Trevor Chats with His Grandma About Apartheid and Tours Her Home, “MTV Cribs”-Style | The Daily Show


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  • Abram VI
    Abram VI 9 hours ago

    Trevor, mann I love this episode. Thanks for sharing and God bless your work brother.

  • Big Evidencetrailpage ssber

    You have a great career. Manage whites. You seem to Have an excellent rapport with your grandmother...and no new house w electricity for her??? or grand compound in Abuja???kinda strange

  • jkjkjk
    jkjkjk 9 hours ago

    I wish she could come visit the US :)))

  • oum lina
    oum lina 9 hours ago

    Wauw, enyoing your wonderfull grandmother♥️🦋😂

  • Kris
    Kris 9 hours ago

    Can you imagine being Trevor? A kid who can’t play outside for fear of being arrested, and when you DO go outside, other young children are scared of you because institutionalized racism and oppression have been seared into their minds?

  • Jennifer Williams
    Jennifer Williams 9 hours ago

    Powerful. That's to your grandmother for inviting us into her home and sharing "herstory". I love the interaction yall have as well. Very heartfelt

  • ally habib
    ally habib 9 hours ago

    "those big humps they know my slipers" only we AFRICANS understand that hahahaa

  • Savannah Rey
    Savannah Rey 9 hours ago +1

    If blacks could just have their OWN nations, they'd SOAR! Oh wait...

  • Athena X
    Athena X 9 hours ago

    All people from the Motherland understand the electricity problem. Now you have it, now you don´t. 😏And the concrete wall with broken bottles at the top.😄 Trevor´s grandmother is so fresh for a woman her age. And very funny as well😁

  • Squishy Bishy
    Squishy Bishy 9 hours ago

    No road rage here, bullsh*t

  • Katt A
    Katt A 9 hours ago

    I adore her. Grandmothers are so important in raising the children. I miss my Big Mama.

    RINNAH TUMELO 9 hours ago

    Load shedding 😂😂😂😂😂

  • brenda bales
    brenda bales 9 hours ago

    Trevor I need for you to upgrade your grandma 😑

  • Jacqueline Flathers
    Jacqueline Flathers 9 hours ago

    She is so cute 😂

  • Carla Curado
    Carla Curado 9 hours ago

    Now I know who Trevor looks like. His grandma despite having suffered so much still has a cheerful spirit.

    SEFYH 9 hours ago

    This was a very touching and sweet interview. Now with THAT said... Trevor, I hope you didn't leave her in squalor. I hope you made sure she was good financially before you left? I'm just sayin...

  • Purpleeyes Smith
    Purpleeyes Smith 9 hours ago

    RIP I MISS MY Ugogo

  • Melusi Mkhwanazi
    Melusi Mkhwanazi 9 hours ago

    Love everything about this

  • Sandhiya Ann
    Sandhiya Ann 9 hours ago

    Koko we love you .😍😍

  • Hazel Griffith
    Hazel Griffith 9 hours ago

    Never forget where you come from. Such a beautiful very strong.

  • ShadeStar
    ShadeStar 9 hours ago

    Damn man! This is so similar to the way it is in the Caribbean it's eerie. Almost the exact way I grew up on Aruba. Down the refrigerator magnets.

  • 4Channel
    4Channel 10 hours ago

    he's a very cool man, i wish he was my friend

  • Elisa Moor
    Elisa Moor 10 hours ago +1

    I do love Coco. She is a beautiful soft soul with a great spirited woman. She is a delight. You are so lucky dear Trevor. Sending live kisses n big hugs to Coco

  • Betty Wilson
    Betty Wilson 10 hours ago

    I love this sweet interview with granny its beautiful!

  • Isabella Brand
    Isabella Brand 10 hours ago

    What an amazing woman! So strong and witty!

  • tonij Lew
    tonij Lew 10 hours ago

    Awww Trevor I love your grandmother..... can she be my grandma too......she’s so adorable

  • chiborn47
    chiborn47 10 hours ago

    Im loving it 🤗

  • Tom Adams
    Tom Adams 10 hours ago

    " We don't have road rage in Africa...we have road joy ".
    ¬- Trevor Noah.
    So true .

  • Erin S
    Erin S 10 hours ago

    Trevor's grandmother is so beautiful and so cute!

  • shaquanmonet
    shaquanmonet 10 hours ago

    I love ❤️ your Grandma 👵🏾 CoCo.

  • purity Decencia
    purity Decencia 10 hours ago

    You are renewed ma'am, stay Blessed nd strong.

  • Mark Daniel Hiwa
    Mark Daniel Hiwa 10 hours ago

    Load shedding!

  • HammerDown
    HammerDown 10 hours ago

    She also needs solar panels while you hooking up that generator, COCO GO!

  • R L
    R L 10 hours ago

    Cribs the Oppression Edition sad but funny thank goodness for humor

  • Erin S
    Erin S 10 hours ago

    This Liberian chick loves you! Huggs boo!!!! If you ever visit Ohio, come visit my family and I!

  • queenmargot94
    queenmargot94 10 hours ago

    Grandma rocks!!! She is simply Amazing! Looks like she never takes a defeat either :)

  • Omar Warsame
    Omar Warsame 10 hours ago

    This was a great video and all, but I couldn't get my head across how this grandma is living in a shithole, when her famous grandson is a well known stand up comedian and a TV personality. I mean its just sad to see her complain of basic things such as electricity.
    Get her out of that shithole neighborhood man.

    ZWIDE MEDIA 10 hours ago

    Wow i'm amazed to see grammy who is 91 but still look young ,yo she is so nice😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥💖💖

  • zanahorias07
    zanahorias07 10 hours ago

    She reminds me of my late grandmother who had grace under fire (under Jim Crow) but would always laugh and see the humor in life.

  • Frank phadika promotions

    Trevor ur good man I m proud of this really

  • King Jiggah
    King Jiggah 10 hours ago

    My people trevor keep it up Brother

  • De Kunstcafe
    De Kunstcafe 10 hours ago

    Why did you leave your country?....was the Grass greener at the North American side?.

  • Yailine Eshelman
    Yailine Eshelman 10 hours ago

    Love all around!!!

  • Juice Deaux
    Juice Deaux 11 hours ago


  • Jill Smith
    Jill Smith 11 hours ago

    Why do black from all places of the world embrace light colored women and give money and all types of consideration why their families suffer and live below them? Him and his non looking black girlfriend live on the Eastside in a very lavish apt. in NYC. fuck him. typical black man.

  • Leila Ahmed
    Leila Ahmed 11 hours ago

    Love you from. Somalia

  • Visionery1
    Visionery1 11 hours ago

    Trevor, your Grandma is an excellent storyteller.

  • Jennifer Jane
    Jennifer Jane 11 hours ago

    You manage white people now but you never thought of helping your grandmother out financially. You are not a black man you are half white half black. This blatent hatred for white people or any people of different race needs to stop otherwise it will never end!

  • Henk Vrijhoeven
    Henk Vrijhoeven 11 hours ago

    So suggestive

  • gippygipmg
    gippygipmg 11 hours ago

    Love and Respect Elder!

  • De'Ouna Wade
    De'Ouna Wade 11 hours ago


  • Este Beerwinkel
    Este Beerwinkel 11 hours ago

    Loadshedding 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Angel Thompson
    Angel Thompson 11 hours ago

    Your grandma is beautiful and funny! Lord knows i miss NaNa. Cherish all her 91 yrs and 9 months😘

  • Ricardo Lmass
    Ricardo Lmass 11 hours ago

    After this interview, I respect and love Trevor even more!!

  • morris joans
    morris joans 11 hours ago

    His grandma is amazing

  • morris joans
    morris joans 11 hours ago

    Lol I love this guy it was nice to take a look inside his life before he was the face of late night t.v.

  • Terra bull
    Terra bull 11 hours ago

    South Africa's a shithole

  • LoL ReplayBaby
    LoL ReplayBaby 11 hours ago

    So trevor noah is rich and let his family live in dirt hmm. Thats awful

  • Jonny B
    Jonny B 11 hours ago

    That's right granny, put him to work!.." Over here living it up",,..😂

  • Jerzy Hutarz
    Jerzy Hutarz 11 hours ago

    Greetings grom Poland
    Probably it's too much coments here for you to read, but even if you will not read my comment I want to say it: It's amazing how you could manage your life in apartheid. Coco is one of the most amazing person I've ever saw. Give her this generator and fix cables. And keep up the good work.

  • guitorb
    guitorb 11 hours ago

    You have a delightful grandmother. I hope you have her longevity within your DNA , my friend.

  • rdnj63
    rdnj63 11 hours ago

    Black people fight on every continent for there freedom sad sad sad

  • rdnj63
    rdnj63 11 hours ago

    It's crazy to know racism is a world wide issue

  • cheng lin
    cheng lin 11 hours ago

    South Africa crime is out of control. Trevor Noah should do something to lower the crime rate in South Africa.

  • Dan Ekelund
    Dan Ekelund 11 hours ago

    Just wonderful!

  • Na Nas
    Na Nas 11 hours ago

    Absolutely love much respect for sharing his story...Security features🤣

    BETSY SINDANI 11 hours ago

    You are an amazing young man Trevor! God bless you for sharing this touching story and God bless your 91! Still strong. Speaks are sure her grandson!

  • mac609
    mac609 11 hours ago

    My god the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Trevor gets his comedic chops from his Gogo. Too cute!

  • Smeralda Fracasso
    Smeralda Fracasso 12 hours ago

    Hey Travon now i know where you interited your funny doing from... your grandy can even do the Job better than you...

  • Akinnola Nene
    Akinnola Nene 12 hours ago

    Proudly African. Such display of Humility and Grace . God bless your family. Trevor Noah.

  • Ahmed sheikh
    Ahmed sheikh 12 hours ago

    From Apartheid to Xenophobia. South Africans Are Now Busy Killing Fellow Africans for Being in Their Country. So Am Not Sure Which One is Better; South Africa of Today or Apartheid.

  • PRESTIGE roy;'s sheltone

    love your gran and she speaks quite well

  • Flazé Da
    Flazé Da 12 hours ago

    his accent instantly became thicker as he approached his grandma's house lmao

  • Valerie Harris
    Valerie Harris 12 hours ago

    Thank you Trevor for sharing your CoaCoa with us she is beautiful...

  • Nizo Mo
    Nizo Mo 12 hours ago

    What a wonderful woman she is!! Please make longer interview with your granny🤗

  • Pavan Makhija
    Pavan Makhija 12 hours ago

    Trevors grandma looks like deji

  • Jakob Sievers
    Jakob Sievers 12 hours ago

    There's literally a fridge behind her! "No we dont have stable electricity, I can't watch your show"😂

  • pretty selected
    pretty selected 12 hours ago

    Should have bought her a good home.. we have great homes too

  • Ronald Steenkamp
    Ronald Steenkamp 12 hours ago

    Wow Trevor I couldn't stop smiling as I watched the interview, Buy her the generator and dish whatever she want our elders won't be around for ever.

  • Latysha L.
    Latysha L. 12 hours ago

    His grandmother is so precious. A wonderful, strong, and wise woman. I love her laugh and I'm sure she is so proud of you. God bless her. 🙏❤

  • Ande Tesfay
    Ande Tesfay 12 hours ago

    Love Grandma and Trevor.

  • Thor Nado
    Thor Nado 12 hours ago

    Trevor is half-white. So he was the white boy in his neighborhood.

  • Coco Mel
    Coco Mel 12 hours ago

    Hahahahaha Trevor is so hilarious 😂, and grandma is look strong 💪 . Welcome back home brother, one love ❤️

  • Mafika Ngwabe
    Mafika Ngwabe 12 hours ago

    This is feels good to remember where you come from and have a great respect for your granny

  • zulfiqar ali
    zulfiqar ali 12 hours ago

    I love grandma she is so honest and true

  • Mafika Ngwabe
    Mafika Ngwabe 12 hours ago

    This is feels good to remember where you come from and have a great respect for your granny

  • Lindalee Law
    Lindalee Law 12 hours ago

    Why women roll their eyes at men... only men would design a commercial that has,a,kangaroo kicking a guy in the balls.
    Men, want resoect,,thwn stop this juvenile crap. What's funny ?

  • wa la
    wa la 12 hours ago

    Gogo you are a gem! ❤

  • Henry Ortiz
    Henry Ortiz 13 hours ago +1

    This is so amazing holding back tears.

  • Obaa asor Aning
    Obaa asor Aning 13 hours ago

    Soo lovely, God bless you cranny

  • 프랑스여자
    프랑스여자 13 hours ago

    He is so charming and his coco so cute❤ and funny 😂😂😂

  • Solja88
    Solja88 13 hours ago

    How wonderful to watch

  • Erick Kirui
    Erick Kirui 13 hours ago

    She should have gotten the job instead of you Trevor. She is amazing and extremely funny.

  • Graham Cowley
    Graham Cowley 13 hours ago

    A great man comes from a great women, she is amazing

  • Kissinger Kiss
    Kissinger Kiss 13 hours ago

    Your grandma doesn't even look 91. Wow! Now that is a black grandma ladies and gentlemen.

  • sboy says fuckboys should be allowed

    so fluent in her english

  • Nyasha Mashuku
    Nyasha Mashuku 13 hours ago

    I'll just act like I ddn notice that stove. Trevor c'mon u r rich now do something for granny bro

  • Chezzgurl 5432
    Chezzgurl 5432 13 hours ago

    This was beautiful! Thank you for sharing this with us! ❤

  • Arnold Byamukama
    Arnold Byamukama 13 hours ago

    I salute you Trevor Arnold from uganda

  • Benjamin Spencer
    Benjamin Spencer 13 hours ago

    can you go to Kansas and ask about this? do a story about it?