide because they think there nothing you can do that’s why we help. She did not think clearly not her fault.

  • S O P H I E
    S O P H I E 8 days ago

    Okay the thing with the "I push you away but actually I want you to stay" may seem weird for someone who never suffered from a mental illness like depression, bit it's actually very realistic. Pushing people away, even though you know that you need their help is a very common side effect/symptom of depression.

  • GreyWind1988
    GreyWind1988 9 days ago

    This show was just horrible. It's like watching Catcher in the Rye where the main character constantly makes terrible choices and then blames others for those choices. What happened to her is absolutely tragic, but the fact that her suicide is treated as revenge is absolutely sick.

  • Des Bundy
    Des Bundy 9 days ago

    They changed and/or added details to the show that took away a bit from the story the book is better

  • Brownei
    Brownei 9 days ago

    Man I miss these serious and beautiful videos a bit, Alex.

  • Taylor Walker
    Taylor Walker 9 days ago

    Only issue with the show is, it really doesn’t explain or show you how traumatic it is to loose someone to suicide. I watched this show last March my bestfriend hung himself in July and died. And I literally didn’t leave my room for 4 months because I was so upset. I think they should’ve gave the other kids a more expressive way to grieve. Because seemed like none of them were grieving.

  • Salted Carmel
    Salted Carmel 10 days ago

    No wonder so many millennials loved this show. The victim mentality and the “I caused my own problems (minus the rape), now because I don’t want to deal with it or take responsibility it’s your fault. And how can you get mad at someone for doing EXACTLY what you told them to. 🙄

  • homstuck nerd
    homstuck nerd 10 days ago

    Everyone in my school cuts its all my freinds talk about ones they did it right infront of me i feel helpless to them

  • Da le
    Da le 10 days ago

    Spot on bro. This series was garbage, the message was diseducative and the main actor had the acting skills of a dial tone.

  • Sonya D
    Sonya D 11 days ago

    This is a great review. Well done

  • Followyourideas (Aikido Shodokan)

    This girl basically killed herself because she only cared about others opinions and could not stand for herself even in the stupidest situations. What a great teaching of how to be an empowered woman.

  • ohmyafy
    ohmyafy 11 days ago

    One line in the series got it right. She’s a drama queen.

  • To The Truth And Beyond

    This show is fuck'n stupid and has nothing to do with the real life.

  • sleepy kitten
    sleepy kitten 13 days ago

    This show pisses me off so much, from someone who has struggled alot and has dealt with sexual harassment from one of my own family members. I had to learn to move on. She however just blamed eveyone.

  • Santosh Shrestha
    Santosh Shrestha 13 days ago

    why didnt u make it funny?

  • Olivia
    Olivia 13 days ago

    I think the better storyline would be that Hannah killed herself, and instead of her recording the tapes she doesn’t leave a note or anything, and no one knows the real reason why she did. instead her parents, or a schoolteacher or whatever instead tries to find out why, so instead of the tapes exposing everything said person interviewing other students, significant people in Hannah’s life etc. uncovers what happened to her, it would make it a lot more “realistic” and Hannah more likeable as she isn’t using her suicide as revenge or a weapon

  • Feirce Majora
    Feirce Majora 15 days ago

    I do relate with hannah actually, I always expected someone would read my fucking mind but I do end up seeking for help

  • Feirce Majora
    Feirce Majora 15 days ago

    I love the first season, but then the second season happened and I just cant support the show anymore

  • ami rin
    ami rin 16 days ago

    Well I think that was the point of the show that you are so damaged that you cant see things streight anymore. Its a 100 times harder to seek help or exept it when you are in that mental state.
    That I think isnt that unrealistic.

  • Daisy Brianna
    Daisy Brianna 16 days ago

    The book was so much more clear and concise and it was one of my favourite when I was a teenager. Which is why I refused to watch the TV show.

  • Maisie Henderson
    Maisie Henderson 16 days ago

    I really like your animation! The way you take the photos and do all the fancy stuff with them... I can't explain it but it's really good!

  • Rosa Gudny
    Rosa Gudny 17 days ago

    I haven’t seen this show and I won’t. I read the book it is based off on and oh boy was I furious. It is a shit story, harmful message! Shame on Netflix to make it!

  • Chih Huang
    Chih Huang 18 days ago

    Help yourself and heaven will help you.

  • Tabioka Bone
    Tabioka Bone 18 days ago

    The fact that Hannah Baker blames others for killing herself makes her such an unlikaeable person. Doesn't matter what they did to you (except for Bryce maybe) if you kill yourself no one has the possibility to talk to you or anything anymore She just leaves this messages in order to.make them feel bad, but was too cowardly to write something to her parents. The others are still alive and face so many pain and trouble because of this
    I am sorry but Hannah Baker is such a stupid and flat character. It seems like killing yourself is an option in order to harm others. I think she is responsible for killing herself and nobody else. There are people who got raped and so many terrible things but they keep fighting.

  • Tom Jamison
    Tom Jamison 20 days ago


  • Anna Castro
    Anna Castro 21 day ago +1

    Hannah is a shallow representation of BPD painted in the exact light that feeds into the illness. it's cringy

  • Ben Simon
    Ben Simon 21 day ago

    Do season 2

  • DigiDestined55X
    DigiDestined55X 22 days ago +1

    Everyone hating on this show I feel ignores the point of the plot:
    Hannah's reasons were all people who affected her life in a negative way by failing her when she needed them the most.
    And NO I don't buy into some people saying all of her reasons were HER FAULT, because they weren't. This show was no more than a cautionary tale about how we treat others. And suicide isn't a weapon, and I will agree that the show doesn't do a good job of getting their message across.
    THE MESSGE THE SHOW TRIES TO GIVE US: Becareful who you hurt, because you don't know how it can affect them as well as affect you.
    THE MESSAGE WE GOT: Suicide is the final solution to make people feel absolutely guilty for how they treated you.

    • DigiDestined55X
      DigiDestined55X 19 days ago

      +Fabio Moreira
      Oh nevermind. I thought you saw the show. You just saw the video. ☹

    • Fabio Moreira
      Fabio Moreira 19 days ago +1

      +DigiDestined55X she forced Clay to show everybody the tapes, made no tapes for her parents. In the Clay tape she CLEARLY says Why did YOU leave? Not why did I told to leave?

    • DigiDestined55X
      DigiDestined55X 19 days ago +1

      +Fabio Moreira
      Did we watch the same show? She pushed Clay away, but on his tape she told him that the reason she pushed him away, was because she believed he was too good for her. Little did she know that Clay did have feelings for her.
      Also lets go down the list of people she did make tapes for:
      JESSICA slapped her in public & ended their friendship, because she thought Hannah was trying to take Alex.
      ALEX humiliated her by putting her on a "hot list" making her out to be an easy lay.
      COURTNEY spread a nasty rumor about Hannah's sexuality in order to deflect from her own demons (and all Hannah tried to be was her friend).
      MARCUS tried to take advantage of her loneliness & vulnerability.
      JUSTIN (had 2 offenses) showed his friends an upskirt picture that was sent around the school, AND let his BFF RAPE his girlfriend, Jessica. That last one you could also blame Hannah for to be fair, because she could have done something.

    • Fabio Moreira
      Fabio Moreira 20 days ago +1

      SHE was the one that went to the rapist house AFTER knowing a rapist lives there and took off her clothes. SHE told Clay to leave and makes a tape blaming him for leaving. SHE doesn't make tape for her parents. SHE pushes everybody away and then makes tapes blaming them.

  • Ayelet Yam
    Ayelet Yam 23 days ago

    No one says Hanna is always right. She was angry and confused while making the tapes. She makes mistakes, a lot. You are also not supposed to think her peers who did bad things to her are bad. It is not black or white. All the teens are complicated and makes mistakes. She blames everyone, while its clear some of the fault is hers. A lesson that should be taught from the series is that killing yourself is not an answer and does not resolve anything. You can see how much people cared about her aftef she passed- Her parents, Clay, Tonny etc. This show is complicated abd has lots of different lessons.

  • hflordawn
    hflordawn 25 days ago

    I usually like these, but this is off from the start. The first comment displays a lack of knowledge of sexual violence, of the society girls and those marginalized deal with, and tons of victim blaming. The next she going to be blamed for her depression.

    • Fabio Moreira
      Fabio Moreira 18 days ago

      +hflordawn in that case she's a fucking dumbass for taking her clothes off in front of him. It's part her fault. Not all. But some.

    • hflordawn
      hflordawn 18 days ago

      +Fabio Moreira , put the focus where it needs to be---and that is not the victim. A rapist is not a volcano--not a natural occurring event but a person that deserves the blame.

    • Fabio Moreira
      Fabio Moreira 20 days ago

      I victim blame because SHE went to the rapist house and took off her clothes. If i jump in a vulcano and the vulcano hurts me is it the vulcano's fault? Then made tapes blaming people even one that only did what she asked LEAVE 5 times??
      She rejected everybody and then blames THEM for it???
      At no point does she take responsability for her choices. She lets a rapist rape a girl and probably others too.

  • Schmoop
    Schmoop 25 days ago

    Honestly I just don't think they portrayed a suicidal person correctly. They tried and I appreciate that, but I just wished they could have gone more deeply into mental illness and *why* she didn't try to get help. I've struggled with depression that has gotten so severe to the point where I tried to kill myself because I felt helpless, not vengeful. I felt helpless to the point where I genuinely thought that getting help would be a waste of time. Hannah felt hopeless too (Or atleast I think she did, I honestly can't remember), but the problem was that the show didn't emphasize that and instead focused on other characters. The creators should have focused more on Hannah and done more research on what it's like to feel suicidal, then more people would have emphasized with her.

  • JohnnyVVlog
    JohnnyVVlog 25 days ago

    The biggest problem is season 2.

  • Maggie Pooh
    Maggie Pooh 25 days ago

    I hate that show so bad

  • Rebecca Wadsworth
    Rebecca Wadsworth 26 days ago

    The book plays a slightly different side to the story. I much prefer it and I related to it back when I read the first time around, Its a shame how it played out on screen.

  • Brenden
    Brenden 27 days ago

    as someone dealing with suicidal ideation.. this show really fucking makes me angry.

  • Zoliswa Seremani
    Zoliswa Seremani 27 days ago

    My friend killed herself it is hard for her to talk to people about how she was felling and she tested people and begged for attention when she tried to defend her self people would blame her so maybe that is what hannah when the through

  • no filter
    no filter 28 days ago

    I love the lo fi.

  • Carlotta Portilla
    Carlotta Portilla 29 days ago

    I like the way he does it now

  • Lilymae Winkles
    Lilymae Winkles 29 days ago

    To be honest Hanna and clay are my least favorites of the whole show

  • Lilymae Winkles
    Lilymae Winkles 29 days ago

    To be honest Hanna and clay are my least favorites of the whole show

  • Force0fWi11
    Force0fWi11 29 days ago

    Someone going through shit and refraining from telling anyone isn't that unrealistic. Whether it be shame, or fear, there are a lot of psychological reasons for Hannah's actions. The whole tape thing is dumb and self-indulgent as hell since someone in that position probably wouldn't want to draw attention to themself, but I think this show gets too bad a rap for Hannah's decisions. Like you being mad at Hannah not explicitly telling the counselor what happened, shame surrounding trauma like that is common in real life. It's the counselor's job to work someone through something like that, especially if they heavily imply something as severe as what Hannah implied. I think this show, in it's attempt to portray mental illness and post traumatic stress really exemplified just how close minded people are to the subject, only seeing it how people in the right state of mind would.

  • Phob Watch
    Phob Watch Month ago +2

    The one thing that I really don't get about this series is the fact that. Hannah, who was meant to feel depressed, suicidal, alone and was ready to kill herself, suddenly had the head space and cognitive thought to sit down, record single tapes dedicated to everyone who did her wrong. Then have the headspace to send it to Clay of all people, because he purely had a crush on her and tried to have sex with her.
    I'm sorry but what
    When would that ever enter anyone's head?
    I've been depressed yes, and yes there were some people who attributed to that. But did I think "oh I'll just sit and record a tape telling them why they've made me feel like this" no because you don't think about that.
    All you think about is how alone you feel. How you feel like a nobody and that no body can help you, no matter what you say, so you don't say anything

  • Aashita Shukla
    Aashita Shukla Month ago

    she had various chances to help herself . i read the book and instead of making the tapes she could have told everyone

  • Flower Pot
    Flower Pot Month ago

    Why she just did not say who raped her, like just why she didn't, she was just like oh someone raped me, but i wont tell you who or anything else and now it is all your fault that i commited she is making victim of herself to get attention..and also almost all of the things that happend to her like they were her own problems, she caused them, bc for example she didnt have to be excited in bryce even if she saw that he is just a jerk who fucks half of the school, she just wanted attention and when no one gave it to her or then behaved bad to her, she made a victim of herself but actually she caused it and then just blame everyone else..

  • Liza Nori
    Liza Nori Month ago

    one thing that pissed me off about this tv show is that they used suicide as revenge. SUICIDE ISNT ABOUT SOMEBODY TAKING THEIR LIFE SO THAT THEY CAN TAKE REVENGE ON THOSE WHO HURT THEM.

  • perpetual.fuckup
    perpetual.fuckup Month ago

    What's the background music??

  • Ron Jet
    Ron Jet Month ago

    Nah man, I'd stick to Scooby Doo.

  • Macaroni
    Macaroni Month ago +3

    One reason why i hated this show is because of the main character. She was hella annoying.

  • Andrew Siconi
    Andrew Siconi Month ago

    Honestly, I don't think the writers wanted people to like her. If they did they arent doing a very good job.

  • rotisepan
    rotisepan Month ago

    At the end of the day, your review help me get through some stuff, thx man

  • Sharon Yarbrough
    Sharon Yarbrough Month ago

    Okay. I agree the school counselor was wrong. When she spoke to the counselor she told him a little and he started to act as if he didn't believe her.
    She had every opportunity to change things until that conversation. He did exactly what she was scared he'd do.
    The BIGGEST douche move she made was watching her be get raped while passed out drunk and not tell ANYONE, not even the unknowing victim.

  • Robby Ray Rana
    Robby Ray Rana Month ago

    I’m glad that bitch is dead.

  • ShanaJahsintaWalters

    I don't see what the big deal is over the picture. It is just not realistic.

  • jajyay
    jajyay Month ago

    I personally think the series was good in a way of creating realistically stupid characters. There are many different types of depression and different people have it and the series just shows a girl that isn't able to see that maybe she is the problem and instead of trying to change anything about herself expects everyone to know exactly what she needs and treat her like a doll. Which is a absolutely stupid thing to do but in my eyes sadly realistic

  • Ba*ds of the Isle
    Ba*ds of the Isle Month ago

    At least she took the time to record a farewell or goodbye tape for her parents who will certainly not find their kid dead and not have the slightest idea as to why she did it, what it was they did wrong, how they had missed signs or ... Anything.

  • Tean Brandon - Turner

    This guy has obviously not seen Beyond The Reasons. In which the cast and crew explain why the show was shot and directed that way......

  • Duchess 8891
    Duchess 8891 Month ago

    Well said!

  • Humaira Iqbal
    Humaira Iqbal Month ago

    Finally someone said it

  • Aremanni Peaks
    Aremanni Peaks Month ago

    I don't care if their are spoilers because I will probably never watch it.

  • Tab Lielan
    Tab Lielan Month ago

    I really like the way, how you point out, that everyone is responsible for ones own life! Great message! great video!

  • Diamond Girl
    Diamond Girl Month ago +1

    Bitch I need therapy and I actually sought it out myself, I'm fucking desperate for help, why would she turn it away? It kinda blows my mind

  • Mood Forever
    Mood Forever Month ago

    It was all revenge for Hannah .. she had 2 loving parents who cared for her & who would listen . She made the selfish decision to take her own life hurting her parents all because of minor shit in high school (besides the rape) . I was disappointed in Hannah

  • kskits ._
    kskits ._ Month ago +1

    Subtracting the rape and the related case, NOTHING else (absolutely nothing) that happened was a reason someone kills themselves. I had major depression and this was incredibly unrealistic, SIMPLIFIED as hell, and paints people with depression like over dramatic, revenge thirsty, attention whores.

  • LoveGirlGold Builds
    LoveGirlGold Builds Month ago +3

    so basically she blames everyone for her death even though ppl offered her help? Thats messed up. When you blame others for someones death, it has an impact on them. She was being very selfish and I didnt feel sorry for her.

  • Tara Vanflower
    Tara Vanflower Month ago

    I think the missed point is that teenagers are very self centered and make stupid choices. Hannah's behavior is annoying, but not unlike a lot of actual human beings. Say one thing, mean/do another... She is unlikable a lot of the time, but to me that's okay since most people are like that.

  • Rick grimes is my father

    This is so true it ruined the show for me!

  • Tizyanna Šimková
    Tizyanna Šimková Month ago

    Thank you! everything I was thinking through the whole show in the box

  • Erika Jenkins
    Erika Jenkins Month ago

    Why do people think it is so easy to do things when living with clinical depression? You can present as this witty, sarcastic, outspoken person but it is simply a mask to attempt fitting in. People keep saying her reasons weren't "good enough"....ugh fucking duh. No reason is good enough to kill yourself. When you kill yourself it is because you are mentally ill, not because you are rational. Why would we ever present a storyline of "rational" reasons to end your life to teens?

  • Christina
    Christina Month ago


  • jay jay
    jay jay Month ago

    I hate this show. I dislike it. I know so many people who have watched this show and believe suicide is a way to get revenge. I, as a person who has suicidal thoughts, hate it. My school is very open about mental illnesses. However, those people who watch it get the wrong idea. I hate it. Sure, it potrays a nice message. In spite of that, the message is not clear. Hannah Baker could easily stop everything and get help. It may be hard but it's easier once you try. I get it if you're shy and really uncomfortable speaking of those topics. But, once you have the chance, push it away, and blame others for it? That's when the lines is crossed. She had many chances up until the rape. She could've fixed everything. She made suicide seem like a revenge. She blamed others for what she could've changed. There are so many things about this show that are so innacurate and dumb.

  • Nathan Is a Mouse
    Nathan Is a Mouse Month ago

    Just another example of how committing suicide is ultimately the most selfish dickass thing you can do to the rest of the world, no matter how lousy and miserable a worthless piece of shit you are in life.

  • Boywonder And batman
    Boywonder And batman Month ago +1

    The book was much much better

  • Garajiru Speedpaints
    Garajiru Speedpaints Month ago +13

    What I hated the most about her was that she expected everyone else to care for her. She really demanded it.
    But when people don't "care" for you it's probably because they have their own fucking problems, thought about that?
    Every single person on this planet has worries, problems and sad things going on in their lives. Is nice of you to care for someone close to you. It's nice for you, if you have someone who cares for you when you have problems. But don't expect it, don't demand it and don't be mad at people for not reading your mind when they are already busy with their own problems.

    • Fabio Moreira
      Fabio Moreira Month ago

      If she wanted someone that cares she should get a boyfriend.
      Oh wait she did and told him to go away and blames HIM for it...

  • Cheshire Heart
    Cheshire Heart Month ago

    What bothered me the most about the entire series was her rape I just didn't get it, so she gets depressed and decides to walk off in the middle of the night without telling anyone. Then she just happens to show up to the house where theres 3 people having a private get together. So she decides to go see these people one of whom is a rapist then when she gets there she decides to get into the hottub with said rapist. Then when the other two people leave the hottub to go inside she decides to stay in the hottub. I just don't get it those arnt decisions a real person would make that's like someone rubbing cow blood all over themselves then stepping into a cage with a lion then wanting people to be surprised that they were mauled it just dosnt make sense to me. Why was she there, why did she decide to go see people she wasn't even friends with anymore, why did she decide to get into the hottub. I dunno maybe im just victim blaming but that whole situation seemed pretty stupid and made the entirety of her end game choice also stupid from a story stand point in my opinion.

  • Randy Crawford
    Randy Crawford Month ago

    Nobody would believe Hannah over the jocks you should know that.

  • Regina George
    Regina George Month ago

    They should’ve made a movie instead of a tv show and stick to the book

  • Titus Lee
    Titus Lee Month ago

    6:45- 6:52 Ah, classic teenage selfie whore on her period. Nice
    By the way, this is just a joke. It’s not meant to be taken seriously. Obviously

  • Winter Wolf
    Winter Wolf Month ago +3

    I’m gonna say it did do it’s job in forcing us to see the horrible, under-discussed parts of society.
    It showed how easy it was for someone to blame everyone, to make their problems seem like they were personal attacks on the part of the universe, even when the person themselves is to blame. It showed how easy it is to try and sympathize with someone who victimized themselves to the point of a thinly veiled revenge plot.
    It didn’t execute how real teenage suicides happen. It execute how disgusting people are willing to be for attention