Professor vs Smack Talker 1v1 Houston Hood Court.. GETS CALLED OUT, forced duel

  • Published on Jan 28, 2019
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Comments • 5 442

  • potato65
    potato65 7 hours ago

    Yo tristan jass was there u need to 1v1 him that would be good.

  • Sincere Lee
    Sincere Lee 9 hours ago +1

    T Hass in back ground

  • e a
    e a 11 hours ago

    Over rated

  • Clyde Barrow
    Clyde Barrow 21 hour ago

    Brotha says: His daddy BLACK! LMAO!

  • Seth Martinez
    Seth Martinez Day ago

    Bro I live in Houston you should come again

  • tom hecht
    tom hecht Day ago

    I'm an old dude, I see a lot of palming, travelling and double dribbling.

  • David Salomon
    David Salomon 2 days ago

    ok, enough . I have seen 3 videos now. Let me know when he plays real players.

  • The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight 2 days ago

    Yoooo that Blondie was in faze rugs video

  • Halo Boi
    Halo Boi 3 days ago

    Hey dude... be in the NBA

  • 王嚴勝
    王嚴勝 4 days ago +1


  • Maria Mendoza
    Maria Mendoza 4 days ago

    Did any of you guys see clay

  • 1640 nl
    1640 nl 7 days ago

    Why ain't he in the league?? Real question???

  • Manuel Ruen
    Manuel Ruen 8 days ago

    grayson you supposed to take it back bruh that ain't fair lmao 2:32

  • 喻颖正
    喻颖正 10 days ago +1

    U can literally see the challengers underwear’s.

  • diamond teeth samurai two2

    You already know that professor going to win like come on now

  • ツItz SKUŁŁY
    ツItz SKUŁŁY 13 days ago

    4:07 anybody see TJass

  • LionFilmProductions
    LionFilmProductions 15 days ago

    Change that mfing title bro he was a nice guy

  • Антон Тимошенко

    Yor are awesome Professor! Like frome Russia!

  • Himalton Games
    Himalton Games 19 days ago

    Ricardo lookin head ass

  • xxblake 07
    xxblake 07 21 day ago

    Wait why tf was T Jazz there lmao

  • Kevin Santiago Higuita Monsalve

    I no entender inglis

    LIL CXRRY 21 day ago

    He dont cross, he juke

  • SMJ95
    SMJ95 24 days ago

    HaHa! I need me that Spiderman costume!

  • Julian Chapman
    Julian Chapman 25 days ago

    I think ppl don't get how quick he is regardless of crazy moves.... Anticipate and get a lesson from the prof

  • Agustin Alva
    Agustin Alva 27 days ago

    The professor slow mo camera look

  • German Howitzer
    German Howitzer Month ago

    Funny how they bleep out everything but leave nigga, anyways great game

  • timomastosalo
    timomastosalo Month ago

    Please... smack talker. Dude was actually very respectful. He was just determined like 'I definitely need to play 1v1 with you'. Being like strong-willed football lineman often are, approaching, addressing very straight forward.
    I think it's harmful for the good work Professor does spreading God's word and good vibes to communities he visits, to title these TVclip videos with uncalled for slandering nicknames for the opponents. If they are deserved - why not. Even then a more Christian approach is not to savour on others' faults. If there's trash talk, just ket the audience see it plain and simple: let himself make a fool of himself, no need to spice it up. It's like you'd be gloating on their wrongs.
    Don't try to make them titles so 'catchy' and selling: guess people will click on Prof's videos with no embellished titles. Maybe just put where you at, facing challenges. Give good rep to the neighbourhood. Especially if people talk trash about that 'hood, and the locals know that talk is embellished. No need to cover up some bad stuff happening in some places, just let it be real: just lt it show for what it is. The locals will likely want to mention the good or bad to the cam, if they feel they want that be heard. Of course mainly they just wanna play, have fun, in the middle of the likely hardships.
    Have the same respect you had in that Nebraska prison.

  • Marceline Ingot
    Marceline Ingot Month ago

    The professor has game but for the love of God he palms the ball somethin fierce!

  • Irene Biasca
    Irene Biasca Month ago +1

    If this guy lowposts this fucking professor he can't win.

  • Dale Michael
    Dale Michael Month ago

    If you were to count all the "bruh" in this comment section it would take at least a week.

  • hamuzi santos
    hamuzi santos Month ago

    Professor took it easy 4 him frfr

  • Creeper McCreeping
    Creeper McCreeping Month ago

    That's funny
    T jass met professor by accident

  • 五月推し
    五月推し Month ago


  • JJ_ Conquer J
    JJ_ Conquer J Month ago

    Yo is that T Jass in the back at the beginning of the vid I swears it’s him

    • ClassicMist360
      ClassicMist360 28 days ago

      yes.. he also walks up to the professor at like 6 points in and says "you need to relax a little" or whatever lol

  • zaturhan
    zaturhan Month ago

    Oops 😬 5:19 ma nigga says nigga

  • totnakels bitch
    totnakels bitch Month ago +4

    Professor vs kyrie irving
    Hit like

    • Cortez Nichols
      Cortez Nichols Month ago

      totnakels bitch now that would be a site to see considering both of them have incredible ball handling skills.

  • All is self Beall
    All is self Beall Month ago +1

    Took that man for a walk

  • All is self Beall
    All is self Beall Month ago +1

    So fun to watch

  • Zachary Whitten
    Zachary Whitten Month ago

    “Which one of y’all niggas got next”
    “Me” hahah

  • Soldier Gaming
    Soldier Gaming Month ago +57

    Guy : "Breathes"
    Professor : "trash talker"

  • Sir Damian
    Sir Damian Month ago

    “Which one of y’all niggas got next?”

  • ateomy Roblox
    ateomy Roblox Month ago

    He said "this is my court" but professor is scoring there

  • sergio m
    sergio m Month ago

    always amazed by the soft touch he developed!

  • Adam Saunders
    Adam Saunders Month ago

    He to big for ball but he a good player 💯

  • jack frost
    jack frost Month ago

    I guess there is no such thing as a double dribble violation in this game of one on one ??

  • Doffy20
    Doffy20 Month ago

    Somebody tell his fat ass to put his shirt back on

  • jake sullivan
    jake sullivan Month ago

    Lmao big nigga really thought he was gonna keep up with a 155 pound hooper that aint yo position my guy.

  • Jimmy Shottah
    Jimmy Shottah Month ago

    Why is it always the chubbiest most un-athletic dude on the court trying to call out the legend ?? wtf do y'all see in the mirror ?? You don't have a chance guys...

    SXC EBYCHIY Month ago

    Professor vs Ricardo Milos

  • itachiovermadara
    itachiovermadara Month ago

    I would beat the professor, too bad he wasn’t in SW Houston or the Mo. I would just beat him I wouldn’t be nice about either or care that he a legend ha. And talking shit is more fun, that polite ish boring.

  • Jack Lee
    Jack Lee Month ago

    Hey y’all! Help me get my son some more views, likes and subscribers on his new TVclip video! Thanks!

  • Dhruv Hazarika
    Dhruv Hazarika Month ago

    The professor 👩‍🏫 is pro...

  • Pit Dawg
    Pit Dawg Month ago

    That's not fair playing against that Pig. Lmfao Hahahaha

  • Mark Burch
    Mark Burch Month ago

    They should have played to 100... That Houston humidity was already getting to the white guy

  • Mondo Archuleta
    Mondo Archuleta Month ago +1

    The professor can play. Love to watch his feet. Keep you standing there. He's always respectful.

  • Дмитрий Фомин

    Я один сижу и ищю русские комент?)

  • Fran Lofamia
    Fran Lofamia Month ago

    Nice he,he.

  • David Whitworth
    David Whitworth Month ago

    Great sportsmanship...dude didn't have a bad shot either

  • YourUltimateGod
    YourUltimateGod Month ago

    Dawn, I give professor props for guarding a greasy fat dude all over his face

  • elxoxloff 89
    elxoxloff 89 Month ago

    Бля завтра в школу