Ariana Grande's Vogue Cover Video Performance | Vogue

  • Published on Jul 9, 2019
  • Ariana Grande's August cover video for Vogue, featuring "in my head," one of the most revealing, intimate songs on her February release "thank u, next," takes this confessional tendency literally, as she dances, shoulder pops, poses, and struts around inside the white room of her own mind.

    Director: Bardia Zeinali
    Fashion Editor: Jorden Bickham
    Director of Photography: Kelly Jeffrey
    Producer: Kalena Yiaueki, N6
    Producer: Dayna Carney, Vogue
    Production Design: Lauren Nikrooz
    VFX Supervisor: Max Colt
    Hair: Josh Liu
    Makeup: Daniel Chinchilla
    VFx Make-up Artist: Christina Philippou
    On-Set VFx: Izzi Galindo
    Choreographers: Brian and Scott Nicholson
    Dancers: Christina Glur, Mao Kawakami, Luz Remigio, Rim Taya Shawki, Tailor Cha Cha, Christy Rilling Studio
    Hair Extensions provided by: Indique Hair Extensions, Insert Name Here
    Hair Extensions Colorist: Joyce Koomson, Indique Hair Extensions
    Visual Director: Emily Rosser
    Visual Research: Ryan Barone
    Archival Research: Margaret Reville
    AD: James Woods
    1st AC: Bayley Sweitzer
    2nd AC: Luke Provanzano
    VTR: Jeff Reeves
    Sound: Rob Bluemke
    Gaffer: Eric Sorenson
    Best Boy Electric: Dan Fethke
    Key Grip: Adam Macbeth
    Best Boy Grip: Bobby Boothe
    Production Manager: Cynthia Bechet, N6
    Location: Pier 59 Studios, NYC
    Video Editor: Graham Patterson, Modern Post
    Colorist: Tim Masick, Company
    Retouching: Digital Beauty Work
    Music: "In My Head" by Ariana Grande
    Title Design: Jason Duzansky
    Special Thanks to: Metropost NYC
    Shot on 35mm Kodak Film
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    Ariana Grande's Vogue Cover Video Performance | Vogue
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  • Hafiya Moulana
    Hafiya Moulana 2 hours ago


  • Raekel Kate
    Raekel Kate 4 hours ago

    Omg I luv this song so much !

  • Micheal Gaming
    Micheal Gaming 4 hours ago +2

    So in ariana's head.. herself, Gucci shoes, high heels, ponytails, a panther, a chair and a....

    ghost that sings

  • Mercedes Rene
    Mercedes Rene 8 hours ago

    2:34 what you hear when u enter the gates of heaven

  • crimson coin
    crimson coin 9 hours ago

    🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄 pick me 🎧

  • crimson coin
    crimson coin 9 hours ago

    You the best music 🇬🇧🍄

  • Isaac Torres
    Isaac Torres 10 hours ago +2

    This Pantene commercial lit 😂

  • Airton Santos
    Airton Santos 11 hours ago

    Deusa Lindaaáa

  • XxjuneXx 2
    XxjuneXx 2 11 hours ago +1

    The big eyes lol

  • Miruna Mocanu
    Miruna Mocanu 14 hours ago

    România cineva??

  • Pitmax Pedro
    Pitmax Pedro 20 hours ago


  • Tjen Broun
    Tjen Broun 21 hour ago

    1:30 I wanted to buy those shoes
    The I saw the price....

  • Gacha Hopes
    Gacha Hopes 22 hours ago

    Wow cool 😍😍❤️

  • Lisa Lee
    Lisa Lee 23 hours ago +1

    1:19 she said 👁👄👁
    That was kinda creepy... Not gonna lie

  • alifaポピー
    alifaポピー Day ago

    Why this is not called the official video?


    Has anyone watched, “Ariana’s hair has a mind of its own”

    • Chocolatee
      Chocolatee 21 hour ago

      I’M A WEIRD PERSON! yuh, it’s so funny))

  • E And G The Cousins

    love the jacket girl!!!

    LATANYA REESE Day ago +1


  • Loxdi
    Loxdi Day ago


  • Kiera Hinds
    Kiera Hinds Day ago

    Love you

  • Mia S
    Mia S Day ago +4

    If I had Ari's voice for singing and you were in my family *you wouldn't be able to sleep*

  • σσƒ ѵאl
    σσƒ ѵאl Day ago +2

    1:55 " they see cain and i see abel (abel) abel (abel), abel"

  • Zahnah Walters
    Zahnah Walters Day ago

    If I have Ariana's voice I'll never be quiet

  • Bubble Tae
    Bubble Tae Day ago

    This dress is... Too much for a 1,53m girl...

  • Brittany Zimmerman

    who is this about?🧐

  • Bekim Ala
    Bekim Ala Day ago

    In my head= Like
    God is a women= Comment

  • Travion Matthews
    Travion Matthews Day ago +1

    No one
    Not a single soul
    Not even the aliens at Area 51

  • star Solis
    star Solis Day ago

    The hair flying around everywhere cracks me up so hard 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😂😂😂

  • Marley K
    Marley K Day ago

    why y’all keep changing the title 😂

  • Shamsa Al-Junaibi

    1:46 my weave after 1 minute of watching this

  • Hector Jimenez
    Hector Jimenez Day ago


  • Benji Morales
    Benji Morales Day ago

    I’m shook🤯

  • vijay verma
    vijay verma Day ago +2

    This girl right here is so dope !!!

  • Jdjdj jD
    Jdjdj jD Day ago +3


  • Laura Rabushja
    Laura Rabushja Day ago


  • Chocolatee
    Chocolatee Day ago +3

    Friend: Can you hit an Ariana note?
    Me: Yuh! * hits her low note *
    Friend: * triggered *

  •  Day ago

    I love her 💙💜 she's amazing

  • Ilona Chamoun
    Ilona Chamoun Day ago

    Ariana I love you❤❤

  • Mindy Lynne
    Mindy Lynne Day ago

    I fkn love her

  • Becca Matlock
    Becca Matlock Day ago +1

    Easily my favorite song of hers next to get well soon. 😍

  • Automação 3 B
    Automação 3 B Day ago

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mds my fv song ever

  • Automação 3 B
    Automação 3 B Day ago

    automação 4b ama a dona Ariana

  • Aventurile jucariilor

    I love so much

  • Katie Land
    Katie Land Day ago +37

    Ariana: In my head
    Shawn: In my blood
    Drake: In my feelings
    Me: *In my bed*

  • Lydia Vittorio
    Lydia Vittorio Day ago

    Queen I love this video

  • Princess Fuzzy
    Princess Fuzzy Day ago +3


  • Edward Ryan
    Edward Ryan 2 days ago

    I still can’t get over this campaign. This video was such a brilliant idea to promote Ariana’s first American Vogue cover. Idk if vogue has done something like this before but whoever pitched this deserves a raise.

  • Alfredo Medina
    Alfredo Medina 2 days ago

    Me encantas Ari 😭❤❤😍

  • ピンクはな
    ピンクはな 2 days ago +1

    Did anyone noticed ariana’s eyes got big in one part

    SEAN HAYRUP 2 days ago +1

    Invented a new pigd "lix

  • JayRblx x
    JayRblx x 2 days ago +3

    Me listening to Ari's music:

    Her haunting me: 0:34

  • One Life
    One Life 2 days ago

    I love thisss

  • Ellen rocha
    Ellen rocha 2 days ago

    Kd os br nessa bagaça

  • Vanessa haro alva
    Vanessa haro alva 2 days ago +1


  • رانسي bts
    رانسي bts 2 days ago


  • Naji Gutierrez
    Naji Gutierrez 2 days ago +22

    This version needs to be on Spotify already!!!!!!!!!!! 😩😩

    • Naji Gutierrez
      Naji Gutierrez Day ago

      Leslie Escobedo no wayyy 😱😱 I can’t find it 😭😭 I only see the regular one not the vogue performance

    • Leslie Escobedo
      Leslie Escobedo Day ago

      It is!!! Giiiiiirl get yourself on spotify and hit repeat lol

  • Darcy sunith
    Darcy sunith 2 days ago +1

    La mejooor

  • 「lavender cookie」

    Im here because of LankyBox

  • Rondson Santos
    Rondson Santos 2 days ago


  • Joshua Romero
    Joshua Romero 2 days ago +10

    Doesn’t this video remind you of Ashly O’s ‘On a Roll’?

  • Gael Castellanos
    Gael Castellanos 2 days ago

    Me encanta ariana grande

  • Candy Crush
    Candy Crush 2 days ago

    Good look for her

  • The CB Channel
    The CB Channel 2 days ago

    Why is this not Ariana's post?

  • Bamboo Panda
    Bamboo Panda 2 days ago


  • Dunya Basim
    Dunya Basim 2 days ago +8

    Ariana Big eyes reminds me of my baby brothers eyes so cute and the hair reminds me of a horse tail😂but you did a great job Ariana

  • SkinnTAEH potatos
    SkinnTAEH potatos 2 days ago +5

    Shawn Mendes: in my blood
    Drake: in my feelings
    Ariana Grande: in my head
    Me: in my bed

    • SkinnTAEH potatos
      SkinnTAEH potatos Day ago

      @Wiki Michalik that's not even how you spell it and I didn't know that and comment like mine already existed...I shouldn't have to correct you but it's *Plagiarized

    • Wiki Michalik
      Wiki Michalik 2 days ago

      You are plagiating

  • Pop Lyrics
    Pop Lyrics 2 days ago

    Did anyone see her hitting the woah?

  • Brunee Sangüeso
    Brunee Sangüeso 2 days ago


  • esy2011
    esy2011 2 days ago +1

    She’s only famous coz she’s a skinny legend

    • Pop Lyrics
      Pop Lyrics 2 days ago

      No she’s not only famous because of that it’s because of her singing

  • private name
    private name 2 days ago

    She's highly ugly

  • nocappenny
    nocappenny 2 days ago

    2:34 literally chills 😍😭

  • apotatoflewaroundmyroom
    apotatoflewaroundmyroom 2 days ago +12

    Math teacher: Where’s your working out
    Me: ItS aLl In My HeAdDdD

  • Toy Adventure
    Toy Adventure 2 days ago

    Toy adwenture

  • c. k
    c. k 2 days ago

    Ariana is an icon.

  • Justin Schouten
    Justin Schouten 3 days ago

    Her hair is a better dancer than I'll ever be😂