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What Would Happen If You Only Ate Meat and Nothing Else?


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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  29 days ago +22

    How do you like your steak? What's your favorite meal that includes meat?

    • alphabladelm2011
      alphabladelm2011 2 days ago

      I’d say medium-well. Though steak isn’t my favorite meat dish, I do like gyros (with lamb, if possible), barbecue pork sandwiches, and steamed black bass.

    • Trashy._ Chann
      Trashy._ Chann 5 days ago

      I’m vegan 🌱 uwu

      BARA LAURENTZA 9 days ago


    • A U T I S M
      A U T I S M 14 days ago

      None (I’m a vegetarian)

    • Gabby's Games
      Gabby's Games 19 days ago

      I don’t like steak. And catfish

  • Synnbad
    Synnbad 3 hours ago

    1.3k vegans disliked this

  • Muhammed Musthafa
    Muhammed Musthafa 18 hours ago


  • ztp013
    ztp013 Day ago

    Wow The Infographic Show, you really live up to your infamy as one of the MOST POPULAR SOURCE OF MISINFORMATION ON TVclip!!! Less than 2 mins in and so much wrong info already. There was no period in time where we were truely herbivores. We were always OMNIvores since most of the edible plants we consume today are either not yet selectively bred to become what they are now OR not endemic to the region any particular tribe lives OR doesn't bear fruit all year round. The only CONSTANT AND RELIABLE food source is FISH and ANIMALS.
    And potatoes?? Yeah right, try to eat raw ones for a month and comeback to me. And UNLESS you are native american, no your early ancestors didn't survive on them.

  • Rodrigo Novais
    Rodrigo Novais Day ago

    This video is bullshit. carnivore diet is healthy and many people still do it, you just gotta eat the animals organs and blood and you will have every nutrient you need

  • NOX bam
    NOX bam Day ago +1

    Suscribe to pewdiepie

  • Yura Reds
    Yura Reds 2 days ago

    If you ate only meat you would turn to big jungus

  • Louie Watson
    Louie Watson 2 days ago

    Infographics... spreading misinformation one video at a time.

  • Louie Watson
    Louie Watson 2 days ago

    Short answer: you become man.

  • anthax908
    anthax908 3 days ago +1

    Please put more effort into the information you give people, and not the animation of stick-people......
    Its just flat out stupid to say that you need to drink blood or chew on deer stomach, if one is thinking about taking up a lowcarb and highfat diet. If one were to pick up an unconventional diet like eating only meat, essentially only fat and protein, then one needs to go about it in an intelligent way. That might not include to: "...make sure to compliment it with some fruit and vegetables, or at least some vitamin tablets", which could actually do more harm than otherwise, with one of the reasons being that you disrupt ketosis. Regarding the need for c-vitamin, then the scientific studies says that c vitamin is much less needed if you dont eat carbohydrates. That being said, humans still need c-vitamin... Well meat actually does contain c-vitamin, and although it is a small amount, it is enough if you only eat meat. Additionally the liver contains a good amount of cvitamin, and so on. While showing the outdated food-pyramid at 5:30, the video also proclaims that; "In order to grow the brain, we must eat some meat and fish..." This is simply not true, as you can get the protein and fat needed from a plant-based diet. Why is the information you relay so sloppy, when your graphics team seems to be sharp?
    Bottom line: Yes, the human body can adjust to ONLY eating meat, while still remaining healthy. There are many examples of people that ONLY eat meat, without shi**ing themselves 24/7, without getting scurvy, without getting protein poisoning and so on.

  • Blizzbee R.
    Blizzbee R. 3 days ago

    Your fart will become deadly gas then

  • Andrew Small
    Andrew Small 3 days ago

    Now you clearly need to do only vegetables.

  • Karen Cortes
    Karen Cortes 6 days ago

    5:36 Wear did her other shoe go?

  • Daryl Dixon
    Daryl Dixon 6 days ago

    I'm vegetarian, I eat animals and animals eat vegetables so I'm a vegetarian

  • Aaron Perry
    Aaron Perry 6 days ago

    Did you just say erbivore? There’s an H? I mean, maybe that’s an American thing, but idk. Why would you say erb?

  • Roger stake
    Roger stake 7 days ago

    What if I only drink wine and nothing else?

  • Patrick Desrosiers
    Patrick Desrosiers 7 days ago

    All the dislikes are from members of PETA

  • Juan Ignacio Müller

    Hearth desease! IGF-1! Alzheimer! Diabetes! Obesity! Cholesterol! You can totally live on meat and die young yaaaaaay. Making the meat industry even fatter so it fu**s us back with global warming, not to mention its WAAAAAAAAAAY less sustainable. This video is BS honestly.

  • Thundurus
    Thundurus 8 days ago

    Although, you would be tall

  • Limit Breakguh
    Limit Breakguh 8 days ago


  • 100000 subs without video challenge

    Honey has left Mr. Beast

  • John Thom
    John Thom 9 days ago

    This guy is an idiot: the original human diet was meat and adding plants is where all the health problems started. They should make it a crime to spread false information that endangers human health and cause disease. Advocates of the plant based diet are criminals who kill people.

  • MrBullya
    MrBullya 10 days ago

    Wait, wouldn't drinking blood kill you? Because it has too much iron or something like that.

  • Pierre Louis Saint Louis
    Pierre Louis Saint Louis 11 days ago +1

    Wheres The Meat?

  • Egidijus M.
    Egidijus M. 11 days ago

    No. We don't need meat and fish for protein... I mean beans have it all. :D

  • Okami Amadeus
    Okami Amadeus 12 days ago

    There is misinformation in this presentation. Disliked! Sorry!
    Btw! I love meat.

  • Sebastian Euceda
    Sebastian Euceda 13 days ago

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember that Darwin wasn't a scientist at all. Just saying.

  • Anton Sevigny
    Anton Sevigny 13 days ago

    Thanks for promoting an app that makes a fortune mining my data.

  • Derka Derka
    Derka Derka 14 days ago

    Im not sure if this is accurate. According to Prof Ronald Wright there is a span of about 1 million years where people only eat meat.

  • datsunmadman
    datsunmadman 14 days ago

    I eat pork blood

  • Ivan Čulina
    Ivan Čulina 15 days ago


  • TLR Sexuality
    TLR Sexuality 15 days ago +15

    You do not need meat or fish for the brain, you need high quality fat like avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, etc. And you need vitamins and high quality protein, which plants are best for.

    • Petra Morris
      Petra Morris 3 days ago

      Animal fat is far superior to fat you get from plants. Nice channel btw, very helpful 👍🏻

    • Vignesh Veera
      Vignesh Veera 5 days ago +2

      High quality protein are in eggs and meat not in plants

    • Juan Ignacio Müller
      Juan Ignacio Müller 8 days ago

      So many omnies, uncultured omnies everywhere. Finally someone making sense.

    • Omega Fern
      Omega Fern 9 days ago

      Why did I click your thumbnail

  • Explorador
    Explorador 15 days ago

    Short answer:i would be myself

  • Nocturnal Recluse
    Nocturnal Recluse 16 days ago

    Vegans, check mate.

  • p246784
    p246784 17 days ago

    Drinking animal blood, sooo yummy 🤗🤗

  • Jorge Sebastian Ortega Monreal

    I wonder what if vegans *actually* existed and they *actually* only ate vegetables. For instance, no animal proteins coming from the insect eggs and larvae which are always present in all the vegetables (regardless of how they are cultivated and how thoroughly they are washed).

  • Tara Gaza
    Tara Gaza 18 days ago +1

    my goats name is honey

  • Barbie Gondor Tucker
    Barbie Gondor Tucker 18 days ago

    Veggies lovers pizza is good

  • ZFlyingVLover
    ZFlyingVLover 18 days ago

    Eskimos had or have a high meat diet so it's not that strange or unhealthy

  • Tristan Wibberley
    Tristan Wibberley 18 days ago

    In which continent did primitive man find potatoes? Is this the new "Out of Peru" hypothesis of the origins of Man?

  • Sethcha Koy
    Sethcha Koy 19 days ago

    Misleading information...🙄.

  • Fake news, Fake food, Fake world

    The carnivore diet is reversing a lot of ailments of late. Looking into how good liver, egg, fish,deer,beef, butter, ghee is for the body, I come to the understand there's nothing in the plant kingdom that's superior then Animals. I rather eat in season and only have my berries and fruit when it's summer and stay in ketosis most of the time and heal. I stay thin and my brain works better on fat, go figure right?

  • SatanisEternalTruth666

    I pretty much almost only eat meat and eggs and drink milk. I feel best I’ve felt in a long time. Getting rid of almost all carbs and sugars. I only eat twice a day skipping lunch. I think a meat exclusive diet would only work with eating raw meet. If you are eating cooked. You would have to add some leafy greens and low carb fruits like strawberries and blueberries on the side.

  • kirk j
    kirk j 20 days ago

    "john, are you kidding me??"

  • Mad Hatter
    Mad Hatter 20 days ago

    Meat eaters deserve high cholesterol and constipation!

  • alex Root
    alex Root 20 days ago

    we are not hear for history?what are the consequences of eating meat daily??

  • saarcful
    saarcful 20 days ago

    The video title is so crazy. Eating only non vegetarian is a SIN that your hospital bills increase in your old age. Many things not covered in this video. In short, you cannot be peaceful when you have eaten the dead bodies of creatures. Your stomach is not the graveyard. Go green and contribute towards reducing global warming. please make videos in favour of vegetation and spread awareness.

  • jayden covington
    jayden covington 21 day ago

    Why the black people legs look so fucked up why the white people got normal ass legs

  • Reddy manoj
    Reddy manoj 22 days ago


  • Reddy manoj
    Reddy manoj 22 days ago


  • ThatWeirdChristian
    ThatWeirdChristian 23 days ago

    I'm on a no carb diet, I do eat veggies but I mostly eat meat, I'm doing great.

  • Yasmeen Grant
    Yasmeen Grant 24 days ago

    Do a What will happen if u only drank water for a Week

  • Alvin gaming roblox_IDK

    Meanwhile in US : don't eat rabbit it's harmful
    Meanwhile in Indonesia : rabbit sate skewer (my dad like it but I hate it +I found rambutan on the ship)

  • Weed420 69Sex
    Weed420 69Sex 24 days ago

    This is just deplorable, come on guys why do you think heart disease is a thing the highest meat consuming country has the highest rates of heart disease woahh what a coincidence.

  • Nutella Nadia
    Nutella Nadia 25 days ago

    I’ll be my normal self because my asian mom will always commands me to eat rice everyday anyway.
    Anyone related to this? I know it’s not just me. C’mon my fellow Asians 🤣

  • Edion Obaretin
    Edion Obaretin 27 days ago

    good thing I'm vegetarian

  • Jim Butts
    Jim Butts 27 days ago

    Meat is easily digestible and does not cause constipation. Some not so bright people report constipation because they are used to taking daily (or more) dumps and end up on the toilet trying to push out poop that isn’t there, a big ole phantom turd. Bodybuilders having constipation could be caused by any number of factors. From the protein powders, to the supplement and vitamin stacks, to the other types of food they might be eating. It’s a total toss up with all the factors there.
    Vitamin C molecules are very similar to some fructose molecules and compete for receptor sites at the molecular level, causing an increased demand for vit C. When on all meat diet, that demand is drastically reduced and red meat provides an ample amount. You will not get scurvy on an all meat diet. Surprised you didn’t mention gout, the other commonly feared disease that people often think is caused by meat.
    You do not need to drink blood, or chew on stomach tissue. If you want to eat organ meat, the liver and heart are best. Inuit generally eat high fat diets from seal and whale fat.
    The importance of fat sources is vital. High fat cuts are ideal, ribeye being the gold standard. Cooking with fat is also ideal; ghee, tallow and butter are great.
    You didn’t research this well at all. Really makes me question your credibility on any other subjects. Your advice to “at least compliment it with some vitamin tablets,” is suspect. What kind of vitamins? Why tablets? Why not capsules? Why not liquid form?

  • Chill Vibes
    Chill Vibes 28 days ago +1

    Jokes on you I’m a vegetarian.

  • Liz Skelton
    Liz Skelton 29 days ago

    Gawd can you imagine how bad those people would smell? They would literally shit bricks like once every 2 weeks, and I’m imagining very sweaty, red faced, pimple covered obese people that smell and can’t shit, with dark circles under their eyes. This is truly my personal nightmare, I got gas just thinking about it.

  • Kristel Verduyn Lunel

    When eating only meat and organs, you're poop will be uncomfortable due to your gut adapting to a different source of energy. After this period you'll have normal poop 24/7 for the rest of your life.
    Fiber has scientifically been proven to be the purpotrador of bad stools.

  • Kristel Verduyn Lunel

    Where's the evidence that we went from herbivore to carnivore?
    It doesn't make sense at all!
    I'm not vegan btw

  • Mout M.
    Mout M. Month ago +1

    The more meat we add to our diet, the faster we are killing our planet. Yall dont need that much meat in your diet. If i look at western and eastern dietry, we are overconsuming meat and we are overfishing our seas. We are already running out of land and other resources to cultivate meat, the resources we use and the animal themselves are killing our planet. If ethnics arent good enough reason to reduce your meat intake, then your planet and the wellbeing of future generation should.

  • Aa E1
    Aa E1 Month ago +1

    Meat lovers when they eat food they specially search for the pieces of meat inside the plate, when you get one it is like you found a precious metal

  • Gulab Zari
    Gulab Zari Month ago

    Adam is the first human of world

  • Lulu Yoko
    Lulu Yoko Month ago


  • Jon Johns
    Jon Johns Month ago

    i know, you'd go full Jordan Peterson

    LOL PAK GAMER Month ago

    I actually only eat meat

  • EL Donjuan
    EL Donjuan Month ago

    If you only ate meat 🥩 you get tiger blood pumping through you veins

  • Danya Wang
    Danya Wang Month ago

    Let’s be the vampire bodybuilders 😂

  • tak ipper
    tak ipper Month ago

    Eating meat + Hot curry sauce = Guaranteed way to have hemoroids
    Because I've been there :(

  • Nick Harris
    Nick Harris Month ago

    miss me with that gay shit

  • Kyrie Klub
    Kyrie Klub Month ago

    No honey comes from bees

  • Pure Salt
    Pure Salt Month ago

    *Veggietales has left he chat*

  • ILoveDonuts Danielol1974

    Oh my god i would be agressive lmao

  • Beau Xu
    Beau Xu Month ago

    Lies... ALL LIES!

  • chris sainz
    chris sainz Month ago


  • Damiri Damiri
    Damiri Damiri Month ago +1

    Eating veggie - *764K VIEW*
    Eating meat - *1M VIEW*

    • Jim Butts
      Jim Butts 27 days ago +1

      Probably interested because after years of having vegetarian and vegan propaganda thrown at us, people are realizing meat is superior nutrition and plant-based shit isn’t all that healthy.

  • Kami Mikuta
    Kami Mikuta Month ago

    Halfway through the video I'm wondering if they go over how if you would be fine once you eat the liver, heart, lungs, tongue, etc. People always forget the internal organs. If you eat ol lenty of fats and protein and the organs you will be ok.

  • king SK
    king SK Month ago

    3:44tone was funny

  • Buzzin Boi
    Buzzin Boi Month ago +1

    Can you survive on just rice meat and carrots? And for how long

  • 80 Slim Shady's
    80 Slim Shady's Month ago

    Well we already know what would happen, we can see what would happen from the inuit tribes. We would become an incredibly sick and diseased species that lives half as long with terrible diseases and with shit food. You didn't do your research, they actually have high heart disease rates

  • Starynight scorpio
    Starynight scorpio Month ago

    The thumbnail pic 😂😂😂😂 I'll be back.

  • Miko Catan
    Miko Catan Month ago

    1:42 no mention of bacon. No, thank you.

  • deanna del rosario
    deanna del rosario Month ago

    what if i only ate booger

  • Captain Barelessbare

    I kinda live this style but I eat fillings like rice,bread or soup

  • Walter Chavez
    Walter Chavez Month ago

    Traditional Inuit/Eskimo diet is probably close to 100% meat. Fish's omega-3's helps keep their cholesterol low.

  • Xavier Perez
    Xavier Perez Month ago

    And vegans wonder why they're dying at a faster rate than meat eaters 😂😂

  • Maddux Null
    Maddux Null Month ago +1

    We were omnivores from the beginning but mainly ate meat before vegetable so you murdered the timeline and acted as if it’s something we weren’t meant to eat

  • Gazelle Tanglao
    Gazelle Tanglao Month ago +2

    *carnivores has join the chat*

    *vegans has left the chat*

  • Paul Kirk
    Paul Kirk Month ago +1

    What's the meeting of this great video?

  • Vicki Salcido
    Vicki Salcido Month ago

    That's why you keep vegetables to yo diet! 🌽🍅🍄🌰🍄🍅🍈🌽🌽🍅

  • Shivam Goswami
    Shivam Goswami Month ago

    Food should suit the climate.

  • Shai Williams
    Shai Williams Month ago

    I know i ain’t the only person stoned rn

  • Paul Hök
    Paul Hök Month ago +1

    I want chicken nuggets

  • Melon Wolf
    Melon Wolf Month ago

    Short answer, it would be a dream come true 😍, also vegans stop blathing about meat, ANIMALS HUNT and need meat and so do we xD
    Ever heared about the circle of life and the diet of sertain animal species? Fill in the rest

    • Melon Wolf
      Melon Wolf Month ago

      +Cris Oliveira argreed, but that doesnt mean that eating meat as a way of survival isnt allowed 😅, at the other side, we are sentient and aware of our existence and we have normal ways that dont involve rape and other discuating things, but when it come food as a whole we humans eat meat too and so do animals being the only ways being different being the way the prey/victim/cattle is killed and/or have lived/are living aswell as how the superior hunter lives

    • Cris Oliveira
      Cris Oliveira Month ago

      Animals also kill the offspring of sexual competitors and rape, which I believe are important behaviors in their respective communities and species, but I don't think we humans should do the same.

  • Yuki Huynh
    Yuki Huynh Month ago +6

    5:42 why does she only have 1 shoe?

  • Kei Cruzat
    Kei Cruzat Month ago

    Best part of human is legs and chest

    CALVIN NOW LIVE Month ago

    they eat the DICK

  • Lorenzo Roque
    Lorenzo Roque Month ago

    *sr pelo gasp* pizzaa :D

  • big fun
    big fun Month ago +1

    Even lions and tigers eat grass for fibres 😉