• Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • I'm not joking, somehow Wade managed to dislocate his own hand in a fit of rage... You have to see it to believe it!
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Comments • 4 733

  • me_is_ big_chunk
    me_is_ big_chunk 5 hours ago

    That's why they call it ankle paint, cuz windows pain!

  • Meow? Meow.
    Meow? Meow. Day ago

    17:00 is when you get a natural 1 on a DEX check for basic shit

  • Ruby Throupe
    Ruby Throupe Day ago

    wade:oh its a nice blue wow what a nice blue (gets a pick up 2) wade: uggghhhhh

  • Briton Rosenberry
    Briton Rosenberry 2 days ago

    I’m still trying to figure out what Mark couldn’t say to this day

  • Sansygirl04 2.0
    Sansygirl04 2.0 2 days ago

    0:30 I'm shitting

  • Dragnel0 GenerationX

    The entire time I’ve been like, JUST GET TO THE GOOD BIT I CAME HERE FOR!

  • Mikael Cabresa
    Mikael Cabresa 3 days ago

    Anyone else trying to dislocate your wrist by jazzing your hands?
    - 2019

  • For the Bees
    For the Bees 3 days ago

    Mark's face this entire video was like... these people are my friends, why...

  • keylinepiie
    keylinepiie 4 days ago

    0:30 has got me D E D

  • Ruthleslachlan
    Ruthleslachlan 5 days ago


  • Drunk Lizard
    Drunk Lizard 5 days ago

    Lol, tf Wade😂

  • The Teddybear Thief
    The Teddybear Thief 6 days ago

    Im having flashbacks from that one episode of Drunk Minecraft.

  • Sam Lynx
    Sam Lynx 6 days ago

    I'm scared to do jazz hands now ._.

  • [•SunsetDrop•]
    [•SunsetDrop•] 6 days ago

    You can say this game went *out of HAND* :D

    *Ta-dum tskkkk!!!!*

  • Ethan Lemon
    Ethan Lemon 6 days ago

    “I jazz handed so hard my wrist dislocated” mood

  • Jo Biehle
    Jo Biehle 7 days ago

    0:29 Pretty early for creepy/funny edits, but I'll allow it

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep 7 days ago

    This has caused me to choke ON MULTIPLE OCCASIONS

  • ४Darkia_Echomoon४
    ४Darkia_Echomoon४ 8 days ago +1

    4:05 the birth of Unus Annus (circa 2019 colourised)

  • Lwbees
    Lwbees 8 days ago

    Holy crap wade how do you do that

  • RPG & AnImE NuRd
    RPG & AnImE NuRd 9 days ago

    Im dying

  • Caleb Griffin
    Caleb Griffin 9 days ago

    rip wade hand

  • Darthscace 2006
    Darthscace 2006 9 days ago

    Wade: The clock is ticking
    Marks brain: ...Unnas Annus...

  • lismom
    lismom 9 days ago

    Everyone is calm I’m scared

  • Ihavenoname Stilldonthaveone

    18:26 sorry this is for me. Carry on young scroller.

  • Terry Anderson
    Terry Anderson 12 days ago

    " I have not eated today, period" ADD KING

  • Adam Stormer
    Adam Stormer 12 days ago


  • Unknown Angel
    Unknown Angel 12 days ago

    Mark has such a brain fart 😂

  • SubQuinn IG
    SubQuinn IG 13 days ago

    Is it bad I laughed my ass off at 17:00

  • LucianSepticFlower 808

    Wade ruined Mark's outro dam it wade XD

  • Merry Marauder Master
    Merry Marauder Master 14 days ago

    What a quicky

    DEFECTIVE C 14 days ago

    I crack my bones loud I can crack both my wrists 2x

  • Riley Butcher
    Riley Butcher 14 days ago

    Barbara Vrs AI dusty, the ultamate battle

  • Kyle Plays_YT
    Kyle Plays_YT 14 days ago

    4:08 Mark got the idea for unus annus

  • Mr. Stuff Doer
    Mr. Stuff Doer 15 days ago

    He’ll what his sins?! He’ll WHAT?!!?

  • Logan Schuetz
    Logan Schuetz 16 days ago

    I jazz handed my hand off

  • Helgoth
    Helgoth 17 days ago

    Happy he broke his wrist. All he does is bitch.

  • Tim Restuc
    Tim Restuc 17 days ago

    It's all chill at the start, what happened?

  • HaloGardian 117
    HaloGardian 117 18 days ago +1

    Ik this is bad bc its dislocation but listen this to in the lowest playback speed they sound so drunk

    *at least it's funny to me*

  • Musicalknight
    Musicalknight 18 days ago

    Achillies HEEL

  • samuel dauphinais
    samuel dauphinais 19 days ago

    Markiplier snaps his fingers. Wade dislocates his hand. coincidence I think not

  • Jay
    Jay 19 days ago

    I've never seen Wade acting more hysterical than in this video

  • MattCatt
    MattCatt 19 days ago

    I broke my arm falling off a slide

  • `Diet water ́
    `Diet water ́ 19 days ago +1

    17:26 When your friend says something about family issues and you don't know what to say

  • Tommy Moon
    Tommy Moon 20 days ago


  • The Schwag
    The Schwag 20 days ago

    Does anyone know which one of Wade's vids is this one from his perspective? I want to experience this.

  • Amelia the neko
    Amelia the neko 20 days ago

    Let it be known jazz hands are dangerous

  • Gabe The Wolf
    Gabe The Wolf 20 days ago

    Wade:*Raises eyebrows* One more quickie?

  • Ex Industries
    Ex Industries 21 day ago

    What did Mark think wade said...?

  • Z Man
    Z Man 21 day ago

    What was the work I heard sake

  • Z Man
    Z Man 21 day ago

    I mean I’m looking right at it *and it’s pretty good*

  • rose adams
    rose adams 23 days ago

    Wade beatboxing as a robot makes me laugh everytime I watch this video

  • Danae Young
    Danae Young 24 days ago

    "IvE gOt A bOoT iN mY fAcE"
    -Wade, 2019

  • Youtube Account 'Cause Why Not

    i think about Wade dislocating his hand through *aggressive jazz handing* at least once a day XD

  • Karma
    Karma 25 days ago +3

    mark: U RIGHT

  • Smooks090
    Smooks090 Month ago

    “With great power comes great ass

  • Vixen Fox Sly
    Vixen Fox Sly Month ago

    welp gaw dang it, Markiplier just don't even say it, this at weird conversation.

  • TikTok Adict
    TikTok Adict Month ago

    16:59 is when Wade broke his hand

  • iiLeele ümôii
    iiLeele ümôii Month ago +1

    Roses are red.
    Voilets are -BLUE- .
    *something that ryhmes*
    this is the moment you want -> 17:01

  • heddja
    heddja Month ago

    this is forever gonna be my favorite uno video, that robot beatboxing kills me every single time

  • Geb The Nerb
    Geb The Nerb Month ago

    13:00 😂😂😂😂😂😂