Ben Affleck VS Christian Bale As Batman

  • Published on Feb 8, 2019
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    Ben Affleck VS Christian Bale As Batman
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    A number of actors have donned the cape and cowl over the years, but who’s the greatest Batman of the 21st century? For this showdown, note that it isn’t going to be a cinematic crossover fisfight. Instead, we’ll be looking at the various aspects of what makes for a great onscreen Batman to find our victor. Join WatchMojo as we pit these two Batmans against each other.
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Comments • 7 775

  • Kaden Stanton
    Kaden Stanton Hour ago

    I choose Adam west

  • Ronit Roy
    Ronit Roy 5 hours ago


  • ExoticWatermelon 2
    ExoticWatermelon 2 13 hours ago +1

    Bale is more movie like while affleck is a more comic version

  • Kevin Kim
    Kevin Kim Day ago +1

    The bat symbol on Affleck’s suit is literal shit

  • Ebruli 27
    Ebruli 27 Day ago +1

    When someone says think of Peter Parker I automatically think of Tobey Maguire it's the same with Christian Bale as batman

  • Treyvin Tracy
    Treyvin Tracy Day ago +2

    No Christian Bale's could find out what kind of bullet shot a wall and where to find the person who shot it

  • Tazz1991
    Tazz1991 Day ago +1

    Dark knight trilogy was a mistake, it’s just too good nothing can top it

  • Green Machine
    Green Machine 2 days ago +2

    What do you mean the dude ripped out a piece of a wall and tried to replicate the bullet shot course bale is a great detective

  • Green Machine
    Green Machine 2 days ago +2

    Ben affleck is a good Batman in a bad film
    Christian bale is a bad batman in a good film
    (Just the way I see it)

  • Mr. Green
    Mr. Green 2 days ago

    Bale > Affleck for me

  • Batman Cancer
    Batman Cancer 2 days ago

    I think they're both terrible in there own rights. Winner: Kevin Conroy

  • Austin Farrell
    Austin Farrell 2 days ago +1

    Don’t u dare ever compare the dark knight to Ben affleck ever again

  • Chris Bartlett
    Chris Bartlett 2 days ago

    Yes you did

  • Ankit Varadkar
    Ankit Varadkar 2 days ago

    I like both of them coz they did lot of greatest things in my childhood

  • Michael Fleming
    Michael Fleming 2 days ago

    Ben's Bat wins by default, he caught a god..

  • qizar 6
    qizar 6 3 days ago

    bale >>>> affleck

  • Cavan Holmes
    Cavan Holmes 3 days ago


  • Iron Man
    Iron Man 3 days ago

    Christian Bale nailed it on the head when the second movie was released, he showed some strong acting and emotions as if he really was Bruce Wayne. The dark knight was the best movie out of the 3 movies, due to Heath Ledger’s breathtaking performance as the joker. Not to mention that Michael Caine also played Alfred very well. The problem with the recent batman movies (to me) is that Jeremy irons was... how can I say it... not really a good butler, because!!! He didn’t dress like one or act like one, I mean the guy mad Ben Affleck a cup of tea and did no other duties throughout the whole justice league movie and I feel he’s a bit young for and Alfred role. I will say that Ben did play Batman in an interesting way, but not as good as Christian Bale. Overall I think all 3 Batman movies are more serious and interesting as Batman takes his time to find out the details of the crime, but the justice league and BatmanVSsuperman are more for the younger audience who love action more then patience. And I just want to point out that stupid scene cough! cough! Batman climbing the walls in BvS that inaccurate shit made me laugh. It’s just my opinion so... yeah.
    P.s do tell me what you guys think, cause I’m a marvel/DC nerd 😂😂🤟🏻

  • Donovan Tavera
    Donovan Tavera 3 days ago

    Ben affleck, the best Batman till this day this lady is out of her mind. I have seen all Batman movies, bales Batman costume looks like a motocycle costume.

  • Chalibi
    Chalibi 3 days ago

    When did Batman use guns? Batflek ruined his number one rule

  • Chalibi
    Chalibi 3 days ago

    Batflek, more like fatflek

  • Trill_tyler_123
    Trill_tyler_123 4 days ago

    Batman doesn't use lethal force such as guns which messed it up for Ben Affleck being a full batman

  • Nerf Master Blaster
    Nerf Master Blaster 4 days ago

    This is just straight disrespect

  • Bird Conway
    Bird Conway 4 days ago +2

    Chris should have won do u remember darknight cut out wall scene

  • ElHandi 18.7
    ElHandi 18.7 4 days ago +7

    Christian Bale and Everyone In the Dark Knight trilogy did it the best.

  • Muhammad Ahmad
    Muhammad Ahmad 4 days ago

    Christian Bale is a Reality version of Batman an made for Men, Ben Affleck is an Action batman for the entertainment of nerds.

  • Arpan Saha
    Arpan Saha 4 days ago

    The character has been chosen wisely... I personally didn't like Ben Affleck as Batman, he didn't carry intelligence, his body language was too shaky, low in confidence, lack of Intel gathering, using gun, depending on other people than himself are not Batman characteristics... His attitude was noway near to Batman... Bale has exact mixture of rudeness roughness toughness seriousness and intelligence in his attitude... Batman never been bulky figure what Ben Affleck portraied...

  • Hans Landa
    Hans Landa 4 days ago +9

    Ben Affleck is Daredevil.
    Christian Bale is The Dark Knight.

    • Cade Woody
      Cade Woody 4 days ago

      Hans Landa preach it brotha!!!!

  • chichiboypumpi
    chichiboypumpi 5 days ago +1

    well I like ben afleck bats with the voice modulator

  • JP Moore
    JP Moore 5 days ago

    Ben Affleck’s batsuit looks like a paper-mâché piece of crap!

  • Ale BalRiv
    Ale BalRiv 5 days ago

    The thing is that Bale made the better movies, great scripts, great direction. Affleck did great for what he could with them movies. Both are great actors

  • Marvin pineda
    Marvin pineda 5 days ago

    Lets not forget Affleck never had his own movie. Plus on top of tht how can you beat the warehouse scene in batman vs superman. Tht scene was too vicious

    • Deathdew
      Deathdew 5 days ago

      No but the fact that his Batman kills already causes him to lose who’s better as Batman. And yes that one thing really does matter.

  • Joseph Âfricano
    Joseph Âfricano 5 days ago

    C. Bale forever

    AMADO CARLOS D 5 days ago

    El traje le quedó muy grande a Ben

  • William’s WAY
    William’s WAY 5 days ago +12

    Bale was the best !! Everyone should agree

  • Ezz Al-Arab
    Ezz Al-Arab 5 days ago +4

    Bale's Batman was the legendary batman on all fronts......

  • Sergio Lopez
    Sergio Lopez 5 days ago

    ben Affleck

  • M C
    M C 5 days ago

    Bale and gadot would of been nice

  • ohyeahyeah Augustin
    ohyeahyeah Augustin 5 days ago

    Bale was a great Bruce Wayne

  • commander cody *
    commander cody * 5 days ago

    No bake is a bad Batman

  • Eatingricebubblz
    Eatingricebubblz 5 days ago

    Affleck was great. It was writing that fucked him over

  • Anand Nidamanuru
    Anand Nidamanuru 5 days ago +3

    This is more of Nolan's Batman Vs Snyder Batman

  • Caleb Hylkema
    Caleb Hylkema 6 days ago

    Did anyone need to actually watch the video to know who would win?

  • Hidden Pakistani
    Hidden Pakistani 6 days ago

    I love both versions.....
    But my favorite is Bale .......

  • Matt Tozzi
    Matt Tozzi 6 days ago +1

    you cant really compare the two. They were two different styles of movies. Bale was a realistic batman in a dark world, Affleck was more of a comic book batman, DC's version of the Avengers. two completely different movies.

    Kash TECHFREAK 6 days ago

    Bale was a better detective

  • Eric Thomas
    Eric Thomas 6 days ago

    Would be great to see a video of who’s the best animated Batman! Something like Bruce Greenwood vs Kevin Conroy. Could ya do that WatchMojo?

  • Chase Pate
    Chase Pate 6 days ago

    Yes Bale Batman was great choice

  • Chase Pate
    Chase Pate 6 days ago

    Christian Bale was best

  • Demark Lewis
    Demark Lewis 7 days ago

    Winner!.... Michael Keaton.

  • MasterVideoStudios
    MasterVideoStudios 7 days ago

    Affleck by all means. Anyone who says Bale is an uneducated moron.

  • Miah Martinez
    Miah Martinez 7 days ago

    Yeah the dark knight batsuit is to stiff and blocky.

  • Josh S-TV
    Josh S-TV 7 days ago

    1960's Adam West Batman most realistic

  • LT. Hedgehog Murderer

    If you think it's not batman for him failing to see through Talia, you clearly haven't read the comics much. Take a nice look at Batman Death and the maidens and tell me that again.

  • Blue Titan
    Blue Titan 7 days ago

    New batman is sucks!

  • Tanmaya Puri
    Tanmaya Puri 7 days ago

    Christian Bale is undoubtedly the best. He should have been the batman in Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice (2016) and Justice League (2017). Bale is the best.

    • Mr Javiex
      Mr Javiex 7 days ago

      Are you fucking kidding me? Bale could barely face the Joker's dogs, I doubt very much that he can face a Parademon or even Superman. Affleck will always be the best adapted Batman in the cinema

  • Faouzi Dris
    Faouzi Dris 7 days ago +1

    i like the dark night movie more than batman vs super man movie but also i like ben affleck more than christan bale

  • Ivan Majestic
    Ivan Majestic 8 days ago

    Bale beats everybody shut up

    • Mr Javiex
      Mr Javiex 7 days ago

      Are you fucking kidding me? Bale could barely face the Joker's dogs, I doubt very much that he can face a Parademon or even Superman. #TEAMAFFLECK

  • Josh de Gracia
    Josh de Gracia 8 days ago

    Ben Affleck is trash asf. Idek why they chose him for the role. Christian Bale is the goat. Gained over 100 pounds after his role in the Machinist to play Batman. Bruh is Batman. Foh, 5-0 Bale.

    • Mr Javiex
      Mr Javiex 7 days ago

      Are you fucking kidding me? Bale could barely face the Joker's dogs, I doubt very much that he can face a Parademon or even Superman. Affleck will always be the best adapted Batman in the cinema

  • Su min KIM
    Su min KIM 8 days ago

    Christian Bale better

    • Mr Javiex
      Mr Javiex 7 days ago

      Are you fucking kidding me? Bale could barely face the Joker's dogs, I doubt very much that he can face a Parademon or even Superman. Affleck will always be the best adapted Batman in the cinema

  • pratik thapa
    pratik thapa 8 days ago

    Like Tobey macquire Christian bale for batman

  • shassitojn 49
    shassitojn 49 8 days ago

    Um. The answer is Christian Bale

    • shassitojn 49
      shassitojn 49 2 days ago

      Ahh, no clever comeback huh? That’s what I thought. Come back when you have more on this you pearly pack of horse shit.

    • shassitojn 49
      shassitojn 49 7 days ago

      Mr Javiex he’s on the Joel Schumacher Batman level. And he sure as hell isn’t as good as Bale.

    • shassitojn 49
      shassitojn 49 7 days ago

      Mr Javiex Ok, no. We actually got time to develop Rachel and Harvey, and learned about them as characters. Hell Rachel got a whole movie BEFORE the Dark Knight. It’s not too far off to believe that that would kind of fuck him up. It gives Batman um... AN ARC. We know Batman is sad about his parents dying, we don’t need Zack Snyder to give us a scene full of terrible dialogue. Superman should have just straight up said “I don’t wanna fight you, Lex wants me to fight you and if I don’t he’ll kill my mother.” What if Batman were beating the shit out of the Joker, and the Joker said Martha? According to Zack Snyder, a pretentious film student, that’s what would happen because the plot demands it. So no, the 8 years Batman takes off doesn’t detract from his character in fact it adds to it. There’s no excuse for the Martha scene. Try again.

    • Mr Javiex
      Mr Javiex 7 days ago

      @shassitojn 49 The films of DC could be bad but Ben Affleck managed to stand out as one of the best adapted Batman (From Michael Keaton)

    • Mr Javiex
      Mr Javiex 7 days ago

      @shassitojn 49 Lol, you talk about Martha to make fun of Affleck but I think you've forgotten that coward who hid 8 years for the death of Rachel and Harvey 😂

  • Default Boys
    Default Boys 8 days ago

    The Batman trilogy is the best Batman movies of all time

  • Syed Khizer
    Syed Khizer 8 days ago

    Wonder what would have been the reaction if Bale was still Batman in BVS

  • Jade Walker
    Jade Walker 8 days ago +2

    This rivalry is quite unfair. Batfleck had only one acceptable movie to compare with The Nolan Series ( not counting the shit Justice League Batfleck )

  • model citizen
    model citizen 9 days ago +2

    Affleck merely adopted the dark.
    Bale was born in it.

    • Mr Javiex
      Mr Javiex 7 days ago

      And Michael Keaton created the dark ;)

  • Vaporizer
    Vaporizer 9 days ago

    I liked how unnecessarily load and over the top bales Batman was but I like how Affleck fights. Bale doesn’t really seem like he hits that hard. Affleck really knocks people out

  • aravindhan p
    aravindhan p 9 days ago

    christian bale is the best batman

    • Mr Javiex
      Mr Javiex 7 days ago

      The guy who could barely handle the Joker's dogs? No thanks

  • AnotherTerrible ContentCreator

    Kevin Konroy is best batman fight me

  • sachin Machan motor vlog


  • Ashoraim Orakzai
    Ashoraim Orakzai 9 days ago

    To be honest it was just a comparison of which movie was better.

  • April Martin
    April Martin 9 days ago

    Afflecks symbol was supposed to look like the dark knight returns symbol

    • Vinicius
      Vinicius 9 days ago

      Right? Mojo didnt make any search about It lol

  • personguyguypersonguy
    personguyguypersonguy 10 days ago

    Detective belongs to Bale, he actually did shit, all Affleck did was download shit from a computer.

  • Emulator Wala
    Emulator Wala 10 days ago

    Ben Affleck best as Bruce wayne...where bale best as Batman

    • Mr Javiex
      Mr Javiex 7 days ago

      Are you saying that Bale barely able against the Joker's dogs does Batman better than Affleck?

  • madboomsplat
    madboomsplat 10 days ago

    Ben Afflecks batman is him in the later years so you can compare them directly

  • Ice God
    Ice God 10 days ago

    This video is biased

  • Raven
    Raven 10 days ago

    Bale!!! He pulled finger prints from a piece of a fucking wall!!! He was perfect as Bruce Wayne and Batman

  • Bio
    Bio 10 days ago +3

    stop trying to d ride ben affeleck

  • Shaiful alam
    Shaiful alam 10 days ago

    Batmam is nothing without Christian Bale...

    • Mr Javiex
      Mr Javiex 7 days ago

      Christian Bale could hardly against the Joker's dogs. Is that guy Batman?

  • Lexthinks yourstupid
    Lexthinks yourstupid 10 days ago

    I didn't like how Batfflecks Batmobile shoots guns. That's not how Batman works.

  • tawwin energy
    tawwin energy 10 days ago

    Ben is best batman

  • Rain Stand
    Rain Stand 10 days ago

    Trick question Michael Keaton

  • Marisca Chen
    Marisca Chen 10 days ago

    it's weird that Ben Affleck (Batman) used a gun in a scene and I thought that Batman wouldn't use any gun no matter what. The director must pay more attention to the actor and story I guess.

  • Marisca Chen
    Marisca Chen 10 days ago

    ya'll still gonna ask? The Dark knight doesn't hide in the dark but Ben Affleck does.

    UTTAM CHOWDHURY 10 days ago

    Christian Bale

  • Jose El desenmascarador de falsos Pastores

    Bale =. Best batman ever...
    Affleck= 3rd Worst batman ever
    Clooney= Worst batman ever
    Kilmer= 2nd worst batman ever
    Keaton= 2nd best batman

    • Mr Javiex
      Mr Javiex 7 days ago

      So Bale confronting the Joker's dogs is better than Ben Affleck confronting Superman and Lex Luthor's criminals? Bale is disgusting like Batman (Someone had to say it)

      ADITYA SRIVASTAVA 10 days ago

      U sound stupid af

  • Priyank Sharma
    Priyank Sharma 11 days ago

    Am I the only one to Notice that they Cheated Affleck his third Point, even though they Mentioned it ?

  • VN Vision
    VN Vision 11 days ago

    Ben Afflick is better batman....

  • tataw hillman
    tataw hillman 11 days ago +5

    "What makes you so special. What's the difference between you n me?"
    The Batman: "I'm not wearing hockey pads"....😎

  • Warren Nicholson Y. Fernando

    Hands Down Christian Bale

  • Øystein Arntzen
    Øystein Arntzen 11 days ago

    Why is this even a question???

  • D
    D 11 days ago

    Bwahahaha, The Nolan Trilogy is the worst Batman. Prove me wrong. Bale wasn't intimidating as Bats. Ledger seemed like a heroin addict carnie, not scary or menacing. Next.

  • Sarah Way
    Sarah Way 11 days ago

    Christian Bale IS Batman

  • Will _
    Will _ 11 days ago

    I don't get it. First you guys slight Bale for not having the detective skills to avoid traps and deception. Then you commend him for being "fallible" and "human". Hmmmph contradiction.

    DAZZY BOI 11 days ago


  • duhawma
    duhawma 11 days ago

    Bale's good as batman, but he's no PETE HOLMES!

  • paul ward
    paul ward 12 days ago

    Christian bale simple

  • Sean y
    Sean y 12 days ago

    Christian Bale is obviously better

  • nikos papadopoulos
    nikos papadopoulos 12 days ago

    Affleck .
    Also, lol at the ‘convoluted plot’ point, it was pretty straightforward.

  • Sreeson alias Sreezu
    Sreeson alias Sreezu 12 days ago +1

    Bale 😍🔥