• Published on May 16, 2018
  • 10 FUNNY FAST FOOD SIGNS reacted to by Adults!
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    REACT  Year ago +156

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    • BosoxnationI972
      BosoxnationI972 Year ago +1

      Why are so many of these people oblivious to the Wendy's sign? They weren't hiring to replace Dave. Dave Thomas was the founder and CEO. They don't post "now hiring" for CEO positions...and yes, the fact that it says it under it is funny, but these knuckleheads think Dave was just a regular employee that they're rplacing. What a bunch of assclowns.

    • Toothless Emu
      Toothless Emu Year ago

      REACT I love you guys ❤️

    • shariman asri shahiruddin
      shariman asri shahiruddin Year ago

      REACT Would you guys react to this ?thanks

    • Gary Fleming
      Gary Fleming Year ago

      REACT hey I just came up with a great idea. So I was just singing some iconic beats in my head like Take on me and Careless Whisper so maybe you guys can due a guess that beat challenge.

    • Kevin Cazares
      Kevin Cazares Year ago

      REACT Please make another guess that food but from fast food places, and the food is fried chicken.

  • Funtime Boi
    Funtime Boi Year ago +1

    0:41 I SAW THAT SIGN BEFORE!!!!!

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr Year ago +2

    We are Hiring, but we are not RE-HIRING!

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr Year ago +1


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr Year ago +1


  • CESCCVIpr3109
    CESCCVIpr3109 Year ago +1

    Adults react to Janelle Monae!

  • Kirann Meadows
    Kirann Meadows Year ago

    I love Trudi 😂

  • Glaaki13
    Glaaki13 Year ago +1

    lol if you are Drunk fast food is the best! and the more unhealthy it is , the better

  • alyssa morris
    alyssa morris Year ago +1

    Do Teens React to Its not Like I Like You anime

  • Nekia Clark
    Nekia Clark Year ago +7

    Fre sha vac ado

  • Lady Loki
    Lady Loki Year ago

    Please react to thesunvanished (the twitter thing)

  • Bawk Bawk
    Bawk Bawk Year ago +1

    Trudi reminds me of the freeshavacodo girl

  • Joseph E. Parker
    Joseph E. Parker Year ago

    Very funny signs. I enjoyed them.

  • twodifferentworlds69
    twodifferentworlds69 Year ago +64

    Similar to these signs, we passed by a sign at a church that read, "God loves you more than Kanye loves Kanye". Not religious, but that made my day. XD

  • Ryan Huelsmann
    Ryan Huelsmann Year ago

    The Wendy's sign was for Lent, wasn't it.

  • Stephanie coetzee
    Stephanie coetzee Year ago +1

  • Jacque Angry
    Jacque Angry Year ago +4

    Best sign is "The Cop Hides Behind This Sign"

  • LunarWiseGirl
    LunarWiseGirl Year ago +5


  • liz schrappe
    liz schrappe Year ago +55

    Sooubway is now hiring, James.... But not re-hiring.

  • Andrew The Overwatch Pirate

    Top 3 hotties in this video; Shant, Morgan, Brittany.

  • TheJchawk91
    TheJchawk91 Year ago

    react to tech n9ne

  • JoNatHan K
    JoNatHan K Year ago

    We have 24 hour McDonald.

  • starkieable
    starkieable Year ago +1

    Our local BK's sign says "Now hiring croissants 2 for $4".

  • Donovan Simmons
    Donovan Simmons Year ago +17

    That Wendy's "In Memoriam of Dave" was probably when the owner of Wendy's, named Dave, passed away.

    • Noah Gregory
      Noah Gregory Year ago +2

      Donovan Simmons exactly. How did no one get that?

  • James Bailey
    James Bailey Year ago +63

    Nobody GOES to Denny's at 3 am. They END UP at Denny's at 3 am.

  • ShadowGirl123
    ShadowGirl123 Year ago +5

    2:54 Nice pun Subway XD

  • かわいい虹猫Kawaii Niji Neko

    I like how FBE and REACT has millions of subscribers. But FBE2 just about fun.

  • υмвяα ʝєαииє

    Morgan and Brittany are so pretty ^^

  • Angry Kittens
    Angry Kittens Year ago +4

    But Daddy Shant, why not?

  • Reese_queen
    Reese_queen Year ago +3

    3:13 lol

  • jem Last
    jem Last Year ago +5

    No wonder why I don't eat bugar king , I don't want to eat anus .

  • Teresa Johnson
    Teresa Johnson Year ago +1

    It wasn't a funny sign, but at the mall near me a restaurant couldn't think of anything else creative so they went with King Burger.

  • Sound Waffles
    Sound Waffles Year ago

    Isn’t the Denny’s one from an episode of GMM?

  • cgamyes
    cgamyes Year ago +3

    Dave thomas..... dummies

  • soulassassin0g
    soulassassin0g Year ago +7

    Subway drive-thru??? How the hell does that work???

    • Greg M
      Greg M Year ago

      The same way any drive thru works. They take your order. They make it. They hand it to you through a window. You drive away. You’re welcome.

    • soulassassin0g
      soulassassin0g Year ago

      Jonathan Simmons seems complicated.

    • Jonathan Simmons
      Jonathan Simmons Year ago

      soulassassin0g They make it while you're talking through the microphone. It takes forever to order because they have to put the ingredient on right after you say one. I've only been to one.

  • LakeGuy2010
    LakeGuy2010 Year ago +4


  • Mello Gang
    Mello Gang Year ago +2

    Number 1 5 Burger King Foot Lattue

  • Gamer_Shrimp 88
    Gamer_Shrimp 88 Year ago


  • Kaylee
    Kaylee Year ago +65

    I saw a sign one time inside a pizza place that said, "Please don't feed the employees." 😂

  • Long Beach is my city
    Long Beach is my city Year ago +14

    Morgan is hot 😍👌

    • Angel Gd
      Angel Gd Year ago +1

      Yeah it was just a point of order, doesn't really affect her looks in any way.

    • Long Beach is my city
      Long Beach is my city Year ago +2

      Angel Gd Idc 😎

    • Angel Gd
      Angel Gd Year ago +1

      She ain't into dudes

  • Matt Evans
    Matt Evans Year ago +10

    How did they not get the Wendy’s “Dave” one? He was the founder not like a cashier or something.

  • BIurriface
    BIurriface Year ago +4

    "They've got fresh, new, state-of-the-art crap."
    Wow. xD

  • nixland
    nixland Year ago

    some are too small to read on cellphone

  • Edda Borg
    Edda Borg Year ago +5

    2:21 It's a good fish to know 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Fatchoi 27
    Fatchoi 27 Year ago

    I Love Macca’s

    • manicms
      manicms Year ago +1

      Aussie detected ;)

  • maggot 99
    maggot 99 Year ago

    react to mushroomhead qwerty

  • Kawaii Unicorn
    Kawaii Unicorn Year ago +25


  • vsm1
    vsm1 Year ago +9

    Morgan shines

  • Lali Star
    Lali Star Year ago +6

    4:17 And the Oscar for -making me laugh in the middle of the night and having my parents come in being like wtf are you doing and me pretending to laugh in my sleep- award goes to SHANT!! 👏👏👏👏😂😂🤣🤣😅

  • Hope Bilger
    Hope Bilger Year ago +3

    theres a gas station sign around me that says: "Lunch Special: We Have Worms" always thought that was a cute sign lol

  • T.J. Scales
    T.J. Scales Year ago

    funny Denny's and Dairy Queen were my faves

  • Eli Jimenez
    Eli Jimenez Year ago +1

    “Slippery slope, daddy”

  • AbsoluteNitram
    AbsoluteNitram Year ago +5

    I saw two funny signs. I don't remember the names of them but one was a Mexican restaurant and had a sign that said "My drinks bring all the boys to the yard."
    The other was Korean. It said "free wife"

  • Taylor Edwards
    Taylor Edwards Year ago

    What if the Subway one was about Jared?! 🤣😆

  • Brad
    Brad Year ago

    7:30 "The 10's" I dont think so

  • Supgamer
    Supgamer Year ago


  • Se1ander
    Se1ander Year ago +1

    Is the first Subway one a reference to Jared?

  • Jayson Lloyd
    Jayson Lloyd Year ago

    The Burger King by my place had a sign that said two chicken for $5

  • Dan the guardian
    Dan the guardian Year ago +2

    React to 10 popular youtubers original songs

  • Alyssa Fernandez
    Alyssa Fernandez Year ago

    flame mirror pc switch balance keep endure introduce old code seek wear

  • J Martin
    J Martin Year ago

    Can someone please add official Closed-Captioning to this video? Thanks!

  • RedBlue Locke
    RedBlue Locke Year ago +3

    Try our Cheesy Anus Burger
    "That actually sounds kind of shitty"
    😂 I see what you did there

  • akaiyukihana
    akaiyukihana Year ago

    Sup with some of their faces? Its like something on their noses

  • Klit Kardashian
    Klit Kardashian Year ago +2

    did morgan highlight her nose tip? lol

  • Jenny VanderPas
    Jenny VanderPas Year ago +1

    There are 24 hour McDonalds? All of ours close at 10pm!

    • RedBlue Locke
      RedBlue Locke Year ago

      Jenny VanderPas Good. People awake at 3am are more likely to spit in your food than someone at 7pm

  • Anton berkbigler
    Anton berkbigler Year ago +1

    I want them to react to memes that Denny’s made

  • FNAF 161 Marks
    FNAF 161 Marks Year ago +1

    I was eating McDonald’s well watching this

  • Jennanator 3000
    Jennanator 3000 Year ago +1

    brittany is so hot

  • Destroyer - Gameplay

    The last thing you want is a burger king foot lettuce

  • Azen Over
    Azen Over Year ago

    too much makeup ewwww!

  • Meiwin
    Meiwin Year ago +9

    I will slap the Mcshit out of you :)

  • SuicideBunny6
    SuicideBunny6 Year ago +22

    "You're drunk, it's 3 am, nothing else is open." No truer words have been spoken.

  • Sonic 80
    Sonic 80 Year ago

    That is so funny

  • Franca Cimetta
    Franca Cimetta Year ago

    College kids react to sabrina benaim. Depression to my mother,

    ILC ILC Year ago +115

    The Wendy's thing about "In Memory of Dave. We will miss you. Now Hiring" was most likely in reference to Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy's. It was not some cashier named Dave LOL. It's amazing no one got that.

  • A.J studios
    A.J studios Year ago

    This is like Captain Underpants

  • SuperJanGames
    SuperJanGames Year ago +39

    Morgan, that GLOW, girl!

  • NightPredator Gaming

    You're all just dirty minded. The McDonald's one at 4:09 clearly meant that they are well supplied to guarantee that you will get your order, so you will be pleased getting what you wanted.

    • Hulls Colby
      Hulls Colby Year ago

      Don't even remind him, he just needs some space.

    • stoka
      stoka Year ago


  • rainydreaming
    rainydreaming Year ago +2


  • Ben Skelly
    Ben Skelly Year ago +10

    @ 4:44 The "Dave" they're referencing is Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendys'...

  • rainydreaming
    rainydreaming Year ago


  • Nico Hart
    Nico Hart Year ago +3

    ive watched too much game grumps. I see "cheesy anus" and immediately scream "cheesy's back! He's the burger we deserve omg cheesy!" lol

    • Klaustrophobia
      Klaustrophobia Year ago +1

      Nico Hart i need to watch it then,

    • Nico Hart
      Nico Hart Year ago

      No no the blood borne episodes. Sneezy Anus. If you havent watched it its worth it hahaha like an epic saga

    • Klaustrophobia
      Klaustrophobia Year ago

      Nico Hart wasnt it burgie?

  • Destiny101
    Destiny101 Year ago +3

    I think for the fox fillet one, the boss sent a text message of what to put up

  • Pally Princess
    Pally Princess Year ago +9

    I saw one from Pizza Hut that said:
    Cut my life into pizzas
    This is my plastic fork

  • Foster55
    Foster55 Year ago +8

    5:17 i think they mean dave thomas

  • NightBladeSpearichu
    NightBladeSpearichu Year ago +2

    Trudi is hot.

  • ladycplum
    ladycplum Year ago +1

    I used to work at a restaurant, and one day when we came to open for the morning shift, someone had rearranged the letters our sign to read "Eat Out Ya Hot Used Mama". I have no idea what the thing originally said!

  • KINGeorgesV
    KINGeorgesV Year ago +4

    Am I the only one who is shock to see that they have Subway with Drive Thu...

  • Camilo Sierra
    Camilo Sierra Year ago

    Rect to: Guerra - Residente

  • Musiclover KeKe
    Musiclover KeKe Year ago +1

    i love the screaming sign ...... i prob do that to BAE , when im on my period or anytime the dq is near . he gets me .

  • Nymphadora Tonks
    Nymphadora Tonks Year ago

    Please do react to Fifth Harmony Don't say you love me music video !!!!

  • Z0mbie
    Z0mbie Year ago +1

    I have just thought about it and this girl said it! YES! :D

  • Diego A.
    Diego A. Year ago +5

    Morgan looking FINE

  • Wolfferoni
    Wolfferoni Year ago +33

    Subway has a drive-thru? I wish that was here.

  • JayDee
    JayDee Year ago +4


  • Luis A Nevarez
    Luis A Nevarez Year ago +7

    Morgan’s highlight GURLLLLL IM LIVING ❤️

  • sandwichHLP
    sandwichHLP Year ago

    What do you want to bet most (not all) of these are Photoshopped?

  • houseofaction
    houseofaction Year ago

    here is the thing. according to actual science. Mcdonalds isn't crap. it is no different than butchering a cow yourself and making a hamburger. so called health food isn't any more healthy than so called junk food

  • Hariom Shrestha
    Hariom Shrestha Year ago

    Morgan is in Adult's React now whaa

  • Omega Zero
    Omega Zero Year ago +1

    I know I haven't been to a Wendy's in a while, but when did they start using Fish? They make fish sandwich or something?