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What Would Happen If You Only Ate Meat and Nothing Else?

  • Published on May 2, 2018
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    What would happen to your body if you only ate meat? Would you be able to survive?
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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  3 months ago +122

    How do you like your steak? What's your favorite meal that includes meat?

  • Behn Jammin
    Behn Jammin 22 hours ago

    No need for me to download honey. My girlfriend can find coupons way faster.

  • PedroAugusto Marques

    You become ultra instinct

  • The Mysterious Ninja

    Isn’t blood poisonous though?

  • Mar Rus
    Mar Rus 4 days ago

    (Before watching) I can feel the constipation already.

  • Ebenezer Bakare
    Ebenezer Bakare 4 days ago +1

    Hit like if you want them to make a video for vegans

  • SupXGaming SupX
    SupXGaming SupX 4 days ago

    I eat only rice and meat and i m fine

  • Nathan Greenwood
    Nathan Greenwood 6 days ago

    This is pretty much my diet so..

  • Hlaula Zbalaza
    Hlaula Zbalaza 7 days ago

    My food pyramid is faster carbohydrates are on the top then the proteins are on the bottom and then they candy and then last but not least the vitamins and minerals I'm just joking I put vitamins and minerals is number 3 and the fats and oils I put it as last I don't need to the lot cause my mother like to limit my eat I used to eat 4 times a day but now I just eat 2 times a day

  • Hlaula Zbalaza
    Hlaula Zbalaza 7 days ago

    So when are you mean it's sponsored by honey it's a website for coupons for honey made by bumble bees

  • Maquinetas
    Maquinetas 7 days ago


  • james Frederick
    james Frederick 7 days ago +7

    I’ve lived off gas station food for 3 years. I can feel myself dying

  • kate s
    kate s 7 days ago

    I think I’ll stick to omnivorous diets thanks

  • Im not a rapper
    Im not a rapper 8 days ago

    Vegans would go extinct

  • Stefan Pigford
    Stefan Pigford 9 days ago

    eating...MEAT...make me have nitemares...about being homosexual

  • vibez _gr8
    vibez _gr8 10 days ago +5

    Pornstars have joined the chat

  • Yosuke 8-bit
    Yosuke 8-bit 10 days ago

    Just need steak, potatoes, and orange juice

  • Kashanti Dawson
    Kashanti Dawson 10 days ago +1

    Idk why but this reminds me of an episode from Everybody hates Chris when Julius had gout from eating too much meat 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

  • MonMon Mon
    MonMon Mon 10 days ago


  • I really don’t know anymore

    *_Peta wants to know your location_*

  • swishpronoob
    swishpronoob 10 days ago +4

    So....If I want to look like a Pirate, just eat a bunch of meat, got it.

  • Its-_-fox Gaming
    Its-_-fox Gaming 11 days ago

    Only eat meat and drink only gravey?

  • Abdu Rehman
    Abdu Rehman 11 days ago

    Where is Adam (A.S) ?

  • Abdu Rehman
    Abdu Rehman 11 days ago

    Where is Adam (A.S) ?

  • ThatOnePipsqueak
    ThatOnePipsqueak 11 days ago +2

    Being vegan isn't bad, stop treating it like it's a crime!

    • ThePixelSharkGamer2000
      ThePixelSharkGamer2000 9 days ago +1

      Most people don’t hate the lifestyle, they just the people who have it(I think)

  • Sultan Alali
    Sultan Alali 11 days ago +1

    Thats what she said

  • Tinnybird G
    Tinnybird G 12 days ago

    I lived with a roommate in the late 1990's, ALMOST every other day he had steak for supper. But EVERY morning he would be paying for it. ALWAYS sitting on the toilet grunting very hard & straining his bowels from being constipated! I told him it's from eating too much red meat!

  • Supertoast
    Supertoast 12 days ago

    *vegans have left the chat*

  • west coast posh
    west coast posh 12 days ago


  • Jacob Ackerman
    Jacob Ackerman 12 days ago

    Please do not eat polar bear liver. It has lethal amounts of vitamin A

  • Sydney B
    Sydney B 14 days ago

    Teen titans only eat meat

  • michael patterson
    michael patterson 14 days ago

    without vegetables you'll soon get a shortage of folic acid, which will make you fuckingtired, still better than a vegan diet though, like waaaaaaaay better

  • FOE Fatty
    FOE Fatty 15 days ago

    Black people be like😂😂

  • monzorella1
    monzorella1 15 days ago +4

    😍Thank you for not treating Africa like country. 😍

    • Wow Bux
      Wow Bux 8 days ago

      its a city. peasant.

  • Connor Kenway
    Connor Kenway 16 days ago

    Simple, I'd become a carnivore.

  • Anonymous Muffin
    Anonymous Muffin 17 days ago

    Close relationship with meat?
    We are made of the stuff!

    • some weaboo
      some weaboo 15 days ago

      +Anonymous Muffin ok

    • Anonymous Muffin
      Anonymous Muffin 15 days ago

      +some weaboo It's a pun
      he says it in the video
      we are basically sentient pieces of meat and bone

    • some weaboo
      some weaboo 17 days ago

      Your point?

  • kyle lopez
    kyle lopez 17 days ago +13

    He says infographics show. I have learned zero info on graphics.

  • abhishek Choudhary
    abhishek Choudhary 17 days ago

    U will become carnivorous

  • Dramatic Cristina
    Dramatic Cristina 17 days ago

    **looks at my rabbit**

  • Alex E
    Alex E 18 days ago

    This video literally is just to make people feel better about eating meat with misleading information 😂

    • ThePixelSharkGamer2000
      ThePixelSharkGamer2000 9 days ago

      Alex E Not really. The Infographics show usually just get requests from the comment section and try to base a video off of it.

  • Alex E
    Alex E 18 days ago

    Also the Inuits had an average life span of 30-35 years if not lower.

  • Benjamin Klein
    Benjamin Klein 18 days ago +2

    You'll end up like Jordan Peterson

  • cheapbooks
    cheapbooks 19 days ago +1

    I only eat met. For 20 years now. This is what happens. You lose weight. No constipation. You do have to make sure you get vitamin c.

  • Oofer Gang
    Oofer Gang 20 days ago

    *vegans have left chat*

  • mikeylongshanks
    mikeylongshanks 21 day ago

    Imagine still thinking that you need lots of protein and that fat makes you fat

  • Michael Briggs
    Michael Briggs 22 days ago

    Vegaterains should watch this.

  • Reprogramming Mind
    Reprogramming Mind 23 days ago

    All meat diet turns you into Dr Jordan Peterson!

  • Carlo Troiano
    Carlo Troiano 24 days ago +1

    This video doesn’t mention like:The Inuit or Eskimo people have osteoporosis disproportionately from the rest of the world. The Maasai have the worst arterie health.

  • Daniel Rittegar
    Daniel Rittegar 24 days ago

    This video is none sence

  • Verbal Planet70
    Verbal Planet70 24 days ago


  • Draycole
    Draycole 24 days ago

    Well thats why a carnivorous diet doesnt only consist of steaks and pork chops.

  • Mike Rammel
    Mike Rammel 25 days ago

    take fiber pills

  • Alexandra Hempsall
    Alexandra Hempsall 25 days ago

    Im pretty sure those people had the MOST amount of heart disease and still do, it like to see where you got that

  • Hepo Slis
    Hepo Slis 26 days ago

    Its economically expensive and unworthy.

  • ilikepie kirby
    ilikepie kirby 26 days ago


  • cobyveron
    cobyveron 26 days ago

    You'll turn into meat

  • hasan alhayki
    hasan alhayki 26 days ago

    What if no one eat meats and we all become vegan. I want to know what's the out come of this

  • MaximillionMusFan#72722
    MaximillionMusFan#72722 26 days ago +1

    Then you would be a carnivore

  • Andrew Cruz
    Andrew Cruz 27 days ago +2

    I already only eat meat .

  • Branden Newman
    Branden Newman 27 days ago

    Did this guy equate vitamin enriched animal blood to sunkist..... 😂.

  • frostbite the idiot
    frostbite the idiot 27 days ago +1

    Awnser: your not vegan

  • Subscribe to Pewdiepie
    Subscribe to Pewdiepie 27 days ago +1

    You would be thicc

  • Kurt Cobain
    Kurt Cobain 28 days ago +1

    It doesn’t say the amount of meat

  • Nik Castle
    Nik Castle 29 days ago

    Yeah use honey guys, but not clover honey, use "Sue Bee: Orange Blossom honey". It's delicious. 👌

  • Mohammed Muhi Uddin
    Mohammed Muhi Uddin 29 days ago

    people will believe anything. they believe everything theyre told.

  • Lekker prutsen
    Lekker prutsen 29 days ago

    What if you EAT anything men EAT 2000 years ago.

    • Drumming411
      Drumming411 27 days ago

      You didn't specify the 2000-year-old culture to which you're referring. Many cultures had quite advanced culinary skills.

  • Octavios Reaves
    Octavios Reaves 29 days ago +1

    Sure u can get it any day of the year ;^)

  • Ken Harris
    Ken Harris 29 days ago

    fruits and veggies are man made. They simply didnt exist like they do now. 1:10 never happened.

  • Elijah Shinn
    Elijah Shinn 29 days ago

    I always have salad before dinner

  • Charles Clinton
    Charles Clinton Month ago +5

    Do u still believe Man came from Monkey?😂

  • Sangli Cryzal
    Sangli Cryzal Month ago

    Vegans triggered

  • Hentai Holiday
    Hentai Holiday Month ago

    Funniest corny jokes

  • the autistic pier champion of herb and peace

    Lions eat meat everyday most of there life's hunting for it first

  • Stefan Jensen
    Stefan Jensen Month ago

    now do a episode that tells what would happen if you only ate greens instead XD

  • Nicholeen
    Nicholeen Month ago

    i started eating meat since i was 6, and now i'm 15 is it still okay? cause i hadn't tasted or eaten any kinds of seafoods, and i do eat vegetable. but only a little once a month actually, and when i dont crave for meat i eat can-goods or processed foods with out fish or vegies, i think this is a phobia?

  • F.B.I
    F.B.I Month ago

    I poop every day when I get home from school is just a habit I’m not fat but I do eat meat like chicken nuggets almost every day and shit sometimes twice a day

  • Nicholas Eli
    Nicholas Eli Month ago

    I have watched the video, now I will read the comments to hear what all the nutritional experts have to say.

  • Mars Bars
    Mars Bars Month ago

    Animals already do that.

  • Ne aber so du weißt doch einfach so

    Hey guys, i have a real cool experiment were i try out mass alcohol consumption and its effects. Does anyone wanna pay for my alcoholism... i mean fund my research?

  • Stuit3rb4l
    Stuit3rb4l Month ago

    So eating your whole life disgusting foods and almost freezing to death will make you life even longer so you can extend your suffering? That's Great News!

  • Asninox
    Asninox Month ago +2

    *i saw the thumbnail and I almost had a mini heart attack*

    I actully only came here to comment sooooo BYE

  • Preston Tribble
    Preston Tribble Month ago +1

    Eat your heard out vegans.. see what I did there.

  • Sean Dools
    Sean Dools Month ago +1


  • Sean Dools
    Sean Dools Month ago

    Telling a dung beetle to eat shit is hardly an insult...

  • merge m8
    merge m8 Month ago

    *vegetarian has left the server*

  • youNoahwhoitis ,
    youNoahwhoitis , Month ago

    2:20 is all wrpng

  • Hrishi Alda
    Hrishi Alda Month ago

    Blood is haraam for masai

  • xanax hatesyou
    xanax hatesyou Month ago

    All this talk about meat is gay moe

  • Static Charge Red Field

    Those Masai guys..... look like zombies(no offense).....

    BOXY GAMING Month ago

    What if I only eat salad 😂😂😂

  • León
    León Month ago

    So those retarded people who can't get anything rawer than rare go to Alaska huh?

  • booger king
    booger king Month ago +2

    I'm a püśśyvore. I like to eat p...

  • Maya Fallegeros
    Maya Fallegeros Month ago

    I think it's best not to call an Inuit **that** now.

  • Alan Casallas
    Alan Casallas Month ago

    I'd go broke. Meat is expensive.

  • Davin Chi
    Davin Chi Month ago

    Video starts at 0:55

  • Snowy the Peinguin
    Snowy the Peinguin Month ago

    Eerrrm i live in greenland and i have never Seen a iNuiT i have when People say that

  • Mike S
    Mike S Month ago

    Try not to eat farm cows they eat corn all day . Buy organic free range meats they eat grass. Much healthier

  • Kashina Crabbe
    Kashina Crabbe Month ago

    Stabbing innocent baby animals in the neck to eat their rotting copses isn’t appealing At All. I’ll take a tofu steak or a cauliflower steak thanks!

  • Oh_ huneyyy
    Oh_ huneyyy Month ago


  • Akshay Sakhale
    Akshay Sakhale Month ago

    For meat we need to kill animals imagine if you are a turkey bird and you will know you are going to kill for your delicious meat very sad for broiler animals😢😢😢