24 hours in my closet challenge!


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  • Life’s Adventure
    Life’s Adventure 18 minutes ago

    Ly Dani ❤️ these haters don’t know that it’s her life not there’s so

  • Lulu Lennon
    Lulu Lennon 20 minutes ago

    Everyone always complains that there are too many negative people in the world, why are they annoyed that there are too many positive comments?💕

  • Cait Holly
    Cait Holly 2 hours ago

    Seb is so willing to help cos he gotta make that 10% lol

  • Canner rang
    Canner rang 3 hours ago

    Your boifriend is a nonce

  • Seba a
    Seba a 3 hours ago


  • Seba a
    Seba a 3 hours ago


  • Кэти Маршал
    Кэти Маршал 4 hours ago +1

    I am 16

  • Harry Potatoes
    Harry Potatoes 4 hours ago

    Dani is just like me pop tarts for breakfast and tacos for lunch

  • Tamya Davis
    Tamya Davis 11 hours ago

    honestly, if she's just 12. Then why are you guys bashing her like that?!?! And the funny thing is everyone wants to say stop bullying ( be honest with yourself u know that u posted a comment or said "people need to stop bullying), but isn't this what you are doing now? are am i wrong. Don't wait until shes dead to stop all the hate. Because IF she is as young as you guys says she is then why say all these rudes thing about her. I know because either u were able to do theses thing when u were little or you cant do now. Thats one thing I learned about bullies, is that they are jealous of u and want what you got, so they try to bring you down. Because we all know if our parent let us do all these things we would just grab and go. At least i know i would. another thing I hate is how u guys try to tell her how to live her life....When it's hers. Just because that's how you were raised doesnt mean thats how she should be. Because every parent is different and knows whats best for their child. So go live your life and stay tf outta hers.

  • Mellanie Zepeda
    Mellanie Zepeda 11 hours ago

    Am I the only one who kept starring at the bag of chips😂

  • Skylar,s cheer family yay

    Boys she's 12 and she's hanging on this man

  • Madison Strawser
    Madison Strawser 11 hours ago

    Sebastian: “it is 9:53 in the morning”
    Dani : “So you are telling us this 6 minutes before we start?”
    🤦🏼‍♀️ 6+3=9 and you are supposed to start at 10
    I can’t be the only one that noticed that😂🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Violet Newkirk
    Violet Newkirk 12 hours ago

    rated R

  • salem getachew
    salem getachew 12 hours ago

    And the Oscar goes to

  • Alyssa Marie
    Alyssa Marie 12 hours ago

    Proof that she’s 12 her mom said on a live then she ended the live and she just sounds, and litterly looks like my little sister when she makes/ draws and Gucci print on a shirt , and makes her mom get her acrylics from the mall 🤫😂 that was the most stupid comment ever

  • The Psychos _
    The Psychos _ 14 hours ago

    Honestly In this video Dani looks really cute :)) ❤️

  • Dinocorn The Potato
    Dinocorn The Potato 15 hours ago

    No wonder she is scared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I just realized she is scared bc she is 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! How did I not realize before!?!?

  • Julia Degon
    Julia Degon 16 hours ago

    It’s 9:53am, you tell us this 6 minutes before!?!? ..... i- -

    *7 mins*

  • Kiara Newton
    Kiara Newton 16 hours ago

    "You read booty just took a bite chewed it and spit it in his mouth and he loved it" this Is why I love you sebastain!!

  • Taryn Hall
    Taryn Hall 16 hours ago

    Dead Booty 😂👌🏾

  • MyLifeAsAlisha Alisha Aubrey

    * I wonder what they did OFF camera *

  • Viannetty Ramirez
    Viannetty Ramirez 17 hours ago +1

    dani idc what people say abaut you because i know for a fact that you are an amazing girl and i love your videos because i like how you ignore this comments and keep on going and im so happy that you are with a boy tht acctually is intresting and lovable to you and idk why yaa are in daniels page cuz i bet if u were daniel u wouldnt like it if people called u all of this thing your calling her so get out of her channel if you dont have anything positive to say.

  • GamerGIRL Ashley
    GamerGIRL Ashley 17 hours ago +5

    24 hours seducing my bf while hes playing fortnite

  • BAA26ღ
    BAA26ღ 18 hours ago


  • Yuhh Kaylee
    Yuhh Kaylee 18 hours ago

    Him ; it’s 9:53 in the morning
    Her ; so 6 minutes before
    Me ; 6 + 3 = 9

  • Jaela Palmer
    Jaela Palmer 19 hours ago

    That was only 12 hours not 24

  • kylajia craig
    kylajia craig 19 hours ago +1

    damn I thought she was 16 she look mature for a 13 year old

  • Julia BP
    Julia BP 22 hours ago +1

    "Im not trash"
    Your right YOUR A ORANGE 🍊

  • Short Oreo
    Short Oreo Day ago +1

    Child p0rn


    I know isn’t it so much fun ! ...BYE! Lmao 😂

  • Jaylene_Aguilar 30

    Can everyone please stop hating on her she never did anything to you guys she very beautiful so stop hating imagine how you would feel if people said this to you I love you Danielle.

  • Alexzandria Cupp

    Iblove miki's pants

  • saumya srivastava

    I thought it was written useless on her leggings 😂😂😂😂

  • [ αverin ]
    [ αverin ] Day ago

    where is your fucking parents

  • sofie Tsez
    sofie Tsez Day ago +1

    I thought her legging said “bra-less” wtf😂

  • emma williams
    emma williams Day ago

    bet they fucked

  • reza apri
    reza apri Day ago

    When she's not wearing make up absolutely 11 years old girl. Omg.

  • Sammy123711
    Sammy123711 Day ago

    Omg when she fell I was like omg is she ok 😂 buy anyway ily Dani 💕

  • Siren Minx
    Siren Minx Day ago +1

    10:36 my mood right now🤣🤣

  • LolPup 2
    LolPup 2 Day ago

    Aww they are The cutest things ever omg 😭😭😭

  • RM Wifey
    RM Wifey Day ago

    Omg someone gonna end up on Teen mom ouuuu

  • Courtney long
    Courtney long Day ago

    Who the hell films them is what I’d like to know

  • Cha girl Anahi
    Cha girl Anahi Day ago

    Y’all saw her dirty toes

  • Matthew Hernandez

    I love you

  • 블랙 핑크Galaxy

    Wow moved on already?....

  • Maddie and Tay Blogs

    it’s 9:53 in the morning
    danielle : So yoU tELl uS 6 MinS BeForE
    lmao what

  • ღ c h ι ο ε ღ avaĸιn

    Dani u are gonna belive who is the best youtuber in the internet..Did u guess
    Read the first 3 words.💚❤💚💛💜

  • Jasmine Leigh
    Jasmine Leigh Day ago

    she’s clingy af

  • Cindy Ramos
    Cindy Ramos Day ago

    I challenge you guys to do 24 hours only on your bed

  • Carly Casey
    Carly Casey Day ago

    Guys stop hating okay because they are only 4 years apart

  • T&M Squad
    T&M Squad Day ago

    At 6:27 pause the video she looks like she is eat her depression out 😂😂

  • Emmy Poo
    Emmy Poo Day ago +2

    Dani , you are beautiful, cute and stunning ❤💓😍 slay the day , and shine at night x , also pin this comment please so i know u seen this ❤

  • Emmy Poo
    Emmy Poo Day ago +3

    Okay so.. all these hate comments down below breaks my heart.. im 13 and im dating a boy who is 15 , but dani , you are beautiful ❤ delete the hate comments because its not worth reading them hun ✌ xox love YOU EDIT: thanks for the like , but its true hun xoxoox

  • MAMA Crazie
    MAMA Crazie Day ago

    I don't approve of u sleeping with a Boy. But its none of my business

  • Cylitcx
    Cylitcx Day ago

    Anyone wanna be internet bff’s? 💖💕
    Facts about me
    -I’m 9 lmao 💖🌸
    -Hoping to be a yt like Dani 🌸
    -Irish 💕💖🌸
    -Brown Hair🌸💕💖
    -Name is Dani 💕💖🌸
    - Mom and Dad split 💖🌸💕
    -IM NICEE 💕🌸🌸💖🌸💕

  • Chloe Plays & builds

    6:42 no I’m not kissing you for a long time

  • Blazer17 38
    Blazer17 38 Day ago

    i love how close sebastian is to the family ❤️❤️

  • badass yrn
    badass yrn Day ago


  • Daisy Martin
    Daisy Martin Day ago

    I swear. Does this girl actually have a blanket with herself on it?!

  • Truly Marie
    Truly Marie Day ago

    I would love to have a boyfriend like that 12:32

  • Prasaes Landrau
    Prasaes Landrau Day ago


  • Jordan Turner
    Jordan Turner Day ago

    Jordan see all well and 😍love you God my😉😄😅😎😏😄😅😏

  • Livinmybestlife McCullough


  • Alexis Grace
    Alexis Grace Day ago +2

    She will be 15 in March my parents are 5 years apart in age it isn’t even bad

  • Ciroz
    Ciroz Day ago

    6:09 she gets the d 😂

  • Sophia Ayoub
    Sophia Ayoub Day ago


  • Tye Stone
    Tye Stone Day ago +1

    Danis playing a dress up game oh wow what a surprise I mean do u not know her age like sbastian

  • Doge Saucy
    Doge Saucy 2 days ago +1

    Meet the newest teen mom soon

  • MxlkyWay _
    MxlkyWay _ 2 days ago

    4:45 4:46 no? Well your indeed an orange.

  • Najayla & Shadi
    Najayla & Shadi 2 days ago

    get off her channel if only thing you gonna do is hate😂 y’all are so irrelevant🙄👋🏾

  • Kindness Rblx
    Kindness Rblx 2 days ago

    Ok i know yall hate her & i cant blame you guys but maybe you guys should slow down with the hate comments. Its too much.

  • Vivian 2
    Vivian 2 2 days ago

    Wtf where does she hire her boyfriends and why do they agree to “date” her like wtf she’s twelve, TWELVE!!!!!! Why does her parents support her? Because the money, this is what humanity has become, lying about your child’s age, support her doing things like slut dropping, photoshopping and more like............what do you think she will be when she grows up? Who else other than 9 year olds watching.

  • Giselle Zavala
    Giselle Zavala 2 days ago +1

    Sucks to be Mike

  • ladyzee _08
    ladyzee _08 2 days ago

    I want taco bell so bad

  • kathy boreczek
    kathy boreczek 2 days ago

    Guys can u just stop bulliying her she is a human being and so r u and she deserves kindness and respect

  • Oh Man
    Oh Man 2 days ago

    I'm here for the hate comments

  • Why don't we Fan
    Why don't we Fan 2 days ago

    10:23 I had the game she was playing... what I was 6 it’s some kids fashion game 😂💀

  • Shima Ibrahim
    Shima Ibrahim 2 days ago

    am i the only one thinking how they didn't use the bathroom for 24 hrs

  • itz pipi
    itz pipi 2 days ago

    Boii they sound like brats, like those friends that make other friends do stuff for them

  • shema Britton
    shema Britton 2 days ago +1

    Love u Dani!!😙😚😗😘😘😍😍

  • Yeeto Cheeto
    Yeeto Cheeto 2 days ago

    wearing clothes my age for a week

  • Ballora Fun
    Ballora Fun 2 days ago

    I’m a Dani fan so I don’t really care

  • Jasmine 24
    Jasmine 24 2 days ago

    looks like thats where your boyfriend came from.

  • Aubrey Shoaf
    Aubrey Shoaf 2 days ago +2

    if ppl could stop hating on her that would be great she’s a human being to she has feelings and she does what she’s allowed to do she’s 14 he’s 16 2 year diff get over it 🤦🏼‍♀️🙄🙄

  • Barbecue Wangs
    Barbecue Wangs 2 days ago


  • elena
    elena 2 days ago

    Guys chill she’s not 12 she’s 14 look it up

  • Belle Blue
    Belle Blue 2 days ago

    Mr beast WANNABE

  • Robin Rivera
    Robin Rivera 2 days ago

    Shes 14 and she is beautiful

  • Gabby Yan
    Gabby Yan 2 days ago

    Um how old is her boyfriend

  • Jessica Dawson
    Jessica Dawson 2 days ago

    My queen is about to hit 1 million subscriber'ssss

  • Clout Chaser
    Clout Chaser 2 days ago

    I’m just happy Danielle happy tbh like I mean ur not a bad girl sis u good and u and ur bf cute asf YALL I WANT THISSS

  • Clout Chaser
    Clout Chaser 2 days ago

    Ok but I want this relationship badly

  • Karla Sedano
    Karla Sedano 2 days ago

    They are way to cute love you guys I'm pretty sure yall will be together forever

  • little lili
    little lili 2 days ago

    Did they ever pee

  • Emma Adams
    Emma Adams 2 days ago

    0:57 It is 9:53 am and she was like so you tell us 6 minutes before someone’s math is off 😂

  • a s t h e t i c l y
    a s t h e t i c l y 2 days ago +1

    9:15 liberty 😂

  • Lesly Neria
    Lesly Neria 2 days ago +8

    Awww yall are so cute everyone should stop hating on her why don’t they just get over it

  • Paige MJC
    Paige MJC 2 days ago +1

    I feel so bad for Seb, he's their slave. Oh my gosh, grow up- oh wait, she's 12. That explains it.

  • Coco Sanchez
    Coco Sanchez 2 days ago +1

    "What now..sleeping in the freaking...road." Lol love u dani u guys are amazing and y'all are goals.

  • Karen Cummins
    Karen Cummins 2 days ago +4

    My blanket has: flowers and leaves on it
    Her blanket has: Herself and boyfriend