Sourest Food Challenge


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  • Rock Ryan
    Rock Ryan 3 hours ago

    As you can see to the right is a dying Rhett and link and to the left a grinning chase

  • RJ4Y
    RJ4Y 12 hours ago

    Link's eyeballs can cry

  • Pvt. Pyle
    Pvt. Pyle 15 hours ago

    umaboshi certianlly got you guys to actually have something more sour or as sour but id say tamarind... Those things in the fruit are some of the most hardest things to eat because you have to get the seed out of the middle because theyre toxic and can hurt you

  • PrincessMacy Temm
    PrincessMacy Temm 21 hour ago

    One of my fav vids

  • piano notes helper
    piano notes helper Day ago +1

    kumquats arent even that sour i had one when i was 7

  • Ronda Mercer
    Ronda Mercer Day ago

    I literally eat lemons like an apple as a snack..

  • Jennipurr Blake
    Jennipurr Blake Day ago

    I eat "toxic waste" and umeboshi by themselves regularly with a straight face... I guess that isn't normal?

  • Brianna Caron
    Brianna Caron Day ago

    Me before video: why so many 11:47 tags oh no
    Me at 11:47: *binocular hands* ah okay fair

  • Sophia Baur
    Sophia Baur 2 days ago

    I’m I the only one who doesn’t pucker at any sour thing?

  • Leon Draw
    Leon Draw 2 days ago

    i hate ads

  • Curt Cartwright
    Curt Cartwright 2 days ago

    This is in my top 10 best GMM episodes. Freaking love you guys. ❤️

  • Hannah Grant-Olson
    Hannah Grant-Olson 2 days ago

    Did anyone else experience the pain of Warheads candies as kids? 😵🤭

  • AgentKhoon
    AgentKhoon 3 days ago

    Did Rhett just say “fukn nice restaurant”? Lmao

  • machomanrandyaverage

    Is rhetts dad Marve from home alone?

  • Dallin Shuman
    Dallin Shuman 3 days ago

    Bitter gourd juice: bad idea. Been there. I spent 2 years in India, and it's much better as a curry or a fry. I applaude your bravery though. 😂 I really think lemon or mango pickle (Indian pickle) should be in this episode or any sour follow-up 🔥

  • charlie bishop
    charlie bishop 3 days ago

    Rhtt and Link: Oh, toxic Waste can't be that bad
    Me (assuming this is like a warhead): Oh honey....

  • Jaylen Gao
    Jaylen Gao 3 days ago

    I eat that plum like everyday it’s a Asian thing

  • Kristin Baer
    Kristin Baer 4 days ago +1

    When Rhett bites the kumquat 😂😂

  • MollieRainbow
    MollieRainbow 4 days ago

    What can a little candy do? Candy is for children!
    *instantly regrets decision*

  • Radioactive Powerhouse

    8:34 "at a f***ing nice restaurant"?

  • Speedmachine50 - PS4
    Speedmachine50 - PS4 5 days ago +1

    *It’s too sour when I eat a lime starburst lmao*

  • MrBlackkai
    MrBlackkai 5 days ago

    Aw common, toxic waste is nothing, I ate that as a kid and thought it was harmless

  • Aph2006
    Aph2006 5 days ago

    11:38 through 12:25 is the exorcist 😂

  • Lorenzo Cavaleri
    Lorenzo Cavaleri 6 days ago

    link: UMEBOSHI!!!


  • Martin Velebil
    Martin Velebil 6 days ago

    I don't see Link in the description XDDD

  • rover 235
    rover 235 6 days ago

    He sounds like a demon at 12:01.

  • ChickenBoi
    ChickenBoi 6 days ago

    Don't keep the toxic waste candy in one cheek for too long, I did that with a warhead (which is really similar) and it melted/burned some of the skin off of the inside of my cheek :/

  • Tyler Chowanec
    Tyler Chowanec 6 days ago

    I don't see link in the description 😁

  • Miledith
    Miledith 7 days ago

    12:16 Link looks like he has seen some stuff...

  • Christina Woog
    Christina Woog 7 days ago

    Honestly I eat umeboshi as a snack, it's so delicious. Literally the perfect salty and sour compliment to rice. I'm kinda shocked that R&L response (although we all know Link is stuck in the yummy phase)

  • Victoria Hunt
    Victoria Hunt 8 days ago

    I DIED😂😂😂💀

  • cherryboy x
    cherryboy x 8 days ago

    lmao when link says “oh my boshi” and Rhett makes a wtf face hahah

  • Dragon Queen
    Dragon Queen 8 days ago +1

    My one friend can hold 5 toxic waste at once in his mouth

  • TheWeekend Gaming
    TheWeekend Gaming 9 days ago

    They eat the lemon like its nothing its crazy!!!

  • Brooke Ernst
    Brooke Ernst 9 days ago

    Don’t you hate when you grab the tobacco spit instead of a coat?🤣🤣🤣Why did Rhett suggest something random like that

  • TwittiesOwl
    TwittiesOwl 9 days ago

    Who in here got full of mouth of water after seeing this video? Any one? Okey its just me then

  • Cole Tanner
    Cole Tanner 9 days ago +5

    @8:34 Did Rhett saying F'in nice restaurant? I bet he didn't mean to. I think overdoing his taste buds made him swear. When these guys put their boys on I was laughing and a smiling ear to ear..They need to do another one with the boys.

    • Brianna Caron
      Brianna Caron Day ago

      I was wondering the same thing!

    • Grettchen Dudley
      Grettchen Dudley Day ago

      I think he was going to say "fancy restaurant" then changed it to "nice restaurant."

    • austindvarga9
      austindvarga9 4 days ago

      Cole Tanner think he said funky

  • Amber Keene
    Amber Keene 9 days ago

    Toxic waste is not that bad....

  • mineboyminecraft gameboy

    8:13. Where your eye lashes

  • K for the Win
    K for the Win 10 days ago

    lets hope the nose bleed was not because of cokeee

  • Claire Haney
    Claire Haney 10 days ago +1

    11:44-12:17 *you're welcome*

  • Josef Aikman
    Josef Aikman 10 days ago

    Back in high school we used to play a game where, if you were doing a presentation, you had to have a toxic waste in your mouth and make the teachers not realise.

  • Donovan Golfetto
    Donovan Golfetto 10 days ago

    Kunwat its actually stronger but the “capsule” (idk the word ) is sugarrish

  • Carl Wheezer
    Carl Wheezer 10 days ago +2

    Did Rhett curse at about 8:30 ?

  • Jaelyn Long
    Jaelyn Long 11 days ago

    I love those they make my tongue much blue raspberry is my favorite

  • TheDancing Quesadilla
    TheDancing Quesadilla 11 days ago

    Lemons arn't even sour to me I ate them all the time when I was a kid

  • Zane Larsen
    Zane Larsen 11 days ago

    In grade school, my friends and I would eat around 4 or 5 toxic waste candies at a time😂

  • Ami Simons
    Ami Simons 11 days ago

    This was so amazing,what a beautiful finish! A+ to the producers who decided on the order.

  • Lori Naks
    Lori Naks 11 days ago

    I love umeboshi! But we just nibble it with some rice!

  • International girl
    International girl 12 days ago

    The way Rhett said no
    Like a robot

  • Turbo Vlogs
    Turbo Vlogs 12 days ago

    I think I lost 10 gallons of saliva while watching this

  • Baseball Bomb14
    Baseball Bomb14 12 days ago

    Ware were war heads

  • Two Faced
    Two Faced 12 days ago

    8:08 Who would ever think about that? 😂😂

  • Amber Adams
    Amber Adams 13 days ago

    I ate sour candy while watching this

  • JumpingNinja
    JumpingNinja 13 days ago

    Yeah those candy dont seem bad

    Aghhhhhhh Im burnin

  • Caroline Childers
    Caroline Childers 14 days ago

    I can eat a bunch of these

  • chazzzy420
    chazzzy420 14 days ago

    Rhetts def coked up

  • Firempire
    Firempire 14 days ago +2

    8:34 did he say what I think he said, is this a first in gmm history

  • Rin
    Rin 15 days ago

    I HAVE to know which is more sour, warheads or toxic waste

  • Rin
    Rin 15 days ago

    I LOVE KUMQUATS I only eat the inside tho.

  • Rin
    Rin 15 days ago

    Where can i get these

  • Ethan Hamza
    Ethan Hamza 15 days ago

    *Link grabs Rhett's wrist*
    **Camera Zooms In**

  • keeponrockin
    keeponrockin 15 days ago

    My mum loves Sauerkraut juice

  • mrweekss
    mrweekss 15 days ago

    where are the warheads?

  • Sahil Thapar
    Sahil Thapar 15 days ago +1

    I am from India and bitter gourd (as the name suggests) is BITTER!! if you wanna try something sour from India try the Pulse candy if you can manage to get your hands on it!!

  • Awesomefox
    Awesomefox 15 days ago

    Every comment is either
    “Lmao look at 11:30 to 13:00 hahaha so funny 😂 “
    “They should try (insert food name here)”

  • serrabrana
    serrabrana 15 days ago

    Is it just me or does rhett sound like smeagol @ 11:43

  • Lorenzo Dapino
    Lorenzo Dapino 16 days ago


  • Lola •the bisexual•

    I eat over 4-5 lemons a day

  • Meg Hambey
    Meg Hambey 16 days ago

    Hackling, cackling, crying! 😂😂😂😂

  • Simo Hayha
    Simo Hayha 16 days ago

    Fun fact, looking up when you have a nosebleed is the worst thing you could do for it. You want the blood to come out your nose, not move back into your sinuses.

  • Millicent Brown
    Millicent Brown 16 days ago

    I actually never understood why people freak out over umeboshi's supposed "sourness". It could be because I'm Japanese and it's in my system, but I love umeboshi. It just tastes good. Who else thinks so? Am I alone haha

  • Zach Brown
    Zach Brown 16 days ago

    these really are the two MOST melodramatic guys in the entire world lol

  • Thecanadianwitch
    Thecanadianwitch 16 days ago

    good thing i went to pee before watching this, i laughed so much that i could've peed myself

  • Kristabella. C
    Kristabella. C 17 days ago

    Who else thought of eleven when Rhett had a nose bleed?

    Or am I the only one? 😂

  • Albemouff
    Albemouff 17 days ago

    Hmm, can someone explain the difference between "sour" and "bitter" ? Because in french we only have one word for this.

  • Jarred .2019
    Jarred .2019 17 days ago

    Cut diamonds with my flesh mustache🤣

  • you know that Kate bitch

    kumquats are good for marmalade. not so much for eating.

  • Fish For Thought
    Fish For Thought 17 days ago

    My mouth is so wet

  • adilene ambriz
    adilene ambriz 17 days ago

    I LOVE Kumquats!😩

  • get the fvck out
    get the fvck out 17 days ago


  • Steven G
    Steven G 17 days ago

    Real woosies you are, umeboshi are not that sour...

  • Liam Driscoll
    Liam Driscoll 17 days ago

    Links facial expressions are priceless

  • ECDubbz
    ECDubbz 18 days ago

    Still my favorite episode ever.

  • Walker Edgmon
    Walker Edgmon 18 days ago

    Intresting fact: Due to the chemical make up of anti-freeze it had a sweet taste which is why animals get into it

  • M⃣a⃣d⃣i⃣s⃣o⃣n⃣ N⃣o⃣b⃣l⃣e⃣

    *you really squeezed some hot dogs chase ;)*

  • pizza putty
    pizza putty 18 days ago

    malic acid is definitely the most sour thing

  • TheTekknician
    TheTekknician 18 days ago

    11:53 Chewbacca would be so proud.

  • Juan Viera
    Juan Viera 18 days ago

    so did you get a sore mouth

  • Alex Killswitch
    Alex Killswitch 18 days ago +1

    Who else kept looking at Rhett’s nose to see if the nosebleed would come back? Lol

    • joshua eden
      joshua eden 16 days ago +1

      Me I almost thought it was gonna gush when they tried the plum

  • Frost King1
    Frost King1 18 days ago

    6:12 when you get hit the nuts hard

  • Abraham Malangonib
    Abraham Malangonib 19 days ago

    I have talked about you to my friends and now they all watch you. Even my Dad loves you guys!

  • Abraham Malangonib
    Abraham Malangonib 19 days ago

    Rhett & Link, you need to tour out in the Chicagoland area! You have a lot of followers around this area! You two would fill the house!

  • Jacob Lowery
    Jacob Lowery 19 days ago

    Do a sweet challenge

  • Holden C.
    Holden C. 19 days ago

    link looks nicely put together in this episode. his outfit and hair 💕😊

  • Miss MichiGO
    Miss MichiGO 20 days ago

    Oh god this is the best comment section I've ever seen 😂😂

  • rajsahib s
    rajsahib s 20 days ago

    Karele ka ras 😂

  • Msi Misky Ralte
    Msi Misky Ralte 20 days ago

    When does bitter gourd ever taste sour? Weird choice to pick for a sour challenge..

  • Grainne Molloy
    Grainne Molloy 20 days ago

    I can eat a couple toxic wastes without making a face tongue bleeds....