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24 hours in my closet challenge!

  • Published on Jan 5, 2019
  • so here it is another 24 hour challenge. This time my Boyfriend and I did the 24 hours in my closet challenge! it was extremely tough but we both made it out alive! Watch till the end to find out what happens to me LOL!
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Comments • 9 096

  • Savanna Crawford
    Savanna Crawford Day ago +2

    Omg they Are legit the cutest couple like the way Danny cuddles with her boyfriend like-💓🥺🥴😍

    PORTIA X Day ago +1

    Not gonna lie I love the camera man

  • Lil Pumper
    Lil Pumper Day ago

    i tried to do this its nit to easy

  • Abigail Young
    Abigail Young 3 days ago

    Hahahahahah hope ur ok Dani

  • Bad Bunny Obligacion

    Danielle you are so beautiful I love you soooooooo much

  • Kaeleb Torrey
    Kaeleb Torrey 3 days ago

    He drops her and tells her to go back to sleep lol

  • Israel Zelasko
    Israel Zelasko 4 days ago

    vegans be like eeeeeeewwwwwwww how can you eat the shhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttt?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? :(:(:(:(:(

  • Alinna Ramirez
    Alinna Ramirez 7 days ago +1

    "What do you want to eat"
    The bf : "botty"

  • AnisahhuCharlie Hj Reedgvhhh

    Is it weird her ex Is her videographer

  • elena sanchez
    elena sanchez 8 days ago

    do a 24hr challenge to stay on the roof

  • Averey Williams
    Averey Williams 9 days ago

    Okay so you a thot on tiktok but not on youtube

  • Tameisha Williams
    Tameisha Williams 9 days ago

    I still love you

  • Tameisha Williams
    Tameisha Williams 9 days ago

    Mikey picks Dani up* Dani falls* Dani:Ow

  • Kaitlyn Baez
    Kaitlyn Baez 11 days ago

    He dropped her

  • Kaitlyn Baez
    Kaitlyn Baez 11 days ago

    Her hair looks blue

  • Courtney Bowe
    Courtney Bowe 12 days ago

    They do
    The best challenges

  • Riley Rodriguez
    Riley Rodriguez 13 days ago

    Not being rude or anything but Miley couldn’t even carry Dani when she jumped on him😂

  • Z Breezyyy
    Z Breezyyy 15 days ago +1

    Broooooo u swear when he said it was 12:45 I look at the time on my phone and it was 12:45 wtfffffffff!!!!!

  • Enthusiastic Weirdo
    Enthusiastic Weirdo 15 days ago

    *Seb is freaking amazing!*

  • Cheyenne Servantez
    Cheyenne Servantez 19 days ago

    Camera man: Blanket, BlAnkEt, BLANKET..
    Also camera man: I know isn't this alot of fun BYEEE

  • Carlissa Hollander
    Carlissa Hollander 20 days ago

    Sebastian: *gives Mikey a pillow* the cat pissed on it
    Me: hahahahahhaa

  • Kathryn Newberry
    Kathryn Newberry 22 days ago

    If yhall can do a challenge where dani's mom and dani,mikey are in a car for 24 hours cause that will be funny to watch

  • Dayana Vazquez
    Dayana Vazquez 22 days ago

    *they can share*
    *lets be real*

    ECHO MILA 24 days ago


  • belly ache
    belly ache 25 days ago

    “no that closet is creepy it has the troll things”

  • sxunflhowerz zz
    sxunflhowerz zz 25 days ago

    I’m dead that Dani coverrrrrr

  • Malin Jordan
    Malin Jordan 26 days ago

    “they can share, lEtS bE rEAl”

  • Aria Frihagen
    Aria Frihagen 27 days ago

    Love you

  • Eli
    Eli 29 days ago

    They think 24 hours in the closet for 24 hours is impressive... I did the 13 years in the closet challenge. Get on my level.

  • kassieopeias
    kassieopeias Month ago

    gOoOoOoD mOrNiNg sIsHtArS!1!1! 1!1!1

    UNICORNFAM 101 Month ago

    Sebastian is so inappropriate 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Jaimilee Howard
    Jaimilee Howard Month ago

    Your so pretty you deserve all the likes and subscribes you get you 2 are a good couple

  • Nathaly Dragneel
    Nathaly Dragneel Month ago

    Do people know what 24 hour is because one thing for sure it's not supposed to be one night

  • Blessie Barcelo
    Blessie Barcelo Month ago +4

    Not gonna lie.... ya’ll look sweet😕

  • kyndleツ
    kyndleツ Month ago +1

    i prefer dani over her perverted bf

  • HOLLY World
    HOLLY World Month ago

    is that sebsaisn bails ;-;

  • Olivia Shaffer
    Olivia Shaffer Month ago

    Her voice is really annoying

  • shelby breanne
    shelby breanne Month ago

    Mikey pays attention to Fortnite instead of dani. This is a joke not hate

  • Ash Tree
    Ash Tree Month ago


  • Chloe Harvill
    Chloe Harvill Month ago


  • Izzy Justmeee
    Izzy Justmeee Month ago +1

    Why ppl hating on Dani😭😭 she ain’t do nun to u bru😫😫😫

  • Nina vlogs
    Nina vlogs Month ago +4

    8:09 me literally every single day :/
    when do i get a break😂💀

  • libby & ryley
    libby & ryley Month ago

    mikey: hey i just farted
    dani: *complety ignores the fact that he said i farted* *leans in for kiss*

  • Serge Paulet
    Serge Paulet Month ago

    On the road u meant not in the road but I get it sometimes u make mistakes

  • Shanelle Lamarque
    Shanelle Lamarque Month ago

    Not to be mean but Taco Bell is awful!

  • riley page
    riley page Month ago

    9:23 is that Danielle and her ex on the blanket??

  • The_little _Lizzie
    The_little _Lizzie Month ago

    24 hours roasting each other

  • lilly morrison
    lilly morrison Month ago

    Tell me why at 11:23 I thought that was Dani face instead of the blanket

  • Genevieve Brochu
    Genevieve Brochu Month ago

    You guys should make an account together

  • Peyton okelley
    Peyton okelley Month ago

    Tbh AND DONT THROW HATE ON ME FOR SAYING THIS BUT in the video I don’t hate her🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Milica Antic
    Milica Antic Month ago

    I’m disappointed that they didn’t do a fashion show while in there smh😒

  • Daddy Wog3
    Daddy Wog3 Month ago +1

    Who was filming was it Sebastian

  • Zelda Player
    Zelda Player Month ago

    Mikey pay attention to your girl before u lose all ur subs after u guys break up

  • Zelda Player
    Zelda Player Month ago

    These fake acting videos are terrible soon enough ur money will all be gone 💀

  • Vironix
    Vironix Month ago +2

    Yeah playing fortnite is bad enough BUT ON THE SWITCH

  • Pennyj00 P
    Pennyj00 P Month ago +2

    The way he looks at her (especially in the beginning of the video). 💕🌸🌹🌺💙💛❤️

  • Zuzulik S_K
    Zuzulik S_K Month ago +1

    When you're *REALLY* bored XD

    PRINCESS I CANDY Month ago

    how come mikey said I wont kiss u for a long time then 12seconds later he kissed her like no hate

  • Blossom xoxo
    Blossom xoxo Month ago

    Wait wasn’t Sebastian Danielle’s old boyfriend???.......

  • CB Productions
    CB Productions Month ago

    He then left the closet and broke up with Danielle

  • Christiana Jon
    Christiana Jon Month ago

    7:47 Mikey: hey I just farted😂

  • samxnth x
    samxnth x Month ago +1

    Her boyfriend ; "you can like scoot over you smell bad"
    Friend ; ohhhhhhhh 😂😂😂😂
    Her ; "really ? You should be naked because your wearing all my clothes that I bought"
    Me ; 💀😂😲😲😲

  • Islah And renay
    Islah And renay Month ago

    Init tho

  • Isabelle Moore
    Isabelle Moore 2 months ago +4

    Wait if they were in the closet...

    How did they use the restroom? 😐

  • Deadly Rxses
    Deadly Rxses 2 months ago

    12:32 the best part 😂

  • Payton Fell
    Payton Fell 2 months ago

    is that sabastian bails

  • Lumpy Piggy
    Lumpy Piggy 2 months ago

    I have the same problem with my bf like I want to take Fortnite and yeet it into space

  • Marsha and Lynn be slaying ocdgirl

    I feel like they put the camera there and did there clothes in pillows wake up like 5 mins before and act like they had the worse night of there lives. Also how u kiss when you didn't brush your teeth yet🤢🤮🤧

  • #A.R.T
    #A.R.T 2 months ago +2

    it is 9:53
    dani: so you tell us 6 minutes before
    9:53+6= 9:59
    i thought it started at 10:00

  • Maya Josephine
    Maya Josephine 2 months ago

    Wait if she was really pregnant than u wouldn’t of dropped her at the end 😂

  • Maya Josephine
    Maya Josephine 2 months ago

    He just stuffed u guys in the closet 😂😂

  • Emma Quest
    Emma Quest 2 months ago

    I love the camera man

  • Jiggly Johnny Movies
    Jiggly Johnny Movies 2 months ago

    Omg yess the orange kid we stand him🥰🥰🥰😂😂

  • melaniexanabel
    melaniexanabel 2 months ago

    12:27 to 12:37 🤣 love them❤️

  • lily lewandowski
    lily lewandowski 2 months ago

    her mom said “when did this happen you guys are never alone together i’m always with you guys or someone else is” lmaooo ok

  • Kennady Strickland
    Kennady Strickland 2 months ago

    My question is when did they use the bathroom or if they did how

  • kawaii Kate
    kawaii Kate 2 months ago


  • Rosa Rodriguez
    Rosa Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Who else saw her pic her toes

  • Gray the Human
    Gray the Human 2 months ago

    Ive been in the closet for the past 11 years!


  • NASHAE Moore
    NASHAE Moore 2 months ago

    she could not wait to eat that taco 😭

  • Riley Luczak
    Riley Luczak 2 months ago

    She can’t even do the math..... SIS THIS IS WHY YOU STAY IN SCHOOL


    Sebs tan on his legs are more orange than his hoodie 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

  • Leah S
    Leah S 2 months ago

    We does she always use the same backround sound? “I nEeD yOu”

  • Fernanda Fotch
    Fernanda Fotch 2 months ago +2

    this is probably when Dani got pregnant

  • Delanie Lives
    Delanie Lives 2 months ago

    I low key wish Jen was my mom come at me if u want and if u say shit I’m not replying

  • Victoria's World
    Victoria's World 2 months ago

    Can you and Mikey do 24 hours not dating another and dating someone else

  • Camille Rowan
    Camille Rowan 2 months ago

    It is 9:53 in the morning Dani: so you tell us 6 minutes before?! Good math

  • Anna Naworska
    Anna Naworska 2 months ago

    Takes the Nintendo switch does something he gets mad "I'm not gonna kiss you for a long time" 2 seconds later kisses her

  • Yani•the• Llama
    Yani•the• Llama 2 months ago +3

    3:36 Sebastian-“she’s gonna die in 2 seconds” *dies in 1*

  • Jennah Lee
    Jennah Lee 2 months ago

    I challenge you to spend 24 hours in a car😂

  • Áиgєl яσѕє
    Áиgєl яσѕє 2 months ago

    I’m 10 and smarter then Dani she said 6 min it’s 7min

  • Natalia Swartz
    Natalia Swartz 2 months ago

    12:29 to 12:36 lol I’m dead 😂😂😂

  • Laken King
    Laken King 2 months ago

    whoever filming was annoying as fuck

  • Bing Bing
    Bing Bing 2 months ago +1

    Dani: and that’s the day we created you. The baby: 😱

  • xXeclecticXx
    xXeclecticXx 2 months ago +2

    I've been in the damn closet for the past 14 years !

  • Malesa_06
    Malesa_06 2 months ago +1

    My fav part of that video was when Mikey tried to pick Dani up but it didn’t work bc she’s too fat😂😂😂

  • Nina Melvin
    Nina Melvin 2 months ago

    i love u dani

  • Sindi Shinga
    Sindi Shinga 2 months ago

    dani you look like the next 2019 cardi b or kardasoin

  • Catherine Xoxo56
    Catherine Xoxo56 2 months ago +2

    and 12:32 💀💀

  • *Gissy M*
    *Gissy M* 2 months ago

    And this is where she got pregnant. in her closet.on youtube.with her bf....... GROSS🤮🤧🤮