Unbelievably Cute Cross Breed Dogs You'd Want To Own


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  • RoYaL_Orbitz
    RoYaL_Orbitz 19 hours ago

    I got a affenhuahua from my Tia lol

  • Phoenix Florida
    Phoenix Florida Day ago

    What about a chow chow mixed with a Pomeranian would be adorable😘

  • SuperPupCutie !
    SuperPupCutie ! Day ago

    I hate how he calls it a
    Dox hoond

  • sukhpal singh
    sukhpal singh Day ago

    I have a Labrabane

  • Olivia Dube
    Olivia Dube 2 days ago

    What about German shorthair pointer and brown lab

  • ehottie8979
    ehottie8979 2 days ago +1

    I’ve seen a Labrador and chihuahua mix, it was hideous, also husky and beagle is strange looking, huge head on little body, reminds me of that scene in invasion of the body snatchers the 60’s one... if u haven’t seen it, a dog runs from the crowd with a human head.. 😂😂 .. let’s be sensible with experimenting dogs breeds

  • Kitty's cookie
    Kitty's cookie 2 days ago

    0:50 is what my cousin has

  • Mia Tamashiro
    Mia Tamashiro 2 days ago

    When I grow up I want to be a dog breeder so thanks for the advice

  • E2 M5
    E2 M5 3 days ago +1

    Affenwawa is looks like an ewok

    • E2 M5
      E2 M5 15 hours ago

      +RoYaL_Orbitz you should totally dress them up as ewoks for Halloween

    • RoYaL_Orbitz
      RoYaL_Orbitz 19 hours ago

      My dog is an affenhuahua

  • Laurie Mackey
    Laurie Mackey 5 days ago

    I had a Labador /Shepherd mix rescue and not only loyal and help me guard my six children when we were outside he was the perfect dog, I honor him when he died, I buried him in a casket and favorite bone, he was a truly blessed to our family

  • dreggmancurien
    dreggmancurien 6 days ago +1

    I would love to see a Wire Fox Terrier/Shiba Inu mix.

  • Pilvi Luimula
    Pilvi Luimula 7 days ago

    I live in findland deaer god gove me a aliska and the wolf looking dog i forgot it name

  • Alexis Kis
    Alexis Kis 7 days ago

    To everyone saying health issues. You realize pure breeding is worse. Pure breeding has health issues that inbreeding would cause. Usually because inbreeding happens alot...

  • Jaylen *Straightoutda80s* Brown

    Adopt people.

    ZEPHFY2 9 days ago +1

    I have a goldendoodle

  • wna DEEZ
    wna DEEZ 9 days ago

    I have a golden doodle!!!!!!¡¡¡

  • Jai Rodahl
    Jai Rodahl 9 days ago

    The affenwawqa looks a tad bit scary but super cute

  • Jai Rodahl
    Jai Rodahl 9 days ago

    I so badly want a aussiepom me and my mom's are looking for a dog

  • Random fun Weird Elvia

    What is a Chihuahua mixed with a golden retriever/labrador retriever and a poodle because my poodle has those babies very BEAUTIFUL dogs ❤️❤️

  • Dan loves animals
    Dan loves animals 9 days ago

    6:35 is the wrong picture it's a cavalier king Charles spaniel and he says cocker

  • Adara Hale
    Adara Hale 10 days ago

    i want number 4 O-O

  • Mr Meme
    Mr Meme 10 days ago

    I like the rotsky, mainly because he has really cool eyes.

  • Passenthru Alaska
    Passenthru Alaska 10 days ago

    I call foul!!!! How can there be a list of desirable cross breeds that doesn't include Texas Heelers!!! Mix of a Blue or Red Heeler and an Australian Shepard. Smart as a whip, very healthy and long lived, loyal, affectionate, highly trainable, loads of energy, and beautiful with amazing variety in coat colors and patterns. Granted like some of the other dogs on this list they can have bad habits if not trained right. Being so smart means they are prone to mischief if they are bored, and as a working breed they need activity to satisfy their desire to have a job and help them burn off energy... but often if they aren't a working dog they will decide their job is to be their owners shadow. They also need to be well socialized or their guarding tenancies can make them wary of strangers. But still one of the most amazing breeds I have ever known, I have actually had to turn down offers to buy mine.

  • Eli panther
    Eli panther 10 days ago +2

    What about pitbull??

  • sushphish
    sushphish 10 days ago


  • Mr Wilsonson
    Mr Wilsonson 10 days ago

    Oh MY GOD that’s not there really names

  • Evie Addy
    Evie Addy 10 days ago

    anyone else notice they showed a king Charles Spaniel for the cockerpe? would love to own an
    Utonagan one day

  • 63142
    63142 10 days ago

    I had some Labrador/ blood hound mix puppies. Bloodlab?? labrahound? Anyway they were some goofy looking dogs.. No really they looked like goofy.

  • Brenda Leonard
    Brenda Leonard 10 days ago

    You forgot to mention my baby , Chiwennie.A Teacup Chihuahua and a Miniature Dachshund ! Sweet, smart and small ball of love !

  • Lisa McGrath
    Lisa McGrath 10 days ago

    Too cute and adorable 😍

  • Lili Zhao
    Lili Zhao 10 days ago

    At I the only one that thinks he pronounces Dachshund weird af?!

  • Ivana Sorrells
    Ivana Sorrells 11 days ago


  • Mia Schmidt
    Mia Schmidt 11 days ago

    omg number 10 is the cutest one

  • Conner 281
    Conner 281 11 days ago


  • Sophie The Cute Little Unicorn

    A have a husky mix with staffy

  • Wøøśh.íťş.mė Ãłłîśøń

    Good thing there are no inappropriate backgrounds in this 😂😂

  • Chloe L
    Chloe L 11 days ago

    His voice kills me🤢 he sounds like his nose is plugged on another level 😩

  • Greeneyed Gemini
    Greeneyed Gemini 11 days ago


  • Potatoe The gamer
    Potatoe The gamer 11 days ago

    My sister has a hauawa

  • Amy Bolton
    Amy Bolton 11 days ago

    Surprised there isn’t a comment on how in the Cockerpei section they put a picture of a cavalier King Charles 🤔..

  • Guri Rodal
    Guri Rodal 11 days ago

    Why do you show a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel instead of a Cocker Spaniell ?????

  • DireWolf
    DireWolf 11 days ago

    I wonder how those small dogs get om the but of the big dog. Or how the big sog doesn't splash the small dog.

  • Ellie Stivers
    Ellie Stivers 11 days ago

    ... no ... none of these are recognized by Akc ...

  • Emilia Krolo
    Emilia Krolo 11 days ago

    And what is with maltipoos

  • Sarah  Price
    Sarah Price 12 days ago

    People cross breeds with way too little information. A pug/chihuahua? BAD idea! My friends adopted one (she was a puppy abandoned on the side of the road). Yes, she is a sweet, cute pup, and gets along well with other dogs. Bu-ut, my friends had to save up thousands to get a whole bunch of the dogs teeth pulled (12, I think). Her jaw didn’t match up, so she wound up with teeth cutting into her mouth.

  • S.A.Gaming YT
    S.A.Gaming YT 12 days ago

    I have a dalmahuahua

  • DiscoText
    DiscoText 12 days ago

    I have a 10 year old "rescued" Weimardoodle! Extremely loving but what a schizophrenic in the nicest possible way!!!

  • Jasmine Lyons
    Jasmine Lyons 12 days ago

    Poodle + Yorkie= Porkie
    Yorkie + Poodle = Yoodle

  • Lucio Staiano
    Lucio Staiano 12 days ago


  • Leposava Nikolic
    Leposava Nikolic 12 days ago

    But the goberian is stil best pupie in world!!!🤩🤩😊😊

  • Leslie Motschman
    Leslie Motschman 12 days ago

    I'm so glad mutts don't have all the health issues these cross beads do 😊

  • Leslie Motschman
    Leslie Motschman 12 days ago

    Why does everyone turn a cute video into something it's not. No one can sit back and enjoy a video with out being snarky.

  • Leslie Motschman
    Leslie Motschman 12 days ago

    Rottsky! 💗

  • Devynn the horse girl
    Devynn the horse girl 13 days ago

    I mean alaskin mallamute

  • Devynn the horse girl
    Devynn the horse girl 13 days ago

    Utonogan because it's part husky German Shepherd and I think Siberian husky

  • Mya Hobbs Wunsche
    Mya Hobbs Wunsche 13 days ago +1

    Goldendoodles are really cute and I don’t think they would have many health problems since its usually 2 pure bred dogs and if the breeder really cares about the safety of the mother they can produce healthy pups

  • Alondra Aguilar
    Alondra Aguilar 13 days ago

    Number 18 I have a chihuahua he is a boy and he is horny lol

  • Cameron Mahan
    Cameron Mahan 13 days ago

    First of all NONE of these breeds are recognized by the AKC only purebred dogs are recognized by them. Also you should NEVER buy a designer breed they actually have more health issues than a purebred dog who’s parents have been properly health tested by a responsible breeder. If you want to buy a dog from a breeder DO YOUR RESEARCH AND GET A PUREBRED DOG. If you want a mutt then go to shelter and adopt one who needs a home DO NOT SUPPORT SHITTY BREEDERS WITH THEIR “DESIGNER BREEDS” THEY ARE MUTTS AND YOU ARE SPENDING THOUSANDS ON A DOG WHO IS GOING TO DIE YOUNG BECAUSE OF THE MANY HEALTH ISSUES!!!!!

  • Brendan Morin
    Brendan Morin 13 days ago

    Pick One
    :Australian Shepherd
    :Golden Retriever

  • That Husky's Crazy
    That Husky's Crazy 13 days ago

    Both my parents were Siberian Husky- Australian Shepherd crosses. Yes, I'm a true Designer Dog.

  • mya1952
    mya1952 13 days ago

    All pure breeds were started by experimentation and/or by accident and then the breeders would try different mixes to refine the characteristics they wanted to depict the look and qualities they hoped for in that new breed. So, all purebreds started out as mutts until they were able to come to what was or is recognized as a standard. If one were to look at any of the breeds of so called purebred dogs of today (example: American Cocker Spaniel) one would see quite a difference in the look of the dog from say, 50 years ago and that shows that some tweaking continues to go on which can be a negative for some breeds. Tweaking will continue to go on, but within the "breed" rather than introducing another breed to help refine whatever is the preferred look of the moment. I'm OK with purebred dogs because as I've stated, they all started out as mutts anyway, but I do have a problem when they weaken the breed simply to obtain a certain look rather than consider the health of the dog. German Shepherds didn't start out with that extremely sloped back and now some have serious hip issues. Shortened snouts on certain dogs has created breathing problems. Sometimes improving the breed can in fact ruin the breed.

  • Minnesota Days
    Minnesota Days 13 days ago +1

    I love animals and dogs awesome!!!😎

  • rachel federman
    rachel federman 13 days ago

    The AKC doesn’t recognize any of these or any mixed breed dogs. Wtf are you talking about?

  • Dolleyesand Freckles
    Dolleyesand Freckles 13 days ago

    I knew someone who’s chihuahua got pregnant by a Rottweiler and the poor thing died because of the size of her pups her body couldn’t take it

  • Payton Hamilton
    Payton Hamilton 13 days ago

    My dog chance is a boxer pitbull mix. He is so energetic and good with kids and smaller animals

  • Diane Schultz
    Diane Schultz 13 days ago

    Hey, where's the chiweenie, the mix of chihuahua and dachshund, I have one that snuggles with me every day, she is so sweet, very loyal and loves her family!

  • Janice Kahl
    Janice Kahl 14 days ago

    Why mix more breeds of dogs! Shelters, pounds are full of unwanted mixed breed dogs! Please consider adopting a unwanted dog!

  • Christy Hull
    Christy Hull 14 days ago

    I have a golden doodle

  • Alena Brentise
    Alena Brentise 14 days ago

    I have two chugs and he forgot to mention them

    • Alena Brentise
      Alena Brentise 14 days ago

      Chugs are chihuahua and pugs and they are extreme brats

  • Melanie Maitre
    Melanie Maitre 14 days ago

    I have an Alaskan shepherd (malamute German shepherd) he is REALLY fluffy

  • Nerdy Kitty
    Nerdy Kitty 14 days ago

    Does anyone know where I can get a shibamo?

  • torib34r
    torib34r 15 days ago

    lab/corgi cross are absolutely adorable, i have a rescue and shes super calm, cute and gentle with everyone. we're first time owners and we couldnt have asked for a better dog

  • Suhanna De Silva
    Suhanna De Silva 15 days ago

    The aussiepom omg 😩

  • Cherisse Neill
    Cherisse Neill 15 days ago

    My cousin has a Goldendoodle her name is Daisy I think

  • Mary Princessbbw
    Mary Princessbbw 15 days ago

    I have a Chipin and let me say this. They are full of energy and very very stubborn.

  • BlackJackal
    BlackJackal 16 days ago

    Omfg where do I begin with this shit? Just don't, take it from me (a groomer and vet tech) Do not get any of these hybrids.

  • Abbie Bennett
    Abbie Bennett 16 days ago

    Ok but that third one looked like a rat??

  • Jeniffer Gamble
    Jeniffer Gamble 18 days ago

    How do they breed 3 dogs

  • Sydnie Loves_Disney_Titanic

    Um what about some tips with a austrailian shepard mixed with a pitbull puppy? Because I need some help on that one.

  • Juliet Plays Roblox
    Juliet Plays Roblox 18 days ago

    I might have two cheagles

  • chris hickmott
    chris hickmott 18 days ago

    The jug is a top designer dog no mention??

  • userunknownx
    userunknownx 19 days ago

    I have a ShiChi. Shih-Tzu and Chihuahua I never thought I would own anything mix ed with Chihuahua, but this little guy loves everybody. He even kisses the mailman. Everyone thinks he is a pup.

  • johnp8587
    johnp8587 19 days ago

    What about the pit bull Chihuahua mix? I've seen that a lot.

  • catharine donnelly
    catharine donnelly 20 days ago

    I have a sausage dog

  • AMB
    AMB 20 days ago

    These are mutts

  • Tyler Downing
    Tyler Downing 20 days ago

    There’s a crossbreed called a bagel it’s a beagle and basset hound

  • Dragon Lia
    Dragon Lia 20 days ago

    Our Jack russel Terrier female got one time pups from a Husky, those were so cute and intelligent ^^

  • Amanda Hartman
    Amanda Hartman 20 days ago

    I have a golden doodle and it really does like to meet people and barks at every little sound.

  • Maria Ghurbal
    Maria Ghurbal 20 days ago +5

    How about a cockapoo

  • Connie Crawford
    Connie Crawford 20 days ago +3

    Inbred dogs are more likely to have health problems than "line bred" or "outbred" purebred. Inbeeding intensifies problems - puppy mills will often breed dams and sires to their own offspring. Rescue or buy from a person who shows dogs because we put the time, money and love into IMPROVING the breeds we love and are no tttit in it for a quick buck like the "backyard breeders" or puppy mills.!

  • Miss paw gamer
    Miss paw gamer 21 day ago +2

    Why not a cockapoo 😭

  • soup sandwich
    soup sandwich 21 day ago

    How about stop mixing these dogs and calling them designer dogs and let's focus on making the pure bred dogs we already have more sound and healthy...

  • Baby Boo
    Baby Boo 22 days ago

    Humans should not be allowed to have animals when they breed them like this, they have so many health problems, and their bones and breathing can be serious.

  • Halley Langenberg
    Halley Langenberg 22 days ago

    Or should I say... Labsky

  • Halley Langenberg
    Halley Langenberg 22 days ago

    My bestie has number 13! The Husky-Labrador 's name is Rosco. He is sooooo cute!

  • Hayden Gray38
    Hayden Gray38 22 days ago

    I have a very very cute labrotti lab/rotteiler. Looks more like a rottwiler but acts like a lab so I have a mean looking teddy bear and he dosnt even know it 😌

  • TRaV
    TRaV 22 days ago

    Where’s the Puggle and the Goberian?

  • Autistic
    Autistic 22 days ago

    2:55 If you want a dog that is sassy, fluffy, cute, big, kind, just get a chow chow.

  • Weronika-Senpai
    Weronika-Senpai 22 days ago

    so many huskies

  • deku xtodoroki
    deku xtodoroki 23 days ago

    I have a dog it's a german shepherd and a Rottweiler mix