Adam Savage Gets Scanned and Replicated in Foam!

  • Published on Aug 28, 2017
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    While we were recently overseas in England, we visited the studio of effects and fabrication shop FBFX--the talented artisans who build some of our favorite spacesuits and superhero costumes for film. Adam visits their scanning studio, where he chats with FBFX co-founder Grant Pearmain about how actors are scanned for digital costume and prop fittings. Adam meets his own scanned clone, made out of foam!
    Shot and edited by Joey Fameli
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Comments • 663

  • Adam Savage’s Tested

    For more on FBFX and their work, check out their web site:

  • Askejm
    Askejm 16 days ago

    imagine walking down the street and then seeing a guy walking with a styrofoam copy of himself on his shoulder

  • Sammy Jenkins
    Sammy Jenkins 24 days ago

    that is unbelievably cool!

  • Willaby Zarkute
    Willaby Zarkute Month ago

    That room is so extra... I love it

  • Matej Bilić
    Matej Bilić 7 months ago

    That is a lot of DSLRs

  • Cygnus Antenna - DSS 121

    All those dslrs. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Mouzekiller83
    Mouzekiller83 9 months ago

    love that technic they use,but fuck my life,is that a low detailed face....also same technic was used in a WAY better style in games like MGSV etc..

  • Christopher Armstrong
    Christopher Armstrong 9 months ago

    Hey guys, check out the book The Maker's Field Guide (amazon or on the book's website) that was just released. It's super comprehensive and covers many 3D scanning / 3D printing / Silicone & Alginate life casting techniques like this.

  • Michael Masterson
    Michael Masterson 11 months ago

    It would be interesting to see the degradation of making copies of the copy.

  • title10
    title10 11 months ago

    I think the foam is the real Adam, and Adam is the replicant

  • Zap Actionsdower
    Zap Actionsdower Year ago

    not only is adam a great maker, he knows how to interview really well, gets enthusiastic without being insufferable and knows the right questions to ask...seriously, why did he have to suck up all of the talent and leave us plebs with nothing!?

  • Samuel Karlsson
    Samuel Karlsson Year ago

    It looks kinda hilarious picking up a Human being like that and walk away. Even more hilarious it only weighs like 7 grams!

  • youtert
    youtert Year ago

    I'm seeing double, four Adams!

  • Erik Ahl
    Erik Ahl Year ago

    Can we make one of Putin for the shooting range ???

  • flarez
    flarez Year ago

    05:10 could watch this all day long

  • Greenball Science

    iPhone X hacked

  • Quirkification
    Quirkification Year ago

    Blade Runner comment.

  • greenstuffy
    greenstuffy Year ago

    Is that a hickey on your styrofoam self's neck?

  • plainlake
    plainlake Year ago

    Just a matter of time before full 3d models of female actors gets leaked.

  • Zach Turner
    Zach Turner Year ago

    Holy moly. That is literally a million dollars worth of cameras alone. Insane.

  • USV Productions
    USV Productions Year ago

    can they scan glass? or will it not work?

  • shot forshot
    shot forshot Year ago

    insanely cool of course, but I wouldn't scan myself, I'd scan Salma Hayak!

  • G4mmaLotus
    G4mmaLotus Year ago

    "Wanna practice kissing"

  • Oda Chikazane
    Oda Chikazane Year ago

    What if you scan the model and make it and scan it over and over what changes would you see

  • Frank Thomas
    Frank Thomas Year ago

    Past demand drinking whuyhec mind frustration simple sign couch drift.

  • lukassnakeman
    lukassnakeman Year ago

    so they spent probably hundreds of thousands of dollars on being able to make models of people because because don't have enough time to get measured for costumes?????????

  • Roy Devine
    Roy Devine Year ago

    Hey Axel!
    Opps sorry

  • Yusuf
    Yusuf Year ago

    nifty... fifty lens... nice....

  • jennifer courtney

    You could say he......saw himself out.

    I will see myself out

  • mignonetbeau
    mignonetbeau Year ago

    Adam, you Michael(Vsauce) and Alton Brown need to do a podcast that would be epic

  • Alex Escamilla
    Alex Escamilla Year ago

    Cu sfnceh

  • Mr. Frogman99
    Mr. Frogman99 Year ago

    Holy shiiiiiiiiit think I just fuckin came this is so damn epic

  • nogue Driver
    nogue Driver Year ago +1

    Adan te achei pensei q vc avia morido sou muito seu fã desde de pequeno

  • loresamba
    loresamba Year ago

    Ha Ha Haa Favoloso !

  • Migalors Darwin
    Migalors Darwin Year ago

    No Adam can fuck hisself for real.

  • Ironclad Lad
    Ironclad Lad Year ago

    What one is real?

  • Sketching 101 And challenges

    How does it actively represent the actor/actress if they have say a baggy top or bottoms on

  • oldcowbb
    oldcowbb Year ago

    the camera robot is creepy as fuck

  • Will Castillo
    Will Castillo Year ago

    Full body casting in plaster of paris is expensive, but 140 cameras isn't? Okay, Adam...

  • zapfanzapfan
    zapfanzapfan Year ago

    Now Adam will be able to use the car-pool-lane :-)

  • Hero Rasseru
    Hero Rasseru Year ago

    *this is not easy to do.*

  • Hero Rasseru
    Hero Rasseru Year ago

    Sees nothing but cameras, thinks nothing but 💰💰💰💰💰. Holy nuts in a bag, that room is worth more than me!

  • Whitney King
    Whitney King Year ago

    5:00 Anyone else getting some GLaDOS vibes?!

  • Lemon Sweets
    Lemon Sweets Year ago

    I reeeaally want a life-size model of myself for lulz. I'm sure it's very expensive. But in a year or so!? Hubba hubba.
    Edit: I saw someone on Dragons Den/Sharks Den pitching this idea of the little 3d printed statues of yourself. People are self-obsessed, they should have invested ;)

  • Matt C
    Matt C Year ago

    test it with the new iphone and see if it unlocks??

  • GuardianLords
    GuardianLords Year ago +3

    Detailed manboobs

  • Muhammad Kharismawan

    Hrmm... Which means those actors are scanned while wearing minimal clothing then?
    After that joke, I wonder how high the level of detail this kind of rig can capture

  • gortops excetera
    gortops excetera Year ago

    paint it paint it paint it

  • Spaghettikid
    Spaghettikid Year ago +1

    For anyone interested in trying out this sort of "scanning" with photos google VisualSFM for a free program which will auto stitch photos and create 3d point maps which can be converted into a 3d model, can even then 3d printing

  • James StJohn
    James StJohn Year ago

    I want video of you taking that through customs.

  • Samuel Vella
    Samuel Vella Year ago

    That face at 2:50 is creepy as hell

  • Lucas Mason
    Lucas Mason Year ago

    You should paint it to make it look exactly like you

  • Emissary of Wind
    Emissary of Wind Year ago

    I want a dress form made like that, I have an unusually long torso and nothing fits commercial dress forms the way it fits me :( A high density foam dummy from a body scan would make my life so much easier

  • Malakhi Mcintosh
    Malakhi Mcintosh Year ago +1

    0:21 cutting edge technology
    Baa dum tss

  • ibleed1
    ibleed1 Year ago

    so. so. so. so. so. so. soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  • felixucoff
    felixucoff Year ago


  • HB
    HB Year ago

    Get Mia Khalifa in there and send me the foam

  • G2H3LL
    G2H3LL Year ago

    Now cast it with aluminum

  • Arturo Esquina
    Arturo Esquina Year ago

    Government paid shillz

  • TiffyStyx
    TiffyStyx Year ago +1

    This thumbnail: You know at the end of BeetleJuice where Lydia's mom freaks out her dad with her new statue of the snake head?

  • dothemathright 1111

    Nicely duplicated webbed fingers.

  • Anders Carlsson
    Anders Carlsson Year ago I only have 138 DSLR's to go then...

  • Nesvy V
    Nesvy V Year ago

    He's got some bigass tittes

  • Alien Tree Guy
    Alien Tree Guy Year ago

    I think I saw a documentary about this technology and it's usage in creating VR porn. It's some interesting stuff, especially when you couple it with VR. Completely photorealistic digital models.

  • Rick Fravor
    Rick Fravor Year ago

    AWESOME! I want one of me!

  • John Doe
    John Doe Year ago

    I’m an amateur games developer and can not begin to imagine how useful stuff like this is for just about and 3D application imaginable,

  • eatafox
    eatafox Year ago

    I want to take a sword to it

  • Joe Shit the Rag Man

    cheap ass lenses ;)

  • Ronald Mahan
    Ronald Mahan Year ago

    Must have been cold when they took the picture.... Nips like diamonds.

  • Gabe Horn
    Gabe Horn Year ago

    DSLRs are expensive as hell! Imagine what that setup costs

  • beezborz
    beezborz Year ago

    Let's rename the site "Rich man accepts presents (.com)"

  • EvlMagus
    EvlMagus Year ago

    Eww! Who would do that?!

  • askjerry
    askjerry Year ago

    140 cameras... and not cheap ones... $500 to $900 each... $70K to $126K... conservative estimate!

  • Tex Jones
    Tex Jones Year ago

    That is wicked, WICKED cool!

  • Animefreakah
    Animefreakah Year ago

    If you were to put a hole in the bum of the foam replica you could go fuck yourself.

  • RoliTheOne
    RoliTheOne Year ago

    Ha! Look at all those nifty fifties (the cheap canon 50mm lenses) :D

  • Riddla26
    Riddla26 Year ago +1

    1:41 Someone gave that mannequin a hickie!

  • guttersmurf
    guttersmurf Year ago

    Styro-Savage totally has a hiccy. Edit : 1:57

  • Sebastian Lund Nielsen

    The glasses made the difference.

  • Lina Hermans
    Lina Hermans Year ago

    stream quarter clear zgyqiv settlement insect seal punishment visual.

  • JoJo EZmode
    JoJo EZmode Year ago

    i think we all know the real reason he had that manican made. ;)

  • Scott
    Scott Year ago

    I know this is completely unrelated, but Adam should make a Jumanji board.

  • AmazinChannel
    AmazinChannel Year ago

    now paint it!

  • M R
    M R Year ago

    Let a really talented artist paint the model.

  • chemXal
    chemXal Year ago

    I would have given anything for my dog to have been scanned before he passed away, it would have made a nice keepsake.

  • B
    B Year ago

    You should get tested

  • scannaunderscore1

    Won't be long before its an exoskeleton covered in living tissue.

  • Terry Windsor
    Terry Windsor Year ago

    The processing power on that must be incredible!

  • EkkeEkkeEkkeEkke PtangZooBoing!

    You'd think a 3d model of yourself would be more flattering...

  • Captain BuBBles
    Captain BuBBles Year ago

    Adam should totally paint and detail that model and show it to the world I would love to see how detailed he could get it

  • 9Tailsfan
    9Tailsfan Year ago

    Lol is anybody else tempted to grab the nippies on the foam statue and play "radio" ? ;)

  • Dakota Mark
    Dakota Mark Year ago

    Grant sure has changed alot!

  • Tesh Tesh
    Tesh Tesh Year ago

    beautiful tech

  • Muthler's VW
    Muthler's VW Year ago

    I say Adam should paint and weather the foam to replicate himself

  • Dylan Benzi
    Dylan Benzi Year ago

    And I thought one DSLR was expensive😳

  • [ ]
    [ ] Year ago

    Next make rosebud from citizen Kane

  • John Eastmond
    John Eastmond Year ago

    Can I just say that there's some really great technology? Yep, I just said it.


    Gr8 b8 m8

  • SamGamingUk
    SamGamingUk Year ago

    Its kernal sanders

  • Looking In With Victor B

    Please paint it with at least a semi-realistic base coat... I think it would pull up the details a lot better.