Sourest Food Challenge

  • Published on Mar 11, 2016
  • We try some of the worlds most sour foods. GMM #876!
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    Executive Producer: Drew Champion
    Writer/Producer: Edward Coleman
    Writer/Producer: Lizzie Bassett
    Writer/Producer: Kevin Kostelnik
    Associate Producer: Chase Hilt
    Technical Director/Graphics/Editor: Morgan Locke
    Editor: Casey Nimmer
    Additional Graphics/Editing: Matthew Dwyer
    Production Coordinator: Alexander Punch
    Production Assistant: Mike Criscimagna
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Comments • 21 352

  • Adam Chandler
    Adam Chandler 14 hours ago

    Was anyone else mouth watering watching this?

  • jordan fetes
    jordan fetes 18 hours ago

    “I squeeeeeezeee AYUHND seht”

  • fucken loser
    fucken loser 20 hours ago

    ume my boshi

  • Chari Zard
    Chari Zard Day ago

    I tried it and it's not THAT sour

  • TheCrazy Chemist

    It was so world of warcraft

  • Forensic Forager

    But kumquats are sweet! I love them!

  • TheGadileck
    TheGadileck 2 days ago

    Ok, about that last one.. I rarely laugh that hard while sober!!

  • Polar The Ice/ SeaWing

    Rhett:The toxic waste won’t be that bad
    Famous Last Words

  • Polar The Ice/ SeaWing
    Polar The Ice/ SeaWing 2 days ago +1

    Nose bleed caused by lemon
    Now I’ve seen everything

  • bkpickell
    bkpickell 2 days ago +1

    Where's the straight malic acid? Complete fail

  • Emily Hazlewood
    Emily Hazlewood 2 days ago

    I have had toxic waste and I love them. :D

  • Kayley Baker (Student)
    Kayley Baker (Student) 3 days ago +2

    Before eating toxic waste candy: it can't be that sour!
    After: WOW

    THE MODERN HACKER 3 days ago

    Karala Ka juice

  • Howtard
    Howtard 3 days ago +1

    I used to eat those Toxic Waste sweets by the handful..
    I didn't buy them too often because they make your tongue bleed after the first 3 or so.

  • Emani Gonzales
    Emani Gonzales 3 days ago +1

    Rhett gets drunk so easily

  • JasonHanMan man
    JasonHanMan man 3 days ago

    6:12 what is that noise

  • Meriwether Stuart
    Meriwether Stuart 4 days ago

    What is up with link?

  • Varonica  Diaz
    Varonica Diaz 4 days ago

    I always watch these late at night and can't hold in my laughter 😂😂😂

  • alorraineb
    alorraineb 4 days ago

    Someone please make a video of all the noises and Rhett doing his little dance there at 11:46. I think I could watch it until I ran out of breath laughing so hard

  • Marius Groth
    Marius Groth 4 days ago +1

    My 12yo little sister ate toxic waste candy once, and her tongue started bleeding lol

  • Isaac Calder
    Isaac Calder 5 days ago

    Coke head

  • Vivian VanDam
    Vivian VanDam 5 days ago

    Still here in 2019 you guys are amazing

  • Parallel Funny
    Parallel Funny 6 days ago

    There so extra

  • Apex Predator
    Apex Predator 6 days ago

    You should try war heads they are even worse

  • Apex Predator
    Apex Predator 6 days ago

    Yes Rhett your not holding a really hot pepper but you are holding a really sour sweet😂😂 can't wait for his reaction

  • Callum Stephens
    Callum Stephens 6 days ago

    9:54 Is it just me that finds the dink noise satisfying?

  • Tommy Vines
    Tommy Vines 6 days ago

    Link can cut diamonds with his flesh mustache

  • Makayla Kolat
    Makayla Kolat 6 days ago

    My family actually makes a sauerkraut juice soup for Christmas every year, it’s delicious 😋

  • George Fitness
    George Fitness 7 days ago +1

    11:43 E.T

  • Ganesh Devadiga
    Ganesh Devadiga 7 days ago

    I died by laughing hahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kenia Huerta
    Kenia Huerta 7 days ago

    This is the second episode I've watched where Rhett bleeds through his nose lmfao

  • ShadowBlade34
    ShadowBlade34 7 days ago +1

    12:02 GOLLUM GOLLUM!

  • enoch wade
    enoch wade 7 days ago

    I almost gaged with that tobacco juice

  • Drewe Salahor
    Drewe Salahor 7 days ago

    I really... really dislike umeboshi...

  • Amber Wells
    Amber Wells 7 days ago

    Did anybody's mouth immediatley water when they brought out the toxic waste? Cause my did

  • Tricia Davison - Woolcock

    you should eat pure citric acid powder from VAT19... I'm pretty sure it beats the plums in

  • Matthew Kim
    Matthew Kim 7 days ago

    Man Rhett like dying on the last one.geez

  • No Life Toxic
    No Life Toxic 7 days ago

    After all of that hey should have tried to eat ketchup

  • Maxconner
    Maxconner 8 days ago

    6:10 When someone's butt crack is showing

  • Maxconner
    Maxconner 8 days ago


    Link, I-I don't think anything does.


  • LexyLovesYew
    LexyLovesYew 8 days ago

    Omg the plum was so funny

  • LexyLovesYew
    LexyLovesYew 8 days ago

    It reminds me of the peptalk before eating warheads as a kid

  • Bakesh Dolar
    Bakesh Dolar 8 days ago

    try malic acid

  • Tyler Carlin
    Tyler Carlin 8 days ago

    Acturally it is a Ume not a Plum it is related to the Plum.

  • Anna Braley
    Anna Braley 9 days ago

    rhett started to sound like Gollum when he ate that umeboshi XD

  • The real Tghostboss
    The real Tghostboss 9 days ago

    Georgia 10:11

  • The real Tghostboss
    The real Tghostboss 9 days ago

    The bitter gourd is not sour you guys are strait softy’s sorry Rhett and link it’s not sour it is just you guys are soft

  • Lemuel Lontoc
    Lemuel Lontoc 9 days ago

    You guys should’ve tried “Yakee” sour bubble gums! It’s known in the Philippines. 😂😅

  • Valeria Kondrina
    Valeria Kondrina 9 days ago

    I love Toxic Waste candy~ if you will eat like two-four of them your tongue will go numb 🙈😅 I love sour taste~ I really want to try Umeboshi 🙃

  • TripsyCCC
    TripsyCCC 9 days ago +2

    8:33 Did they edit out Rhett saying f***ing? ....
    Am I the only one who noticed this?

  • My Name Gumby
    My Name Gumby 10 days ago +1

    I have come back and watched this episode SO MANY TIMES NOW

  • Ramen Ruler
    Ramen Ruler 10 days ago

    13:57 sweet home Alabama

  • PLeb
    PLeb 10 days ago

    How you do dat?

    - KRISTYTH3BUNNY - 11 days ago

    6:11 lol 😂

  • Jake17747
    Jake17747 11 days ago

    2:36 that's what she said

  • alex morell
    alex morell 11 days ago


  • carmen rodriguez
    carmen rodriguez 12 days ago

    Kumquats are good to make marmalade.

  • Goran
    Goran 12 days ago

    In my county (Serbia), people love drinking sauerkraut juice. It helps with the immune system in winter and is really good for your digestion.
    Oh - and I really love kumquat!

  • j1mmy enkoodabaoo
    j1mmy enkoodabaoo 12 days ago +1

    that ray charles joke was the best thing rhett has done in his whole life

  • j1mmy enkoodabaoo
    j1mmy enkoodabaoo 12 days ago

    warheads are the true sour test

  • Tepuitoru Pop
    Tepuitoru Pop 13 days ago


  • Anna Gravel
    Anna Gravel 13 days ago +3

    Link: *starts dying*Camera Crew: *laughs*

  • Dominga Gutierrez
    Dominga Gutierrez 13 days ago

    “ my eyeballs are cryin”

  • john hudson
    john hudson 14 days ago

    Rhett @ 4:09 and 6:11 and 11:38

  • Wet Wontons
    Wet Wontons 14 days ago

    Rhett turned into smeagol

  • Gabriela Holloman
    Gabriela Holloman 14 days ago

    Watching them do this is physically hurting me. I feel like I'm eating this stuff.

  • fukunaga
    fukunaga 14 days ago

    i’m from japan and i also don’t like umeboshi either..
    i often see my mom eat umeboshi onigiri and i’m always disgusted

  • in love with Etee-weetee forever

    No one:
    Rhett: 12:01

    CORBAN BAUMGARDNER 14 days ago

    There's a reason why they do malic acid it would have literally killed them

  • Haydn Creates
    Haydn Creates 14 days ago +1

    what about J I L L Y J U I C E

  • Fiona Dumas
    Fiona Dumas 15 days ago +3

    My mouth started watering as soon as I saw the lemons.

  • Benjamin Cain
    Benjamin Cain 15 days ago

    12:46 oh my bushi
    Your welcome

  • Andrew Wawak
    Andrew Wawak 15 days ago

    I low key want to eat the umeboshi

  • Ryuzakai Hirokai
    Ryuzakai Hirokai 15 days ago

    My nose started bleeding at the kumquats. Is this a conspiracy?!

  • Conner Allred
    Conner Allred 16 days ago

    The blue raspberry is souerer with toxic waste

  • v1antbo
    v1antbo 16 days ago

    Guttermouth - Lemon Water - TVclip

  • Bre Dirzanowski
    Bre Dirzanowski 16 days ago

    I am laughing so HARD when they eat the plum omg 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tamalii Faga
    Tamalii Faga 16 days ago

    6:11 when he puts it in your butt lol

  • Levicorvus
    Levicorvus 16 days ago

    i can nearly feel the sour-

  • Madelynn Z
    Madelynn Z 17 days ago

    Study shows that there are traces of human feces on the lemons at restaurants

  • Varmint
    Varmint 17 days ago

    My mouth watered so hard

  • Luc
    Luc 17 days ago

    Link is such a handsome guy

  • Tanner TamejGames
    Tanner TamejGames 17 days ago +1

    Hehehdiena wine dejksrbwlbhekwntbriwndbuokwnrhoendbrilwndbrhodnfbtggsavjrutgbnskehrbrkhebedooenwpsndbrio kebroel 696969696969

  • Julia Mihalek
    Julia Mihalek 17 days ago +1

    4:11 an accurate representation of my tics

  • The Sorceress Kath
    The Sorceress Kath 17 days ago

    Looookin for a smoookieeeeee

  • ccheartbroken
    ccheartbroken 17 days ago

    too much white girl

  • SaraDaBubble Pop
    SaraDaBubble Pop 17 days ago +1

    Omg! Kumquats are sooo good I love them. They burst sour in ur mouth and then when u swallow them it leaves a sweet taste in ur mouth 😋. I wish I had some tho...But um...I peel the kumquats cuz it tastes much better that way. I can’t imagine eating the skin 🤢

  • Alyssa Kispert
    Alyssa Kispert 17 days ago

    My face was doing weird shit just watching this episode. I felt this in my soul.

  • kels matthews
    kels matthews 18 days ago

    12:01 LMAO

  • Yeti Confetti
    Yeti Confetti 18 days ago

    I’d like to point out your title lmao you meant most sour not “sourest” tf

  • Nomis Shill
    Nomis Shill 19 days ago

    Oh come on with the toxic waste. I have eaten three at once and it wasn’t that bad.

  • Crappy_dragon
    Crappy_dragon 19 days ago

    I love umeboshi. I don't think they're that sour lol

  • Ioannis Fragias
    Ioannis Fragias 19 days ago

    9:56 👌👌👌

  • DragonBorne1215
    DragonBorne1215 20 days ago

    When Rhett does that, ¨its actually not that bad¨ **its not bad face**

  • Md .?
    Md .? 21 day ago +1

    Play 11:36 at 0.25 speed LMFAO😂

  • Jisun Lee
    Jisun Lee 21 day ago

    Where did their Tokyo joke come from?

  • Emy XD
    Emy XD 21 day ago

    :( But I like Umeboshi plums. They go good with steamed rice, can't have the rice without it...and I'm not even Japanese (I'm Latina, then again, my parents don't like Umeboshi either, forever alone I guess).

  • Isabella McWilliams
    Isabella McWilliams 22 days ago

    Lol he said sourururur

  • Tide808
    Tide808 23 days ago

    Anyone else love eating lemons, warheads, ume, and other sour things.

  • Rachel
    Rachel 23 days ago

    Lmao I remember eating toxic waste candy with my friends in middle school and we would all try not to wince lmao