The Greater Good - Mind Field S2 (Ep 1)


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  • George Ioniță
    George Ioniță 22 minutes ago

    I would let 5 humans die and then the other person will love me couse I saved his life *PERFECT*

    JiJiPROJECT Hour ago

    this is undoubtedly the best serie on youtube premium

    JiJiPROJECT Hour ago


    JiJiPROJECT Hour ago

    my heart was beating so loud when it started omfg

  • trn5cnd
    trn5cnd 7 hours ago

    would have been interesting to do this experiment on people who have thought about the trolley problem before. (hypothesy: they would be more likely to flip the switch) but maybe they would also be more likely to think that this is not real.

  • Laboraty EWP
    Laboraty EWP 8 hours ago

    easy i decide: -how many people -estimated value of said people -personal interst in said people vs. -trouble if I touch anything I take more responsability that if I do not
    in my case I would have (after looking for warning or train stopping buttons) instantly switched to trak 2

  • Laurie Brown
    Laurie Brown 16 hours ago

    This is really cruel to make someone believe they killed

  • Morgan Matthews
    Morgan Matthews 20 hours ago

    if the train was about to kill the one person, would you switch it to kill the five?

  • Victor chavez
    Victor chavez 22 hours ago

    This is episode was so awesome and meant so much to me, I was so excited to watch every second

  • Feenax Blue
    Feenax Blue Day ago

    0:43 He says impresive when the car stops, but it looks like there is blood on the front from earlier..
    That is called black humor.. I am sorry.

  • sirjant0038
    sirjant0038 Day ago

    I was really nervous and almost crying watching this. I hope you documented this enough to be not repeated by other people.

  • Junambo QCG
    Junambo QCG Day ago

    28:47 was, to me, the coolest moment in this show. The psychologist guy's ability to stop Michael and get that moment with Cory was just incredible. It showed how two great minds, an intellectual one and an emotional one, can work together.

  • mar777i
    mar777i Day ago

    I recently heard the "fair" solution to the famous trolley problem: Run a second train to run over the other party too.

  • sagar dev
    sagar dev Day ago

    Extension to this experiment would be to place a relative of the track operator against random individuals on the other track and see the results.
    Most probably none of them would switch the track and thereby saving their friend.

  • Ahkuji
    Ahkuji Day ago

    I'm interested in the birth date of Cory...

  • Kris Wilson
    Kris Wilson Day ago +1

    Oh God they can't hear us they have airpods in oh God

  • Javier Espinoza
    Javier Espinoza Day ago

    ete tipo ta lokoo

  • CutiePi
    CutiePi Day ago +1

    Put ads in there. I won’t pay for premium but I still want you to get money for this great content.

  • CutiePi
    CutiePi Day ago

    The greater good dilemma inception.

  • Zach M.
    Zach M. Day ago +3

    They should try this with a loved one on the second track

  • Vee Escobar
    Vee Escobar Day ago

    How low have ur views gotten now that they're on premium and most people can't afford to watch them anymore? Id like to see an episode on that (: I use to absolutely love ur vids now I can't watch them anymore

  • Gerben Houtman
    Gerben Houtman Day ago

    If I'd have been one of the subjects, I'm sure I'd have reamed them up one side and down the other for being evil, disgusting, thoughtless twits. HOW DARE they do that to me!

  • Rafael Cruz
    Rafael Cruz Day ago

    I think almost everything is worth for science

  • Chaya 2766
    Chaya 2766 2 days ago

    This is the most excited I've ever been about seeing an experiment like this

  • motorcyclelad
    motorcyclelad 2 days ago

    I would’ve thought if I changed its course without knowing what I was doing I might be sending a train to hit a commuter train head on, so in this case I wouldntve have done anything. They should have told participants that the tracks meet up later and it doesn’t matter which track the train uses.

  • Tristan Reid
    Tristan Reid 2 days ago

    Oh my god if this is real it’s so wrong. Seeing her expression and shaking after flipping the switch was heartbreaking and I cried.

  • Tristan Reid
    Tristan Reid 2 days ago

    I sneezed while driving while listening to this at the exact EXACT moment that he sneezed in this video. What does that mean? What a crazy coincidence. Did my brain predict the sneeze and trigger my sneeze as a response? So weird.

  • Airwolf
    Airwolf 2 days ago

    only about three minutes in but my answer is simple. An can SAY I would flip it. But I'm pretty sure I would do nothing. Rather just freeze.

  • Morgan Dunahee
    Morgan Dunahee 2 days ago

    Wait, what if you switched it when the train was in it then it would mess up the train and stop it.

  • Average Commenter
    Average Commenter 2 days ago

    Multi track drifting!

    SMKDATASS 2 days ago

    The Good Place does a good job representing the trolley problem~

  • Dylan Jardine
    Dylan Jardine 2 days ago

    Utilitarianism vs. deontology

  • Jaundiced Jape
    Jaundiced Jape 3 days ago

    "The Greater Good" my ass - that's tyrant talk. You just lost a viewer. You don't understand fundamental morality AT ALL. You had NO RIGHT to concoct this traumatic experience for those people by way of deception. You don't own them - they own themselves - and you have no moral ground for making such decisions for them. You LIED to get what YOU wanted, and your justifications don't matter. It also doesn't matter that they're not upset about it, because in all likelihood they don't understand their natural law rights either; being raised in this dumbed-down, morally relativistic society.

  • RedStrike078
    RedStrike078 3 days ago

    I felt really bad for that last guy 😢

  • TheWlfx
    TheWlfx 3 days ago

    Might be a good youtube red but ever since you started this you haven't upload any regular vids... kinda sad about that. I mean I get it you gotta make a living, but I do miss seeing the intriguing videos that were uploaded to vsauce 1,2, and 3 it's just becoming dead now.

  • Mariângela Paúra
    Mariângela Paúra 3 days ago

    It'd be cool to see how the subjects would react if the person alone in the track were their relatives.

  • Teabeeo
    Teabeeo 3 days ago

    In my opinion, this is very easy to detect for the subjects as a fake scenario, next time aybe you should consolidate someone on how to actually stage a believable scenario like this, it's shame, and I would not use this footage as evidence to prove anything.

  • Rudi Menteiro
    Rudi Menteiro 3 days ago

    züge haben aber auch brutale hupen

  • Fiftypence
    Fiftypence 3 days ago

    28:40 I felt an unbelievable surge of empathy for this guy, and couldn't stop myself from crying.

  • Finlay Hamm
    Finlay Hamm 3 days ago +1

    ye yeah ok okay yea ok yeah okey! okay okay yeah okay no problem

    • Rafael Cruz
      Rafael Cruz Day ago

      almost everyone talking to your mom

  • Finlay Hamm
    Finlay Hamm 3 days ago +1

    FREE Epis0DE

  • Gio Villalba
    Gio Villalba 3 days ago

    25:12 is may be the smartest thing said in this episode. Really clever.

  • Havad
    Havad 3 days ago

    I'd like to see an experiment where one of the train tracks had NO people on it, and see if people would switch the tracks.

  • Joseph Mitchell
    Joseph Mitchell 3 days ago

    Wow. Amazing show.

  • GogetaBluePlayz
    GogetaBluePlayz 3 days ago

    I would speed hack and save them all

  • Chloe Price
    Chloe Price 3 days ago

    This is a lot like ‘what would you do?’ But more psychological

  • _ BandAid _
    _ BandAid _ 3 days ago

    It's called triage, it's an integral part of healthcare in the field.

  • jbanks4life
    jbanks4life 3 days ago

    The only thing that I watch on TVclip Red mainly I got it because it takes out the commercials and I can turn off my phone

  • timkolm2
    timkolm2 4 days ago

    Really good series! I can't stop watching! Every episode is interesting. I learned a lot about myself. Keep on Michael and the team!!!

  • alienmaster28
    alienmaster28 4 days ago

    isn't there another part where if aske the majority of peoplr wouldn't push a person in front of a train which is a strange result

  • Jacob Heape
    Jacob Heape 4 days ago

    Flip the switch halfway down the train so the front goes left and the back goes right

    BATOOST 4 days ago

    That Cory literally seemed like such a sweetheart

  • Khang Trinh
    Khang Trinh 4 days ago

    So uhm.....why hide faces of the accepted applicants when their faces aren't even hidden on camera???

  • Jackson Meade
    Jackson Meade 4 days ago

    I think most people would fear being charged with murder. Lets drop the ethics of this for a sec, even if you're saving some people, the act of changing a trains direction so that it can mow someone else down has got to be against the law. Idk how I feel about that tho
    This and I'd figure that someone had to have heard the train. They're loud af lmao I would expect everyone on the track to be capable of moving out of the way without any interference from me

  • Pepo Nebulous
    Pepo Nebulous 4 days ago

    Subtitula todos tus videos, por ahora no hablo ingles, pero me interesa tu canal.


    Can I get an f for our lost solider

  • OfficialNedSanders
    OfficialNedSanders 4 days ago

    TVclip doesn't deserve Michael.

  • Adam Powers
    Adam Powers 4 days ago

    People hand picked by "Ethics Board Members" to mitigate their own guilt and accountability to the harm done. The results of your unethical experiment are contaminated, invalid and yes, it did harm. You all are horrible. Smart people are truly one click away from psychopathy. I take that back. Less then one click. I include you too Michael.

  • Jamie C
    Jamie C 4 days ago +1

    This was not tested. Cory was an actor. 27:22 you can see the switch is already moved to track 2. Here is his IMDB profile: Go down to his self credit. I knew there was a reason I wasn't paying for this. Deception for views.

  • Corey
    Corey 4 days ago

    I can feel my man Cory's love from halfway across the world lol

  • cyberkraft
    cyberkraft 4 days ago

    Any employee "schooled " in their given corporation's safety doctrines WOULD NOT touch the controls / rail-switch the train from the original path. To do so would shift a percentage of the culpability in the breach of rail management safety policy away from all employees on the track and onto the employee who threw the rail switch. If/when an employee acts to throw the rail switch, they now become part of the outcome and share in the liability /become complicit in the failure mode. Further, there may have been other outlying information in the event that the rail-switch operator could not have been aware of through visual feedback alone. A fatality will be incurred in either instance. In the scenario shown, any veteran employee would have had the time to run this mental calculus. I have seen one similar event in real life where an individual shifted a fatal outcome to sacrifice one for many. He was eviscerated by HR & Legal arms of his company and summarily terminated. He now owns the horrific memory of the event and a service record from his past employer that has left him with no real future job prospects. That's the real world experiment in human psychology, though. Keep trying...

  • Jasper
    Jasper 5 days ago

    Imagine when michael walks in the cabine and is like:
    "Hey, Vsauce, Michael here"

  • Jonathan Torres
    Jonathan Torres 5 days ago

    My biggest surprise was the fact that the experiment subjects weren't surprised at the moment they see Michael, the Vsauce guy himself.

  • Prince Nephron
    Prince Nephron 5 days ago

    Where the hell does Michael get his clothes?

  • Kyle Clements
    Kyle Clements 5 days ago

    I often wonder is psychologists could use performance artists as a means of getting around ethics boards.
    "It's not an unethical experiment, it's an art performance, I just happened to take REALLY detailed notes..."

  • Tegan WR
    Tegan WR 5 days ago

    I think the type of job someone has would affect if they flip the lever or not. As a boss and business owner I’m used to being in difficult situations where you have to make split second decisions that require you to trust your gut. The only thing that may pop into the back of my head is liability and if there could be possible legal repercussions if the wrong choice was made. I would be really careful to make sure I was perceiving the situation correctly. Even though this thought pop into my head it wouldn’t affect my decision to flip the lever especially if I thought my actions would be saving peoples lives. One interesting thing is when I saw the people who didn’t flip the lever they reminded me of most employees who don’t act and take a leadership position in a time of need. There are a lot of employees out there who will sit back or wait for someone else to do something instead of taking responsibility. They also make excuses for their actions to justify why they didn’t act!

  • karthikeyan mg
    karthikeyan mg 5 days ago

    This was good and results would be unsurprisingly different depending on the geography and cultural belief

  • Tegan WR
    Tegan WR 5 days ago


  • Ishani K Dey
    Ishani K Dey 5 days ago

    Gimme the number of that last guy. He is the sweetest person evvverrrr.

  • Alex S
    Alex S 5 days ago

    Only six subjects, and strong bias selection for the subjects with prescreening . Phycology is hard as a science because it is hardly a real science to being with.

  • Sarath Sajan
    Sarath Sajan 5 days ago

    I would just change track back and forth too many times and derail the train. Saving all 6 of them and slightly injuring the loco-pilot
    So where do I stand

  • Genesis X
    Genesis X 5 days ago

    This is Thanos snap

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 6 days ago

    I don't give a fuck, I would pull the lever and let them splat! I wouldn't loose any sleep

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 6 days ago

    If they were 5 pensioners vs one small child then I would save the child!

  • Blake Scott
    Blake Scott 6 days ago

    they take away the subjects phone and the opereter has his

    RUMBLESLUG 6 days ago

    I was extremely stressed watching this

  • The Tea Drinking Owl

    @Vsause , There is a third option people don't seem to have considered. Instead of having to choose between 2 options to collide with, why not have the vehicle be able to stop in the distance it can see/detect. There is also the fact that when driving if you see a child or someone who looks like they might be drunk, you either slow down or move to a path which is safer for both groups and coding for something like that may be problematic.
    You are a very good channel and teach very interesting subjects, thank you.

  • Rolan Reynacido
    Rolan Reynacido 6 days ago

    Expect a call from Corey's lawyer.

  • Offer Your Soul To Me Dark One

    Here's the problem with the trolley problem, Simplifying things makes a problem, If I said you need to go up 2nd floor but there is nothing around you that could help you that would mean there is no answer, but a lawyer wouldnt think that way he would say use what ever you were wearing to create a rope or say not a THING means there are other people around that could help you climb up.
    But my real answer is, Id kill the 5, if 5 people died, the government or the management would take actions to prevent this from happening again, because killing 1 would mean its just and accident but killing 5 means its a tragedy and need a solution to prevent future disasters ^_^

  • Normalny Człowiek
    Normalny Człowiek 6 days ago

    i was so scared and stressed my heart was pounding so fast i started to cry...??

  • James Ranone
    James Ranone 6 days ago

    Now,for the first question everyone must remember the two people on the road were jaywalking while the one on the sidewalk was following the law.

  • Zach Chang
    Zach Chang 6 days ago

    I wanna know how Cory is going

  • Zach Chang
    Zach Chang 6 days ago

    You see how that black dude was like upset that nobody died that black movies motherfuker he was washing that s*** with some kind of lust

  • Zach Chang
    Zach Chang 6 days ago

    No ethics board was used on mtv's Ashton kuschers punked

  • Zach Chang
    Zach Chang 6 days ago

    Michael didn't go to an ethics review board Michael went to a consulting firm that helps people pass ethics review boards that's absolutely sick and disgusting that there are institutions that take money and advise you how to get past an ethics review committee so that your proposal seems more ethical than it actually is that's so unethical purchase what's disgusting about it

  • Ray's Room
    Ray's Room 6 days ago

    they fucked corryyyy uppppppp

  • Yui Poka
    Yui Poka 6 days ago

    I love vsauce

  • Gary Duncan
    Gary Duncan 6 days ago

    I'd like to see the test done across certain population segments, public servants, service members, business leaders, clergy, (formerly incarcerated individuals?) etc. I'm willing to bet that you will see a much different reaction based on profession

  • Remington Zhu
    Remington Zhu 6 days ago

    What if on one railroad was your mother and on the other your father? I think all of us would just be crying at that point.

  • 2009JokeZ
    2009JokeZ 6 days ago

    These kind of experiments are always unethical. You don't know how deep it may have affected Cory (or the others) in the end. And the result just shows something we already know, everyone acts different.

  • Scott C
    Scott C 6 days ago

    excessive analysis, too long, get to the point, done with mind field

  • gmchilehead
    gmchilehead 7 days ago

    Everyone handles the Kobayashi Maru test a little differently.

  • يسوع إلهي
    يسوع إلهي 7 days ago

    I feel offended when calling human animals (mean we murder animals). You are wrong we are spiritual creatures place number 10 after angels and have material body (animals are lower than us and have no mind to think and talk like us).

  • يسوع إلهي
    يسوع إلهي 7 days ago

    Greater good comes from God the good source.

  • Josh N.
    Josh N. 7 days ago

    I would have flipped it one way, and when it's halfway over, switch it the other way so it derails.

  • Mrb2006the Lad
    Mrb2006the Lad 7 days ago

    I wish I had money for TVclip premium

  • xXLoovlehCuppaTeaXx
    xXLoovlehCuppaTeaXx 7 days ago

    I was expecting Elsa to freeze lol

  • English Teacher Bogazici University Graduate

    I could help with Turkih subtitles:)

  • Positve Ghost
    Positve Ghost 7 days ago

    I fucking sneezed the moment I opened the video, then he started talking about him sneezing and it really messed me up for a minute lol.

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    I want to watch these but I really can't as youtube red is not available in my country. whelp.