The Greater Good - Mind Field S2 (Ep 1)


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  • Diamond Gamer1234
    Diamond Gamer1234 29 minutes ago

    My mother had to do this with raccoons on a road once, she hit one

  • Aaron E.
    Aaron E. 43 minutes ago

    They would get off the track. Trains are loud.

  • ricen0odle
    ricen0odle Hour ago

    i wouldnt pull the lever because i don't have the power to decide someones fate

  • Wasting my time
    Wasting my time Hour ago

    How many people are on that train? Because if they go left, they are probably gonna die too.

  • Wasting my time
    Wasting my time 2 hours ago

    I sneeze with my eyes open

  • Flame
    Flame 2 hours ago

    The last one is so fake it's just funny if u don't see it
    He is explaining everything loudly lmao

  • Eamonn Martin
    Eamonn Martin 3 hours ago

    This is so cruel

  • VulpiuS
    VulpiuS 3 hours ago

    this is the most interesting video i have ever seen

  • cringe kid
    cringe kid 4 hours ago +1

    uhm. how do we know this video isn’t a social experiment?

    maybe they are all actors

  • TizerGamingAndBlogz axn

    Hey, vsauce michael here!

  • SMG2fanatic
    SMG2fanatic 5 hours ago

    I call bull on this whole thing. You're telling me no one has ever been able to conduct this experiment while youtuber vsauce gets to just like that? Bullllcrap

  • Magne
    Magne 6 hours ago +1

    elsa wasn't frozen....heh

  • Jar Kat
    Jar Kat 6 hours ago

    *Hey Micheal, Vsauce here*

  • Malevolent NTT
    Malevolent NTT 8 hours ago

    Elsa, first candidate shows leadership skills as soon as she arrives. she is on company grounds with an employee, standing under a seemingly flimsy tent. Once the wind picks up, she trades a glance with the “authority figure”, unsatisfied she takes charge. Everything happens in fraction of a second.

  • Voice Muted
    Voice Muted 9 hours ago

    “Why are you killing all these people?”

  • tallkerry
    tallkerry 10 hours ago

    One of the greatest experiments mankind has ever conducted

  • A Tothetop
    A Tothetop 11 hours ago


  • Eamonn Martin
    Eamonn Martin 12 hours ago

    There is something very sinister underlying here

  • El Hijo del Portador de Luz

    This shit is fake asf

  • My Cat's Name Is Gizmo
    My Cat's Name Is Gizmo 14 hours ago

    That theme song for Mind Field reminds me of Metro 2033.

  • El Hijo del Portador de Luz

    Damn Mel B must be hurting for cash to take this gig

  • Top Lobster
    Top Lobster 15 hours ago

    This was amazing , seeing that First Ladies hand shake for some reason to me was very significant. Wow

  • 1God1Fury
    1God1Fury 15 hours ago

    I know that these series deserve to ask money to watch them for such outstanding quality, but can we have from time to time some lower quality, low budget free episodes as well?

  • Cqspa
    Cqspa 16 hours ago

    I recommend a test (Although this comment may or may not be seen by VSauce)
    Do a test similar to this test but in control that can save either a higher ammount of inmates or 1 cop
    such as Save 5 inmates or save 1 cop/prison guard etc

  • Amberlynn Edits
    Amberlynn Edits 17 hours ago

    is the rest of the season worth the money?

  • Mon Cheri
    Mon Cheri 20 hours ago +1

    The only answer is to multi track drift

  • jozzerful2
    jozzerful2 20 hours ago +1

    in the question asked about the robot car , I was put in that situation between an adult and a young child , and know I consciously avoided the child , but can not say , that I consciously went for the adult. ????????

  • Charlie Bakar
    Charlie Bakar 23 hours ago


    I didn’t know this was Harry Potter

  • Dundlele Bundy
    Dundlele Bundy 23 hours ago +1

    Very powerful - seeing Cory's reaction was very moving. Elsa was compassionate and strong, but Cory also felt something of the horror of what it meant to consciously end a human life, even in the service of a greater good. I'd imagine that in a less managed and technologically controlled society more people would have taken action. Mass society encourages passivity, and so it is especially moving to see people who nevertheless take on the moral weight of action. Also, one aspect that wasn't covered is the way that participating in such an experiment reinforces - after the fact -the sense of nothing in our experience being real. Even at your most vulnerable, you're just part of a TVclip show. While I appreciate the value of this experiment, I would have probably reacted with indignation when told it was a test, regardless of how I had acted in the scenario.

  • Causing Aphid01
    Causing Aphid01 Day ago

    Wow, I can't watch the series without paying, despite it being an educational show.

  • RedFireRex RFR
    RedFireRex RFR Day ago +6

    Just pull the brake on the train lmfao

    • Rhy hood
      Rhy hood 14 hours ago

      Even when you pull the break, it takes a long time for the train to stop

  • Anano
    Anano Day ago

    How is it only 6M viewers the entire world should totally watch this

  • terminate
    terminate Day ago

    I have a solution to this that will hopefully save all people on both tracks, this will work if they are far apart from the diversion, but is risky if its a train carrying passages unlike the one in the video.
    but will potentially in danger people on board the train. Basically first you divert the train, then as its passing the diversion switch the tracks back, this will cause the coaches that were attached to the train to go in that direction but the train is gong through the diversion and so not on the same track as the coaches are now moving in so as a result ,the train and the coach will be pulled off the tracks, hopefully saving the people on the tracks, although I wouldn't do this if the train was at high speeds and had passengers on board, if the train was empty or if it was full with passages but had a low speed It would be likely that I would do this (this is not certain of course), although not if the people on the track are close to the diversion as this would risk killing them, but If at a reasonable distance this will save the lives of the people on the track, but as the same time risking the passages lives on board the train.

  • Original Minecraft


  • Youngster Joey
    Youngster Joey Day ago

    choo choo motherfucker

  • læzy lozer 2600


  • haochi du
    haochi du Day ago

    this is sick

  • Luke Turnbull
    Luke Turnbull Day ago +1

    Vsauce micheal come back

  • Patricia Zandile Ncube

    Where is Chidi from the 'good place' when you need him?

  • Jobje Rabbeljee
    Jobje Rabbeljee Day ago

    this, is, why I deserve, NOT TO BELIEVE,YES, A LOT. A LOT!

  • Jobje Rabbeljee
    Jobje Rabbeljee Day ago

    If that would be their choice, despite countless others, I would'nt freakin' lose sleep over it. but that would make me a powerless psychopath, right?

  • Jobje Rabbeljee
    Jobje Rabbeljee Day ago

    in rural areas, just take it slow. then these idiots on the tracks would be pushed, rather than rin over. in betweens, any soul would have it coming. self driving trains, not to expose the conductor, to trauma.

  • 我的家人seow wui linfreddy

    he is how to basic

  • Numbre 4
    Numbre 4 2 days ago

    I sat here watching for ten minutes, thinking vsauce was actually going to kill someone.

  • Kai Blue
    Kai Blue 2 days ago

    Uhm, being left alone in that cabinet without any reason nor specific training... you know if someone switches that goes to jail right?

  • Edward Driver
    Edward Driver 2 days ago +5

    Think Cory's response might be fake. If you look at the lever at 27:23 and 27:26 it is clearly turned to track 2, before he has made any decision - but we see the lever turned to track 1 at 27:30, again before he has made his decision. Looks a bit fishy to me - unless they switched up the order of the footage in the edit. Bit disappointed to be honest, if mostly for the lack of attention to detail in the production dept

  • Mark AHN
    Mark AHN 2 days ago

    Last guy was a pussy

  • Marianne
    Marianne 2 days ago

    is he dead?

  • Bruce A.
    Bruce A. 2 days ago

    Why would anyone watch this show yes people would pull the switch people aren’t that stupid.

  • Takyi Kobbie
    Takyi Kobbie 2 days ago

    Literally the best psychological documentary ever.... How it was performed was great.. The way they showed the everybody was safe is excellent otherwise ppl wud hv suffered permanent damage

  • Sam Beresford
    Sam Beresford 2 days ago

    Trigger warning. But worth watching.

  • forkevbot
    forkevbot 2 days ago

    Then right before the train gets in close four of the people move from one track to the other! muahahaha.

  • Puzzle inc. Media
    Puzzle inc. Media 2 days ago +1

    Hey Vsauce, micheal here.

  • Brody Howerton
    Brody Howerton 2 days ago

    These guys have the worst acting

  • Terrell Loeppky
    Terrell Loeppky 2 days ago

    I almost cried when corries debrief happened

  • Hauthicus
    Hauthicus 2 days ago

    *Hey Vsauce, Michael here. What would happen if i quit making videos for 7 months?*

  • alexinio05
    alexinio05 2 days ago

    I can't buy TVclip Red.... it's not availabel(I can't spell) in my country

  • Henry
    Henry 2 days ago

    People would lie unless you put them in the experience

  • Neightrix Prime
    Neightrix Prime 2 days ago

    This is literally a psychology case study. Very interesting.

  • Merthur
    Merthur 2 days ago

    Top 10 why do you dislikes

  • Bidaqiqa - بدقيقة

    An educational prank, Hell yes! Better than sexual GONE WRONG pranks right?

  • MatthewPlays
    MatthewPlays 3 days ago


  • Xx_Mrteapot_xX
    Xx_Mrteapot_xX 3 days ago

    yp id kill five get rid of some of the population also depends if you know them

  • Андрей Гайнулин

    Где русские субтитры?

  • ZMan1471
    ZMan1471 3 days ago

    The problem with using college students is the test group is picked from a rather non heterogeneous selection and only willing participants at that. Would be brilliant to take walks of all life into this scenario regardless of the complications

  • Garrett Jones
    Garrett Jones 3 days ago

    oh yeah yeah the people are all good, dont let a single one talk to the camera tho.

  • That Guy
    That Guy 3 days ago

    U just wiped it on your pants and gave your disease to the driver. Fail Stranger Things intro. Dilemma.

  • Sam Erens
    Sam Erens 3 days ago

    The real question is what do you make of the person who pulls the lever while the train is crossing the switch, causing the rear wheels of the train to drift onto track 2 and kill all 6 workers?

  • DaJoker808
    DaJoker808 3 days ago

    Okay change the one guy with a pregnant woman , and change the couple guys with older people .

  • LightenStar // TurboLighten

    VSauce, can I have some Sauce?

  • BenOver
    BenOver 3 days ago +1

    R.I.P Vsauce

  • A Shade of Gray
    A Shade of Gray 4 days ago

    I can't believe he went through all that to screen people. Most would just pull a stranger off the street.

  • arandagreat1 The channel that rocks!

    This content is so good

  • Takbir Jihadi
    Takbir Jihadi 4 days ago

    This test was far to nice... Without the thought of death then how can we be 100%sure the experiment was done correctly? Also the staff didn't seem distressed on the track

  • The Hungry Doge Eats Sausages

    when is the next vsauce video?

  • 달려라루키
    달려라루키 4 days ago +1

    한국인 박자

  • yashar khaligh
    yashar khaligh 4 days ago

    I was dissapointed. The subjects were all acters. I didnt expect this from you my friend. I was your fan until now.

  • Edwin Pellot
    Edwin Pellot 4 days ago

    It’s just a prank bro

  • TheOriginalMakaaka
    TheOriginalMakaaka 4 days ago

    I thought this was Jerry Seinfeld's hairy cousin "MeinFeld". Meinfeld isn't very funny at all. But I did enjoy the video. Made me realize how awesome I am.

  • John Alexander
    John Alexander 4 days ago

    The video missed the central message of its intro thesis. how will we evolve machines to cope with ethical dilemma's?

  • Kings Rpg
    Kings Rpg 4 days ago

    Mr.white ?

  • debblez22k5
    debblez22k5 4 days ago

    Omg guys i get it
    This entire video it’s analogous to the trolley problem. The world benefits from this experiment, but the trauma from the subjects is directly on his hands. Michael how are you so smart

  • Louis Cyphre
    Louis Cyphre 4 days ago

    Spock was right after all

  • selbalamir
    selbalamir 4 days ago

    All the participants took the news that they had just been tangoed remarkably calmly.
    I'm pretty sure most people would do their nut once they found out the truth.

  • J Mar
    J Mar 4 days ago

    vsauce i love you

  • Rick Kelley
    Rick Kelley 4 days ago

    They have to lie to everyone to figure out a moral dilemma. I cant get over the irony 🤦🏻‍♂️😂😂😂

  • Cassandra C.
    Cassandra C. 4 days ago

    I wonder if anyone would choose to not do anything so that the five people die instead of the one because it’ll be less personal if more lives are lost.

  • Pretzel Stick
    Pretzel Stick 4 days ago

    To bad they did the test in la, a city full of people with less empathy than most places.

  • Justin Archer
    Justin Archer 4 days ago

    Saving 5 over 1 is optimal... but chaos is always fair. Those who would not interfere with the chaos aren't wrong either. There is no right or wrong answer.

  • HolyPaalooza
    HolyPaalooza 4 days ago

    I take it this channel is dead ??? Where have you gone and why are ou on preview only now ??

  • Ben Goecke
    Ben Goecke 4 days ago

    Sounds like tau propaganda but alright

  • ohnhai
    ohnhai 4 days ago

    That is some heavy shit... The instant you said "let's do this for real" my mind was going 'Millgram. Millgram. Milgram...' and especially the fact that I had recently watched something that said experiments of this ilk were unlikely to be allowed today.
    I have no Idea how I would react if I found myself in this situation, but there was a BBC program years back where they had a team of three normal people who were put in control of an emerging disaster (not causing it but reacting to it) surrounded by experts and people in touch with the emergency services, ect, who relayed information to the three who, alone, had to call the shots.
    This one episode was a hijacking heading towards London. The airliner ends up aiming for Westminster Palace but hits the River Thames. Hard! The experts said there may well be damage to the underground tunnels that run under the river.
    At that instant I'm jumping up from my sofa going " Shut the gates!!!" (hold the Door!!) and that is before they have explained the existence of the flood prevention gates to the three controllers ( built at the start of the war to isolate the tunnels under the Thames from the rest of the system to prevent the entire network flooding should the river sections be breached by a german bomb.)
    The experts are saying it's gonna take three mins to close the gates (I'm still shouting "Shut the gates!" every few seconds)
    Then they are saying there is a train stuck in one of the river sections, and there are about 350 people on board. My mantra of "shust the gates" has gone up in volume... And as the three controllers dither about the math (350 people potentially drowned/ electrocuted vs many many thousands and massive damage to the network) Im getting more and more frustrated with their inaction, and my cry has become "shut the damn gats NOW!!"
    Well they differ more and the tunnel collapses and its scenario B AND the people in the tunnel are lost along with tens of thousands and the entire underground network!
    It's decades later and I'm still indignant that they didn't instantly order the gates shut the moment they knew them.
    I'm not sure what I would do if I was presented with your RL trolley problem, but back then all I wanted to do was reach into the TV back then and jump up on the central table and scream. "I take responsibility, on my authority alone shut the damn gates NOW!! That is exactly what they are there for! This very situation! If we lose the 350 in the tunnel that is tremendously sad but it is vastly preferable to the alternative, that we lose the entire system and potentially everyone in it. SHUT THEM NOW!!"
    But that's the entire point. The Tv show back then was staged, even the 'contestants' knew it was staged but the setting and the presentation moved it beyond a simple thought experiment in to roleplay but it was still all hypothetical (but with very compelling visuals) and that is utterly different to believing it to ACTUALLY be real and live and there is no one but you...
    I would like to think I'd recognise it as the trolley problem and divorce myself from emotion and apply the math but I have no idea If I could.
    Awesome show.
    Have you written a paper on this?

  • Christian Vargas
    Christian Vargas 5 days ago +1

    I’d just stop the train beforehand or remove the people on the track with better technology that recognizes there’s always more than just two possibilities

    • My Cat's Name Is Gizmo
      My Cat's Name Is Gizmo 13 hours ago

      At that range, you can't just stop the train. The energy has to go somewhere, and the train will just slow down. And if they can't hear that happening, it is too late.

  • muellermilch kokos
    muellermilch kokos 5 days ago

    make normal youtube vids again pls

  • Luke Furgason
    Luke Furgason 5 days ago +1

    Good? by what standard?

  • PrestonPlayzRoblox 117

    this the best way to mix vsauce and Thomas the train meme

  • Justin Reyes
    Justin Reyes 5 days ago +1

    Just programming you to justify f;:#!d up choices for "the greater good"

  • BillyThomasJohnson III


  • Allison Cloud
    Allison Cloud 5 days ago

    Extremely well-conducted experiment!
    I am curious about how different the participants’ reactions would have been if there were average pedestrians on the tracks instead of construction workers.
    I’d hypothesize that they would have been more likely to come to the rescue for pedestrians since the construction workers seemingly are already familiar enough with the tracks to know what they are doing and therefore don’t need as much assistance.

  • Brandon Scott
    Brandon Scott 5 days ago

    Can you put it on Netflix