Luenell on Paul Mooney Accusations: He's 973 Years Old, What's the Point? (Part 10)

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
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    In this VladTV exclusive, Luenell and Vlad talked about Paul Mooney. Vlad pointed out that when he spoke to Paul Mooney about an interview, Mooney noted that he watched Luenell’s interviews on VladTV and that the interviews are the reason he wanted to do an interview. However, when it came time to do the interview, Mooney was accused of molesting Richard Pryor Jr. but Pryor’s old bodyguard.
    Luenell gave her thoughts, saying once again this is a money grab. She said the allegation is “bulls**t,” and also posed the question “If [Paul Mooney] did it, what are we gonna do?”
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  • A K
    A K 2 days ago

    😂😂love luenell💞

  • Omar Johnson
    Omar Johnson 3 days ago

    😂 the ages killin me

  • reginarobertkrystyn
    reginarobertkrystyn 4 days ago

    Uncle Paul’s bodyguard, not Uncle Richard’s son who actually (allegedly) got molested, came out with this? That by itself is suspicious.

  • axped
    axped 4 days ago

    Vlad you are disgusting for trying to take the accusing angle....I use to have a little respect for but again like Jews of the old you follow your ancestors

  • Bee Rose
    Bee Rose 8 days ago

    "First of all, if Mooney did it... uh.. what we s'pose to do?" Lmfao. Love you Luenell!

  • Philk K
    Philk K 10 days ago

    She’s a negative toad

  • NatureBoy210
    NatureBoy210 11 days ago

    godfreys impressions are all on point. thats one talented brotha. his cosby is uncanny

  • Joseph Pierre
    Joseph Pierre 12 days ago

    They better not !!!

  • check left hook
    check left hook 15 days ago

    So being old excuses pedophilia...y'all need to quit worshipping shitbag Hollywood celebs, they'll sell your soul let alone their own for paper importance and shiny objects...most of em are addicts with money and fucked up kids for a reason.

  • Chanice Ellis
    Chanice Ellis 19 days ago

    Off the bat these people get on the victim's case. Always calling it a cash grab even in the absence of any evidence of that.

  • Echelon
    Echelon 19 days ago

    Godfrey always kills me 😂💀 His impressions are so on point

  • Tyrell Anderson
    Tyrell Anderson 22 days ago

    I would never do Vlad's show if I were a celebrity. He's a straight-up douchebag.

  • Moddie Seven
    Moddie Seven 22 days ago

    Luenell shut Vlad the fuck down real quick about those Paul Mooney emails.......Classic.

  • C C
    C C 26 days ago

    Yeah the body guard can absolutely get money with his lies. .like she said why now..I'm so tired of these 40yr old victims crying about a 20yr old crime. .have that same energy for ur dad/uncle/brother/cousin who raped u half ur childhood but aint rich so you'll get no money but that good ol justice will give u the money. .i mean peace u seek

  • Red Sunshine
    Red Sunshine 26 days ago


  • Red Sunshine
    Red Sunshine 26 days ago


  • Love Light
    Love Light 29 days ago +2

    Godfrey is on point w his Paul Mooney and Richard Pryor impressions😭😭😭 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  • Sellam Abraham
    Sellam Abraham Month ago

    I love Luenell but god damn is she the ugliest man on earth.

  • Cyber Police
    Cyber Police Month ago

    These god damn flash backs kill me

  • Himexxdollxx21
    Himexxdollxx21 Month ago

    I love Luenell

  • Black Phoenix
    Black Phoenix Month ago

    The REALIST.

  • Meishawn1374
    Meishawn1374 Month ago

    I pray the accusations are not true. But being a comedy icon doesn't necessarily keep you from being a pervert. And we can see. If they are, is this part of the problem in the black community of us not believing how our people can do things like this. Our people do have a habit of not addressing child molestation in our community. Don't come for me I'm a recovering victim, and no I never told...

  • Kip Denarian KREW
    Kip Denarian KREW Month ago

    No homo i bet Luenell got some head

  • Tero Tanskala
    Tero Tanskala Month ago

    I bet her headgame on point.. Yea I said it.. She gets down

  • Purethicknesse
    Purethicknesse Month ago

    875,000 yrs old

  • mo mo
    mo mo Month ago

    Wow the subtle hate for African Americans no matter what medium is so baffling, let’s agree and casually impart our negative energy towards them, Ugh we are human but ppl still want to be a monster...disgusting

  • BettyJean Coleman
    BettyJean Coleman Month ago

    Vendetta? Yall ever heard of the truth. Sometimes people just tell their story and what happened. His age doesnt matter. Point is it happened and that man has the right to tel the truth and his oen story. Mooney also isnt running he has Alzheimer's so the timing leaves him with an inability to fight back but again, doesnt back track from another mans truth

  • Chris Cruise
    Chris Cruise Month ago +3

    I love how she shut vlad down by saying he didn’t run from you he has never back down from NOBODY 🙌🏾

  • Richie Scott
    Richie Scott Month ago

    Why is anyone interviewing this woman... She is a moron with nothing to say about anything

  • Dionne Gold
    Dionne Gold Month ago +2

    So, cause he's old, it shouldn't matter? I like Luenell, but some questions shouldn't be answered. Especially if you weren't there.

  • Young Legends
    Young Legends Month ago

    Luenell dont trust Vladimir

  • drine_the_ poet
    drine_the_ poet Month ago

    I swear Iove her!!!

  • Cedella Watson
    Cedella Watson Month ago +1

    Yeeeeeeessssssss we love lunelle. Got that right Godfrey. Hey Godfrey, love you too. Your both certified

  • April G
    April G Month ago

    Love love luenell!! Real deal and Godfrey is a national treasure and truly underrated. Been loving him for years!!

  • Alexis Rose
    Alexis Rose Month ago

    Nails and makeup always on point

  • Five hundred 20s
    Five hundred 20s Month ago

    Love her

  • Shaune Vaughn
    Shaune Vaughn Month ago


  • Angel Rossi Hanan
    Angel Rossi Hanan Month ago

    Luenell you are a legend to me ! Thank you for taking up for Paul Moony 💜

  • Jo Castillo
    Jo Castillo Month ago

    And how many times do we hear about these old ass priests and pastors that have done the same thing? Does that mean we should keep that same "well they're old now, what can we do about it now?" energy? Hell no. They still need to be held accountable for their actions with their nasty asses. Paul Mooney may be her friend but would she still be singing that same tune if he F'ed her underage son/nephew/any damn family member?? F friends, that 💩 flies out the window when 💩 like this is revealed.

  • Lou Slugga
    Lou Slugga Month ago +1

    I love luenell she always look like she either drunk or coming down off a drunk high

  • Kevin Harris
    Kevin Harris Month ago +2

    So are we supposed to excuse 78 year old Paul Mooney's behavior and put an 81 year old like Bill Cosby in jail. I love Lunell but I don't agree with her analysis of this

  • TGTur8o
    TGTur8o Month ago

    She definitely keeps a .38 snubnose next to her reading glasses in a sequin purse

  • passion4family
    passion4family Month ago

    Luenell looks great!!!

  • Ms Sagittarius
    Ms Sagittarius Month ago

    Illuminati tactics when u speak out against them it’s a whole list of whole accusations Malcolm X said we will love the people that’s doing the oppressing and hating the people that’s being oppressed period boo

  • Pearl Rodgers
    Pearl Rodgers Month ago

    Looks like a man tiime

  • Cindy King
    Cindy King Month ago

    Love her nails

  • Justice100 Wil
    Justice100 Wil Month ago

    I agree with Luenell 100%

  • E Martinez
    E Martinez Month ago

    Vlad stay trying to drag black people by using black people.

  • S W
    S W Month ago +2

    Mooney need another special.

  • Lorna Satchwell
    Lorna Satchwell Month ago +2

    Lunnel is a sad case. If Paul moony is a predator then it's important that his victims are heard. Age doesn't matter. She just securing a bag.v

  • Summer Lyric
    Summer Lyric Month ago +1

    The ending 💪💪💪

  • vacanator stallone
    vacanator stallone Month ago +2

    this is why no one in the black community can get any help cuz a motherfucker or a bitch will discredit the victim and protect the accused. thus forcing kids to seek.

  • Wenona Moore
    Wenona Moore Month ago +1

    As SOON as dude mentions Paul Mooney's name, Lunell rolls eyes, cocks her head, scratches her chin, etc.... She knows the BS is coming!!! Ain't nobody gon speak negative about her friend!!! She ain't having it!! RIGHT ON!! ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

  • Taffiny Birth
    Taffiny Birth Month ago +2

    She keeps it so true! I'm a fan !

  • Mm Mm
    Mm Mm Month ago +2

    Who the hell is this peanut head bug eye fool up here telling Paul mooneys personal medical business.

  • Left Lane
    Left Lane Month ago +1

    I believe paul mooney fucced on lil richard pryor and thats all tha way fucced up

  • Latoya Taylor
    Latoya Taylor Month ago +1

    What are we suppose to do... is NOT the point!!! We cannot be insensitive to the victims (allegedly) when things like this come out.

  • Art J Johnson
    Art J Johnson Month ago

    This is one disgusting looking bitch. Hypocritical bitch.

  • It's 5 o'clock somewhere!!

    I Normally agree with her but she foul on this. Clearly Paul is her friend because Richard Pryor son didn't Deny it sooooo it's not cool to make light off it!

  • Just Blaze
    Just Blaze Month ago +1

    She legit has 4 chins . Like, LITERALLY!