ICY GRL Saweetie Shows Off Her Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ

  • Published on Mar 29, 2019
  • California rapper Saweetie shows off her best jewels from her custom diamond pendant to her many gifts from her boo, Quavo.
    Get Saweetie's new ICY EP here: wbr.lnk.to/Icy
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    ICY GRL Saweetie Shows Off Her Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ
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Comments • 994

  • s b
    s b 12 hours ago

    She looks like a completely different person

  • misleading happiness

    Glad she keeps it more classy than other female rappers now . it’s refreshing .

  • Emir Düztaş
    Emir Düztaş Day ago +1

    Plss we want nicki to show her iceee

  • Nikita Miller
    Nikita Miller Day ago

    LOVE YOU❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • teebz R
    teebz R 2 days ago

    Why is this ho on here? Dont nobody know her...

  • brittle boned hag
    brittle boned hag 3 days ago

    those earrings are hideous just saying.

  • Crystal Mami
    Crystal Mami 4 days ago

    She's so Icy but she like my older sis💚💛💙😗🌸

  • Crystal Mami
    Crystal Mami 4 days ago

    You know I love Saweetie alot and at school I be singing her songs with my gang and we be poppin and my bitches say that me and ma boo is Saweetie and Quavo

  • Davian Ranck
    Davian Ranck 6 days ago

    This is the least Ice I've ever seen in one of these episodes

  • Duke Rodgers
    Duke Rodgers 6 days ago

    All respect she kept it classy and still shitted on em I like her I swear I knew the migos was real niggas

  • Manager Sejin Stan
    Manager Sejin Stan 7 days ago

    "Swavorski" crystals...

  • XXandrea15
    XXandrea15 8 days ago +1

    What happened to all the Jewelry and her instagram 🤨


  • K_Ritual 24
    K_Ritual 24 8 days ago

    I see you Q man got a icy girl to go with yo ice

  • Queen Paolaaa
    Queen Paolaaa 9 days ago

    H town hold it down johnnny dang my boo😍

  • kimberly holley
    kimberly holley 12 days ago

    Wow, she is so ... never mind, I'll be nice and keep it to myself.

  • Catalina Mişu'
    Catalina Mişu' 12 days ago

    Try to get Nicki😭😭😭😭😭

    DEIJA ANDRADE 15 days ago

    She is like the next cardi b

  • Joni Mccalla
    Joni Mccalla 17 days ago

    Wouldn’t call this a insane jewelry collection. I mean I don’t have any iced out jewelry but this is also not my taste. Ice out to me is really jewelry u look on and it just screams opulence like another level of wealth. I find these jewelry to look more fashion jewelry and cheap looking even though I know they are not necessarily.

  • lil baddie
    lil baddie 19 days ago

    *omg her skin is like ..... translucent 😪😭*

  • SilverCityDiamonds Taunton

    Who ever gave her that didn't tell her that it's not genuine diamond they go for like 60 they lab diamond trust me I sell the same one on my website

  • Cristina_ Plays
    Cristina_ Plays 22 days ago +1

    Where's the "insane" collection ?

  • Chief Here
    Chief Here 22 days ago

    Woah she's so fine 😍

  • Slim7321
    Slim7321 22 days ago +1

    Swavorski Crystal? 😂

  • Teetee Barrow
    Teetee Barrow 22 days ago

    Cardi B I wanna see Cardi b I know she iced out

  • J
    J 22 days ago +1

    a light day

  • Revenant
    Revenant 22 days ago

    Worst episode so far.

  • Baddie Nicole
    Baddie Nicole 22 days ago +1

    Her and Quavo are cute ❤

  • Soz Ziad
    Soz Ziad 23 days ago

    Those legs

  • Pure Grace
    Pure Grace 23 days ago

    U just wasted six minutes of film

  • Romeo Ortiz
    Romeo Ortiz 23 days ago

    First time seeing a female wearing a grill kinda mind blowing 😂

  • Wavy Server
    Wavy Server 23 days ago

    Wtf is on her ear

  • Khalil Lee son
    Khalil Lee son 23 days ago

    where's trippie redd???????

  • Stack daddy
    Stack daddy 23 days ago

    I’ve never seen her face EVER

  • Sebayzz
    Sebayzz 26 days ago

    Her whole "Insane" jewerly collection is 95% gifts=she broke.

  • luca farronato
    luca farronato 28 days ago

    whos is she

  • Shakira Harrison
    Shakira Harrison 28 days ago +1

    keyshia dior & Nicki Minaj pls!!🙌🏾

  • Moczars
    Moczars 29 days ago

    Get Cardi B or Nicki Minaj please.

  • Yalo Laws
    Yalo Laws 29 days ago

    Did she even buy her own jewelry?? Lame

  • Cr3myH0tD0gs
    Cr3myH0tD0gs Month ago

    Everyone saying this isn’t “insane”, just remember you’re dirt poor compared to her, so it technically is insane

    ALMIGHTY TREY Month ago

    We need Chief Keef on here I gotta see his whole collection

  • Hunter Breckner
    Hunter Breckner Month ago

    Get Johnny Dang on here

  • Brandon
    Brandon Month ago

    she so fire...

  • Supernatural Survivor Guide 101

    So unoriginal and she’s wearing baby jewelry . These rappers now are tacky

  • Keisha Stevens
    Keisha Stevens Month ago

    Wtf earnings are those

  • Furkan Karaer
    Furkan Karaer Month ago

    when she released icy grl and focus, i was like OKAY! she is something special. i see her being a real icon. now all i see is a instagram rapper ;//

  • a YouTuber
    a YouTuber Month ago

    Yo how the earrings bigger then her face

  • Erika Gonzague
    Erika Gonzague Month ago +1

    Gucci's wife need to be on this!! she's the real icy out queen

  • Ethan/steve Mccormick


  • Christopher Carter
    Christopher Carter Month ago +1

    She fine💙💜😍

  • Lamija
    Lamija Month ago

    why is everyone being salty? Yeah it's not a crazy collection, but she earned it

  • Imani Walls
    Imani Walls Month ago

    she not really matching

  • robin mcgregor
    robin mcgregor Month ago

    If she's dripping in diamonds, why is she wearing those awful earrings?

  • Paper The Producer
    Paper The Producer Month ago

    2:46 "swarvorski"

  • Faze Homochickenoofer
    Faze Homochickenoofer Month ago +7

    Quavo owns 100% of her jewelry

  • Faze Homochickenoofer
    Faze Homochickenoofer Month ago +4

    Her jewelry isn't "insane"

  • Louie Hendrix
    Louie Hendrix Month ago +1


  • Retro Da Vinci
    Retro Da Vinci Month ago

    Takeoff we need you

  • Retro Da Vinci
    Retro Da Vinci Month ago

    Takeoff we need you

  • Retro Da Vinci
    Retro Da Vinci Month ago

    Takeoff we need you

  • Retro Da Vinci
    Retro Da Vinci Month ago

    Takeoff we need you

  • Retro Da Vinci
    Retro Da Vinci Month ago

    Takeoff we need you

  • Retro Da Vinci
    Retro Da Vinci Month ago

    Takeoff we need you

  • Tavia Greenaway
    Tavia Greenaway Month ago

    doesn't she look similar to Cardi B

  • Drunz
    Drunz Month ago

    How comes no one has thought to put the pendant on there wrist

    BIG NINX Month ago


  • Amna Malik
    Amna Malik Month ago +2

    The next Cardi B

  • The Wolf Man
    The Wolf Man Month ago

    This comment section is an insult to the English language.

  • Hunter Gienger
    Hunter Gienger Month ago

    her earrings too dam big

  • lil slip
    lil slip Month ago

    I thought this was carti

  • srijal shrestha
    srijal shrestha Month ago

    Do this with floyd mayweather

  • ZayDaKING 45
    ZayDaKING 45 Month ago

    Soulja boy please or takeoff

  • Underscore Galore
    Underscore Galore Month ago

    Her lips greasy too much Popeyes

  • Natalie Hernandez
    Natalie Hernandez Month ago

    ok but her makeup looks so good

  • Callie Blum
    Callie Blum Month ago +14

    She doesn’t have a lot of ice for someone who calls themselves icy girl

    • Alex Belshaw
      Alex Belshaw 9 days ago

      Callie Blum more ice than you

    • Callie Blum
      Callie Blum 17 days ago

      Samutza Cange speak English please that sentence made zero sense

    • Samutza Cange
      Samutza Cange 17 days ago

      Callie Blum She does have not Ice than you!

  • Morris Thompson
    Morris Thompson Month ago

    Do nba young boy

  • Will
    Will Month ago


  • Fashiion
    Fashiion Month ago

    I love her, she seems so down to earth!
    But girl, it's swarovski not swavorski xD

  • OrieL TheeBeauty
    OrieL TheeBeauty Month ago

    *Give her one of those mics for ASMR while she’s wearing her grill.* 😄

  • Spicy Lemon
    Spicy Lemon Month ago

    Those earrings be crazy

  • Thomaz sokoloff
    Thomaz sokoloff Month ago

    On the rocks with asap rock please

  • Rain Chen
    Rain Chen Month ago

    We need nicki

    MEL MUA Month ago

    I can’t stand her

  • heyitstina 00
    heyitstina 00 Month ago

    Saweetie is not the icy grl, she is the icy queen

  • Lorie Gantz
    Lorie Gantz Month ago

    best one yet. saweetie cant be stopped!

  • RealBooties Matter
    RealBooties Matter Month ago

    So annoying with these wannabes

  • Mo Awale
    Mo Awale Month ago

    Can you do takeoff

  • shyianne's world
    shyianne's world Month ago

    ICE HER OUT!!!

  • shadowtroop Gill
    shadowtroop Gill Month ago +2

    Bro you got like 1 chain and plate sized ear rings

  • I am a very rich cat BM

    looks like the sister of cardi b

  • JozuaMcMeekin
    JozuaMcMeekin Month ago

    Get comethazine on here

  • jess b
    jess b Month ago

    Those nails hella wonky

  • MJ
    MJ Month ago +1

    Swarovski not Slaworski lmao.

  • TheLastOfTheGreatest

    We need kashdoll next 🗣🗣🗣

  • Mamial
    Mamial Month ago


  • Nicolas Condrea
    Nicolas Condrea Month ago

    Y’all needa get uzi on this joint fr tho

  • J C
    J C Month ago

    Get philthy rich please....homie got like over 100 items of jewelry like 3 million in jewels...would be good to put philthy on here he’s a legend

  • gevogc anmkhf
    gevogc anmkhf Month ago

    aye GQ i aint gonna cap you should do on the rocks wit CJ SO COOL like for real fr

  • MB Freezing
    MB Freezing Month ago

    I love her so much. But... you need more jewelry before coming on here. But she did make it up with all the commentary ❤️❤️

  • Miiraaanda X
    Miiraaanda X Month ago +1


  • Destiny Dawson
    Destiny Dawson Month ago

    Get Kash Doll on here please! That’s an insane jewelry collection 😍