Analyzing Marvel Studios' Best Scene


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  • Ujustgotdunkedon
    Ujustgotdunkedon 19 hours ago

    Lol that scene from black Panther when a cgi ( I know I didn’t think it was cgi either) rhino runs through people. I nutted.

  • Jessica Vo
    Jessica Vo Day ago

    marvel studios: releases a movie where steve rogers starts a war over bucky barnes
    film analysts: steve rogers is willing to put his other friends at risk and give up his principles in order to protect bucky
    y'all: tHeYre OnLy BeSt fRiEnDs aNd TotALLy StRaIgHt

  • Candy Van Man
    Candy Van Man Day ago +1

    It angers me how no one brings up the scene from the first Thor when Loki confronts Odin about his true identity/heritage. That was by far the best acting in the whole MCU.

  • Razor Edge
    Razor Edge Day ago +1

    I disagree. I thought the best scene in the movie, and the MCU as a whole, was T'Challa's scene at the end of Civil War, when he comes face-to-face with the man who killed his father. It kind of builds on the scene discussed in this video, but then subverts it. While Tony Stark wants vengeance against Bucky, T'Challa instead does the opposite and spares Zemo. To me, that was the most powerful scene in the movie, and the entire MCU. Despite Captain America and Iron Man being the protagonists, Black Panther was the real star of the movie.

  • coquito_ godess
    coquito_ godess Day ago

    get help is the best scene.

  • Ben Z
    Ben Z Day ago

    The Sokovia Accords should have just been signed by all and then they can disobey it, like we all do with all other laws.

  • r0bw00d
    r0bw00d Day ago

    The only problem with the final fight's preamble is that Tony and Steve were never friends.

  • Eric Taveras
    Eric Taveras 2 days ago

    This was really good

  • dosduros
    dosduros 3 days ago

    Marvel's Best scene is the Marvel Logo.
    Because it is another way of saying "you are about to enjoy a good comic movie". Marvel gained that respect from making many good movies.
    Remember that time when They unveiled the infinity gauntlet? (
    The cheer is loudest at the intro. Not even the reveal of inifinity war was that loud (let that sink in your mind).
    This is no coincidence. It is no exhaustion. It is not fanboism.
    Its what you get when you deliver. Always (even if sometimes not as good as before, or as good as it will be).
    Thats what I think.

  • Clay Crews
    Clay Crews 3 days ago

    8:50 I audibly laughed when you said Batman v. Superman was a competitor to the Avengers

  • Stephen Landis
    Stephen Landis 3 days ago

    IDK. It's not about a "religious loyalty to a friend's end", it's the belief in the essential goodness of ppl, that ppl can change, that Bucky was good and a victim, and we shouldn't condemn him for personal reasons. And it does pay off: Bucky survives and is healed in wakanda. From Steve's perspective, Tony's refusal to stand up for the people in his corner, and instead to compromise those relationships by inserting the vagaries of politics into them, is what puts everyone at risk, weaponizing and corrupting the avengers

  • Mark Welschmeyer
    Mark Welschmeyer 3 days ago

    i said it when i first saw the trailer and i'll say still it now Ragnarok is the best mcu film.
    as for best mcu seen it has got to be Thor arval to Wakada.
    and best acted mcu seen i can't pick, but it i know RDJ is at the heart of it. it could be when tony has to step out of the iron man suit to lecture peter. or this fight seen here. or almost any scene from iron man 1.

  • razmw
    razmw 3 days ago

    ironman and captian america are both howard stark creation, that almost make them brothers.

  • Perri Mitchell
    Perri Mitchell 3 days ago

    i agree

  • 13Wayz
    13Wayz 4 days ago


  • Puspalata Nayak
    Puspalata Nayak 4 days ago

    There isn't any good scenes in MCU movies. MCU- MARVEL comedy universe

  • amirhossein mobarakabadi

    If IRON MAN wanted to kill Rogers, Bucky and 10 more super soldiers it would be like a thanos snap, that fight scene was basically Marvel not wanting Stark to kill Rogers or Bucky

  • amirhossein mobarakabadi

    Thanos fighting Doctor Strange was the most aamazing fight scene ive ever seen

  • TommyTonk
    TommyTonk 4 days ago +2

    The best scene is really just captain america teaching the audience about the importance of patience

  • Limns
    Limns 4 days ago

    Marvel's best scene was the end of Infinity War. With some of the heroes on titan knowing they lost, while the others in Wakanda are fighting for something they think they won. And when it seemed it was all over and we won, Thanos snapped his finger. And everyone knew it was game over.

  • MightyJoeYoung
    MightyJoeYoung 4 days ago

    Oh, and the actual best marvel scene is when Bucky has a knife fight with Cap after the highway scene in the Winter Solider. It's also the best marvel film and redefines cap in a modern setting and is not only a great superhero film, but remains grounded and is a great action film as well. Compared to other action films in the past decade the only films that can compete are the John Wick movies, everything else has been sub par, even compared to this super hero movie. So it really takes the cake as the best of both worlds and flips super hero fatigue argument on it's head because you could also just view it as a top tier action film.

  • MightyJoeYoung
    MightyJoeYoung 4 days ago

    Yes actions have consequences and yes Tony paid the biggest price but it was because he was wrong. He couldn't handle the truth. His guilt led him to bad decisions in multiple occasions, even in the Iron man movies. It was his fault for letting his guilt drive his decision to disagree with cap on the accords. He also couldn't handle the truth about Buckey killing his parents. Steve is in no way was wrong and will always stand up for the underdog when it's the right thing to do, his defining trait as a super hero isn't physical, it's his unfailing moral compass. It's what will allow Steve to not be manipulated by the reality stone. And it's one of the reasons he was able to budge Thor's hammer, because he was as close to worthy as you can get as a human, the only reason he probably couldn't fully lift it was because he was keeping that secret from Tony, which he admits was a mistake and was trying to protect him, but really Steve knew how he would react and he needed to be there with Buckey to protect him when Tony found out, so really his moral compass still did not fail and he simply chose the lesser of two evils in that case. Steve didn't neglect Tony's well being, Tony does that to himself on multiple occasions through his personality traits. Steve isn't responsible for how Tony reacts to things, he knew he would of killed Buckey. Again, Steve is not morally compromised, Tony is and Steve is protecting him from making a big mistake. Bucky was a victim and killing him wouldn't of solved anything for Tony. Steve was right, and everyone else who opposed him was morally compromised. Justifying Caps actions just based on friendship is flawed, if Bucky was a stranger but Cap knew he was innocent and really a victim of brainwash he would of done the same thing. Cap didn't fail, he saved Buckey's life, it was the endgame plot of the entire Captain Amerca Trilogy. This was a Cap movie, he definitely takes the victory here.
    It's really hard for me to see the point of this video other than you just want to be a contrarian and get views, but as a Cap and marvel fan, I'm insulted that you have the audacity to say that Steve failed in anyway here, or that he was morally compromised, or wrong. It's just not in his character of having an unfailing moral compass, he took the win by saving Buckey and in a way saved Tony too, in the end not from the truth, but from letting revenge consume him, he won the fight on all levels, and he was right about the accords and about Buckey. You got a lot of things twisted. Friendship is not Steve's superpower, it's his unfailing moral compass and ability to instill trust and be a leader, friendship is just a consequence of that.

  • Higham10 Total football

    Best scene is Thor’s arrival in infinity war

  • Phoenix_Uchiha
    Phoenix_Uchiha 5 days ago

    BTW im going to go to the first 10 vids of yours and im going to like them here i go

  • Phoenix_Uchiha
    Phoenix_Uchiha 5 days ago

    why arnt you at 10Mil yet? And how THE FUCK IS THIS THE FIRST VIDEO IVE SEEN OF YOU?!!??! WTF TVclip!!!

  • John Walker
    John Walker 5 days ago

    "The only real way to find out who a character is is the same way you find out what's inside of an egg. You break them"
    I don't know where that quote is from but I think it really applies here

  • Izik Renehan
    Izik Renehan 5 days ago

    1 more sub

  • Liam Honan
    Liam Honan 5 days ago

    Civil War was overrated. Barely better than AoU.

  • Sean Haggard
    Sean Haggard 5 days ago

    All of these movies are so good.
    1. Infinity war
    2. Civil War
    3. Ragnarok
    4. Winter Soldier
    5. Black Panther
    6. Guardians of the Galaxy
    From there idk

  • Doctor Lucario
    Doctor Lucario 5 days ago

    Kind of annoys me when people moan about this film being 'different from the comics' or 'having a flawed plot'. You can dislike that it's different, but never forget it's only BASED on the comics, like the entire MCU, and Zemo's plan isn't so complicated to realistically do what he did, the situation favoured him at points, and other times he had to divert to plan B. Underrated Villain IMO, just a guy using his specific area of expertise to do what his motivations compel him to.

  • Jared
    Jared 5 days ago

    Or when Thor is talking to Rocket on the way to the dwarfs. Helmsworth sold that scene you can hear in his voice the pain of everything he lost and have he is slowly falling apart at the seams.

  • Levi Cochrane
    Levi Cochrane 5 days ago

    The Russo bros saved marvel.

  • JawaPunter
    JawaPunter 5 days ago

    You really paint Cap in a negative light, while letting Tony off the hook in some pretty big shit. He understands that Bucky wasn’t in control, that he was brain washed. The most telling thing from Civil War is at the end of the fight when Cap raises the shield above his head and Tony covers his face because he thinks Cap is going to kill him. Of course he doesn’t, he merely smashes Tony’s arc reactor to disable the suit. Tony thought Cap was going to kill him because he was willing to kill Steve, but that was never an option for him. That’s the difference. Cap NEVER sacrificed his morals like you claimed and was NEVER going to kill his friend, but Tony was willing to. That’s what you don’t get because you’re clearly an Iron Man fanboy.

  • Rob_gamer34
    Rob_gamer34 5 days ago

    Is that Henry Cavill at 7:25???

  • Conster The Monster
    Conster The Monster 6 days ago +1

    I just took a massive shit. Also great video 👍🏻

  • Andrew Kelso
    Andrew Kelso 6 days ago

    The twist at the end of Civil War makes not one lick of sense. How did Captain America know that Bucky killed Tony's parents? When did the film ever communicate that?

    • Josiah Payne
      Josiah Payne 5 days ago

      Cap learned of the cause of Tony's parents' deaths through documents shown to him by Arnim Zola in an old Shield bunker in Winter Soldier.

  • Luka Alli-Smith
    Luka Alli-Smith 6 days ago

    What about the TV shows? Daredevil and Punisher have way better scenes, both emotionally and artistically.

  • Bernie Clinton
    Bernie Clinton 6 days ago

    The best scene in the mcu is when black widow is changing in Ironman 2

  • Spooky Boyy
    Spooky Boyy 6 days ago

    You’re incorrect

  • kshamwhizzle
    kshamwhizzle 6 days ago

    I just re-watched this film last night and I agree: this scene is chill inducing. Civil War has some cheesy ass stuff (weirdly OOC characters ie. Black Widow, some silly overwrought lines, an INTENSELY holey plot) but this scene is heartbreakingly beautiful.
    and Cap will always be my favourite. he has been right from the start!

  • Reedime
    Reedime 7 days ago

    I haven't seen this mentioned here yet, but why doesn't Tony understand that Bucky was being brainwashed/controlled when he killed Tony's parents. Surely Tony knows about it, but he says "I don't care, he killed my mom". Ya, that's fine, but it really isn't fair for Bucky. In a world where Loki and Scarlett Witch have proved that mind control is possible with a wave of their hands, surely Tony should have just thought about it a little before going crazy for revenge. Also Cap never tells anyone Bucky was mind controlled even though he knew first hand all about it. If I were Cap, I'd be telling every single person I knew, "Chill Dawg, my guy was being mind controlled, let's go get Hydra, they're the ones behind all of this.".

  • Hanley Still
    Hanley Still 7 days ago

    Captain America: Civil War is practically an avengers movie am i wrong?

  • JN Productions
    JN Productions 7 days ago

    6:26 “So was I.” **punch**

  • Julian Juj
    Julian Juj 9 days ago +1

    The most epic scene will always and forever be Thor arriving in Wakanda.

  • 제이비DEF.licious
    제이비DEF.licious 10 days ago

    The Best scenes from my point of view (not a ranking):
    -Tony saying "I am Iron man".
    -Tony suiting up his Iron man suit from a briefcase after being attacked by whiplash.
    -Hulk first appearence in Avengers.
    -hulk dares and smashes Loki.
    -Winter soldier and captain america last battle in "the Winter Soldier" (bucky cries, I cry)
    -Loki's "Tell me!" scene (it gave me goosebumps)
    -Loki dies (all the scenes related made me cry)
    - Loki "is it madness?" scene (Loki cries, I cry).
    -Loki entrance in thor ragnarok. (Why is he so funny?)
    -Thor lightning invoke against hella.
    -star lord vs ronan dance battle.
    -Groot sacrifice.
    -Guardians of the galaxy vol2 first scene battle.
    -Captain america vs Iron man vs Winter soldier.
    -killmonger "kills" tchalla.
    -Antman jumps over a gun to avoid the bullet.
    -All Antman scenes in civil war.
    -Hawkeye servant of Loki.
    -Loki catches Hawkeye's arrow and smiles before it explodes.
    -Hawkeye recruits scarlet witch to the Avengers.
    -vision ends ultron.
    -Black widow calming hulk and bringing bruce back.
    -Thor vs hulk.
    -Dr. Strange, Star Lord, Iron Man, Spiderman &co. Vs thanos.
    -"Wakanda forever" (I only liked the one in Infinity war).
    -Black widow + okoye vs proxima.
    -Thor entrance and battle in Wakanda.
    -Captain America vs thanos.
    -Iron man welcoming spiderman to the Avengers.
    -Bucky goes ashes after the snap (yes it made me cry).
    -thanos fools thor and snaps.
    And probably a lot more. And thats why MCU is on the top of superhero movies.

    • 제이비DEF.licious
      제이비DEF.licious 10 days ago

      The "Captain america vs Iron man vs Winter soldier" best scene as a whole. From the moment were Tony finds out the true about his mother death, to steve making his choice, to the last fight. I was happy for bucky, he finally had an oportunity, but I was so sad for tony, I cried a lot.
      Also The Winter Soldier is The Best MCU movie in my opinion (my fav movie is still Iron Man)

  • Ken45
    Ken45 10 days ago

    And THANK YOU. You are the first person who explained why Captain America actually ends up being wrong in the end (even though I believed he was right in the beginning). I always tell people when they ask me if I'm "Team Cap or Team Stark" that in the beginning, I was Team Cap, then as the fighting continues and Rogers puts more and more of his friends at risk and in conflict just to save Bucky, I started to see that Tony Stark was the more rational of the two. Even with him losing control at the end, it was 100% understandable and the fault was primarily on Captain America's hands, even though it was that other guy who orchestrated it...

  • Ken45
    Ken45 10 days ago

    Geebus, that last scene in Civil War makes me so anxious. And I'm not just talking about the fight, I'm also talking about when Tony is watching the video and we slowly see it playing out, watching Tony, watch his mother being killed by The Winter Soldier... I could feel the emotion, the tension, you know everyone is getting emotional, Rogers is greatly regretting not sharing the information with Tony in the past and for him to find out this way, god what a great scene...

  • XZYLO Savage
    XZYLO Savage 11 days ago

    Honestly, this scene is really good, but the snap scene in Infinity War takes the cake. Beautifully executed, and a subversion of expectations for both the fans and casual movie goers.

  • David Black
    David Black 11 days ago

    You're wrong when you say it's not about right and wrong about Steve keeping info away from Tony. It IS about right and wrong. Tony's well being pales in comparison to Tony's irrational behavior. Tony, like Peter Quill in Infinity War, acted emotionally rather than being rational to the fact that Bucky was brainwashed. His well being is totally irrelevant in the face of right and wrong. Captain America's philosophy hasn't changed. The world has shifted around his morals. If Tony is willing to kill for vengeance, he's emotionally compromised. That's not Steve's fault. Steve is protecting a friend who's been brainwashed and manipulated AND is on the mend.

  • monej
    monej 13 days ago

    I just don't get why Bucky was so angry (being himself and not the winter soldier) fighting Tony... That bitch killed Tony's parents, he has no right to be angry much less to fight back... I'm referring to the scene where he tries to kill Tony when he and Cap are teaming up.

    • LordManda2
      LordManda2 12 days ago

      Because trying to kill Bucky is one thing, EVERYONE wants to kill him, but if you touch Bucky's Bro4life, Steve, then you're begging for a metal fist in your face.

  • Nicolas Levesque
    Nicolas Levesque 15 days ago

    Nahhhh ... Dr Strange has the best scene. Either that or Infinity War battle on Titan.

  • Nicholas Totoro
    Nicholas Totoro 15 days ago

    There’s more underneath the relationship between Tony and Steve than just Bucky. The whole collective vs individual argument (respectively) is also at-play. That happened before Steve was on Buckyquest. He and Tony disagreed with regards to the Sokovia Accords and that created the initial beef. Bucky was an affect of that, then not, then on again.

  • CrouchinCorner
    CrouchinCorner 16 days ago

    If Ironman reallllllly wanted to kill bucky and captain america he couldve done it in less than a minute.

  • Spidey Viewer
    Spidey Viewer 17 days ago

    Pfft. Loser.
    The best scene is clearly Tony Stark sitting in a giant donut.

  • A_Turner_92
    A_Turner_92 18 days ago +1

    This isn’t the “Thor enters Wakanda” scene

  • Allen Taylor
    Allen Taylor 18 days ago

    Captain America is my hero.

  • Sam Dawkins
    Sam Dawkins 18 days ago

    you have a section on the destruction of Steve Rodgers philosophy, but you dont actually say what that philosophy is. Bit of a fuck up there.

  • WedgeOfSpite
    WedgeOfSpite 19 days ago

    You clearly missed the point, completely of Civil War in two things, first off, the videos erroneously tries to posit with Cap being wrong about wrong about being wrong about his loyalty to his friends, when that it paid off with Winter Soldier being shown not to be responsible for what they were accused of in the film, and oh yeah, being horribly brainwashed to do anything in the meantime. And Ironman was 100% wrong because Bucky hadn't done the things posited in the film, and/or been brainwashed to doing bad things, and if Tony is willing to give a pass to his friend and destroyer of much is, Bruce Banner/Hulk all the time, than quid pro quo. That is, Bruce has less cover than Bucky does.

  • Eric Hoover
    Eric Hoover 19 days ago

    Might as well call this video, “why civil war was good”

  • Maxuvious
    Maxuvious 19 days ago

    Film Hub?! Stop!! Just, stop! 😂

  • Monique Voshaar
    Monique Voshaar 21 day ago +1

    I love that scene in avengers that Iron man saying in the intercom of the cuinjet agent romanof you missed me?

  • David Stephens
    David Stephens 21 day ago

    My view on civil war is that both tony and cap are wrong but Cap had the more selfish motive. Cap was right in not wanting to sign the accords although they were never set in stone. But he was wrong that He only cared about one person instead of thinking about others and tony had to take the brunt of that. Some of the team hated him, Rhodes got hurt, and the team he wanted to keep together. He knows what’s coming and wants to protect the world. Thanos has been living in his head since New York. And people who hate on the way tony react are just lying. He just showed our flaw as humans. It’s just like Star lord. I guarantee that any of us would be just as mad and would try beating the shit out of someone who killed our mother and was right in front of them. Especially if we have good relationships with our own mothers. It just love and it pushes you over the edge

  • Dracogame
    Dracogame 21 day ago

    I don’t care... Civil War’s plot is still too much stupid to be taken seriously.

  • S1nwar
    S1nwar 21 day ago

    what bothers me the most is why do these pillars in the back ground of the final battle still have this styrofoam texture? is it really thaat expensive to create this set out of real concrete?

    • LordManda2
      LordManda2 12 days ago

      Hydra fell on hard times after WW2.

  • S1nwar
    S1nwar 21 day ago

    it was a refreshing idea to have both a grand scale civil war conflict and a private scale as the climax. Thats similar to what they did in empire strikes back where the real climax has a very private scale

  • rawrisiloveuindinify
    rawrisiloveuindinify 22 days ago

    Peter Parker crying under a pile of ruble calling for help because the truth is he’s just a scared 15 year old kid in way over his head. That was my favorite scene, it represents why I loved Spider-Man. He was always just a dorky kid who got bite by a spider and had to figure out how to be a hero he really could’ve been any one of us.

  • CoreCooper
    CoreCooper 22 days ago +1

    Daredevil hallway long shot scene, enough said.

  • Abel Esperanz
    Abel Esperanz 23 days ago

    Error 404: Marvel Comics Values Not Found

  • BowToWard86
    BowToWard86 25 days ago

    The best scene was "Captain's orders" from Winter Soldier.

  • RotomDex Plays
    RotomDex Plays 26 days ago

    My favorite scene was when Thor arrived in wakanda

  • Adriano Vazquez
    Adriano Vazquez 27 days ago

    It's a great scene. And the shot of a broken iron Man next to caps shield is a great shot and moment they should have ended the film on. Too bad it's kind of ruined by the scene that follows it. With a comedic Stan Lee cameo, and a lazy letter thesis narration that undercuts the weight of that personal conflict. It's like they were too scared to leave audiences on a sad note

  • Ed Tacey
    Ed Tacey 28 days ago

    What is that clip at 0:37?

  • Vinicius Ferrari
    Vinicius Ferrari 29 days ago

    From the first time I watched Civil War in the cinema till this day I still think that Bucky should have died in that film.
    I absolutely hate him with all my strenghts

  • Roland DuSon
    Roland DuSon 29 days ago

    Please explain how Iron Man could lose to Captain America without plot armour.

    • LordManda2
      LordManda2 12 days ago

      Iron Man doesn't know martial arts, just shoots lasers and missiles at something until it dies. Captain America's shield no-sells that entire strategy, protecting him from everything in Tony's arsenal. Plus, the fact that they had to fight in very close quarters gave Cap a huge advantage, with Tony not thinking clearly enough to try to change battlefields.

  • Jordan Beach
    Jordan Beach 29 days ago

    “He’s my friend.”
    “So was I”

  • ohifonlyx33
    ohifonlyx33 29 days ago

    I came here to see what you thought was the best and how many people in the comments disagreed with you... but I almost spewed mountain dew all over my brand new laptop when you said "incredibly crowd pleasing" as you showed cap vs. helicopter. Best scene has to be the entirety of Infinity War.

  • proctor1995
    proctor1995 29 days ago

    Great Stuff!💯💯💯

  • c Si
    c Si 29 days ago +2

    No one mentioned the legendary 'I'm not as strong as you.'
    'No. You're stronger. '
    Ragnarok is my favorite.

  • Matt Gilbert
    Matt Gilbert Month ago +1

    I think Mrs Stark had an affair with Cap and Tony is his kid. And he didn't tell Tony about the parents getting whacked because he'd gotten over Mrs Stark but still enjoyed watching his love-rival Howard getting got by his new love, Bucky (Cap is obviously Bi).
    "Oh Steveeee don't stop!"
    "Mrs Stark, I could do this all day"

  • Mar Mar
    Mar Mar Month ago

    basically just reviewed civil war but its ok

  • Michael smith
    Michael smith Month ago

    Well done Sir.

  • Mitchell Li
    Mitchell Li Month ago

    Great analysis, suberb editing. Loved the video.

  • reginald wilson
    reginald wilson Month ago

    I love this breakdown makes me love these movies even more

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel Month ago

    Is this a rerelease ?

  • FallenChaos619
    FallenChaos619 Month ago +1

    F the government for making them fight~

  • Chetan Singh
    Chetan Singh Month ago

    I wish the marketing of this movie hadn't revealed the end fight between Iron Man and Captain America + Bucky. I was expecting to see it and knew something was up when they were in the warehouse with dead winter soldiers...

  • Fordthecow
    Fordthecow Month ago

    Fine TVclip I’ll watch it...

  • sweet mems
    sweet mems Month ago +1

    nah man, the best scene was when Scott goes to school in ant man and the wasp

  • Tj Taz
    Tj Taz Month ago

    As of rn, the best scene by far is when Thor yelled "Bring me Thanos!" in Infinity War with the lightning strikes everywhere

  • Rodney Meeks
    Rodney Meeks Month ago

    Bucky wasn’t the only catalyst between stark and cap. It was also the government trying to control the avengers and Steve recognizing the danger of government oversight, recognizing that “the safest hands were still their own.”

  • Diigos Hndrx
    Diigos Hndrx Month ago

    Cheal “I haven’t the foggiest idea” sonnen

  • Peter Love
    Peter Love Month ago +2

    Sorry, but the destruction of Captain America's philosophy?
    That scene proves his adherence to it, it's Iron Mans inability look past his immense tragedy and realise they are being manipulated. Stark is supposed to be the genius, but even with all the clues he gets before this scene (many of which Steve does not have) he still loses his shit.
    If anyone failed here it was Tony, who wanted to kill a victim and his best mate rather than deal with his pain.

    • Guy R
      Guy R 3 days ago

      The fact that Steve kept the truth (about Bucky murdering Howard and Maria Stark) from Tony, shows that Steve's philosophy was destroyed. It showed that Steve was being a hypocrite throughout the movie - breaking his own commitment to trust and friendship, after preaching about its importance for years. We learn that Steve broke that rule for a greater good - thus essentially acting the way Tony always acted before.
      Also, the very fact that Tony falls so low disproves another part of Steve's philosophy - "the safest hands are still our own". Steve believes in individuals over institutions, but this scene proves that individuals (like Tony) can be just as dangerous as institutions.
      Of course, Stark was wrong here too. They were both hypocrites, they were both wrong - and that's why Civil War is a tragedy.

  • Migue S.G
    Migue S.G Month ago

    im watching this on december 16 :O

  • Alex Abramian
    Alex Abramian Month ago

    Pizza Time!

  • Momodou Jallow
    Momodou Jallow Month ago

    Thor entering Wakanda is my favoritte scene, probably not the best tho😂

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku Month ago

    This is all going to be addressed in avengers endgame. This is what the Russo brothers said. They mentioned that Rodgers and Stark can beat Thanos by working together and definitely won't beat him if they are disassembled.

  • Bongo Baggins
    Bongo Baggins Month ago

    I haven't seen any children's comic films since Superman 2. Are they any good? Bear in mind I don't have the IQ of a moron.

  • Quenlin B
    Quenlin B Month ago

    You should do best fighting scene

  • szalor06
    szalor06 Month ago

    Holy shaits man... Really love the analysis. All these break down videos makes the movie all the more enjoyable

  • Angangseh
    Angangseh Month ago

    The best two lines of dialogue for me are:
    "He is my friend."
    "So was I."
    It perfectly uses the characters relations to each other to get to RDJ´s best oneliner ever. You saw Cap and Stark through all the Avengers movies as allies, but with opinions the differed from each other. Always a lot of friendly banter and lines like "i really want to punch you in your perfect teeth". The conflict between these two climaxes in this movie, with the building of two teams, which stand for different ideas. Still, Tony considered him a friend until this final scene, where two essential things are done. The first is, he vocalizes for the first time, that he always considered Steve as a friend, allthough the movie showed a lot of stuff that wouldnt make you think he was. The second is, he simultaniously breaks the friendship with these 3 words. Build up and destruction in a total of 7 words. You realize Stark is extremly hurt by the fact, that Steve would have left the death of his parents a mystery, if he didnt find out himself. He expected Rogers would have trusted him with that crucial information, which shows Starks complete trust in him and his ethic. But that is shattered as Steve failed as a friend to him. I firmly believe he would have handled the situation differently, if Cap told him right away, because he seemed to trust Steve more with his actions then Steve trusted Tony. Anger outbreak maybe, but he would have listened to arguments like mind control.